Scene One
Scene Two
Scene Three
Scene Four

Chapter One: Raindrops

Scene One: Before the Meeting
* Ingrid emails her "oathcircle list"
mgrasso> (heh! Cute idea!)
* Ingrid emails her oathcircle list
Ingrid> A traveller has come among us here in our humble Duchy, and I would love for you all to meet him. Please meet us at Rudy's tonight at 7PM. Gemma, he's going to love you.
mgrasso> (*smirk*)
mgrasso> Any email responses? And Chet, do you have email?
Chet> (Yes to having e-mail - no to responding.)
mgrasso> (Gemma? James? Any responses?)
James> Gotcha Ingrid- Gemma, I'll pick you up?
James> anyone else need a ride? chet?
mgrasso> (Btw, it's Wednesday, September 13.)
Gemma> Email to James: Sorry, I gotta pick up Chet. We're trolling for hookers.
James> to Gemma: gotcha babe- see you there.
mgrasso> (Scratch that, Wednesday September 20.)
mgrasso> Well, it's raining a torrential downpour at around 7 as you all drive in your vehicles to Senor Rudy's.
mgrasso> (Travis, you rode in Ingrid's Lexus. ;-) )
Gemma> (but did he ride Ingrid?)
Gemma> (::coughs:: I mean... cars are fun)
Travis> (oh, honey, fish is not the meat of my choice)
mgrasso> You guys get your usual table.

Scene Two: Senor Rudy's
* Travis sweeps in.
mgrasso> I'm going to say that Ingrid and Travis are there before everyone else, so when James, Gemma, and Chet arrive, they are treated to... (go ahead, Jess, desc away)
* Ingrid follows, watching the room as they catch sight of Travis.
Travis> Travis is of only average height, and somewhat pudgy, but has a very interesting face and twinkly, charming eyes. He is dressed in a sparkling white linen suit, powder-blue silk shirt, a pink jacquard silk tie, and a diamond stud tie-pin. He wears Dirty Bucs with white silk hose. He gestures flamboyantly, and you notice his unusually long fingers, nails neatly buffed and done. On his left hand is a gauchely-large ruby ring.
Travis> Travis' fae mien is Eshu. He is taller, still thickly-set but reflecting some st
Travis> Travis' fae mien is Eshu. He is taller, still thickly-set but reflecting some strength as well as girth. His clothes are gauzy and indistinct, but seem to be flowing robes wrapped toga-style around his body and none-too-snugly around his gut. His eyes glint with good humor but there is the barest hint of...hunger or ambition, you're not sure which.
mgrasso> (Everyone except Travis and Ingrid, roll Perception + 1, diff. 7.)
mgrasso> (What are Ingrid and Travis drinking? :) )
Chet> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Chet rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 8 7 10 3 1
mgrasso> (Gemma, James?)
* Travis languidly orders a Perrier with a twist of fresh lime.
James> !dice 3 7
* DiceWell James rolls 3d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 10 10 7
James> (damn dog... where are those 10's when I need 'em?)
mgrasso> (I wonder if Erica's there.)
* Chet slides into the booth next to Travis and lights a cigarette.
* Gemma saunters over to Travis to introduce herself. Ingrid notices that Gemma's once long chimerical hair is now in a short pixie-like cut
Gemma> Hello, I'm Gemma. And you are...?
* Ingrid sips at her margarita.
Gemma> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 3 9 4 2 3
* Travis gentlys lays his outsized hands on top of yours. "Of course you are. Darling, I'm Travis, the Fashion Rescue Man. On the Fashion Channel?"
* Chet takes a fistful of chips from the table and starts eating them with one hand while smoking with the other.
Travis> "I'm sure you'll never need a Fashion Rescue, though."
Ingrid> Travis, this is Chet.
* Chet looks up, almost startled.
Ingrid> Chet, Travis.
* Ingrid smiles at both of them.
* Travis eyes Chet up and down.
* Chet drops the chips, wipes his hand on his jeans and offers a hand.
* Gemma takes the seat across from Travis.
Chet> Charmed...
Travis> "Mmmm. A mite rough on the eyes, but finders keepers!"
* Travis makes a big poofy gesture with his hands.
Gemma> Travis, what brought you to this overblown hicktown?
Travis> *Well*, one of Ingrid's coworkers, Mary...
* Travis lowers his voice.
Gemma> Yes...?
* Gemma leans in
* Chet cocks and ear and keeps eating chips.
Travis> "She's someone who doesn't quite realize which side of fence she's on, you know?"
* Travis resumes his normal (too loud) volume of voice.
James> since i'm obviously not good enough for an introduction
James> I'm James
Travis> has a 'special friend' who wanted Mary to wear something that wasn't made out of *hemp*.
Ingrid> (Oops, sorry! I didn't know James was here!)
Travis> (What's James' desc? I can't remember)
James> (trent from daria X Jeff Goldblum)
mgrasso> (Off the Changeling main page)
Travis> (gotcha)
Gemma> Hmm... you mean some people well out of their teens still wear hemp? That doesn't sound righ.
* Travis eyes James. "Oh, honey, grunge is so tired it's asleep! You'd clean up *so* nicely in a black leather sports coat and a purple t-, though...perhaps I could model something for you later...?
Travis> If it's not hemp, it's burlap.
Travis> It's like, the Sixties are over, sweetie!
Gemma> true, but come on, let's face it -- some women *belong* in burlap.
Gemma> It'd be an injustice to dress them in anything else.
Travis> So her 'special friend' (these dykes should just jump *over* the fence and prance in the altogether, is what I say) wanted Mary to look like she was born sometime after 1920, and called me, and here I am!
* Travis winks at Gemma. "Some men belong in g-strings, but that, too, is an injustice I'll never solve."
* Gemma laughs
* James looks exhausted- like this so far slight transaction has taped his social reserverves
Gemma> My, my, my. Ingrid, I never thought you'd bring someone *interesting* to our little group.
Ingrid> That'll teach you to think, Gemma.
* Ingrid smiles sweetly.
* Gemma laughs again
mgrasso> (oh MY /takei)
Gemma> Oh, my god. And a burst of wit, too. The rain must be bringing out something in you. Let's hope it lasts.
Gemma> And if not, well, there's always next year's monsoons.
* Travis leans forward and peers down Gemma's shirt. Then he leans back. "Honey, what I wouldn't give for your figure. How do you do it?"
Gemma> Candy, mostly.
* Travis pats his bellie. "Well, I've had many sweet things, and look at where it's got me."
Travis> Candy, too.
mgrasso> (Round of drinks arrives for Gemma, James, and Chet. What'd they order?)
mgrasso> (God, Jess. :) )
Gemma> (ginger ale)
Chet> (Iced tea)
* Gemma grins at Travis
Travis> (sorry, should I tone it down? (-: )
James> a "manly" drink
Gemma> Dear, there is nothing wrong at all with a little bit of belly.
James> :)
mgrasso> (No, I'm cracking my ass up here. Continue, please)
Travis> (Julia was right--this is the character I was born to play)
mgrasso> James gets a Coors, the drink of the dearly departed Jack.
* Travis cocks his head and smiles sadly at Gemma. "Oh, but all the good teddy-bear chasers are taken. It's all size queens and trannie chasers out there now."
* Chet looks down at his wrist to check his watch, realizes he isn't wearing one, and starts rummaging around in his bag.
Gemma> The rest will come around. The classics always come back in vogue and nothing is more classic than curling up with a nice, warm, teddy bear.
Travis> So, Gemma, have you done much modeling? I know Jean-Marc, he handles Trish Goff...
* Gemma gives Travis a strange little smirk. "I haven't modeled, no, but Ingrid has..."
Ingrid> Are they using shorter models these days?
* Chet pulls out a composition book and a fountain pen and begins writing, tilting the book towards himself.
Travis> I suppose, but it's still a struggle. All the good men are married or in jail...
* Gemma reaches under the table and pats James' thigh. "not all of them."
* James actually moves his drink out of the way to place his head down on the table and bangs it repeatedly, but not hard enough to spill anything.
Travis> Ingrid, I didn't know you did any modeling. What agency were you with?
James> (prior to Gemmas pat)
Gemma> Travis, it was an internet thing.
Travis> Ohhh.
* Gemma makes a "flashing the boobs" gesture
Ingrid> I thought that was you and your friend Livia.
James> equis et al.
Ingrid> Although I di a few jobs for Ford's when I lived in New York.
Gemma> Were any of *those* with horses, Ingrid?
* Travis flexes his fingers and makes a cat-hissing sound at Gemma, smiling to indicate he's kidding.
Ingrid> No, they saved those shots for the Polo boys.
* Gemma looks like she wants to say something, but somehow restrains herself
mgrasso> (Just as an aside, I wouldn't mind hearing people talk about what they've been up to since the last time we all met)
Ingrid> Anyway, are we all going to order?
mgrasso> (But that's me as a GM :D)
* Chet stops writing after about 15 minutes and slips his composition book back into his bag.
mgrasso> Excellent idea, Ingrid!
Ingrid> It's been a while since we've been here. Anyone do anything interesting?
* Chet gets up. "Excuse me..."
* Chet wanders towards the front of the restaurant.
* James puts his arm around gemmas shoulder
James> we died.
* Travis eyes Chet's butt as he walks away.
Gemma> Yeah! It was a blast, too.
* Travis mutters something inaudible.
James> honey, do you have the pictures? I especially love that one of you slumped over- remember?
Ingrid> You're looking remarkably well for having died.
* Ingrid smiles
Gemma> Oh, drat, sweetie. I forgot to bring those.
Gemma> Still, you're all welcome to stop by my house any time you're in my neighborhood to look at them.
James> well, every one should come back to my place, and we'll have a slide show, and popcorn too!
Gemma> I *love* the one where James is screaming as an arrow rips right through his chest -- oh, but I shouldn't spoil it for you guys.
James> oh that one!
Ingrid> Uh, thanks.
* Chet returns after a couple of minutes with a kiddie placemat in hand and reclaims his seat.
* Travis takes this all in, fascinated.
* James lovers his previously joking gaze at Ingrid, now very serious.
James> but yeah, we died.
Travis> It sounds like you have all been busy. May I ask what you were doing?
Gemma> Besides each other?
Chet> Are you guys talking about getting killed again? *I* got shot...remember. Now *that* was something. At least *I* remember it.
James> hey, I remember being shot... we just lost a few days
Ingrid> Okay, what are you all talking about?
Gemma> Hey, at least the people who shot us were better dressed than your sad thugs.
* Chet puts his head down over the kiddie placemat and begins doing the mazes and puzzles printed on it.
Gemma> Chet, it's sweet of you to try to help Ingrid, but don't you think she should do those mazes on her own?
Chet> Oh, you know, the usual. They got killed, then they came over to get something to eat.
Gemma> But only because you're such a good cook, Chet.
* Chet whispers really loudly "Then we got *wasted*..."
Gemma> And because James and I wanted to fool around in your bedroom. Which we did. Twice.
Chet> Hey, if she wants to do the puzzles, she can get her own placemat.
Ingrid> Are you sure the "wasted" part wasn't before?
Gemma> No! No! It's true.
Gemma> I was even an eshu.
Chet> Yeah. I'm pretty sure I ate *first*.
James> well, the fast food version of what happened, travis, is we went to the cape, found a chimerical computer my grandad made, came home, got killed by chimericall assasins, and went to see chet who helped us get it together again
* Travis looks at Gemma.
Gemma> No, really!
* Gemma nods at Travis
James> and then there was this silver lion who wanted to kill gemma, when we were wasted...
* Chet waits until James has his back turned and points at him and makes the "kookoo" gesture by twirling his finger around his ear.
Gemma> I know it sounds nuts, but we had a group hallucination in which I was an extremely well-dressed eshu. I had a kick-ass sword and everything.
James> fucking bazzar.
Travis> And I thought *I'd* had some good drugs.
James> although you were a lovely eshu.
* Chet whispers really loudly to Ingrid, "NEVER smoke with these two."
Gemma> Why, thank you.
* Gemma kisses James
* Ingrid says in an aside to Travis, "Chet always has the best weed."
mgrasso> As you are all animatedly discussing these various and chaotic topics, the rain outside shuts off like a switch had been flipped.
Chet> James, Gemma, can I speak to you?
Gemma> If you must.
James> yeah.
* Chet stands up and heads to the back of the restaurant.
* Gemma follows Chet
mgrasso> To #back, all
* James follows too
mgrasso> And leave here.
*** Chet ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
*** Gemma ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
*** James ( has left #Changeling-Tucson

Scene Three: Travis and Ingrid
Ingrid> Interesting story. Have you ever heard anything like it?
mgrasso> (You guys can keep talking)
Travis> Oh, yes. I was dead for a week, once.
Ingrid> Really?
Ingrid> What is that about? I'm afraid to say I haven't a clue as to how that's possible.
* Travis grins. "No, not really. All the fighting I've done has been on the network level. Death is far too easy for the likes of htem."
* Ingrid sighs.
Travis> But I'm sure you know all about that, Ingrid.
Ingrid> Oh yes, I know what you mean.
mgrasso> Ingrid and Travis can see James arguing with Chet a bit in the back of the restaurant.
Ingrid> How do you like my friends?
* Travis leans forward conspiratorially. "So, tell me, what's the story with Chet? And is he seeing anyone?"
Ingrid> Using the term "friends" loosely, of course.
mgrasso> * Gemma sticks her tongue out at Ingrid
Travis> I like Gemma. I think I'll keep her.
Ingrid> Oh, I don't know, Travis! I think it might be best to ask him yourself. He's a pretty private guy.
Ingrid> Yes, Gemma is a treasure, isn't she?

Scene Four: Finishing Up
*** Gemma ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
Travis> Oh, it's so much more fun to whisper about people than to ask them directly, n'est-ce pas?
Gemma> Oh, tell me about it, Travis.
* Gemma pats Travis' shoulder as she walks past him to take her seat
Gemma> So, who have you been whispering about, hmmm?
Travis> Oh, Gemma, I could tell you a *thousand* wonderful things!
Gemma> Oh, *do* tell.
Travis> Shall we marry and share our men together?
Gemma> Sadly, my current man isn't the sharing type. More's the pity. But what he doesn't know won't hurt him...
mgrasso> Can you guys freeze for a bit?
Travis> sure--brb
mgrasso> (You guys can start up again, whenever)
* Gemma sips her drink and looks Ingrid over
Ingrid> Well, if both your men come back soon, I'll tell you what I found out about today.
Gemma> Ay, Ingrid, just because I can talk them into playing along with my insane lies now and then doesn't mean they're my men.
Travis> (back now)
Gemma> However, the fact that they let me collar them and lead them around the neighborhood like little dogs might mean something...
* Travis raises his eyebrows at Gemma's words.
Gemma> Other than a citation for "creating a disturbance," I mean. Damn policemen.
Travis> That sounds more like something from my neck of the...well, something from my neck.
* Gemma smiles at Travis
mgrasso> Chet and James are still muttering to each other.
Gemma> Tell me more about your neck, since this one is being tight -- for once. ::vaguely points at Ingrid::
Travis> Oh, honey, where do I *begin*?
Gemma> At the dirty parts, of course.
Travis> *Well*. There I was, last Saturday, just Michael Musto, Leo--that's di Caprio, of course, Tom, and myself, and half a crate of amyl nitrate...
Ingrid> Oh yes, those would no doubt be interesting.
Gemma> Half a crate? How sad that they need so much.
Travis> Interesting? I'm still limping!
Gemma> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 1 9 8 6 8
Travis> It was share and share alike, honey.
* Ingrid laughs.
* Gemma giggles
Travis> Gemma, would you like to come back to New York and help me organize my collection of Doris Day albums?
*** Chet ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
* Chet walks back to the table snickering.
*** James ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
Gemma> Any time. I'm a shiftless student with a trust fund -- I can do anything anytime.
* Chet slides back into his seat and lights another cigarette.
Travis> We'll paint the town chartreuse!
James> what color is that exactly?
Chet> Trust me...this is not a chartreuse town...
Gemma> NOt *this* town, no.
* Travis looks at Gemma and Ingrid.
Gemma> This town is overwhelmingly red in the neck.
Chet> Gemma, you never told me you were *applying* those crafts to a real-life project...
Ingrid> Sadly, Gemma is right. I do miss New York sometimes.
Gemma> Travis, how long have you been here? Long enough to enjoy granola-brained hayseeds?
Gemma> Hmm? I didn't, Chet?
Travis> You know what they say--under every red neck is a pink one longing for the right fitting dress!
Chet> You know... the "cozy" you were crocheting.
Travis> I flew in today, Gemma. The shoot is (what day is this, Mike?)
mgrasso> (Tomorrow, thursday is the shoot)
Gemma> Oh! I'd be happy to make you one, Chet.
* Chet pulls out his fountain pen and absently starts filling in the coloring portion of the placemat with cross-hatching patterns.
Gemma> It's only fair, in fact. I did learn how from all your books.
Ingrid> Do you guys want to hear about the mail I got today?
Travis> The shoot is tomorrow, Gemma. Would you like to accompany us?
Gemma> I'd love to, Travis.
Chet> Was it from Ed McMahon telling you that you were a winner? Because that guy's a damn liar...
Travis> You'll join us as well, Ingrid?
Ingrid> I'd love to, Travis.
Chet> Can I get home soon? I need to make some dinner.
* Gemma whispers to James
Ingrid> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 5 1 9 7 1
mgrasso> The food arrives.
* James kisses Gemma
* Travis sighs something about, "Another good one, lost."
Ingrid> So, I got an email from an astrophysics grad student today.
Gemma> And were you able to understand what it said, dear?
* Chet digs a bag of Skittles out of his bag and starts sorting them by color on the table in front of him.
Ingrid> I did a story on light pollution and she wrote to ask me about it. She's also fae.
Chet> I think they prefer the term, "Banally Chanllenged" nowadays...
Ingrid> Her theory is that there's something dark at work behind the light ordinance.
Ingrid> Especially since the observatory where she works is such a source of Glamour.
Travis> Light Ordinance?
mgrasso> Gemma, Int + Area Knowledge, diff. 6
Gemma> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 3 8 4 8 2 6
Ingrid> Tucson has some of the strictest light-per-acre regulations in the country.
Gemma> We need them if we want those cute little observatories to work.
Chet> So what is the new light ordinance?
Gemma> So why is she thinking that they're evil? And which one is she at? Kitt Peak? Whipple? Graham?
Ingrid> Local businesses are looking to get the ordinances repealed or modified to allow brighter signs for businesses, etc.
Ingrid> She's at Kitt Peak.
Ingrid> She asked if we'd all like to come out for a tour a week from now.
* Travis purses his lips.
Travis> Hmm.
James> whats so bad about brighter lights? They're not asking for vegas I'm sure?
Travis> I guess I -could- put off my return to New York a little while...
Ingrid> Seems that our reputation preceds us, too. She mentioned our role in the capture of those Rhapsodying.
Travis> Rhaposdying?
Travis> (let's pretend I spelled that correctly)
Ingrid> Yes, there were a couple of fae here recently convicted by the Court of performing Rhapsody on a human.
Gemma> Screw the lights. What about all those poor little spotted owls?
Gemma> Scientists can be so selfish sometimes.
James> thats right!
James> chet, pen?
Ingrid> Emil and Tara.
Travis> It's true. They expect me to give, give, give, and they never return the favor.
Chet> Yep. This is a pen.
* Chet holds up pen.
* Travis eyes Gemma and smiles.
James> please?
* Chet hands James the pen.
Gemma> I think you need to slum it on fourth-av with me. The gentlement there are *very* giving. Or so I've heard.
Chet> Do you know how to work a fountain pen?
Travis> I'm on a limited budget....
Gemma> Do you need a place to stay?
James> of corse, i'm aknocker
Ingrid> So, anyone interested in joining me there?
* James scrawls something on his napkin, and holds it high above his head
Travis> You're so sweet. The network has me at the Radisson. Would you like to plunder the mini-bar with me tonight?
Chet> I'll go. As long as Travis doesn't make any jokes about the size of the telescope.
* Travis mock pouts.
James> (it says "fuck the scientists(they need it) and save the owls!"
James> )
Gemma> I do enjoy a good plunder...
Travis> Ah, well, we all must make our sacrifices...
mgrasso> (James, don't tell anyone, but *you're* a scientist) :D
James> (he knows)
mgrasso> (heh)
mgrasso> Well, I think, after some masterful roleplaying, that might just be the best place to leave off.
mgrasso> This is a very new dynamic we're experiencing here. I like it a lot.
Travis> Yeah, I'm ready for bed. Playing myself wears me out. I mean, playing this character wears me out.
Travis> I'm having fun, certainly.
mgrasso> Heh.
*** Chet is now known as Joe
Joe> Except that now there's *3* gay guys in the group...
Ingrid> You were awesome, Jess. :)
Joe> Um, I mean...
Gemma> And Travis' outfit is faaaaaaaaaaabulous.
*** Gemma is now known as Erica
Travis> I'm just waiting for the steamy MUSH-sex as Gemma converts me to liking women. :-)
Travis> Thanks, Julia. I had a lot of fun tonight.
*** James is now known as Mandy
mgrasso> See, when I said "fairy RPG," Jess just totally misunderstood me. :)
Travis> hee hee hee
*** Ingrid is now known as Julia
Julia> *snortle*
Erica> Hey, I still need Travis to like boys so James won't feel left out.
Travis> Oh, I'll hit from both sides of the plate
Julia> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Julia rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 5 7 2 8 8
Erica> Batter up, baby.
Travis> (I got advice on the outfit from Alicia, btw)
Joe> No way!
Julia> She has impeccable taste. :)
Joe> (mock surprise) :)
* Erica scrolls up to see if pink was involved
mgrasso> Heh.
Travis> Yeah. The suit and shirt combo was my idea, but I had a different color tie in mind.
mgrasso> Well, talk about a 180 from John. :)
Erica> Really! A fun 180, though.
Travis> Yes. I had to go the opposite route to have fun.
Travis> :-)
mgrasso> I agree. Welcome.
Erica> Is he Unseelie too? Might we finally have over run the happy fairies?
Joe> But Jess, isn't that *always* the way...
mgrasso> Well, it's bedtime, and I'm mighty tired.