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Chapter Five: Readying for War

Scene One: Artemisia's Quarters
mgrasso> You are all in an opulent guest chamber in the Sapphire citadel.
*** Mandy is now known as Aranth
Solangia> (anyone's in particular, mike?)
*** Joe is now known as Kirby
mgrasso> It's a far cry from the quarters on Raisa's ship. The sapphire and ivory walls softly glow all around you, shedding enough light to see and read by.
mgrasso> (I'll say it's Artemisia's assigned quarters)
mgrasso> (All right, it's about an hour after the arrival of Old Glass Eye's friend. He's resting comfortably in the infirmary)
mgrasso> (Go nuts. :D)
* Kirby sits down on the floor in the corner and pulls his legs to his chin.
Kirby> That certainly was something...
* Aranth lounges in the chair that i'm certain must be in a room like that.
mgrasso> Johanna sits in the corner, but then gets up and asks Kirby if she can see the stuff he's sketched so far in their trip.
* Travis fiddles with his cuffs and seams.
* Kirby rummages around in his bag.
* Artemisia is lounging on the blue chenille recamier that she's also sure is there.
* Solangia plops herself on Aranth's lap and bites his neck
* Kirby produces his composition book and flips through the pages, stopping on a big star map.
Solangia> (you're all so sure of yourselves ;) )
Solangia> So, can we go home now, guys? We came, we saw, we stole some fancy soaps...
Kirby> Here's a copy of the star map from the War Room
mgrasso> Johanna peers over Kirby's shoulder and ponders this. "Thanks," she says.
Kirby> This area is kind of interesting right here...
mgrasso> What's Kirby pointing at?
* Kirby points out the "Teacup" area on the map.
mgrasso> "Yes, I asked about it when we were on the ship. It corresponds to a large nebula in the real world. A nebula right near a black hole..."
Aranth> tea cup? like the vision?
* Artemisia sees Kirby and Johanna intent on the map and gets up to take a closer look.
Aranth> tea...
mgrasso> (The map is
Artemisia> Stained with nebulous tea?
Kirby> How closely does this map correlate with a star chart we might see at home?
Aranth> donno, just a thought
mgrasso> Johanna looks up at Artemisia and Travis. "Barbie did say tea *or* blood, right?"
* Travis peers at the map.
Artemisia> She did.
Travis> (Nice map, Mike!)
mgrasso> Johanna to Kirby: "Well, everything seems to have an analog. The distances are all wrong, of course, but they all seem to be where they should be."
mgrasso> Johanna to Artemisia: "At the very least, it might be worth investigating."
Artemisia> So then what would this light be that Blue Ghost was talking about? Does that correspond with anything?
mgrasso> "If we can get out there on our own to do so."
Travis> I believe Barbie said that the tea would be blood.
Aranth> or something.
mgrasso> Johanna shrugs. "No idea about the light that Blue Ghost talked about."
Kirby> I think that the light Blue Ghost was talking about was something man-made. Something that was destroying the stars.
Aranth> get out there on our own? I've... um... we could.
Artemisia> !dice 4 8
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 4d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9 9 1 4
Aranth> maybe
mgrasso> (Travis> Barbie tells me that we'll end up stained with one of two things. Tea, or blood. )
Kirby> It sounds an awful lot like the problem that got us here in the first place.
mgrasso> Johanna nods in agreement. "Yes, it does, Kirby."
Travis> (Sorry, Mike, I was trying to get to the log to check it out)
Artemisia> I think you're right, Kirby.
mgrasso> (No problem. Thought I'd help you out.)
* Aranth looks like he is caught between not wanting to bring something up and being ready to burst.
Kirby> We started out investigating the light ordinance, which would make the stars harder to see. Now it seems like these Alson Leaguers have brought back a Banal light source that is really destroying the stars here in the Dreaming.
mgrasso> Aranth: WP roll, diff. 6
Aranth> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 6 3 5
* Solangia whispers to Aranth, toying with the hairs at the nape of his neck as she does so
Artemisia> !dice 6 3
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 3. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 6 5 1 2 3 8
Artemisia> oops. That should have been a 4.
* Artemisia says casually, "Aranth? What do you think?"
Artemisia> Tell us.
Travis> Yes, Aranth. Dish.
Artemisia> Come on. Spit it out.
* Aranth exhales deeply
* Artemisia smiles ever so slightly.
Aranth> I've got a ship for us, which I can modify, and we would be a sort of guard for the queen
Aranth> but I need to get your goahead
Kirby> A guard?
Aranth> I don't want to do anything that people don't want to do
Aranth> yeah, a guard
Kirby> What would we be doing?
Artemisia> So, we'd all go out there after the Alson League in a ship you're going to modify?
Artemisia> How safe is this, Aranth? And don't lie.
Aranth> kirby first:
Aranth> I missspoke, not the queen, the captain
Aranth> and we'd be an escort guard
Aranth> it's a "new fighter" and yes artemisia, I would be modifying it.
Artemisia> So, how about my other question?
Aranth> old glass eye said that the 3 day strike would be sucessful, but there could be losses, and I'm not sure what thea means, exactly, for us.
Travis> I like the sound of the guard thing much better.
Solangia> Would we be in much danger as a guard?
Artemisia> I know there are risks in any battle. But what I want to know are what are the risks from your "modifications"?
Aranth> fuck no art, and frankly I'm hurt.
Aranth> I could rev one of those bastards up and we'd be way furking safer
Aranth> than in their old steam tincans
Aranth> but I've only got two days.
Artemisia> I mean no disrespect to your talents, Aranth. I'm just not too comfortable with modifications I don't understand.
Solangia> You barely understand toilet paper, Art.
Solangia> Yet you use that. I think.
Kirby> Well, one way or another, we're going to need a ship or something. It may as well be one that can kick butt on these steam contraptions.
Aranth> and sol, there's no way to tell, but I think we'd be saffer than any of the big ships
* Solangia slides off of Aranth's lap and begins to sort of pace in front of him
Solangia> Well, that's fine or whatever, but I don't think I'm in any sort of condition for this.
Kirby> Besides, aranth, when's the next time in your life you're going to get a chance to build a spaceship?
Solangia> Prancing around like some little mercenary... jeez.
Aranth> so that's a vote for yes kirby?
Kirby> I'll reserve my final judgement until I hear exactly what they want us to do with this ship, but it sounds like a good plan.
* Aranth stands up, and takes sol by the shoulders
Artemisia> Um Sol, forgive me for asking, but what sort of condition do you feel you need to be in for this sort of thing?
Aranth> I'll make sure you're safe.
Solangia> I don't know, Art. A fighter's condition? A sailor's condition? A fighting sailor's condition.
Solangia> !dice 5 9
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 5d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 2 8 5 3 9
Solangia> I know, Aranth.
Kirby> I'll feel better once I find out what this guard detail consists of, but like I said, I'll pitch in any way I can.
Travis> Me too.
Kirby> !dice 7 8
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 8. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 6 8 1 2 1 1 5
Artemisia> I'd be interested to get a closer look myself.
Aranth> at what? the ship? the plans?
Artemisia> No, space. I'm finding I rather like it.
*** Kirby has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
mgrasso> Hold up, guys.
mgrasso> (Joe was having problems)
*** Kirby ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
mgrasso> Better, Joe?
Kirby> (Much)
Kirby> !dice 7 8
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 4 2 9 4 3 10 4
Aranth> alright boys and girls... I'm hearing two things. first, we want more info, understandable. second, we want a ship.
Kirby> Those are two of my top three priorities right about now.
Aranth> the third?
Solangia> What's the third?
Artemisia> I'd say that's a fair assessment. Although perhaps not a unanimous one.
Travis> Finding hunky guards?
* Artemisia looks at Solangia.
Travis> That's my third priority.
Kirby> Sorry Travis, that's a distant 5th right now.
* Travis pouts. "Spoilsport."
mgrasso> Johanna says, looking out the window at space, all by herself, "I know. It's going home, right?"
* Solangia snaps at Art, "What?"
Artemisia> Temper, temper, dear.
Artemisia> I just was getting the impression you didn't want to go is all.
* Aranth smooths sol's shoulders, her hair, and whispers to her
Kirby> Well, getting home *would* be nice. But I trust everything will work out in the end. We'll just go where the cosmic winds take us and we'll end up back where we started. It's the way of things, you know...
Solangia> Ooh. Aren't you the perceptive one?
mgrasso> (If someone invented a "eavesdrop on whispering" cantrip, this party would want it BAD. :D)
Solangia> (homebrew? :D)
Kirby> But a more immediate concern is getting some fresh air around here somewhere. I think that I'm going to head out if we're all done here.
Artemisia> (=4 :D)
DiceWell> (=4 is not a valid number Artemisia.
mgrasso> (Heh, later... later!)
mgrasso> All right. So, shall we send Aranth off to the lab to work?
* Kirby makes a whip cracking motion in Aranth's direction.
Kirby> Don't worry, I'll save a piece of him for you, Travis.
Travis> I think I'm interested in more than a piece....
* Kirby heads to the door, "Anyone else?"
Artemisia> I think I'll join you.
mgrasso> All right, if you guys don't mind, I'm going to move things along, temporally. Unless there are conversations or other issues to cover right after the meeting?
* Artemisia gets up to follow Kirby outside.
Travis> (nah, g'ahead)
mgrasso> In fact, Kirby, Artemisia, if you want to confer, I can handle that while we're doing Aranth's lab time.
Artemisia> (fine with me)
Solangia> (me too)
Kirby> (Just tell us where you want us, Mike :)
Solangia> (we're all your puppets... use your guiding fists in us!)
Solangia> (and maybe thumbs)
Travis> (me especially (-: )
Artemisia> (gah!)
mgrasso> Okay, Kirby and Artemisia, you go to #landing. Travis, Solangia, you can go to #guestroom.
Solangia> (leave here?
mgrasso> Nah, it's okay.
Aranth> !dice 5 9

Scene Two: Invention Montage
mgrasso> The way this is going to work is extended Int + Crafts rolls, at diff. 9, just to get the existing fighter prototype ready for receiving the FUBAR.
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 10 2 3 8
Aranth> !dice 5 9
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 9 5 10 5 10
Aranth> !dice 5 9
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 9. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 6 6 4 2 7
Aranth> !dice 5 9
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 10 10 3 8 10
mgrasso> Jeez!
Aranth> christ!
mgrasso> It's done. In four hours.
Aranth> dicey! I love you! Now to summon the FUBAR. alright, how does that work? Intelligence + Fae, diff. your Banality + 4. with my luck, the pure energy will get sucked into that damn teacup. i don't think you ever added my new permanant banality. Yeah, you're at 4. Sorry. :( it's okay is that an extended roll? Oh, wait, you can do a full 5-turn Bunk, bringing it down to 4. yeah!
Aranth> !dice 9 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 9d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 6 3 2 10 3 1 2 9 Reroll, because I think you only have 8 dice. I'm going to sing the entirety of "99 bottles of beer on the wall" at the top of my lungs you're right so, a 5 turn bunk and eight dice is !dice 8 4 ? That's right.
Aranth> !dice 8 4
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 8d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 4 10 1 4 1 4 9 2
mgrasso> Want to add WP?
Aranth> wp
Aranth> :)
mgrasso> Cool. I'll describe it to everyone.
mgrasso> Just for when you guys get back: About six hours after you all separate to go to bed, you hear a tremendous crackle of lightning outside. A loud BOOM shakes the citadel.
Aranth> 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, one fell what the hell, 98 bottles of beer on the wall...
mgrasso> Now, to bind the FUBAR in the metal hoop in the fighter. Intelligence + Gematria, diff. 4.
Aranth> !dice 6 4
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 6d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 4 2 5 9 7 3 Cool. It's bound securely. Now I give you the option to make adjustments to the ship. It comes equipped with a steam engine, which you've removed, as well as two side ballistae. You can remove those and add a weapon of your devising, if you wish. You can also tinker with the engine now that the FUBAR is here and make "hyperdrive."
Aranth> perfect
Aranth> I'll work on the engine first
mgrasso> Which do you want to try first?
Aranth> :)
mgrasso> Cool. That'll be... Intelligence + Chimerical Alchemy, diff. 7.
Aranth> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 3 7 7 8 3 7
mgrasso> Awesome! You have hyperdrive, marked with a big jolly red button. :)
mgrasso> Now, you want to add a weapons system?
Aranth> rock
Aranth> yeah
mgrasso> What kind? Describe it for me. :)
Aranth> hmm... can you describe the kind of force we'll be fighting again?
mgrasso> These guys are bronze and brass warriors, and their ships are solid metal.
Aranth> (problem w/ steam is you can't short it out)
mgrasso> Yeah, exactly. Expect a lot of metal, though.
Aranth> does bronze oxidize?
mgrasso> Yeah, it does. I think.
Aranth> is that an official "call" ?
mgrasso> I can't think. What do you want to do?
mgrasso> Remember, this is the Dreaming. Stuff can do what you *want* it to do, chemically, with Chimerical Alchemy.
Aranth> well, there are some solutions that you can mix that cause things to rust super fast, like in a matter of seconds.
mgrasso> A rust gun! Perfect!
Aranth> :)
mgrasso> Intelligence + Chim. Alch, diff. 8, extended.
Aranth> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 6 9 7 8 4 7
mgrasso> Again.
Aranth> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 2 6 1 2 10 8
mgrasso> Again.
Aranth> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9 1 3 6 6 9
mgrasso> Again. This takes through most of the night.
Aranth> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 10 7 7 2 3 6
Aranth> +my last wp
mgrasso> Nah, more rolls. It's a tough endeavor.
Aranth> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 8 9 6 4 2 6
Aranth> k
Aranth> ?
mgrasso> That should do it. You have two wing-mounted rust guns, with enough ammo for 10 blasts each.
Aranth> yeah!
Aranth> I want to wake everybody up and show it to them!
Aranth> ;)
mgrasso> Okay, it'll be the next morning. You'll have been up all night.
Aranth> but early, right? >:)
mgrasso> Early is fine. Heh, annoy the shit out of 'em. :)
mgrasso> Go ahead, take over. :)
mgrasso> Just for when you guys get back: About six hours after you all separate to go to bed, you hear a tremendous crackle of lightning outside. A loud BOOM shakes the citadel.
mgrasso> You hear guards rush by, but nothing comes of it. They say it's simply one of the tinkers working in the lab. :)

Scene Three: Star Pilot
* Aranth goes rushing into each of your rooms waking you: It's done, it's perfect! come see it!
Travis> It's Sean Hayes, for me!
* Travis is crestfallen. "No?"
* Kirby hears the noise from in the library and comes down to investigate.
mgrasso> Kirby: the doors to the lab are shut at that point.
* Artemisia gradually realizes something is happening.
* Aranth 's hair is standing practically on end, and he looks very, bedragaled
mgrasso> It's only by next morning you get to see what happens.
mgrasso> (Trust me, guys. It's Aranth's little show here. :D )
mgrasso> Aranth takes you all down to the lab, and presents you his ship.
Aranth> isn't she furking the best?
* Aranth beams with pride
mgrasso> It's about the size of a small bus, or, a Federation shuttle, for those of you who use that yardstick. :)
* Solangia sleepily rubs her eyes and yawns
Kirby> I don't know...who is she furking?
mgrasso> It's made of a patchwork of bronze, tin, and steel.
Aranth> tisk.
Travis> I dub thee Steely Dan!
* Kirby walks all the way around the ship.
Artemisia> (lmao!)
mgrasso> There's a wide window in the front of the ship, and it has two sleek wings, under each of which seems to be mounted a gun turret.
* Kirby graons. "At least pick a *good* band".
* Aranth points out the various features as kirby circles
Travis> Oh, honey, you don't know where that name came from?
mgrasso> Aranth: have you led them inside yet?
Aranth> sure
Travis> Steely Dan took the name from a William S. Burroughs novel. Let's just say that the object in question was steely, and was named "Dan", but was....welll.....
mgrasso> You get inside and see a captain's chair with pedals and a wheel. There's two seats up front, two in back, and little ladders leading into the wings where the gunners can sit.
mgrasso> Behind the captains chair is a glass cabinet. Inside the cabinet is a little metal loop. It's glowing bright electric blue and pulsating.
mgrasso> We're inside the ship now.
Artemisia> Is that the Flux Capacitor?
Aranth> sort of.
* Aranth grins and winks
Travis> Where do we speak with the Vorlons?
Artemisia> Imagine that.
* Artemisia smiles.
Solangia> I feel airsick just standing in this thing.
mgrasso> The attack wing will depart early tomorrow morning, so we have another day to kill, thanks to Aranth's fast work.
* Solangia rubs her stomach and grimaces
mgrasso> We will be one of Raisa's escort ships. The Jagged Edge will have about 12 accompanying it.
Kirby> Airsick?
Artemisia> Airsick? Maybe Kirby has something for that.
Solangia> Space sick?
Solangia> I don't know.
Kirby> So are you going to take us out in a test drive before you actually drive this thing under fire tomorrow?
mgrasso> (Hah!)
* Aranth 's eyes get HUGE
Aranth> could i do that?
mgrasso> (It drives like a truck. Good! What is a truck?) (10 pt ref)
mgrasso> Aranth: sure. :)
Aranth> anyone want to come see what she can do?
Kirby> YOu mean you were going to wait until tomorrow to drive it for the first time? Man am I glad I'm here...
mgrasso> I also need to ask at this point who will be our "regular" wing gunners.
mgrasso> *smirk*
* Aranth runs his hand along the nearest flat metal surface
Aranth> I think she understands me
* Solangia sits down in one of the back chair
Solangia> I'm glad someone does.
* Travis whispers to Solangia, "I think *someone* needs a date."
Aranth> so, before you decide, anyone want to get the specs on those fuckers?
Kirby> !dice 7 7
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 2 8 8 1 8 4 9
mgrasso> (And nobody got my Buckaroo Banzai reference)
mgrasso> (*frown*)
Solangia> (Buckaroo who?)
mgrasso> (*weeps for the youth of today*)
Artemisia> (That's it! I knew I'd heard it, but I couldn't remember!)
Kirby> I'll look at those Aranth.
Travis> (I...never really liked Buckaroo Banzai) (*cringes*)
mgrasso> Anyway, shall we take her out for a spin? Aranth's in the captain's chair.
mgrasso> Do others want to get used to the guns?
Aranth> (It's okay, bill woulda... I kind of saw it twice but can't remember it... same with tron)
* Travis positions himself at one of the guns. "Ooooh, I feel so...heterosexual now.
mgrasso> Is Travis going to be one of our gunners?
Artemisia> Who's a good shot?
* Kirby slides into one of the gunner's chairs, after a bit of hesitation.
* Aranth turns to kirby
Solangia> Aranth's a pretty good shot...
Artemisia> Kirby? All right.
Aranth> riddle me this batman, how do you fight metal men?
Kirby> Someone's got to drive, though. And it aint going to be me...
Artemisia> Aranth has to fly this thing.
mgrasso> The gunner chair can't help but put you in mind of Star Wars, Kirby... Han Solo saying to Luke, "Don't get cocky, kid."
Aranth> I wish I could do both...
mgrasso> :)
Travis> Can I get cocky?
* Aranth says wistfully
* Solangia just smiles and shakes her head a bit
* Kirby looks up and down the controls.
Solangia> Yeah.
Travis> Please?
mgrasso> By the way, everyone is refilled on Glamour, just from Aranth's overwhelming enthusiasm and love for this thing.
Solangia> (yay!)
Artemisia> Travis, do you shoot well? Or Sol?
mgrasso> And all your temporary Banality is gone from the fact you're in the Dreaming.
Solangia> I seem to miss everything these days, but I'll give it a try if you want.
* Artemisia takes a look at the controls.
Aranth> kirby? an answer?
* Solangia gets up to check out the gunner ... thingies
Kirby> Well, we seemed to do OK against those GI Joes. So long as we're talking about people's personal lives to keep our minds off the fighting.
Solangia> I wanna be a gun moll.
Aranth> I should probably ask if we're allowed to actually kill this time, I mean shit.
mgrasso> Okay, so Kirby and Solangia are our gunners. Aranth asks everyone to buckle in.
Travis> Kirby, we could compare penis size, if that would distract you.
mgrasso> We're going for a spin around the planet.
Aranth> anyway, the guns are rust based... each gunner gets ten shots... so make them good.
Artemisia> Wait a minute. I might want to be a gunner.
Solangia> Oh, well, by all MEANS, your majest. Take a seat at the guns.
* Solangia rolls her eyes
Artemisia> Especially if Solangia's airsick.
* Solangia mutters, "why she even bothers asking..."
mgrasso> The bay doors open, and Aranth sits in the chair, pressing on the "gas petal" as you hover a little off the ground and zip right out of the lab.
* Artemisia straps into the other gunner;'s seat.
mgrasso> The blue globe in the cabinet is glowing much brighter now, sending a blue glow over everyone in the cabin.
* Solangia retakes her seat in the back
* Kirby searches around for the seatbelt.
Kirby> Did you remember airbags Aranth?
Solangia> Is there a bathroom on this thing?
mgrasso> You shoot out into space, and Aranth does a quick dive near the old fashioned space-sailing ships that are moored at the spacedocks.
Aranth> no, no, and no.
Solangia> No?
Aranth> (sorry, only 2 no's)
mgrasso> You see Raisa's smashed ship being loaded with supplies and weapons, and you zoom by her.
mgrasso> Aranth, it runs like a dream, and you can use your Drive skill on it.
mgrasso> I'd like to move on to the next day, Departure, if I may.
mgrasso> And then wrap up tonight's session.
Aranth> sure.
Kirby> That's fine.
Solangia> ok
Artemisia> cool.
Travis> tha's fine
mgrasso> (This has been major fun, tonight, guys, btw.)
Aranth> (definatly!)
Travis> Yah, me too
mgrasso> If anyone needs to do anything before we leave for good, msg me.
mgrasso> Before we shove off.
mgrasso> (Nobody said, "*You* shove off!")
Kirby> !dice 5 8
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 3 8 6 2
Artemisia> (hah!)
Solangia> (no, *you* shove off... better? :) )
Artemisia> (So, we shove off at dawn?)
Aranth> (no, *you* shove off)
mgrasso> (Jose will drop the ropes... here. "Because... it's Cuba."
Solangia> (;;giggle::)
Travis> (It's only Cubatown, Jake)
mgrasso> All right, here we go.
Artemisia> (watch out for those Wild Curlys.)
mgrasso> First things first... Aranth, you'll have to go to a strategy meeting with Captain Raisa and some of the fighter pilots accompanying her.
mgrasso> So you know the attack plans, the navigation path, etc.
Aranth> great. how does the plan sound? is it "solid" ?
mgrasso> Basically, you guys will be one of the fighters surrounding her bigger ship, providing fast attack support.
mgrasso> Perception + Mathematics, Aranth, diff. 7.
Aranth> !dice 4 7
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 4d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 5 2 2 2
Aranth> (it was bound to happen)
mgrasso> Aranth: it sounds good to you. :)
Kirby> So we'll be the TIE fighters to their Imperial Destroyer, eh?
mgrasso> Um, yeah. *gulp*
mgrasso> I was hoping you wouldn't notice that part. :)
Solangia> (Hey! We all know what happened to those!)
Travis> (That's no moon...)
mgrasso> (Heh.)
* Artemisia roars off into space.
Solangia> (hey! she's stealing the ship!)
Artemisia> (as if! :D)
Kirby> That's cool. The Empire had way cooler ships and far superior weaponry. I just hope there's no exposed air shafts on the ship.

Scene Four: Last Shore Leave
mgrasso> So, you guys assemble into battle formation. The rest of the fighters give Aranth's patchwork-looking ship a wide berth as you all surround the H.M.S. Jagged Edge.
mgrasso> Aranth: Raisa told you that their first stop will be their home planet of Aquan. They're going to... say goodbye to their families, in case things don't work out.
mgrasso> The trip to Aquan will take about a day.
Kirby> Man, a whole day in this little ship. You're going to regret not putting in a bathroom, Aranth.
Solangia> If he doesn't, we'll make him regret it.
* Kirby stows a bottle in his carryon bag - just in case.
mgrasso> When you arrive at Aquan, you wonder if in fact you've somehow reversed and ended up back at Sapphire. There's a huge blue orb floating in space out the front windows.
Aranth> damn guys, do you all have incontinance problems?
Solangia> Yes! Girls pee! It's what we do. It's our hobby.
mgrasso> But no, it's not a gemstone like Sapphire. It's a bit wavier, a bit more shapeless... it's a huge 3-mile wide ball of water, floating in space!
Solangia> As for Kirby, well... he has a large prostate.
Kirby> You said you wouldn't tell...
Aranth> ha
* Solangia looks out the window... "Ooh, one huge pool to pee in."
Solangia> And you listened to a pooka? Ha!
* Kirby stares at the planet, wide-eyed.
Artemisia> That's beautiful.
Travis> That's a lotta whiz.
mgrasso> Raisa's ship goes to moor at the planet's surface, but she can't land, of course, seeing as how her ship is not by any means seaworthy. It anchors itself about 30 feet above the watery surface of Aquan.
mgrasso> Through the window, you can see Raisa and her crew on the broken deck of the ship. They appear to be... stripping off their clothes.
Travis> Mmmm.
mgrasso> As Raisa and her senior staff take off the last stitch of clothing, they leap into the air and free-fall towards the watery surface of Aquan.
* Aranth blinks really hard as he trys to disbelieve anything he ever learned in highschool about physics
Kirby> So - should we wait here, then?
Aranth> (the ship, not the naked people)
mgrasso> As they do, they seem to... change. Their forms shift, and Raisa turns into a beautiful silver dolphin!
Aranth> only if you can't breath underwater
Aranth> oh cool!
Kirby> I didn't think I could breathe in space until I got here either.
mgrasso> Likewise, her crew take on all manner of shapes... seals, otters, and a few simply turn into large masses of water themselves!
mgrasso> It seems they are having one last great swim, one last vicarious thrill in their home waters before the Great Battle.
Solangia> See, Aranth? If you had put in a bathroom, we could have had one last thrill.
mgrasso> (I'm not sure, I think it's best to stop here).
mgrasso> (I think it'll be two more sessions, then, to finish this story).
Kirby> (Cool.)