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Chapter Four: A Graveyard of Automobiles

Scene One: Awakening
mgrasso> Stretching after your night on the not entirely-comfortable cots in the basement of Blum's Costume Shop, you awaken refreshed, as if all the magic of Hollywood's 100 years had coursed through you and left you with few memories of the traffic incident and the other nasty reminders of real life.
mgrasso> But when you emerge into the other part of the basement, where Helena's court sat last night, all you see are the discarded costumes and memories of B-movie Hollywood. No courtiers, no Helena. Just an old lightbulb hanging from the ceiling and a small sliver of daylight (or smoglight) from the basement window.
mgrasso> All of you (except Jermanas) your 40s voile is neatly folded and pressed at the foot of your cots.
Solangia> (does that mean we're naked? :) )
mgrasso> (Nope, you're in your *regular* voile) :)
Solangia> (ah)
mgrasso> Jermanas, you have no duty for the Baroness today.
Jermanas> ok
mgrasso> It's about 10 am. You all slept very late.
Aranth> alright guys- we've got to get rolling!
mgrasso> So, what's the plan, folks? Go somewhere where we can talk over stuff?
* Kirby gets up very slowly and starts rummaging through his bag.
Artemisia> How about somewhere we can get some coffee?
Aranth> breakfast would be good, maybe there is an Ihop or something?
Kirby> Yeah. Where can we go get something to drink?
Solangia> And some toothpaste?
Aranth> fuck toothpaste. I want my car.
* Kirby hacks loudly as he pulls a Camel Light out of his bag and lights it up.
Solangia> So let's just go get your car. Who needs coffee or fresh breath?
Aranth> sounds good.
Solangia> Come on! We'll assault him with the foulness until he's begging to pay us to take it just so we'll go away.
* Kirby takes a long drag.
Aranth> Kirby, do you have any gum in that bag?
Kirby> What kind of car is it?
Aranth> altoids maybe?
* Kirby rummages around in his bag.
Aranth> (um...)
mgrasso> (Kirby: it was the car you saw in Aranth's vision)
mgrasso> (57 t-bird, iirc, Mandy)
Solangia> It's a lowrider, Kirby. An '85 lime green Honda with little tires and gold-plated trim.
* Artemisia pulls out a pack of gum and hands it to Gemma.
Solangia> For me? Aw!
Artemisia> Here you go. Don't say I never freshened your breath.
* Kirby produces a box of Sucrets from his bag and offers it to Aranth.
Artemisia> (Solangia, sorry. :)
Solangia> It would have been better if you'd used your tongue.
Jermanas> All this for some supped up accord
* Solangia takes a stick of gum and hands the pack back to Artemisia
Aranth> no!
Aranth> I wish they'd stop saying that.
Jermanas> saying what
Aranth> It's a 57 t-bird.
* Artemisia takes the pack and pulls out a piece for herself.
Jermanas> oh
Jermanas> well in that case, i can understand
Aranth> that it's a low rider- it's starting to fucking piss me off.
* Kirby unwraps a cough drop and pops it in his mouth.
mgrasso> (Bill, you getting my msgs?)
Jermanas> why is it a low-rider
* Solangia pops the gum in her mouth and flicks the crumpled wrapper at Aranth
Kirby> So how much are you going to offer him for it?
Artemisia> Sounds like someone woke up cranky.
* Aranth enjoys the mint.
Solangia> Settle down, mijo.
Aranth> it isn't a lowrider.
Kirby> And where is there around here to get a hot cup of tea?
Kirby> Jermanas, you're from around here, right?
Jermanas> No, but their's a place a few blocks away
Artemisia> Great. Shall we go?
* Solangia nods
mgrasso> Excellent.
Jermanas> the coffee's pretty good
* Artemisia picks up her pile of clothes and packs them neatly into the bag she carries.
Jermanas> and cheap
mgrasso> Clambering out of the basement, you walk up into the costume shop area, which is now open for business.
* Kirby stashes his voile in his bag. "Let's roll..."
mgrasso> Diminutive Blum is walking some customers through some Grey alien costumes when he sees you emerge from the basement. He nods towards the door in a "get lost" fashion.
mgrasso> Your cars are still outside; Roger's and James'.
mgrasso> (back to mortal noms)
* Jermanas waves as he walks to the door, then begins rolling a cigarette

Scene Two: Repast
*** Kirby is now known as Chet
*** Jermanas is now known as Roger
mgrasso> (does he roll one-handed?)
*** Artemisia is now known as Ingrid
Roger> (then begins)
*** Aranth is now known as James
Roger> (1 at a time)
mgrasso> All right. It's a quick drive down the boulevard to Roger's place for a "cup of coffee."
mgrasso> It looks to be a hot dog stand, and one doing a brisk business for 10:30 on a Friday morning.
*** Solangia is now known as Gemma
* James orders a coffee, and that's it- which as you all know is unusual.
mgrasso> C'mon, James, I can't even tempt you with the menu?
mgrasso> (This is James food! :D)
James> (oh man, and at 10:30 in the mornign! that's such a James thing! but he's too excited to eat.)
mgrasso> (heh, okay)
* Roger orders a coffee and a chilidog with kraut
* Ingrid gets coffee and danish.
* Chet shuffles up and gets 2 hot cups of tea.
James> (oh, a pastrami burrito dog...)
* Gemma gets a coke and a pastrami burrito dog
mgrasso> "No tea, man. Sorry." says the man behind the counter in the paper "Pink's" hat.
Chet> It says HOt Tea right on your menu, you dolt.
mgrasso> Closest thing Ingrid can get to danish is a brownie.
Gemma> (thanks, Mandy... I couldn't open the link. :D)
mgrasso> The guy blinks and does a double take at Chet's rudeness and says. "Oh. Uh... sorry, man. Nobody ever orders that."
mgrasso> ("Man, I hate the fuckin' Eagles! [/dude])
* James takes one look at the pastrami burrito dog and gets one too. he only thought he was too excited to eat.
br>Chet> Although if you're recommending to me that I not order the tea, since it probably tastes like dirt, I think you.
mgrasso> (Angry Chet! I'm so shocked. :) )
Chet> Thank you, that is.
* Ingrid munches on the brownie.
mgrasso> Everyone gets their orders filled, and grabs a white plastic picnic type table near the parking lot.
mgrasso> (Discuss amongst yahselves)
* Chet lights another cigarette and smokes it, downing his first tea in a single gulo.
Ingrid> Chet, are you okay?
James> so, as soon as we're done eating we can get the furk off our asses and go see this guy, no?
Chet> Yeah. I'm just no good until I get some tea in me. Sorry.
James> couldn't you just pee in a cup?
Roger> What guy? I'll help you guys, but you need to tell me what's going on
* Chet sips at his second tea..
Chet> James here is trying to buy his car back from some guy here in town.
* Ingrid finishes her brownie, brushes the crumbs from her fingers, and downs the rest of her coffee.
Roger> ok, fair enough
Gemma> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 9 3 9 5 7
Roger> (this is all making me very hungry
Roger> )
* Chet scans the pictures on the wall.
mgrasso> Chet can see lots of celebrities have eaten here at Pink's... Aerosmith, Jay Leno, Ed McMahon... :)
* Chet nudges Gemma and whispers, pointing.
Chet> So a 57 Firebird is probably pretty expensive, if this guy's restored it.
mgrasso> (t-bird)
James> so, are we ready to go find Hassan Shaloub
* Gemma nudges James and whispers to him
Chet> What do you think something like that car costs nowadays?
James> restored it. he bettern ot fucking have touched it too much
Roger> depending on condition anywhere from 2 to 8 gs
* James looks where Gemma is indicating.
Roger> even less if its a real load of crap
Roger> but more if its cherry
James> it was btter than mint when gran sold it.
Roger> sucks to be you
James> you've got the wrong Idea, let me tell you about this car.
* James dreamily starts to recount every crisp line, every nob and button, everything.
Ingrid> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 2 4 2 10 6
* Gemma sort of absently nods at no one in particular and gets up to look at the pictures on the wall, ocassionally pausing to dust one off or straighten it or otherwise inspect it.
Chet> OK. So are we going over there or are you going to call the guy so that we know he'll be there.
* Roger rolls his eyes and looks at everyone with a look that says this guy is a fruit
Roger> (james)
* James notices the look- hey what the fuck is the matter with you asshole?
Gemma> !dice 7 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 7d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 10 8 3 8 6 9 3
Roger> Your just dreaming about this car like you want to take it to bed with you
Ingrid> All right, let's go get James's car before he freaks and hurts someone. Including himself.
Gemma> !dice 1 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 1d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9
Roger> It's just a car man
Roger> even if it is a nice car
Ingrid> James, what's the plan. This one's your baby.
Ingrid> And Roger, if you're trying to help, there are better ways than to antagonize James.
* Chet goes back up to the counter to order another tea.
* James glares at Roger, stunned that he still doesn't get it.
* Gemma catches the eye of the guy at the register, winks at him, and even makes a very subtle kissy face at him
* Chet returns with two more cups of tea.
* Roger shrugs looking at james "what?"
* Ingrid sighs exasperatedly and gets up to look at the pictures herself.
* James throws his hands up
James> alright!
James> we just go.
* Chet lights another cigarette as he starts his 3rd tea.
* Gemma watches him blush and look away. As soon as he does, she swipes a picture of Tony Danza off of the wall and quickly stuffs it into her backpack.
* Gemma nonchalantly returns to the group
James> sweetie, don't do that.
Chet> I'm with you, dude. In the past, this group has suffered from a serious case of over-planning-itis...or something like that.
Chet> Let's go.
Gemma> !dice 5 5
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 5d10 at difficulty 5. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 9 1 5 4 1
Roger> ok great, where are we going
James> bsently nods at no one in particular and gets up to look at the pictures on the wall, ocassionally pausing to dust one off or straighten it or otherwise inspect it.
James> Chet> OK. So are we going over there or are you going to call the guy so that we know he'll be there.
James> what?
James> (ooc what?)
James> (Sorry)
Chet> Dude, are you OK? Would you like some tea?
* Gemma goes over to Chet and whispers something in his ear before she walks out of the place
James> we are going to hassan shlouloubs
Ingrid> (shlouloubs, hee. :)
Chet> Right. What are we waiting for?
mgrasso> Nothing except everyone to finish off their meal with a big Pink's burp. :)
* James burps
mgrasso> (hee)
James> aiigt let's ride mutherfucker
mgrasso> Who's in whose cars here as we ride to Sherman Oaks?
* Chet chugs his 3rd tea and starts towards the car, 4th tea in hand.
Roger> Anyone whanna ride with me
Gemma> (i'd guess the van would be the best choice...)
James> we could all go in the van, to save the trouble
mgrasso> True.
mgrasso> Why don't we do that?
Ingrid> Okay. Let's ride.
Roger> fine
* Chet squeezes in the back seat, tea in hand.
* James drives
* Gemma squeezes in next to Chet, and starts digging around in her bag

Scene Three: Three Coins
mgrasso> It's a 20-minute ride northwest, back into Sherman Oaks to the address which James found in his research. It's a largish auto-body shop with a big parking lot. The lot is ringed with that car lot-type barbed wire fencing.
mgrasso> An office adjoins the garage area, and over the office part is the sign "THREE COINS RESTORATION: MOTORCYCLES AND VINTAGE CARS A SPECIALTY"
James> what do they have for cars in the lot?
* Gemma nudges Chet and points to something in her bag
* Chet nods. "Sweet".
Chet> Can we crack a window in here? Someone didn't shower this morning.
mgrasso> James: the lot is 40% motorcycles... classic Harleys all. The rest are cars, ranging in years from 1940s sedans to 1970s 'hood-mobiles.
mgrasso> There's places to park along the street, about half a block down from the office/garage itself.
James> so, guys, how do I let him know what I want with out leting on how bad I want it?
Ingrid> You let someone else bargain for it.
* Ingrid smiles.
Roger> Easy
Gemma> Yeah. I don't give a crap. I bet I could get a good price between that and my cleavage.
Chet> Are you kidding? YOu think a car dealer is going to give a woman a good deal?
Gemma> A woman that might put out? Sure. Why not?
mgrasso> (/me is enjoying this particular conversation)
* Roger gets out of the van and begins walking to the office
Chet> What if we just gave James some cleavage of his own to go in and bargain with.
James> No!
* Gemma rolls eyes
James> we've been over that before.
Gemma> He'd make an ugly woman. I know.
mgrasso> Roger still walking, Bill?
* Ingrid watches Roger walk towards the office. "Seems like Roger is a man of action."
Gemma> You should see him in a French maid costume.
Roger> yes
mgrasso> Roger is at the office now.
Chet> The car knowledge of a man and the cleavage of a hot chick. Them hermaphrodites must get the *best* deals on used cars.
* Gemma laughs
Gemma> Uh huh. Sure, Chet.
James> Ingrid, would you be willing to do that voodoo that you do so well?
* Roger opens the door and steps inside
* Chet gets out and follows Roger.
Gemma> Oh, there you go. Have her highness just order him to hand it over.
James> exactly
Gemma> She's good at that sort of thing.
* Chet enters the building shortly after Roger.
James> If this guy fucks this up for me, I'm gonna break something- like his skull.
Ingrid> I don't really feel comfortable with that in this situation, James.
mgrasso> (I'm going to do this out in the channel so everyone can refer to it later) Roger enters the office, a typical grimy auto garage office, with a 70s rec-room feel to it. Faux wood paneling and cheap particle board desks abound.
Gemma> Why ever not, Ingrid? You certainly felt comfortable with it in other situations.
* Gemma gets out of the van and slams the door, then heads over to the office
James> now is not the time or the place for this fight girls.
mgrasso> There's a door to the garage, naturally, though which you can hear the sound of cars being worked on, heavy, almost insectile drilling sounds, as well as shouted commands in at least two languages: Spanish and something else...
* Ingrid rolls her eyes and sighs, then gets out of the van, too.
* James follows Gemma, but no slaming.
Chet> (Is there a bell or something to ring?)
* Ingrid wanders over to look at the old cars.
mgrasso> In the office is a man sitting at a desk with a creakily old computer, a rolodex, and an ink blotter/calendar.
Roger> (is there pictures of custom jobs that they have done)
mgrasso> He is dark skinned, and rather short... about 5'6". He wears a threadbare white dress shirt and old grease-stained khakis. He steps to his feet when he sees Roger come in. "Yes, sir, what can I do for you," in *heavily* accented English.
Gemma> (What accent?)
mgrasso> Chet: this guy's up and talking to Roger when he comes in
Roger> Hello, how are you today
mgrasso> Ingrid: the cars are in the lot behind the garage... you'd need to walk through there to get to them
mgrasso> Roger: yes, there are some pics... I will describe them in a bit
* Chet slides up beside Roger and tries to catch up to the conversation.
mgrasso> Gemma: Per + Linguistics when you come in, diff. 7
Ingrid> Oh, okay. I guess into I'll follow into the office.
mgrasso> Gemma arrives next, then Ingrid, and finally James.
Gemma> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 6 4 1 8 5
mgrasso> To Roger: "Fine, sir. What can I be doing for you."
Roger> I was wondering do you buy classic cars, or just repair
mgrasso> "We sometimes buy and then repair. Why, you have car?"
Roger> I have a 71 mustang sjc excellent condition
Roger> I came in because I need a paint job for it, but I saw some beauties outside, are any for sale
mgrasso> The five of you are all in the office. As far as the pictures: there's 15 of them, lovingly arranged... a Model-T, a '64 Corvair, even a Delorean! Some of them actually have celebrities standing in front of them. In fact, one of the motorcycle pictures has Jay Leno striding a vintage Hawg.
mgrasso> "We can go to lot. I get my brother. Hassan!" The man yells into the garage, splitting your ears.
* Chet mutters to James, "Is this him? Mr. Shlaboob or whatever his name is?"
James> shloub, I guess so.
* Roger whispers back prabably
James> shaloub
mgrasso> About a half-minute later, a much bigger man comes into the office from the garage. He is wearing a garage coverall, with no nametag thingy on it. He is about 6'3", looks to be at least 300 pounds, and has bushy black hair and a big wide mustache. "Yes, friends, what can we do for you?"
Chet> Shaloob. Shalooooob. That's a fun name to say.
mgrasso> The smaller brother slinks back to his desk, letting his less-accented and more articulate sibling take over for him.
Roger> I was just saying to this gentlemen, that i wanted to know if any of your cars are for sale
mgrasso> "Of course!" he says excitedly. "We have many cars for sale! Would you people like to come to the lot and check things out?"
Roger> I came in looking to get some painting done, but I noticed you have some real beautires outside
Roger> that would be great
Roger> by the way
mgrasso> "Yes, we do! Understand, many are jobs waiting to be picked up, but we should have something for you. Come!"
Roger> (nevermind)
Roger> (got ahead of myself)
James> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell James rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 9 9 8 2 5 9
Roger> so what do you have available

Scene Four: Trucks and Cars
mgrasso> The six of you trek through the garage, loud and dirty, and more than a few leers from workmen as the ladies pass though. But you come back outside into the lot and there are at least a hundred cars and 120 bikes here.
Roger> wow
mgrasso> James, quick Wits + Alertness check, diff. 6
James> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell James rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 10 8 1 9 3
* Gemma returns a couple of the workmen's leers with a friendly little leer of her own
mgrasso> James: you do not see a car resembling granpa's on a cursory look through the lot.
mgrasso> "Now, friend, what do you need? Oh, my apologies... I am Hassan Shaloub." He extends his hand to Roger.
James> I'd like to start picking my way through the lot, as if examining all the cars, I'd also like to check employee parking
* Roger shakes it
mgrasso> James: cool, I'll let you wander off. Anyone following James?
Roger> Jeff Amesbury, nice to meet you
mgrasso> "So, what were you looking for, then?"
* Roger reaches into his wallet and pulls out a business card
* Ingrid follows James, wandering through cars.
* Chet wanders around following James and smoking.
mgrasso> Mr. Shaloub eagerly takes Roger's card and inspects it.
Roger> well, i was just thinking
Roger> I have a 71 mustang so I think I'd like to see what you have for chevies
Roger> (t-birds are chevies right?)
mgrasso> James, Chet, and Ingrid wander through the maze of cars and bikes, and see more examples of the Shaloubs' skill at restoration; all are impeccably waxed, polished, and repaired; probably most of them are ready to be picked up soon. Still, not a sign of the T-bird, or any T-bird for that matter.
mgrasso> (Ford, I think)
Gemma> (definitely ford)
Roger> (no, of that i'm sure 1 sec)
James> (yes ford)
Gemma> (gm? saturn! pass!)
mgrasso> Shaloub thinks, and then says, "We may have something close to that for you, yes. Let's go through some choices, then. Remember, I must find the few cars which are not sold, you see."
James> (remember bill, 67 ford tbird with poptop roof and suicide doors)
Chet> Finding anything nice James?
Roger> (oh yes, my fault)
mgrasso> "Heh," Shaloub says as you walk through the lot, "you want Starsky and Hutch car, I see!" He gestures and points to a weird-looking hot rod type Chevelle.
Roger> On second thought, lets stick to fords for I know
Roger> those cars best
mgrasso> "Yes, very well. All right. Let's go over here."
Roger> (sorry mike)
mgrasso> (no, that's cool!)
mgrasso> "Yes, here, very mint Ford Fairlane. 1962. Completely rebuilt engine. I've been trying to sell this baby for 16,5. Now, for you, sir, I sell for 13,8."
Roger> Fairlane...62 huh
mgrasso> (The rest of you? Any conversations to have after scouring the lot and finding no car? You are far away from Roger and Shaloub)
* Roger walks around it strocking his chin
Chet> Guess your car's not here any more, eh James?
Roger> Its not really my style
James> maybe he sold it? or has it at home?
mgrasso> "Rare, this car. This was the first year of production on the Fairlane.
Roger> I want something mor dramatic
* James sounds totally crushed
mgrasso> "No? Well, let's see... I can put in a search for you on special orders and national restorers. What are you looking for, exactly?"
Roger> something with beef, I'd say a mustang, but I have one already...
mgrasso> Shaloub nods.
Roger> say do you have any T-birds
Roger> now that was a great car
mgrasso> "No. No Thunderbirds. Very tough to come by. Haven't seen one in quite some time, in California."
* Gemma speaks up from behind Roger, "You haven't? When was the last time?"
* Roger turns to look at Gemma like she's got 2 heads
mgrasso> Shaloub smiles and says, "I think, I saw one at car show back in '88, restored. Went for 40 thousand. Pretty as a picture."
* Gemma blushes faintly
Gemma> I'm sorry. I was just curious.
mgrasso> "No, it's quite all right. Is this your wife, sir?"
Roger> 40 grand, wow that must have been some car
* Gemma gives Roger a sideways look
mgrasso> "Yes, as I said, they are very rare these days."
* Ingrid wanders closer to James and Chet. "No luck? I didn't see anything even close."
Roger> I'm surprised they were always a great car
Chet> I don't think we're going to find one here, Ingrid.
Roger> Could you still do a search for me
Roger> Maybe someone else has one for sale
Roger> maybe I could even find one to restore myself
Ingrid> I wonder if someone should just ask Shaloub.
mgrasso> "Yes, we can do that. Minor fee. 50 dollars. We work till we find you a car, though."
* James whispers to ingrid and chet
James> the bastard- he bought my baby in 99.
Roger> 50 bucks just for the search huh
mgrasso> "Yes. Is standard fee."
Roger> I'll think about it
Roger> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell Roger rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 4 8 7 10
mgrasso> "Very well, here, come back inside, we give you one of my cards."
Roger> great

Scene Five: Stories of the Desert
mgrasso> So, Roger (and Gemma?) head back inside with Shaloub, with the other three bringing up the rear?
Ingrid> Sure.
Roger> Oh yeah, what do you charge for a good paint job anyway, high gloss and everything
Gemma> sure
Chet> (Yup.)
Roger> For a 71 mustang
mgrasso> "Deluxe paint job, all the works, we charge $400. We do the best repaint jobs in all Los Angeles, though."
Roger> Oh, I've heard you do some of the best work
mgrasso> "Some say, Hassan, you charge too much for paint job, but I say, 'Spend the customer's money wisely!' You get your money's worth at Three Coins, sir."
* Chet heads back out to the van.
Roger> From what i see i can belive it
Gemma> I cannot believe anyone would accuse you of charging too much. $400 sounds so reasonable.
* Ingrid wanders up behind Roger. "Why do you call it Three Coins? I'm curious."
mgrasso> "Well, then," Shaloub says, "here is our card."
* Chet rolls down the window and lies across the back seat, smoking.
Roger> Thanks
mgrasso> "Ah, glad you asked that, ma'am!" Shaloub's eyes light up.
Roger> oh and let me see my card, i'll give you my cell number, in case you happen to hear anything
mgrasso> "Some people think it's from Hollywood movie _Three Coins in the Fountain_, but it's actually from an old story, a Bedouin story our mother and aunts told us when we were young boys in Jordan."
Roger> frankly if my wife finds out I'm looking she'll beat me senseless
mgrasso> Shaloub hands the card back while talking to Ingrid. "Well, see, there was in the streets of old Baghdad, a beggar. And he was begging one day, and a merchant came by and dropped a coin in his hat, and said, 'Good luck to you, poor beggar,' then laughed at him and went away."
mgrasso> "Then next a prayer-leader came up to the old beggar, and dropped a coin in the beggar's hat, and said, 'Allah has surely cursed you, poor beggar,' with a sad and disapproving look in his eye. Then he walked away.
mgrasso> "Finally, the old beggar, as the sun went down, saw a old crippled woman coming over to him. She gave him her last dirham and said, 'I am about to die, friend. Take my last coin, for it will do me no good where I am going.'"
* Ingrid watches Shaloub as he tells this story.
* Chet gets out his composition book and starts scribbling, lying on his back.
mgrasso> The old beggar refused, saying, "I beg and the men who give me money mock me, and pity me. But you always respected me. And even I will not take money from a dying woman."
mgrasso> "So after the old lady died, he took his own two coins to buy her a burial shroud, leaving the third coin in the woman's right hand."
mgrasso> "As she was being buried, the old man stood with the prayer-singer who was burying her, and he and only he could see that the woman was no woman at all, but the great and powerful angel Gabriel, bringer of the Qu'ran to the faithful. Gabriel blessed the old beggar, and that night, under his mat in the soukh, he found a thousand treasures with which he lived the rest of his life a happy and contented man."
mgrasso> Shaloud exhales deeply after this story.
* Ingrid sighs, too.
mgrasso> "There. That is the story."
Roger> A truly marvelous story my friend it is one that I must remember
Ingrid> That was a lovely story, thank you.
mgrasso> Everyone leaving?
James> (I'm gonna wait
James> )
Roger> not yet
mgrasso> (Okay, what for)
Roger> ()
mgrasso> (We've got about 5 more minutes, just so everyone knows)
Roger> Hassan, when I call, is there anyone else i should talk to or do I ask for you
mgrasso> "Just ask for me, friend!"
mgrasso> "Have a good day!"
Roger> Great, It was nice to meet you, i'll be back later
Roger> about the paint job
mgrasso> "Yes, very well." Hassan gets ready to decamp for the garage.
* Roger waves as he walks out the door
mgrasso> Everyone leaves, except James.
James> wait friend, may I talk to you for a minute?
mgrasso> Hassan turns around. "Yes, do you need something, sir?"
James> do you know how amazing the things you can find on the internet are?
* Roger rolls and starts smoking a cigarette outside waiting for james.
mgrasso> "I... I've been on the internet, yes. We have a website for the shop. Are you selling me something? I'm not interested."
James> For example, I know that you bought a T-bird in 99.
mgrasso> Hassan blinks. "I don't know what you're talking about."
James> or atleast registerd one to your name.
mgrasso> "I've never had one here on the lot, I assure you."
Roger> !dice 4 8
* DiceWell Roger rolls 4d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 1 9 8 7
James> (does he seem sincere?)
mgrasso> (you're not sure)
* Chet leans out the car window. "Are we going yet?"
mgrasso> Ingrid and Gemma are back at the van?
Gemma> (No. Hanging out in front of the office, waiting for james to come out)
* Ingrid is almost at the van. "Not yet. James stayed behind."
mgrasso> (Cool. So Ingrid's almost at the van, Roger and Gemma at the door, Chet in the van, Jamesin the office)
* Chet honks the horn.
mgrasso> (Because we may have to pick up next time.)
mgrasso> (If that's okay)
James> maybe not on the lot, but I'll level with you... I'm looking for a specific car, and all signs point to you.
* Roger mumbles to noone in particular "that idiot."
mgrasso> Hassan makes a dismissive face, pursing his lips. "I've never owned one either, I'm telling you. If you want me to look for one, it's like I told your friend, 50 bucks."
Chet> Come on...
* Chet gets out of the van.
* Gemma glances at Roger
Gemma> What idiot?
Chet> What the hell is he doing in there? I gotta pee like a bear. That tea is hitting me hard.
Roger> he's got to be asking about the car
Ingrid> I don't know, Chet. Maybe you should go check, and use the facilities while you're there.
Gemma> Nah, he's probably just peeing.
Roger> now hassan will be suspicious
mgrasso> "I have to be going. You want me to search or what?"
Chet> I didn't see a bathroom for cistomers while I was in there.
mgrasso> (There isn't one that you could see)
James> I don't know why the registry of motervehicles would say that you were an owner of a car you never owned, does that bother you at all?
* Chet opens the door to the shop.
mgrasso> "Are you from the DMV?" Hassan looks behind James to Chet.
Chet> James, I gotta piss like a racehorse so can you move it along, buddy.
James> no, go piss in a gutter
mgrasso> (now *that's* nocker class)
* Gemma squeezes in past Chet
Chet> I didn't see one. Did you?
Gemma> Mr Goldstein, could we get going, please?
mgrasso> At the sound of "Goldstein," Hassan says, "I'm getting back to work."
James> i'm trying to talk to Mr Hassan.
* Ingrid is outside, leaning on the van.
* Gemma glances at Mr Hassan
mgrasso> Hassan walks back to the garage, ignoring James completely.
James> (shaloub, sorry)
mgrasso> (It's Mr. Shaloub, anyway. :) )
Gemma> Mr Shaloub!
Gemma> Sir?
* Chet hops up and down on one leg. "Dude, I'm serious".
mgrasso> The younger Shaloub brother says, "Okay, you go now."
James> what the fuck is the matter with you guys?
* James walks out of the office.
Roger> It's time for us to leave
mgrasso> (*smirk*)
* Chet follows closely.
James> rubbing his temples.
mgrasso> All right. Shall we end there for tonight? :)
Chet> Sorry, dude, it's just not good for your prostate to hold it in too long.
Roger> what the fuck do you think you were doing
James> (I dunno, how am I gonna hold my angst)
mgrasso> (Not well. You may require us all to take immediate action. Next time :) )
Ingrid> (hee. Serial Mike. :)
Chet> (All I know is that Chet is going to have to take some serious-ass immediate action next time (: )
mgrasso> I am indeed. Be glad this didn't end with Gemma's uncle falling out a window. Again.
* Ingrid snorts
Gemma> I wouldn't have minded if Hassy fell out a window.