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Chapter Three: Deep Water

Scene One: Outside the Teague Household(continued)
MG-GM> Excellent! Let's begin.
MG-GM> Chapter 3 of Story One.
MG-GM> Where we left off:
MG-GM> Last time, we'd returned to the Teague household and found a small chimerical dragon guarding the house.
MG-GM> Having collapsed due to lack of proximity to her master, Aoife was replenished with our Glamour.
MG-GM> Aoife told us the place to go was Lake Havasu.
MG-GM> Now, the decision: when to go?
MG-GM> Today is still Thursday, February 3.
MG-GM> The weekend begins tomorrow.
MG-GM> Aoife, of course, urges you to go ASAP.
James> leave tommorow after work?
Ingrid> Yes, I can do that.
Gemma> I can leave whenever.
MG-GM> Aofie sighs audibly. "Your mortal lives, I presume? Typical."
James> hell, I can go whenever the furk I want, I just didn't want to furk with her nibs.
MG-GM> "Well, it's nice to see that the Seelie sense of responsibility isn't universal," Aoife says, glaring at Ingrid.
MG-GM> Douglass says, "It's acceptable to leave tomorrow night after work. I'll make reservations somewhere in Lake Havasu."
James> (he was here?)
MG-GM> Yes indeed.
MG-GM> He was with you the whole day.
James> (oh.)
* Ingrid glares at Aoife and says "Thank you, Douglass."
MG-GM> Aoife says, "Well, I'll just flit down to your little freehold and wait for you there."
MG-GM> OK, everyone going home for the night?
James> I'll go back to work... do some shit and crash friday while everyone else is at their jobs

Scene Two: Outside the Freehold
MG-GM> OK. Let's make plans while at work the next morning. Who'll drive?
James> oh! I will!
MG-GM> You have a car?
James> a shit box... I could drive someone elses car
James> (7 dice)
Ingrid> I suppose we can take my sedan.
James> and I could drive...?
Gemma> And I could sit in the back and nap. Sounds great.
MG-GM> Heh. OK. Next day, you all meet at the freehold.
Ingrid> Yes, James, you can drive. But I choose the music.
MG-GM> Probably around 3:30 or 4 pm.
MG-GM> Ingrid comes up to you, with an announcement.
James> as long as it aint furking new-age or piss-ant country
MG-GM> (By the way, James, get back one point of temp. Willpower)
Ingrid> Douglass called me at work today and says he won't be joining us.
Ingrid> Somthing's come up, he said.
James> ah... and good ol' doug cops out. Jackass.
MG-GM> Aoife floats near James' head and shakes her little head.
MG-GM> "Useless."
MG-GM> "Oathbreakers," Aoife says, "I should have known."
Ingrid> But he did make us reservations.
James> eh. lets save the kid and then mount dougs head on a stick infront of the freehold.
Ingrid> And you would be wise not to speak of that which you do not know, Aoife.
Gemma> That would be a waste of a stick, James.
MG-GM> Aoife smiles a black draconic smile. "I know much, fragile one. Be careful you do not cross me."
MG-GM> Aoife mutters, "Jeez, I can't wait to get back to my master. There's a noble with *class*."
Ingrid> Let's go, shall we? The sooner I'm away from this ungrateful dragon-thing the better.
James> noble? class? isn't that a furking oxymoron?
MG-GM> "Oh, I'll be plenty graceful when we find young master 'Davis.'"
MG-GM> (Grateful, rather)
Ingrid> If you all are quite finished, I suggest we go.

Scene Three: Interstate 10, West
MG-GM> All right, heading out. James in the driver's seat of Ingrid's car, Ingrid shotgun, and Gemma and the dragon in the back.
MG-GM> We're taking I-10, through Phoenix, west across the state, and then north to Lake Havasu.
James> lets roll
MG-GM> With rush hour taken into consideration, it's about an 8 to 9 hour drive.
MG-GM> Leaving at 4, we'll get there around midnight.
* Ingrid puts classical music on the stereo.
MG-GM> You drive through Tuscon, then north, then around downtown Phoenix during rush hour.
James> (what composer?)
MG-GM> Then it's due west on I-10.
Ingrid> (Mozart)
* James humms along... abnoxiously
MG-GM> OK, James, at around 8:30, you see a state trooper in your rearview. I need you to make a Wits + Driving roll to slow down in time, Difficulty 9.
MG-GM> (and i'll brb, drink)
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (7 d10) and gets 10 5 8 5 8 10 8.
James> 7 d10
MG-GM> two successes.
MG-GM> The state trooper puts his lights on, but not the siren. It's obvious he wants you to pull over.
James> k... i will
MG-GM> You pull over to the right shoulder, in the middle of the desert. It's dark, of course, already.
MG-GM> The trooper walks out of his car. You can see he's got the whole thing going, boots, high peaked hat. He looks totally hard-ass.
* Gemma wakes up and yawns
MG-GM> He walks up to the driver's side.
MG-GM> Raps on the window.
Gemma> Uh-oh. Ingrid, open your blouse a bit.
MG-GM> James can see his nametag says "DiBiase."
James> roll down the window...
MG-GM> He's now wearing his sunglasses. They're mirrored.
James> what seems to be the trouble officer?
Ingrid> You do it better than I, Gemma. Go for it.
MG-GM> He chews something as he says, "License and registration, citizen."
MG-GM> Everyone, Perception + Empathy, Diff. 6
Gemma> (can't... Gemma's the ex-nun, remember? :) )
James> Ingrid, may I have the registration?
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 5 10 1 3 8.
Ingrid> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 10 5 9 5 2 10.
James> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (3 d10) and gets 3 10 9.
Gemma> 3 d10
MG-GM> So, one, two, and two.
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 2 7 6 7 4 9.
James> 6 d10
MG-GM> Gemma and James: this guy fairly oozes with assumed authority and superiority.
MG-GM> In fact, you can all feel the assault of Banality on your persons.
MG-GM> (GM rubs his hands together)
MG-GM> 9 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for MG-GM (9 d10) and gets 9 6 7 2 6 5 4 4 5.
MG-GM> 9 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for MG-GM (9 d10) and gets 7 5 9 4 1 9 10 5 7.
MG-GM> 9 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for MG-GM (9 d10) and gets 2 2 1 5 10 5 10 7 4.
MG-GM> Gemma, you take 6 points of temporary Banality.
James> ouch girl.'
MG-GM> Ingrid, you take 8 points of temporary Banality.
* Gemma winces
MG-GM> James, you take 6 points of temporary Banality.
Ingrid> gah
James> ugh
MG-GM> (OK, here's how this works. You can negate these one of two ways. You can spend temporary Glamour to negate one point of acquired Banality.)
Ingrid> (does mine take into account the Banality's curse? Say yes.)
MG-GM> (Or, you can take Nightmare Dice, which will affect your cantrips)
MG-GM> (Yes, it does, Ingrid)
Ingrid> (thanks)
James> (nightmare dice?)
Ingrid> (I'm afraid I don't know nightmare dice.)
MG-GM> (Yeah, Nightmare dice make weird things happen when you perform a cantrip and roll a 1)
MG-GM> (If you want to use either of these outs now, let me know via msg.)
MG-GM> If not, Officer DiBiase will take the license and registration back to his car.
Ingrid> (What's the benefit of nightmare dice?)
MG-GM> They take away one point of Banality per dice you take on yourself.
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (7 d10) and gets 8 10 7 4 7 6 2.
James> 7 d10
MG-GM> (just doing some msgs... i like that people are asking me questions!)
MG-GM> You can see him fuddling with his car's computer back there.
James> (softly) guys, let's just blow this shit, i could out run him...we've got mor important shit to do than dealing with some furking autumn cop. (james is only half kidding)
MG-GM> Aoife is hiding under the seat.
James> hey, aoife... you okay?
MG-GM> The troopers coming back toward the car.
Ingrid> Just be cool, James.
MG-GM> (let me just do some paperwork here)
MG-GM> (and... done!)
MG-GM> (thanks for putting up with my shitty Glam/Banality explanations, guys!)
Ingrid> (You did great, Mike. Thank *you*.)
MG-GM> (OK, a crash course in pain, I guess :) )
MG-GM> Sgt. DiBiase clomps back to the car in his boots.
MG-GM> He bends down to the window, eyeing James through his mirrored sunglasses. You can smell the Banality wafting off him now like sour milk.
MG-GM> "Sir, this is not your car?"
Ingrid> "It's mine, Sir."
James> no sir. It's Ingrids
* Ingrid leans over to look at the officer.
MG-GM> DiBiase peers at Ingrid.
MG-GM> May I see *your* license, ma'am?
MG-GM> "
* Ingrid 's blouse is conveniently slightly open.
Ingrid> Yes, sir.
MG-GM> It appears DiBiase is all business.
* Ingrid hands him the license
* Gemma bites her lip to keep from smirking at Ingrid
MG-GM> He takes the license and examines it, then gives it back to Ingrid.
MG-GM> "All right, sir," he says to James, "I had you clocked at 87 em-pee-aytch back there. I'm going to be writing you a traffic ticket. In addition, you'll be getting a summons to traffic court in the mail."
MG-GM> The officer takes a deep breath. "Safe driving is all our responsibilities, citizen. You know, my own granddad died on the roads, driving along, innocently enough, killed by a drunk driver. I vowed to myself that I wouldn't let..." his words start to blend together, into a flurry of accusations, admonitions, and a severe manner that reminds you all of his excessive Banality.
James> I'm sorry sir.
MG-GM> "I'm sure your friend here wouldn't want you to total her car." he says, ripping off a ticket.
James> I will try to uphold my responsibility as a citizen (deadpan)
MG-GM> It's for about 125 dollars.
MG-GM> "Please, drive carefully, sir."
MG-GM> He walks back to his cruiser and takes off.
James> thank you offices, you have a nice day
James> officer even
Gemma> (brb!)
* Ingrid leans back in the seat and sighs.
MG-GM> As soon as he leaves, you feel pain ripping through your fae personas. The accumulated Banality has penetrated into your very being.
James> pah! wait till I get home... this ticket, that summons... never even happened
MG-GM> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for MG-GM (4 d10) and gets 2 1 9 9.
MG-GM> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for MG-GM (4 d10) and gets 6 2 4 3.
MG-GM> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for MG-GM (4 d10) and gets 2 6 2 4.
MG-GM> Ingrid, you take one level of chimerical damage.
MG-GM> Gemma, you take one level of chimerical damage.
MG-GM> James, you take two levels of chimerical damage. Ingrid, sitting next to him, can see wounds open up in the cracked skin of the nocker's face.
MG-GM> Aoife emerges from under the seat, shivering, obviously in pain.
* James screams "ahhhh!"
MG-GM> Aoife screams in her squeaky voice, "Why didn't any of you clueless morons enchant him???"
James> furk you... you wanna walk?
MG-GM> "You had the opportunity, for goodness sakes! You hand him the license, imbue it with a little Glamour, and he's sitting on the side of the road, counting the little dancing faeries all around him!"
MG-GM> "Live and learn, I guess." Aoife flits next to Ingrid. "I bet *you're* hurting right now, lady." Aoife smirks.
James> I repeat- DO YOU WANT TO WALK?
James> if you've got such great ideas, why not share them with the whole furking class?
MG-GM> Aoife appears to be getting angry.
Ingrid> Yes, I don't recall hearing anything from you while it was happening.
Ingrid> Perhaps you enjoy seeing our pain?
MG-GM> "I'm in pain too, damn it!" Aoife's breath steams up the windows of the car.
Ingrid> All right, that is enough. We're all in pain, we all know better now, and we're done with Officer Banal, so let's go.
MG-GM> James peers deeply into the dragon's eyes.
James> you can talk the talk... but I don't see anything but a scared little dragon
MG-GM> "Argh!" the dragon screams. "I'm going back underneath the seat. I'm staying there till I get to Havasu. Sleeping."
MG-GM> (James, did you get my msg?)
James> yeah.. jsut now... a second
MG-GM> (sure, i need more water)
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (3 d10) and gets 5 5 3.
James> 3 d10
James> naw.
MG-GM> OK. Fair enough. Let's continue to Havasu after our first little run-in with Banality.
MG-GM> (had to happen sometime!)
Ingrid> (live and learn, dammit.)

Scene Four: An Old Gas Station
MG-GM> On the old state highway leading north along the California border, to Lake Havasu, you come across on old gas station.
Gemma> (sorry guys; i'm back)
MG-GM> It's OK, Gemma, you didn't miss much at all. Just us berating the dragon.
MG-GM> OK, here's this gas station:
MG-GM> To mortal eyes, this gas station is absolutely decrepit. An old wooden shack with an ancient Coca-Cola glass bottle vending machine stands before two rusty gas nozzles. A grizzled, nicotine-bearded, stained-overall wearing, prospector-looking dude sits out front in a rocking chair, a lantern illuminating him in the darkness.
MG-GM> But it's a whole different story in the Dreaming. To your fae kenning, this gas station is a gleaming beauty straight from the golden age of gas stations. Immaculately clean, gleaming with white paint and shiny metal, the station stands as a beacon to an earlier time, when gas stations offered full service, a smile, and a sunny disposition on the long, impeccably clean highways of 50s America.
MG-GM> The old dude sleeping in front of the gas station is also different in the Dreaming. His face, ruddy-cheeked and lineless, is clean shaven. He wears a 50s-style gas station attendant uniform, complete with bowtie. He's still sleeping, of course, sliently snoring to himself.
MG-GM> The only thing that stays the same in the gas station's mortal seeming and fae mien is the Coca-Cola machine. In its fae appearance, the vending machine's a bit shinier and cleaner, however. It's also missing the Coca-Cola logo and instead is solid red, with various unlabelled solid-colored buttons.
MG-GM> (and i'll shut up)
James> cool. I want a various unlabelled solid-colored drink.
MG-GM> Would you like to pull in?
Ingrid> Me too. I'll even buy. Gemma?
Gemma> sure
James> we need gas?
Ingrid> yeah, might as well.
MG-GM> You pull into the gas station. And yes, the car needs some gas. An old bell rings, and the prospector-dude/50s Texaco man leaps to attention.
MG-GM> He peers inside the car at you, then suddenly smiles. "Well Ah'll be!"
MG-GM> He's got one of those Gomer Pyle southern accents.
MG-GM> "Fellow dreamers! Welcome to my little abode!"
James> (nifty)
MG-GM> (yeah, in case you couldn't tell from the description, he's fae too)
MG-GM> He works on the car in a flurry, washing the windshield, checking the oil, and polishing the hubcaps as the tank fills.
MG-GM> "Name's Toomey! Good to see you folks here!"
MG-GM> "Where y'all headed? L.A.?"
James> (which names are apropriate?)
MG-GM> (James, Perception + Etiquette, Diff. 5)
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (2 d10) and gets 7 9.
James> 2 d10
MG-GM> (For him, probably fae names)
*** Ingrid is now known as Artemisia
*** Gemma is now known as Solangia
*** James is now known as aranth
MG-GM> (hah. nice job, angels :) )
aranth> Hey toomy, I'm aranth.
MG-GM> "Nice to meet a fellow tinkerer! Hi there!" He shakes your hand, noticing the wounds.
Artemisia> (heh!)
aranth> how the furk are ya?
MG-GM> "Say, what's going on here, you folks been in a tussle?"
Solangia> You could say that, Toomy. I'm Solangia, by the by.
aranth> I guess you could say that, we met with a furkin autumn cop
Artemisia> A bit of one, yes. Nice to see a friendly face.
Artemisia> My name is Artemisia. It's a pleasure to meet you.
MG-GM> "Ah, a furkin' statie? They're pretty cucking Banal, that's for sure." His friendly gas station guy face turns to a scowl.
MG-GM> "Lady." He bows deeply to Artemisia in true court style.
MG-GM> He then waves to Solangia. "'Lo."
aranth> no shit... gave us the muther furkin third degree... self impotrant pissant
MG-GM> "Well, apart from filling up your mundane tanks, what can I do you for?"
MG-GM> (By the way, Aoife's still in the car)
aranth> what's in the pop machine, dreaming style?
Artemisia> How about a delicious refreshing unlabeled solid-colored drink?
MG-GM> "That ol' thing? Damned if I know. It was here when I inherited the place. I've never drunk it. It only takes chimerical coins."
MG-GM> "You folks have any of the coin of the realm?"
MG-GM> In his fae mien, he jingles one of those change-making machines.
Artemisia> (I don't know, do we?)
MG-GM> (Nope. The Duchess in Phoenix mints her own chimerical coinage for the Duchy.(
MG-GM> (It's a primitive sort of economy, but an economy nonetheless.)
aranth> eh... not a cent
MG-GM> Hmm. I suppose I can lend you each a crown.
MG-GM> "
Artemisia> Maybe we should just get an every-day Coke.
MG-GM> He makes some change for you. One gold crown each!"
aranth> decent of you, thanks!
Artemisia> Or not! Thank you, kind sir!
MG-GM> "Not a problem. I don't know what the drinks are, though." He shrugs.
* Solangia grins at Toomy
MG-GM> "Funny that you all come through tonight, 'cause a few days ago, I saw someone stop for directions, had a little sidhe kid in the backseat, sleeping."
Solangia> Oh? Was it a woman?
aranth> yeah, we're probably looking for the pisher
MG-GM> "Yes, indeedy, kitty. It was a woman and she was as Autumn as the day was long. Had my boys take care of her car. I stayed away."
Solangia> I don't suppose you heard where she was wanting to go, though?
MG-GM> "My attendants said she asked for the cheapest motel in Lake Havasu. They sent her there. Nite Lite Lodge."
aranth> pretty furkin sweet... a location
MG-GM> "I had a feeling that kid wasn't supposed to be with that woman, even if they *were* son and mother."
Artemisia> Mister Toomey, you have been helpful beyond helpful.
MG-GM> "You gettin' the kid back?"
Solangia> We are.
MG-GM> "Be careful. Like I said, the mom's definitely Banal. Poor kid."
MG-GM> "She also seemed a little... unstable."
MG-GM> "Yelled at my boys for topping off her tank."
aranth> geez
* Solangia mutters, "Crazy bint."
aranth> autumns are such biznatches
MG-GM> Toomey sighs. "Yep. Wow, two visitations from fellow dreamers in the course of a week. Haven't seen that in nigh 10 years now!"
aranth> you must get a lot of work done though, out here, away from most interruptions
MG-GM> "Say, you folks are looking a little worse for wear. You wanna crash here tonight? I've got some cots out back. It's not... ahem, glamorous, but it certainly might help you recharge a bit."
MG-GM> Toomey looks at Aranth and says, "You wanna see my workshop?"
aranth> shit yeah!
Artemisia> I think that's a yes.
MG-GM> "All right! Let's leave the skirts out here." Toomey smirks and leads Aranth out back.
Artemisia> And if we're going to be staying, I sure could use one of hose mystery sodas.
MG-GM> (You gals want a refreshing beverage?)
Artemisia> (those)
Solangia> (sure)
MG-GM> OK, you go over to the chimerical coke machine.
MG-GM> There's buttons, labelled "red," "orange," "yellow," "green," "blue," and "purple."
* Artemisia puts in her gold crown and selects a purple-capped drink.
MG-GM> A beautifully fluted glass bottle with a label that says, "purple!" on it, clunks out of the machine.
* Solangia puts her coin in and pushes the blue button
Artemisia> (snortle)
MG-GM> Solangia extracts a bottle of "blue!"
Solangia> (too bad there wasn't any "Pink!")
MG-GM> Is anyone drinking?
* Artemisia takes a long drink
* Solangia opens her bottle and takes a tentative sip
Artemisia> Why, this is delicious!
MG-GM> OK, Solangia, make a Perception + Kenning roll, Diff. 6
Solangia> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Solangia (5 d10) and gets 1 9 10 10 8.
Artemisia> This is certainly a beverage worthy of its beautiful bottle!
MG-GM> Nice! In Artemisia's already beautiful fae mien, you can sense her growing more charismatic and beautiful!
Artemisia> I feel wonderful!
MG-GM> Solangia's tentative sip of this bittersweet beverage makes her feel like her Banality is being drained away!
* Solangia sighs contentedly
Artemisia> Oh, lovely.
MG-GM> Gonna chug it, Sol?
Artemisia> I think James should have one as well.
* Solangia takes a longer drink
MG-GM> Solangia greedily drinks her "blue!" and feels much better! Remove one point of temp Banality!
* Solangia licks her lips
MG-GM> (ooh! cat-like!)
* Solangia 's tail fluffs out attractively
MG-GM> Well, you guys are just kinda hanging out out front.
* Artemisia finishes off her "purple!" and sighs contentedly
MG-GM> You want to look into those cots?
Solangia> (Apropros of nothing, rag curlers are a giant pain in the ass)
Artemisia> Yes, let's find James and Toomey.
MG-GM> You go out back as Aranth and Toomey are locking up the workshop.
Artemisia> (Aranth, sorry.)
MG-GM> (s'ok)
MG-GM> "Well, let's get my visitors all set up."
MG-GM> His cots are rough brass cots in both their fae mien and mortal seeming.
MG-GM> Aranth's squeaks, Solangia's leans slightly to the left, and Artemisia's has a spring poking her.
Solangia> Thanks for letting us bunk here, Toomey. ::swishes tail a bit::
MG-GM> Toomey says, "Not a problem. It's nice to share the old place with you folks."
MG-GM> OK, after a full night's sleep, everyone gets back 2 Temp. Glamour.
MG-GM> You can use that Glamour to eliminate some of your Temp. Banality.
aranth> hot damn, what happened to you two? you look good.
MG-GM> It's obvious that Toomey's little chimercial Texaco station is a freehold too.
Artemisia> Try a soda, Aranth.
* Artemisia smiles
MG-GM> So, you can either take the Glamour, take one Glamour and remove one Banality, or remove two Banality.
Solangia> I want to remove two banality.
MG-GM> What will everyone do? Tell me by msg?
MG-GM> or on channel. :)
Solangia> (oops, sorry)
Solangia> (i thoguht... you know. Since you asked out here :) )
MG-GM> It's ok!
aranth> huh, I'll take an orange beverage
MG-GM> Aranth drinks an "orange!" in another exquisitely fluted glass bottle. It refreshes him deeply, giving him back even *more* Glamour!
MG-GM> One point returned.
MG-GM> So let me get the stats straight here.
aranth> can I use that to get rid of banality?
MG-GM> Yes!
aranth> nice
MG-GM> Toomey waves at you kindly the next morning as you drive off.
MG-GM> (It wouldn't be a quest without a friendly helper of some sort!)
MG-GM> OK, so, we have an idea where the mom and kid are.
MG-GM> Do we have a plan?
MG-GM> (brb)
Scene Five: A Diner in Lake Havasu City
Artemisia> I think we'll have to careful approaching the Autumn.
Artemisia> I'd like to make sure she's at the cheap hotel, though.
Artemisia> Do we know what kind of car she was driving?
aranth> why doesn't the kid enchant her? there must be some reason.
MG-GM> Toomey remembers, even gives you a New Mexico license plate.
*** Artemisia is now known as Ingrid
*** aranth is now known as James
*** Solangia is now known as Gemma
Ingrid> Is she resistant to enchantment? I don't know much about Autumns.
MG-GM> Intelligence + Occult everyone, Diff. 8
James> 3 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (3 d10) and gets 5 5 5.
MG-GM> James hasn't a clue.
Gemma> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 7 9 9 4 2.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (2 d10) and gets 2 9.
Ingrid> 2 d10
James> damn. maybe the furking dragon knows... she seems to know a lot about enchantment and who should be and why
MG-GM> Gemma postulates. "Well, that cop certainly did a number on us, and he was Banal. I suspect he'd have been tough to enchant."
MG-GM> (all that weird occult knowledge pays off!)
James> (directed at aoif) so who knows what now?
MG-GM> Aoife comes out, says, "Hell, if the mom's Banal, she may even be immune to enchantment. I dunno."
MG-GM> "All I know is I stayed clear of her when she cleaned Lord Taliesin's room."
James> well the furkin stattie was banal too...
Gemma> I guess we won't know until we find her and try it.
MG-GM> Indeed.
MG-GM> (Gemma cracks the whip!)
Ingrid> Well, let's see if we can at least spot her car.
MG-GM> (*smirk*)
James> I think we'll need a more concreet plan than "find her and try it"
* Gemma looks Ingrid over
Gemma> Hmm...
MG-GM> (Gemma have an idea?)
Ingrid> What exactly is in that catty little head of yours, Gemma?
MG-GM> (hah)
Gemma> Could contrive to bump into her? Or rather, have Ingrid bump into her? Then strike up a conversation about motherhood if she has the kid around? I bet she could pull off the role of a single mom.
MG-GM> We could do either of you guys! Not a bad plan. Are either of you good actors?
Gemma> Maybe while Ingrid is distracting her, I could try to see how banal she is.
James> not ingrid! she's a known face
James> also, she could take banality just from her presence
Gemma> On the local news. This is Havasu!
MG-GM> Yeah, they can't get Tucson stations.
MG-GM> And remember, she lived in Santa Fe.
Ingrid> I'm very low on Glamour, so I can't do the enchanting.
James> we could try somthing, and I furking hate to say this, mundane
Ingrid> But I'd be willing to approach her. Perhaps as a mistaken identity?
MG-GM> You'll wait till she's in a public place?
Ingrid> Like. "Do I know you?"
Ingrid> I think a opublic place would be wise.
MG-GM> So, Ingrid will approach and enchant, or Gemma?
MG-GM> Because you're going to want it to be the same person who does both.
* James waves his hands
Ingrid> what is it, James?
James> I think this is a furking bad Idea
MG-GM> i.e.: it's going to make a lot more sense for the person talking to her to slip her something enchanted... a slip of paper with the phone number, for instance.
Ingrid> All right. What do you propose then?
MG-GM> Let's hear James' idea, then.
MG-GM> (mellie, with us?)
MG-GM> (just checking)
James> well... I'm willing to bet that shes hard, If not damn near impossible to enchant
Gemma> (yeah, just tangled in a rag)
Ingrid> Probably.
MG-GM> (ah, ok :) )
James> if she was easy, the kid would of, we saw what a junkie he made his father
Ingrid> Good point.
James> say we send the dragon in, to the kid
James> that way he knows we're coming, and can try to get to us, while we try to get to him
MG-GM> "I will not enter a room that she's in. That run-in with the Autumn policeman left me dangerously weak. One more dose of Banality and I could be Undone."
MG-GM> "That's dead as a doornail, in other words."
James> want a glamour?
MG-GM> "Yes, please!"
James> doen
James> done
Ingrid> So, the dragon is our lead team, then? I like that idea.
James> before we send her in, we still need a plan to get the kid out.
Gemma> Do you think she would leave him alone while she did some kind of errand?
MG-GM> Hmm... I can't say.
Ingrid> Hmm... Maybe we could get her away from him somehow.
James> possibly... and there is always night time (i don't suppose any one has sleep memorized?)
MG-GM> (hah. :) )
Gemma> If so, we could send in my own pet, Cupid, with a message to the boy that all he would have to do is open the door for us and we'd take him back.
James> you have a pet?'
MG-GM> At the sound of his name, Cupid, a tiny, plush, textured sheep peeks out of Solangia's fae mien's sweater.
Ingrid> What on earth...?
James> awwww...
* Gemma nuzzles Cupid with her chin
Ingrid> (hehe)
MG-GM> He mews softly, yawns, and goes back to sleep inside Solangia's sweater.
MG-GM> (damn, that was too cute)
* MG-GM laughs
MG-GM> I think everyone overdosed on Cute Points. :)
James> if we could have him stay up, while his mom sleeps... and then sneak out the door
James> lol
MG-GM> You see Cupid emerge briefly and whisper something into Solangia's ear.
MG-GM> He then returns to his slumber.
* Gemma lovingly scritches Cupid's head
James> does the sheep have an idea?
MG-GM> (people still here?)
Gemma> No, only great willingness to help
Ingrid> (yes, just thinking)
James> awwwww... aint that sweet
Gemma> Unlike some chimera. ::eyes the dragon::
MG-GM> (hee hee)
James> hold up.
MG-GM> "I'm perfectly willing to help my master, you flea-bitten feline! I just don't want to waste myself when it happens!"
James> so doug makes us promise to help find the kid, then cuts out
James> then the dragon practically sucs us glamour dry and trys to furkin pussy out when stuff gets heard
Gemma> What, you're surprised? He's noble. They hate to dirty their pristine hands.
James> hard
James> yeah, I hate that kind of person, but not all nobles are like that
Ingrid> No, they are not.
* James eyes ingrid, obviously trying to convey that she's gained some status in his eyes
James> (are we still in the car?)
* Ingrid smiles at James, "And I appreciate you saying so."
MG-GM> Nope, in a diner somewhere in Havasu having breakfast. :)
MG-GM> (nice retroactive GMing there) :)
James> why the furk did you have to go and bring attention to it? sometimes, yeah, i say things that... oh hell.. in the future just ignore it!
Ingrid> Okay, so we have a dragon who will alert the child, a sheep who will also contact the child, and a mom we need to get out of the picture.
* Ingrid takes the hint and ignores James in favor of planning
James> fire alarm
Ingrid> Ooo, good idea!
Ingrid> But not real, that would panic too many people.
James> let the kid know whats going down before it happens... pull the alarm, and let him come to us through the confusion, panic yes, but it wouldn't hurt anyone
Ingrid> We don't want the entire hotel, including the child, to run outside. Do we? It's very risky.
MG-GM> Motel.
Ingrid> I was thinking we may be able to um,,, *convince* the mother that she was hearing a fire alarm.
Ingrid> motel, my mistake.
Ingrid> Although that might be a problem when she runs outside alone.
MG-GM> (Interesting plan.)
Ingrid> But if the child sneaks out the back window in that few moments...
James> Is this a motor court inn kind of place, or a motel 6?
MG-GM> (Just so you know, we haven't even scouted the motel yet.)
MG-GM> (So I guess that answers the question. :) )
Ingrid> This would involve a cantrip. So there's the risk that she might not be affected, too.
James> yeah... so lets get the furking layout... room number of the kid and his mom etc.
Ingrid> I'm still open to other suggestions.
Ingrid> I think it's a good idea.
James> what's wrong with a real fire alarm, in all ernesty?
Ingrid> nothing except panic! But it would serve the purpose if the child knew ahead of time.
James> exactly, thats where the sheep or the dragon come in!
* Gemma pulls a tiny rosary from an inner pocket of her light jacket and begins to toy with it
James> they could guide the pisher out to whereever we are... or even lead him to one of us intermingled in the panicking crowd
* Gemma closes her eyes and mumbles to herself
Ingrid> That sounds like a pretty good plan. I guess. Gemma, is there anything you'd like to say?
James> praying, pussy cat?
* Gemma is too lost in her meditations to answer James
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 6 6 3 8 9.
Gemma> 5 d10
James> lets just hope the motel isn't individual cabins, then we'd have to start from furking scratch
Ingrid> We should really take a look so we know a little better what to plan. Let's take a ride.
MG-GM> Gemma just sort of snaps out of her reverie.
James> that is, if the cat is done
James> Gem, you okay?
* James slapes himself across the face
James> I must be going soft or something
* Gemma pretends not to notice James' rare burst of caring
Ingrid> That's okay James, I'm ignoring it.
James> =)
Gemma> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (4 d10) and gets 10 7 8 5.
Ingrid> (brb)
MG-GM> OK, everyone tosses in for the check.
* Gemma shivers slightly
Gemma> Guys, there's more trouble than we thoguht.
Gemma> Mother and child are both in seperate dangers, the son more so than the mother.
James> figures, there always is. furkin- aw cuck
James> sooo... there is another treat?
Ingrid> Let's hear it, then. What more do you know?
James> threat
MG-GM> (treat, threat, same thing :) )
Gemma> I-I saw a saint... and her tears flooded the earth.
James> okay, yeah, so.
Gemma> The boy was tossed around by the waves, drowning
Gemma> Then a fanged sea witch came into view and gloated about having him.
James> ursula? the octupus lady?
Gemma> The mother was by herself on the beach, weeping.
James> i'm no good with metaphores- I'm math science oriented
MG-GM> (hah)
Ingrid> Well, can you unpack that for us at all, Gemma?
Ingrid> What do you think it means?
MG-GM> Gemma, give me another Int + Enig roll, Diff. 8. Everyone else, Diff. 10.
MG-GM> She's the one who had the vision, after all. :)
Ingrid> 3 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (3 d10) and gets 2 10 2.
MG-GM> one success for Ingrid
James> 3 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (3 d10) and gets 2 8 8.
MG-GM> none for James
Gemma> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (4 d10) and gets 7 5 10 2.
MG-GM> one for Gemma. OK.
James> =) who da man?
MG-GM> Well, the beach matches up with our little picture of the family, right?
MG-GM> They were on the lake there.
MG-GM> I mean, symbolically.
MG-GM> And that's all I'll say. :)
Ingrid> Yes! I had forgotten.
Gemma> (Is that all I get for my success too?)
MG-GM> (sorry, but yes. :) )
MG-GM> You still plan to scout out the Nite Lite Motel?
James> so the pisher is gonna drwon? what? I don't get it. isn't the mother supposed to be the bitch?
Ingrid> Let's drive over and look and think about it on the way.
MG-GM> Thanks, Ingrid. Let's roll out. :)
Ingrid> I really want to scope the place out.

Scene Six: The Nite Lite Motel
MG-GM> OK. The Nite Lite Motel is a 24-room, two-tier, sleazy-ass motor lodge.
James> oh baby
MG-GM> The front office is at the top of the motel's "L" shape.
MG-GM> There are a number of cars in the car park area, including a winner from New Mexico.
MG-GM> It's a red Suburban.
MG-GM> A perfect match.
James> one of us should go in and ask the mothers room number, pretend to be a friend on an unexpected visit
Ingrid> Will he buy that?
James> why wouldn't they?
Ingrid> I didn't think motels liked to give out room numbers.
Ingrid> Of course, this one can't have *too* high standards.
Gemma> Don't you watch 20/20? A few bucks or even a well-placed lie and they'll think it's *your* room.
James> who knows... wasn't all that info in the sighned guest book for the bates motel?
MG-GM> (heh)
MG-GM> (to both)
Ingrid> Hmm. Why don't you try it then, Gemma?
James> i donno
* Gemma scoots closer to James and coyly asks in a femmey southern drawl, "Excuse me, sir. But Ah lost mah key to my room... Could you give me a-nutha' one?"
Gemma> See? Easy. We just have to figure out what room they're in.
Ingrid> That was the point, I thought.
Ingrid> To get the room number.
James> we could call... sometimes the room number is the same as the extension
MG-GM> (too bad Gemma doesn't have "Scene" as a Realm, we could do an Omen reading on the actual room itself!)
Ingrid> How about we try and deliver a pizza?
Gemma> (Why doesn't Gemma have that, hmm? What if I gave the GM a dollar?)
Ingrid> Then he'd tell us, I'll bet.
James> lol!
MG-GM> (hah! not!)
Ingrid> Gives us a reason to knock on the door, too, and maybe scope the room a little when she answers.
MG-GM> A pizza?
James> I like that
MG-GM> Call one in for them?
MG-GM> And watch it get delivered?
Ingrid> Sure! We go get a pizza, James takes it to the front desk, and asks for the room number for them!
MG-GM> Oh, that's even better!
Ingrid> No, *we* deliver it.
MG-GM> Too bad we don't have a pizza uniform.
Ingrid> I could try and fuddle one.
Gemma> (::smirks at mike::)
MG-GM> That's true!
James> Who needs one... I'm scrubby enough to work for pizza a go go
MG-GM> Why don't we give that a try!
Gemma> Local places don't really wear uniforms.. He could be from one of those.
Ingrid> (can you tell I'm hungry? :)
MG-GM> At the very least, we could give him a hat. :)
MG-GM> OK, Ingrid, you want to try to Fuddle whoever comes to the door, right? Or do you want to fuddle the dude in the office?
James> so are we gonna get a real pizza?
MG-GM> Yeah, i think that's necessary.
Ingrid> No, we only need to fuddle the clerk.
MG-GM> (Unless Ingrid can turn James' BO into the scent of a pizza with the Fuddle cantrip :) )
James> lol
Ingrid> (*snortle*)
James> i said he was greasy, not smelly
MG-GM> Fair enough. Which means Ingrid will have to at least go talk to him for a bit, so she can affect him with Actor 2.
James> what are we fuddling?
MG-GM> We are going to Fuddle the guy in the office, so he'll give you the room number.
MG-GM> She's going to make him see James in a pizza outfit.
James> oic
Ingrid> All right. I'll go see what he wants for a room.
MG-GM> (OK, let's do it in msg, Ingrid)
Ingrid> (okay)
James> should we go grab a pizza while oyu do this?
MG-GM> Yes!
MG-GM> James and Gemma go to get a pizza! :)
MG-GM> That should be fun. :)
James> 'cmon gem, lets go get us a raunchy greasy disgusting looking pizza that will clog the arteries
Gemma> Ah, the best kind.
MG-GM> (I want to see what they'll get on it) :)
James> anchovies and meat and pinnaples
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 2 10 7 1 9.
Ingrid> 5 d10
Gemma> And extra grease.
James> what the furk, we don't have to eat it
James> do they have any weird things that they put on pizzas in the desert?
James> like rattle snake?
MG-GM> cacti
Gemma> Yeah. Nopales.
MG-GM> whuzzat?
James> wtf?
MG-GM> (James is a transplant from back East)
MG-GM> (he don't know this stuff) :)
MG-GM> (and neither do i)
Gemma> It's a kind of cactus. I don't know what they're called in English, but they're the long, skinny cactus.
MG-GM> weird.
MG-GM> what do they taste like?
James> yeah, lets get some of those on there too.
Gemma> Like... well, hell. Like nothing you've had. But the closest thing would be like celery with a smushy center.
MG-GM> Eesh.
James> shit yeah! meat and anchovies and nopales and more meat and garlic
James> and extra grease
Gemma> And don't forget the jalepenos.
James> =)
MG-GM> All right, you two load up a pizza.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 6 2 7 3 7.
Ingrid> 5 d10
MG-GM> It costs like $13.95 with all that crap on it.
James> it's worth it, just to see the furking thing whith all the shit pilled on top
MG-GM> OK, back to the motel.
MG-GM> Ingrid is waiting there in the parking lot.
Gemma> It's sublime, in that Wordsworth, "check out the creepy mountain" sort of way.
MG-GM> Ok, let's Fuddle up James.
Ingrid> let's!
James> alright... I've got subterfuge if that willhelp me pretend to be a pizza boy
MG-GM> Fair enough.
MG-GM> Ingrid stares for a little bit at the guy in the office.
MG-GM> (go on, julia, it's all yours)
* Ingrid takes out a small silver compact, with elegant scrolled designs on it.
MG-GM> (while i calculate Diff)
* Ingrid opens it and begins to meticulously examine her makeup, making a long ritual out of applying her lipstick
* Ingrid spends a lot of time doing this.
MG-GM> James takes the pizza and walks forward to the office.
MG-GM> hold it!
MG-GM> stop, everyone!
MG-GM> (sorry :) )
James> hu?
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 3 2 1 4 7.
Ingrid> 5 d10
MG-GM> nothing. go ahead julia, fuddle 'em.
MG-GM> OK! That's one success, with the Willpower point.
MG-GM> (good thing i remembered!)
Ingrid> (really!)
MG-GM> The illusory pizza hat, pizza warmer, and pizza outfit only last a minute. James, Manipulation + Subterfuge, Diff. 4
James> (what's the mothers name?)
MG-GM> (Would you like to spend WP?)
Ingrid> Carl Freeman, consider yourself fuddled.
MG-GM> Barbara Dixon-Teague
MG-GM> (heh ingrid)
MG-GM> (that pizza warmer was for mellie, btw :) )
Gemma> (::cackles::)
MG-GM> You can using Cunning, too, James.
James> naw... no wp
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 5 9 7 8 10 2.
James> 6 d10
MG-GM> five successes!
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (1 d10) and gets 10.
James> 1 d10
James> (do I re roll that to?)
MG-GM> more! hah! you're from Domino's!
MG-GM> (yes)
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (1 d10) and gets 6.
James> 1 d10
MG-GM> You even look a little familiar to him.
James> =)
MG-GM> "Yeah, sure, room 17, kid!"
James> thanks!
MG-GM> (awesome job, tonight, guys! really!)
MG-GM> (you're all playing excellently)
MG-GM> (with lots of contributions and magic flying everywhere)
MG-GM> James comes back with "17"
MG-GM> Now what do we do?
James> hold up!
MG-GM> Yeah?
James> I want to go to 17
MG-GM> Remember, your Fuddle is gone now.
James> that's okay. I'm gonna knock on the door
MG-GM> (msg for you, James)
MG-GM> Gemma and Ingrid can see from their stake-out point, James knocking on the door.
MG-GM> He seems to be talking to someone behind it.
Ingrid> What did you two end up getting on the pizza? I'm kind of hungry.
Ingrid> (to Gemma :)
Gemma> Shall I get you a slice?
Ingrid> Only if there are no anchovies. Or extra gease.
* Gemma offers Ingrid a huge slice, heavy with toppings
Gemma> Oh, nay. None at all.
Gemma> What kind of sicko would do that?
Ingrid> Wait, those are jalapenos!
Gemma> Oh, no no no.
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (1 d10) and gets 6.
James> 1 d10
Gemma> Those are those ... what are they called? Those fakey jalepenos.
MG-GM> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for MG-GM (4 d10) and gets 5 7 5 4.
Ingrid> Hmm. On second thought, I'm not that hungry after all.
Ingrid> Thanks, though.
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (5 d10) and gets 7 3 9 7 3.
James> 5 d10
* Ingrid coughs from the garlic fumes
Gemma> Oh, come on. I bet you eat pizzas like these all the time.
Ingrid> Not really. I prefer pristine, unladen pizzas.
Gemma> Oh, come on, someone like you? I bet you love variety on your pizza.
Ingrid> But thanks. Really.
* James comes back
Ingrid> I guess I'm just a boring pizza kind of woman.
* Gemma gives Ingrid an odd smile
Gemma> Yes. Yes, I suppose so.
James> bad news guys, but really, is there any other kind?
Ingrid> not lately, James.
Ingrid> What is it?
James> the kid ain't there, and the mother is a wreck...
James> as banal as she is, she really must love the kid... and compared to the triped out father... this kid is gonna pay a fortune in therapy, if anybody ever sees him again
Gemma> She lost her kid?! Good lord.
James> or, the kid ran
James> or was taken...
James> I say we go to the lake... it seems logical, If the vision is right
Gemma> Good idea.
MG-GM> (Lake's pretty big)
Ingrid> We need to find the place from the picture.
Ingrid> Do you remember any landmarks?
MG-GM> Gemma still has the picture.
MG-GM> From what I remember.
Ingrid> Let's look at it, Gemma.
* Gemma pulls out the picture
Ingrid> Seems your vision was right after all.
Gemma> Let's take a look at this thing and see if anything distinctive catches our eye.
Ingrid> I fear this is no runaway child.
Gemma> "After all?"
* Gemma raises an eyebrow
MG-GM> Hmm. There's the blue of the lake, and, to their right, a high red-brown cliff wall with crags and occasional caverns.
MG-GM> No house in sight, though.
James> crags and caverns... that's what to look for.
Ingrid> Let's drive over there and see if we see a cliff.
James> hey, if it comes down to it, can any of you furkers swim?
Ingrid> Um, can you?
James> hell no
MG-GM> (heh)
MG-GM> (if you have no rating in Swimming, you can tread water and doggie paddle, probably)
Ingrid> Cats love water though, don't they?
James> I tried to enchant the mother, anybody want to see if it worked? then maybe she'd be of some help to us
Gemma> They adore it, Ingrid (::dryly::).
James> meow! cat fight!
James> um, no pun intended
MG-GM> If the mother might be enchanted, then I think sending Cupid or Aoife would be bad, because they'd be able to see them.
Ingrid> Looks like it's you or me, Gemma.
Ingrid> Perhaps I should go? She may be surprised to see a talking cat.
Ingrid> Although if she did, it would prove the enchantment.
Gemma> True.
James> lets all go
Ingrid> All right.
MG-GM> You all walk up to 17.
James> we could try petitioning her maternal instincts, even if she's not enchanted
MG-GM> The door is ajar.
Gemma> Should we knock? Or just walk in? Or both at once?
Ingrid> Hello? Mrs. Dixon-Teague?
* Ingrid knocks
MG-GM> You see her sitting on the room's one bed, weeping. The pizza box is open and there's a slice missing.
MG-GM> When she stops weeping, you see her staring at her child's toys on the floor.
Gemma> Well, now we know why she's crying.
MG-GM> (hah!)
Ingrid> (heh! I thought that too. :D)
MG-GM> She turns to you, and says, "What... what are you?"
MG-GM> (btw, you sense no Banality coming off her right now)
James> friends... to help, you, your boy... if you will trust us
* Ingrid goes and extends a hand to help her up.
MG-GM> "It happened so fast. He was swimming, all by himself... I knew I should've been out there with him. He was in the lake, and I saw... a green arm grab him!"
MG-GM> "It grabbed him and dragged him under the water!"
MG-GM> "He never came back up! Oh my God, what am I going to do!"
Ingrid> Will you come? Perhaps we can do something about that.
James> and yet there may be hope. will you take us to the spot?
MG-GM> "I stole him, and they're going to think I killed him!"
James> we'll keep that from happening.
MG-GM> Ingrid, Charisma + 1 + Persuasion, Diff. 8
MG-GM> reroll 10s.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (7 d10) and gets 3 2 2 8 6 4 10.
Ingrid> 7 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (1 d10) and gets 10.
Ingrid> 1 d10
Ingrid> wow, again?
James> you bet
MG-GM> keep going!
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (1 d10) and gets 4.
Ingrid> 1 d10
MG-GM> three succeses is good enough to drag her to Lake Havasu.
James> perhaps, as we go, you'll tell us why you took him?
MG-GM> She'll take you to the beach where she was with Davis last.
MG-GM> She says nothing in the back seat with Gemma.
MG-GM> At least, when James asks.
Ingrid> Is aoife hiding?
James> anyway I could get her to talk?
MG-GM> You're driving, she's not listening.
MG-GM> But you hear Gemma murmuring to her.
MG-GM> Aoife's in the trunk now. :)
Ingrid> Good. :)
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 4 10 4 9 8.
Gemma> 5 d10

Scene Seven: A Beach on Lake Havasu
MG-GM> It's about a 20-minute drive to the rocky beach.
MG-GM> During that time, Gemma and Mrs. Teague are in deep discussion in the back seat.
* Ingrid hums along to the classical music, perfectly on-key.
MG-GM> (um, Wits + Expression, Diff. 6, Ingrid?)
* James joins in, perfectly off-key, and totally on purpose
Ingrid> 3 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (3 d10) and gets 3 3 6.
MG-GM> Hmm. Not bad. :)
MG-GM> You pull into the public parking.
MG-GM> You walk onto the beach. The water is sapphire blue, beautiful, for as far as the eye can see.
MG-GM> Barbara doesn't even want to walk onto the sand.
James> and in the dreaming?
MG-GM> In the Dreaming... it's pretty much exactly the same.
James> Gem, what did mrs d-t say to you?
MG-GM> (James, Per + Ken, 8)
James> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 2 9 8 10 7 9.
Gemma> Nothing useful. As usual.
MG-GM> (ok, coming to you on msg)
* Gemma sighs
James> since she won't talk to me, somebody ask her where the boy got taken down
MG-GM> Gemma is standing near the car with Barbara, James and Ingrid are on the beach.
MG-GM> The beach is oddly empty.
MG-GM> James, Ingrid, Wits + Alertness, Diff. 6
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 5 10 1 3 7.
Ingrid> 5 d10
James> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (5 d10) and gets 5 10 8 1 9.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 10 8 9 2 1.
Gemma> 5 d10
MG-GM> James turns his head up to the cliff wall. He thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye there.
James> woah! what the furk was that (then, very bad tv actorish-hey- over there! lets check it out! (Ala scooby doo))
MG-GM> Is James on his way to start rockclimbing?
Gemma> James, do you see that spot where the whirlpools are, about ten feet from the shore? That's where Barbara claims the boy went down.
James> how steep? Is that a function of dexterity?
James> yeah, i see it.
James> but, up there, the cliff, I could have sworn I saw somthing
MG-GM> You'll need to roll Dex +Ath to climb without falling, and Str + Ath to move
James> oh hell... i could get up but not go anywhere
MG-GM> That's your main idea, yeah.
MG-GM> Ingrid, any thoughts?
James> does there apear to be anything
MG-GM> Not upon closer inspection, no.
James> any other way up?
MG-GM> Nope. It's pretty steep.
Ingrid> Send Aoife up to look?
James> does the whirlpool seem to end ina mysterious dark hole?
MG-GM> Hmm. Interesting and very good idea.
Ingrid> He can fly, after all, and he's got all that glamour.
James> s He
MG-GM> The whirlpool just kinda swirls there. It's not deep, like a toilet. :)
Ingrid> Oh yeah, sorry.
MG-GM> Aoife flits up the cliff face.
Ingrid> Hope she didn't hear me.
James> lol... damn, when the toilet humor comes out, you know the GM's getting tired
Ingrid> *snortle*
MG-GM> Aoife just disappears. Weird.
MG-GM> (heh)
James> maybe we have to go up there
MG-GM> Just blinked out of existence, seemingly.
Ingrid> Weird! I she visible in the dreaming?
MG-GM> That's the only place she *is* visible. And she's gone. :)
Ingrid> oh. um.
Ingrid> So... toilet humor. :)
James> hmm... we could yell for her... but then the whateverthefurkitis would know we're here
MG-GM> Dead end again?
Ingrid> Seems that way.
MG-GM> Hmm.
Gemma> Feels like it.
MG-GM> Should we break out Omen power again?
James> lets go for a swim
MG-GM> A swim?
James> over at the pool...
Ingrid> Was he pulled into the whirlpool?
James> by a green hand
MG-GM> Is someone going to ask Barbara that?
Ingrid> And seeminglky drowned.
Ingrid> Oh. I thought she said that already.
MG-GM> She didn't say anything about the whirlpool, she just pointed out to them.
MG-GM> That's how Gemma spotted them.
James> hey, barb... did he furkin get sucked in, or was he captured by a fanged sea witch?
MG-GM> "That's where the... that's where it came from!"
MG-GM> "Right there! I can see it now!" (remember, she's enchanted)
James> see what now? whe pool?
Gemma> (can we see anything?)
MG-GM> (Just the whirlpool, which Ingrid can also see now)
MG-GM> "Yes," she says. "I didn't see it before, when we were here."
MG-GM> "My son and I."
James> (will she forever be unautumned now?)
MG-GM> (you don't know)
MG-GM> What's the deal, folks?
James> did your son seem to struggle?
Ingrid> We still seems to be stumped. I'd rather try Omen power again before we try swimming.
MG-GM> "Yes, of course. Stop interrogating me!"
MG-GM> Barbara cries again.
Ingrid> We're just trying to help you, Barbara.
James> listen lady- your son is one of us- by taking him you were killing him
* Gemma looks down and rubs her temples with her fingertips
MG-GM> Everyone, Per + Empathy, Diff. 7.
James> he could maybe see the pools, like we can
James> maybe he just wanted away from you'
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (3 d10) and gets 7 8 6.
Gemma> 3 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 9 5 3 10 10.
Ingrid> 5 d10
James> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 8 4 1 2 8 9.
MG-GM> Barbara's starting to fray a little bit from the enchantment.
MG-GM> You can all clearly see that.
MG-GM> Fray in the sense of sanity.
MG-GM> She seems especially fearful and frayed by James.
James> I'm gonna bear my teeth at her and hiss
Gemma> Is there any way I can calm her?
Ingrid> I'd like to talk to her.
MG-GM> James seems to be leading her along to gather her anger and fear together.
MG-GM> Ingrid, Per + Kenning, Diff. 7
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (3 d10) and gets 5 7 4.
James> 3 d10
MG-GM> Gemma, Per + Kenning, Diff 6
Ingrid> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (4 d10) and gets 9 3 3 1.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 3 6 7 6 2.
Gemma> 5 d10
MG-GM> OK, so, what do we do?
MG-GM> Ingrid and Gemma just move Barbara back to the car.
MG-GM> James seems satisfied.
Ingrid> James, is there some reason you're trying to drive her over the edge?
MG-GM> She seems a little weaker.
James> I-I had to, I needed it
James> but what the furk does that matter? she isn't useful to us anymore
* Ingrid looks at James quizzically as she walks back to the car.
MG-GM> Ingrid puts Barbara in the car and comes back to the other two fae.
Ingrid> Gemma, did you see anything earlier? I saw you rubbing your temples.
Gemma> No. Just easing some stress.
MG-GM> So... what do we do? *insistent tone*
MG-GM> :)
Ingrid> Where the hell is Douglass when you need him.
James> we don't need him, furkin pussy
Gemma> No longer quick to defend him, are you? Ha!
James> no offence gem
* Gemma groans and rubs her eyes
MG-GM> Hmm.
Gemma> I don't want to swim out there. Not in my long skirt. I'll probably drown.
Ingrid> Only because the three of us seem to be useless!
Ingrid> Well, it's climb or swim.
MG-GM> The water out ten feet isn't that deep.
MG-GM> You could probably walk.
Gemma> you only need two inches of water to drown.
MG-GM> It was deep for a kid, sure.
* Gemma eyes it
MG-GM> (heh)
James> lets check out the water
Ingrid> Let's try it. And if you two don't want to, I'll go alone.
Gemma> And I'm short. Oh, hell. I'm round enough to float. I'm with James. Let's look at it.
James> if we two don't want to? whos idea was it to swim?
MG-GM> OK, the three of you wade out toward the chimerical whirlpools.
MG-GM> They quickly suck you towards them. Now, would you like to resist the pull?
Ingrid> Awfully testy all of a sudden, James.
James> lets go for a swim
Ingrid> No. Looks like the only way in is *in*.
Ingrid> No resisting here, I mean.
MG-GM> Ingrid lets go and gets sucked under the surface.
Ingrid> *blurble*
Gemma> Wonderful. Think she's dead?
James> I'll go with
MG-GM> James does the same.
James> and grab gem before I go
MG-GM> Gemma, resist?
Gemma> Sure. But I'll fail and go down with him... if it works that way. Otherwise, consider me sucked down.
MG-GM> Ok, Strength + Athletics, Diff. 4
MG-GM> to resist.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (1 d10) and gets 10.
Gemma> 1 d10
Gemma> har! Crap. I would get a 10.
James> (she's so big and beefy)
Ingrid> (heh!)
Gemma> (All those communion wafers)
James> ha!
Gemma> (::pats "floations devices"::)
MG-GM> Gemma pulls herself back towards shore.
MG-GM> She's alone now, with Mrs. Dixon
* Gemma wipes water off of her face and whispers, "Oh, Lord, forgive my cowardice."
MG-GM> OK, the sea hag says, "Why have you come here, impure ones?"
Ingrid> We come for the child.
James> who you calling impure, biznatch?
* Ingrid draws herself up regally.
MG-GM> And who are you to assert authority? You are ruler of no one here, sidhe.
James> might as well tell her "you're not the boss of me" you hag
MG-GM> Gemma pops in.
MG-GM> You got sucked under, and reappeared, dry, in a cavern.
* Gemma lets out a small yelp before she fully realizes where she's at
MG-GM> OK, inside the cavern is the boy, the dragon, both sitting near a green-skinned sea hag. In her mortal seeming, though, she's wearing a UCSD sweatshirt, and has lank black hair.
Ingrid> We are here to return this child to his rightful home.
MG-GM> Rightful home? You let him be kidnapped by that mortal mother of his? I shall not give the boy up. I rescued him from certain Undoing at the hands of his mortal mother. He shall not go back with you. He is mine now.
James> the boy belongs to no one.
Ingrid> Nay, we allowed no kidnapping. Not by the mother or by you. You have taken yourself to her level.
MG-GM> Yes, but I am not like her. I will give the boy dreams.
Ingrid> What does it profit you to have this boy?
Gemma> The boy has his own dreams. He doesn't need yours.
MG-GM> It is what I do.
James> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 8 2 1 5 8 8.
MG-GM> "Oh really, cat? What dreams are those?"
Ingrid> Not good enough.
Gemma> It is not my privelage to know them.
MG-GM> "All right then."
MG-GM> "You should leave this domain now. The boy has his pet back now. They'll both be happy here... for eternity."
Ingrid> Have you kidnapped before, then?
MG-GM> Neither Aoife nor Davis say anything.
James> who could be happy with you, you ugly old hag?
MG-GM> The had ignores Ingrid's question.
James> certainly no man in his right mind...
Ingrid> Why do you not allow the boy to speak for himself?
MG-GM> "Do you think I care what you think, invader?" she says to Aranth. "Your machines are the ones that destroyed my ancestors and enslaved my land."
MG-GM> (Gemma, Int + Occult, Diff. 8)
MG-GM> To Ingrid: "He speaks through me. I have complete empathy with him."
Gemma> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 9 4 3 8 5.
Ingrid> I don't believe you. *** Gemma is now known as Solangia *** Solangia is now known as Solangia
James> what a load of shit- machines don't enslave lands, people enslave lands *** James is now known as Aranth *** Aranth is now known as Aranth *** Ingrid is now known as Artemisia *** Artemisia is now known as Artemisia
MG-GM> The hag ignores Aranth.
Artemisia> How do you come to have complete empathy?
Aranth> (flips through his walet for his NRA card...) =)
MG-GM> The boy told me everything he desires. I shall make his dreams come true.
MG-GM> (heh)
Solangia> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Solangia (4 d10) and gets 5 9 5 6.
Aranth> he's just a pisher, he doesn't know what the furk he wants now, besides, the dreams of a little boy are not the same as the dreams of an older boy or those of a man. youcould never keep him happy for long
Aranth> (is it displaying twice for you too, or just me?)
Solangia> (me too)
Artemisia> (it is mine for me, but not yours)
MG-GM> huh.
Aranth> 9 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Aranth (9 d10) and gets 8 9 2 7 4 10 1 1 5.
Artemisia> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Artemisia (6 d10) and gets 4 9 5 10 4 9.
Artemisia> So, hag, do you dwell always in this cave?
Aranth> geeze, you could have atleast chosen a harder topic, you bitch... I mean a furkin child? like taking candy from a baby... or maybe a baby from candy, ya pussy
MG-GM> This is my lair, yes.
Aranth> you didn't even have the guts to gofor some real game
MG-GM> "Nocker, do not question my Purpose."
Aranth> oh I'm so scared... who do you think you are?
Solangia> You call this a Purpose? Stealing a child and using him under the guise of "helping?" It is to laugh!
MG-GM> "It is what my kind have done for thousands of years. Just as each of you has a purpose: you, sidhe, to rule, you, pooka, to prank, and you, nocker, to build."
MG-GM> "Would I be able to deny you any of your purposes?"
Aranth> but why the boy? he's so, less than perfect
MG-GM> "What do you mean?" she says to Aranth.
Artemisia> Do you deny the boy his purpose then, hag?
MG-GM> "His purpose, to rule you?"
Artemisia> He is also sidhe. He is to rule.
Aranth> a child, to begin with... with a dragon friend with delusions of grandure... a homelife that could lead to mental derangement, not like youre a stranget to that sister
MG-GM> "Your rulership means nothing to me."
Aranth> besides, he hasn't got a reall place in society etc.
Artemisia> As your Purpose means nothing to me.
Aranth> he is no prise, not even worth your time.
MG-GM> to Aranth: "You have a point, but I do not collect young ones as others would collect jewelry."
MG-GM> to Artemisia: "Then take him from me."
Aranth> (brb)
MG-GM> to Aranth: "If the boy is flawed, it matters not to me."
Artemisia> I ask again, what does it profit you to have this child?
MG-GM> "It profits him. I have saved him from the cold sting of Banality."
Solangia> How excessively noble of you.
Artemisia> Yet his mother is seemingly not the Autumn you describe.
MG-GM> "What do you mean?" she says to Artemisia.
Artemisia> She shows genuine caring. There is no stink of banality on her.
MG-GM> "I don't understand. I saw the boy, withering from her touch."
Artemisia> I see no profit for him.
MG-GM> Artemisia: now, Charisma + 1 + Persuasion, diff. 9!
* DiceWell throws the bones for Artemisia (7 d10) and gets 4 6 7 7 2 2 3.
Artemisia> 7 d10
MG-GM> OK, now, you can try it once again.
MG-GM> But the Diff will be 10.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Artemisia (7 d10) and gets 2 10 1 8 4 1 2.
Artemisia> 7 d10
MG-GM> Remember, you can use willpower.
Artemisia> well thanks for that reminder!
Solangia> (brb)
MG-GM> i tried!
MG-GM> shit.
Artemisia> yeah.
MG-GM> Well, we can say you used it.
Aranth> (guys... this is great, however we really need to start wraping it up)
MG-GM> (i'm sorry, mandy!)
Artemisia> yes, please.
MG-GM> OK. avoided the botch, but she seems unconvinced.
MG-GM> anyone else want to try?
Aranth> try what?
MG-GM> Charisma + Persuasion, diff. 9?
MG-GM> Willpower is allowed.
MG-GM> for an automatic success.
Aranth> i will
* DiceWell throws the bones for Aranth (1 d10) and gets 6.
Aranth> 1 d10
MG-GM> ok, one success. Solangia?
MG-GM> you can use Manipulation + Persuasion.
Aranth> awman, that would have been better for me
MG-GM> I know. But she's got pooka power.
Aranth> ah
MG-GM> I think she's afk.
MG-GM> I can roll for her.
MG-GM> 7 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for MG-GM (7 d10) and gets 10 6 3 7 3 5 10.
MG-GM> There we go. Solangia gains her trust, explaining the situation with the mother, the father, and with the mortal authorities.
MG-GM> The hag wants you to swear an oath, that you will deliver the boy into protecting hands.
MG-GM> Since she knows how much you Western fae love "oaths."
Aranth> that is what we came to do
MG-GM> "Only then," she said, "will I let him go."
MG-GM> "Very well."
Artemisia> We've sworn that oath already. And will do it again, as often as necessary.
MG-GM> "All right."
MG-GM> She hands Davis/Taliesin bck to you.
Aranth> and the dragon
MG-GM> Yes. Wrap-up: the mother is arrested, after bringing the boy back herself to the father's house (under instruction from you)
MG-GM> The boy returns to the court, escaping his father's house at night, and thanks you all for your efforts.
MG-GM> He says that in future, when he holds a throne, you can expect boons from him.
MG-GM> "I nearly died, it was so painful being around mom," he says.
MG-GM> "So I thank you, all of you, for your help."
MG-GM> Sorry about the quick wrap-up.