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Chapter Four: Trouble in Paradise

Scene One: The Plans We Made
mgrasso> OK, let me recap where we left off.
mgrasso> Miss Ingrid Kane had complained loudly and gotten her suite at the Excalibur.
mgrasso> We all went to meet the baron, a retired lounge singer named Nicky who runs the yearly poker tourney.
mgrasso> And now, well, it's a weekend in Vegas!
mgrasso> It's Friday night, February 25, 2000.
mgrasso> Probably about 4 pm by the time you guys get to your rooms.
*** IoIanthe is now known as James
*** mgrasso sets mode: +oo James wordwolf
*** Sam is now known as Jack
*** Erica is now known as Gemma
mgrasso> for a recap, try
mgrasso> Excellent.
mgrasso> Well, where to, Changelings?
mgrasso> The whole city is yours.
* Ingrid is ready for a shower and a nap.
mgrasso> Ingrid can do that until... let's say 5:30.
mgrasso> Jack?
James> Gem, shoping and then gambling?
Ingrid> Then... nightlife.
* Jack is thinking about checking out the jousting/feasting thing at the Excalibur.
mgrasso> Aha, ok, Jack, sounds cool.
mgrasso> Gemma?
Gemma> Sounds good, James.
mgrasso> The jousting show is at 6, Jack. I know, I checked the website. :)
Jack> :)
mgrasso> OK, can Gemma and James join channel #shopping?
Gemma> Oh, pleasant. Greasy chicken and the smell of horse dung. Enjoy the show!
* Gemma grins
mgrasso> Gemma, James... what time do you expect to be back at the casino?
James> dunno
Gemma> Umm... No idea.
mgrasso> OK, we'll play it by ear.
mgrasso> Ingrid, you want to go with Jack to the show when you wake up?
James> Changlings don't have plans!
mgrasso> I'll do the show in here, and Gemma and James over there. (Gemma and James leave the Excalibur at this point. Their adventures will be posted at some future date.)
Gemma> Damn right they don't.
mgrasso> Heh, true enough, James, at least Unseelie don't. :)
Ingrid> Hmmm. Sounds interesting.
mgrasso> All right, I'll do that with you guys in here.
Jack> (When is the poker tournament starting?)
mgrasso> 9 pm sharp tonight.
Jack> (cool)
mgrasso> Fae spectators are welcome.
Ingrid> I would love to watch.
Jack> Wouldn't want to miss it after coming all this way...
mgrasso> So, first the lame jousting, then the real battle, on the poker table. :)
Jack> Yup. :)

Scene Two: At the Tournament
mgrasso> OK. You two go down together to the Excalibur's "Tournament of Kings" dinner show.
mgrasso> Food is served in a rather crude way; there are no utensils to speak of.
mgrasso> The show starts with a "ringmaster" knight explaining what you'll be seeing tonight.
mgrasso> The kids in the audience, while some are seemingly bored, mostly are enraptured by the show.
mgrasso> Even though the costumes, the mechanical dragon, and all the other aspects of the show so far are fakey and artificial, the kids seem to be infusing it with their own Glamour.
mgrasso> But when the joust starts, well, that's when things get interesting for you fae.
mgrasso> It's a pair of trolls... and look! It's the same two trolls who were guarding the gate at the 7-11 earlier today!
Jack> Aha!
mgrasso> They both ride horses that, in the Dreaming, are more beautiful and strong than you could ever imagine.
Jack> I knew there had to be more to this.
mgrasso> (heh)
mgrasso> They both bow to the fake "king" and "queen" and start riding toward each other, with real speed.
mgrasso> It looks for all the world like a real joust is about to take place.
mgrasso> The two horsemen hit each other's spears, and the wooden lances shatter spectacularly.
mgrasso> The whole crowd applauds loudly.
* Ingrid applauds too.
mgrasso> The two knights bow, and one of them, the one declared the victor, seems to gesture up to Jack in the seats.
mgrasso> "Would our friend among the throng," says the troll, "wish to joust the champion?"
mgrasso> He levels his (fake, but chimerically real) blade at you.
* Jack stands courteously to accept the challenge.
Ingrid> Oh, this is exciting.
Jack> Would my Lady Artemesia favor me with a token to wear into this contest?
mgrasso> (kewwwwwwwwl)
mgrasso> The people around you look at you weird when you call her that. :)
* Ingrid removes a chain with a key pndant and places it about Jack's neck.
Ingrid> This always brought me luck.
* Jack bows deeply, kisses Ingrid's hand, and jumps down onto the arena floor.
mgrasso> The crowd roars at the sight of this off-duty cop going to ride a horse into battle for them!
Jack> (heh)
mgrasso> The squires (waiters) help you into the saddle. The horse doesn't even groan under your tremendous bulk.
Jack> Hoo boy...
mgrasso> Its coat is glossy, opalescent, and he whispers to you, "Don't worry, you can't get hurt."
Jack> (the horse?)
mgrasso> (yup :) )
Jack> (kay. :))
mgrasso> He whispers, "Name's Stone Champion, nice to meet you. Well, here we go! Just hold on..."
Jack> (whisper) Don't worry, friend, I trust you...
mgrasso> After being equipped with a helmet, shield, and lance, you start galloping towards your enemy.
mgrasso> It's like nothing you've ever felt before, and it puts you in mind of a heritage you haven't truly felt very often.
mgrasso> OK, here it comes, the impact. Make a Str + Melee roll.
Jack> (diff?)
mgrasso> Sorry, hold on.
mgrasso> 8. And it's Dex + melee
Jack> !dice 5 8
* DiceWell Jack rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 6 2 10 10 2
Jack> Huzzah!
mgrasso> OK, you get the best of him, now roll damage. Str + 3, Diff. 6
Jack> !dice 7 6
* DiceWell Jack rolls 7d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9 2 8 4 2 1 2
mgrasso> Your lance splinters in half down the middle, and does not unseat your opponent. His lance missed.
Jack> Whoa.
DrinxMixer> *applause*
* Ingrid is riveted to the action.
mgrasso> You ride back together to the center of the dirt pit, and dismount together. He takes his helmet off and lays his gauntlet at your feet.
* Jack holds out his hand with a big grin.
mgrasso> "My lord, you have bested me this day," he shouts for the crowd. "Your lance was stronger and more deadly than mine. The day is thine!"
Jack> It was well ridden, good knight.
* Ingrid claps furiously, smiling.
mgrasso> The crowd is just zapping out Glamour. Each of you can get one Temp. point back each.
mgrasso> You don't even have to ravage. It's just free for the taking.
mgrasso> You can use it to remove a point of temp. Banality, if you wish.
mgrasso> Jack, you go back up and watch the rest of the show.
Jack> Your pendant, my Lady. It has brought me luck as well.
* Ingrid applauds as Jack approaches. "Most well done, sir!"
DrinxMixer> *applause*
* Jack blushes.
Jack> Th-thank you most kindly...
mgrasso> Of course, the crowd figures you're just playing along. But... Jack and Ingrid, Charisma + Etiquette, Diff. 5
Ingrid> Thank you, Jack. That was a delight to watch!
Jack> !dice 3 5
* DiceWell Jack rolls 3d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 8 4 4
Ingrid> !dice 6 5
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 6d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 9 1 3 7 4 7
mgrasso> You both impeccably have personified court etiquette in this potentially Banal setting. Get back a point of WP each.
Ingrid> lovely. :)
mgrasso> So, shall we go to the special gambling room for the poker tourney?
Ingrid> Oh yes!
Jack> Sounds good.
mgrasso> Excellent. Hope I'm keeping up OK, I've got Gemma and James in the other chamber. :)
Jack> You're doing fine...
Jack> :)
Ingrid> yes, just fine.

Scene Two-A: Gemma and James on the Town
mgrasso> So, what are you going to do with all this schwag?
James> alright cuttie, lets get you some new clothes and stuff
Gemma> Where should we go? The Forum Shops? The little mall on the strip?
Gemma> The gift shop for dragon t-shirts and glitter-encrusted leggings?
mgrasso> Wherever strikes your fancy.
*** DiceWell ( has joined #shopping
James> ha!
*** mgrasso sets mode: +o DiceWell
James> where ever you want to go gem.
Gemma> Well, as much as I'd adore t-shirts embedded with blinking diodes, let's see if the Forum Shops have anything interesting.
mgrasso> Forum Shops, check.
Gemma> And hopefully they'll still have those security guards dressed as little Roman soldiers. If Roman soldiers dressed like strippers, I mean.
James> hah!
mgrasso> (This is at Caesar's, correct?)
Gemma> (Yup)
James> so Gem... the real question... we have a whole shit load of mazuma... how are we gonna have fun with it?
mgrasso> All right. The white pillars of Caesar's can be seen from way off. It's a huge temple to greed, where people gamble and drink as if they were ancient Romans.
mgrasso> (how much did you bring, Gemma, btw?)
James> (how much per cash wad?)
mgrasso> 5 thou in each wad.
James> one of those for me, dispersed through out 5 different locations on my person.
mgrasso> Wow, paranoid much?
mgrasso> :)
James> =) but of course.
* Gemma has hidden a wad in her purse, and stuffed half of one in her wallet
mgrasso> So, you each carry $5,000. *snort*
James> the rest is in the room safe.
Gemma> (Well, a little more than that for me, Mike. Gemma's a greedy little bint. :) )
mgrasso> Oh, i see, one and a half.
mgrasso> Got it.
mgrasso> What to buy?
James> I want a T-shirt that says "I hate Vegas"
mgrasso> Hah! You might find that in a cooler sort of kind of place.
mgrasso> But I think that'd be cool. :)
Gemma> Well, since my clothes are gone, I'm going to need a little bit of everything.
mgrasso> Fair enough. What kinds of outfits? :)
Gemma> Just casual digs.
mgrasso> OK, works for me.
mgrasso> So, you hit the clothes stores first.
mgrasso> Gemma buys (4? 5?) outfits, and also some underthings (don't say underthings!
/mike nelson>)
* James does the "guy" thing and waits.
mgrasso> Hah.
mgrasso> Can you guys make Perception + Intuition rolls, Diff. 9?
* Gemma does the "girl" thing and forces James to give his opinion on things
Gemma> !dice 3 9
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 3d10 at difficulty 9. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 5 6 2
James> /me 's eyes pop out of his head as Gemma waltses out in somthing hot.
James> one sec. lost the site
mgrasso> Sure.
mgrasso> Any luck?
James> nope not yet.
mgrasso> It's two dice.
mgrasso> Sorry.
Gemma> (Is Ingrid a Penthouse Pet? I just noticed she had a key pendant...)
mgrasso> (*snort* her dark past with Bob Guccione)
James> !dice 2 9
* DiceWell James rolls 2d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9 6
mgrasso> OK, thanks.
James> (Cool! I found a hard copy!)
mgrasso> Cool.
mgrasso> OK, so, some outfits are bought, and you spent about $680.
mgrasso> (It is a mall in a hotel, after all. :) )
James> (did I get my shirt?)
mgrasso> Sure, why not. I figure there's a jokey shop in there somewhere.
James> =)
Gemma> (lots of jokey carts)
Gemma> (not that I've spent a lot of time in casino malls. ::coughs::)
mgrasso> So, now, food perhaps?
mgrasso> Or a drink?
Gemma> Both.
James> both
mgrasso> Excellent. So, a bar/restaurant then.
* James offers his arm and says "I'm buying"
mgrasso> What kind do you think you'd like to visit?
Gemma> How gracious of you!
* Gemma takes James' arm
mgrasso> You guys are so evil. :)
James> A place with a hokey theme! (oh wait, we're in vegas... it's all hokey themes...)
Gemma> Oh, my lord James, wheeeere shall we go for our meal? Will you be gallant like Jack and lead me about?
mgrasso> Caesar's has plenty of hokey bars/restaurants, I gather.
James> like a trophy on my arm my dear... and will you make a fuss if your peas and carrots get mixed together like our dear ingrid?
Gemma> Of *course* I'll make a fuss. I deserve better than mixed peas and carrots.
* James bursts out laughing hartily
* Gemma giggles evilly
mgrasso> Into the bar you go. Do you want to drink at the bar before eating?
James> sure
Gemma> Yes.
mgrasso> All righty. You sit next to each other at the bar. The bartender says, "So, what can I get you?"
James> I'll have a sex on the beach... well, actually not in Nevada but you get the picture
mgrasso> "Uh huh. And you, ma'am?" He turns to Gemma.
* Gemma glances at the drink menu
Gemma> Hmm.. I'll have one of those fruity martini things. The cranberry one.
mgrasso> "You got it!"
mgrasso> He goes to make the drinks. The people here seem pretty happy, although there's the share of barhags and bar flies.
mgrasso> Vegas is full of 'em
James> what do you say we get really trashed and then piss away the money we have on us on gambling?
Gemma> I say that's a good idea.
mgrasso> Hah. OK.
Gemma> What's your favorite way to lose money? To a machine, or to a human in a silly outfit?
James> (... 6 rounds later)
James> 5$ slots.
James> I deal better with machines
Gemma> Ah, efficient.
mgrasso> So, over to the slots then? 5-dollar ones... you know they go up to 100-dollar slots for the real high rollers.
Gemma> Is that so?
James> Furkit!
mgrasso> Of course, going over and getting 100 100-dollar tokens might be a LITTLE conspicuous.
James> but five?
Gemma> Just slightly. Let's stick with the $5.
James> for now...
Gemma> (god, I just think about drinking and my typign goes to hell -- thanks, Mike!)
mgrasso> Heh.
mgrasso> OK, so, you've had how many rounds, you'd say?
mgrasso> I wanna look up the intoxication rules :)
James> (I don't know... I don't usually get shitty)
* Gemma had two drinks
mgrasso> Fair enough. Two drinks for each sound good?
James> sure
mgrasso> OK, onto the slots.
mgrasso> Now, James, would you like to start swearing at them right away?
mgrasso> :)
James> hells yeah!
James> furking gerbin smergin!
James> (or for the cartoon lover #%!*#!
mgrasso> OK, Intelligence + Crafts, or Intelligence + Intimidation, Diff. 9.
James> !dice 3 9
* DiceWell James rolls 3d10 at difficulty 9. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 8 2 4
James> (these machines don't scare easily)
mgrasso> You hit your slot machine on the side a couple of times, swearing at it, and nothing happens. An old lady chain-smoking next to you says, "Eh, I've tried that. It don't work!"
James> yeah, apparantly not
* James sulks
mgrasso> Gemma, Perception + Empathy roll, Diff. 8.
Gemma> !dice 3 8
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 3d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 3 8 4
* Gemma pats James on the shoulder
James> ah... furkin machines... hell...
* James perks up and smiles deviously
James> lets blow some more cash
mgrasso> Gemma? Wanna leave and go to a table?
Gemma> All right, James.. I know just the place to go.
Gemma> (sure)
James> Great
mgrasso> What game will you guys head over to?
James> something trecherously serious... lets see if we can lighten the mood
mgrasso> Baccarat is the deadly serious game.
Gemma> I have no idea how to play it. Perfect! :)
James> !dice 2 7
* DiceWell James rolls 2d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 4 5
mgrasso> Over to baccarat.
James> me either... we'll be great!
Gemma> !dice 5 5
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 5d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 9 10 4 1 8
mgrasso> James walks through the crowd. Eventually, as he bellies up to the baccarat table, he finds that Gemma is no longer with him.
James> oops
* James looks aroung
James> d
DiceWell> is not a valid number James.
mgrasso> She's nowhere to be seen.
James> anyone looking unappy because they've been pranked? Maybe I can follow her trail
mgrasso> Sure. Try a Perception + Alterness roll, diff. 8.
James> !dice 2 8
* DiceWell James rolls 2d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 8 8
mgrasso> Nice.
mgrasso> Well, there's no trail of people who were pranked, but as you rush to the lobby, you can see her little tail pop into a cab past the glass doors.
James> could I catch it in a dash?
mgrasso> Try Stam + Athletics, Diff. 8
James> !dice 1 8
* DiceWell James rolls 1d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9
mgrasso> Shit yeah! Well, you get out there as soon as the cab leaves, and you get the license number. ANother cab pulls up.
James> great!
mgrasso> You get in?
James> "hey buddy! follow that cab" (in his best b-cop movie voice)
James> yup
mgrasso> Heh! Perfect.
mgrasso> You get in, and the crusty cab driver says, "Sorry, buddy, you want to act like an ass, you don't do it in my cab."
James> listen muther furker... my friend just took off for no apparent reason in that cab in front of us, and I need to follow her.
* James takes out half a grand and waves it around...
James> now if you'll just go.
mgrasso> Half a grand? The guy takes the money and pulls out of the cul de sac, leaving rubber behind.
mgrasso> You're now following the cab with Gemma in it. James, make a Perception roll, Diff. 8
James> !dice 2 8
* DiceWell James rolls 2d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9 4
James> (I'm hot with the small numbers)
mgrasso> You see Gemma in the back seat with a guy. They seem to be making out.
James> closer look... definately her?
mgrasso> Definately.
James> ah furk it. Just take me back to the Excalibur.
mgrasso> "Very well. Can I keep the money?"
James> uh... half I guess.
mgrasso> No problem, man!
mgrasso> He blows red lights and stop signs to get you back quickly.
James> thanks.
mgrasso> You're back at Excalibur. It's about 9:50.
James> I'll have a drink and go up to my room.
mgrasso> Ok.
mgrasso> Give me one second.
mgrasso> You run into Jack and Ingrid on your way to the bar.
mgrasso> They're playing with a chimerical slot machine!

Scene Three: A Private Room at the Excalibur
mgrasso> All right, back over, through the casino, you go to a private gambling room. The guard at the door doesn't recognize you, but Nicky comes from the back room and gives you a badge for the tournament, with a stylized symbol of the Kingdom of the Burning Sun.
mgrasso> You walk in, and the room is set up with a raised circle around the poker table, which has little placards, "Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, West Texas, and East Texas."
mgrasso> Seats are arranged for you; an attendant leads you to them.
mgrasso> Nicky gets up and works the room for a while, totally charming everyone with Vegas stories and stuff like that.
Jack> (Tales of the Rat Pack days no doubt)
mgrasso> By the way, the other 15 people in the room are all fae. A few sidhe, a couple of eshu, 4 boggans, a sluagh, no trolls, a redcap, 6 satyrs all together, and a nocker.
mgrasso> (no doubt)
mgrasso> "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the contestants in this year's Burning Sun poker tournament!"
mgrasso> Applause all throughout the room, as Knack and seven other fae walk into the room. There are two satyrs, a redcap, a boggan, 2 eshu, and a nocker.
* Ingrid checks out the competitors.
mgrasso> They all wear crests of their duchies on their chests.
mgrasso> Ingrid, give me a Int + Heraldry roll.
Ingrid> !dice 1
Ingrid> (okay, that didn't work.)
mgrasso> Diff! i'm sorry!
mgrasso> Diff. 7.
mgrasso> (sorry, there :) )
Ingrid> !dice 1 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 1d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 7
mgrasso> Your Int is 1?
Ingrid> Yes, and no heraldry.
mgrasso> Your Int is 2, by my sheet.
Ingrid> Oh wait. Sorry, wrong thing!
Ingrid> I was thinking intuition, sorry.
Ingrid> !dice 2 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 2d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 2 5
mgrasso> Ah well. No big deal then.
Ingrid> Oh well, that's much better. :/
mgrasso> "I would like to thank everyone who attended and everyone who accompanied these fine competitors."
mgrasso> Tonight's tourney starts with an elimination round of seven-card stud. The field will go down to six for Saturday, and four for Sunday.
mgrasso> (all the competitors are male, btw)
mgrasso> "Gentlemen, I wish you luck!"
mgrasso> The first game starts out. Seven-card stud is exciting... the dimension of not knowing all the cards on the table...
mgrasso> (doing some rolls here)
mgrasso> The satyr from West Texas wins the first game with three queens.
mgrasso> Next game, it's Knack from Arizona!
* Jack applauds (if it seems appropriate to do so).
mgrasso> Yep. The satyrs from Texas hooted and hollered when their guy won. :)
Jack> :)
* Ingrid applauds too, in that case.
mgrasso> All righty. About another two rounds go by in the next 20 or so minutes.
mgrasso> Knack wins the third, the boggan of Utah gets #4.
mgrasso> Bored yet? :)
mgrasso> It's 9:30.
* Ingrid ponders playing the slots for a while and people-watching.
mgrasso> Game time. Wanna retire for a bit?
* Jack is more used to playing poker in the off-duty room at the precinct house...
* Jack thinks watching it isn't as fun...
mgrasso> OK, then it's down to the casino?
Ingrid> Shall we?
Jack> Certainly, milady.
* Ingrid puts her hand in Jack's arm and heads downstairs.

Scene Four: In the Casino
mgrasso> Down to the casino floor then!
Ingrid> I wonder if I can spend a few of those crowns you so valiantly won from the redcaps.
Ingrid> Are there slots machines for them?
Jack> Can we exchange chimerical money?...
Ingrid> Oh wait! We each have $100 from the house!
Jack> Aha!
mgrasso> Oooh, good question. Do you want to search the casino for a chimerical slot machine?
Ingrid> yes!
Jack> I'm scared what that might turn out to be, but okay... :)
Ingrid> hee hee
Ingrid> can I scan for one?
mgrasso> Yes! Excellent idea. Perception + scan, diff. 7
Ingrid> !dice 4 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 4d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 9 3 4 9
Jack> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Jack rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 10 9 7 9 4
Ingrid> sounds successul. :)
mgrasso> Yep.
mgrasso> You have scan, Jack?
Jack> Yup.
Jack> I have 2 in scan. It
Jack> It
mgrasso> Coolness! you guys are deeee-tectives.
Ingrid> neat!
Jack> It's a cop thing. #*$#@ return key.
Ingrid> Of course!
mgrasso> You find a lonely, broken-down old fashioned slot machine in a forgotten corner of the casino.
Ingrid> Mine's a reporter thing.
Ingrid> anyway. :)
Jack> :)
mgrasso> In its fae mien, it has five reels with colorful Changeling symbols on it.
* Ingrid approaches the machine, examining the designs.
* Jack does the same.
mgrasso> OK, put a coin in? It's butterflies, keys, cogs, plants... etc. All the traditional symbols. :)
* Ingrid puts a coin in.
mgrasso> All right, roll 5 d6
Jack> Hmph, the nocker would have like this contraption...
Ingrid> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 4 3 2 2 2
Ingrid> aw.
mgrasso> You need to type "5 d6"
Ingrid> Perhaps we can bring him back to it.
Ingrid> 5 d6
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d6) and gets 1 6 1 2 5.
mgrasso> You get one butterfly! 3 coins come out!
Jack> Well done, milady!
* Ingrid claps excitedly.
mgrasso> James sidles up.
Jack> Speak of the devil...
mgrasso> (hah, I like that)
Ingrid> Wll, well. You might find this interesting, James.
James> I'm gonna go get a drink... I'll see you guys around.
* Ingrid retrieves the three coins
mgrasso> Ingrid, Jack, Per + Empathy, diff. 7
Jack> !dice 3 7
* DiceWell Jack rolls 3d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 8 10 2
mgrasso> And after you roll that, chill out for a second.
Ingrid> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 6 3 9 7 6
Jack> (quietly) I can't believe it...
mgrasso> Is James off to the bar?
James> yup
mgrasso> James, JAck and Ingrid follow you to the bar!
Ingrid> Oh sure, put the pressure on!
Gemma> I'm taciturn, Michael. You know that.
Jack> Okay...
* Ingrid follows James into the bar.
* James pulls out a few crumpled hundreds and says to the tender... "just get me drunk"
* Jack moves up to the bar beside James.
* Ingrid sits down on the other side.
Jack> So,'s it going tonight, James?
James> Furk off
Ingrid> What happened, James? There's obviously something on your mind.
* Jack just smiles and orders a Coors for himself.
James> I said furk off...
mgrasso> Ingrid, perhaps you'd like to try to persuade him to talk?
Ingrid> I think that's a very good idea.
mgrasso> Man + Persuasion, Diff. 10. (he's not the softest heart) :)
Ingrid> !dice 5 10
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 10. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 3 7 7 1 1
Ingrid> gah.
mgrasso> Well, he's probably sinking deeper into his beer. :)
Jack> Guess I could try the man-to-man talk...
mgrasso> Heh! Same try, Jack.
Jack> !dice 1 10
* DiceWell Jack rolls 1d10 at difficulty 10. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 8
Jack> um... yeah.
Ingrid> This is going to be tougher than I thought.
Jack> What's James drinking tonight?
mgrasso> Coors, I believe.
James> whatever they bring him.
Jack> Well, at least we've got some time to work on him before he slides under the table...
James> Would you just go now, please? Ingrid, Jack, I'd really rather be alone.
* Jack glances at Ingrid.
Ingrid> Can I try persuading again?
mgrasso> Um, you botched, with a Diff. 10. Sorry, no.
Ingrid> I don't think you need to be alone right now at all, James.
Ingrid> well, all right then.
James> Furk this.
mgrasso> But you can certainly keep RPing. :)
* James gets up and heads for his room
mgrasso> (follow? Jack, Ingrid?)
Jack> Hold on, James.
Jack> Listen man, it's cool if you don't want to talk about it...
Jack> But we need to know if we can count on you.
* Ingrid looks at James closely.
James> I'll be in my furkin room if you need me... -> [Ingrid] PING
mgrasso> (Julia, you get my msg?)
Ingrid> In case you forgot, we do need you.
Jack> (We haven't seen Gemma yet have we?)
Ingrid> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 10 7 5 10
mgrasso> (nope. not since you got to Vegas, really)
James> why? we got the Knack.
Ingrid> James. I'm not going to leave you alone for even a minute until you tell me what's going on. -> [James] PING -> [Jack] PING
* Jack looks sympathetic.
* James heads for the stairs.
Jack> C'mon man, you know what a pain in the ass THAT
Ingrid> And you know how annoying I can be to have around a lot.
Jack> THAT'S going to be...
* Ingrid follows James.
Jack> (#*#$ return key, again)
mgrasso> (heh, I picture James leaving right in the middle of the sentence)
Ingrid> (heh, cool. :)

Scene Five: A Hallway on the Sixteenth Floor
mgrasso> James goes back up to his room.
mgrasso> Jack and Ingrid follow.
* Ingrid follows still.
mgrasso> James fumbles with his key and opens the door.
Jack> (Is he out of earshot at any point?)
mgrasso> (no, not really. you can follow at about 20 paces)
* James locks the door behind him
* Ingrid walks right up behind him as he unlocks the door.
mgrasso> Wait, James.
James> o.
mgrasso> Just read the message.
James> yup got it...
* James closes the door behind him and heads back downstairs
Jack> (brb)
James> (infront of him)
mgrasso> Gemma walks out of the room.
mgrasso> James is coming back, towards Ingrid and JAck in the hallway.
Gemma> JAMES!
* James keeps walking
* Ingrid looks at Jack warily
Gemma> James, come back!
* Gemma runs after James and catches his arm
Jack> (back)
* James shakes it off
mgrasso> Gemma, Dex + Melee, diff. 6. James, you can Dodge.
Gemma> James, get back in there. Please.
Gemma> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 5 8 4
mgrasso> James, do you care to dodge?
Jack> Gemma, what's going on?
James> (what's a doge roll)
mgrasso> Dex + Dodge, diff. 6
mgrasso> (sorry)
James> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell James rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 7 6 6 6 5
mgrasso> James easily sloughs off Gemma's hand.
Gemma> There's .. oh crap. James, please just go back in the room with me?
James> don't touch me.
Ingrid> What is going ON?
Gemma> What the hell is your problem? It's because I left, right?
Ingrid> What is the matter with you two?
Gemma> It wasn't my choice!
mgrasso> The elevator in the hallway goes "Ding!"
* Gemma 's face turns bright red with frustration
James> I think you know very well why the furk I'm pissed off!
mgrasso> Two very large men walk out of the elevator. Both wear sunglasses indoors and have chalk white skin.
Gemma> James, if you come with me, I'll explain everything.
Gemma> If not, I'll have to -- oh, my god.
* Gemma stumbles backward
mgrasso> They pull big fucking guns out of their suit-jackets.
Jack> Get behind me!!!
mgrasso> They level them at the four of you and charge towards James and Gemma's room.
mgrasso> And that, my friends, is what they call in the biz... a cliffhanger. :)
James> (dum dum dum!)
Ingrid> You bastard! :D
mgrasso> Heh! Thanks, Mandy!
Jack> Och aye, yeh wee git!
mgrasso> Heh! Thanks, Julia!
Gemma> Damn it! :)
mgrasso> Always leave 'em wanting more.
Ingrid> :P
mgrasso> Speaking of which... could "more" be Sunday night again? :)
Jack> That was a pretty damn good session despite the technical probs.
Jack> Sunday night's fine w/ me.
Ingrid> I'll have to check on that, Mike.
James> please! I don't know If I could handle a whole week of suspense!
mgrasso> Yeah, it was. I had three different sub-games going on at once for a while!