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Chapter Eight: Singing Among the Stars

Scene One: Indecision
mgrasso> So, last time, we entered the Dreaming and encountered a strange vapor dragon who'd been in the peripheral vision of Gemma the entire time out in L.A.
mgrasso> We had to guess his identity, and he turned out to be a pollution nervosa.
mgrasso> Since we won the riddling, we got a boon from him. And that's where the discussion got a bit dicey (no pun intended)
mgrasso> And that's where we are right now! The dragon wants to put us down somewhere, probably wherever we left the cars.
Roger> (I did convince it to give us 24 hours though)
mgrasso> (Absolutely.)
James> (I'm back! good popovers!)
mgrasso> The dragon's smoggy cloud dissipates, leaving you with the van you took up to the Hollywood sign.
mgrasso> Or, rather, took to the trail that leads to the Hollywood sign. :)
mgrasso> The dragon wants no part of your contentious discussions.
Roger> (Both the van and my car is there, any sign of the cops)
Ingrid> (So we have 24 hours starting now?)
mgrasso> No sir. There is no exaggerated police presence.
mgrasso> Yes, starting now, around 9:30 pm.
Chet> (What day is it?)
Gemma> (how are we supposed to get him back? do we go back to the sign?)
mgrasso> Friday.... let me get the date.
mgrasso> Ah, excellent question. He says to call him, you'll need to go somewhere where this is much pollution and summon him there. :)
Roger> This is LA pick a spot
Gemma> So, the bathroom after Ingrid has used it?
James> ha
Gemma> "Oooh"? Does that turn you on, Roger?
Roger> Here Ingrid, let me pull that knife out of your back
Ingrid> I'm getting the impression you don't need my help any more. Is that right?
Gemma> Did we have it before?
Ingrid> Because I'll be glad to go back to my apartment, where the atmosphere is a little less poison.
* James spits on the ground- let's get in the fucking car and go somewhere, I donno, get some chow cool down, talk about it there.
Chet> I'm with James. Let's get out of here.
James> chineese?
mgrasso> (heh, I was JUST thinking that)
* Gemma nods. "No."
James> Roger, anywhere good?
Roger> For Chinese, let me think
mgrasso> (I'm looking online) :)
Gemma> (looking -- ::sputter:: c'mon! Make something up! :D)
mgrasso> In Hollywood, any Chinese place is going to be around $50 a plate.
mgrasso> So, best off going to Chinatown.
mgrasso> ("Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.")
James> china town, right. while where there we can get some crack and some cheap hores
mgrasso> (I'd like to get you guys a pic of Chinatown, hold on)
* Gemma raises an eyebrow at James
mgrasso> (That's Chinatown in Boston, James... :) )
Chet> Cheap crack whores? Not quite my taste, but whatever gets you going James...
* Chet glances sidelong at Gemma.
James> (that's the only chinatown he knows!)
Gemma> Hey, don't look at me. I don't go down on anyone for anything less than the best heroin.
mgrasso> Actually, there's a place on Cahuenga Blvd., Roger, the Hong Kong.
mgrasso> It's affordable ($10 entrees)
James> perfect
* James gets in the van and starts the engine.
mgrasso> So, you guys get to the restaurant and get a table for five.
* Ingrid walks towards Roger's car.
mgrasso> (Sorry, I'm skipping the trip there, unless there's an urgent need for us to RP it.)
Chet> (not at all)
Ingrid> (No, Ingrid's just not riding with James and Gemma.)
Gemma> (nope)
mgrasso> Okay, cool. :)
mgrasso> So, we're sitting down to Chinese. You guys get menus and water.
James> (right, so she rides with the actual theif...)
James> tea?
Roger> (hey now, I told you it fell off a truck)
Ingrid> (The thief who's never insulted her.)
mgrasso> Yeah, sure, tea. :)
* Chet asks the waiter for another pot of tea.
mgrasso> (today's Friday, April 6, 2001)
* Roger orders a Fog Cutter
mgrasso> The waiter furrows his brow and goes to pick up another separate pot of tea.
mgrasso> By the way, you guys got a good, shadowy table near the back of the room. :)
* Chet excuses himself and makes his way to the restroom.
* Ingrid orders a Mai Tai.
* Chet returns from the restroom within a couple of minutes.
* James takes off his glasses and puts his head in his hands, covering his eyes and leaving it there.
Chet> So what's the dilly-o people?
Gemma> Dilly-o?
* James talks in the same position
James> I gotta figure out how the fuck to get to Jay Leno's and ask him if I can buy his car.
James> are they taping the show tommorow?
mgrasso> Tomorrow's a Saturday.
mgrasso> So, no.
Ingrid> Does he do anything leisure-related on weekends?
mgrasso> Hmm Ingrid, give me a Int + Journalism roll, diff. 7
mgrasso> Nah, make that 6.
James> do you think he's a gambler?
Ingrid> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9 1 3 6 2 9
mgrasso> Being a reporter for an NBC affiliate, you've often heard he does personal appearances at car and motorcycle shows on weekends.
mgrasso> He doesn't do much standup anymore.
*** Roger has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
Ingrid> Let me make some calls, see if he's appearing anywhere this weekend.
* Ingrid pulls out her cell phone.
James> maybe I could bet my soul vs. the car on a race or contest.
Ingrid> What would Jay Leno want with your soul, exactly?
*** Roger (~ioianthe@ has joined #Changeling-Tucson
Roger> sorry
Roger> can anyone repeat what was just said
mgrasso> (I got it)
Ingrid> !dice 8 6
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 8d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 6 successes.
* DiceWell 6 6 7 2 8 5 7 9
James> I donno, but If I don't need one without the other.
James> (drop the if, sorry)
Chet> How much do you want for your soul, James?
* Ingrid murmurs into the phone for a few minutes, scribbling on her PDA, then hangs up.
Ingrid> Well, once again you're lucky I'm still here.
Chet> Yes?
*** Gemma has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
Ingrid> Jay will be at a car show in Santa Barbara tomorrow from 12 to 4.
James> right, so we'll be there at 9.
mgrasso> (Let's wait for Mellie)
James> I want 3 dollars and a cheese burger chet.
James> (ok)
mgrasso> (We still have to decide how exactly we're going to get the car. :) )
mgrasso> It's the 22nd annual "Concours d'Elegance." It's a car show and parade of classic racing and sportscars.
*** Erica (~nutscratrchpiruja@ has joined #Changeling-Tucson
*** Erica is now known as Gemma
mgrasso> (erica, I'll hook you up...)
Gemma> (excellent)
Chet> Are you serious, James? Because you've got a deal.
* Chet fishes 3 dollars out of his pocket.
James> cheese burger up front.
mgrasso> (heh)
Gemma> James, what have I told you about selling your soul?
Chet> No problem.
* Chet gets up and heads towards the front door.
James> only on sundays and holidays?
Gemma> Try "never," sonsito.
mgrasso> So, we know where Leno will be tomorrow. Now, what to do?
Gemma> (Find Chet before he runs out in traffic?)
* Chet is out the front door and walking down the street.
James> christ
* James jets after chet
James> I'll sell my soul to you tommorow man.
* Ingrid chuckles softly to herself.
Chet> I'll be right back with your burger. Chill, man.
* Roger orders another drink
Gemma> Damn men. Chasing after you one day and a middle-aged toddler-man the next.
mgrasso> (*snicker*)
mgrasso> (Roger's got the right idea with this group... drink heavily.)
Gemma> So, Roger ... you like women, right?
James> tomorrow- I gotta figure out this car thing today.
Roger> Right...(looking at Ingrid strangely)
* Chet is headed to the In and Out Burger that he spotted a couple of blocks away.
Roger> (oops sorry gemma)
* Gemma toys with the little teacup in front of her
Roger> Why do you ask
James> fine, but no delivery till tomorrow
* James goes back in the restaraunt
Gemma> Do you like pale brunettes?
James> that is one weird bastard.
* James sits back down
* Gemma gives James a small smile
James> so, how do I get in a spot to talk to leno?
Roger> That woulkd depend on the brunette, why
* Ingrid is absently toying with her hair, looking around the restaurant.
Ingrid> I don't know, James. Why don't you try charming him?
Gemma> Because I want to sleep with you. Why else would I ask?
James> Gemma, what have I told you about propositioning strange men?
Roger> Why, You already did it twice, why can't she
Gemma> You never let me have any fun, James.
mgrasso> (So let me be an annoying GM and ask... what is the plan going to be?)
* Roger starts laughing.
James> Roger, the woman can speak for herself- I'd much rather her sarcasm than yours rightnow.
Roger> I'm hurt, I'm very hurt.
Gemma> I can make it better, Rog.
James> right ingrid, I can be my charming and debuonair self- that would be truely fucking sucessful.
Roger> No thanks I'll stick to the alcohol right now, but, I'll take a rain check
* Gemma straightens up and looks serious for a moment
Gemma> Weren't you going to try that whole "truth" thing?
James> I want to, but how am I going to get near the guy?
James> and I repeat, what if it doesn't work?
Roger> Well, ask for an autograph
Gemma> And barring that, why not just ask for his autograph and drop a wagonload of Glamour into the pen. He'll either freak out or be your pleasant zombie.
mgrasso> James, Int + Kenning, diff. 6
Ingrid> Chet said he could wipe the memory from Jay's mind if it didn't work.
mgrasso> Chet, you're back. :)
Roger> That sounds a little extreme, besides, we need to talk to him away from the crowd.
James> !dice 7 6
* DiceWell James rolls 7d10 at difficulty 6. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 1 5 6 1 4 6 2
Gemma> Well, you try getting a sober celebrity alone.
Roger> we need to get him to want to talk to us
* Chet slides up with a bag from IN-n-out.
Gemma> It's not easy. I know. I've tried it.
* Chet pulls out a notebook and starts writing furiously.
James> I could get a sky writer.
Gemma> Let's just play the creepy truth card. It'll be fun.
James> Okay
Gemma> We'll dress you up like a hungry puppy and Roger will put on an orphan outfit.
Roger> Thats fine, but you have to consider a few things.
Gemma> The more pathetic we can look, the better.
Chet> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Chet rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 8 2 7 7 8
James> but what if that doesn't work?
Gemma> Club him over the head.
James> what about the dragons offer?
Ingrid> Then we re-evaluate.
Roger> First if we act like bums and try to talk to him from the autograph line about buying one of his cars, we won't get far
* Chet signs the sheet and tears it out of the notebook.
* Chet hands the IN-n-Out Cheeseburger to James along with three crumpled dollar bills.
Chet> Here you are, buddy.
James> Is that a contract?
Roger> Second, If and I know some of you don't like it, we steal the car, the very car that was asked about only hours before, well you can figure that oyt\
Chet> Now if you could just sign here.
* Chet slides the contract to James.
Gemma> James, you sign that and you die.
James> can we do this tommorrow?
Chet> Notice I don't actually take posession until tomorrow, per your request.
* Roger starts rolling a smoke
Chet> So just sign away and we're square. And I won't mention it again.
James> I'll look it over and have it to you by midnight.
Ingrid> We talked about that, Roger. Chet can take care of Jay's memory of us.
Roger> he can try, such things are not always successful, besides...
Chet> I don't know, Ingrid. You know it's hard for me to concentrate when there's unfinished business at hand.
James> I figure, we try truth, failing that, we try enchantment, failing that, we try- god, Ingrid can you "convince" him to give us the car?
* Chet taps the paper again.
James> or sell.
James> whatever
Roger> Chet, how long will it take you to wipe his memory, and will you need to touch him, or anything like that
Ingrid> Maybe. I don't know.
James> so we try the truth thing, we try the enchantment thing, we try the unearthly command thing
Gemma> Do we ever try the dragon?
James> failing all that
Chet> Well, I suppose I can figure that all out after midnight. Or when my pending transaction is complete. You'll have to excuse me, Roger, but I'm sure my acquaintences will tell you that I have trouble multi-tasking.
James> we try the dragon
Gemma> Is it truth, enchantment, bitch-command, dragon, then?
mgrasso> Gemma, give me a Wits + empathy roll, diff. 8
James> what if the car is at the show?
Gemma> !dice 4 8
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 4d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 2 5 3 10
Ingrid> You're welcome.
Roger> We are still going to need to talk to him alone
* Ingrid glares at Gemma.
James> we corner him in the Jon, I mean howmany hours is he gonna be there?
Gemma> I'm really tired. Can we go get some sleep now?
James> four hours- he'll have to go.
Ingrid> From 12 to 4.
James> lock him in the sanican and cart him out.
* Chet fiddles with the contract, not paying attention to much else.
James> I need a clause that says if I get the car the contract is null and void
Chet> What?
James> i still need the soul if I have the car.
Chet> I thought you didn't need both.
Ingrid> If you get the car *how*?
James> anyway- I told you, I'll funnel the value into his accounts and we'll whisk it away with the dragon if he won't listen to reason.
Chet> Besides. All you said was 3 dollars and a cheeseburger. The oral contract itself is legally binding. This just makes it official.
Roger> Ingrid, you said you were willing to command him to give or sell us the car, right?
James> I haven't taken the burger or the money yet
Ingrid> I said it may work. I still haven't agreed to do it.
Ingrid> But it beats stealing it, I do admit.
Roger> Why
Gemma> !dice 2 8
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 2d10 at difficulty 8. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 4 1
Chet> I don't understand your logic Ingrid.
* Gemma starts to look a little agitated
Ingrid> Oh?
Gemma> That's because she has none.
* Ingrid turns to Chet.
James> GUYS!
James> Please.
Ingrid> What's so puzzling, Chet?
Roger> James is right, we're all friends here....I hope.
Chet> How is commanding him to give it to us better than stealing it?
James> he'll know about it
James> and he doesn't have to give, sell- sell!
Ingrid> If i do anything with a command, I do it my way. That doesn't mean I'll order him to hand it over.
* Gemma scoffs
James> right- sugest it might be in his best interest to sell me the car.
Chet> Still. Even ordering him to sell it seems a bit shady to me.
* James looks like he's going to have an anurysm
Ingrid> Or convince him there's something better than keeping it.
James> right- like a box of crackerjacks.
Chet> Somehow using mind control to order someone to do something they don't want to do seems worse than actually just taking it without their consent.
* Gemma stands up
James> Pha, it's all metaphysics
Gemma> James, I need to pee, but I'm afraid to go to the restroom alone. Will you walk me?
Gemma> Please?
James> yes
James> of course
Gemma> Thank you.
Chet> Besides, if James is going to renege on oral agreements with something as simple as a soul purchase, how do I know he'll *really* pay for the car?
* Gemma grabs James' elbow and hurridly drags him over to the restrooms
mgrasso> (You guys want a room?)
Gemma> (sure, it'd probably be easier on you)
Roger> Chet, give it a rest
mgrasso> #restroom

Scene Two: Seelie Plans
Roger> Ingrid, what do you think, could we actually convince jay to sell us the car
Chet> Well, it's not like *he's* using it for anything.
Ingrid> There's no way I'll let James get that car without some form of reimbursement. Preferably one Jay finds acceptable.
Gemma> !dice 2 8
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 2d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 3 4
Roger> Thats not the point
Roger> Fair enough
Gemma> !dice 2 9
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 2d10 at difficulty 9. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 6 1
Roger> we can accept that
Chet> Who'w we?
Roger> but do you think we can convince him
Ingrid> I won't be a part of cheating him. And yes, I think we can convince him.
Roger> , and better yet, what do you feel is the best way to approach him
Ingrid> Everyone has a price.
Ingrid> It's just whether James can afford it.
* Ingrid smiles.
Roger> Yes they do, but its not always a price your willing to pay
Chet> Well, James said he'd be willing to pay anything for the car.
Roger> He'll afford it, it means enough to him
Ingrid> I heard that, too.
Ingrid> So, the challenge as I see it is to find out Jay's price.
Roger> Between the three of us, would either of you agree to loan james money to buy it
Roger> or some of the money
Ingrid> Sure. If he asks nicely.
Roger> thats upto him
Roger> But i agree, I'd rather not steal if we don't have to
Ingrid> I know this car means a lot to him. But I can't agree with dishonest methods of obtaining it.
Roger> Its all a matter of perception
Ingrid> What do we know about Jay? Is he a humantiarian? Likely to be swayed by an emotional appeal?
Roger> But at least we have a plan for now
Chet> I hear he likes Doritos.
Ingrid> Maybe we should find out more about him before tomorrow.
Roger> I don't know, your the famous person here
mgrasso> (Interesting.)
Roger> and the journalist
* Ingrid laughs at the Doritos comment.
Ingrid> I'll do as much research as I can. Maybe James can hack something up, too.
Roger> I bet james could find out what kinds of charities he works with and what he does with some of his money
Roger> It might give us a clue
mgrasso> (we'll put Chet in a wheelchair and call him "Cancer Boy")
Ingrid> (*snortle*)
Roger> The actopr that portrayed him in "Late Shift" made him seem like a nice guy
Roger> But thats a little off the mark
Ingrid> Let's hope it's true.
Roger> Also, we need to keep an eye on james. If Leno says no, i don't want him to hit him or anything
Roger> that will only make it worse
Roger> James seems a little wired'
Ingrid> Uh, yeah. That would be a tough memory to erase.
Chet> If it could be done at all.
Roger> So, how do you like LA so far
Roger> is it your first time here
* Roger looks at chet and ingrid
Chet> Oh! You were talking to me?
Ingrid> It's just as I imagined it would be. Wonderful and terrible, all at the same time.
Chet> It's OK. I did manage to line up a gig, so I'll be back in a couple of months.
Roger> Either of you, we can't talk about this damn car all the time
Roger> Gig, what do you do, not standup I hope
Chet> Nah. I'm just a lowly drummer.
Ingrid> You're playing in LA? That's great!
Roger> Where?
Chet> Yeah. While you guys were futzing around, I managed to line up a couple of things.
Roger> I'd prefer to call it investigating (trying to look regal and english)
Ingrid> How entrepreneurial of you.
* James comes back and sits down
Chet> Ah. I can't remember the names of the places. I've got them written down in my room somewhere.
Ingrid> Maybe I can come watch. I erally enjoyed your last show.
* Gemma sits back down at the table, a goofy smile on her lips and a bright pink blush on her cheeks
Roger> I don't believe that i have ever in all my years heard the word entrepreneurial in conversation, I'm very impressed
James> anything new?
Chet> Sure. In fact, the band might need a van if you can help us locate one, Ingrid.
* Ingrid smiles and inclines her head regally in Roger's direction.
Ingrid> I might be able to do that.
Roger> If its jay lenos van forget it, I'm not helping
Chet> I wouldn't sit in a car that was ever owned by Leno.
Ingrid> I think Letterman's next on our list, Roger.
mgrasso> (I think we may be ready to move on back to the hotel, if you all believe that might be an option.)
* Roger laughs at his own joke, its obvious he's a bit tipsy
Gemma> (definitely)
Ingrid> (let's go)
James> (/me looks down at the chineese he didn't eat... sure!)
Chet> Well, here's your burger and your three bucks. And the contract, James. You said you'd let me know by midnight.
James> yup.
Chet> I mean, you're not really using it, are you
* Roger has the waiter wrap everything up and he pays the tab
Roger> We will all want seconds in about 25 minutes anyway
Chet> Maybe *you* should be the stand-up, Roger.
* Chet smiles and laughs.
* Roger smiles as he lights his cigarette and walks outside
* Chet raises his glass of tea to Roger and downs it.
Ingrid> You even have a ready-made heckler in James.
Roger> I just don't know if he will have the spirit for heckling once chet gets his oul
* Chet stands up. "I'm ready".
mgrasso> All right. Do we need to do anything else before we get back to the hotel?
Chet> Oh, come on. James doesn't believe in that whole "soul" junk.
Chet> He'll be exactly the same as he's always been. Which I can't say I'm all for, but oh well...
mgrasso> I mean, resolve this Chet buying James' soul thing?
Roger> But witha name like james hes got to have soul (in a horrible james brown impression)
Chet> (I'll wait for his answer at the hotel if I have to...)
mgrasso> (Ah, James?)
* James sign the paper and hands it to chet.
James> enjoy
Ingrid> Jump back and kiss yourself, Roger.
Chet> Thanks, pal. And enjoy that cheeseburger.
* Chet takes the signed contract and carefully puts it in the notebook and back into his bag.
mgrasso> All right. Anything else? Shall we reconvene at breakfast the next morning, say, 9 am?
* Ingrid shakes her head as she walks out of the restaurant.
*** Retrieving #Changeling-Tucson info...
mgrasso> Hotel restaurant?
Ingrid> Hotel restaurant it is.
mgrasso> (Okay, everyone gets back a point of wp for sleeping.)

Scene Three: Unseelie Plots
James> are we going to hide the car or just be like "Ta-da!"
Gemma> Hell, let's drive home in it and leave them in our dust. We'll call them from Tucson...
James> (that's what we said so far)
mgrasso> Okay,continue. :)
Gemma> And if Chet comes a'knockin' for his soul at midnight, what then?
James> I give him the slip before we go.
mgrasso> I'll handle that in #Changeling-Tucson. Oh, okay.
Gemma> The slip? As in signing his slip or the film noir slip?
mgrasso> Oh no! :)
James> tisk
James> the contract
James> anyway
mgrasso> Okay, so, back in the room...
James> that taken care of
Gemma> keen
mgrasso> Okay, so... back in the room...
James> I was thinking, maybe we hide the car, and follow this whole Leno plan
Gemma> But what happens if Leno knows the car is stolen?
James> I don't think they'd buy it if we said it followed us home
Gemma> Do you think the dragon would be able to erase it from his memory?
* Gemma laughs
Gemma> But it's a chimerical car! It could.
Gemma> If Ingrid would just remember that instead of clinging to the banal material world...
James> like herby
* Gemma sighs
* James sighs back
James> I expected that, but chet? I mean shit.
Gemma> Chet's a little ... you know.
James> yeah.
Gemma> But barring their cruelty to a precious chimera -- how much do you think Smog would do for us?
mgrasso> (To remind: he offered to remove the car for you, wherever it might be. That's it.)
Gemma> (thanks -- my connection's been too crappy to get the log to load)
James> he'll get us the car, then we're on our own.
Gemma> I think I might be a little nervous.
James> don't be.
Gemma> We may know what it is, what its worth is, but to the rest fo the world, it's just a car we stole.
James> roger can make it a whole new unstolen car.
James> we could go to Mexico...
Gemma> Mexico?
* Gemma perks up a bit
James> Isn't that what all the american badasses do?
Gemma> Mexican badasses go to AMerica, so I wouldn't know...
James> Is there anyway we can do this so that they're less pissed at us?
Gemma> Hell no.
James> the fairytale explaination?
James> anything? fuck.
Gemma> You could try and get that through their heads, but INgrid is so banal and Chet is in such a strange mood...
James> why are they so stuck in what's "right"? we are a fringe element!
James> they are only in the 4th stage of morality god damn it!
James> "the law is the law is the law"
Gemma> I doubt Roger would help us without the rest.
James> but who knows? we don't know him, he doesn't know any of us.
James> *any* of us
James> Fucking ingrid
Gemma> Now do you understand me, James?
Gemma> When I lose my mind about her?
James> arn't the royal bastids supposed to be farther from banality? arn't they?
James> okay, Jack stole the giants harp because it was a prisoner, and so is my car.
James> We're jack
James> the dragon is our beanstalk
* Gemma nods eagerly
Gemma> Yes, yes...
Gemma> We'll take the harp and slide down the beanstalk into Mexico.
James> We'll climb it and... and if they don't like it -- fuckem! fuck em all.
James> do you really want to go to Mexico?
* Gemma nods
James> why?
Gemma> My people, my language, my family.
Gemma> For all my sins, I'm not very American. I'd welcome the excuse to wander back and drink some dirty water.
* James hums a little refrain
Gemma> And I'm sure that while we're there, we can definitely find someone with a creative bent when it comes to registration papers.
James> "love that dirty water... Boston you're my home"
Gemma> Let's go. come on. Now, while we still have plenty of time to drive it down to Mexico.
James> can we leave them a note? here in the room- explaining what we've done and why- It's kind of important.
James> to me atleast
* Gemma shakes her head
mgrasso> (Guys, if you decide to go to Mexico, will you go to Tucson first?)
James> I want a chance to explain myself
Gemma> (We'd probably get caught if we went to Tucson first)
mgrasso> (It's actually a little important for the sake of the plot.)
Gemma> Can't we send them a postcard from Mexico?
mgrasso> (Say you go and pick up clothes or something like that.)
Gemma> (Well, Gemma's pushing for Mexico first.)
mgrasso> (okay, fair enough)
Gemma> If we leave a note, and one of them gets nosey and comes up here, that's it. It's over. We're screwed even worse.
Gemma> I'll tell you what -- we'll leave a note on our door saying we've ... we've...
James> eloped?
Gemma> Um... eloped!
Gemma> Yes!
mgrasso> Harg!
mgrasso> (sorry)
* Gemma laughs a bit
Gemma> We'll tell them that we went to Vegas. It's only four hours away or so.
* Gemma starts nuzzling James' neck. "C'mon... I'd love to throw them off this way. We can tell them the truth later."
James> Alright- here's what I think, I want to leave a note of explaination, by the time they find it it will be too late
James> we get the car, we leave tonight
mgrasso> (True, they'd have to get into your room, which is impossible)
Gemma> (Hey, they have magic. Nothing's impossible. :) )
mgrasso> (well, maybe... right.)
mgrasso> But seriously, guys, can we say you stop off or drive through Tucson?
James> gotta check on my computer
Gemma> Why, do you want to have us arrested? :)
James> grampses
mgrasso> No, something much worse. :)
Gemma> ::sob:: I don't want worse!
James> killed again? fuck.
mgrasso> Heh. :)
Gemma> No more death! Iw ant to go hit on sex-ay Duke Topaz -- I mean, avoid arrest.
mgrasso> Besides, the only safe place to lay low is at Mistress Livia's. :)
Gemma> hahaha .. right
James> are we going there?
mgrasso> Well, you said "Mexico..."
mgrasso> I had no idea where exactly.
James> James needs to go through tucson to get his records and his sketches/ plans for/of the chimerical computers
mgrasso> I would love to describe how you get the car, guys. But I need to leave enough time to wrap this bad boy up.
mgrasso> Let me know what you think. If they go to check out your room, we'll have the time. :)
James> Okay.
Gemma> I guess.
James> do you want me to compose a letter or only if they check the room
James> ?
Gemma> I'd rather not be shot to death, or stabbed, or dead in any way... or arrested...
mgrasso> Yes. So, where would we go to summon the dragon? Lots of pollution?
James> dump
mgrasso> Gemma: I promise none of that will happen. Tonight.
mgrasso> Hmm, good idea.
Gemma> Or *any* night. ::taps foot::
mgrasso> Or next week.
mgrasso> :)
Gemma> Play *nice*, Michael.
James> are you going to need me to write a letter?
mgrasso> Yes, James. Anyway, at a garbage dump, you both concentrate on summoning the dragon. He arrives in a maelstrom of orange smoke.
mgrasso> "You have decided? I see you've left your companions behind."
mgrasso> "Are you ready to get your car back?"
* Gemma nods
James> yes.
mgrasso> "Let us fly then." He envelops you in smoke again and carries you off into the sky.
mgrasso> In his cloud form, you sail over the Hollywood Hills and into Beverly Hills.
mgrasso> Below you, you can see a huge complex... a house and a huge hangar-like structure.
mgrasso> "I sense your car is in that garage."
* James 's heart starts pounding like a jackhammer
mgrasso> "This may be... disconcerting. We will need to pass through the roof. Hold onto the clouds, tightly."
mgrasso> (Where did James leave the note?)
mgrasso> As you actually pass through the solid roof of the garage, you see yourselves hovering over a huge array of motorcycles and cars, all parked neatly in rows and organized, it seems, according to some system.
James> do I see it?
James> does it sense it?
mgrasso> It is, indeed here, but my goodness... it's just a normal car. There doesn't appear to be any of the "extras" you saw when you were a kid.
* James sighs sadly
James> but then perks
Gemma> Maybe it needs a dose of Glamour.
James> I guess I'll have some work to do.
mgrasso> "We will get it now... oh no." The cloud falters, begins to lose cohesion.
James> what?
mgrasso> The overhead lights in the garage begin to flicker on.
James> quick, oh god quick!
mgrasso> It looks like someone's entering the garage. You're all hovering near the ceiling.
* James "cast" infusion on the dragon
mgrasso> It's Jay Leno. From here, you can feel the waves of Banality coming over you.
mgrasso> James, Stamina + Fae, difficulty 7
mgrasso> And each of you take 4 temp. Banality.
James> !dice 6 7
James> oops
*** DiceWell (~mg@ has joined #Gemmajames
James> I rolled on channel
James> wp.
mgrasso> He doesn't seem to notice the orange cloud near the ceiling, which is shrinking back and getting smaller, almost too small to hide you.
Gemma> I'll contribute Glamour to Smog, if it will help
* James looks crazily around his person for something he could throw
mgrasso> Very well. How much?
Gemma> Two points
mgrasso> Throw? What do you mean? As a distraction?
James> he finally finds a pen, which he drops a point of glamor into and throws down at Leno's feet
mgrasso> Oh, I see!
James> (trying to enchant)
mgrasso> Dexterity + Subterfuge, diff. 7
Gemma> both of us, or just James?
mgrasso> Just James.
James> !dice 7 7
* DiceWell James rolls 7d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 10 9 2 10 2 3 9
James> steady hand?
mgrasso> James drops the pen, and Jay, momentarily, looks up. Take another 3 points of Banality.
mgrasso> But he more quickly looks down to the pen and picks it up. It distracts him from looking at his cars.
mgrasso> (Need to check a book)
mgrasso> James, roll Glamour, diff. 8
James> !dice 4 8
* DiceWell James rolls 4d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 6 5 9
mgrasso> Mr. Leno seems completely taken away from the obsessive cataloguing of his cars and he fully sees the two faeries descending from the ceiling on a bed of orange smoke.
mgrasso> He smiles as he looks up, and sees you. The dragon gains strength back and raises the car off the ground.
mgrasso> The car, the two of you, and the dragon rise through the ceiling as Jay Leno looks up at you, smiling, a single tear rolling down his face.
mgrasso> You guys need to leave #c-t
* James smiles back, and waves
mgrasso> All right, so, you go into the sky, the car resting beside you. James and Gemma, you want to settle into the interior?
mgrasso> :)
* Gemma blows Jay a kiss
Gemma> sure!
James> yes!
mgrasso> The dragon's voice chuckles around you, and says, "My boon is fulfilled. Farewell." And the cloud disappears.
mgrasso> You guys are falling from 1,000 feet. Fast.
Gemma> Thank you, dragon!
James> no
James> pleas!
James> e
Gemma> Um. Wait. Crap. James?
mgrasso> James, Wits + Crafts, difficulty 6
James> !dice 8 6
* DiceWell James rolls 8d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 7 4 2 3 6 7 10 3
mgrasso> James racks his brain... headlights, transmission shift.... wings!
* James drops any glamor I have into the car, and trys to shift the wings
mgrasso> James presses a hidden chimerical button and that, combined with all of James' temp. Glamour, pops the wings and the car sails into the night after plummeting almost 800 feet.
mgrasso> James, Perception + Drive, diff. 7 to see if you can avoid being seen by mortals. :)
* Gemma is loudly praying an Ave Maria
James> !dice 4 7
* DiceWell James rolls 4d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 7 9 7 5
mgrasso> James gently swoops the car into the air at a jaunty angle and sails into the L.A. night.
* James starts singing "fly me too the moon" but it is off key
* Gemma slowly opens one eye, then the other
Gemma> Are we dead yet?
mgrasso> All right then. I'm going to wait till next time to get you to Tucson. I wanted to do it as a cliffhanger, but I think we need to wrap up.
James> one more thing...
* James is crying
mgrasso> (okay)
Gemma> (awww)
James> are they done? can we go back?
mgrasso> Um, not quite yet, let's see.
mgrasso> Okay, now.
Gemma> whee!

Scene Four: Realization
* Chet is sitting in the hotel restaurant, drinking tea and eating a toasted bagel at 6:30 am.
mgrasso> *snort*
* Chet is scribbling in his composition book while eating and drinking.
* Roger shows up around 9
* Ingrid comes down around quarter till 8 and orders coffee.
Ingrid> (quarter till 9, sorry)
mgrasso> Okay, so Chet and Ingrid are there for a while.
mgrasso> About 15 minutes. We'll let them talk for a while, then go to Roger entering.
Chet> Sleep well?
Ingrid> Morning, Chet. Sleep well? Did James's soul trouble you in the night?
Ingrid> I did, yes. Hardly dreamt at all.
Chet> All I do is dream at night. Vivid.
Chet> Do you dream in color?
Chet> And, no, James' soul didn't bother me. I think it's happy to have a nice home... for a change.
mgrasso> *cackle*
Ingrid> I do dream in color. Do you?
Ingrid> I dream in blue and silver, with red accents.
Chet> Of course. I don't know anyone who doesn't. Well, except Raven - but she's...I don't
mgrasso> (I can bring in Roger now, if you like.)
Chet> Sometimes I have this horrible nightmare that all my teeth are falling out.
Chet> Just one at first, but then the rest start loosening and falling out, too.
Ingrid> Geez. That doesn't sound pleasant at all.
Chet> (whever you like)
mgrasso> (Okay, Roger, come on in.)
Chet> I looked it up in a dream book. It says that it symbolizes death. It's supposed to be a bad sign.
Chet> But I'm still here...
Roger> Good morning folks
Roger> how are you two today
Chet> I think it has something to do with fearing getting older.
* Chet looks up. "Oh, hey Rog."
Ingrid> Morning, Roger. I hope you didn't dream about losing your teeth in the night.
Chet> You don't mind if I call you Rog - do you?
Roger> No, I had a friend who called me that once
Roger> Not my teeth, only my marbles
Chet> Cool.
Roger> no problem Ch
Chet> You'll get that a lot if you hang around this group too long.
* Ingrid surreptitiously reaches over and touches Chet's hand sympathetically.
Chet> Actually, Chet is the short version of my name.
Roger> damn, and I thought I was being swauve
Chet> It's short for Cheterick.
Roger> whats your full name
* Ingrid blinks.
Roger> oh
Ingrid> That's.. unusual.
* Chet laughs.
Roger> So is the coffee anygood
Chet> I don't know, but the tea is weak.
Ingrid> Not bad. Chock full o' caffeine.
Chet> But maybe that's because the waitress stopped bringing me fresh tea bags after an hour an a half.
mgrasso> It's about 9:10 now, and Gemma and James still aren't down from their room.
* Roger tries to make eye contact witha waiter
mgrasso> Roger, you can order. The waitress is here.
* Roger orders 2 eggs sunny side with grits and bacon, with wheat toast, and a coffee
Chet> It's amazing how poor your service is when you only get a bagel and a cup of tea, but sit at the table for four hours.
Ingrid> I'd like a bagel with lox and cream cheese, please.
Roger> You've been sitting here for four hours
Ingrid> Too bad they don't know we tip well.
Chet> I don't know. What time is it?
Roger> quarter past nine
Chet> Yeah. She didn't count on my wealthy frineds showing up who wear clean pants and shirts they didn't sleep in.
Ingrid> So much for assumptions.
* Ingrid smiles.
Chet> Ummm... Well, I've been here since about... A long time, I would guess.
Roger> roger just shkes his head as he sips his coffee
Ingrid> You think we should knock on James and Gemma's door, or call or something?
Chet> Any interesting dreams Roger? I like to analyze dreams.
Roger> Not any dreams I would tell with a aldy present
Chet> My rule is, if the hotel room's a rockin', don't come a knockin', Ingrid.
Ingrid> Oh thanks for that image, Chet.
* Chet laughs, "Any time".
Chet> In their case, if the room's "rockin'" it's probably something getting thrown at someone's head.
mgrasso> (Heh)
Roger> There must be good odds on that
Chet> Fortunately, neither of them could hit the broad side of a barn.
Chet> Who knows, maybe James went out with the dragon and stole his car anyway.
Ingrid> Well, I found out some things about Jay, but I'd rather wait until we're all here to discuss it.
Roger> I doubt it, he would have called from jail by know
Roger> now
Chet> Unless he didn't get caught. The dragon said he could remove it without anyone knowing - right?
Roger> thats fine, they'll come down eventually
Chet> What room number are they in?
Roger> I just hope we don't have to wait as long as Chet
mgrasso> You guys know what room they're in.
Ingrid> I'll go call their room. There must be a house phone around here somewhere.
Roger> Give them a little while longer and then we can call them
mgrasso> Sure, right out in the lobby.
Roger> or nows fine too
Chet> Call up there and ask if their mini-fridge is running.
mgrasso> (heh!)
Roger> ,me cracks up
* Roger cracks up
Ingrid> I'll save the jokes for you two funny guys.
* Ingrid gets up and heads for the lobby.
mgrasso> Okay.
mgrasso> Ingrid dials up their room.
mgrasso> It rings for five rings and then the voice mail kicks in.
* Ingrid hangs up.
* Ingrid heads back to the restaurant.
Chet> Well?
Ingrid> No answer, guys.
Chet> I told you they were gone.
Ingrid> I have a bad feeling about this.
Roger> Let me finish my eggs and we can head up
Roger> Give me a sec
Chet> No prblem.
* Roger quickly finishes his meal and drains his coffee.
Ingrid> Sure.
* Chet opens a jelly and eats it with his sppon.
Chet> Mmmm... Grape.
Roger> Ok, lets go
* Chet stands up and puts his money down on the table.
mgrasso> Hee.
mgrasso> So, we're on our way up to Gemma and James' room.
Roger> Yes
* Ingrid adds a few dollars for a tip.
* Roger drops a ten
mgrasso> You get to the room. Who's a-knockin?
Chet> (I want to make a pit stop at my room and change my shirt)
mgrasso> Okay, sure.
Roger> I'll knock
mgrasso> No answer.
* Chet says "Housekeeping!" in a falsetto voice with a Spanish accent.
Ingrid> Let me see if I can get a chambermaid.
mgrasso> Okay, Ingrid.
Roger> Knock Louder
mgrasso> You walk down the hallway and encounter a maid.
Chet> I told you. They left to steal that car.
Chet> You don't know James and Gemma the way I do.
Ingrid> "Excuse me Miss, I left my key in my room. Would you let me in, please?
mgrasso> She looks up at you from her housekeeping trolley.
mgrasso> Ingrid: Appearance + Persuasion, diff. 7
Chet> It's a good thing that he sold me his soul. At least if he gets killed we might be able to help *him*.
Ingrid> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 4 5 1 9 3
mgrasso> WP?
Ingrid> Yes.
Chet> They're not in there. It's no good. They either left early for the car show to ambush Jay, or they got the dragon to elp them steal the car.
mgrasso> All right. She grudgingly goes over to the room and says, "Here."
Ingrid> Thank you so much.
Chet> ( "elp", all of a sudden, Chet goes Cockney... :) )
Chet> Go ahead and go in, they're not there.
mgrasso> She opens the door, and you see the first thing is... their stuff is all gone.
Roger> Fucking shits
* Ingrid curses under her breath.
Roger> Come on
Chet> See. I told you they couldn't be trusted.
Ingrid> All right, time to summon the dragon. Let's go to the parking lot,.
Chet> Where are we going?
Chet> He said we had to go somewhere polluted.
mgrasso> Everyone, Per + Investigation, diff. 6
Roger> To the dragon, see if it helped them already
Chet> And will it even come if it fulfilled its duty to them?
Ingrid> !dice 7 6
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 7d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 7 10 1 7 3 1 8
Roger> !dive 4 6
Ingrid> We'll find out.
Chet> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Chet rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 10 9 5 5 6
Roger> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell Roger rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 4 3 8 9
mgrasso> You guys can all see a note on the side table.
Roger> Thats just it it won't
mgrasso> It's scrawled, hastily, on hotel stationery.
* Ingrid picks it yp and reads it.
mgrasso> The maid is waiting for you to leave the room.
Chet> Well?
Ingrid> Come on, let's not keep the maid waiting.
Roger> Fine
Roger> just what does it say
mgrasso> All right. The maid locks up the room and you get back out into the hallway.
* Chet follows Ingrid, trying to read the note over her shoulder.
* Ingrid tips her five dollars. "Thank you very much."
mgrasso> She takes Ingrid's money and goes back to work.
* Ingrid stops around the corner and shows Roger and Chet the note.
Roger> (whats it say)
Ingrid> (I don't know yet. :)
Roger> (ahhhh)
mgrasso> Okay, here's the text.
James> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell James rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 6 4 3 4 5 3
mgrasso> Friends- I want to start out by saying I'm sorry, but this is something I had to do- when Jack threw away the beans and they grew a beanstalk he didn't say "I'll chop it down" He climbed it, to liberate the harp from its prison. My car is my harp, and she is dying, The dragon is our beanstalk. If I had to climb it I hope you understand. We will be in contact- James and Gemma
Roger> Well now, we have 3 options folks
Roger> Find them and stop them, Find them and help them, or report them to the police
Ingrid> God damn it. Those impetuous, harebrained unseelie idiots!
* Ingrid is visibly seething.
Chet> Or wait until they get back - like the note says.
mgrasso> We're going to go over a little bit, is that okay?
Chet> At this point, i'd be perfectly content going home and waiting for them to contact us. Just like the mote says.
Ingrid> Or justwash our hands of them and leave them to their fate. Which I am very inclined to do.
Roger> My first thought was to report them
Chet> If they're lucky they'll get caught by the police.
Roger> They screwed us
Chet> Maybe we should report them.
Ingrid> They sure did.
Roger> I can't belive it
Ingrid> Welcome t our world, Roger.
Chet> Being jailed is probably about their best course of action.
* Ingrid sighs.
Chet> Worst case, they've encountered the beast.
Ingrid> The dragon?
Roger> What?
Chet> No - the beast. Jay Leno.
Ingrid> Oh. That beast.
Roger> Oh, no worst case is 2-5 for grand theft
Chet> Did you consider that there was a *reason* I didn't want to go to the taping of his show?
Roger> Why what about him
Chet> Have you ever watched his show?
Roger> yeah
Chet> Just seeing the show on TV sends shivers of banality up my spine.
Chet> I don't know how James thought he was going to get near him.
Roger> (Mike can gemma and James leave this room please)
Chet> That's why I wanted to work my mojo from his audience. I don't think I *can* get within a hundred yards of him.
mgrasso> Sure, Gemma, James, leave the room?
*** Gemma (~nutscratrchpiruja@ has left #Changeling-Tucson
*** James (~ioianthe@ has left #Changeling-Tucson
mgrasso> Okay, go ahead. :)
Roger> Personally, I feel that this has been a serious betrayal of trust.
Ingrid> You're not alone, Roger.
Roger> And I haven't known any of you very long
Roger> Even if they succeed, I will not allow james to have that car
Roger> Even if I have to scrap it myself
Roger> I was willing to help him
Ingrid> Interesting. Shades of my encounter with Gemma.
Roger> even in theft
Roger> But I will not forgive this easily
Ingrid> Seems to be a trend. Each one now has betrayed rather than trusted.
Ingrid> Gemma twice now.
Chet> Hey. You're forgetting that I'm the one who got freaking electrocuted.
Ingrid> Um, what?
Chet> Hello?
Roger> They are members of your circle, whatever you choose to do, I will support you
* Chet pulls out Gemma's stun gun.
Chet> Remember this bad boy?
Ingrid> Oh, right! Sorry, I thought you meant something else.
* Chet puts it away, wuickly.
Ingrid> Good point.
Chet> Even after that, I was willing to help.
mgrasso> ("bad boy") :)
Ingrid> I'm wondering at this point why we even bothered. And why we should continue to bother.
Chet> I'll tell you what, I'm glad I didn't swear an oath with them.
Ingrid> I did, but I've renounced my oath with Gemma.
Ingrid> After the coin incident.
mgrasso> Hey, guys, can we wrap up now? Are you guys headed back to Tucson?
Chet> Actually, ingrid. It's probably my fault. It's my nature to try and help people. To try and guide them. At every step, I though if I could just get through to them...
* Ingrid sighhs again.
Ingrid> Yeah, me too.
Roger> (Mike, why am I going to go to Tuscon)
Ingrid> Let's go hom, Chet.
Chet> I don't know. I feel like we should at least look for them.
mgrasso> (To help them out in finding James and Gemma. :) )
Ingrid> I'm tired. I'm tired of having them in my life.
Chet> I don't know why we owe them, but maybe we should at least talk to the dragon and see what he did with them.
Ingrid> Okay, I'll go along with that.
Roger> As will I
Chet> Any problem with that, Roger?
Ingrid> I have a nice guest room if you'd care to join us, Roger.
Roger> In the end, I would even travel with you back to Tuscon, if my lady will permit it.
Chet> OK. Let's see if we can find the dragon and find out where he dumped Gemma and James.
Roger> I've been in LA longer thanj I'd like anyway
mgrasso> I'm sure she will, Roger. And guys, just to expedite this, the dragon will not respond to the summons.
Ingrid> My thanks to you, Roger.
Roger> fair enough
mgrasso> I want to bring Gemma and James back into the room, just to wrap up.
mgrasso> Out of character.
Chet> OK.
Roger> Then Lets pack up your stuff
Ingrid> okay.
Chet> Are we headed back to Tucson, then?
Roger> and get to my apartment and we can head to Tuscon
mgrasso> That sounds perfect.
Ingrid> Let's do it.
Roger> I don't have much to pack
Chet> After this weekend, you guys deserve a great meal. Dinner at my place when we get back.
mgrasso> We'll be doing the arrival back in Tucson next time.
Roger> Great
Ingrid> Oooh, this is a treat not to be missed, Roger.