Welcome to the Court of the Black Mountain! Our court is ruled by Rogelio, Count of Old Pueblo, Baron of the Black Mountain, scion of House Dougal.

I am Sir Douglass Mac Liam, knight, loremaster, and protector of the Court. Tucson may not seem on the surface a Glamorous place to live, but the natural beauty of the desert combined with the thriving metropolis full of Dreamers provides our court of over 50 fae with all the Glamour we'd ever need.

The Duchy of the Firebird consists of most of Arizona: the northeastern corner is given over to the native spirits of Arizona, the Nunnehi. It is ruled from the Barony of the Firebird, otherwise known as Phoenix. The Duchy is the westernmost Duchy in the Kingdom of the Burning Sun, and is ruled by Duchess Rachael ap Fiona, Duchess of the Firebird. The Duchy of the Firebird is a Seelie demesne.

The Duchy consists of four recognized counties: the County of the Canyon in the north (ruled from Flagstaff), the County of the Valley of the Sun in the Phoenix metro-area (ruled from Phoenix), the County of Old Pueblo in the south (ruled from Tucson), and the County of the Blue Waters in the west (ruled from Yuma).

Our court always converges after sundown, as Count Rogelio and his wife, Sharon ap Fiona, have taken the old mission of San Xavier del Bac as their freehold. This "White Dove of the Desert," rich with ancient Glamour, looks like a great, 16th-century white-spired castle in the Dreaming. Pennants with the County, Barony, and House Dougal's coats of arms flutter from the spires in the desert's night breeze.

Our Oathcircle

Recently, I have sworn an oath with a mixed group of commoners and noble fae. We have undertaken a quest ourselves. Below you can find descriptions of us and our adventures.




Below are some links to pertinent resources, about both the fae and the mortal city of Tucson.

Changeling links

Scattered Dreams Changeling page: A detailed page with descriptions of all sorts of Changeling stuff.

Gwen Morse's Roleplaying Page: Descriptions of White Wolf abiltiies, Changeling arts and realms, and Kith special abilities. Very useful if you are without the books.

Duchy of the Setting Sun: A Changeling setting based in Arizona's eastern neighbor, New Mexico. Interesting concept because it's an Unseelie duchy in a Seelie kingdom.

Tuscon links

San Xavier del Bac: A complete description and history of the mortal building used as the Freehold of Count Rogelio.

City of Tucson: Official site.

Tucson Police Department: The place of work of our troll armsman, Officer Jack Duran.

KVOA Channel 4: This is where Ingrid Kane works, as field reporter for the noon news and other field pieces.