Scene One
Scene Two
Scene Three
Scene Four
Scene Five
Scene Six

Chapter One: Pictures at an Exhibition

Scene One: The Morning of the 27th
*** MG-GM changes topic to '"Every artist is a cannibal/every poet is a thief/all kill for inspiration/and sing about their grief" - Bono'
MG-GM> That's the lyric for tonight's game. :)
Erica> Ooh. Lyrics for games. I like this idea. Yes.
* MG-GM grins
MG-GM> Shall we... get into character?
*** Julia is now known as Ingrid
MG-GM> Use mortal names to start.
*** Sam is now known as Jack
*** Erica is now known as Gemma
*** Mandy is now known as James
MG-GM> I'd like to start with some general stuff, if I may.
MG-GM> Ever since coming back from Vegas, you've all gotten to be more well-known at court.
MG-GM> Your delivery of Knack to the poker tournament earned you a modicum of praise and honor.
MG-GM> Knack decided to settle down in Tucson, after moving his awards and such with him to a new place in the County of Old Pueblo.
MG-GM> It's been a little less than a month now since the Vegas trip. Day jobs push you through the grind. Is anyone planning on hanging out at court with any frequency?
James> hells no.
Ingrid> I'd like to.
MG-GM> All right.
MG-GM> Excellent.
Jack> Probably too busy.
MG-GM> Gotcha. The day job.
MG-GM> Fair enough. Ingrid's the noble, she should be at court, of course.
Ingrid> Okay, so where are we right now?
MG-GM> It's near the end of March. March 23 to be precise.
MG-GM> And everyone's at work, pretty much. :)
Ingrid> I have a message for everyone. How about I email people? Does Jack do email?
MG-GM> I know Gemma and James have it.
MG-GM> Jack wasn't with us for the first story.
Ingrid> right.
MG-GM> Does Jack have email?
Jack> I may have it through work.
MG-GM> Sounds reasonable to me, Jack.
Ingrid> Would you check it?
Jack> Definitely. : )
MG-GM> Heh. Sure. I know James and Gemma do.
Ingrid> Okay, then I'll email.
Ingrid> The pleasure of your company has been requested by Count Rogelio and Lady Sharon
MG-GM> Go ahead, it's from
MG-GM> (had to look up Ingrid's TV station there :) )
Jack> (ikane sounds like a cute anime character)
Ingrid> for the debut of Arthur McCoughey's new portfolio at the Tucson Museum of Art.
MG-GM> (heh)
Ingrid> It will be quite the event, since several fae have served as muses for him.
Ingrid> Show opens Monday, March 27.
MG-GM> (Formal dress required. It's at the Tuscon Museum of Art.)
MG-GM> (damn, I misspelled it. Tucson.)
Ingrid> (thanks)
Gemma> (don't feel bad, Mike.. I've done it too)
MG-GM> Will anyone respond to Ingrid to RSVP?
MG-GM> Or ask questions?
Ingrid> It's black tie, and I can see James grimacing even now, but our oathcircle was specifically requested. So let me know. Signed, Ingrid
James> Ing- does that mean I can't wear jeans? -James
Ingrid> James - nice try. - Ing.
James> Ing- furking... argh! you know a tux place?-James
Jack> (LOL James)
MG-GM> (It's fun to get dressed up and drink wine and eat cheese cubes!)
Jack> !dice 3 7
* DiceWell Jack rolls 3d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 9 9 10
Ingrid> Yeah! Go to Salvatore's Mens Clothing downtown and talk to Tony.
Ingrid> - Ing.
James> (cheese cubes? Oh Man! I'm there!)
Ingrid> (oops :)
MG-GM> (spell hors d'oeuvres. oops, i just did :) )
Ingrid> PS - they'll have cheese cubes.
MG-GM> (heh!)
James> Ing-cheese cubes? Oh Man! I'm there!-James
MG-GM> Do we have any other questions of Ingrid?
Gemma> (can i forward her some bad jokes just to annoy her? ;) )
MG-GM> Sure, Gemma. :)
MG-GM> I assume they'll be blonde jokes. :)
Ingrid> (hey!)
Gemma> Ha! Yes.
MG-GM> (It's not like Gemma has anything better to do at work :) )
* Gemma sends Ingrid some bad blonde jokes and the Neiman Marcus cookie recepie with all the ingredients replaced with bodily fluids and other odd non-edibles
MG-GM> (OK, can we fast forward to Monday night?)
* Ingrid deletes them unread.
Jack> (LOL Gemma)
Ingrid> okay :)
Jack> sure.

Scene Two: The Main Gallery
MG-GM> The Tucson Museum of Art is downtown in the old Presidio district.
MG-GM> (Mellie, can you give us a first-hand account?)
Gemma> (Um... I'm uncultured. I've never been. ::shame::)
MG-GM> (I can describe the museum, do you know the old part of town?)
Gemma> (Not really... I can't even think of whereit is off the top of my head! Eek!)
MG-GM> (No problem!)_
MG-GM> The Presidio district is where the old Spanish fort used to be, back in the 1770s.
Jack> (I'm gonna go let the cat in.)
MG-GM> It's also the oldest part of town, so most of Tucson's oldest homes are there.
MG-GM> (heh! cat!)
MG-GM> The museum is more modern; it's got glass windows enclosing the foyer and lobby.
Jack> (back)
MG-GM> Here's a tiny picture.
Ingrid> neat.
MG-GM> The debut show is taking place in the gallery with the installation, which is usually reserved for contemporary photography. Can everyone describe themselves and their clothes tonight?
MG-GM> Jack is the first one to be here, of course, and he'll tell you why. :)
MG-GM> (Or at least Sam will)
* Jack is working security with a cool earpiece and a hastily let-out rental tux.
MG-GM> (The Tucson PD wanted the police presence to be unobtrusive)
MG-GM> (So they picked a 6'8" dude with a rental tux :) )
* Jack speaks orders into his mic from time to time in an authoratative fashion.
James> (would gem have been willing to help James look decent?)
Jack> authoritative.
Gemma> (sure! Um.. will that make them really late? :) )
MG-GM> (Hah. Perhaps. But you know artists... always fashionably late themselves)
James> (not if they start really early)
MG-GM> (I can't wait to see how everyone else looks)
MG-GM> (femmey roleplaying! o/~) -> [Ingrid] PING -> [Gemma] PING
* MG-GM patiently waits as the chicks get ready... as usual, they take forever :P
MG-GM> (Sorry to include James :) )
James> (he's paitiently waiting to be dressed so he dosn't embarass everyone)
MG-GM> (how nice of him :) )
* Ingrid arrives in a sequined little black dress, her hair pulled up off her long neck and her mother's old black lace shawl wrapped around her shoulders.
MG-GM> When Ingrid enters, she sees Rogelio and Sharon standing with a group of older men and women... obviously patrons of the museum. Rogelio, in his mortal seeming, is a medium-build forty-something Hispanic man, his beard cropped close to his face, wire-rimmed glasses and a receding hairline. Sharon, in her mortal seeming, is wearing a conservative deep crimson velvet dress.
MG-GM> Her red hair is collected by an antique looking ivory clasp.
MG-GM> Ingrid is called over by Sharon.
* Gemma and James walk in together. James, obviously been groomed for the occasion by someone else, is wearing a slightly updated version of the classic tux. But the attempts to tame his hair has obviously failed. It's awkward style seems to match James' uncomfortable posture. Gemma is wearing a simple, slightly low-cut dress in deep blue shantung.
MG-GM> Ingrid sees Jack standing near the door to the gallery as well, stoically guarding the room.
Gemma> (did that all make it there? it's hard to type a lot fo stuff in this little line)
MG-GM> (got it up to "shantung," whatever that is :) )
Gemma> (it's a type of silk.. and that's all I had)
MG-GM> (fair enough, then)
James> shan*tung (noun)
James> [Shantung (Shandong), China]
James> First appeared circa 1882
James> : a fabric in plain weave having a slightly irregular surface due to uneven slubbed filling yarns
MG-GM> (Jeez, Mandy! :D)
MG-GM> (I guess you didn't know either :) )
James> =)
MG-GM> The artist of honor isn't here yet, but his art is on the wall.
MG-GM> (roleplay away, kiddies!)
James> what's it like?
* Ingrid makes her way over to Lady Sharon.
* Jack gives a nod and a slight smile to Ingrid, and a cordial nod to James and Gemma.
* Gemma gently makes James face her, then stands on her tip-toes to fuss with his tie a bit
MG-GM> James walks up to a random piece. It's about 12 x 18, small. It's canvas covered in multicolored strips of cheesecloth. The colors stick with gray-green, deep red, and black. The composition is called, "Ancient Atrocity, 1999."
James> oh... one of those.
* James sticks out his toung a little and moves on
MG-GM> Other pieces are equally dark. Some are standard oil-on-canvas paintings. One particular one, "Toxic Sunset, Tucson, 1998," is a fiery explosion of reds and oranges on a midnight blue backdrop.
James> so gem, explain to me one more time why we're here...
Gemma> Free snacks.
Gemma> We're here for the free snacks.
James> thats right (James is suddenly perked) wine and cheese cubes!
MG-GM> The overall effect of the installation is one of insinuating fear, a sort of malaise that overrides the initial wonder at the artist's interplay of color and shape. Or at least that's what the pretentious guy with the ponytail standing around just said. :)
Jack> (LOL Mike, I'm having VES flashbacks)
MG-GM> (*snort* isn't it great?)
Gemma> !dice 4 6
MG-GM> Hmm. Dicewell?
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 4 2 7
MG-GM> There we go.
* Gemma idly moves about and takes in the works around her
* James walks to the food table for some cheese cubes and wine
MG-GM> Sharon says to Ingrid (I assume she's standing with them), "I'm glad you could bring your friends tonight!"
MG-GM> James: there's waiters walking around with red wine, champagne, and hors d'oeuvres.
Ingrid> I'm glad they actually decided to come!
* Jack moves over to pay his respects to Sharon, Rogelio, and Ingrid.
James> I'll grab 2 champagne's, a handful of hors d'oeuvres and head over to gem.
MG-GM> "Indeed!" She introduces you to the patriarchs of two of the biggest families of Tucson.
* Ingrid remembers the last time James and Gemma drank champagne and shivers a bit.
Gemma> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 5 9 8 4 9
MG-GM> "Ah, here's Officer Duran. He's providing our security tonight," says Sharon.
MG-GM> Officer Duran, you too are introduced to the museum donors.
MG-GM> (Damn, I need names! I suck! :) )
Jack> A great honor.
* Gemma takes a sip of wine, then frowns at it
* Ingrid greets the men politely.
MG-GM> A whisper goes through the crowd when the artist walks in. Grey-haired, he looks as uncomfortable in his tux as James does in his tux.
* James gives him a sympathetic nod
MG-GM> He's probably also in his mid-40s, and he holds the hand of a small boy, no more than four or five years old. The boy stares around at the people in the room. The boy wears a red bow tie, which he tugs at occasionally.
James> (and the boy too, tugging at his own)
MG-GM> Slight applause breaks out as the artist and his son enter the gallery.
* Ingrid smiles at the boy.
* Jack checks in with his men, now that the VIP is here.
MG-GM> The emcee of the event, a museum representative named Elizabeth, says, "I'd like to welcome you all to Arthur McCoughey's (pronounced McCoy) installation, "Obscured Visions." We really feel it's the beginning of a rennaissance in the Tucson art scene..." she drones on.
MG-GM> Jack, Wits + Police Proced, Diff. 5
Jack> !dice 5 5
* James stands near the back and heckles just loud enough to be abnoxious to those in his immediate vicinity
* DiceWell Jack rolls 5d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 8 7 2 4 8
MG-GM> Two people walk over to Arthur after his introduction, the ponytail man and a woman in a long black dress and short-cropped red hair. They greet him. They are fae.
MG-GM> The red-haired woman is a satyr.
MG-GM> The ponytail man is an eshu or sidhe, you're not sure which.
MG-GM> You didn't notice them until this very minute.
MG-GM> (Mainly because the DM forgot to ask for Perception + Kenning rolls, and he's a schmuck) :)
James> (tisk)
Jack> (But he's OUR shmuck!)
MG-GM> (But they walk over, ply Arthur with wine, and the boy sort of wanders off to view the paintings.)
MG-GM> That should not have been in parentheses.
MG-GM> Arthur mingles in a small group with the satyr, the eshu/sidhe, and Rogelio and Sharon.
MG-GM> Apart from you, they are the only fae in the gallery.
MG-GM> Arthur is mortal, remember.
MG-GM> (Continue! That interruption of our artist was only short-lived).
MG-GM> What's everyone doing?
* Ingrid chats politely with the two patriarchs, keeping one eye on the group of fae.
MG-GM> (Yeah, Ingrid got left with the old white guys and their old wives :) )
* Jack does a slow circuit of the room, keeping an eye on things unobtrusively.
* Gemma fidgets and looks around, obviously a bit bored
Ingrid> (Oh, but the stuff they must know about Tucson. :)
* James turns to gemma and kisses her cheek
Jack> !dice 5 8
MG-GM> Hmm, good point, Ingrid, gimme a Charisma + Carousing roll, Diff. 6
* DiceWell Jack rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 9 4 3 8 8
James> lets go see what our dear comerad ingrid is doing... she is always oh so entertaining
Ingrid> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 10 8 6 9 9
Ingrid> whoa. :)
James> (some bodies hot!)
MG-GM> Ingrid, I'm going to email you a whole bunch of good info after this game.
Ingrid> excellent. :)
Gemma> All right.. Let's go bother her.
MG-GM> Social info in Tucson.
Ingrid> thanks. :)
* James and gemma saunter up to ingrid
MG-GM> (I smell a three stooges skit coming)
* James smiles at her
* Gemma gives Ingrid a huge, cheesey smile
* Ingrid smiles at the two of them. "Having a good time?"
Gemma> Ingrid! Ingrid, dear. It's so lovely to see you.
MG-GM> The men and their wives just sort of blink at James and Gemma, having been so entertained by Ingrid before they arrived.
Ingrid> Mhmm. You too, Gemma.
James> Ingrid, darling, you look simply, simply...
James> like my grandmother
Ingrid> Why thank you, James.
* Ingrid smiles sweetly
Gemma> Now, James. I doubt your grandmother would show off so much of her ... er, charms.
Gemma> No, I think she reminds me of one of my aunts. Very dignified older woman.
* Gemma stresses "older"
MG-GM> The socialites excuse themselves after this display.
* Ingrid bids them politely goodbye.
Jack> !dice 5 9
* DiceWell Jack rolls 5d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 6 2 4 7 10
James> no no, I distinctly see my grandmother... similar style, similar sensibilities.
Ingrid> You know, I'd be really interested to know what you two think of the artwork.
James> I think its crrap (good thick accent, connery esque)
James> I find the social commentary bleak and the use of color to convey the concept is simply shoved down your throught
Gemma> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 5 10 10 2 1
* Ingrid laughs.
MG-GM> Everyone, Perception rolls, Diff. 4
MG-GM> Just Perception.
Ingrid> Why thank you James, that was refreshing. So many people get pretentious about art.
Jack> !dice 3 4
Ingrid> !dice 3 4
Ingrid> uh-oh.
* DiceWell Jack rolls 3d10 at difficulty 4. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 1 9 1
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 3d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 1 7 6
James> !dice 2 4
* DiceWell James rolls 2d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 9 7
Jack> (gack)
MG-GM> Gemma, only you remain.
MG-GM> (You can reroll 10s, too.)
James> So what does ingrid think of the art??
* Ingrid looks around and says, "It's awfully dark, isn't it?"
James> yeah... i thought you said he had -fae- muses... what was he chilling with slouah? (or however that is spelt)
Gemma> !dice 4 4
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 4d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 5 8 9 1
MG-GM> James, Gemma, and Ingrid stand near the center of the room. Jack continues to patrol around the room.
MG-GM> (Just setting the scene again)
James> you know... miss ingrid crane of tv fame.. it'd be awful rude not to introduce yourself to the guest of honor and his compatriates, don't you think?
* Ingrid eyes James suspiciously.
James> and see if you can dig up "where he gets his ideas for all these brilliant pieces of art work"
James> or something to that affect
Gemma> Now, Ingrid. James is only trying to be helpful.
Ingrid> You know, it's not a bad idea.
Ingrid> Better me than either of you, I think.
MG-GM> (ouch!)
Gemma> Of course, Ingrid. No climb up the social ladder is complete without an artsy contact or two.
* Gemma smiles sweetly
Ingrid> How right you are, Gemma.
* Ingrid smiles back just as sweetly.
James> I'd never throw myself to the wolves like that ingrid... all the possibilities of making a fool outof myself, or comming of too noesy... you are -so brave-
* Ingrid ignores James and moves toward the cluster of fae.
James> (wheres the little kid?)
MG-GM> Ingrid walks over to the group of fae huddled around Arthur.
MG-GM> (You don't see him, James)
Gemma> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 1 3 7 3 1 9
James> he Gem, where'd the kid go?
Gemma> Hmm...
MG-GM> James, Gemma, can you hold just for one sec while I do Ingrid's thing?
* Gemma looks around
James> sure
MG-GM> Ingrid, you are introduced to Arthur, and his "friends," Tara (the redhead satyr) and Emil (the eshu/sidhe). Ingrid, Int + Kenning, Diff. 6
Ingrid> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 5 4 10 2
MG-GM> Ingrid, care to ask the artist?
MG-GM> (I liked your idea of a question)
* Ingrid greets the artist politely.
Ingrid> (Can I call him Arthur?)
MG-GM> Sure.
Ingrid> Arthur, I've been wondering... what was your inspiration for you work here tonight?
MG-GM> Arthur grins. Then grimaces. Then giggles. "Inspiration? Inspiration! INSPIRATION???" He screams out, silencing the crowd.
MG-GM> All of a sudden, he drops to his knees.
* Ingrid takes a step back, shocked.
MG-GM> Tara and Emil do the same, except they try to help him.
MG-GM> After dropping to his knees, he hits the ground, giggling still.
MG-GM> "No ideas... all gone... I'm..." He sputters to himself, clutching his head.
MG-GM> Ingrid, take 2 points of Temp. Banality.

Scene Three: Chaos Ensues
* Jack radios his men (quietly) to monitor this development.
* Ingrid looks closely at the Eshu and the Satyr.
MG-GM> They are trying to help him.
MG-GM> Jack, it's probably best to get your men to help him too.
MG-GM> The whole party is trying very hard not to look.
MG-GM> But failing, nonetheless.
* Gemma is watching with extreme interest
James> cept james who is trying very hard to see over all the people tring not to look
Jack> I'll head in myself to check it out and radio my men for backup.
MG-GM> "What's wrong, Arthur," Tara says, trying to secure him as he has a fit on the hardwood floor.
MG-GM> Jack forcefully strides over to the scene.
MG-GM> Gemma, James, neither of you can tell where the kid has gone, but you can roll a Perception + Scan roll (I don't know if G or James have it)
MG-GM> Diff. 6
James> !dice 2 6
* DiceWell James rolls 2d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 2 8
Gemma> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 7 4 5 3
MG-GM> Jack sees that Arthur is now having a full-blown seizure.
MG-GM> Ingrid, what are you doing?
* Ingrid is keeping people back from the scene.
Jack> (over radio) Get some EMTs here!
MG-GM> The two Tucson PD run out the door to head to the cruiser radio.
* James shout out over the crowd: Jack!
MG-GM> Ingrid, Charisma + Persuasion, Diff. 5
* Jack looks over to where James is. "What?"
Ingrid> !dice 6 5
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 6d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 5 4 7 5 6 2
James> One of the paintings is gone, and the artists kid is nowhere to be seen!
MG-GM> Ingrid handles the crowd masterfully, keeping them well back of the scene. Rogelio and Sharon have stepped back from Arthur as well.
MG-GM> James and Jack can see Gemma standing near the empty installation.
James> Gem?
MG-GM> She was examining the title plaque.
* Jack orders the cops to call for backup.
* Gemma looks up at James
MG-GM> Both the Tucson PD men are out in the car right now. After they get EMTs, they'll call for backup.
James> i hope were not getting into more dysfunctional family shit
MG-GM> (heh, that's quotable)
James> =)
MG-GM> The two PD come back in, and say all's taken care of. EMTs should be here in less than 5 minutes.
MG-GM> Backup in about 5 to 10.
MG-GM> Jack, Perception + Scan, Diff. 5.
Jack> !dice 5 5
* DiceWell Jack rolls 5d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 8 7 3 5 5
Jack> Cover me!
* Jack heads into the gallery next door.
Ingrid> !dice 5 8
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 8 7 5 8 8
MG-GM> Gemma? James?
Gemma> Is anyone looking for the kid?
MG-GM> Nope. Although James just leaped into the room next door for no apparent reason.
MG-GM> Sorry, Jack.
MG-GM> My mistake.
James> my plan was to get Jcak on that... but he's otherwise engaged...
MG-GM> Jack has turned on the lights in the room next door.
* James nods in the direction of the other room
* Ingrid wanders over to talk to the nobles
Gemma> I'll poke outside and see if the kid is there.
MG-GM> Outside the museum, you mean?
Gemma> Right.
MG-GM> James, where are you going?
MG-GM> Gemma goes outside just in time to see the ambulance pull up.
MG-GM> You wanna look around?
Gemma> (me?)
MG-GM> Yep.
Gemma> Yeah, definitely
Ingrid> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 10 10 8 9 7
MG-GM> Ok, Gemma, Perception + Scan, Diff. 8
Gemma> !dice 4 8
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 4d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 3 5 8 5
MG-GM> (Sorry! So much going on)
MG-GM> Gemma sees nothing out of the ordinary as the EMTs enter.
James> !dice 6 5
* DiceWell James rolls 6d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 2 10 2 9 10 2
MG-GM> Gemma? Back inside? Outside? Something else?
Gemma> Back inside
* Ingrid excuses herself from the royals and wanders over to talk to James by the missing painting.
Jack> !dice 4 4
* DiceWell Jack rolls 4d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 8 3 9 2
MG-GM> Ingrid, James, Gemma, Perception + Kenning, diff. 4.
Ingrid> !dice 5 4
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 3 7 4 3 4
MG-GM> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell MG-GM rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 1 8 10
Gemma> !dice 6 4
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 6d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 8 7 5 8 1 7
MG-GM> James? Perception + Kenning, diff. 4.
MG-GM> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell MG-GM rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 5 8 6 3 9
Jack> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell Jack rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 9 10 6 4
MG-GM> (still waiting on James' roll)
James> !dice 6 4
* DiceWell James rolls 6d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 4 7 2 7 7 6
MG-GM> You all can hear the sounds of chimerical combat from the gallery where Jack went a little while back. You can hear metal smashing against metal, which, obviously, the other guests cannot hear.
Jack> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Jack rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 8 10 2 8 3
Gemma> I want to go look in there.
MG-GM> OK, James? Ingrid?
Ingrid> Me too.

Scene Four: The Modern Art Gallery
Jack> !dice 11 6
* DiceWell Jack rolls 11d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 6 successes.
* DiceWell 7 3 3 8 9 8 3 6 4 10 2
MG-GM> The nobles and the other fae can obviously hear.
MG-GM> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell MG-GM rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 1 10 5 6 8
James> I'm busy
MG-GM> Ingrid and Gemma go in. They see Jack locked in mortal chimerical combat with a gigantic metal statue.
MG-GM> It's a sinuous shiny steel modern art statue, with three snaky legs and a couple of heavy limbs, with a round blob of metal for a head.
* Gemma unconsciously crosses herself
MG-GM> As you came in, you saw Jack take a good chunk out of it with a blow from his greatsword.
* Ingrid backs up several steps.
MG-GM> Next round of combat... Ingrid, Gemma, Jack, Wits + Alertness, Diff. 4.
Ingrid> !dice 5 4
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 1 4 2 2
Jack> !dice 4 4
* DiceWell Jack rolls 4d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 2 10 10 5
Gemma> !dice 3 4
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 3d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 9 1
MG-GM> Ingrid, Gemma? Whatchu doin'?
MG-GM> !dice 4 4
* DiceWell MG-GM rolls 4d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 7 1 10 4
Gemma> Staying the hell out of the way.
Ingrid> Me too.
MG-GM> Dodge for both then. :)
MG-GM> Jack, it seems the statue is both attacking and attempting to sidestep your powerful blows.
MG-GM> Your action?
Jack> I'll take another swing at it.
MG-GM> All right,you first.
MG-GM> Dex + Melee, diff 6
Jack> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Jack rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 8 3 8 8 8
MG-GM> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell MG-GM rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 5 6 10
MG-GM> He couldn't Dodge. Do your stuff, warrior.
Jack> !dice 11 6
* DiceWell Jack rolls 11d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 8 7 9 1 5 9 8 8 4 5 3
MG-GM> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell MG-GM rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9 1 3 7 3
MG-GM> Wow. You smashed one of its legs, which causes the whole chimerical beast to crash to the ground. In reality, you've knocked the real statue off its moorings with your huge bulk, causing a huge real-life ruckus! :)
Jack> Oops.
Ingrid> Oh great.
MG-GM> *snort*
MG-GM> But you defeated the statue-beastie!
MG-GM> :)
MG-GM> James saunters in after hearing the loud smash.
* Jack glances around to see who was watching the fight.
MG-GM> So do Sharon and Rogelio, and a couple of cops.
MG-GM> "Jack?" the cops say. "Are you OK, man?"
MG-GM> Jack is up on the statue's platform, having knocked its legs off its mooring.
Jack> Uh...yeah. Did, uh, did anyone see where that guy went?
MG-GM> "What guy, Jack?"
MG-GM> Count Rogelio says a couple of soft words to the two men, and they walk away.
Jack> Whew...
James> (the one with the long ears and the big fluffy tail)
MG-GM> "They know now, 'which guy,'" the Count says with a smirk. It's the first time a lot of you have heard him talk!
Jack> (heh James)
James> (these are not the droids you are looking for)
MG-GM> (hee)
Jack> Thanks for your help, sir.
James> everyone okay?
MG-GM> Rogelio says to Ingrid, "I must attend to business back at the freehold." To Jack he says, "Find that boy. He may be the key to understanding this."
James> jack, oyu broke the furking statue.
MG-GM> Rogelio takes Sharon by the arm and walks out of the gallery.
Jack> As you command, my Lord...
* Gemma leans against the wall and sighs
Gemma> Once again, we're the CPS for this freakish world.
MG-GM> Gemma, Per + Art History
Gemma> (child protective services)
MG-GM> use reroll 10s.
MG-GM> (Ah, thanks, snide pooka :) )
Gemma> (diff?)
MG-GM> Diff. 6
Gemma> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 2 3 9 6 8
James> It seems the kid took the painting and headed off to the back of the gallery... with only two options after that... left, and right.
MG-GM> Gemma wanders off to look at some of the paintings.
James> not that my information could be more vague
MG-GM> (Julia, still here?)
MG-GM> (And Sam?) -> [Ingrid] PING
Ingrid> James, weren't you looking at the title plaque a little while ago? -> [Jack] PING
Jack> (yup) -> [James] PING -> [Gemma] PING
MG-GM> OK, cool, continue roleplaying. :)

Scene Five: Back in the Main Gallery
* Ingrid goes over to check the title of the missing painting.
James> yeah... thats who told me where to go. the painting was called mummy and I think that it has something to do with the missing kid, the spazed out artist... and the glamour vaccume
MG-GM> Ingrid sees, indeed, it's called "Mummy, 1999"
Jack> What the Hell was that thing? (gesturing at statue beastie)
James> as I said, ingrid, i hope were not getting into more dysfunctional family shit
James> (do I know "what the hell that was")
MG-GM> James, Int + Kenning, reroll 10s, Diff. 6.
Ingrid> It sure looks as if we are, James.
James> !dice 7 6
* DiceWell James rolls 7d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 1 7 9 6 8 8 10
James> !dice 1 6
* DiceWell James rolls 1d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 10
James> !dice 1 6
* DiceWell James rolls 1d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 10
James> !dice 1 6
* DiceWell James rolls 1d10 at difficulty 6. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 2
James> =)
MG-GM> Jesus.
Ingrid> geez :)
MG-GM> James classifies it as perhaps a golem, or more likely a dreamed chimera.
MG-GM> Made of steel and not cold iron, thank God. :)
MG-GM> Ingrid, Per + Intuition, Diff. 9
Ingrid> !dice 5 9
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 10 9 2 9 9
MG-GM> If it was cold iron, Jack would be in some trouble. :)
Ingrid> whoa
Jack> (wow)

Scene Six: An Agitated Painting
* Ingrid turns to see where Gemma went off to.
MG-GM> Gemma is in the corner of the gallery, standing near a Jackson Pollack painting.
* Ingrid walks over to her. "Gemma?"
James> Jack.. you want to go see if we can find the furking pisher?
MG-GM> Ingrid can hear a low whispering coming from the painting itself!
Jack> Doing the Count's bidding James? :)
Jack> Of course I'd be glad to have your assistance.
* Ingrid leans in closer to listen.
James> no... i just don't like the idea of a lost kid
Jack> Neither do I...
James> the sign said he went to the back of the gallery
MG-GM> Jack, James: Gemma and Ingrid are over at the painting.
MG-GM> You're near the ruined statue :)
Jack> Now what are Ingrid and Gemma up to?
James> what are they doing?
MG-GM> (We'll be ending soon, just so you know.)
James> my thoughts exactly Jack.
MG-GM> They're both leaning in close to the painting, like they're listening to it.
* Jack heads over.
MG-GM> You're all together now. Whew.
MG-GM> :)
* James goes up to join the girls... taking off his tie, untucking his shirt and unbuttoning the 1st button on the way
MG-GM> Gemma sighs, and Ingrid looks nervous.
James> what?
MG-GM> You can see Gemma eye Ingrid carefully.
MG-GM> The painting's swirls and drips of colors are... moving slightly.
* Ingrid looks carefully back.
MG-GM> In circles, hypnotic swirls of black, white, and beige paint.
Jack> Oh...
James> what's with the painting?
James> somebody traped in it or something?
MG-GM> You see Gemma talking to the painting.
MG-GM> James, PEr + Kenning, Chimera 10s again.
Gemma> Could you sense if the painting had any intentions? If it had a hold on the child?
James> diff?
Jack> (to himself) and I thought museums were boring before...
MG-GM> A nervous whispering comes from the painting, "No, no, no, not at all, in fact if I might say so it was quite the opposite, I believe the boy was protecting the painting for some reason that I currently cannot discern, unfortunately, since I had recently come to life myself..."
MG-GM> Diff. 4
James> !dice 6 4
* DiceWell James rolls 6d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 10 2 9 2 1 8
James> !dice 1 4
* DiceWell James rolls 1d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 10
MG-GM> It's a chimera too. What kind, you have NO idea.
James> !dice 1 4
* DiceWell James rolls 1d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 10
James> !dice 1 4
* DiceWell James rolls 1d10 at difficulty 4. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 3
James> (somebodys on fire)
MG-GM> (heh)
Ingrid> These paintings are alive??
* Ingrid recoils slightly.
Gemma> Reporter's intution strikes again.
Gemma> (or intuition)
MG-GM> The painting continues to sound like a hyperactive child on a 3-liter of Jolt: "I do believe that the boy went out that way, to the other gallery, and I believe he had a hiding place in mind, for he darted among the shadows as if a cornered thing, not able to decide where to hide and where to stay. In his wake, we awoke."
James> maybe thats where the glamor went.. they need to fuel themselves
MG-GM> We're going to have to end here, kids.
Jack> Then this boy brought the sculpture to life?
Jack> Oh yeah, cool, Mike.
MG-GM> It's late, and I can only act like a hyperactive modern painting for so long without getting a headache. :)
Jack> :)
James> maybe he just has that strong of an imagination
MG-GM> Jack: that's what it sounds like.
Gemma> (Should have made Christine do it, Mike. ;) )
Ingrid> He had quite a wake.
*** Jack is now known as Sam
MG-GM> Next week, a trip through the art gallery!