Scene One

Chapter One: Birthday

Scene One: At Ingrid Kane's Apartment
MG-GM> OK, the upshot of the beginning of this little game: You've all been invited to Ingrid Kane's condo for a birthday party.
MG-GM> (Julia, you still have that description handy?)
Ingrid> (Sure. I'll paste it in in chunks)
MG-GM> (will do)
Ingrid> The apartment building itself is all angles and geometry, Frank Lloyd Wright's vision of the Arizona landscape interpreted in concrete and stucco and wood. The graduated rooflines draw your eye horizontally, circle windows here and there offset the harsh straight lines. In the orange light of dusk the walls appear to glow.
Ingrid> Up a stairway flanked by low stucco walls a large arched wooden door is nestled in a small portico. The door knocker is not of the iron one might expect in such a setting, but a warm patinaed brass which announces each visitor with mellow authority.
Ingrid> The door opens into Ingrid's apartment, which is dominated by a large vaulted living room done in cool tones of silver and blues. Here and there are accents of dark purples and the occasional startling red. There are two large plush sofas accompanied by comfortable chairs and ottomans, offering interesting possibilities for conversational groupings. It's a comfortable and elegant oasis of ocean-like colors, giving a cool counterpoint to the orange and arid desert view seen through the large patio doors.
MG-GM> (is that it, julia? i forget)
Ingrid> (yes.)
MG-GM> OK. Who would be the punctual one, first to arrive?
Jack> Me?
MG-GM> Sounds good.
MG-GM> Sir Douglass arrives first, with a companion.
MG-GM> (Sam, I'll paste your char description, and post Ingrid's too)
Jack> (Mike/Julia--is Ingrid royalty?)
Erica> (crap, we started?)
Jack> (nobility)
MG-GM> (You'll see. :) )
MG-GM> OK, here's Jack/Rolando.
MG-GM> Jack Duran's size is the first thing one notices. At over two meters in height and 170 kilograms, he dwarfs most mortals. He's
MG-GM> caucasian, with a well-tanned olive complexion and black hair cut short. Despite this fairly imposing exterior, his features give
MG-GM> a strangely soulful, almost haunted impression to those who look closely.
MG-GM> He's probably wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and running shoes (size 15) if encountered off-d
MG-GM> uty. At night he'll put on a sweatshirt
MG-GM> or warmup jacket.
MG-GM> Rolando is a Troll armsman of typically enormous proportions. What is unusual about him is his copper-colored skin shot
MG-GM> through with streaks of pale blue like mineral veins. These blue markings darken and collect around his eyes, which are pure
MG-GM> azure orbs. His surprisingly gentle countenance is only a little offset by his small brown-black horns, and he would appear
MG-GM> serene but for a strange troubled quality.
MG-GM> I think that for the rest of you guys, I'll point you to a webpage?
James> (um, how big, exactly, us style, is over 2 meters and 170 kg?)
MG-GM> (good question)
Jack> (Roughly 6'8" and 375 lbs.)
Ingrid> (wow)
James> ah, okay
MG-GM> Sir Douglass enters Ingrid's apartment and bows.
MG-GM> He scans around for mortals. Any about?
* Jack bows.
Ingrid> Welcome, Douglass. And welcome to you also, large sir.
MG-GM> Lady Artemisia, this is the armsman Ronaldo.
Jack> At your service, milady.
MG-GM> "Ronaldo, the Lady Artemisia."
* Jack kisses Artemisia's hand.
MG-GM> (to remind: Douglass is sidhe and so is Artemisia)
* Ingrid nods her head and sniles
MG-GM> Jack: gimme a Charisma + Etiquette roll, diff. 5
MG-GM> to roll: type in 4 d10
Ingrid> A pleasure, Rolando.
MG-GM> where "4" is the number of dots you have.
Jack> 6d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Jack (6d10) and gets 50.
MG-GM> Gotta put the space in.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Jack (6 d10) and gets 8 1 1 2 2 2.
Jack> 6 d10
MG-GM> (And I think it's just three, Sam)
James> ouch
MG-GM> (You don't have etiquette, so it's zero)
Jack> (Sorry--looking at the wrong column)
MG-GM> (no worries!)
* DiceWell throws the bones for Jack (3 d10) and gets 7 9 8.
Jack> 3 d10
MG-GM> Ah, that's nice!
Wordwolf> cooooool.
James> (much better)
Jack> (phew)
MG-GM> Ronaldo's courtly etiquette is impeccable. He impresses Artemisia with his suave ways.
MG-GM> Next to arrive are a group of mortals.
* Jack promptly blushes
MG-GM> Ingrid, it's Ceyda and a couple of her friends.
Ingrid> Ah! Lovely!
MG-GM> Ceyda is a dark-skinned woman, wearing a beautiful red scarf, and an airy blouse/skirt ensemble.
MG-GM> You can see James kind of skulking around behind them. He arrived at the same time.
* James watches as his thick rimmed glasses change from clear to shaded as he enters the room, and mumbles "damn sunlight"
MG-GM> (enter James :) )
MG-GM> It is dusk, yes.
Ingrid> Douglass, Rolando, this is my musician friend Ceyda and her friends. Come on in \, everyone.
MG-GM> (Ingrid: better use mortal names! Daniel and Jack!)
MG-GM> (Hey, Jack Daniels! :) )
Ingrid> (oops!)
* Jack stammers a polite greeting.
MG-GM> (Remember, to see descriptions of all these fae, go to
Ingrid> Pardon, I meant Daniel and Jack.
MG-GM> (It's ok, Ingrid, it's retroactive storytelling)
James> not like I count or anything.
Ingrid> (cool, :)
Ingrid> And of course, James. James, this is my friend Ceyda, and you know Daniel, and this is Jack.
Jack> Hullo.
MG-GM> Ceyda smiles at James and Jack and Daniel, and goes to the kitchen. "I brought some limes, Ingrid!"
James> Hey cuttie, Jack... danny, never thought I'd see you again.
MG-GM> The doorbell rings again.
* James smirks
MG-GM> Daniel says, "Yes, I was called away that day. I apologize."
* Ingrid opens the door again.
MG-GM> There's Gemma.
Jack> Jack looks uncomfortable at the prospect of more guests.
James> uh hu, whatever, sure...
MG-GM> Daniel goes into the kitchen and grabs him, James, and Jack a beer.
James> furking... um, I mean fucking day trips
Ingrid> Gentlemen, please help yourselves to snacks and drinks. They're over on the bar by the kitchen
MG-GM> "Here," Daniel says, "have a beer and relax."
James> Nice, food!
* Ingrid greets Gemma.
Jack> Thank you, milord--um, Daniel.
James> (damn skinny guys)
* Jack heads for the food table.
MG-GM> (this is just as chaotic as a real party. heh.)
Jack> (yup.)
MG-GM> (Sam, did you get a chance to see everyone's descriptions?)
Ingrid> Hello, Gemma. Come and meet some people you don't know yet.
Gemma> Hi, Ingrid. I brought you some wine.
Jack> (Yes, I read them a few days ago.)
* Gemma hands Ingrid a bottle of merlot
MG-GM> (Ah, cool :) )
Ingrid> Why thank you! How sweet of you.
* Ingrid smiles.
* James gets a plate with a lot of everything
Gemma> I know it's something good because Papi had it hidden behind the other wines.
* Gemma grins
* Jack nibbles.
Jack> (French Canadian.)
Ingrid> You know James, and Daniel here, and the woman in the kitchen cutting limes is my friend Ceyda, and this is Jack.
MG-GM> (ah, thanks, Sam)
MG-GM> (heh. peanut gallery, eh?)
Jack> (hee hee)
MG-GM> The doorbell rings again, and someone shouts "Come in!"
* Jack looks askance at the pooka, but bows politely anyway.
MG-GM> It's Danny from work, Ingrid, and a couple of the video editors.
MG-GM> Danny has a bottle of tequila and some margarita mix.
Ingrid> Danny, you would.
* Ingrid grins.
* Gemma gives Jack an odd look, as thoguh she's unsure of something
James> wahoo! way to bring the party!
MG-GM> Danny's like, "Hey, Ingrid. Who are all these people? The two video guys go to the corner and put on the Coyotes game on the TV.
* Jack coughs a bit and doesn't look at Gemma.
* James hammers jack on the back, like he was choking or somthing
MG-GM> The phone rings.
* Jack shrugs it off without looking too put out.
Ingrid> They're some new friends of mine, Danny. This is Daniel, and James, and Jack, and Gemma. You all get to know each other, I'll be right back.
* Ingrid goes to get the phone.
Ingrid> James, maybe you and Danny should help Ceyda find the blender.
MG-GM> Daniel/Souglass introduces Gemma to Jack.
Jack> How do you do?
James> what is she, a furkin retard? who needs helf finding a blender??!
MG-GM> "Gemma, this is my friend Jack, he's one of Tucson's Finest. Jack, this is Gemma."
Gemma> I'm good. How ar eyou
James> oops, sorry, I know I should try and be good...
Wordwolf> *laugh*
Jack> Very well, thank you.
MG-GM> James hangs out in the kitchen with Danny, making margaritas.
* Ingrid shoots a glare at James from the corner.
MG-GM> "Danny Beltran." He extends his hand.
James> now if she was looking for company that'd be another story all together
James> James glodstein- how the hell are ya?
MG-GM> "I'm okay, just glad it's Friday. How do you know Ingrid?"
James> (gold even)
James> eh, we met at a resort this one time on a lake
MG-GM> Douglass says, "So, Gemma, how's your week been? We haven't seen you in a while."
MG-GM> Danny nods.
James> had a hell of a time, if you know what I mean
MG-GM> Ingrid hangs up the phone.
* James smiles deviously
Gemma> I've been working, Douglass. Sort of.
MG-GM> Danny raises an eyebrow. "Oh?" He starts the blender, and it craps out all of a sudden.
MG-GM> "Dammit." Danny says.
James> aw shit! no drinks?
Ingrid> Hmm. Margaritas on the rocks?
MG-GM> "Can you fix this, James?" Danny starts poking at it.
James> (I donno, can I ?)
MG-GM> (Sure! You're a nocker! All you have to do is swear at it a little and make a roll!)
James> I could jive it a try, let me see the furking thing.
MG-GM> Intelligence + Crafts or Intimidation. Diff. 7.
MG-GM> Wanna use WP?
James> sure
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (3 d10) and gets 10 3 9.
James> 3 d10
MG-GM> OK, go for it.
MG-GM> Hey, three successes!
James> furking blender!
MG-GM> James starts cursing up a storm. The whole party kinda stops and turns to glare at him.
* James bangs it a couple times against the counter or somthing
MG-GM> All of a sudden, it starts whirring again.
James> =)
* Ingrid tries not to smile too obviously.
MG-GM> Douglass, too, smiles.
Ingrid> Why thank you James! That was... colorful.
MG-GM> Douglass notices Jack sitting on his own.
James> don't you know it baby!
MG-GM> He goes on over.
* Gemma smirks a little
Jack> Hello, sir
MG-GM> Douglass says, "You should tell these folks about your job! It's really interesting."
MG-GM> (Jack, Perception + Empathy, diff. 5)
* DiceWell throws the bones for Jack (3 d10) and gets 10 9 10.
Jack> 3 d10
MG-GM> (jeez!)
Jack> (oh yeah)
James> (who's hot tonight?)
Wordwolf> *applause*
Ingrid> (*snortle*)
Jack> Well, um (stands up)...
Jack> It's really a lot more paperwork than most people think...
MG-GM> Doorbell rings.
Ingrid> That will be Chartreuse. Excuse me.
* Jack is glad of the distraction.
James> "it" what goliath?
* Ingrid goes to answer the door.
Jack> Well, being a policeman.
* Gemma sits next to Jack
Gemma> How long have you been policeman?
Jack> Five years.
MG-GM> At the door, for those of you who can see, is a beauty the likes of which you've rarely seen. She has odd dyed yellow-green hair, and startlingly light green eyes. She wears a yellow jogging suit top, and Adidas jogging pants, and carries a crate of wine and spirits. "Booze call!" she says in a light, musical voice.
Jack> Wow.
MG-GM> "Hi Ingrid!" she says, all full of happiness and joy.
Gemma> (and everclear, no doubt)
* Ingrid laughs as she greets the woman.
MG-GM> Her smile is breathtaking, her teeth opalescent pearls.
James> "ohholyshit" calls James, mock blessing him self
MG-GM> Everyone, gimme a Perception + Kenning, diff. 9. Except Ingrid. :)
* DiceWell throws the bones for Jack (3 d10) and gets 5 4 4.
Jack> 3 d10
Gemma> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 7 1 5 7 5.
James> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 9 8 4 9 6 6.
MG-GM> (heh, every time Jack tries to talk, he gets interrupted)
Jack> (He's okay with that)
MG-GM> (I figured)
MG-GM> The yellow-green-haired woman hands Ingrid the box full of booze.
* Jack stands up.
Ingrid> Everyone, this is Chartreuse. Chartreuse, this is everyone.
* Jack sketches a rather elegant bow.
MG-GM> "Hi, everyone!" She waves animatedly.
MG-GM> "Hello!" She turns to Jack.
MG-GM> She sort of sidles up to him.
* Jack blushes (again).
Jack> Milady.
* Ingrid grins again as she carries the booze into the kitchen.
MG-GM> Before she talks to Jack, she says, "Oh, Ingrid? Bartleby threw in a bottle of champagne for free! Veuve and Cliquot, I think!"
MG-GM> Jack notices an ever-so-slight French tinge to her accent.
Ingrid> Oh, how sweet of him! I think we should do a toast.
MG-GM> "Hi, your name is Jack?"
MG-GM> Gemma, James, doing anything in particular?
Jack> Yes, milady. And I will gladly drink your health.
Ingrid> I'll get glasses. Daniel, will you be so kind as to open the bottle?
James> um... pouring drinks
MG-GM> "Wow," she says, "all right." She smiles.
MG-GM> Bartending! Heh.
Jack> :)
* Gemma is sitting quietly on a couch, and she seems a bit tired
MG-GM> Douglass grabs the bottle and pops it, and there's a smattering of murmurs.
MG-GM> Douglass takes some flutes from Ingrid and starts pouring.
MG-GM> Gemma, you're sitting between two rabid hockey fans.
MG-GM> They're animately discussing the hockey game on TV.
Gemma> (oh, that's not good!)
MG-GM> (would you like to move?)
MG-GM> "Everyone?" Douglass says in a commanding voice. "I'd like to make a toast!"
* Gemma gets up, says a quick hello to Chartreuse, then goes to sit near Ceyda
James> allright danial, as long as you don't make me promise you anything!
Ingrid> Oh, please do, Douglass.
MG-GM> "To our hostess, Ingrid. A lovely woman, a wonderful hostess, and a lady of noble beauty."
Ingrid> er, Daniel.
MG-GM> (it's ok, i get confused too)
* Jack looks sort of dreamily at Chartreuse as he raises his flute.
* Ingrid blushes a little.
MG-GM> Daniel/Douglass glares at James, and tips back some of his champers.
Wordwolf> the peanut gallery restrains itself.
Jack> (LOL)
* James goes up behing ceyda and Gemma, bearing drinks
James> pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?
MG-GM> "Ingrid, happy birthday." Daniel/Douglass says. "A present here," he digs in his coat pocket, "from Sharon?"
* Ingrid blinks.
Ingrid> Why thank you, Daniel.
MG-GM> He takes out an envelope inscribed on the front in exquisite calligraphy.
Ingrid> That was very sweet of her.
Gemma> Is that a drink for me, James, or are you taunting this thirsty woman?
MG-GM> In its mortal seeming, it says, "Ingrid Kane," in the Dreaming, it says "Lady Artemisia."
MG-GM> It glows with Glamour.
James> hmmm... welll, I guess.
James> of course it's for you! I'm in a nice mood.
Ingrid> Oh, it's beautiful! Shall I open it?
MG-GM> Chartreuse says, "I don't get out much. How do you know Ingrid?"
MG-GM> To Jack.
MG-GM> Doug/Dan says, "Surely!"
James> take advantage of it Gem.
Jack> We've only just been introduced. I'm a friend of Daniel's.
Gemma> Ah, fabulous.
* Gemma takes a glass from James and takes a sip
MG-GM> "Aha. Yes," Chartreuse says, "he surprised us at Ingrid's last party." She smiles another glowing smile.
* Ingrid unwraps the gift carefully, so as not to rip the beautiful lettering.
Jack> :)
James> (Gemma is pleasantly surprised to find it has not been tainted messed with etc. in any way, shape or form)
MG-GM> "What do you do, Jack?" Chartreuse says, sipping lightly at her champagne.
Jack> I am an officer of the Tucson Police Department.
Jack> (ooh, he's such a dork!)
MG-GM> Chartreuse raises a green eyebrow. "Oh? How does that work for you? Do you get to... grab the bad guys?"
James> (ha!)
Jack> Well, milady, we do our best to bring them to justice...
MG-GM> "Milady?" She laughs ethereally.
MG-GM> "Oh, please, this is not the place for such formalities!"
* Gemma rolls her eyes and takes a big gulp of her drink
Jack> Forgive me... (blushes)
MG-GM> Ceyda walks up to Gemma and asks her where she got her outfit.
MG-GM> "I really like it! It's quite beautiful," she says.
Gemma> Thank you, Ceyda.
MG-GM> Chartreuse says, "Oh, it's all right!" She pats Jack on his huge arm.
MG-GM> "What do you do for fun?" Chartreuse says.
Jack> Thank y-y-you.
MG-GM> "As I said before," Char says, "I don't get out much."
MG-GM> Ceyda is whispering to Gemma.
* Ingrid shoots Chartreuse a conspiratorial smile.
Jack> Uh, I try to st-st-stay in practice...sometimes I read.
MG-GM> Char invites Ingrid over to talk with her and Jack.
Jack> Jack looks a little relieved.
Ingrid> How are you enjoying the party, Jack? Chartreuse isn't monopolizing you, is she?
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (2 d10) and gets 8 5.
James> 2 d10
MG-GM> "Ingrid," Char says, "I'd like to ask Jack out to the movies, but I can't seem to do it? Could you?" She smiles at Ingrid.
Jack> Why, no, milady, we were, just, well...
* Jack about has a heart attack.
* Ingrid laughs musically.
Ingrid> Oh, Chartreuse, you really should get out more.
MG-GM> Chartreuse giggles. "I've never been to the movies!"
Jack> R-r-really?
MG-GM> "Yeah, but it's always something I've wanted to do!"
Ingrid> If you two will excuse me for a moment, I need to talk to Daniel in the kitchen.
* Ingrid pulls Daniel off to speak to him privately.
MG-GM> Dan/Douglass gives Ingrid a high sign and goes into the kitchen with him.
* James trys to snag ingrid on her way by
MG-GM> with her.
Wordwolf> Must away. . . 4am here. Night all, thanks for the show!
MG-GM> headboy! take it easy! :)
Jack> Night Headboy!!!!
MG-GM> hope you liked it!
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (3 d10) and gets 4 10 4.
Gemma> 3 d10
Wordwolf> *hugz* all. . .
Ingrid> (night Headboy! :)
*** Wordwolf has quit IRC (Leaving)
James> i need to talk to you in private ingrid... when ever you have a moment you buisy hostess you
MG-GM> James, you snag Ingrid.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (4 d10) and gets 4 5 7 5.
Gemma> 4 d10
* Jack tries to remember the names of any movies currently playin.
Ingrid> What is it James?
MG-GM> (It's last week, in real time :) )
* Jack is drawing a blank...
James> what's with the chick?
Ingrid> What about her?
James> Chartruse... she's, well... I think you might know what I'm getting at
Ingrid> Yes, she's quite lively, isn't she?
* Ingrid smiles cryptically.
MG-GM> Chartreuse says, "We should go as soon as possible, like tomorow night, Jack. Are you on duty?"
James> ah, interestingly enought, for somthing that isn't supposed to be!
Jack> Um,, I'm not on duty tomorrow night...
MG-GM> "Great! Can you pick me up? I don't have a car."
Ingrid> Is there something you'd like to ask me about her, James? Daniel is waiting for me in the kitchen.
Jack> Yes...of course. Where do you--I mean, what time should I...
James> do you know that she is inanima? and if so, what is she doing at your party in that body?!
MG-GM> She says, "Come by Bartleby's Liquors, around 6 o'clock." She gives you an address.
MG-GM> (How loudly does James say that?)
* Jack takes the address.
James> (realllly soft)
Ingrid> Oh, that! I met her several months ago and she's become a good friend to me.
* Ingrid is whispering also.
Ingrid> She had the body already.
Jack> The moments will seem like years until th-th-then.
MG-GM> Chartreuse's eyes light up, and she gasps, "You have a poet's soul, Jack."
James> do you know about that? it's, unsetteling...
* Jack turns more red, if possible.
James> (does he look purple now?)
Jack> You are t-t-too kind.
Jack> (burgundy)
MG-GM> (Jack's skin's not as blue)
Ingrid> How so? I think she's delightful.
Jack> (more coppery)
Ingrid> and if that's all...? I really need to speak to Daniel.
James> she just goes against everything I learned at little Knocker school
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (6 d10) and gets 6 4 4 1 7 9.
Gemma> 6 d10
Ingrid> Ah, I see. Well, can you keep an open mind? I think you may be pleasantly surprised, James.
James> oh sure go, have fun talking to the scum bag.
Ingrid> Thank you.
* Ingrid smiles.
James> (period between sure and go)
MG-GM> (it's great, everyone's so used to James' attitude) :)
Ingrid> (you bet. :)
* Ingrid heads into the kitchen to talk to Daniel.
James> ( =) I still have the new guy to po...)
MG-GM> (hah!)
MG-GM> Chartreuse yawns like a kitten, silently.
MG-GM> "Oh, dear, it's so late." she says.
MG-GM> "I suppose I should get home. I need to call Bartleby."
Jack> Of course.
MG-GM> "Unless..." she says to Jack, "you could drive me home?"
Jack> It would be my g-g-greatest honor.
MG-GM> "OK! Let's scram! Hey, you didn't drink anything, did you?" she says.
Jack> I have a high t-t-tolerance.
MG-GM> "That's good!" she says cheerily. "'Bye Ingrid! We're off!"
James> t-t-to bad...
* Jack waves to everybody and makes to get her coat.
* Ingrid leans out of thekitchen. "You be careful, Chartreuse! Be nice!
Ingrid> And Jack, please do come back afterwards?
Jack> Of course, milady.
* Ingrid smiles bemusedly at Jack's politeness.
MG-GM> Jack and Chartreuse leave.
* Jack realizes she didn't have a coat on and smacks his forehead.
MG-GM> You see Gemma pouring herself drinks from the champagne bottle.
Jack> (how do I get into msg)
MG-GM> Click on the little window?
James> hey, gem, you're gonna save some for the rest of us, right?
* Gemma smiles a little at James
Gemma> Oh, *sure*, my lord.
* James offers her his empty glass
* Gemma takes James' glass, fills it, then quickly empties it herself before giving it back to him
Jack> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Jack (5 d10) and gets 9 10 7 10 3.
Gemma> Ah, thank you. I haven't had time to eat today. Liquids will have to suffice.
James> ha!
* James playfully tries to wrestle the bottle out of her hand
Jack> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Jack (5 d10) and gets 9 6 1 1 8.
Gemma> Unless Vermouth or whatever her name is wants to pass me the pretzels.
MG-GM> She left.
Ingrid> (hah!)
James> you share the drinks, I'll get the pretzles... deal?
Gemma> Oh, fine.
* James passes the pretzels
Gemma> Hey, James, I learned a really interesting way to share drinks at boarding school. Want me to show you?
* James raises an eyebrow...
* Gemma giggles stupidly to herself
James> not that I'm a sensate or anything, but I'm always up for somthing new
* Gemma motions awkwardly for another refill
* James complys
* Gemma takes a small sip as she stares at James over the rim of her glass
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 9 7 5 8 2.
Ingrid> 5 d10
James> so what is this really interesting drink sharing method?
* James meets her stare
Gemma> (hey, where is james in relation to me?)
James> (where are you sitting?)
Gemma> (at the end of the couch)
James> (figure 3 cushion couch, he's lounging over the 1st & some of the 2nd cusion, you're on the third)
James> you gonna show me or am I gonna die of thirst? (he laughs, obviously buzzed)
* Gemma leans forward, then crawls over James, somehow managing to keep her glass upright and its contents unspilled. She wraps one arm around James's neck, takes a long drink and moves in as though she's going to kiss him, but instead bursts out laughing. Poor James is sprayed with champagne and Gemma burries her face against his shoulder and laughs some more.
Gemma> Oh, my god... I think I did that wrong.
* Gemma tries to wipe at James but loses her balance and falls off of the couch.
* Ingrid looks out from the kitchen, a little shocked.
James> Here, Gem (James smiles) lemme give you a hand
MG-GM> The party-goers are a little shocked, but they stay in their tight little groups.
Ingrid> Ahem... James? Would you bring Gemma in the kitchen please?
* James frowns a bit
Gemma> Oh nooooo... I'm in *trouble*.
Ingrid> Now?
James> but pulls Gemma by the hand gently into the kitchen
* Gemma does a sloppy impersonation of a stern Ingrid
MG-GM> Douglass leaves without a goodbye.
James> ha! oh kid will you ever regret this when you're straight...
* Ingrid waits until James and Gemma are out of earshot of the rest of her guests.
* Gemma licks James' cheek
Gemma> I don't drink, you know.
James> uhhu...
Gemma> Except during mass.
* Ingrid glares hard at Gemma.
Ingrid> What the HELL do you think you're doing?
MG-GM> You feel an incredible sense of anger and passion rising from Ingrid.
James> hey- lighten up!
* Gemma rolls her eyes
Ingrid> I cannot BELIEVE you would come to my party and act so childishly.
James> And I cannot believe you'd yell at her when she's in this condition!
Ingrid> Have you ever had more thanscrificial wine? I suppose that might explain this.
James> what the furk is the matter with you?
Gemma> I cannot believe... I cannot ... James, tell her she's mean.
Ingrid> Oh, you're one to stick up for her!
James> Ingrid, sometimes you're so mean.
Gemma> More than.. no. I had some wine. Sacrificial wine. It's been a while -- Thank you, James.
* James smiles at Gemma
* Ingrid takes a deep breath.
* Gemma smiles at James, and holds onto his arm to keep from falling over
Ingrid> Look, there's something going on in the Court.
Gemma> Court? No... no. I need to go home. I didn't eat today. Why don't you have real food here?
James> isn't there always
* Gemma grabs a stray pretzel from the counter and pops it in her mouth
James> (Are we in the kitchen?)
MG-GM> Yes.
Gemma> (I thought we were?)
Ingrid> I have all kinds of food here, Gemma. Don't tell me you couldn't find it.
Ingrid> If you'd like to hear about the request I've received from Lady Sharon, I want to tell you.
MG-GM> (Lady Sharon is Count Rogelio's wife, btw)
* James starts rummaging through cabenits and the fridge, looking for something she could eat, still talking to ingrid
Gemma> Little food! I need -- a request? What is it?
MG-GM> Julia, cna you hold on so I can get Jack back in?
James> whp the furk is lady sharon?
Ingrid> Sure.
MG-GM> Jack comes back in.
James> Gem, here (james pulls up a stool or chair or whatever is in the kitchen) sit.
Ingrid> Look, can you two just stay here for a minute and eat something? I'll be right back. I want to make sure my *friends* are all right in there.
James> bitch
* James raises eyebrow
* Ingrid see Jack come in and stops.
James> if they're youre friends, do they know any of what we know?
Ingrid> Well, all rightm\, since we're all here.
Jack> Back to Ingrid's
* Gemma sighs and fidgets
MG-GM> (btw, you guys ALL rock :) )
Ingrid> They may not, James. But they're not in there spraying champagne all over my couches either.
Ingrid> Look, here's the deal, before I get any more angry.
James> and you're couches matter more than the fact that Gem isn't doing to well?
James> ohh... but sometimes that's the point!
Gemma> Most of it got on James!
James> true!
MG-GM> Jack comes back in and is totally oblivious as to why Ingrid seems angry, by the way.
Ingrid> Lady Sharon has requested that our oathcircle go to Las Vegas to accompany a gambler friend of hers.
Jack> Why is the couch damp...oh right, the Pooka. Never mind.
Ingrid> We are to be his escort for the annual Kingdom-wise poker tournament.
Ingrid> What her reasons are for asking, I cannot say.
James> woah, we arn't furkin body-gaurds!
Ingrid> Also, Sir Douglass has declined my request to accompany us.
Gemma> You mean yo don't know! Just say that!
Ingrid> I don't know!
Ingrid> Do you think if I did I'd be so angry!
Jack> If I may interject...
Gemma> I think you look for reasons to be angry!
James> I never would have expected that of douggie
* Ingrid snaps her head around.
MG-GM> (hey, ingrid, you want to drop a Fuddle so the party-goers can't hear?)
Ingrid> Jack? Did you say something?
MG-GM> (It might be fun :) )
Ingrid> (Um, yeah. Good idea.)
Jack> Thank you, milady. I must confess my reasons for being here tonight go beyond the social.
Gemma> I doubt anyone is here out of fun, Jack.
MG-GM> OK, Manipulation + 2 dice, Diff. 7 with a one-round Bunk.
* Jack waits to see if the Fuddle works.
* Ingrid paces around the kitchn for a minute, examining her manicure intently.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 6 3 4 3 9.
Ingrid> 5 d10
MG-GM> You get one minute of talking.
MG-GM> :)
MG-GM> Go ahead, guys. I'll roughly keep track. :)
Ingrid> All right Jack, please speak.
Jack> Sir Douglass has asked me if I would join your worthy band.
MG-GM> No Glamour cost, btw, Ingrid.
Ingrid> okay
Ingrid> Join in what capacity?
Jack> He feels my sword may be of use in times of...difficulty.
James> huh. so douggie sends you as a peace offering? how muther-furkin noble
Ingrid> But you have to admit a sword *could* be useful, James.
Jack> I am here as a grace to Sir Douglass, but of my own free will.
MG-GM> That's 30 seconds of Fuddle. :)
Gemma> But he's a friend of Doggie. How useful could he be?
* Gemma glares at Jack
Ingrid> Are you saying you would accompany us to Las Vegas?
* Jack bristles a bit in Gemma's direction.
James> poor little pussy cat
Jack> I would.
Gemma> I'm sorry, my looorrrd, but Doug's not the most .. um.. help e out here, James! that guy just drops us whenever he wants!
Ingrid> I'm no happier about that than you, Gemma.
James> Doug is a furkin oathbreaker
Jack> But I am not.
James> I wouldn't trust him as far as I caould throw him
Ingrid> This is true. I believe we may actually be better off with Jack.
James> (the six inches that I could get from one dot of strength)
Ingrid> Jack I would trust already, although I doubt I coud throw him.
Jack> You honor me with your trust, milady.
* Gemma mutters something in Spanish
Ingrid> In addition to the addition of Jack's sword, which is a gift in itself, we are also promised a boon by Her Ladyship.
James> I suggest, ladies, that I get Gemma home, and we meet tommorow to bring or not bring goliath into our oathcircle, and decide about vegas
Ingrid> "Some minor treasure of the Realm", she says in her note.
* Ingrid sighs, letting the last of her passion go.
* Gemma licks her lips and eyes the sink
Ingrid> I think that was very well said, James.
Ingrid> And Gemma, the bathroom's through there.
Gemma> I agree with James.
* Ingrid points.
MG-GM> (heh)
Gemma> No, no.. I need water.
MG-GM> (get her a bowl!)
Ingrid> Ah. Let me, then.
Jack> I will await your decision. I am busy from about 6 to 9, though.
* Ingrid gets Gemma a glass of spring water from the refrigetrator.
James> what day is tommorow anyway? (james askes in that lazy hazy slacker voice)
Gemma> Oh, bless you.
* Ingrid smiles. "Ah yes, Chartreuse. Do have fun, Jack."
* Gemma greedily drinks the water in a few long gulps
MG-GM> Tomorrow is Thursday, Feb. 24.
Gemma> Yeah, go have fun with Booze Girl, Jackie.
James> ah yes, the fake whozit
Jack> Do mind your tongues regarding Chantreuse, I beg you...
Ingrid> Yes, please. She is friend to me as well.
Jack> ...I wouldn't want to get off on the wrong foot...
James> mind my toung? Jackie boy, have you got a lot to learn.
Gemma> I don't think I could mind my tongue as closely as you mind hers.
MG-GM> (oh, you guys crack me up!)
MG-GM> (/me just cracks up)
James> lol
* Ingrid looks at Jack, hoping he can hold his own.
Jack> I would expect nothing less from your worthy kiths.
* Ingrid looks again, figuring he probably can.
James> oh furk you and all your noble bullshit. 'cmone Gem, I'll take you home
* Jack shrugs.
MG-GM> Ceyda peeks into the kitchen. "Ingrid? We're heading out."
Ingrid> Okay Ceyda, I'll walk you out.
MG-GM> Danny and his friends also are going. Ingrid's boss and her husband never showed.
Gemma> Thank you, Jack.
Gemma> Or James. Who the hell am I talking to?
* Gemma stands up and wobbles
* Ingrid spends a few minutes at the door with the rest of her guests.
* James wraps his arm around Gemma and uses it to guide and stready her
James> (steady)
Jack> A strange pair you two make, indeed...
MG-GM> What do you guys think? Call it a night?
Gemma> No stranger than you, Mr Milady.
* Gemma snorts
James> g-g-g-godnight Jackie
* Jack gives an exaggerated bow.
Ingrid> Until tomorrow, then.