Scene One
Scene Two
Scene Three
Scene Four

Chapter One: Ingrid's Party

Scene One: Emissary
mgrasso> All right. As you've probably all already seen, you've been invited to a get-together before Ingrid's Saining ceremony, to be held on the night of the winter solstice, December 21.
mgrasso> (So, I wonder who'll be there first...) :D
Travis> (not me. I'm always fashionably late)
mgrasso> (And coming into town specially for this!)
Gemma> (oh, fine, me, then)
mgrasso> (Well, I guess that leaves our happy couple. *snort*)
James> (alrighty)
* Gemma and James arrive together. Ingrid notices that instead of her usual voile, Gemma is wearing a gold sari with an intricate paisley trim.
Ingrid> Hello Gemma, James. Gemma, you look quite lovely this evening.
mgrasso> (mortal clothes, everyone?)
* Ingrid smiles and lets them in.
Gemma> Gemma hands Ingrid a small box wrapped in pale cream with a dark blue ribbon, and a wine bag in the same pale cream color
mgrasso> (femmy RPG!)
Ingrid> For me? Why thank you! I had no idea you were so thoughtful.
mgrasso> In one of Ingrid's big puffy chairs sits a small woman, probably in her mid-20s. She wears a matte silver dress, probably made of vinyl or PVC, over a white tank top. Her hair is cut short, in bangs, and dyed a crayola red.
mgrasso> In front of her is an empty froth-covered beer glass.
Gemma> (Ah, mortal wear: A robin's egg blue top, 3/4 length black skirt, and knee-high boots with a small heel. Her hair is worn in thick curls.)
James> (black pants, black shoes, and what ever shirt Gemma made him change into because the one he intended was not okay)
mgrasso> (*smile*)
* Ingrid is wearing a silvery slim beaded jacket over a long, dark blue velvet skirt. She looks very tall in her silver heels.
* Gemma points to the small box and says, "I made that just for you, dear. I've been working very hard on my art these days, so hopefully it'll show."
mgrasso> The woman in the chair sniffs the air a bit as Gemma and James enter.
* James glances from ingrid to gemma and whispers
James> you know0 I didn't know we were supposed to bring a gift...
Ingrid> Please, come in and meet Mairead. I'll get you two a drink and then open this.
James> (AHHH!)
Gemma> We weren't. I'm just being polite.
* Gemma pats James' arm
Ingrid> (hee hee! :D)
mgrasso> Gemma and James heading into the living room?
Ingrid> Gemma, James. this is an old friend of mine. Mairead, meet Gemma and James.
James> hi, nice hair.
mgrasso> The woman stands up and extends her hand to each of you in turn. "Hi, nice to meet you," she says in an Irish accent.
Gemma> Mucho gusto, Mairead.
* Gemma does a dainty, finger-tips-only handshake
mgrasso> Mairead raises a peaked eyebrow and shakes James' hand.
mgrasso> She sits back down and waits for Gemma and James to settle into the couch.
* Gemma sits down, crossing her legs at the ankle
mgrasso> "So," Mairead says, "you two are faeries?"
Ingrid> What can I get you two to drink? Mairaed, another beer?
* James sits down next to her draping an arm over her shoulder
mgrasso> Mairead smiles.
mgrasso> "Yes, please, Ingrid."
James> no, that's travis, he's not here yet
mgrasso> "No, I can smell you. You're of the Folk."
Gemma> aeries? What a thing to say. No, James is a programmer and I'm an apprentice socialite.
Gemma> (F.. F! ::slaps key::)
* James lifts an arm, and sniffs
Gemma> What do "the Folk" smell like?
James> no, Gemma wouldn't let me out thismorning with out a shower first
James> it can't be me you smell
mgrasso> "Well, you don't necessarily smell like anything," Mairead says, fiddling with the pewter Celtic cross around her neck, "but I can tell."
* Travis knocks and enters. "Helloooo...?"
Gemma> SHe could have smelled you if you had just listened to me about that cologne.
* Gemma gives James a mock-disgruntled look
mgrasso> (Travis, whatcha wearing? :) )
* James pouts
* Travis hands a small hand-wrapped gift box to Gemma as he enters.
* Gemma hugs Travis and kisses his cheek
* Travis is wearing a dark tan suit with a cream shirt, a blue-patterned tie, and brown shoes.
Gemma> For me? Really?
* Travis air-kisses Gemma. "Darling! I missed you at the Oscars!"
* Ingrid comes out of the kitchen with several cold beers and frosted glasses on a tray.
Ingrid> Hi Travis!
Travis> Well, hello, Ingrid. You're looking well.
Gemma> I wish I could have gone with you.
Travis> If only I were ten years younger and of a different orientation....
Gemma> Age means *nothing*. Orientation? That's a slight problem.
mgrasso> (Golden Globes, Travis. Or something. :) )
* Ingrid curtsies slightly to Travis.
Travis> Oh, Gemma, the times we would have had! We could have tossed a coin for Russell Crowe!
Travis> (Oops (-: )
Gemma> Shall I open this?
mgrasso> (No worries. In Travis' little world, the Oscars are *every* day. :D )
* Gemma gives the box a gentle wiggle
Travis> (heh--good one)
mgrasso> Mairead stands too, saying, "Hello, I'm Mairead."
Travis> Oh, it's just a little ruby I picked up in this chi-chi store on Santa Monica Blvd.
* Travis gives Mairead the once-over.
* Gemma settles back on the couch and gleefully rips into the package
Travis> Mmm. The hair's a bit 1998, but otherwise you look fine, darling. I'm Travis.
Gemma> Travis, manners. She can smell you.
* Travis sniffs.
Travis> No, I think that's Chet.
* Travis looks around.
Gemma> Chet.
Travis> Where is the boy, anyhow?
Ingrid> He's not here yet.
mgrasso> Mairead sits back down and sips her Guinness.
Travis> I was wondering at the lack of belching.
Gemma> I hope I wasn't supposed to give him a ride...
* Gemma glances at James
mgrasso> "Are you all excited for tonight's ceremony?" Mairead says.
James> no comment.
* Travis gives James an arch look.
James> (to gemma!)
Gemma> (hehe) -> [Ingrid] PING
Ingrid> Excited, and a little nervous, believe it or not.
* James takes off his glasses and squints at Mairead, scrutinizing her.
James> so what's your deal?
mgrasso> "I was talking to these lot," Mairead says, turning her attention to Gemma, James, and Travis.
Gemma> If you opened my present, Ingrid, you could wear what I gave you as a good luck charm to take the edge off your nerves.
Gemma> Us?
Ingrid> Oh yes, your present!
* Travis looks at Ingrid. "Is Mairead your friend?"
* Ingrid finds the box and delicately removes the tape at the seams to open it.
mgrasso> "Yes," she says, drinking her Guinness. "Are you going to be there for Ingrid when she gets named?"
James> eh, it's just like a bat/barmitzvah
* Travis shudders, remembering his own bar mitzvah.
mgrasso> (Travis is of the tribe? I had no idea!)
Travis> "So there'll be a screaming batch of yentas there?"
mgrasso> (*snort*)
Travis> (Backstory is coming, Mike (-: )
mgrasso> (aha!)
Gemma> When Ingrid opens the box, she sees a bizarre looking bracelet -- or is it an anklet? It looks so large -- perfectly laid out on a bed of soft cotton. It looks as though it's clumsily woven out of doll's hair. The color is a dingy pink and it looks a little snagged in some places, dirty in others. The "clasp" is a big blob of dried glue from a hot glue gun.
*** spudboy ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
* Gemma looks eagerly at Ingrid's face. "Well? Do you like it?"
*** spudboy is now known as Chet
Travis> (Hey, Joe! Alicia says hi and that she'll respond to your e-mail tomorrow)
Gemma> (hey, Joe!)
mgrasso> In one of Ingrid's big puffy chairs sits a small woman, probably in her mid-20s. She wears a matte silver dress, probably made of vinyl or PVC, over a white tank top. Her hair is cut short, in bangs, and dyed a crayola red. In front of her is a half-empty beer glass with Guinness in it.
Chet> (hey all! I might have a new house!) :)
Gemma> (huzzah!)
mgrasso> (woo!)
Travis> (cool! congrats!)
James> (alright!)
Ingrid> (excellent! When'ts the housewarming? :D)
* Ingrid looks up at Gemma, smiles quite sincerely and say, "Thank you, Gemma. It's quite unusual. I shall wear it right now."
* Chet walks in the front door and looks around the place.
Gemma> It's a mourning bracelet. BUt you don't have to know who died to wear it.
mgrasso> The woman in the chair looks up when Chet enters. She sniffs the air cautiously.
* Ingrid tries pulling the ratty thing over her wrist.
* Gemma looks completely pleased with Ingrid
Gemma> Oh good! It fits! I was worried. You andyour bones, you know. You have so many.
* Ingrid looks up and sees Chet.
James> Oh honey, You're getting so much better! That one's the best yet!
* James smirks
Gemma> I know. It's so much better than my first attempt.
* Gemma smiles and puts her hand on James'
Ingrid> Oh hi, Chet! Look what Gemma just gave me! Isn't it something?
mgrasso> A bizarre looking bracelet -- or is it an anklet? It looks so large -- perfectly laid out on a bed of soft cotton. It looks as though it's clumsily woven out of doll's hair. The color is a dingy pink and it looks a little snagged in some places, dirty in others. The "clasp" is a big blob of dried glue from a hot glue gun.
* Chet walks over and looks at the bracelet.
Gemma> Look, Chet. Your lessons have really paid off for me.
Chet> Wow. I thought I taught her better than that.
Gemma> Better? What are you talking about? That's the best I've done!
Chet> Sorry I'm late. I lost my ride.
* Gemma glances away when Chet mentions his ride
Ingrid> That's all right, Chet. Come in and mett Mairead and I'll get you a beer.
James> careful chet- you'll hurt Gems feelings
Gemma> My very *tender* feelings.
Chet> Why is that?
Chet> I'll take an iced tea if you don't mind, ingrid. Or I can get it myself if you'll point the way.
mgrasso> The woman in the chair in the corner stands up again and approaches Chet. "Hi. I'm Mairead," she says in an Irish accent.
mgrasso> She extends her hand.
Chet> Hey, Maired. What's up?
Ingrid> No problem. Iced tea it is.
* Ingrid heads for the kitchen.
* Chet takes her hand and shakes it.
mgrasso> Mairead sits back down and says, "We were talking about Ingrid's Saining. She's been telling me a lot about it. Are you folks going to stand with her when she gets named?"
Gemma> I don't know. Maybe.
* Chet stares around the room.
Gemma> If I can manage to sneak in.
Chet> What is she getting named?
Gemma> Iwould hope Ethel.
Gemma> Ingrid would make a great Ethel.
Gemma> Or Marla.
Travis> 'Griselda' is a good name.
Chet> As in, "Do you pump ethel?"
* James stares at maired again, he opens his mouth, closes it and then settles back in his chair
mgrasso> Mairead snorts, and swallows her beer wrong.
* Gemma leans over and whispers to James
mgrasso> Mairead coughs a couple of times, laughing.
Chet> What?
mgrasso> "Nothing," she says. "That was funny, that's all."
Chet> It gets funnier...
mgrasso> "You're all pretty quiet."
mgrasso> Mairead pointedly looks at James and Gemma, and says, "No, I'm not fae."
Chet> Don't look at me. I just got here.
Chet> Is this Ingrid's house?
James> Yes very creepy
* Chet looks at the furniture.
* Ingrid comes back out of the kitchen with an iced tea for Chet and a few more beers.
Gemma> Um. So. What *are* you?
mgrasso> "I'm more of a... well, I'm an ambassador. And by my heritage, a friend of the Fair Folk."
mgrasso> "An ambassador and a messenger."
Chet> She looks kind of like that chick from that movie.
mgrasso> "I brought Ingrid here some news and some favors from the spirit world, before her Saining."
Gemma> A messenger? What's your message? We have 30 minutes to move our car? Our car has been crushed into a cube? We have 30 minutes to move our cube?
mgrasso> Mairead laughs. "Simpsons. Cute." Mairead winks at Gemma.
* Travis mutters, "Her power is being cryptic."
mgrasso> "I've been rotting my fecking brain on American TV the last three years. I love it. It's brilliant."
Ingrid> I knew you two would have a lot in common.
* Chet accepts his tea from Ingrid.
* Ingrid smiles.
Chet> Thank you.
Ingrid> Chet, have you been to my house before? Would you like a tour?
Gemma> i don't know, Ingrid. I'm not Irish. Or an ambassador. I got kicked out of the Model UN when I was in school for trying to instigate wars.
mgrasso> Mairead turns to Ingrid, "Ingrid, when do we have to be at the mission?"
Chet> This is your *house*? Sure...
Ingrid> Well, it's more a condo, but I call it my house.
James> Russia declares war on the vatican.
* Gemma gives James a surprised look
Gemma> How did you know I was Russia?
Chet> Man, this is weirder than I remember.
mgrasso> Mairead finishes her beer.
* James springs to his feet
James> (pointing) commie bastard!
* James sits down calmly again
James> sorry, flashbacks
* Gemma reaches over to smooth James' hair
Ingrid> I wa looking for the URL of the floor plan.
Gemma> Right. Right, mijo.
Ingrid> I thought I bookmarked it.
Ingrid> oops! sorry.
Chet> So where are we going?
Travis> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell Travis rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 1 4 4 10
Travis> (Boned by Dicey. Such is my fate...)
Ingrid> I'll pate in a description.
Gemma> Chet, come here and sit on my lap and I'll tell you everything.
* Gemma pats her lap
* Chet walks over to Gemma and sits in her lap.
* Gemma puts her arms around CHet as though he were a sick little kid, clasping him to her bosom
Ingrid> The door opens into Ingrid's apartment, which is dominated by a large vaulted living room done in cool tones of silver and blues. Here and there are accents of dark purples and the occasional startling red. There are two large plush sofas accompanied by comfortable chairs and ottomans, offering interesting possibilities for conversational groupings. It's a comfortable and elegant oasis of ocean-like colors, giving a cool counterpoint to the orange and arid desert view
* Chet sips from his tea.
Gemma> Well, mijo, once upon a time there was this fairy named Ingrid who needed a new name.
James> like the child like empress!
mgrasso> Mairead regards Chet and Gemma with interest.
Gemma> So she invited all her friends and this chick she can't stand to her house.
Gemma> Now then, her friends and the chick ate her food, drank her booze, and then planned to go to a church to pray for a new name.
Gemma> I believe bonfires were going to be involved, and possibly otter pops.
Gemma> When all is said and done, Ingrid will have a new name and we will have many incriminating pictures.
Gemma> Does that answer your question?
Chet> Sounds like you need a better third act.
mgrasso> Mairead says to Ingrid, "Is anything special going to have to happen for me to accompany you all to the ceremony?"
* Chet stands up and takes another drink of tea.
* Gemma sighs
Gemma> Well, that's all I know.
Gemma> And even then I'm a bit iffy on whether or not otter pops will be invovled.
Ingrid> They're in the freezer even now, Gemma. -> [Ingrid] PING
James> Well, it will be better if you're fae-high
mgrasso> Mairead says to James, "Fae-high? How do you do that, exactly?"
Chet> Fae high? Why not?
Ingrid> Oh, that might be fun for you, Mairead.
* James glances at ingrid
Travis> Faeight miles high, even.
* Ingrid laughs
James> may I?
Ingrid> What do you think, Mairead? Would you like to see us a we see ourselves? It could be quite heady.
Gemma> I don't think that's a good idea. They seem to scream a lot when we do that.
Chet> Hey, now. I'm not presentable as it is...
mgrasso> "Well, I think that's pretty much a necessity for me to be able to see the ceremony and such. Am I right?"
mgrasso> Mairead says to Gemma, "I think I can handle it."
Ingrid> To see it as it's meant to be, yes.
Gemma> You promise not to scream, Mairead? I find it very disconcerting.
Ingrid> Here, allow me.
* James looks at Mairead
mgrasso> "Well, then, I'm ready."

Scene Two: True Ecstasy
* Ingrid reaches down and takes a Belgian truffle off the silver dish of choclates nearby and hands it to Mairead.
James> We'll show you ours you show us yours
mgrasso> Mairead to Gemma, "I'm seen things in my life, love, that would frighten you half to death. Unless you're all evil goblins, I think I'll be fine." She smiles.
Ingrid> I think you'll find this very... interesting.
* Gemma snorts
Gemma> She's never seen a redcap, then.
mgrasso> Mairead takes the truffle.
* James raises a hand "I'm an evil goblin"
mgrasso> She pops it in her mouth.
Gemma> You wish!
James> a few times removed, but yeah
* Chet pats James heartily on the back.
mgrasso> When she swallows, Mairead sinks back into her chair and lets out a low, throaty growl. "Oh, wow..."
* Ingrid chuckles and hands Mairead her Guinness.
Ingrid> This can only help.
* Gemma watches Mairead carefully
mgrasso> Mairead's vision pans first to Ingrid, who is standing in front of her. "You look just like you did... oh."
Chet> !dice 8 8
* DiceWell Chet rolls 8d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 2 10 1 10 8 10 10 4
Chet> So how do you like it?
Gemma> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 3 9 6 6 4 10
mgrasso> Then she looks at Gemma. "You're ceilican. And Ingrid there told me you were pwca. Huh."
mgrasso> Mairead reaches out to brush Gemma's cat-ears.
Gemma> What? I'm a pelican?
* Gemma 's cat ears twitch a little when Mairead touches them
Chet> She likes it when you scratch behind the ears...
mgrasso> Mairead scratches her a bit.
James> !dice 5 9
* DiceWell James rolls 5d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 10 8 2 7 2
mgrasso> Then looks at James.
mgrasso> "By god, you weren't kidding. How beastly!"
* Gemma giggles a bit
Gemma> Oh, that tickles
Chet> Yeah. He's not a real "looker".
* Gemma gently brushes MAiread's hand away
mgrasso> "Sorry." Mairead smiles. "This is a bit like being on E, you know?"
* Travis tchs.
mgrasso> Mairead then looks at Chet, suppresses a giggle, and then at Travis. "That's a nice outfit."
Chet> E is *so* 1999.
Travis> Thank you. Yours is...nice, too.
mgrasso> "I feel a bit... uninhibited. I guess that's to be expected, eh?"
mgrasso> "Could be the beer, though." She smiles.
Gemma> It's probably both.
James> Damn, I haven't done E since college.
mgrasso> "I didn't think you were part of the scene," Mairead says to James.
mgrasso> "Me, personally, I haven't been out dancing in over a year."
James> too buisy to be part of it, an occasional visitor back home though.
* Gemma gives James a Look
mgrasso> "Cool," Mairead says, sitting back. "Wow. This is everything I ever dreamed it would be."
Chet> You are *so* high...
mgrasso> Mairead giggles.
Travis> Ingrid, how long will this effect last?
mgrasso> "This is better than any drug I've ever tried."
Ingrid> Just a day.
Gemma> That's great. Better than drugs. So are we going or what? Ingrid? Is that what you're going to wear?
Chet> Where are we going?
Gemma> Chet. Look at me.
Travis> Oh, dear. Will she need to be accompanied all that time, then?
* Gemma goes over to Chet and grabs his shoulders
Gemma> We. Are. Going. To. Mass.
Ingrid> My Saining is tonight. I'd love for you all to come with me.
Gemma> We're going to pray for your soul.
Chet> Dammit! Why doesn't anyone tell me these things?
Chet> I would've brought it with me.
mgrasso> "No, I'm fine." Mairead stands up and straight. "I'm meant to be Ingrid's protector as well."
Ingrid> I thought you knew. Brought what?
Gemma> His soul.
Gemma> But Chet, *I* have your soul.
Gemma> Well, Cupid does. He's cleaning it so it'll be presentable.
James> did you loan it to Kevin Chet? that bastard borrowed mine junior year and never gave it back.
* Gemma opens up her handbag and gives Chet a peek inside. Cupid waves at Chet.
mgrasso> Mairead sees Cupid and says, "Oh, that's so cute!"
mgrasso> "It's called Cupid?"
Gemma> Sometimes. Sometimes I like to call him ROdney.
mgrasso> Mairead walks over to Cupid, but Cupid goes back in the bag and hides.
mgrasso> "Huh," Mairead says, "I wonder why he did that."
Gemma> He probably doesn't like the smell of guinness.
* James stares hard at Mairead again- huh... me too.
mgrasso> Mairead blushes. "It's possible."
* Gemma coos at Cupid, "Mijo, come out. Or at least tell me what's wrong."
mgrasso> You can all hear Cupid mewling in sadness or fear.
* Gemma all but sticks her face in the bag as she murmers to Cupid
Gemma> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 8 8 1 4 10 2
James> so, Mairead, how do you know Ingrid?
* Chet rubs his eyes.
mgrasso> "We met back in New York a few years ago. I had a feeling back then that she was... special."
mgrasso> "And coming out here to find her again... like I said, the spirits commanded me to find her again."
Chet> Yeah. She was president of the SPecial People's Club.
James> riiight... we all think ingrid's "special"
Travis> The spirits did.
Chet> Spirits, Travis, you know...whiskey, scotch...
James> (don't you know special people means retarded?)
Travis> Ah. Yes. They often talk to me, too, commanding me to find that special somebody....
mgrasso> Mairead can't get a word in edgewise... a distinctly new experience for her. :)
Gemma> In the dark, *anyone* is that special somebody, travis.
Ingrid> I'm glad to see you all feel comfortable enough with my guest to afford her the same respect you do me.
Travis> No, sweets, in the dark, you have to have a certain -something- to be truly special.
Travis> But I'm sure you know -all- about that.
* Gemma curtises low to Ingrid
Gemma> My lady, *do* forgive our jovial mood.
Travis> We're just a bunch of Catty Cathys....
mgrasso> (hold on, all)
Gemma> I'll personally make sure everyone behaves appropriately at the ceromony.
Ingrid> !dice 4 8
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 4d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 7 10 7 3
mgrasso> (okay, back to it)
mgrasso> All right.
mgrasso> Shall we get in our cars and off to the ceremony?
Gemma> sure
James> alright
Chet> I don't have a car.
Travis> Sure.
mgrasso> So, who's riding with whom? Mairead is riding shotgun with Ingrid.
Gemma> You have to walk, Chet.
Travis> I've of course got room in my car for Gemma.
Ingrid> Chet, you can ride with us.
Gemma> Actually, Travis, I'm riding with James. I promised I'd stop leaving with other men.
Gemma> Especially if they're men who won't even sleep with me.
Travis> I'll sleep with you any time, honey. I just won't do anything else.
Travis> I guess I'm riding solo. Again.
* Travis sighs theatrically.
James> actually, I believe the especially was short men named chet.
Ingrid> You can ride with us too, Travis.
Travis> Oh, goody!
Gemma> Was it, James? But I do so enjoy riding Chet.
Ingrid> If you and Chet don't mind sharing the back seat.
Gemma> Er. Riding *with*. With Chet.
James> I know I know, but for me baby? for me?
Travis> But are you really satisfied with 30 second rides, Gemma?
Gemma> Ask James, Travis.
mgrasso> Okay, let's do it this way. Ingrid, Chet, Travis, stay here. Gemma, James, in #bigasslincoln
Travis> That's ducky with me, Ingrid.
James> I have a low stamina but a high dexterity
mgrasso> James, Gemma, leave.
mgrasso> And we'll turn this channel into Ingrid's car.
*** James ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
*** Gemma ( has left #Changeling-Tucson

Scene Three: Whisperings
James> (I love my car)
Gemma> Always bragging about your dex!
Gemma> ()
mgrasso> (heh)
mgrasso> Okay, Gemma, James, dish. :)
* Gemma pulls Cupid out of her purse and nuzzles him
mgrasso> Cupid is just crying softly, nuzzling himself to your cheek.
Gemma> Shh, shh.. What's wrong, mijo?
* James pulls out a mini snickers from the glove compartment and offers it to cupid
James> is he okay?
Gemma> I don't know. He's acting really off.
mgrasso> Cupid, unfortunately, cannot eat. But he seems to be a bit better.
* Gemma lovingly strokes and cuddles Cupid
James> (I know, but he likes to pretend to)
Gemma> (he likes the smell of chocolate :) )
mgrasso> As James pulls out of the driveway, Cupid starts doing a little mime for Gemma.
James> (oh! charades)
* Gemma watches Cupid intently
mgrasso> Cupid pretends he's sleeping, peacefully. Then he leaps to the other side of Gemma's lap and pretends to be a big animal, fluffing up his textured wool and almost growling.
Gemma> You saw a monster?
Gemma> (timmy is in the well? and he's on fire?)
mgrasso> He then looks like he's stalking prey, and then, pretends to sink his fangs into an imaginary animal. He then mimes being dead, his legs up in the air.
mgrasso> (hah!)
James> oh! is it a book? is it where the wild things are?
Gemma> No, I think he saw us last night.
mgrasso> Cupid looks satisfied in his communication.
mgrasso> (oh lord!)
Gemma> Now, Cupid, is that what you saw when you saw Mairead?
mgrasso> Cupid nods vigorously, and then growls again.
Gemma> Or were you having a nightmare?
* Gemma looks completely puzzled
James> so she's something weird with fangs that eats things?
Gemma> Apparently.
Gemma> Cupid, did she look like she wanted to eat you?
James> like that guy from vegas?
mgrasso> Cupid nods again.
Gemma> What guy from Vegas?
mgrasso> (to Gemma)
Gemma> Siegried? Roy?
Gemma> (damn F key)
* Gemma pets Cupid
* James shakes his head never mind
James> with big pointy teeth!
Gemma> Don't worry. I'm not going to let anyone eat you, Cupid.
Gemma> Big pointy... Oh. You're going to bring *that* up.
mgrasso> Cupid nuzzles up against Gemma's bosom and falls asleep.
James> actually, I'd moved on, we're now talking about monty python
James> but yeah, do you think maybe she's a vampire?
Gemma> A vampire.
Gemma> Okay. Sure. Why not?
Gemma> I don't know if vampires walk on all fours, though.
Gemma> Maybe she's a rabbit.
James> maybe
Gemma> One of those really evil rabbits.
James> not behind the rabbit.
Gemma> If this world can have us and vampires, surely it can have killer rabbits.
James> I've known a few pooka who could fit into that category
Gemma> Well, not *me*. I'm as gentle as a lamb.
Gemma> And I'm not a rabbit.
Gemma> More like a tiger. Rawr. ::claws the air::
James> maybe later
James> cupid looked so silly making those faces
Gemma> I thought he was cute.
* Gemma makes little kissy faces at the dozing Cupid
James> like those old cartoons where some big creature dressed up like a sheep
mgrasso> You guys are approaching the mission now. The crescent moon hangs high in the night sky. There's an amazing sight above the mission, though. A long, lanky dragon, its scales a dull burnished blue-grey, is lazily flapping its wings over the mission, passing over it a couple of times before landing behind it.
James> yeah, but I have a space ship...
* James says gelously
Gemma> Oh, you think you're so special.
Gemma> "I have a space ship! I have sex regularly! I have pants!" Please.
James> that's right bitch, I do have pants
Gemma> Not if *I* can help it.
mgrasso> You pull off into the dirt near the mission. There are a lot of cars outside it right now.
mgrasso> back to #changeling?
Gemma> Let's skips this and get rid of your pants. Come on.
James> sure
Gemma> Sorry, Mike. We're heading to the hill with a blanket and my taser.
Gemma> :D

Scene Four: A Flight of Dragons
mgrasso> You all pile into the Lexus.
mgrasso> Mairead says, "This place is really beautiful, huh?"
* Chet snaps his seatbelt into place.
mgrasso> "The mission?"
Ingrid> It is, even when you're not enchanted.
mgrasso> "Excellent, I can't wait."
* Chet hums softly and starts writing in his notebook.
mgrasso> Mairead looks in the back seat. "I can't get over it. You're all so... you're like something out of my gran's bedtime stories."
Chet> Your gran told you stories about people like Chet and Gemma? You poor bastard...
mgrasso> "She always told me of the Fair Folk. Of the household spirits... you're one of those, right?" she says to Chet.
Travis> Yes, he is. The spirit of the commode.
Chet> A household spirit, eh? Sure...why not.
mgrasso> "No, I'm serious. You're a boggan, right? A shoe-repairer?" Mairead giggles.
Chet> Why, you got shoes need fixin'?
Travis> You have him exactly, Mairead. He repairs shoes.
* Chet leans over the front seat to look at Mairead's feet.
mgrasso> "No, not really."
mgrasso> Mairead's wearing thigh-high leather boots.
Chet> I don't know about that. You'd better let me have a look.
Travis> Careful, Mairead. He has a thing about toes.
mgrasso> Mairead takes off a boot and hands it to Chet.
Ingrid> You can get a good, long look at the Mission, Chet.
Chet> Why the hell do you think boggans are so interested in shoes, Travis?
Chet> Aw, come on. I want to see them now.
* Ingrid laughs.
Travis> I've lacked the stomach to investigate the matter, Chet.
Ingrid> Oh, go ahead.
Chet> Well if you wanted hot chicks to stick their feet in your face, you've either got to fix 'em or sell 'em...and I ain't about to work at the mall.
mgrasso> (hah! that's such a Chet quote)
Travis> I'm truly sorry I said anything about this fetish of yours, Chet.
Chet> Why is that? I thought you were truly interested.
Travis> I'm really rather vanilla. Toe-sucking makes me feel gooshy.
mgrasso> You guys are approaching the mission now. The crescent moon hangs high in the night sky. There's an amazing sight above the mission, though. A long, lanky dragon, its scales a dull burnished blue-grey, is lazily flapping its wings over the mission, passing over it a couple of times before landing behind it.
mgrasso> Mairead looks out the window and says, "Wow......"
Ingrid> Yeah....
Chet> I just want to look at the woman's shoes. Maybe see what they smell like. Is that *so* wrong?
Travis> Yes, Chet, it is.
mgrasso> You pull off into the dirt near the mission. There are a lot of cars outside it right now.
Chet> Well at least you didn't start in about Boggan's affinity for leatherwork.
Travis> Please, I'm trying to forget.
*** Gemma ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
*** James ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
mgrasso> You all exit your respective cars and make your way to the mission's front doors.
Chet> Gemma...your little pervert boyfriend over here isn't nearly so perverted as I thought.
Gemma> Oh?
* Chet jerks a thumb in Travis' direction.
Gemma> Oh.
Travis> Don't believe a word that toe-sucker says, dear.
Gemma> Didn't he try a little thumb-buggery with you, Chet?
mgrasso> Mairead is in awe of the fae mien of the mission. She looks up at the towers in the moonlight, examining the pennons and banners flying from the towers, and just seems content and happy.
Travis> Bitch, bitch, bitch, that's all he did, the whole ride over.
Chet> Well his thumb is *so* small...
James> ahHHHH!
Gemma> Oh, god. You never complain about *my* thumb.
* James runs screaming into the night
Gemma> Are you saying I have big gorilla thumbs?
Ingrid> What the?
Travis> Hmph. I'm sure you're quite familiar with small things, Chet.
Travis> Eh?
Ingrid> !dice 4 9
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 4d10 at difficulty 9. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 4 4 2 4
Chet> Well, I didn't want to discuss your *other* shortcomings, but if you insist...
Gemma> Oh, shush, shush.
Travis> Later, Chet, dear.
* James comes back.
James> is it safe?
* Gemma makes a beeline towards Ingrid
mgrasso> (hold on all again)
Chet> What are we doing here?
James> chet
mgrasso> (please, everyone, hold on)
mgrasso> As you stand outside the mission, talk of thumb-buggery and foot-fetishes abounding...
* Ingrid is in front of you all, and you see her shoulders suddenly come up, her back arching. She seems suddenly a foot taller a she turns on you, eyes blazing.
* Ingrid looks down at her assembled "friends" and almost bellows, in a deep resonant voice, "I will have RESPECT from you tonight!"
mgrasso> Everyone, I need WP rolls, diff. 7
James> !dice 4 7
* DiceWell James rolls 4d10 at difficulty 7. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 5 7 1 1
Travis> !dice 2 7
* DiceWell Travis rolls 2d10 at difficulty 7. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 1 2
Gemma> !dice 2 7
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 2d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 9 7
James> (sneer)
mgrasso> James and Travis drop to his knees in a combination of abject horror and pure and utter respect.
mgrasso> (their knees)
mgrasso> Gemma, while temporarily squinting at Ingrid's visage alight in the darkness of the desert night, yawns and ho-hums.
Gemma> Ingrid, darling, there's no need for theatrics. Now please, hold still. You're all bunched up in the back and I want to smooth you out before you go in.
Gemma> Now, may I?
* Gemma gestures towards Ingrid's clothes
Chet> !dice 8 4
* DiceWell Chet rolls 8d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 6 4 3 9 4 7 1 2
* Ingrid trembles with anger, her back rigid.
mgrasso> James and Travis are still on their knees in obeisance.
James> (grrrr)
mgrasso> Mairead, too stunned to speak, stands gape-mouthed looking at Ingrid.
Ingrid> get up, you two. And pleae, try and be mindful that I would very much appreciate your cooperation.
* Chet lights a cigarette and slips the Zippo back in his pocket.
mgrasso> Travis and James feel their legs regain their strength.
James> (grrrrrrrrr)
mgrasso> (*smirk*)
* Gemma helps James up and dusts his pants off
Ingrid> And your consideration. Believe it or not, this is actually important to me.
Chet> Calm down there, little buddy...
Chet> Sometimes it's easier to *tell* people how to behave rather than ask...
Gemma> Order, you mean.
Ingrid> Sometimes it's eaier to control my temper than others too, Chet.
mgrasso> Mairead looks at the five of you and says, "Thank Gaia you five don't have claws." She smiles.
Chet> Oh, with this group, I understand. It's just that there are those who would willingly do as you wish, as well, and would only need to be *asked*.
Gemma> Gaia? Captain Planet's girlfriend?
Ingrid> I'll try and remember that next time.
Chet> Be assured. You'd have my full respect tonight either way.
mgrasso> (Ending now...)
mgrasso> (Final desc...)
mgrasso> Lady Sharon's boggan valet stands at the front door of the freehold, decked out in ivy and holly for the Yuletide, and throws open the door, announcing you to all the fae assembled inside in a booming, deep, basso profundo voice.
* Chet says under his breath, "Another bogaan stuck workin' for the man..."
mgrasso> "Ladies, gentlemen, childlings, and assembled chimera, the Lady Artemisia, Solangia, Kirby Haruspex, Aranth, Travis, and Inspiring-Fire-of-Brigit of the Garou Tribe Fianna, friends-to-fae."
mgrasso> The assembled crowd inside stops their small talk all at once, and part to let the six of you into the freehold. Standing before the thrones of Count Rogelio and Lady Sharon is Douglass mac Liam, resplendent in his plate armor and Liam-blue tabard. Other sidhe are assembled near the throne dais.
mgrasso> (And that's it for tonight!) :D :D :D