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Scene Three

Chapter Three: Three Awakenings

Scene One: Des Moines, Iowa, 1981
mgrasso> Last time, we had inadvertently stepped into the Dreaming by exiting the freehold through the front gate.
mgrasso> The landscape we were presented with was a bleak, blasted plain, with the occasional dead black tree to break the vast emptiness.
mgrasso> There are five individuals standing here: Artemisia, Kirby, Solangia, Aranth, and Mairead.
Kirby> (is the previos log up yet?)
mgrasso> Mairead remarks, coolly, "This is the land from my vision quest. We're in the Umbra."
mgrasso> (yes, Joe, did it today)
Kirby> The Umbra, eh?
* Kirby looks around thoughtfully...
mgrasso> "The spirit world. This region is the one scarred by the wars of all the ages of Man."
Artemisia> I know this place. It was in my dream.
Aranth> (*squee* of player knowledge)
Kirby> Yours, too?
mgrasso> "This is where I chased my vision of Ingrid across the plain." Mairead gets down on one knee, and then, slowly... begins to change.
mgrasso> Hair grows all over her arms and bare legs. Her joints shift and distort, twisting her upright posture into a quadripedal stance.
mgrasso> Before you can say anything, she has shifted into a gigantic wolf, about five foot high at the shoulder, her black fur blending in well with the dead black earth of this weird landscape.
mgrasso> She sniffs the air, and says, "Strange. Smell fae here too."
mgrasso> Amazingly, you can hear the words coming out of her lupine mouth.
* Kirby sniffs the air.
mgrasso> Her words, however, are awkward and her syntax strange.
Aranth> it's Kirby, he's un-sure.
mgrasso> "Fae, not you four. Other fae. Many."
Solangia> Not dinner fae, right?
mgrasso> Mairead pads off in a random direction.
Solangia> Just ... fae. Happy, inedible fae?
Kirby> Well, I'm with wolfie...
* Artemisia inspects the sword that Douglass left her with.
Solangia> You're going to follow a giant wolf, Kirby?
mgrasso> Mairead shouts, "This way. There are fae."
* Artemisia strides off after Mairead.
* Kirby is following close behind Mairead.
Solangia> Aranth? I may go if you go.
* Aranth looks around, vaguely remembering the grade school rule about staying where you are if you're lost
Aranth> after you my lady.
mgrasso> You walk across the dead soil of this barren landscape, and observe your surroundings.
Solangia> Damn.
mgrasso> Perception + Kenning, diff. 8
Kirby> !dice 7 8
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 10 9 4 10 2 10 8
Solangia> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 7 8 4 8 2 8
Aranth> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 2 4 4 2 1 2
Artemisia> !dice 5 8
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 6 7 5 9 9
Aranth> (rock on me)
mgrasso> As you walk, you can notice that the environment, as you follow the lead of the wolf-Mairead, is becoming indistinct. The black soil, grey skies, and dead feeling is fading.
mgrasso> The horizon slowly shimmers, and almost imperceptibly, you find yourselves...
mgrasso> on what looks like a high school outdoor running track. There's a large high school off to the left. A small group of teenage boys appears to be doing sprints on the track.
mgrasso> The black landscape is utterly gone. Beyond the track you can see healthy, tall fields of corn.
mgrasso> The air smells of autumn: a fresh, polleny smell that immediately removes the memories of your time in the bleakness.
mgrasso> You all look around, and are all still in your fae voile... except for Kirby.
* Kirby looks down at his clothing...
mgrasso> Kirby, or should I say, Chet, is wearing short blue satin track shorts and a t-shirt that says "St. Ignatius Prep."
Kirby> Dude...
mgrasso> He still looks the same, though. Paunchy, a bit spindly...
Aranth> d' ja go here?
Kirby> My old uniform still fits. Rock ON!
Solangia> Are you going to an AC/DC fan convention, Kirby?
mgrasso> "Hey, Chet!" One of the boys from the track yells. "You gonna get over here or what?"
* Kirby starts pumping his kness in the air, jogging in place...
mgrasso> The five of you are standing near the entrance to the track, at the gate of a chain-link fence.
mgrasso> Mairead shifts back to human form.
* Kirby yells over, "I'm still stretching."
Aranth> if he has heart failure I am *not* doing CPR
mgrasso> "What the hell..." she looks around. "I don't understand."
* Kirby sits on the ground and flexes at the hips to try and grab his toes.
Solangia> What's there to understand? We've travelled into one of Kirby's little fantasies.
Solangia> Hey, Kirby! Can we skip over to the shower scene?
* Kirby hops up and runs over to join the tack team.
mgrasso> (Are we following Chet?)
Aranth> I'll watch from here, thanks.
Aranth> so what do we think?
* Kirby hangs out in the back, still stretching and talking to a couple of the other guys on the team.
* Artemisia saunters, following Chet.
Aranth> I thought we were in the ancient battle ground, is track a battle ground?
* Solangia shrugs
mgrasso> Mairead shakes her head, arching her eyebrows. "I don't know."
mgrasso> "This isn't exactly what I expected."
Solangia> I guess it could be. The mighty battle of the stringy jocks.
Aranth> maybe chet used to lose races and get weggies- believe me, I know- highschool can be a battle
* Kirby unlaces his shoes, tightens them, and relaces them.
Solangia> A battle? Really?
mgrasso> Mairead shrugs and follows Artemisia over.
Aranth> I guess
Solangia> High school was just a bunch of home work and the occasional late-night conversation with the roommief or me.
Solangia> But is it homework if you live at school? Hmm.
* Solangia shrugs again and heads over to join the others
* Aranth follows her
Solangia> (roomief? jeez, Ihate my fingers)
mgrasso> All right.
* Kirby gives a little nod towards Artemisia.
mgrasso> The four of you come over to where Chet is talking to one of his teammates. The teammate says, "Yeah, you've got the first leg. Hey, coach! Let's get a time on Dingfield!"
mgrasso> The assistant coach takes out an old-fashioned stopwatch and says, "All right, Dingfield. Go."
Kirby> Again?
* Kirby rocks back on his legs and gets down in a sprinter's position...
mgrasso> "Uh, Dingfield? I already started the watch."
mgrasso> (Chet, clueless as always. :) )
Kirby> shit...I mean...shoot. can you start it again, coach? I was distracted.
* Kirby stands up.
mgrasso> Mairead, Aranth and Solangia notice that none of the other track members seem to notice them at all.
Solangia> I'd be distracted too if I had to contain dangly bits in teeny satin shorts.
mgrasso> "All right, ready? Go."
* Artemisia snorts
Kirby> Shhh...wuiet you guys, I'm concentrating here.
* Solangia casually ambles behind the coach and gooses him
mgrasso> The other team members look at Chet when he talks, seemingly, to no one.
mgrasso> A couple of them snicker.
* Kirby starts at the coach's call to "go". He snaps back into the moment and takes off only a *few* seconds after the "Go" signal.
mgrasso> (By the way, by the looks of the uniforms, hairstyles, and other identifying features, it looks like the mid-80s).
mgrasso> Chet starts running by himself. Are we following him?
Solangia> (I'm still playing grabass with the coach)
Aranth> hey! sol...
Solangia> What?
* Solangia squeezes the coach's butt even harder and makes honking noises
Artemisia> As strange as this place is, I think it's a good idea to stay close to Chet.
Aranth> the man is like fifty and probably molests little kids
* Artemisia then takes off chasing Chet.
* Kirby seems intent and focussed in his running.
Solangia> Then he deserves to have his hemrhoids irritated.
mgrasso> Mairead leaves Aranth and Solangia, running in wolf form beside Artemisia.
Solangia> Ugh. Looks like we have to run. Let's follow their dorkinesses.
* Kirby rounds the first turn, head down.
Aranth> damnit why do we always have to go where they want to go?
mgrasso> You guys can cut across the track now, because Chet's gotten halfway around and he seems to have stopped.
* Aranth cuts across
Solangia> Because if we don't, who will mock them?
mgrasso> He's crouched down near the fence and the other runners are just out and out laughing at him now.
mgrasso> "What the hell is he doing?"
* Solangia follows Aranth
Aranth> see, battlefield... I think.
Kirby> Oh my gosh...
Kirby> No.
Solangia> What?
Aranth> what?
mgrasso> Solangia and Aranth finally make it to where everyone is standing. Kirby is crouched down, talking to a tiny winged purple snake that's sitting in the underbrush.
mgrasso> It hisses, "You remember now? Your legacy. This is who you are. You do not belong with them. You never will."
Aranth> chrysialis
Aranth> ah ha
mgrasso> The bluster of the coach fades away as he yells "Dingfield" over and over again.
* Kirby sits down, cross-legged in front of the winged snake.
Kirby> Who are you?
mgrasso> "My name is not important. Do you know yours?"
Kirby> What? Of course I do...
mgrasso> "Think. Your real name."
* Kirby looks puzzled.
Kirby> I think I... wait...
Kirby> Nope. Thought I had it for a minute, but I lost it.
* Kirby stands up again.
mgrasso> The snake smiles. "It will come to you. Cherish your life. Do not waste it on boring things. In time, you will discover yourself."
mgrasso> The snake turns to purple mist and wafts up into the Iowa sky.
mgrasso> And Chet turns to his friends, and sees behind them, the barren landscape once more.
Kirby> Nope. i still didn't find out who he was.
* Artemisia sees the look on Kirby's face and turns to see the bleak landscape again.

Scene Two: Medford, Massachusetts, 1989
mgrasso> Mairead growls quietly.
mgrasso> "Who's doing this to us?"
Kirby> I think we are.
mgrasso> "The Umbra shouldn't behave this way. Not unless it's being manipulated."
mgrasso> "What do you mean, we?"
Kirby> BUt I could be wrong.
Kirby> I'm pretty sure this isn't the place you think it is.
Aranth> well, we might just be in the dreaming and that behaves however the furk it wants to.
mgrasso> "I could try to call to the spirits..." Mairead fades off as you find yourself shimmering through yet another scene.
mgrasso> You are on the sidewalk of a city street. It's not Tucson; that's for damn sure. The houses are way too close together. Cars rush by on a city street, and you can see yourselves standing in the parking lot next to a large building. It looks like a religious building.
Kirby> Spirits? I could use some of those...
mgrasso> The cars are all emptying. People are dressed very well, for a wedding perhaps.
* Artemisia looks around at her companions.
* Aranth shakes his head.
mgrasso> Everyone's in fae voile, except for Aranth... James. Jimmy. :)
* Kirby gets out his composition book and prepares to take notes.
mgrasso> He's wearing a awkward-looking black suit and a yarmulke.
Kirby> This should be *nice*...
mgrasso> A frizzy-haired woman and a tall grave-looking man are standing at a car. "Jimmy!" the woman screeches. "Walk into temple with ya parents, please?"
Aranth> Maa-aaaaa
Kirby> "Jimmy"? this is beautiful...Maybe we'll bet to hear his nicknames.
* Solangia smiles crookedly
Solangia> Ah, Kirby, he *loves* it when you call him Jimmy.
mgrasso> The man says, "James, please. Now let's go." He looks wistful and very very proud.
Solangia> That's nickname enough, believe me.
Kirby> Really? He prefers it when I call him my "little Petey Pooh Bear..."
Solangia> Come on, Kirby. You know he prefers that no one know of your little get-togethers
Kirby> Now, now...I didn't say what we do or how I do it to him...
* Solangia nudges Aranth
Solangia> C'mon. Let's go in. Kirby really wants to see this.
* Aranth walks behind his parents dumbfoundedly
Aranth> shaking his head the whole way
* Solangia takes Aranth's hand and gives it an affectionate squeeze
Solangia> At least your not wearing tiny satin shorts, mijo.
Solangia> (you're...grr)
mgrasso> Aranth reaches for Solangia's hand but his mother's hand moves in just a little quicker.
mgrasso> "My bubi. I'm so proud of you."
Kirby> Hey, those satin shorts are dead sex-ay...
* Solangia settles for patting Aranth's bottom instead
* Aranth shakes his head again
Aranth> and intones Maa-aaa again, for effect.
mgrasso> You all walk into the temple. Everyone is standing, and as you make it to the front of the temple, near the scroll, James and his parents sit next to an older couple. The older man stands near the entrance to the pew (pew? is that right?) and embraces James. It's Granpa, James.
Kirby> Come on bubi...don't sass your mother...
* Aranth squeezes back tightly
Aranth> Hi Granpa!
* Aranth looks on the verge of crying
mgrasso> "Congratulations, my boy. Today you're a man. I'm so furking proud of you."
mgrasso> Granpa's a nocker, guys.
* Kirby smacks himself onthe forehead.
Kirby> It figures...
Aranth> oh granpa, I...
mgrasso> He's wearing the finest of fine suits in his fae mien, his grey hair impeccably groomed and his large eyebrows nearly obscuring his vision. :)
Kirby> I'll bet you think Papi pver there is sexy, too, Sol...
* Aranth looks up into his eyes even closer to crying
Aranth> I miss you granpa... Oh i miss you so much
* Solangia nudges Kirby
Aranth> (he says softly)
Solangia> Shh! Be more disrespectful.
mgrasso> "Shhh. It's all right. Get through this. Do the reading. We'll have fun at the pah-ty afterwards."
* Aranth sniffs and wipes his nose on his sleeve.
Aranth> I wish we could talk.
Kirby> Man...
mgrasso> "What do you mean?" Granpa whispers with rising intonation. "Of coa-se we can talk!"
* Artemisia surreptitiously wipes away a tear
mgrasso> Anyway, the bar mitzvah service gets underway.
Aranth> not here, not now- and not like I want- If I could just explain, you'd get it... you know...
* Kirby starts sketching in his book.
* Aranth struggles for words and brevity at the same time
mgrasso> James gets called up to do his reading.
mgrasso> Give me a Intelligence + Gematria roll, Aranth. Diff. 6.
Aranth> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 2 5 9 6 9 6
Aranth> (boo yeah!)
mgrasso> Aranth reads in impeccable Hebrew, much better than he did at his actual bar mitzvah. :)
* Kirby sits on the floor to continue his sketching, pulling more, different colored pencils from his bag.
mgrasso> The service ends, and there are mazel tovs all around as James greets his family afterwards on the steps of Temple Shalom.
mgrasso> James' grandfather is standing in the pahking lot. :)
mgrasso> "Psst! James! Over heah!"
mgrasso> James is in the midst of cheek-squeezing aunts and over-enthusiastic relatives. :)
* Aranth rushes over, breaking away from the group
mgrasso> With no thought to manners, James rushes over to his granpa.
mgrasso> "I got something to show you. Now, I know you've probably been feeling different lately..." he fades off. "Not just this bar mitzvah stuff, eithah. I mean, well, I hope you'll see what I mean."
Aranth> oh granpa you have no idea
mgrasso> James' granpa ushers him (and, by extension, all of you) to the back of the parking lot, where you see an incredible sight.
mgrasso> (one moment please, all)
Aranth> you see before you a 57 t-bird
Aranth> in candy apple red.
Aranth> but that's all the resemblence to a normal car it has
Aranth> it has so many knobs and buttons and gears and tubes and wires
Aranth> they all glow and undulate in facinating colors
Aranth> it looks like it's ready to turn into a jet
Aranth> or a submarine
Kirby> Sweet ride, dude...
Aranth> or come to the rescue like in nightrider
mgrasso> (Aranth, Wits + Kenning roll, diff. 5.)
Aranth> !dice 9 5
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 9d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 10 1 6 6 10 5 1 9 10
Aranth> (chimera?)
mgrasso> Yeah!
Aranth> !dice 3 5
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 3d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 9 5 7
mgrasso> 8 successes.
Kirby> (smokin')
* Aranth rushes around to the back
Aranth> Kirby!
mgrasso> "James, do you see what I made?" Granpa looks puzzled. "Kirby, who's Kirby?"
Aranth> I see it granpa, I see it... It's beautiful!
Aranth> what can this furker do?
Artemisia> (it was bound to happen)
mgrasso> "Anything you can dream of, James."
Kirby> Dude, this thing looks ASS-kickin'...
mgrasso> "I've soared the skies of Tesla's dreams. I've delved the depths of the Eighth Sea."
Aranth> I just want to makesure someone *WRITES DOWN THE SERIAL NUMBERS!*
Aranth> do you know what else I've seen? not this me, a later me?
mgrasso> "Oh?" James' granpa says. "Why would you want that?"
mgrasso> "A later me? I don't... James? Are you experiencing disorientation? Because if so, I can find somewhere for you to lay down for a while."
Aranth> No! Granpa! I'm a nocker, like you
Aranth> well, not quite yet that is.
mgrasso> Granpa looks wide-eyed at Aranth. "I'm impressed, James. To know of your heritage so easily. You know..." Granpa smiles mischievously "we could drive this to your time at the hall. What do you think?"
mgrasso> Granpa gets in the driver's seat. "Hop in!"
* Aranth nods vigorusly! uh hu!
mgrasso> Kirby: Wits + Alertness, diff. 7
Kirby> !dice 4 7
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 4d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 9 8 8 5
mgrasso> Kirby, what was Aranth yelling about earlier? Because those mists are coming back...
mgrasso> At the periphery of all your vision...
* Kirby starts writing in his notebook again.
mgrasso> Granpa looks into James' eyes and says, "This is your legacy, James. I know you'll be a hell of a K'nocker."
Aranth> I can only hope to be as great as you... can only dream of it.
mgrasso> The scene fades.

Scene Three: South of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, 1999
mgrasso> Back on the black plain, the five of you take stock.
Aranth> did you get it Kirby?
Kirby> I got it dude...
Aranth> Because I did If you care to write it down!
Kirby> I got something else for you.
Aranth> what?
Solangia> He's just going to pull his pants down...
* Kirby creases a page back and forth, back and forth in the compsition book until he can finally tear it free with only a few ragged edges.
* Kirby hands it, face down to James... "This is for you."
* Aranth looks at it.
* Aranth practically beams at kirby
Aranth> I- uh...
Aranth> I- thanks man.
* Aranth scrolls it neatly and puts it into one of his long lose pockets
Aranth> I owe you.
Kirby> No problem, dude. And I've got that number if you need it later, too...
mgrasso> Mists are forming again, almost as quickly as they left.
Aranth> I've got to find that car.
Kirby> I'm sure you will. On one of your wacky adventures...
mgrasso> And when the Mists recede...
Solangia> The landscape changes again. This time you're in front of a dirty street lined with crowded buildings, all painted in many colors that were once bright, but are now dingy. The one in front of you is dingy yellow with "MARCO'S" written across the front in swirling red script. The door is propped open and a menu is haphazardly taped next to it.
mgrasso> You're all in your fae voile... except for Gemma.
Kirby> Yay! I wish I had a polaroid for this one. I'm not sure sketches will do it justice.
* Solangia is dressed in the formal habit of the Carmelite novitiate: flowing white robes, and white wimple and veil. You can barely see the tip of her booted feetfrom under the long skirts.
Kirby> Sweet...check out her wimple...
* Aranth gooses her... so there.
Solangia> Hey!
* Artemisia blinks.
Solangia> Never thought I'd wear this again. Not without some major begging from Aranth...
mgrasso> "A fecking nun? You were a fecking NUN?" Mairead just is without words.
Solangia> No! Yes! I mean, almost.
Solangia> Not even almost. Sort of.
Kirby> She just wears this "professionally" now...
Aranth> she wasn't quite cut out for it...
* Solangia glares at Aranth
Aranth> fecking, huh... i *like* it.
mgrasso> "Yeah, it seems. I wish the nuns at home were as cool as you, Gemma." Mairead smiles.
Artemisia> Well. Words escape me.
* Solangia looks up and down the street
Solangia> Well, I'm going to see if I can still scam a free meal in this thing.
* Solangia goes into Marco's
* Kirby follows
Aranth> scaming a free meal
Aranth> how saintly
* Artemisia walks inside.
mgrasso> (The inside, Mellie?)
* Aranth walks in and looks around
mgrasso> (Just a quick desc)
Solangia> The inside is larger than the outside would lead you to believe. Rectangular tables for four are lined up in three neat rows. The walls are coverde with zarapes and sombreros and paper flowers.
Kirby> Marco's. The finest....Mexican cuisine?
mgrasso> There's a woman sitting at a table near the back, wearing a leather miniskirt and lavender silk blouse. All of you can easily identify her. It's Mistress Livia.
Solangia> Yeah. In that American sort of way.
Aranth> see her?
* Aranth asks miread
mgrasso> Mistress Livia says something very quickly in Spanish as Gemma approaches.
mgrasso> "Hmm?" Mairead says back.
Aranth> that's partly why she wasn't quite cut out for the nunhood... she's a dominatrix.
Aranth> or is it a nundom?
mgrasso> "Oh really? Oh dear." Mairead smirks.
* Solangia turns to Aranth. "Stop saying that!"
Aranth> what?
mgrasso> Livia is a satyr. Her wavy black hair matches the thick black shaggy mat on her legs.
mgrasso> Livia looks at Gemma strangely. "Are you all right?"
* Solangia nods
Kirby> Man...
mgrasso> Solangia responds in Spanish and sits down.
Solangia> I'm so sorry. It's a small exercise we have to do.
Aranth> does anyone speak spanish? besides them I mean?
mgrasso> "Really. Well, I'm glad you could come tonight." In English now.
Artemisia> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 6 1 10 10 3
mgrasso> Livia beckons Gemma to sit.
Solangia> Well, you expressed such interest in our work it would be wrong of me to miss this opportunity to further talk to you about it.
mgrasso> "Now, I really must apologize for that horrible faux pas on my part. How was I to know that that child was not an orphan?"
* Solangia sits, carefully arranging her habit in the manner of one who isn't quite used to it
mgrasso> "Your work? What kind of work *do* you do, little Gemma?"
Artemisia> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 8 6 5 9 3 10
Solangia> Whatever work Mother Superior asks of me. Lately, it's been caring for the infants and toddlers given to our care.
Aranth> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 5 2 2 3 4 6
* Artemisia watches their conversation with a raised eyebrow.
Kirby> !dice 7 5
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 1 1 1 8 9 5 10
Solangia> I'm afraid we have more than we can really afford at this moment, but as Mother Superior has said, where one eats, ten eat. Besides, we can't turn down any child in need of shelter.
mgrasso> "Oh, children can be such a bother though. I've never had any. That's how I keep my girlish figure." Livia bats her eyelashes at Gemma.
* Solangia blushes and faintly clears her throat
mgrasso> "Really, now, why would a young, gorgeous girl like you join the Sisters? You must have had men breaking down your door back in... Tucson, was it?"
Aranth> did I miss nun lesbian sex? damn it!
mgrasso> Livia gives Gemma a knowing look.
* Solangia just laughs
mgrasso> (at both of them? :D)
Kirby> Miss it? One of my roommates has a tape you should check out.
Solangia> (yup)
Solangia> There was one man -- only one. But sacrifices must be made for something greater -- don't you agree?
Solangia> God called me to his work and I intend to do it, no matter where it leads me.
mgrasso> "Oh, sacrifice is an outmoded notion, I'm afraid to say. I believe that we must... indulge our senses beyond any sacrifice."
Solangia> But isn't sacrifice a form of indulgence?
* Aranth stands behind her and nips at her neck...
mgrasso> "If one takes joy in it. I know many men who consider sacrifice and pain a form of... indulgence."
Aranth> they ususally say curiosity kills the cat, but I'm just about to burst.
* Solangia jumps
mgrasso> "Ah, the sangria is here. Will you... indulge?" Livia smiles.
mgrasso> Livia pours herself a tall glass with a large slice of lime in it.
Solangia> Hmm? Oh. I'm Catholic. What do you think?
mgrasso> "I think you'll have some wine." Livia pours.
* Solangia glances over her shoulder at Aranth
Solangia> I think you're right. Thank you.
mgrasso> Well, if I may... the conversation goes on like this, each woman flirting more and more as the evening wears on. Both of them eat their fill, Gemma fully satisfied by the rich foods she is denied at the convent.
mgrasso> Eventually, Gemma is able to weasel (or Confidant, perhaps?) a donation from Livia.
mgrasso> But, in exchange for this donation, Livia asks to see the convent on her way home.
mgrasso> Livia tells Gemma she'll drop her off at the convent. You all pile into Livia's car.
mgrasso> And soon, very soon, in the desert, you come to Gemma's former home.
mgrasso> (desc, mellie?)
Solangia> The U-shaped building is done in a mission-style facade and is adjacent to a simple white church. There's a modest play ground on the other side of the building, while its courtyard is bare except for a dry fountain and a couple of benches.
mgrasso> Gemma leads Livia into the chapel.
mgrasso> "Gemma, I.... I'm not sure if you know my true reason for coming here tonight." Livia looks around at the stations of the cross, the saints behind the glass, and the holy water baptismal font.
* Solangia studies Livia for a moment
Artemisia> Artemisia scoffs, and says, "Ah, sex and religion all tied up in one shameful knot."
Solangia> You're interested in the life we have to offer?
Kirby> Isn't it usually, Art?
mgrasso> "No. I think you're interested in the life *I* have to offer. Come here." She's got one of her hands out.
Solangia> All right...
mgrasso> (Why am I seeing that cheezy vampire flick with Alyssa Milano in my head right now?) *snort*
* Solangia takes Livia's hand
mgrasso> Livia pulls Gemma close to her, in a surprisingly forceful embrace.
mgrasso> She pulls off Gemma's wimple and kisses her full on the lips.
* Aranth impulsivly grabs Gemmas shoulder and tears her away
* Solangia stumbles, disoriented
mgrasso> Livia just watches.
* Solangia stares at Livia
mgrasso> "Do you see now? Your legacy? Rise, and view me."
Solangia> Diabla!
mgrasso> She has a new, imperious tone in her voice.
Solangia> Eres una diabla!
mgrasso> Livia smiles calmly as Gemma begins to scream in the chapel.
mgrasso> "Yes, yes, I'm a devil." Livia shakes her head dismissively.
* Solangia runs to the baptismal font and starts splashing handfuls of holy water in LIvia's direction. She prays in English, Spanish,a nd what sounds like horibly broken Latin
mgrasso> Pretty soon, as the mists overtake you all, you're throwing water at nothing at all. And then, soon after, it's not water, but black dirt. The abysmal void of the wastelands.
mgrasso> There's a new feature in the landscape, though.
Kirby> Well. I wonder what that was all about.
* Solangia stops abruptly, staring at her dirty hands
* Aranth stares at Solangia
mgrasso> There's a stone tower on the horizon. And, on the wind, the distant sound of a galloping steed....
Aranth> you okay babe?
* Artemisia listens to the sound.
* Solangia wipes her tear-stained cheeks with the corner of her voile
Solangia> I'm great. I love re-living embarassing moments in front of the people I kind of tolerate.
mgrasso> (Well, that should do it for tonight!)
mgrasso> (Woo!)
*** Kirby is now known as Joe
Joe> Sweet game tonight.
*** Solangia is now known as Erica
mgrasso> I was saying, Mandy, Julia and I really shed tears here at James' reunion with granpa.
*** Aranth is now known as Mandy
mgrasso> And I feel like a dork for it. :)
Mandy> really? oh good. I don't feel like such a dork any more.
mgrasso> Julia and I both went "Aw!" in unison. :)
Joe> Don't feel bad, Mike. It was nice. Hell, Kirby was moved to capture the moment...
mgrasso> Damn this game.
Mandy> ha!
mgrasso> Well, I hope you all enjoyed that.
mgrasso> I know I did, very much.