Scene One
Scene Two
Scene Three

Chapter One: Meetings and Explanations

Scene One: Outside the Freehold
MG-GM> The setup: It's Imbolg, February 2, the midwinter fae festival.
MG-GM> The freehold at San Xavier del Bac is teeming with fae in the middle of the night.
MG-GM> Almost all of Tucson's fae are present.
MG-GM> (a picture of San Xavier del Bac can be found at
MG-GM> (That's an exterior shot, and daytime, but you get the picture)
MG-GM> Any questions before I introduce your characters to each other?
iolanthe> nope
Ingrid> I don't think so.
*** MG-GM sets mode: +o iolanthe
MG-GM> OK, so, the fae are all around. In its mortal seeming, San Xavier del Bac is a classic Spanish southwestern mission.
MG-GM> But in its fae seeming, in the Dreaming, it's a grand white alabaster castle, with towers, pennants, and grand architecture.
MG-GM> The inside could fit 500 fae, let alone 50! There's only about 50 here right now.
MG-GM> (Mandy, if you want to type /nick James, you could get into character)
MG-GM> A number of fae are mulling about in the courtyard of the Freehold.
MG-GM> In the interior of the freehold, is the actual mission/castle.
iolanthe> (huh?)
MG-GM> (Type "/nick James" and that will change your name)
*** iolanthe is now known as James
MG-GM> (Beautiful.)
MG-GM> (By the way, use parentheseseseses for out of character communication)
* MG-GM smiles
MG-GM> I'm going to post your character descriptions now, so you all can eye each other. :)
MG-GM> First, Gemma.
MG-GM> Gemma Esquer is short and voluptuous, with deep green eyes and long, silky black hair. Her feline side translated well into human form, resulting in delicate features that balance out the roundness of her hips and bosom. Having recently departed from the novitiate, she hasn't yet reacquainted herself with much fashion beyond clean, simple lines and fabrics in mostly dark gray and black colors. Although she's not above jeans, she still feels most at ease in long skirts and long-sleeved shirts.
MG-GM> Now, then, her fae form, Solangia is nearly the same, but with feline eyes, ears, and the short, puffy tail of her breed. Sometimes, just for fun, she'll wear a pair of black cat-eyed glasses. Solangia usually struts about in an outfit strikingly similar to the one Gemma had bought on a strange whim and then kept hidden in the back of her closet ever since: leather pants, and low-cut, thin, finely-knit sweater -- all in black, of course.
MG-GM> Now, Ingrid.
Ingrid> lovely!
MG-GM> Ingrid Kane is happy with her looks. Tall, lithe, and beautiful, she's the perfect physical type for her job as a television journalist. There's a surreal quality to her beauty which is further enhanced by her violet-seeming eyes. She's serious about her image, and spends as much money on clothes as possible to achieve the professional look she favors. She's the type of woman who can't help but be noticed.
MG-GM> For those of you who watch a lot of TV, you recognize Ingrid as a field reporter for the NBC affiliate in Tucson! Weird that she's here.
MG-GM> In the dreaming, her business suit turns into more feminine diaphanous slips of fabric, layered, yet outlining her figure in shifting iridescent colors. She becomes taller, her ears become pointed, and her eyes glow in a deeper violet than seems possible. This all seems very well suited to the air of regal formality she projects as Artemisia.
MG-GM> Everyone still here? :)
Ingrid> yes. :)
James> mhm
MG-GM> OK, finally, James.
* Gemma is busy chewing, but yes, she's here
MG-GM> Tall, thin, gaunt, with greasy hair and annoying cowlicks, and a perpetual five o'clock shadow, James Goldstein's clothes are loose and baggy, worn and tattered, and he wears plastic black-rimmed glasses la 90's grunge...
MG-GM> But in his fae mien, Aranth has a large red nose, cheeks and ears, receding chin, and a pasty white and greasy complexion. He's still thin and gaunt, with knobby joints and a generally red skin tone. He wears the finest of finery, as do all nockers, based in deep purples and grey-blues, cap to stockings, looking very much like a nobleman in all this splendor to himself and most other Changelings... but if the rest of the world saw him, they'd deem him a "clown."
MG-GM> Yet no matter his clothes, no matter his skin, James somehow always manages to look comfortable.
MG-GM> Amidst the three of you, hanging out outside the Freehold, is an older man. In his mortal seeming, he is tall, tanned, and black-haired. He wears a black suit with a solid blue tie and blue shirt.
MG-GM> In his fae mien, he's a medieval knight! He wears chain mail, has a long, gleaming sword at his hip, and wears a bright sky-blue tabard over his armor.
MG-GM> This man walks over to Ingrid and begins whispering furtively to her.
MG-GM> OK, everyone here? Just another check.
* Ingrid listens intently
MG-GM> Suddenly, there's a huge ruckus inside the Freehold! You hear a childlike voice pipe up, squeaking, "Hey you guys, come back here!" Just after that sentence is uttered, out of the grand gates of the mission/Freehold come hopping eight small entities. They appear to be little tiny magic markers, with legs and arms! Flailing wildly, they streak towards the four of you!
MG-GM> They're all multicolored, and appear to be giggling insanely as they run out of the gates of the Freehold and towards you.
James> no furkin shiit
MG-GM> Does anyone want to try to stop any of these little animate magic markers?
MG-GM> Like, grab 'em as they go by?
James> good idea! (hehehe)
Ingrid> I'll try and catch one!
Ingrid> or more, if I can.
Gemma> I'll attempt a grab.
MG-GM> OK, if you wish to grab some of these little running dudes, please roll Dexterity + Brawl *or* Dexterity + Athletics, whichever is greater.
MG-GM> Difficulty: 7.
MG-GM> If you have neither Ability, just roll Dexterity.
MG-GM> (To roll, type "x d10, where x is the number of dice)
Ingrid> 2 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (2 d10) and gets 8 10.
MG-GM> "X d10
DiceWell> "X is not a valid number MG-GM.
James> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (5 d10) and gets 4 5 7 4 4.
MG-GM> Ingrid gets two successes! She grabs two little magic markers, a red and a yellow!
MG-GM> James curses under his breath as he snags a black magic marker.
James> furkin markers
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (3 d10) and gets 1 4 8.
Gemma> 3 d10
MG-GM> They look like those little animate objects in those MGM cartoons, anyone remember what I'm talking about?
Ingrid> Those bendy dancing ones?
James> not I old man =)
MG-GM> Gemma swipes at the green magic marker with cat-like grace, but can't come up with it. You see the magic marker stick its thumbs in its ears and stick out its tongue at her. The rest of its buddies run towards the outside!
James> what's the one I've got doing?
MG-GM> The knight-dude in armor immediately tumbles over to where the markers are headed and grabs them all effortlessly in one hand.
Gemma> Rude little things.
MG-GM> James' marker is cursing at him in some sort of chimerical gibberish language.
Ingrid> Hm, very stylishly done.
James> you think that THat is furkin rude lady? you ain't seen nothin yet!
James> I'll curse back at it
MG-GM> The knight walks over to the rest of you. He looks to the Freehold, where a short, chubby childling is emerging from the building. His hands are covered in magic marker paint.
MG-GM> He smirks mischievously. "Oops! Sorry, Sir Douglass! I was trying to put them back in their case and everything!"
Ingrid> I think someone's been naughty.
MG-GM> The knight, who is evidentally named Sir Douglass, reassures the boy and tousles his hair. "That's all right, Edmund. No harm done. Except that these three had to snag them." He looks at Ingrid, Gemma, and James.
Gemma> I know I was always just about to put my toys away when I was caught doing something I shouldn't have...
MG-GM> Douglass asks the three of you to hand over whatever markers you have...
MG-GM> You see the small pudgy boy Edmund open a handcarved wooden case and the markers immediately shriek "No! Not back in the case! Noooooooo!"
* Ingrid hands over her rude little red and yellow markers.
James> I"ll let mine go... where ever it want's etc.
MG-GM> One of the markers looks plaintively at Ingrid. "Please, M'um. Don't put us back.... noooooo!"
James> (I'll be right back)
MG-GM> He shuts up as he goes back in the case.
Gemma> (brb)
MG-GM> James lets his go, and Douglass quickly grabs it before it makes any headway. He glares at James.
MG-GM> Little Edmund sort of wobbles back into the Freehold building, and Sir Douglass looks at the three of you.
MG-GM> "Hmm. Perhaps introductions are in order then." Douglass says, "I am Sir Douglass mac Liam, Protector and Loremaster of the Barony of the Black Mountain."
MG-GM> Douglass looks at Ingrid. "I know you quite well, m'lady." He politely kisses her thin, alabaster hand.
* Ingrid inclines her head slightly, smiling
MG-GM> Ingrid, make a Charisma + Etiquette roll, Diff 4?
Ingrid> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (6 d10) and gets 8 4 7 7 4 9.
MG-GM> Wow. Rock.
Ingrid> (whoa :)
MG-GM> Ingrid curtsies perfectly back at Sir Douglass, demurely expressing perfect court etiquette.
Gemma> (back)
MG-GM> Douglass looks at the pooka, and expectantly awaits an introduction.
MG-GM> (just in time!)
James> sorry about that!
MG-GM> (no prob, Mandy :) )
MG-GM> (you can catch up now)
MG-GM> Gemma, if you like, you can also make a Charisma + Etiquette roll.
MG-GM> Difficulty a little tougher, 6.
Gemma> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (4 d10) and gets 1 2 9 7.
MG-GM> (one success. ok)
Ingrid> (2!)
MG-GM> (one. the "1" she rolled negates a success)
Ingrid> (d'oh.)
Gemma> (how ssshocking.)
MG-GM> (Mellie's a one-rolling machine :) )
MG-GM> Gemma sort of harumphs, reluctantly bowing to court etiquette for a bit.
MG-GM> (ok, go ahead, just wanted to roll)
MG-GM> (you can introduce yourselves now. James, if you want to make a Cha + Etiquette roll,you can too)
MG-GM> (that should be a laugh!)
James> I'll tell him to go suck on a dead dogs nose...
James> 1 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (1 d10) and gets 5.
MG-GM> Uh, yeah, just about. :)
MG-GM> Douglass just sort of tsks at the nocker's behavior.
James> bite me
MG-GM> (Well, you all can introduct yourselves, if you want! :) )
James> well Batlans, I'm James, or Aranth, or whatever
Ingrid> Hello, my name is Artemisia in the dreaming. Pleasure metting you.
MG-GM> Sir Douglass says, "Yes, I've heard of you, Aranth. Your reputation precedes you." The ambivalence inherent in that statement is obvious to all.
Gemma> Douglass, I'm Solangia... Tell me, is that sword of yours purely ceremonial, or do you know how to use it?
* Ingrid coughs politely
MG-GM> Douglass simply stares at the cat. "Well, I am fully versed in the arts of war, yes. As a childling I fought in the Accordance Wars." It's obvious he's deathly serious.
James> oooohh.. I'm sooo Impressed... James will create a acceptable distance, prior to saying this
MG-GM> You can see Douglass and Solangia seem to be talking to each other for a bit.
MG-GM> This leaves Artemisia with Aranth, standing outside the Freehold.
Gemma> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 7 2 7 9 4.
MG-GM> Solangia and Douglass seem deep in conversation now.
James> so, uh, hey there chicky, or should I say pussy, whats the Dreck?
Ingrid> I suppose we should get acquainted. *sigh*
MG-GM> (James is saying that to Artemisia/Ingrid?)
Ingrid> What do you think those two are so intent on, Aranth?
James> eh, who knows.. he's probably looking to get some.
Ingrid> I wonder if I can politely eavesdrop...
* Gemma looks over her shoulder and glares at Aranth
James> do you really care about all that bullshit?
* Ingrid sidles a little closer to Douglass and Solangia
Ingrid> Why of course!
James> phh.. go figure.
Ingrid> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 8 6 9 6 2.
* Ingrid ignores Aranth to listen closely
James> (what's with the astirix thing?)
MG-GM> (ah, you can do "/me does an action" and it'll do an action)
* James does an action
James> ah ha!
James> Damnit
* James throws hands in the air
James> I'll try and listen too
MG-GM> (can you see that msg i just sent you, mandy?)
James> yeah
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (2 d10) and gets 10 6.
James> 2 d10
MG-GM> Solangia and Douglass break off and Douglass apologizes for leaving you two for a few minutes.
MG-GM> "I do apologize. Solangia had some... important questions for me." He almost blushes momentarily.
* Gemma gives Douglass a small smile
Ingrid> Hmm...
* Ingrid eyes the cat.
MG-GM> Douglass considers, "Perhaps the three of you should enter the Great Hall. There is a chimerical feast being laid out."
James> aside to artemisia (maybe she was looking to get some...)
* Gemma puffs out her tail a little more
* Ingrid sniffs.
MG-GM> Perhaps I can finally introduce some of you... (you can see he purposefully ignores Aranth/James) to Count Rogerio.
Ingrid> By all means, let us meet the Count!
MG-GM> Douglass says, "Well, at least let us partake of the feast inside the Hall. I will approach the Count and Baroness Rachael and see if they might find time for an audience."
James> count... I knew a count once... he was purple, and when he laughed, lightning struck...
James> aww forget it
MG-GM> Douglass departs for the interior of the mission/Freehold.
MG-GM> Do you follow?
James> naturally
* Ingrid gracefully follows Sir Douglass

Scene Two: Inside the Great Hall of the Freehold
MG-GM> You enter the inside of the Freehold, directly into the Great Hall. Here are almost all the fae of Tucson, and, with them, their various and sundry chimerical companions. Flying imps, cartoon characters, animate stuffed animals, creepy shadows, and disembodied laughing voices all flit around this great room.
*** James is now known as Aranth
Ingrid> (good idea, Mandy)
*** Ingrid is now known as Artemisia
Aranth> (make it less confusing)
*** Gemma is now known as Solangia
MG-GM> In the corner of the Great Hall, sit a group of childlings, coloring on the walls with chimerical fingerpaints and crayons. The older childlings play at wooden swords and fight each other in imaginary worlds all their own.
MG-GM> Sitting at the back of the Hall, is Count Rogerio, Count of the Old Pueblo, and Baron of the Black Mountain. Above him hangs a 20-foot long banner with the House Dougal coat of arms (an armored hand wielding a forge hammer)
MG-GM> He is older, his beard more salt than pepper. Dark rich curly hair barely hides a pair of pointed ears. He wears bronze armor.
MG-GM> His wife is incredibly beautiful. Her long red hair and lithe, dancer's frame is clear in both her mortal seeming and her fae mien.
MG-GM> The Count's booming voice reverberates throughout the Hall. "Sir Douglass! Come forward! Alone. We would speak with you!"
MG-GM> All activity stops, as every fae and chimera in the Hall looks at Douglass and the sidhe, nocker, and pooka standing next to him. :)
MG-GM> Douglass gulps audibly, and walks forward to the Count's presence.
MG-GM> (you now have a few minutes to talk amongst yourselves without Doug around :) )
Aranth> so what'd you want with him little kitty?
* Aranth raises eyebrow
Solangia> Certainly not what you thought.
MG-GM> By the way, activity returns to normal in the hall. People are laughing, playing, singing, stuffing their faces. No one's looking at you anymore. :)
* Solangia stretches a bit
Artemisia> And besides, certainly Douglass would be proper enough to refuse a... catty offer.
Aranth> suuure you didn't... I know your type Naar
Aranth> ttt... and you, miss nice nellie, you know all guys are after a little "pussy" (hehehe)
Solangia> Oh, you think so, Artemisia? I haven't yet met a male that refused a "catty offer," as you so delicately put it.
Aranth> ha!
MG-GM> (My God, this is like a Restoration comedy! All naughty and rude! :) )
MG-GM> (sorry, just having fun :) )
* Solangia tugs the front of her sweater down a little -- which happens to "accidentally" reveal a bit more cleavage
Artemisia> Even among the sidhe? Tsk. I suppose even my kind has needs.
* Artemisia shakes her head
Solangia> I find your kind to be the most needy.
MG-GM> A nearby female fox pooka, who was eavesdropping on you, coughs, "*coff* ice princess *coff*" and walks off.
Artemisia> well, taunting and cleavage aside, what *were* you two discussing?
MG-GM> You see her smirk as she walks off.
* Artemisia ignores all this
* Aranth laughs hartily
* Solangia laughs with Aranth
MG-GM> You can see Douglass making his way back to the three of you. His face is concerned and more dour than usual.
MG-GM> "Um," Douglass stammers. "There's been... a problem."
MG-GM> "I think perhaps we should step outside for a moment. If you wish to take some food and drink out with you, please, do."
Aranth> James grabs a plate of all kinds of stuff (Typical skinny guy,,,)
* Solangia puts her hand on Douglass' shoulder and asks, "What's wrong?"
MG-GM> "I'll tell you outside. All of you."
* Artemisia takes only a glass of wine and follows Douglass
Aranth> les go then.
MG-GM> Douglass tromps outside, his heart heavy.
* Solangia steals a bit of cheese from Aranth's plate and saunters outside

Scene Three: Outside the Freehold
MG-GM> Back outside, the night sky is full of glittering stars. This far from the city of Tucson, the desert sky is breathtaking.
* Aranth smiles, now this is more like the kinda pooka he knows
MG-GM> "There has been a kidnapping. I must explain. Last year, a sidhe child of the Duchy of the Setting Sun came to us. His mortal father divorced his mortal mother."
MG-GM> (The Duchy of the Setting Sun is New Mexico, btw)
Aranth> awww... poor psiher.
Solangia> (hippies!)
MG-GM> "Before, he had been of the noble court of the Duchy of the Setting Sun. When he came here, we adopted him and took him under the wing of Rogerio."
MG-GM> "Even though he was of House Ailil (an Unseelie house)."
MG-GM> "Well, it appears he is gone. And from what his pet chimera says, it was his mortal mother who kidnapped him."
Artemisia> the poor child!
MG-GM> "To find him would be... a great and noble mission. The boy will undoubtedly succumb to Banality if he is away from court for too long."
Aranth> woh, wait a minute... But it's His MOM!
MG-GM> Douglass sighs, "She has no legal guardianship over him. The father has already contacted the mortal police."
Artemisia> But Aranth, she's denying him his sidhe heritage!
Aranth> lucky kid
* Artemisia raises an eyebrow
Aranth> I wouldn't want to be a sidhe either
Artemisia> Just as well.
MG-GM> "The father is easily duped and enchanted, and the son keeps him placid while he goes to Court. But the mother... apparently she is immune to such enchantments."
Solangia> Banality does seem like a better choice than a life as a sidhe, doesn't it, Aranth?
MG-GM> "Which worries me intensely. She may even be of the Autumn." Douglass shivers.
Aranth> damn straight kitty.
Artemisia> The Autumn?
* Artemisia ignores the pooka and the nocker
Artemisia> What is the Autumn?
MG-GM> "This mother obviously crushes the boy's dreams. She may be an Autumn Person... a living vessel for Banality, a vortex of unbelief and death for fae."
Aranth> thats furked up
* Artemisia shivers delicately
MG-GM> Solangia, gimme a Intelligence + Occult roll?
Solangia> There are mothers who *don't* crush dreams? Show me one.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Solangia (5 d10) and gets 7 6 9 9 7.
Solangia> 5 d10
MG-GM> Solangia knows all about the pain that an Autumn Person can inflict on the fae.
MG-GM> Douglass says, "I have taken this mission. I would be... honored if the three of you would join me. Each of your unique skills will very much come useful."
MG-GM> He looks at Ingrid. "Your connections in the media might help make this a crusade."
Artemisia> I would gladly join you, Sir Douglass.
* Aranth chokes on his food alittle
Solangia> And she'd keep our drinks cold.
MG-GM> He looks at James. "Your mortal skills, too, are impressive. With your ability, we might find the mother easily."
Aranth> Hahahaha
* Solangia thwacks Aranth on the back
MG-GM> He looks at Gemma, "And you... well, I believe that there's even room for an overly-curious cat."
Solangia> I bet there is, precious -- er, Douglass.
Artemisia> Yes, cats do like to sniff around, don't they?
* DiceWell throws the bones for Solangia (3 d10) and gets 5 4 4.
Solangia> 3 d10
Aranth> eh, what the furk, i'm in.
MG-GM> Douglass looks at the bickering trio. "I suppose I should know better than to make such an unbelievably incompatible motley."
MG-GM> Shall we take an oath, then?
MG-GM> To find the boy, and return him to both his mortal father and his rightful place among the fae?
Aranth> well enough.
Artemisia> Yes, to finding and returning the boy.
Solangia> All right.
MG-GM> (Solangia and Aranth: You know that Douglass is a member of House Liam. They are notorious oathbreakers, or at least that is the unfair reputation they have gained. Do you still wish to swear an oath with Douglass?)
Aranth> (what kith is he?)
MG-GM> (he's a sidhe as well)
Aranth> (ugh. are there any known, to aranth atleast, retributions for oath breaking?)
MG-GM> Aranth: Intelligence roll? Diff. 4?
* DiceWell throws the bones for Aranth (3 d10) and gets 5 3 5.
Aranth> 3 d10
MG-GM> (well, you know that breaking an oath, depending on the seriousness, can result in a *geas,* or mystical prohibition.)
MG-GM> But Douglass would be the one to take the hit if he broke the oathcircle.
MG-GM> "I vow," Douglass swears, "to find the boy, and return him to both his mortal father and his rightful place among the fae."
Aranth> alright Douglass, of the house Liam, I'll this oath take, but you furking best stay true
Solangia> I vow to find the boy, and return him to his mortal father and his rightful place among the fae.
MG-GM> Douglass eyes Aranth for a bit, but smiles.
MG-GM> And you, Artemisia?
Artemisia> I vow so as well.
* Solangia glances away and mutters to herself, "Even if that is among the most boring."
Aranth> "I too vow, to find this boy, and to return him to his moratl father and his place in the furking court"
* Aranth smiles
MG-GM> Douglass says, "Very well. Perhaps we should consider using our mortal connections and abilities to find the boy."
* Artemisia adds: " to find the boy, and return him to his mortal father and his rightful place among the fae. "
Aranth> The pookas funny
MG-GM> (OK, out of character for a sec... do we stop here? it's 11 o'clock.)