Scene One
Scene Two
Scene Three

Chapter One: Fast Girls

Scene One: Club Congress
mgrasso> All right. Here we go.
mgrasso> Ingrid, Gemma, do you have a handle on spending your xp yet?
mgrasso> If so, email it to me.
mgrasso> And now, I'll let Chet do the honors of kicking tonight's game off. Chet?
Gemma> Mike can I get back to you on XP?
mgrasso> Sure.
Gemma> thanks
Chet> ON March 3, you all get an e-mail from Chet with the Subject Line: "Showtime!"
Chet> It contains just a URL:
mgrasso> (heh)
mgrasso> Feel free to visit it, y'all. It's in-game. :)
Chet> (And feel free to poke around the site...)
Gemma> [especially here:]
mgrasso> Anyone responding to Chet?
Chet> But he only leaves first names...
mgrasso> (Thanks, Chet :) )
Chet> (heh)
mgrasso> So, what do people think?
* Gemma emails Chet with, "Dearest One, If I show up, will you hump a guitar for me?"
* Ingrid replies "If I come to see you play, do I have to stay for Tenacious D?"
* James replies "fairnuff, see you then" J_Goldstein@CompanyX
* Chet replies to everyone's messages, copying everyone else, of course...
Ingrid> (This site is *awesome*, Joe!)
Chet> Ingrid: Stay as long as you want. But you'll want to be there by 9:30.
Chet> Gemma: That depends on how much alcohol we consume after the show.
Chet> James: Word!
mgrasso> Well, all right, shall we shoot ahead to Friday the 30th?
mgrasso> And now, Erica, I may enlist you to describe the interior of said Club Congress.
Gemma> Club Congress is located in the lobby of the historic Hotel Congress -- or so every flier you've ever seen for the place says. In reality, it's more than merely "in" the lobby. It takes up most of the floorspace on the ground floor. The lobby itself is a smallish room that can only be described as "wooden."
Gemma> Wooden floors, wood panelling, wooden benches, and a wooden podium where a bored-looking bouncer sits. BOred, that is, unless there's a few barely underaged girls sitting on the benches across from him, flirting madly as they use this chance to vicariously enjoy the canned music that blares from the club itself in betwen sets.
mgrasso> As you arrive, off to the side, you can see both the bar and a little room that appears to be a coffee shop/cyber cafe of some sort. Both are still open, even with the show going on tonight.
Gemma> The club itself is done in dark colors. Black floor, little black tables, and dark walls that might be black or perhaps dark purple. The usual set of ambient club lights illuminate the place. In the west side of the room, the walls are mostly comprised of huge windows with white neon lights hanging over them, alternating giant Xs and martini glasses.
Gemma> Outside the window, you can see the odd downtown stragglers pausing to peek inside the club before heading down to one of the other clubs in the area.
mgrasso> (Cool! Thanks Gemma!)
mgrasso> So, who's at the bar? I assume that Gemma and James will be arriving together. :)
* Ingrid arrives and wanders towards the bar. She's wearing black jeans, a black leather jacket over a white tank top with a sunflower on the front, and a pair of chunky black Doc Martens.
* James comes in with Gemma, wearing his green lantern shirt and Jeans yet again.
Ingrid> I mean away from a prying Gemma.
Ingrid> D'oh. :D
mgrasso> Gemma?
Ingrid> (Um, please disregard. :)
mgrasso> (Am I lagged?)
* Gemma is wearing an expensive-looking red nd black dress that looks like some coteur's idea of alternachic. The dress itself is red and sleeveless, with an empire wasitline, overlaid with whisper-thin black netting. She wears them with a pair of Fleuvog boots.
Chet> (I don't think so...)
Gemma> (Sorry, my SIL was waving the baby at me.)
mgrasso> (And, once again, the femmy RPG reigns supreme)
Gemma> (damn right)
mgrasso> So, all three of you are here. The original 3. :)
Gemma> (and my bad spelling mocks me.)
mgrasso> Go nuts.
* James greets Ingrid "Hey, longtime no see"
mgrasso> (Ingrid and James haven't seen each other since around Christmas)
Ingrid> Hi James. Nice to see you again.
* Ingrid leans over and pecks James on the cheek.
* Gemma laughs
Ingrid> Hi Gemma. Nice look for you.
Gemma> Could you be more transparent?
Chet> There's a small murmur in the crowd as a figure comes out from behind the stage and crosses in front of the drum set.
Ingrid> Could you be less civil?
Gemma> Could you look more middle-aged?
* James steps between the women
* Ingrid turns to the stage.
Chet> The crowd quickly regains its previous volume level when the figure starts pacing and twirling a drumstick instead of sitting down.
James> so how is work and shit Ingrid?
Chet> Looking toward the stage, you can see that the person onstage is Chet, wearing knee length denim shorts and a gray t-shirt that reads "Kill Rock Stars". He continues twirling the stick in his right hand, scanning the crowd for familiar faces.
Ingrid> It's okay. I've had some good stories lately.
* Ingrid waves up at Chet.
* James waves up to chet in a big, two hands over his head movement
* Chet winks at a couple of people and waves his left hand, which is encased in a makeshift plastic splint.
* Gemma looks around the place
James> that's great, good for you.
* Chet spots Ingrid and James and waves them to the stage.
Ingrid> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 3 8 10 9 3
Ingrid> And how have you been, james? Hack anything interesting lately?
mgrasso> (You guys going over there?)
* James makes his way over still talking to ingrid
* Ingrid follows closely.
Chet> A thin girl with bleached blonde hair and a guitar slung over her shoulder comes on the stage. At this, there's a small cheer from a group of girls sitting right up front.
James> actually, yes- the two most note worthy being finding my grandfathers car- remember from the fighor reigh? and moving in with Gemma.
Chet> Right behind her is a slightly shorter girl with broad shoulders. Her platinum blonde hair is close-cropped and she carries a red bass guitar plastered with stickers. She plugs the bass in, workmanlike and starts with her sound check.
James> the past few months have been a real trip.
Ingrid> Oh, you two are shacking up now? I wish you both the best. Sincerely.
Ingrid> And you must be thrilled about the car! Wherre is it?
James> Cali- in sherman oaks.
James> some guy, shalob, is the last registered owner.
* Chet waits until both girls are done with their sound checks and leave the stage, he sits behind the drums, the bass drum emblazoned with a giant, upside-down 'e'.
* Chet taps out a few beats. He looks disgusted.
* Ingrid yells "Woo!" and claps, laughing.
Chet> Those of you sitting up close can see Chet wince as he rubs his left wrist and tries to adjust the splint. HIs left forearm is completely encased in a sky-blue fiberglass cast.
James> what happened to chet?
* Chet stands abruptly, and walks over to James.
Ingrid> Maybe you should ask him!
* Chet shows James the cast.
Chet> Do you have anything that will cut this?
James> yeah.
Chet> Would you mind?
* James reaches into his pants and pulls out his leatherman.
Chet> I just need another couple of inches around the wrist.
Ingrid> Are you sure that's a good idea?
Chet> No. Not at all.
James> so what the fuck happened to you?
Chet> I had a minor disagreement with someone a couple of weeks back.
Ingrid> Wow. I'd hate to see you after a major one.
* James selects the sawblade "lemme know if I get close to your skin"
Chet> Be careful. I just need about an inch right here.
* Chet indicates the area directly below the thumb. This cast has obviously been sawed at before.
* James changes his mind about the approach, and starts from underneath the edge where he is cutting off the inch, cutting up.
mgrasso> Dex + Crafts, James, diff. 4 :)
James> !dice 9 4
* DiceWell James rolls 9d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 1 9 2 9 7 9 5 3 3
mgrasso> The cut is clean and successful, affording Chet the extra room to drum that he needs.
Chet> Thanks, dude.
James> glad to be of service.
* Chet hops back up onstage and sits behind the drums. He grabs a large elastic band and affixes about 6 drumstick to his right arm with it.
Gemma> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 9 10 3 8 10 9

Scene Two: Opening Act
Chet> After a few minutes, the girls come back out on the stage. The taller girl with the guitar stands front and center. She adjusts her mike stand to about chest height. A group of about 20 to 25 women near the stage start clapping.
mgrasso> (Those women are standing very close to Ingrid and James)
* Ingrid checks out the group of fangirls.
Gemma> !dice 6 5
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 6d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 4 8 1 6 10 5
Chet> She's wearing a black one piece dress that hangs midway between the thigh and knee. Over that, she wears a white, lightweight sweater/jacket with only the top button fastened.
Ingrid> !dice 7 5
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 7d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 4 3 9 10 3 3 3
Chet> The other girl plugs in her bass. She's wearing brown denim pants and a sleveless, baby-blue shirt. A "barbed wire" tattoo encircles her right bicep and she wears a black wristband on her left wrist.
* James realizes suddenly that Gemma isn't up front with them "be right back- I'm gonna go find Gemma"
Chet> The singer lowers her head, staring down, directly at the microphone, hiding behind her hair, which falls in front of her face.
* Ingrid spies Gemma and wishes James luck.
* James wanders back to where he saw her last.
Chet> She peeks through the hair at the bassist and cracks a slight smile. In turn, the bassist points a finger at Chet.
mgrasso> James wanders back towards the bar. There he sees Gemma talking with a rather large man, mid-20s, very built, wearing preppie wear.
mgrasso> The two of them, due to the crowd at the bar, are squished very close together.
* Chet taps out 4 beats with his drumsticks and then begins pounding the skins, fiercely.
* James sidles up next to her, slips his arm around her and says "hey baby- Chet wants us up front, for moral support"
Chet> The bass kicks in almost immediately. To call the beat "up-tempo" would be an understatment.
mgrasso> James walks over just as Gemma says to the man, "I'm Gemma."
Chet> The thin girl with the guitar starts making her instrument shriek, then jangle pleasantly.
James> with out waithing for her to respond, he grabs her hand and leads her up front
Gemma> Hey!
* Gemma tries to jerk herself away from James
Chet> As she sings, her voice seems thin, at first, but raw emotion gives her power.
James> "c'mon, you can pick up guys later"
Chet> However, she never, not once, looks out at the audience from under the mess of hair in front of her eyes.
Gemma> James! I'm warning you, let go of me.
* Ingrid is half-watching the singer and half-watching the drama by the bar.
* Gemma leans over to bite his arm, hard
mgrasso> (Christ, they signed a 12 month lease)
Chet> (HA!)
James> what the fuck is your problem?
mgrasso> Gemma, Dex + Brawl, diff. 8.
Ingrid> (hah!)
Gemma> !dice 3 8
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 3d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 5 8 1
Gemma> What the fuck is *yours*?'
mgrasso> James manages to get scratched from Gemma's bite, but pulls away. The bouncers are starting to take an interest.
James> well, if memory serves me, I said "hey baby, chet wants us up front"
mgrasso> The guy at the bar looks at all this, nonplussed.
James> and then tried to lead you there?
Gemma> Lead? Drag, you mean.
James> hardly
Gemma> I'm not a sack of potatoes for you to toss around as it suits you.
Gemma> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 2 1 3 5
James> no fucking shit.
mgrasso> Hey, Chet, give me a Dex + Performance roll, diff. 7.
Gemma> James, just listen to me, will you? She's up there. I don't want to be up there with her. If you make me go up there, I'm going to .. to ... to...
Gemma> To shit on the floor!
mgrasso> (You are an opening act, after all)
Gemma> I'll do it. I'm not wearing any underwear.
Chet> !dice 8 7
* DiceWell Chet rolls 8d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 2 5 2 10 9 1 4 1
mgrasso> Re-roll your 10!
Chet> Midway through the second song, Chet hits the rim of his drum with the stick in his bad hand, sending it flying. He grimaces in pain, but grabs another stick from his right arm and continues in stride. The bassist, who seems to be watching Chet from the corner of her eye covers his missed beats well.
Chet> !dice 1 7
* DiceWell Chet rolls 1d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 5
James> Fuck- I know you two don't like eachother, never did, but shit this is new.
Ingrid> !dice 5 8
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 3 1 10 6 10
Gemma> It's not new. It's just been coming for a long while.
Ingrid> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 1 1 2 2 3
Gemma> She said ... James, she renounced me being part of our little group. I'm nothing to her.
Gemma> Less than nothing.
Chet> As the band plays on, the emotion from the singer gets stronger, angrier.
James> what?
* James sounds angry and startled
* Ingrid now watches the lead singer, almost to the exclusion of everything else.
James> why? she has no right- why didn't you tell me?
Chet> After the third song, Chet stands, sweat soaking his shirt. He waves to the bassist.
Gemma> She thinks I don't know, but i heard her talking to Doug-ass that night after the fior-reigh thing.
* Gemma looks hurt and sad now
Chet> The singer announces. "I'm going to take a second here to do one by myself. A couple of you may have heard this one before."
* Ingrid applauds Chet and the singer, jumping up and down.
Gemma> I didn't tell you because there's nothing to be done about it.
* James puts his hand on her shoulder, what did they say?
Gemma> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 10 6 10 10 2 5
Chet> A small cheer goes up again as Chet leaves the stage, clutching his wrist, aided by the bass player.
James> !dice 9 6
* DiceWell James rolls 9d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 3 6 3 7 4 4 3 5 6
Gemma> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 9 6 2
* Gemma wipes at her eye as though to catch a tear before it messes up her make-up
Gemma> What's the point? I don't care anymore.
mgrasso> "Wow," one of the women near Ingrid says, "looks like he's hurt."
Chet> The singer pulls out a stool, raises her mike, and starts strumming a slower song. It's still got a quick tempo, but compared to the beats the band has been cranking out to this point, this counts as "slowing things down".
* James smiles tenderly at her "liar"
* Ingrid begins to move off to the side to see if Chet's all right.
* Gemma wraps her arms around James and lays her head on his chest
mgrasso> Then the woman just looks into the lead singer's eyes, entranced.
Gemma> Just don't say anything to her. I don't want her to know that I know, much less that I care.
Gemma> Please, James?
* James smooths her hair- I won't okay?
Gemma> Thank you.
mgrasso> Chet and the bassist are hanging out attending to his hand, but he looks okay. He winces in pain a couple times as he adjusts the splint, but otherwise, he's fine.
* Gemma gives him a soft peck on the lips
* James kisses the top of her head
Chet> The singer finishes up her mini-set and Chet takes his place back behind the drums, to a mini-ovation.
* Ingrid joins in the applause.
Chet> "OK," the singer announces. Now that it looks like we've got our percussion back, we can finish up here. This last song is called "Fast Girls".
Chet> At that, the groupies stand and scream.
Chet> "You going to make it, Chet?" the singer asks.
* Chet responds by giving the "devil-horn" salute to the crowd, picking up a pair of drumsticks, and beating the drums furiously. The lead singer joins in on guitars, instantly.
Chet> The people in front crowd the stage even tighter.
* Gemma starts nuzzling James' neck. nibbling here and there. After a moment, she says as quietly as she can manage, "Let's go find a table. In a corner. A very dark corner."
James> mmmm...
Gemma> I'll let you find out if I was lying about my underwear or not...
Chet> As the song nears an end, the crowd erupts and shouts along with the singer as she intones, ""I like the fast girls
Chet> best/They do whatever they wanna do"
mgrasso> (Wow, what creepy synchronicity)
mgrasso> (::eyes Gemma::)
Gemma> (hey! Gemma's not fast -- she's devoted. >:D )
* Chet stands up, flings his drumsticks into the crowd and walks off.
mgrasso> The crowd is electrified, especially the segment that was well-disposed to the group before the show.
Chet> The bassist drops her bass and dives from the stage into the crowd of girls at the foot of the stage.
James> ( /me starts bleeding profusly from a gaping head wound as he is struck by one :) )
Gemma> (ha!)
mgrasso> (Oh no! All 10s!)
mgrasso> (Damn critical hits)
Chet> The singer lets her guitar fuzz and fade for about 30 seconds, unplugs, and exits the stage without looking up.
Gemma> (or walking funny after Gemma shows you a new use for them.)
mgrasso> (Oh-kay! I think it's time to end now!)
James> ("there's always time for lubricant")
Gemma> (Oh, please. she'd never ruin a good pair of drumsticks that way.)
mgrasso> (My god, Mandy, Erica is SUCH a bad influence.)
mgrasso> :)
Gemma> (am not!)
mgrasso> So now it's that half-hour between acts that always seems to drag on infinitely.
mgrasso> The club's sound system is playing the Foo Fighters' version of "Larger than Life."
Ingrid> !dice 7 4
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 7d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 7 3 1 1 9 7 9
* Chet is in the back of the room, piling t-shirts and stickers onto a folding table.
mgrasso> If I remember correctly, James and Gemma were together at the bar. Ingrid was standing right at the stage.
mgrasso> (Thanks, Joe)
James> (I'm refreshing my memory right now)
mgrasso> Cool. The log is at
Ingrid> (Is Chet backstage?)
mgrasso> Nope, Chet is setting up the merch table.
* Ingrid wanders off to find Cht.
mgrasso> Gemma? James?
* Chet finishes putting out the t-shirts, stickers, and iron-ons emblazoned with an upside-down 'e' and sits behind the table on a folding chair.
Ingrid> Hey, Chet! That was great!
* Ingrid approaches the table.
James> (we were looking for a table, yes?)
mgrasso> I think James and Gemma were, yes.
* Chet makes the devil horns symbol with his good hand.
Chet> Rock on, Ingrid.
mgrasso> There are quite a few available.
* Ingrid looks over the arranged merchandise and asks "Have anything in a little tank top?"
Chet> How did you like the show?
Ingrid> It was really intense. Your lead singer can be very... mesmerizing.
* Chet looks around and under the table.
Ingrid> Great music, though, and I love your logo.
* James goes to a table with Gemma, and then looks over at the merchandise table where Ingrid and Chet are
* Chet asks Allison, who is standing behind him, "What happened to the baby doll tees?"
*** Gemma has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
mgrasso> Damn.
James> (damn)
*** Erica ( has joined #changeling-tucson
Erica> Sorry!
Erica> What did I miss?
mgrasso> (It's okay!)
*** Erica is now known as Gemma
Chet> (Nothing)
mgrasso> (Nothing)
Gemma> (good)
Gemma> (I crashed, then had to fend off visiting children)
James> (god damn those visiting children)
Gemma> (I know! Always grabbing things and staring creepily and weeping and peeing and stuff.)
mgrasso> (Soooo... :D)
* Chet tugs at Allison's elbow one more time before giving up and diving under the table to rummage through a cardboard box.
Ingrid> Hi Allison. How is everything?
* Chet emerges a couple of moments later with a couple of baby doll tees.
Ingrid> Oh yes, perfect! I'll take one of those.
Chet> Sky blue or white, Ingrid?
mgrasso> (James? Gemma?)
Ingrid> white, oh, blue!
Ingrid> Blue, yes.
Gemma> (I think Gemma was nudging James into a quiet corner when we left off... Or has Chet gathered us together?)
* Chet holds out about 5 blue shirts.
Gemma> (well, dark, not quiet)
Chet> I won't be foolish enough to ask your size. Pick the one that fits.
mgrasso> Nope, you guys are separate for now.
* James looks at Gemma "she's gonna have to go and pee or something right? I want to tell Chet how much he sucked" and then smiles
Gemma> You too? Take me with you, then.
* Ingrid selects a short one and hands Chet some cash.
* Chet refuses the cash.
Ingrid> Oh no, please! I like supporting good talent.
Chet> Tell you what, you can buy me dinner next time or something.
Ingrid> Buy a round of drinks for the band or something.
James> we can wait until she's moved away fromt the table if you want...
* Ingrid waves away the bills and heads for the Ladies' room. "I'm putting this on right now, in fact."
* Gemma nods
Chet> Hey, don't spread it around, but I got these things half off by convincing the printer that the 'e' was supposed to be rightside up and he had printed them wrong.
mgrasso> (hah!)
James> (ha!)
* Ingrid laughs as she walks away. "Even better, then.!"
mgrasso> So Ingrid is off to the restroom.
James> alright, she's on the move- let's go.
* Gemma squeezes James' hand and heads over to Chet
* Chet works the table and the cashbox as the occassional fan comes to peruse the merchandise.
Gemma> Chet! What a show. I've never seen drums so masterfully abused.
Chet> As you know, I'm a master of abuse.
Chet> But thank you. I'm glad to hear you liked the show.
Chet> Thanks for the hand with this bitch, James.
* Chet holds up the cast.
Gemma> Liked is a little strong.
Chet> This thing has been giving me fits.
James> I can take it all the way off if you want- how long has it been on?
Chet> Well, as long as you didn't hate it, I suppose that's the best I can hope for.
James> are you tender or totally misplaced?
Gemma> It was more of a deep and abiding tolerance.
* Gemma glances at James
Chet> It's been on too long, but I should wait for the pins to come out before I take it all the way off, I suppose.
James> his *arm*
Gemma> Oh, great. You'll play doctor with him but not me?
James> I *never* said I wouldn't play doctor with you
* Ingrid appears at the entrance to the Ladies' room.
James> in fact, I will... later? right now?
mgrasso> Tenacious D's roadies start to tune up a couple of acoustic guitars and an acoustic bass.
* Ingrid approaches the merch table.
Gemma> Right now we bother Chet to tell us how he hurt it.
Ingrid> Oh, good timing. I think.
Chet> Where have you two been keeping yourselves?
Gemma> Was it a freak masturbatory accident?
Chet> I've yet to have an accident doing that...
Chet> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Chet rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 8 8 5 1 6 4
Gemma> It's a numbers game, Chet. You do it so often you're bound to have a mishap sometime.
Gemma> Sooner rather than later.
Chet> Yes. I knew that using the left hand was a mistake. If only you'd been there to coach me through it.
Gemma> I offered, damn you. You said you could manage.
* Chet scans the crowd.
Chet> So what's the deal. I see you two are as lovey-dovey as ever...
* Gemma looks up at James
Gemma> Us?
Chet> Yes. You.
* James grabs Gemmas waist and sappily looks into her eyes "yes us" he coos anoyingly
* Gemma reaches up and smooths some of James' hair around his ear
* Chet waves Ingrid over again.
Gemma> Ohhh us. Yes.
Gemma> We broke up, actually.
James> it's all casual sex now
Chet> I can tell. You're barely fighting at all.
James> it's much better than that whole comitment thing
Gemma> That's because I'm finally free to date frat boys. I've never been so happy.
James> and men named chet, don't forget men named chet
James> seriously though, we're sharing space now.
Chet> Is that some new tantra thing I haven't heard of?
* Gemma blushes a little
Gemma> We're, um...
Gemma> You know how when people love each other, they get married?
James> we didn't
Gemma> Well, when two people want to screw like rabbits, they move in together.
* James rushes to fill in
Chet> Ah yes...
James> and share space.
* Ingrid reaches the bar and spins, showing off her Schwa tee.
Chet> Well that's great. YOu could've at least said something. DO they have showers or parties or a housewarming deal for shacking up?
Ingrid> Don't you love it? I do.
Chet> Wow.
Gemma> There's a very formal disowning ceremony.
James> ah yes
James> besides I don't do the whole furking host thing- your welcome to throw a shin dig at our house if you want to.
Gemma> Don't listen to him, Chet. I'd love to have you over.
Gemma> Only you, of course.
Chet> Oh, I'll throw a party at your place, if he's serious.
Gemma> Until I learn the drudgery of that whole housework thing.
Ingrid> Oh, are you two planning a formalizing of the relationship party?
James> not really, I told Chet he can have a party at our place so everyone can see it if he wants- or we could go there tonight- I have stuff I want to talk about!
Ingrid> Really? Yous sound excited, whatever it is...
* James 's whole face shines with school boy like delight
Chet> Sounds good to me. I need a break from all the ESTROGEN!
Ingrid> !dice 5 4
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 2 1 5 3
* Chet says a little too loudly towards the girls from the band.
Gemma> Chet, I'm sorry, hon, but my place is nothing *but* estrogen.
Gemma> I've completely emasculated James. He listens to Celine Dion now.
Chet> That can't be true.
Ingrid> He looks crushed about it, too.
* Ingrid grins.
James> we can drink coors in my work shop surrounded by power tools, would that be better?
Chet> Coors?
* Chet shivers in disgust.
mgrasso> The house lights go down.
* Gemma shakes her head
Chet> Well, I've got another hour or so to put in at the table, but I can meet you at your place after.
Gemma> We have wine coolers, Chet. New merlot-flavored ones.
mgrasso> "Prepare... to have your asses blown out of the water," a bass-filled yet childlike voice screams from the speakers.
mgrasso> "Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest band in the world.... TENACIOUS D!!!"
Chet> You'd all better get out of here.
Chet> The 'D' is about to come on...
* Ingrid looks warily at the stage.
Chet> Save your sanity. Leave now. I'll catch up to you later.
Chet> What's the address?
* James scrawls it down on a reciept from his pocket
mgrasso> Two men come out on stage. One is about 30, with messy black hair, overweight, wearing a plain blue t-shirt. The other man is older, almost completely bald, wearing a white t-shirt, and more overweight.
Chet> Ingrid, can you come back in an hour or so and pick me up? We can meet James and Gemma at their pad.
* Gemma tugs urgently at James' elbow
mgrasso> Oh, one more thing... the black-haired man is a satyr and the bald man is a troll.
Gemma> James, I didn't clean the kitchen.
Ingrid> Sure, Chet. I'd be glad to.
mgrasso> (::smiles::)
Gemma> And I still haven't figured out how to use that toilet brush. And, oh God.
Chet> (ha!)
mgrasso> They pick up their acoustic guitars and begin to strum some basic chords.
James> it's okay, we have whole hour.
* Gemma suddenly looks a bit fretful
Chet> Go. Go now! Save yourselves...
James> besides, it's just *them*
James> later man! Let's go baby.
* Gemma waves at Chet, then playfully tries to drag James out of the club
Ingrid> Bye, Chet!
* Ingrid follows Gemma and James.
Chet> See you soon.
mgrasso> (Damn! I didn't even get to act as Kyle and Jack.)
mgrasso> (I guess that little hint at their true heritage was good enough. :) )
Chet> :)
Gemma> (quite a nice touch, sir)

Scene Three: James and Gemma's House
mgrasso> Okay! Well, we're reconnoitering at Gemma and James's place, so I'm going to need some massive descs on the part of Erica and Mandy.
Gemma> D'oh -- I mean, yay!
mgrasso> (heh)
Gemma> (Mike, do you still have the descs I gave you earlier?)
mgrasso> (Grr. I'm not sure)
James> (mike cot descs? I didn't get descs!)
Bill> (mandy if you need help on the workshop let me know)
James> (cot=got)
mgrasso> (When did you give them to me?)
James> (bill, you have no idea)
mgrasso> (Was it in irc or elsewhere, Mellie?)
Gemma> (in irc)
mgrasso> Let me check.
mgrasso> (Can't find it, Mellie, sorry.)
Gemma> (okay, I'll cook up something)
Gemma> It's a one-story house with a honey-colored masonry facade. Its exterior scrollwork details along the flat roof and bordering the windows and doors gives it an almost mediterranian feel in their design. Inside, the floorplan is the open style typical of southwestern homes. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are more like one huge main room, although they're still clearly seperate.
Gemma> There's one large master bedroom with its own full bathroom, two average sized bedrooms, and a smallish guest bathroom between the two.
mgrasso> (Found it!)
Gemma> (thanks... so there's the outside. Mandy and I have the insides coming)
mgrasso> (Cool!)
mgrasso> (Well, Chet and Ingrid will be arriving together, right? Maybe we should do a convo with them in the car.)
mgrasso> Chet, Ingrid? Sound good?
Ingrid> Okay!
Chet> Sure.
mgrasso> So, Ingrid is driving Chet to the lovebirds' address.
Ingrid> So how did you enjoy the big gig?
Chet> Me?
* Chet looks around.
Chet> Oh, yeah...
Chet> It was cool. A lot like the rest of them, but with more people this time.
Chet> How did you like it?
Ingrid> I enjoyed it a lot! It was an interesting experience.
Ingrid> How's the wrist?
Chet> Cool. I'm really glad you had a good time. It means more to me to hear one friend say that they liked our stuff than it does to hear an anonymous crowd applauding. As infrequently as that happens...
* Chet smiles.
Chet> The wrist is OK. Better than it was, but not 100 percent yet.
* Ingrid smiles.
Chet> So what have you been up to?
Ingrid> Not much, really. Working.
Chet> Cats in trees or big stuff?
* Ingrid snorts a little.
Chet> Oh, here. I got this for you, too.
Ingrid> Somewhere in between. Last week I did a story on golfing in Tucson, can you believe it?
* Chet pulls another white schwa baby doll from his bag.
Chet> Golfing?
Ingrid> Yeah, ridiculous. They made me wear Izod.
Ingrid> Anyway, what's with the dolls? They're cute.
Chet> What's an Izod?
Chet> Is that the name of those little beanie hats?
Ingrid> Um, clothing with little alligators on them.
Chet> Ah...
Chet> Well, there's a whole long story with the girls.
Ingrid> They gave me a *visor*, too, can you believe it?
Chet> Allison's my roommate.
Ingrid> Anyway, yes. The girls, tell me.
* Chet shakes his head sadly, "A visor..."
Ingrid> Okay...
Chet> And I just sort of found Rachel.
Chet> I forget where.
mgrasso> (Gemma, James? Ready?)
Chet> She's a nice girl.
James> (whenever you are)
Ingrid> Nice? Hmm.
Gemma> (sure)
Ingrid> She looked more intense than anything, I thought. I can't really put her togehter with "nice".
mgrasso> You guys pull up to the house. The description is above.
Chet> I can introduce you if you'd like. She's just a little indimidated by new people.
Gemma> (just let me know when)
mgrasso> (It's all you guys)
Ingrid> Yeah, I'd like to meet her.
mgrasso> So, Chet and Ingrid have arrived.
Gemma> Okay, when you enter their humble abode...
Gemma> The open living space is neatly arranged into groupings that spell out what that space is intended for. The "living room" has a huge oriental rug in shades of dark red and green.
Gemma> In the center is a low, rectangular coffee table made of dark, rough-hewn wood. Arranged around the rug are a plush, overstuffed sofa covered in moss green velvet, a wide brocade club chair in the same shade of green, and a round, fat ottoman in made of dark brown leather and studded across the bottom with antiqued brass nubs.
Gemma> The dining area is a simple round wooden table and chairs with a bright red bowl in the center.
Gemma> (is that all getting in there)
mgrasso> (Yes)
Gemma> Pushed up against one wall behind the sofa is a long delicate-looking antique table covered with frame photos and brightly decorated curios from Mexico.
Gemma> (you know the kind.. tall, skinny legs... I forget what they're called)
* Chet looks around...
* Gemma greets Chet at the door with a hug and a peck on the cheek
Gemma> Welcome to my new home.
* Ingrid looks around too, and turns to Gemma, smiling.
Chet> Nice. You've got a whole Pottery Barn thing going on in here.
Gemma> I'm sorry for the mess. I'm really not all that good at this whole keeping house thing. I never even played house.
Ingrid> It's really lovely, Gemma. I mean that.
Chet> I'm impressed, James.
Gemma> Well, more like a "stolen from the parents" motif.
James> I can't believe I live here either chet
Gemma> They didn't even notice while James and I pushed this stuff out the windows of my rooms.
Chet> I expected, I don't know...more Ikea or something.
Chet> Damn. I forgot. Do you have anything to drink. I meant to get something on the way over.
James> yeah- at least I think so...
Ingrid> I brought some wine, actually... I almost forgot.
* Ingrid reaches into her bag and pulls out a bottle of Chardonnay.
Ingrid> This is for you, James and Gemma. Happy housewarming.
Chet> I'm pretty dehydrated. I could actually use some bottled water. Unless you've got some Gatorade or something, but I wouldn't suspect you keep sports drinks around the house.
* James looks all embarassed "thanks."
* Gemma sort of scurries into the kitchen, saying, "I have some relish juice."
Gemma> That's almost the same thing.
James> do we even have bottled water?
Gemma> Umm...
* Gemma checks the fridge
James> i think there's some flat rootbeer, unless I finished that.
Gemma> How about some margaritas?
Chet> Pickle juice is actually better. It actually does a really good job of keeping you hydrated and prevents cramping.
Gemma> I find it does wonders for my autointoxication.
James> we have tap water and crystal lite
Chet> !dice 7 5
* DiceWell Chet rolls 7d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 3 6 6 5 4 4 8
* Gemma looks a little embarassed
Gemma> And coffee. We have some coffee.
James> we didn't realize we'd be entertaining.
James> I could make ice tea.
Chet> Uh. Tap water is good then.
Gemma> I'm so sorry. Come over in a couple of days, Chet. I'll have all the gatorade you can pee.
Gemma> I'll even cook for you. I'm a terrible cook. Ask James.
James> not so bad as my grandmother
mgrasso> (Just so you guys know, we have to end promptly at 10/9E.)
mgrasso> (10E/9C)
Chet> I'm sure the food would be fine.
Chet> So what's the deal here?
Chet> Have I missed something?
James> what do you mean?
Chet> Everyone's acting so weird. I haven't been out of it that long, have I?
mgrasso> (leave it to a boggan :) )
James> hey- do you guys want a tour?
Chet> Later.
Chet> You.
* Chet points to Gemma.
Chet> Talk to her. Now.
* Chet points to Ingrid.
Gemma> To who?
* Gemma looks to where Chet is pointing
* Ingrid looks casually at Gemma.
Chet> Ah, I see. So your little fued has escalated.
Ingrid> Hi, Gemma.
Gemma> I'm not going to talk to thin air.
Chet> And your feud, too.
James> we could have a tour. Ingrid? Chet? Gemma?
* Gemma turns and gets a glass out of the cabinent
Ingrid> I'd love a tour, James.
* Ingrid walks towards James, ready to be led through the house.
James> Great-
Chet> Go on, then. I'll just wait here.
mgrasso> (Could we split off into a Chet/Gemma combo and an Ingrid/James combo!)
* Gemma keeps her back turned, toying with the glass on the counter
mgrasso> (Excellent. Gemma, Chet, into #livingroom. Ingrid, James, into #tour)
Chet> (That's great)
*** Chet has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
Bill> (Mike, maybe i don't want to play, I kinda like your view
Bill> )
mgrasso> (heh)
mgrasso> Chet and Gemma can hear James and Ingrid coming back from the tour.
*** Chet ( has joined #changeling-tucson
James> and this is the hallway again, and that brings us back where we started
* Ingrid wanders into the main room. "I really love the place, Gemma. You've done a great job making it feel homey.
Ingrid> And James's room is very James.
* Ingrid smiles.
Chet> How is that?
James> and you didn't even get to see my workshop
Ingrid> Lots of technology.
mgrasso> (Maybe we could do the workshop over email later? I'd like James to make his proposal now)
James> with my new machine, and granpa's computers, and... oh yeah!
James> get comfortable folks I have a proposal to make.
* Chet looks down at his shirt and notices the sweat stains.
Chet> I'd better sit on the floor.
* Chet folds his legs under him.
Gemma> No, Chet. Please. At least go sit on the ottoman.
Gemma> We can always wipe that down after you leave.
* Ingrid settles into an armchair.
* Chet crawls over to the ottoman and climbs up onto it.
Gemma> James, go sit down. I can only sit on your lap tonight. God said so.
James> Oh, well if *god* said so.
* James sits down on the sofa
* Gemma curls up on his lap and promptly sets about toying with his hair
James> how does everyone feel about California?
Gemma> I feel that it is a loud, vulgar state and our Heavenly Father will smite them soon for their wickedness.
Ingrid> California? Which part?
James> more specifically, how does everyone feel about a trip to Sherman Oaks California?
Chet> What the sam hill is in Sherman Oaks?
Chet> Couldn't we go somewhere good instead?
James> I'm so very glad you asked Chet. My granpa's car is in Sherman Oaks.
Chet> What is it doing out there?
* Ingrid blinks.
Ingrid> Wow, weird.
Gemma> Probably rusting.
James> When my Granpa died Gran couldn't bear to have it around her, the time he spent tinkering with it, it reminded her too much of him.
Chet> Where is Sherman Oaks? Is it near anywhere good?
James> hold on!
* James rushes to his study
* Gemma grumbles a bit at being so unceremoniously dumped off James' lap
Ingrid> If I remember correctly, that car was pretty souped up. I wonder if any of that's left...
James> (tack at the end of "it reminded her too much of him. He sold it)
* James rushes back in and picks up Gemma ploping her back in his lap
James> Aparantly it's part of LA
Chet> OK - Cool.
James> and Ingrid, I'm counting on at least the remnants being left- I can rebuild it from that.
Ingrid> There are lots of "parts" of LA. I hope it's one of the better ones.
Chet> I think I can convice the girls to let me go if I agree to try and do promotion and stuff for the band in LA while we're gone.
mgrasso> (aw, excellent idea!)
James> It was last registered to a Hassan Shaloub
Chet> Have you called him?
Ingrid> Do you have an address?
James> yes address, phone no. He owns an automobile and motercycle restoration firm.
Gemma> Is he a lowrider?
mgrasso> (We'd better start wrapping up.)
Chet> So are you going to buy it, or is this a heist, Buggsy?
Ingrid> Hm. That's a good sign. I hope.
Gemma> Is your grandfather's car going to be upholsterted in purple crushed velvet?
James> holy furking shit I hope not!
Chet> I hope it has wood panelling on the side...
James> Well, I figure a little recognisance will hellp answer your question Chet.
Ingrid> I hope it jumps up and down on its axles.
Gemma> Ha! I bet it does, James. I bet it has a gold-plated chain steering wheel.
James> oh fuck you guys! Will you come.
Gemma> A really tiny one.
James> ?
Chet> I don't think his granpa was a pimp, people.
Gemma> Chet, didn't you hear him? A lowrider bought it.
Chet> Although it would be cool if it had a gas pedal shaped like a foot...
* James laughs.
Gemma> That means it probably can jump and stuff.
* Ingrid laughs.
Chet> Knowing James, it'll probably be jumping buildings once he gets it...
mgrasso> (I hate to cut it short, folks.)
mgrasso> Next time, we'll prepare for the trip, and then it's off to LA!