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Chapter Four: A Walk in the Forest

Scene One: On the Road
mgrasso> So folks, shall we dive right in?
Sam> Sounds good Mike.
*** Julia is now known as Ingrid
*** Sam is now known as Jack
mgrasso> Excellent. Let us enter the Dreaming!
Erica> Yes. Let's dive in like .. um.. my co-workers in the residents' candy.
*** Joe is now known as Chet
*** Erica is now known as Gemma
*** Jack is now known as Rolando
*** Mandy is now known as Aranth
Chet> or do we do fae names in the dreaming?
mgrasso> The portal to the Near Dreaming is in the Women's Locker Room, fairly evident to any fae who might chance upon it.
mgrasso> Fae names, please. :)
*** Chet is now known as Kirby
*** Gemma is now known as Solangia
*** Ingrid is now known as Artemisia
mgrasso> Excellent.
mgrasso> Your friend, the fitness nervosa, is legless lying in the shower of the Men's Locker Room.
mgrasso> You enter the Dreaming, and are fully in your fae forms. Memories of your last trip to the Dreaming floods back.
mgrasso> In case you want to look at your friends,
Aranth> woah. remember that road and those guys and that house and that flying thing? crazy.
mgrasso> You feel the shackles of Earthly Banality slip away as you enter a vision wrapped in green gauze.
mgrasso> Unlike your last trip (except Kirby), you are in a heavily forested region of the Dreaming.
Aranth> how well defined is the trod here?
mgrasso> It seems the prototype for every fantasy forest; broad-leaved oak trees tower into the sky, and light wispy clouds barely cloak the sun's beams on your shoulders.
mgrasso> It seems you've popped in the middle of the trod, not the beginning.
mgrasso> So, there's two directions you can go. Perhaps this is a good time to look at the map again.
mgrasso> Would Kirby and Aranth care to collaborate again?
Kirby> Aranth, do you still have the map?
Aranth> sure
Aranth> yup
Kirby> Let's take a look at that bad boy.
mgrasso> OK, folks. Kirby, Int + Enigmas, diff. 7. Aranth, Int + Crypto, diff. 5
Kirby> !dice 7 7
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 2 5 3 6 9 7 6
* Rolando remains alert to anything approaching on the Trod while this is going on.
Aranth> !dice 5 5
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 9 7 2 7 7
Aranth> thats more like it! yeah baby yeah!
Rolando> (nice...)
* Aranth makes the "raises the roof" motion
mgrasso> Rolando's vigilance spots nothing more than a couple of unidentifiable yellow birds perching on a nearby branch.
Artemisia> (nice to see dicey's in a betterr mood this evening. *knocks wood*)
Kirby> Eenie meenie miney moe.
mgrasso> It's a lot easier to understand this map in the Dreaming, for some reason.
Artemisia> (Mandy, you are SO "cutting edge")
Aranth> (hahaha!)
mgrasso> Kirby and Aranth quickly come up with translations of the map's major landmarks.
mgrasso> Finding Grimsley's Inn from here should be no problem.
mgrasso> But Aranth and Kirby have bad news: it's about a three-day walk.
Kirby> Walk?!?
* Solangia scowls
Kirby> That bites.
* Rolando just smiles.
Aranth> how much does that figure out to in real time?
Solangia> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 2 5 6 4 4 5
* mgrasso looks around... you see any other way to transport?
Kirby> Rolando, does your honor dictate that you have to carry me the whole way?
mgrasso> Aranth: no idea. This is an uncharted portal to the Dreaming, so the time dilation could be slight, or drastic.
Rolando> Just think how proud the Fit Ones would be if you walk, Kirby.
Aranth> (kirby, like the little pink nintendo guy...)
mgrasso> Unlike the controlled portal you used in the Count's freehold.
Aranth> how promising does x-country look, from the map?
Kirby> Is there anywhere on the map to spend the night between here and there, or are we going to have to camp out?
Solangia> Camp?
* Solangia wrinkles her nose
mgrasso> Aranth: looks to be all forest walking.
Artemisia> Camp? Wow, I wish I'd brought more than my manicure kit.
* Rolando is grinning broadly at the grousing by this point.
Aranth> (ha!!!)
mgrasso> Kirby: the only place to sleep looks to be Grimsley's. That's three days off.
Solangia> !dice 6 5
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 8 2 5 4 6 2
Kirby> I hope someone remembered a tent.
mgrasso> You all can see Solangia's horrible facial bruises healing visibly in the soft sunlight of the Dreaming.
Kirby> OK, well standing around talking ain't going to get us there any quicker, I say we walk and talk, people.
Aranth> what's your furking problems? I used to love to camp! just remember "stay on the trod"
Rolando> Sounds good.
* Aranth steps a few yards off the trod, takes a final look at the map and starts walking
Artemisia> Yeah, let's get moving.
* Kirby hums "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"
Aranth> no Kirby, dorothy sang that, not the munchkins...
mgrasso> (hah!)
* Rolando softly whistles an old Troll marching tune.
mgrasso> Aranth: it's going to be tough to walk off the trod here, since the forest is so dense beyond it.
Aranth> aww...
* Aranth returns to the trod
Kirby> Can't you build us bikes or something, Aranth?
mgrasso> As you leave your arrival point, the two little birds fly off into the sky.
Aranth> I shall have to continue my expirament regarding the boundaries of trod saftey elsewhere
* Artemisia breathes deeply, glad to be among tall trees and forest air again.
* Solangia scritches Cupid's head and sighs
mgrasso> You folks walk. Within four or five hours, Solangia's face is its usual unmarred kitty self again.
* Kirby pushes his sunglasses farther up his nose, obviously irritated by the bright daylight.
mgrasso> You also all feel revived by the Dreaming. All temp Banality is gone.
mgrasso> (chimerical shades?)
mgrasso> (same for you, Aranth, you're squinting BIG TIME. You need to invent some chimerical sunglasses :) )
Kirby> (Hey, they're part of my chimerical clothing OK, I don't go anywhere without them :) )
Aranth> oh shit.
mgrasso> (Forgot to mention that last trip.)
Kirby> SO, you guys have been here before?
Aranth> any one have a furking hat? I cant see a murrbin furbing thing in this furking sunlight
Rolando> Yeah, Kirby. Looked a lot different last time, though.
Rolando> Lots of rocks, some Redcap banditos, the odd UFO...
Kirby> You can wear my bag on your head if you'd like Aranth.
Aranth> Naw...
Kirby> So what the heck were you doing in the Dreaming?
Artemisia> We were recruiting a gambler for the tournament in Las Vegas.
Aranth> some work for the murbing furking countess
Rolando> That was quite a weekend.
Aranth> yeah, gambling, mobs, vampires named andy...
* Aranth gives gemma a quick look
Artemisia> a lovely chimerical slot machine...
Rolando> Wiseguy vampires...
Kirby> Andy? All the vampired I've known have been named Calvin.
* Kirby starts fiddling with his bag.
Kirby> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 8 9 10 7 5 4
* Solangia ignores Aranth
mgrasso> In Kirby's hands, instead of the bag he was once holding, is now a rough cloth hat.
* Kirby folds his bag into a cloth hat with a brim resembling a baseball cap.
* Solangia reaches into her bag, pulls out her cat-eyed glasses, and puts them on
Kirby> Sure you don't care to try it, Aranth?
Aranth> um...
* Kirby offers the newly constructed hat to Aranth.
* Aranth narowly dodges an out croping brranch
Aranth> sure
Aranth> thanks
Kirby> How's that working for you? Keeping the sun out of your eyes?
mgrasso> Pretty well, or as well as can be expected.
Aranth> not nearly enough, but it's better.... I have issues with sunlight
* Solangia tugs on Kirby's shirt
* Kirby turns to Solangia.
mgrasso> Well, it's been about a six or seven-hour march, and the sun gets lower in the sky.
Solangia> Hey, Kirby... you helpful, delightful, creature... Think you could do anything for my glasses?
* Solangia slips them off
Kirby> How long do you all reckon until night.
Solangia> I think they'd be a lot more useful if my lenses were darker.
* Kirby takes the glasses.
* Kirby examines the glasses.
* Solangia and Cupid watch with interest
Artemisia> Looks like it'll be getting duky pretty soon. We should look for a good place to camp for the night.

Scene Two: At Camp
Rolando> (Duky?)
Solangia> (Duky?)
Artemisia> dusky.
Aranth> (ducky?)
Solangia> (Does Artemisa need changing? :D )
Rolando> (heh)
Artemisia> (:P)
mgrasso> It certainly will be dark soon. And wow, are you guys hungry.
Kirby> !dice 8 7
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 8d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 10 7 6 2 7 7 9 3
Aranth> (mike, I'd like to take this evening and hunt for materials)
mgrasso> (Cool, Aranth. What exactly are you looking for?)
Rolando> Did we bring those sandwiches with us?
mgrasso> Yeah, but they're not chimerical.
Aranth> being in the forest, I think that various types of chimerical wood would be a good idea.
Kirby> I'll take a closer look at these tomorrow Solangia. I think I might be able to find make some kind of dye with the plants around here that'll darken them up for you.
mgrasso> Excellent. That's not a problem at all, Aranth.
Solangia> Delightul. Thanks.
mgrasso> Just how much do you want to gather?
* Solangia slips them back into her bag
Artemisia> How about gathering some for a fire too, Aranth?
Kirby> Excellent idea, are we having a bonfire?
Rolando> Hmmm... what are we going to do about food?
Kirby> !dice 7 5
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 5 2 10 3 4 1 6
Artemisia> Leaf salad?
Kirby> Is there a marshmallow plant around here?
Aranth> cool. well, assuming we'll be coming back this way, I'd like to pile up a good bit and leave it here, as well as tying up a bundle to take with me just incase we don't come back this way
Rolando> Unless we're lucky enough to meet a chimerical deer coming down the Trod...
mgrasso> (stick bundles in the woods... Aranth's been taking tips from the Blair Witch)
mgrasso> Rolando: want to go hunting?>
Kirby> !dice 7 7
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 2 6 8 7 10 1 6
Solangia> Not so fast, Fitzgerald. How do you know those animals arenn't... you know...
Rolando> Dunno how good I'd be at it . . . might as well give it a shot. Maybe I'll find something dumb I can sneak up on.
Kirby> If everyone can wait here and gather some wood, I might be able to find something for us to eat tonight.
* Solangia 's ears twitch a little
Kirby> Can you guys get the fire ready and get camp started?
Artemisia> Is there a stream nearby?
mgrasso> Artemisia, you care to go try and find a water source?
Rolando> What's the matter, Pook? Afraid I'd bring back a friend of yours.
Solangia> Like you could even make a shot, Rollies.
Kirby> Artemisia, let's you and I go find food and water, if you're interested.
Artemisia> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 2 6 1 9 8
Artemisia> All right, Kirby. Good idea.
mgrasso> (shot? he has no missile weapons, he'd be going toe to toe with a deer :D)
mgrasso> (punching it out like Mongo in Blazing Saddles :D)
Solangia> (Even worse! :o)
Rolando> Yeah, what Mike said. : )
Kirby> Can everyone else stay here and make sure that there's a fire going when we get back. If everyone can settle for soup or something, I can fix it up.
Rolando> (hehe)
* Solangia looks Rolando up and down
mgrasso> Kirby, Art? Join #foodwater
Rolando> Don't worry, Sol. I'm not really the Field & Stream type...
mgrasso> OK, so it falls to Aranth to gather the firewood, and Rol and Sol? What are you folks doing?
Solangia> You're right. You strike me as a Hustler type.
* Rolando grins.
mgrasso> (*snort*)
* Kirby walks ahead of the group on the path.
Solangia> Can you imagine if Hustler and Guns & Ammo did a cross-over issue? I don't think you'd leave the bathroom for weeks.
* Kirby returns to reclaim his bag from Aranth.
Rolando> Sorry, Kitty. I just can't get mad at you, I'm having too good a time.
Kirby> Sorry, bud, need this for supplies.
mgrasso> The worst of the sun's down anyway, Aranth.
Solangia> Aw, Rollies. I don't want you mad at me.
Aranth> sure -
* Solangia smiles at Rolando
Rolando> Sure, Sol.
Aranth> !dice 8 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 8d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 4 10 9 10 4 3 4 1
mgrasso> Aranth's pile of wood starts quickly after Aranth does some funky nocker things to it. :)
Solangia> !5 9
Solangia> !dice 5 9
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 5d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 7 2 8 9 3
* Solangia looks around
Rolando> Anything wrong?
* Aranth takes some of the wood he was gathering, kisses solangia on the cheek and wanders off absently into the woods a little ways
Solangia> Yeah... I need a seat. Can I borrow your lap?
Rolando> I don't think your boyfriend would like that very much, Sol.

Scene Three: Rolando and Solangia
Solangia> I don't have a boyfriend, Rolando. Just a very friendly acquaintance.
Rolando> That's even worse...
* Solangia rolls her eyes
Solangia> Why?
Rolando> This Oathcircle is enough of a soap opera as it is, don't you think?
Solangia> Do you even watch soap operas? I haven't seen a single brain tumor yet.
Rolando> Heh.
* Solangia 's little Cupid waves his paw at Rolando
Rolando> Rolando cautiously wiggles his fingers back at Cupid.
Solangia> .... Cupid lightly bats Rolando's finger
Solangia> I think he wants to ride your shoulder. May I?
* Solangia gently lifts Cupid off of her shoulder and offers him to Rolando
Rolando> Um . . . I guess . . .
Solangia> Just hold still.
Rolando> Does he bite?
* Solangia stands on her tip-toes to place Cupid on Rol's shoulder
Solangia> He doesn't quite have a mouth, dear.
Solangia> Unlike the rest of us.
* Solangia smiles
Rolando> Rolando looks somewhat reassured.
* Solangia watches Cupid nuzzle Rolando's neck
Rolando> Okay, well, now I'm glad he hasn't got teeth.
Solangia> Why are men always so nervous about teeth?
Rolando> I can only speak for myself, but I always seem to run into critters who want to bite my head off...
Solangia> And you always act like I'm one of them.
* Solangia gives Rolando a sideways look
Rolando> Well, maybe at times. I was thinking more of that thing in the locker room though
Rolando> I'm glad your face is healing up.
Solangia> Yeah, so am I. I'm really surprised at it, actually. Touch it. It's not even sore anymore.
* Rolando looks slightly taken aback but cautiously toucheds Sol's face.
* Solangia grazes Rolando's hand with her fingertips
Solangia> See?
Rolando> Um...s-Sol...
Solangia> !dice 6 5
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 1 10 7 9 1 4
Rolando> oops.
* Rolando looks into Sol's eyes for a long moment.
* Solangia looks up into Rolando's
* Rolando exhales a bit as if he's having difficulty coming to some kind of decision.
Rolando> Look, Sol...
* Solangia raises her eyebrows a bit. "Yes?"
Solangia> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 5 1 9 6 3 9
Rolando> I can't deny that I feel something for you. But it would make things complicated . . . endanger the mission . . .
* Rolando Rolando seems to be losing his train of thought.
Rolando> It . . . um . . .
* Artemisia and Kirby approach, making a lot of noise.

Scene Four: Nightfall
* Solangia plucks Cupid off of Rolando's shoulder and puts him back on her own
* Rolando looks profoundly relieved at the intrusion, yet just a bit disappointed at the same time.
Kirby> Hello all, we met with mixed results.
* Kirby looks around
Kirby> Where's Aranth?
Solangia> Too bad, Rol.
Rolando>, what? Oh, really?
* Solangia wanders over to kirby and Artemisia
Rolando> Uh, Aranth, uh, he just left, um, k-Kirby.
Artemisia> Yes. We found no water, but Kirby found a juicy fruit and some raspberries.
Kirby> I can't believe he's going to miss a meal.
Solangia> Yeah, he's off looking for sticks or something.
Kirby> Do we have a fire?
mgrasso> The fire is up.
mgrasso> Strong.
Kirby> OK, let's sit.
* Kirby sits down by the fire.
*** Aranth ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
Kirby> Anyone got a knife?
* Rolando sits down and makes himself very busy cleaning and oiling his greatsword.
* Artemisia examines the metal circlet her Frisbee has become.
Kirby> !dice 7 6
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 7 6 10 2 5 3 10
Artemisia> Would this work at all?
Kirby> It might. I'd prefer a knife if anyone has one, though.
* Solangia glances at Rolando and his vigorous sword cleaning, and smiles
* Artemisia removes it from her belt, ready to hand it over.
* Rolando looks up, then hands Kirby his dagger.
Rolando> That should work.
Kirby> Thank you madam, but I believe I'll use this instead.
Kirby> !dice 2 6
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 2d10 at difficulty 6. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 2 1
* Artemisia tucks her circlet away again.
* Kirby accepts the dagger
* Aranth stumbles back onto the trod "hey, what's up?" Aranth looks a little beat and dirty
mgrasso> Kirby and Artemisia brought back some raspberry-looking things and a weird, cubical orange fruit with blue spots.
Kirby> Aranth, sit down, we're just about to eat.
* Kirby uses the dagger to cut off just the very top of one of the fruits.
Aranth> alright... I could eat.
Aranth> (brb guys)
Kirby> See, you can take off the top and squeeze this fruit to get the juice out.
mgrasso> (Julia's getting cookies, so this is a good break point)
mgrasso> And we'll start off next morning.
Kirby> There was no water, so this
Kirby> will have to do for tonight.
* Kirby starts removing the tops and passing the cube-fruits around.
* Solangia takes one and sniffs it curiously as she sits down
mgrasso> The fruit tastes like a cross between a glass of grapefruit juice and a bottle of relish.
* Rolando nibbles at the fruit, his earlier hunger seemingly forgotten.
Artemisia> Well, this is... weird.
Kirby> So/me stats passing around raspberries.
Kirby> This should get the taste out of your mouth, bleh...that stuff is nasty.
Artemisia> Wish I had some ice cream to go with these raspberries.
* Solangia lets Cupid sniff the cube-fruit before tossing it aside
mgrasso> (heh)
mgrasso> Shall we sleep and hit the road the next day?
* Aranth eats basically whatever is set infront of him with zeal
Kirby> Sorry about the poor quality of the provisions people. I promise you all a meal like you've never tasted when we return.
Kirby> Do we need to post a guard over the camp?
* Solangia stretches and yawns... Cupid emulates the movements as best he can without a mouth
* Artemisia settles in, full, and falls into immediate sleep.
* Rolando finishes maintaining his wargear and offers to take first watch.
Kirby> You let me know when you get tired, dude, I'm used to weird hours.
Rolando> All right. I think I can stay awake a while longer.
Kirby> Promise you'll wake me up as soon as you start getting too tired.
Rolando> Sure.
Aranth> yeah, same here, I'll take 3rd watch
Artemisia> I'll take a watch too if anyone gets sleepy, just wake me...
* Artemisia mumbles before she falls asleep.
* Kirby lies back on the trod and settles into a deep sleep.
Rolando> (this is so D&D)
Solangia> Er... yes, same here.
Aranth> but your higness needs her beauty rest...
mgrasso> (I know. Heh.)
* Solangia glances at Artemisia
* Artemisia is now fast asleep.
* Kirby bolts suddenly upright mumbling "Football Practice!" and falls back asleep instantly.
* Rolando rests his back against a tree facing out from the fire to preserve his night vision.
Artemisia> (lmao!)
mgrasso> All right. Rolando watches for about three hours or so, Kirby for maybe three more. Artemisia and Aranth get up early and watch until breakfast.
* Aranth leans up against a tree and starts moving his fingers like he's typing, obviously working out some program in his head
Kirby> Do we want to walk first or eat people?
Solangia> (And Sol? :) )
Aranth> eat people!!!
mgrasso> She slept all night, of course. :)
Kirby> Not eat *people*, know what I meant.
Solangia> (Of course. ::purr::)
mgrasso> Hold up a second, folks.
Kirby> eat, people.
Aranth> never know, It might be better than those cube things
mgrasso> Before we head off on the road again, I'll need to figure out a couple of things.
* Aranth licks his lips
Kirby> How'd everyone sleep?
* Solangia lets out a low, throaty little purr as she stretches herself to wakefulness
mgrasso> Sorry, folks. Just another minute or two.
* Rolando avoids looking at Sol as she wakes up. He looks like he did more thinking than sleeping last night.
Kirby> Let's try and keep an eye out for a stream as we're walking today.
* Solangia notices Rolando's behaviour and mutters, "God, you show someone your sheep once and they freak out on you."
Artemisia> I thought I heard one last night, but we couldn't find it.
mgrasso> All right. We've got a little bit of retroactive STing going on right now, but if people don't mind, I'll put us on the road again.
mgrasso> And whoever's doing that stuff can continue doing it. :)
* Solangia nuzzles Cupid and helps him settle into her backpack
Rolando> Let's roll out!

Scene Five: Grimsley's Inn
mgrasso> Excellent. It's back on the trod, and another beautiful day.
Kirby> Any sign of water?
mgrasso> You've all replenished your temp. Glamour, btw.
mgrasso> And... one point of WP for a good night's sleep.
Solangia> (is there no morning breath in the Dreaming? :D)
mgrasso> Hah! Sweet fairy breath. :)
mgrasso> You all notice that Aranth now has a pair of sunglasses on.
mgrasso> They seem to be made of a dark wood with dark glass panels in the frames.
Artemisia> Nice shades, Aranth.
Kirby> Nice work MacGuyver.
* Aranth practically beams
* Solangia playfully taps the frame
Solangia> They're quite ugly! Pookaly speaking, of course.
mgrasso> The right lens pops out.
Solangia> Oh, for the love of...
mgrasso> It falls onto the trod.
Aranth> Furking...
* Solangia eyes the lense
* Aranth scoops it up and pops it back in
Kirby> Can I take a look at those Aranth?
Aranth> sure... careful, the right frame is tempermental
Solangia> I think I'll stay away from those...
mgrasso> The day's march seems to go smoother than before... you're walking and never tiring, it seems. So much so that by dusk of the second day, the trod leads you right to what appears to be the mythical Grimsley's Inn.
Artemisia> Wow, that cube fruit stuff was great.
Kirby> Yeah, it warped time and space fr us.
* Kirby walks up to the front door.
Solangia> And here I thought mock oranges were the pinaccle of fruit oddities. I stand corrected.
mgrasso> Grimsley's is a two-story affair, sitting in the middle of a clearing. Towering pines surround the inn, which is made of a dark brown wood that looks like every log was polished before being used in construction.
Kirby> I wonder if Grimsley's in Grimsley's Inn...
mgrasso> A wooden sign hangs out front, and the unmistakable scent of a stable is evident from behind the building.
Aranth> ouch man. I think we should make some rule about bad punns
* Rolando 's martial spirit perks up a bit at the smell of horses.
Kirby> What's that smell?
* Kirby looks at Rolando accusingly.
mgrasso> As Kirby goes up to the front door, you all see a figure shambling from behind the inn. It is about 7.5 feet tall, thin, with a balding head, wearing tattered clothes. The strangest thing about the figure is that his mouth is completely sealed over. Not with stiches, not with some sort of cloth... just sealed over with flesh.
mgrasso> It groans from deep inside its throat.
Aranth> (uh oh! sam, did you draw a monster that looks like that?!)
mgrasso> It's continuing to walk towards you.
Rolando> (It wasn't me! I don't think, anyway!)
mgrasso> (*smirk*)
* Solangia immediately stands behind Rolando
* Kirby starts knocking on the front door.
* Rolando keeps an eye on the newcomer.
mgrasso> Kirby's knock is answered with a loud "It's open, for goodness' sakes!"
* Aranth speaks up
Aranth> Hello?
mgrasso> The figure grunts at Aranth and Rolando.
Aranth> good grunt or bad grunt?
mgrasso> He's pulling something out of a pocket in the back of his pants.
mgrasso> Just as he does, the door opens.
* Rolando puts his hand on his sword hilt and watches the figure.
Rolando> (cop instinct)
Aranth> (can I make an empathy roll?!)
mgrasso> Standing at the door is a boggan grump, wearing oval specs and clutching a pipe in his mouth. His clothes are simple, yet neat.
mgrasso> The mouthless figure clutches a bit of rope in his hand.
* Artemisia looks back and forth between Rolando and he figure.
mgrasso> He's standing right near Aranth and Rolando now, grunting more and more.
Rolando> (to figure) I don't understand.
* Solangia peeks out from behind Rolando
Aranth> what do you need?
Artemisia> Perhaps he can answer yes or no questions.
mgrasso> "Gitano!" the boggan says. "These people don't have horses! Go away now!"
Artemisia> Are you trying to speak? (to the figure)
mgrasso> The figure, slumped over in disappointment, walks back to the back of the inn.
Aranth> whats with his furking mouth, boggan?
Rolando> I think he's the stable hand, milady.
Artemisia> Oh, I see! you're looking to care for our horses?
Artemisia> um, nevermind :)
Solangia> Oh, he wants the horse.
* Solangia points at Artemisia
Aranth> (aranth is not hostile when he says this)
mgrasso> "Him? That's Gitano. He was born that way, near as I can tell. Saved me from a peryton nigh on twenty years ago, so I gave him this job."
Solangia> Right here!
Solangia> She's right here. She likes a bit of oat mush. Treat her well.
* Kirby scowls a bit.
Aranth> mighty charitable of you.
Rolando> Manners, Sol.
mgrasso> "Grimsley's the name, ladies and gents." Grimsley seems relatively genial, if a bit short on patience.
Solangia> Care to make me behave, Rol?
* Rolando ignores.
Artemisia> Hello, Grimsley. A pleasure meeting you.
* Artemisia says, completely ignoring Solangia's meowing.
* Aranth -Glares- at solagnia
Kirby> I'm sorry good sir, but you can't take these ones anywhere without them causing a ruckus.
mgrasso> He bows ever-so-slightly at Artemisia. "I must say, we haven't any of the Fair Folk visit this inn in quite a few years."
* Solangia gives Aranth a surprised look
mgrasso> "Are you folks from the Mundane Realms?"
Kirby> My name is Kirby and I am most pleased to make your acquaintence.
mgrasso> (He seems to be completely ignoring Solangia et al)
* Rolando looks slightly unnerved at Aranth and Sol's vibe.
Artemisia> It's quite lovely place you have here, sir. It's my privilege to be here.
Artemisia> We are, yes. We've travelled two days in the Dreaming and would be honored to take a rest in such a lovely place as this.
Rolando> (to Grim) And I am Rolando at your service, sir.
mgrasso> "I believe we have a suite which will be to your satisfaction, lady. I will have one of my daughters fetch all of your bags. Cristal! Where are ye, girl?"
* Kirby whipsers to Rolando.
* Solangia whispers to Aranth
Aranth> oh! Art! the suite this time! and we didn't even have reservations!
mgrasso> Coming out from behind the wall of the main hallway in the inn is a... quite buxom young lady. She is short of stature like most boggans, but quite attractive. She appears to be 15 or 16 years old and wears a low-cut blouse and long flowing skirt.
mgrasso> "Father?" she says, and stops short when she sees the 'circle. She says, "My goodness, five guests!"
* Artemisia smiles at the girl.
mgrasso> "Yep," Grimsley says. "Make sure the rest of the rooms are in shape before you take them up there."
mgrasso> "We've got a full house, now," Grimsley continues.
mgrasso> As the other four speaks amongst themselves, Artemisia is left to deal with Grimsley.
Artemisia> Thank you for your hospitality, sir.
Rolando> (Joe, did you get my Msg? It gave an error message when I sent it)
mgrasso> "Perhaps you and your party would like to sit in the common room and wait for your rooms to be prepared."
* Kirby nods my head to the girl.
Kirby> (No i didn't)
Rolando> (Dammit)
mgrasso> (God, why is my server so crappy?)
Kirby> (try again)
* Solangia salaams Aranth
mgrasso> (Or you could try me, Sam)

Scene Six: Inside the Common Room
Artemisia> That would be lovely, thank you. I would like to repay you for your kindness in taking in five travellers so quickly.
Rolando> (did it work Joe?)
*** mgrasso sets mode: +o Aranth
Artemisia> And perhaps for a meal? We have had little but cube-fruit these past two days.
mgrasso> "Raw cubes? Oh, my goodness, that must have tasted foul."
* Artemisia pulls a few gold coins from a pouch on her blet.
Artemisia> belt.
mgrasso> "No, we use the cubes here, but cooked. It's much used as a seasoning and sauce."
Artemisia> Yes, they were definitely... odd.
Aranth> kind of like relish and grapefruit juice
mgrasso> Grimsley accepts the gold coins with much demureness. "My lady, this is generous, and will buy you and your friends rooms for the next 3 nights."
Solangia> They tasted just like Aranth's kiss.
* Kirby pats Rolando on the back in a friendly manner.
Kirby> Good sir, I would ask that you allow me to observe in the kitchen.
Artemisia> Thank you, kind sir. Although we are all not as polite as some, I can suure you your hospitality is appreciated.
Kirby> I am most eager to see how you prepare these fruit here.
mgrasso> You all meander into the common room and see there is a raised dais which looks to be a stage. Sitting at another table, playing backgammon, are two more boggan females... both very much... well-endowed in the way of their sister. When they see guests enter, they perk up.
Aranth> why you furking, self-centered bitch- aranth glowers
Kirby> Good evening ladies.
* Rolando shoots Kirby an "everything's copacetic" look.
mgrasso> They giggle at Kirby and whisper to each other, giggling all the while.
mgrasso> The youngest daughter, Cristal, sneaks up behind Rolando, and says, "May I take... your bag, sir knight?"
Solangia> Better than being a moody, possesive, and dare I menton OBSESSIVE freak.
* Solangia glowers right back at Aranth
* Artemisia turns to face Arath and Solangia.
Artemisia> If you two are going to fight, do it outside.
Aranth> atleast I don't have my head stuck so far up my ass all I can see is the butt end of my fluffly furking tail
Solangia> Oh, here comes the lecture.
Artemisia> We don't need to be kicked out of here.
mgrasso> The three daughters just sort of watch this unfold.
mgrasso> Grimsley's already retired upstairs.
* Solangia laughs at Aranth
Solangia> Yeah, thanks for that insight.
mgrasso> You are all in the inn's common room. Grimsley has left you and the innkeeper's three sisters, Audra, Berthe, and Cristal are sitting at a table, the two eldest playing backgammon.
mgrasso> Kirby, you can smell something being prepared from behind the kitchen door.
Kirby> !dice 7 8
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 9 8 6 9 8 8 7
* Solangia is smirking at Aranth
Aranth> you know, I never thought of the words "pooka" and "fridged" going hand in hand untill I met you.
Kirby> Hey girls, do you think it'd be cool with the chef if I poked my head into the kitchen?
* Solangia loses her smirk
Artemisia> I thought I asked you two to take it outside.
Aranth> you are so furking scared of everything, especially the truth... it's funny.
mgrasso> Audra, the eldest daughter, introduces herself and says, "Dinner will be out in about a half-hour. After that, there'll be entertainment courtesy a guest of ours, a famous bard named Onlas."
Kirby> You know, you two could just settle this over a civilized game of backgammon if you'd like.
* Aranth smirks
Solangia> I'm scared? Me?
* Solangia inches closer to Aranth
Artemisia> Thank you, Audra. That sounds lovely.
mgrasso> The girls giggle at Kirby again and say, "Well, dad likes to cook alone, I'm sure *you* understand that. But I'm sure he wouldn't mind you being in there," Audra says.
Solangia> At least I don't have to live my life through a fucking haze.
* Rolando braces for anything between the nocker and the pook.
Aranth> that's not the way it furking works, and atleast I can be honest
Aranth> hey everybody, I'm a furking speed freak
Kirby> Thank you. Can I play the winner of this game. We used to have a regular backgammon tournament on Wednesday's back home.
mgrasso> Audra says, "I'll play you."
* Solangia glares coldly at Aranth
mgrasso> She looks at Kirby with a piercing, devliish gaze as Berthe vacates her seat.
Kirby> After dinner, Audra. I
Kirby> I'll be back.
* Kirby heads to the kitchen to see what's cookin'
* Artemisia is torn between shutting these two up and seeing what happens.
Aranth> you going to laugh at me now? thats the way you work it don't you pooka?
Solangia> !dice 2 8
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 2d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 3 5
* Solangia opens her mouth, then shuts it
Aranth> something upsets you, so you laugh it away, because then it doesn't exist untill you get the furking shit all over your pretty kitty face
* Solangia takes a deep, calming breath
* Solangia gives Aranth a defiant look
Solangia> So?
Aranth> and you want to talk about how I kiss? howa bout cat breath and a sandpaper toung
Artemisia> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 9 1 5 4 1 4
Solangia> Now you're just being sad, Aranth.
* Artemisia begins examining her manicure, turning her hands this way and that.
mgrasso> The inn's common room is now beginning to fill up with other guests.
Aranth> you know what's sad. the way you're not even listening to a word I'm saying- because you don't furking care- that's what's *really* sad
mgrasso> The three daughters have been watching the Aranth/Solangia discussion with much interest.
* Solangia raises an eyebrow
Solangia> You so clearly have a lock on my thoughts, Aranth.
* Kirby reenters the room and tries to find a seat near Audra.
Solangia> How about you read a little deeper, querido? See what else you find?
* Solangia glances at Rolando
mgrasso> Audra says, "Mister Kirby, was it? Could you brush my hair for me?"
Kirby> Don't mind these two, fair ladies, I've only known them a couple of days and I've already learned to tune them out.
* Rolando looks dismayed at the prospect of being dragged into this.
mgrasso> Rolando's been keeping a wary eye on Cristal this whole time, keeping her at a distance.
Aranth> deeper? do you want to talk about your insessant flirting? or maybe andrew whatever the furk his name is? or how about "I care I just don't know how to show it. bull shit bitch.
* Rolando shoots Kirby a glance that implies "remember your own advice, bub."
* Artemisia now begins to smooth her hair, removing bits of twigs caught in it from the walk.
mgrasso> Hold on, everyone.
Artemisia> !dice 7 4
Aranth> and what the furk do all those spanish words you keep throwing in mean? speack the fucking language.
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 7d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 10 1 9 3 6 10 8
Aranth> (holding...)
mgrasso> Everyone in the room halts for a moment, and just as Solangia was about to open-hand slap Aranth, everyone just stops fighting.
Solangia> !dice 2 10
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 2d10 at difficulty 10. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 6 9
mgrasso> The argument between Aranth and Solangia just stops cold in its tracks. They still feel anger in their hearts, but it's been arrested as if cold iron had been slapped on their souls.
Artemisia> Ah, that's better. Let's enjoy Mister Grimsley's hospitality in peace, shall we?
* Artemisia stretches, the settles into her chair, relaxed.
* Rolando looks at Artemisia gratefully.
mgrasso> Seating arrangements, everyone?
* Aranth shoots artemisia a glare that contains poison daggers and death
* Rolando sits in the position that places him furthest from both Sol and the buxom boggan daughters.
Artemisia> I'll be watching the backgammon game across from the duaghters and Kirby.
* Solangia stiffly sits in the nearest place and curls up with a heavy, shakey sigh
Aranth> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 10 1 9
Kirby> !dice 7 8
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 10 4 4 6 4 8 8
Kirby> !dice 1 8
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 1d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9
mgrasso> Rolando sits in the far corner. Artemisia sits at the same table as Kirby and the 3 daughters.
* Solangia looks drained
* Rolando looks pensive.
mgrasso> Where are Aranth and Solangia going?
* Aranth looks revitalised
Aranth> I'm going to stay standing and lean my back up against a wall somewhere where I can watch the whole room.
* Kirby accepts the brush from Audra
mgrasso> Fair enough. How much longer can we go, reasonably?
* Solangia stays in her chair
mgrasso> (Playing, I mean)
Kirby> (I'm here for the duration)
Rolando> (I'm good for another half hour or so, Mike)
Solangia> (ditto)
mgrasso> (Sam, you have to get home?)
mgrasso> (Ah, good. I'll do the rest of the evening.
Aranth> I don't go toschool anymore so whatever
Artemisia> I had a nap, so I'm good.
mgrasso> Very well. Shall I have the daughters serve us venison in wine sauce with greens and cube-fruit dressing?
* Kirby begins softly brushing Audra's hair, like he's done this before.
Artemisia> Yes!

Scene Seven: Dinner and a Show
mgrasso> Well, let me describe the other guests.
mgrasso> First of all, the first to come down to dinner from upstairs is a pig in a waistcoat and top hat. His curly tail pokes through his pantaloons, as he makes satisfied snorting sounds as he sits in the seat closest tothe kitchen door.
mgrasso> Then, a couple of human-types come down from upstairs. Both dress in simple clothing, the type you might see farmers wear in the last century.
mgrasso> They appear to be husband and wife.
mgrasso> Then, a mustachioed bald man comes down from the rooms upstairs. He wears rich clothing in a paisley pattern, with a starch-white shirt on underneath.
mgrasso> Finally, a dark-skinned man with close-cropped curly hair, toting a long-necked lute enters the room, bedecked in silks and a purple cloak. He makes his way to the stage amid scattered applause.
mgrasso> You've been served your dinners, and they are absolutely mouthwatering.
mgrasso> Do we have any vegetarians among us?
Rolando> Emphatically not.
Artemisia> Not here.
mgrasso> Just wanted to make sure everyone wanted the venison. :)
Kirby> Oh, yeah!
mgrasso> The bard sings in a quite-odd style; in fact, it reminds you more of your own world's R&B music or maybe even funk. The lyrics are in some unknown language, but the beat is there. It's such an odd juxtaposition; Parliament-Funkadelic on a lute, but you deal with the tools you have, apparently. :)
Artemisia> (Only you, Mike. :)
Solangia> (he's performing while people eat?)
mgrasso> (Yes, ma'am, it's dinner theatre!)
Rolando> (lol)
Solangia> (ah)
mgrasso> (Thanks, Julia... I think)
* Kirby asks Audra, would it be rude to place a request between songs?
mgrasso> Audra says, "I don't believe there'd be any problem with that! Onlas is very knowledgeable about all sorts of music."
* Kirby waits until a break between songs and politely requests "Tear the Roof off the Sucka' ".
mgrasso> The pig makes horrible oinking noises as it eats near the kitchen door.
* Solangia listlessly picks at her food without really eating any of it
Aranth> breakfast tommorow anyone? Aranth mutters
* Kirby barely touches his food. He seems entranced by the bard.
* Rolando methodically destroys his portion but doesn't seem to be fully enjoying it.
mgrasso> Audra passes a parchment note up to Onlas the bard.
* Aranth eats zealously and with passion
* Artemisia eats delicately, thoroughly enjoying the hot meal, genial atmosphere, and surreal music.
mgrasso> Onlas begins a spirited rendition of "Tear the Roof off the Sucka," displaying that he is apparently at least originally from the Mundane Realm.
* Kirby shovels as much food in his mouth as possible between songs, but while the bard plays, he zones out, eyes half-closed, nodding his head to the music.
* Kirby mutters "kick ass..."
mgrasso> Now, just something to consider for after dinner: we have three rooms, one suite for Artemisia, and two other doubles. Who's rooming tonight? :)
Artemisia> (oh my :)
* Aranth whispers to artemisia
Kirby> Man, this is *not* a good situation.
mgrasso> (heh)
* Artemisia thinks about this for a few moments.
* Rolando will sleep in the stable if necessary...
* Solangia glances at Kirby
Solangia> Maybe I should break in the new guy.
Artemisia> Solangia, would you like to share my suite?
Kirby> OK, Rolando, I'd suggest that you and Aranth room together.
Rolando> I think you're right, Kirby.
Aranth> who's she kidding? she wouldn't know how.
Artemisia> There should be plenty of room.
Kirby> I'll find somewhere else to sleep.
Kirby> Sol, you can have your room to yourself.
* Solangia gives Aranth a strange look
* Rolando shoots Kirby a look at his "find somewhere else to sleep" comment.
Kirby> Please, no more fighting in the home of our gracious host.
Artemisia> Yes, please.
* Solangia shoves her plate aside with a sigh
Kirby> The ladies can have rooms to themselves.
mgrasso> The performance and dinner over, Grimsley invites any who wants to into the sitting room for port and cigars.
* Kirby stands up at the end of the performance and shouts, "Woooo! You *rule* dude!"
mgrasso> The daughters are left to clear the tables and wash the dishes.
* Artemisia surreptitiously puts her hand on Aranth's shoulder.
* Kirby gives the "devil horns" salute with both hands.
mgrasso> Onlas smiles at Kirby's vigorous cheering, flashing a pearly white smile.
* Rolando heads for the sitting room like he doesn't really WANT to, but figures it's safer to stay with the group.
Kirby> I'd be a fool to turn down a good cigar, Grimsley. Count me in.
mgrasso> The pig definitely heads for the sitting room.
* Kirby wanders over to shake Olans' hand and generally act like a HUGE fanboy.
mgrasso> The husband and wife do not. The bald mustache guy heads upstairs. Onlas is going to the sitting room.
Aranth> "and there in the wood, a piggy wig stood, with a ring at the end of his nose"
* Kirby follows talking all the way about P-Funk.
mgrasso> Who's in the sitting room? Rolando, Kirby...
* Artemisia goes in for tiny glass of port before retiring.
mgrasso> Onlas says, "You have to understand, man, I forget a lot of the words and names and such... I just remember the music."
* Aranth breaks into the entire verse of "the owl and the pussy cat"
mgrasso> OK, Aranth, Solangia?
* Solangia abruptly stands up
Kirby> But, dude, you ROCK!
Solangia> I'm tired.
Kirby> Aranth, won't you join us?
Solangia> I'm going to go ... wherever the hell I'm supposed to go to sleep.
mgrasso> Onlas sighs, and says, "Thanks, man, but it's been a long time. You've probably just come from the 'real world,' huh?"
Kirby> Just look for the room that has a cardboard box and a blanket, kitty.
Aranth> heh.
* Solangia sort of shrugs
mgrasso> (We're finishing in about 10 minutes)
Kirby> Hell yeah, and I ain't heard nothing like that for a long time. You'll have to srop in if you ever make it to the mundane world, not that you'd want to.
Artemisia> You can either stay with me or take one of the doubles, Sol.
Solangia> Look, I'll just go wherever. just aim me and send me off, all right?
* Solangia looks rather irritable
* Aranth walks over to kirby, "yeah I'll join you for a little bit... but then I should go to bed." he raises his voice a for solognias benifit "I'm just so lost with out my precious little white pill""

Scene Eight: Sitting Room
mgrasso> In the sitting room, the pig has grabbed a big glass of port and is already smoking a huge stogie, talking to Grimsley. "So, I don't suppose you'd want to act as middleman in a couple of deals I have planned, hmm?"
* Solangia mutters, "asshole."
Solangia> Aranth --
Aranth> yeah?
* Artemisia examines her nails again, just in case.
* Kirby perks up at the conversation and sits next to Grimsley.
* Rolando passes on a cigar, but gulps down a glass of port and then moodily swirls the remnants in the bottom of the glass.
Solangia> Oh, never mind.
mgrasso> Grimsley says, "Nah, you know, I'm content with everything the way it is now."
* Kirby takes a cigar and lights it up with his Zippo.
mgrasso> (no zippo!)
* Aranth looks away, as if his hopes have been dashed yet again
Kirby> D'oh!
* Kirby snaps my fingers and holds his cigar to his lips.
* Solangia is gazing intently at Aranth
Kirby> A small flame floats up out of Kirby's bag and alight's on the end of his cigar.
* Artemisia finishes her port and walks over to Solangia.
mgrasso> The pig oinks "Fair enough. You're a good friend, Grimsley." He flashes his pinky rings at Grimsley and says, "These accoutrements *oink* don't come cheap."
* Aranth is looking back at her-- attempting to look blank, failing miserably.
Artemisia> I'll walk you up, Sol. Let's get some sleep.
* Kirby puffs my cigar to life
Kirby> The flame, it's job done, floats slowly over Kirby's left shoulder.
Solangia> Yeah, okay.
* Artemisia calls to Kirby, "Sol's going to stay with me, so youb guys decide how to divvy up the other two rooms."
* Aranth pops down next to Kirby
* Kirby mutters, "Thanks, Bob" and points a thumb and forefinger at the flame.
mgrasso> To describe the sitting room: it's got a long dining table in it, as well as a fireplace and a huge grandfather clock.
Kirby> Hey, buddy, try one of these cigars, they're awesome.
Kirby> So smoooooth....
* Artemisia escorts Solangia to her suite.
mgrasso> Art, sol, join #suite
Aranth> Sure, (he takes it) can I get a drink too? (he pauses) ever dated a pooka, man?
mgrasso> Leave this channel, Art and Sol.
Kirby> Not worth the trouble, man...
Kirby> Not from what I hear at least. Need a light?
Aranth> yeah.
*** Solangia ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
*** Artemisia ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
Aranth> you are so furking right.
mgrasso> Sam, if you need to leave, you can put Rolando to bed.
* Kirby gives a soft whistle and points at Aranth's cigar.
Kirby> The flame darts over to the tip of Aranth's cigar, giving him a chance to light it.
Rolando> (Not a bad idea, he'll probably just brood and attempt to evade boggan hotties for the rest of the evening anyway)
Aranth> I mean really. I'm just gonna end up furking appologising, and then we're going to "talk" and I'm the only one who's gonna furking sayanything and she's gonna make a lot of empty promises and then we'll just end up back where we are now
Kirby> (Those damn boggan *temptresses :)
mgrasso> Sam: I'll direct you to the rest of the log, ok? Whatever you miss, you can catch there.
Rolando> (Great, Mike. Before I go, let me say this was an AWESOME session)
mgrasso> It'll be up in the next couple days.
Kirby> So why do you do it, dude?
mgrasso> (Thanks, Sam! I enjoyed it a lot too)
mgrasso> (I appreciate it. Nice to see Jackie get some play :) )
* Rolando excuses himself and heads for the sack.
Kirby> Good night, Rolando. And bar the door, those farmer's daughters are sneaky.
Rolando> (Definitely. Goo'night all.)
*** Rolando has quit IRC
Aranth> i think it's because of the big scary L man... or what might be, or what feels like it... but she won't let me close enough to find out.
Kirby> But why subject yourself to the punishment?
Aranth> I'm a glutton for it. I dated a dom. satyr for a little while. but that was never emotional
* Aranth smiles deviously
Kirby> Dude, I know, tose satyrs are *something*
* Kirby high fives Aranth.
* Kirby keeps one ear on Grimsley's conversation.
mgrasso> Grimsley's just talking to the pig about trade routes and such. Money, business.
Kirby> Well, you've got to keep in mind that you can't let a chick walk all over you.
Aranth> does it look like I do? I only take so much shit, but she always gets the upperhand again.
Kirby> Oh, I know, but it seems like she knows just what buttons to push...
Kirby> I'm always hear if you need a friendly ear or just someone to bounce ideas off.
Aranth> If only I didn't care so furking much.
Aranth> So, as a totally objective, which you are- what do you think about the whole deal?
* Aranth motions for another drink
mgrasso> Grimsley pours Aranth another from the crystal decanter.
Aranth> thanks man
Kirby> Well, dude, I've only known you guys for a few days, so you have to take this with a grain of salt.
Aranth> I generally take everything wiht a whole spoonfull
Kirby> And, truth be told, I don't know a lot nockers. I had one for a roommate once, but he vanished after a couple of days.
Kirby> !dice 7 8
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 8 3 9 9 6 9 2
Aranth> I wouldn't want to live with one of us
Kirby> Don't take this the wrong way, because I think you care about Sol a lot.
Aranth> too furking much and thats my side of the bottom line.
Kirby> And I don't like to speak ill of people who aren't around to defend themselves.
Kirby> Here's my take:
Kirby> She derives pleasure about driving you nuts.
Kirby> But pleasure is even too simple a word.
Kirby> There's more to it.
Aranth> keep talking
* Aranth sips his drink pensively
Kirby> Something about her *drives* her to try and drive you nuts.
Kirby> In mundane terms, you'd call it "pathological behavior".
Aranth> hmm...
Aranth> do you know how I think she ravages?
Kirby> But I haven't known her long enough to know if it's a mundane problem, something from her past, or something more.
Kirby> How?
Kirby> I'm not completely familiar with ravaging
Aranth> I think she does it by creating false hopes and destroying them. It's just a hypothesis though.
Aranth> Part of that other thing, too, is her simply being a pooka.
* Aranth looks dejected
Aranth> I'm just not right for her. we're oil and water.
* Kirby takes a long draw on his cigar and looks thoughtful.
Kirby> I don't know how much you know about boggans, but I've got a pretty keen sense about these things.
Kirby> I think you may be onto something.
Kirby> I mean, it all fits.
Kirby> She is proabably deriving some kind of sustenance from your torture.
Kirby> Does that sound about right?
Aranth> I donno. I only felt the drain once, and then I only hink that's what it is.
Kirby> I
Aranth> when some one raveges you, you know... like this evening, when sol got all tired after our fight?
Kirby> yes.
Kirby> Is that what you were doing to her?
Aranth> I didn't mean to hurt her, for me, it just happens.
Kirby> I'd say that's what she's doing to you then.
Aranth> knockers insult people- I happen to harvest glamour when somebody gets very angry at me, and it happens alot.
Aranth> but she *felt it*
Aranth> and that's the key point, if she was ravaging me, I'd feel drained.
Kirby> Maybe...
mgrasso> OK, guys.
mgrasso> Time to head up to bed.
Kirby> She's definitely deriving some kind of something beyond simple pleasure by what she's doing to you.
Aranth> sure, maybe... I'll be up in a minute

Scene Nine: Midnight Theft
*** Solangia ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
*** Artemisia ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
mgrasso> OK, one last scene, in a sec.
Aranth> !dice 5 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 10 6 7 9 9
*** mgrasso sets mode: +oo Artemisia Solangia
mgrasso> Next morning, well, not really morning, you can hear an anxious squealing out in the hallway.
mgrasso> "Argh! Thieves! Robbers!"
mgrasso> It's very obviously Mr. Pig.
mgrasso> It's about an hour before dawn.
* Artemisia pulls on a robe and goes to open the door to the hallway.
* Kirby cracks open the door and takes a peek in the hall.
mgrasso> Artemisia can see the pig out in the hallway, screaming about thieves and robbers. "Lock down the inn! The robber must still be here!"
Artemisia> What happened?
mgrasso> "It was that pooka... she stole my jewelry!"
* Solangia tiredly lifts her head
Solangia> What? There's another pooka here?
Artemisia> What is this nonsense? She's been in here with me all nightt.
* Solangia wakes up more
Solangia> What?!
* Kirby rouses Aranth "Looks like your girlfriend's in a bit of trouble"
Aranth> huh?
Kirby> Take a look out here.
mgrasso> The pig sees Solangia behind Artemisia and says, "Her! She stole my jewelry! My rings, my gold!"
* Aranth shakes his head
Aranth> sleepily
mgrasso> And that's where we leave it. :)
mgrasso> Cliiiiiiiffffff hanger. :)
* Kirby makes sure to stay between Aranth and the door.
Kirby> yeeeeee-HA!
Aranth> "oh pig, arre you willing to sell for one shilling your ring? said the piggy I will..."
mgrasso> Guys, that was a lot of fun.
Artemisia> Mike, you're such a dramatic Storyteller. :D
*** Artemisia is now known as Julia
Kirby> DAmn, all that ruckus didn't even wake Rolando :)
*** Solangia is now known as Erica
*** Aranth is now known as Mandy
* mgrasso smiles
*** Kirby is now known as Joe
Erica> He's probably busy with some round-heeled wench.
Joe> I hope not :)
Julia> hee hee
Erica> I hope so!
mgrasso> Sam had to leave, but he'll read the log.
Joe> Stay away from those Farmer's Daughters
mgrasso> By the way, private conversations will *not* be posted.
mgrasso> So don't worry none.
Joe> D'oh! Come on :)