Scene One
Scene Two
Scene Three
Scene Four
Scene Five

Chapter One: Introductions

Scene One: Outside 144 Euclid Ave.
* Ingrid sends and email to the oathcircle to meet at 144 Euclid tonight at 7:30.
MG-GM> Any reasons attached?
Ingrid> Nope.
MG-GM> James, Gemma? Any responses?
Ingrid> Not from me. :)
James> Ing- what's up?- James
Ingrid> I don't know, James. Jack asked me to let you guys know. -Ingrid
James> huh- well, see you then.
MG-GM> Gemma? Anything to say via email?
Gemma> Hmm... Sure. "Citzen Kane, I'll be there, but only if you wear something slinky. xoxo, Gemmita."
MG-GM> (heh)
Gemma> and attatched are a bunch of fwds of old virus warnings.
MG-GM> (heh again)
Chet> (heh)
Ingrid> I'd expect nothing less. :)
MG-GM> By the way, it's Wednesday, May 10.
MG-GM> That evening, you all gather at 144 Euclid.
James> when was our date?
Ingrid> 7:30
MG-GM> The structure is an old, two-story, brick building, residing on a small hill. Two Greek columns frame the small porch that spreads in front of the double-door entrance. This building was a library, once, and in the Dreaming, that becomes even more obvious. The cracks in the sidewalk disappear, the chipped paint of the trim and the double doors are a pristine and unblemished white. Oddly enough in the Dreaming, there appears to be ivy climbing the two columns.
Chet> As you step onto the concrete front porch, you can see an old, tarnished copper plate to the left of the double door entrance. The plate shines brightly and clearly in the dreaming and the words engraved upon it seem to float, as if by magic, about half an inch off the plate itself.
Chet> Just below the first plate, is a second. It is a much newer brass plate which also carries an inscription.
Chet> Several of the windows are broken and covered with carboard. One window still has broken glass in front of it.
Chet> The doors have no visible knobs, merely a single handle on the right hand door. Also, noticable in it's absence is that there is no doorbell.
*** Retrieving #Changeling-Tucson info...
*** MG-GM changes topic to 'Bjork wins at Cannes. Film at 11.'
Gemma> (whoo!)
MG-GM> Ingrid's car looks brand new.
MG-GM> James' car still looks fairly crappy. :)
MG-GM> It's been about five, six weeks since you've all seen each other.
James> but it runs damn it!
MG-GM> Looks like it's just Gemma, James, and Ingrid.
MG-GM> Jack pulls up last.
MG-GM> You all pile out of your cars.
Jack> I'm glad you all could come. Ingrid, thanks for assembling the Oathcircle.
Ingrid> Sure thing, Jack. I've been thinking a lot about you guys.
Gemma> Well. Isn't that sweet?
Jack> (Jack and Ingrid have been hanging out at the gun range some recently)
Ingrid> So, what's up?
MG-GM> (smiles and waits for the RP to begin)
MG-GM> (yes, that's right, Jack.)
Jack> There's someone who lives here I want you all to meet.
Gemma> Girlfriend of yours, Jack?
Jack> No...
Ingrid> Oh really? Not another satyr, I hope.
Gemma> Boyfriend?
James> girls think their so furking funny sometimes
Jack> No, it's someone I've wronged unintentionally.
* James smiles
* Gemma smiles
Jack> I owe him a debt of honor, I'm afraid.
Ingrid> Unintentionally?
James> oops
* Gemma 's gaze keeps wandering over to James
* James slips his hand easily into Gemmas.
Jack> I wanted the Oathcircle here as I undertake a quest to put things right... but let's go inside, he can make things more clear.
James> anything you need jackie- solonga s it doesn't involve danger- blood- late nights- early mornings- swords- teeth- long walks....
MG-GM> (hee)
Ingrid> All right, let's go then. I'm curious about this.
* Jack leads the way towards the front door.
James> no missing kids either- if there is a missing kid I'm going home.
* Ingrid 's glance takes in James and Gemma holding hands and she nods slightly to herself, smiling
MG-GM> OK, shall we knock?
Jack> By all means.
MG-GM> Jack knocks on the front door.
* James whispers to Gemma
Chet> A voice comes out the upstairs window. "What?!?"
* Gemma suddenly blushes brightly
Jack> I'm here, Chet.
* Gemma whispers to James
Ingrid> ]=
Chet> Coming! Give me a minute!
* James smiles

Scene Two: Introducing... Chet
Chet> After a minute or so, the front doors unlock and open.
Chet> What greets you from behind the door is a wet man with a tangle of shoulder-length blonde hair that is dripping water onto the floor. Chet stands just over 5'8" and is wearing nothing but a ratty yellow towel and a pair of black sunglasses. Chet's most striking feature is his strong jaw.
Ingrid> (sorry, keyboard difficulty.)
Chet> That's the first and last thing about Chet's body that anyone would describe as "strong". His pale body is a dichotomy, pairing the lanky limbs that once belonged to a cross-country runner with the obviuos paunch around the midsection of someone who enjoys fine foods, and enjoys them quite often.
Chet> Holy hell! YOu're early.
* Chet catches his first glance of the other 3.
Chet> I thought it was supposed to be one of you, not four.
Jack> Chet, may I present my Oathcircle.
* Ingrid raises an eyebrow at Jack.
Chet> Good to meet you all.
Jack> (I forget, do we do fae-name introductions?)
Chet> I'd shake your hands, but as you can see, that would mean dropping my towel.
MG-GM> (If you'd like to be formal. Charisma + Etiquette, diff. 5)
Chet> So, won't you all just come in anyway.
James> good god no! (James covers his eyes)
Jack> (Mike, you turn everything into a die roll dontcha :)
* DiceWell Jack rolls 3d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 2 successes.
Jack> !dice 3 5
* DiceWell 5 7 2
MG-GM> (Hah! Yeah, I'm a REAL rules lawyer. :) )
* Gemma pokes James in the side
Ingrid> (Somehow I don't think "formal" fits this occasion. :)
MG-GM> (I can't wait for 3rd edition D&D so I can roll dice for EVERYTHING :P)
MG-GM> (Hah Julia)
Gemma> Behave. Lord. Ignore James, Chet, we'd love to see you drop your towel.
Chet> Let's all just get inside for now, there'll be plenty of time for towel dropping later, if you're so inclined.
Jack> (Okay) May I present Ingrid Kane, James Goldstein, and Gemma Esquer.
MG-GM> (I'm just enjoying the RP, here. Carry on :) )
* James laughs
Chet> Pleased to meet you all. I'm going to put some pants on. YOu can come in if you'd like, or stay out here for now, but *please* make up your mind now.
James> lets go in.
Chet> Thank you!
Ingrid> All right, let's go in then.
* Gemma goes in
* Ingrid follows
* Chet ushers everyone in the front door.
Chet> Proceeding through the front doors, you enter the foyer. The floors are ceramic tile and there's a small wood stove to the left, just inside of the doors and a coat rack to the right. The first thing you notice is a large curved staircase about 20 feet from the door staring you in the face. The stairs go up, leading from the "foyer" to the second floor.
Chet> The bannisters are a deep mahongany with an intricately carved pattern. There is an open archway about 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide on the wall to the left. The arch itself is also mahogany and is exquisitely carved to mock a Roman stone archway.
MG-GM> Gemma, Perception + Alertness, diff. 6.
Chet> Can you please all just wait here while I get some clothes on. I didn't expect you so early.
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 4 successes.
Gemma> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell 10 9 4 10 4 7
* Chet glares at Jack
Ingrid> By all means.
* Jack shrugs.
MG-GM> A little orange tabby walks up to Gemma and rubs against her leg.
Jack> (I thought we were on time.)
* Chet walks up the stairs and turns right, out of sight.
* Gemma pets the tabby
* Ingrid eyes the cat warily.
James> what is this guy? and what'd you do to him?
Gemma> Look, Ingrid... hair just waiting to get onto your pretty clothes.
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
Gemma> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell 7 6 1 4 6 7
Jack> I participated in the destruction of something precious to him.
Gemma> Figures.
James> you? distructive? never! what'd you break?
Ingrid> And why did you introduce us as "your oathcircle"?
* Jack blushes.
Jack> I didn't mean to imply anything by that...
Ingrid> I'm not being critical, Jack. Just curious. It seemed unusual.
James> we are. and he's part of my oathcircle- and were part of yours... I'd think that some one as bright as you ingrid...
* Ingrid ignores James
* Jack looks taken aback but grateful at James' support.
MG-GM> (it's not Changeling if it's not bickering. :) )
James> (ha!!)
Jack> (heh)
* Chet returns after about five minutes, hair now pulled into a wet pony-tail, cigarette behind the ear.
* Chet stands just over 5'8" and is wearing jean shorts, a pair of black sunglasses, and a red Hawiian shirt with pink flowers blooming from the fabric. The bottom half of this shirt is decorated with images of palm trees, ukuleles, and well-tanned hula girls dancing. The shirt is worn completely open over a white tank top.
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 5d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 5 successes.
Gemma> !dice 5 5
* DiceWell 8 7 9 5 7
Chet> Hey, is the cat bothering you?
Gemma> No, not at all.
Gemma> What's her name?
Gemma> Or his...
Chet> Her...her name is Alice.
Gemma> Alice... she's sweet.
Chet> As in "curioser and curioser"
MG-GM> for Chet's fae mien.
Chet> There's about a half dozen more wandering around here somewhere.
Gemma> So you're a cat person...
Chet> We're all cat people here.
* Gemma smiles a little evilly
Gemma> Some of us more than others.
Ingrid> We?
Chet> Me and all the others who live here.
Chet> You don't think I have a huge house like this all to myself?
Ingrid> How many others?
* Gemma whispers to James
Chet> Oh, I'd say about 6 or 7. It's hard to keep track all the time.
Chet> Let's go in the other room and get more comfortable.
James> /me laughs
James> (rrrrr)
* Chet leads through the arch and into the living room
* Ingrid follows, looking around for any more cats to avoid.
* Gemma lightly touches the arch as she goes through it

Scene Three: Living Room
Chet> (Instead of posting these ridiculously long descriptions here, see if you can point your browsers to:
Jack> (Aha, thanks Joe.)
* Gemma is giving James a look of mock-seriousness
Ingrid> (Is there a way to make this word-wrap?)
* James smirks
Chet> (Oops, try
Ingrid> (thanks, much better!)
MG-GM> (Is that the same desc, Joe?)
Chet> No, I posted the worng one first.
MG-GM> (Ah, fair enough. )
Chet> OK, so, everyone...into the living room, if you please. I would think we would all be more comfortable in there.
* James and Gemma burst into soft, conspiritorial giggles
* Chet goes through the arch into the living room.
Gemma> (I thought we already went through?)
* Jack casts a dubious eye about the place but says nothing.
* Ingrid follows, looking at all the art on the walls.
* DiceWell Chet rolls 7d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 3 successes.
Chet> !dice 7 5
* DiceWell 2 9 10 4 4 3 10
* DiceWell Chet rolls 2d10 at difficulty 5. S/He fails the roll!
Chet> !dice 2 5
* DiceWell 4 3
James> this place is kinda ongepotchket... (James says to himself)
MG-GM> (Ok, living room. Continue. :) )
Chet> Everyone make yourselves comfortable. Anyone need a drink?
MG-GM> (uh.... white russian? [/dude])
* Jack looks for the sturdiest chair in the room.
Jack> (heh, Mike)
Chet> (the main seating would be at
MG-GM> (There we go.)
Gemma> Could I have something clear and fizzy, please? Like a sprite or a slice or tap water you blew bubbles in?
Chet> Anyone else?
Chet> Beer?
Jack> Sure, Chet.
Ingrid> I'd like the same as Gemma.
* Gemma sits down on a couch and drags James with her
Chet> Your poison.
James> beer's good.
Gemma> Oh, but Chet, make sure Ingrid's has daintily crushed ice, a slice of lemon, and a light dinner salad with it.
Gemma> Oh! And if at all possible, serve it in crystal.
Gemma> Only the best for our interped reporter.
* Chet exits to the kitchen area.
Gemma> ah, Ingrid. That time you covered that harrowing children's face-painting thing... How *did* you manage to get out of there alive?
* Ingrid ignores Gemma and walks over to look at some of the framed art.
* James kisses Gemma fondly-
* Chet returns with three drinks.
James> you've got balls girl.
Chet> James, your beer. I hope you like Foster's. I assumed the extra large can would be appropriate.
* Gemma whispers to James
Chet> Ingrid, your soda, slice of lemon, crushed ice.
* James looks over his scrawny self uh, sure.
Chet> By the way, do you like the art?
Ingrid> Thank you, um... do I know your name yet?
MG-GM> (He might have jack and james confused)
* Gemma smirks, then kisses James' cheek.
James> (that's what I was thinking)
Chet> I'm sorry, did I mix you guys up? The J-names are all so confusing.
MG-GM> Chet hands the Foster's to Jack.
MG-GM> :)
Chet> To James: Mind if I call you Ed, just to keep it straight?
Gemma> Ed...
Jack> Uh, thanks...
* Ingrid looks at a large wood-framed landscape.
James> yes- I mind terribly.
* Gemma squints at James
Chet> Ok, then James it is.
* James says coolly
Ingrid> These frames are wonderul.
* Gemma sighs
* Chet hands Gemma a glass with water, ice, a straw,and what appears to be a slight bit of saliva.
Gemma> Ingrid, you're supposed to look at the things INSIDE the frames.
Chet> And for Gemma, some water that I blew some bubbles into.
Gemma> Gee, thanks, dear. You're a doll.
Chet> No, no...enjoy the frames if you like. I made them myself.
James> figures
* James says in an off handed elitest manner
* Gemma sets the glass on a nearby table
Ingrid> You did? You do very fine work.
Chet> Seriously, though, just a little joke. I'll be right back.
* Chet disappears into the kitchen and reappears with a club soda which he hands to Gemma.
Chet> Yes, I made most of those frames myslef. All of the art you see on the walls is by my current or former roommates.
* Gemma eyes the glass, but politely thanks Chet.
Chet> Alright. I just want to be sure. Everyone comfortable?
* Chet picks up coasters from the table and flings them frisbee style to everyone with a drink.
Chet> OK...going once...going twice...
Gemma> Yeah, fo course.
* Chet settles into his big chair.
Ingrid> Nice... chair.
* James whispers to Gemma
Chet> Thanks, it's been in the family for years.
Ingrid> Handed down from Chet to Chet, no doubt?
* Ingrid nods at the name written on it.
Chet> Nope. This was my grandmother's chair. It skipped a generation.
Chet> I had to put my name on it because whenever I told people "you're in my seat", they said, "I don't see your name on it".
* Gemma whispers to James
* DiceWell Chet rolls 7d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
Chet> !dice 7 7
* DiceWell 3 4 3 1 6 10 4
Chet> ! 1 7
* Ingrid laughs.
* DiceWell Chet rolls 1d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
Chet> !dice 1 7
* DiceWell 7
Chet> OK. So, Jack, you and I have business. What are the others doing here?
* Chet pulss the cigarette from behind his ear and puts it in his mouth.
Gemma> We're part of his polyamory group.
Gemma> He likes to take us with him everywhere he goes.
James> we're all part of his entorage
Jack> Well...we are an Oathcircle.
Chet> And a group of wandering comedians...apparently.
Gemma> Appearances can be deceiving.
Jack> I invited them partly out of courtesy, and also because they may be helpful in the quest you spoke of on the phone yesterday.
* James speaks up
James> I hope there are no missing children involved.
Chet> So, you'll have to fill me in on the whole "oathcircle" bit. Is that like "all for one, one for all"?
Gemma> When it's convenient, yes.
Chet> Missing children? Not that I know of...
Jack> I like to think so.
Gemma> Half the time, we're being abandoned by some guy. What's his name. Sir Chusma or something.
Ingrid> So far it has been.
James> as long as it's not ingrid... oh, that was cruel- yeah, one for all and all for one.
James> oh! Gemma, come on now, we like douggie!
* Chet pulls out a Zippo and flips it open, the flame ignites the cigarette.
Gemma> Oh, yes. Of course, James. I absolutely adore him.
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 3d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
Ingrid> !dice 3 7
* DiceWell 5 3 10
James> If I was a gay man, let me tell you...
* Ingrid looks at James and Gemma. 'Are you two done now, please?"
Gemma> You're not his type, James. You're not nearly cliched enough.
Gemma> In a minute, Ingrid. Go put some more foundation on or something.
* Gemma puts her attention on Chet again, despite what she said
Jack> All right, cut the crap!
Chet> (sorry)
MG-GM> (did you miss anything?)
* Gemma rolls her eyes at Jack
James> Temper temper Jackie.
Chet> (Don't think so)
Chet> So, anyway, this oath you took. What exactly was it?
Gemma> Speak to my father, Jack. Maybe my family's foundation can give you a grant so you can get that stick removed.
Ingrid> Yes, let's stick to the business at hand, please?
James> ha!
Ingrid> Or is there some reason you two would like to share as to why you're being nastier than normal?
Gemma> What *is* the business, anyway?
James> well- we alpromised to work together and help eachother- yadda yadda yadda, fine print sign in blood on the dotted line- that kind of thing
Chet> So, if Jack's on board, you're all on board, then?
Gemma> Pretty much, Chet.
Chet> Is that what your oath boils down to?
Ingrid> I don't know about them, but I am.
* Jack looks gratefully at Ingrid.
Gemma> We follow each other around, doubt each other's word.
James> bicker and squabble
James> and fight like hell if anyone is introuble
Chet> Great, then you guys just need to be back tomorrow morning at 10. I've already got an appointment and we'll just get going then.
Gemma> An appointment for what?
Chet> Jack and I will just hammer out the details.
*** MG-GM sets mode: +o Chet
James> TO DO WHAT!
Ingrid> Excuse me... but I'd like to know a little more than that.
James> ???
Jack> It only seems fair, Chet.
* Gemma crosses her arms over her chest
Chet> Oh. Well, Jack destroyed something that was very precious to me and now he's going to help me rebuild it.
Ingrid> With Jack or not, I'm not doing anything without knowing what's going on.
Gemma> Yes, we got that. What was it?
Gemma> What kind of building?
Chet> I can show you if you'd all like.
James> sure
* James whispers to gemma
Chet> Well, first off, you might notice that there's quite a mess in here. More than normal.
* Gemma giggles and nods at James
* Chet gets up and circles the room.
* Ingrid takes Chet's word for it.
* DiceWell Chet rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
Chet> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell 3 9 10 2
* Jack looks a bit guilty for a moment.
Chet> This wasn't Jack's work, so far as I can tell.
Chet> To Jack: Excuse me sir, but I will kindly ask you to not insult my handiwork in my own home.
Chet> James, sorry
Chet> Well?
* Gemma glances at James, then Chet
* James tisks. furk you- I'll call a spade a spade.
Chet> I mean, I understand that nockers have no appreciation for anything that isn't half-broken all the time anyway...
* Ingrid raises an eyebrow appreciatively in Chet's direction.
Chet> However, to insult the things you see built by hand in front of the artisan shows a lack of etiquette, a lack of intelligence, or, more likely, both.
Jack> Hoo boy.
* Gemma stands up to straighten her skirt, but winds up accidentally knocking her still-full drink all over the floor
Chet> Now, if I may continue without being further insulted in my own home, I feel I have been a gracious enough host to have earned your attention, if not respect.
Gemma> Oh, fudge. I'm sorry. Where are your towels?
James> hey- you took away my beer, oh gracious host...
Chet> That's OK, it's just soda water...nothing gets it out but more soda water, whjich would be counter-productive.
Gemma> Maybe we should spill some wine on it so it feels useful?
* Gemma scoops up the ice and plops it back into the glass.
Chet> If you'd like a beer, I can certainly get you one. I didn't recall you asking. Sorry.
* Jack looks at Ingrid.
Chet> To James: Can I offer you a drink?
Jack> This is not going so well, Ingrid.
Ingrid> No, it's no, is it.
Ingrid> What's with them?
James> nope- I'm all set not, thanks CHet.
* Ingrid nods in James and Gemma's direction
Chet> OK. Sorry if I was abrupt, but my work is my passion.
* Gemma sits back down with a heavy sigh. She leans her head on James' shoulder for a bit, then sits straight again.
Jack> I think I liked it better when they were fighting all the time, Ingrid...
James> so is my work... but my other passion is insults- you'll get used to it, they all have....
Chet> Anyway, if you look around, you'll see the handiwork of Jack here's jackbooted thug friends.
Chet> Thanks to Jake's ex-girlfriend, they had the mistaken impression that there was some kind of illegal activity going on here.
Chet> I'll tell you all about Jake some other time...
Jack> We had a tip this was a meth lab...
Ingrid> How is Jack involved, exactly?
Jack> It was a DEA op. We were just extra muscle.
Chet> Anyway, if you'll follow me to the backyard...
* Chet motions throught the kitchen and out the back door.
* Ingrid follows behind Chet
* Chet goes out the back door.
* Gemma dutifully follows, but she looks like she'd rather just leave
* Jack follows, if a bit reluctantly.
* James pulles her tail playfully, and smiles- trying to cheer her up a little
* Gemma looks up at James and smiles a bit

Scene Four: The Backyard
MG-GM> Going out the back door, there is a fairly large yard. A small wooden patio sits raised about a foot and a half off the ground. The deck is approximately 10 foot by 12 foot and has built in benches to sit on. A well used charcoal grill sits on the concrete just off the deck. The back yard slopes downward from left to right (facing away from the house). The entire yard is surrounded by a 7 foot tall privacy fence. In the far corners of the yard are two small trees surrounded by wood chips.
MG-GM> To the left of the deck stand two T-shaped posts, about 5 feet high and twenty feet apart. The two posts are connected by twenty feet of clothesline.
Chet> To the right, taking up about a quarter of the yard, is what appears to be a huge garden.
Chet> There are wooden posts with barbed wire strung between them. A small wooden gate is busted down leading into the garden.
Chet> There's a wooden sign that says "Chet's Garden. Keep Out. THIS MEANS YOU!"
Chet> All of the former plants are withered and blackened.
* Chet motions to the garden.
* Jack takes this in with a bit of chagrin.
Chet> Jack and his DEA buddies thought that they night find a meth lab in the middle of my damn garden.
* Gemma looks at the withered plants, then at Jack
Gemma> Bless the drug prohibition and all its glorious bounty.
Ingrid> Wow.
Jack> We didn't plan wasn't our intel.
Chet> Unfortunately, these were chimerical plants and the sheer force of the officer's stupidity caused them all to shrivel and die.
James> nobody ever said policemen were smart,
* Jack adds weakly.
Chet> It took me three days to get the stench of their banality out of my house.
* Gemma smiles smugly at the mention of the officers' stupidity causing the plants to die
Gemma> Poor Chet.
* Ingrid sighs.
Chet> How the hell they thought a person would operate a meth lab in their damn *backyard* is beyond me.
Ingrid> Poor Jack, too. Working around that every day.
James> well- they probably thought it was a secret underground meth lab... with an entrance via the garden
* James smirks
Jack> Chet, what about this girl that tipped of the DEA? Why would she do it?
Gemma> They might have even thought meth grew on plants. Bright as the law enforcement can be.
Jack> of=off
Chet> To James: Exactly! What the hell? Did they think that they'd find the test tubes under the leaves?
Chet> Well, let's just say that when Jake breaks up with a girl, it's less than amicable.
Gemma> He's such a heartbreaker.
* James laughs, thats the 1st place *I'd* look for a meth lab.
Chet> I believe her last words to him were "I *will* have my vengance. I swear it!"
James> she sounds charming
Chet> I mean, who talks like that? I told him she was trouble.
Gemma> BUt she was probably great in the sack.
Gemma> Chet, can I use your restroom, please?
Chet> She was....probably.
James> but who can tell those things in this crazy messed up world...
* James eyes Gemma
Jack> Was causing the plants to die her only goal? Or was there something else?
* Gemma eyes James
Chet> No, she didn't know about the plants. She just wanted to cause first it was just pizza's at one am.
James> 27 pizzas with anchovies?
Chet> WHo would've known that the DEA would be as easy to fool as the Domino's pizza guy?
* Gemma mutters
Chet> How bad do you have to go?
Gemma> How badly do you think to use a stranger's restroom?
Gemma> No offense.
Chet> Once you see mine, you'll realize that it had better be bad...
* Ingrid files this away for future reference.
Chet> Inside, up the stairs. First door on the right. Hopefully Dean's not in there.
Jack> Hmm... this was a high-profile raid. It's hard to believe they'd stage it on just her say-so.
Gemma> THANK you.
Jack> Did she have any connections in the law enforcement community.
Jack> ?
* Gemma wanders off muttering, "And even if he is, I'm kicking him out."
Chet> See if one of the cats can point the way.
Chet> However, being the honorable sort, Jack has agreed to help me re-seed this patch of land and nurture it back to health.
Ingrid> And this is what we're here to help with?
James> ohhowterriblydaringandexciting.
James> I bet we need to find exotic seeds in a remote location.
Chet> I'm not sure, but I know who to ask.
Jack> The down side of having honor, James, is not being able to be picky about these things.
Chet> I usually keep seeds, but the stupid DEA guys ruined those too, while tossing my underwear drawer. "Maybe there's a meth lab in there"
James> the second place I'd look!
Ingrid> Your seeds were in your... underwear drawer?
Chet> Where else would they be?
* Ingrid blinks a couple times.
Ingrid> Right, where else would they be.
Chet> Anyhooo...if everyone's satisfied out here, we should get back inside.
* Chet motions to the door.
* Ingrid walks back inside.

Scene Five: Living Room
MG-GM> You get back into the house, and Gemma appears to still be in the bathroom.
Chet> Well I need to go take a leak, too. i'll be back.
* Chet excuses himself and heads upstairs.
MG-GM> As Chet heads upstairs, he runs into Gemma on the stairs.
* Ingrid looks at Jack.
Ingrid> I'm sorry, Jack. This can't be easy for you.
Jack> What I do and who I am don't seem to be meshing too well lately.
James> pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?
MG-GM> The four of you are downstairs without Chet's presence.
Gemma> Washing my mittens, of course.
Gemma> No, wait. Wrong nursery rhyme.
* Ingrid says nothing, but puts sympathetically touches Jack's arm.
Gemma> So what did I miss?
Gemma> And did you know that Chet has a huge meth lab in his toilet?
James> chets underwear draw
Ingrid> Chet kept seeds in his underwear drawer.
James> and a meth lab
MG-GM> Jack: Perception + Alertness, diff. 6.
* Gemma laughs
* Ingrid barely cracks a smile.
Gemma> Meth seeds for his meth lab plants.
* DiceWell Chet rolls 4d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 2 successes.
Chet> !dice 4 5
* DiceWell 2 4 8 9
James> ha!
Gemma> Farmer Chet, overseeing whole rows of little meth lab seedlings... What a charming picture!
* DiceWell Jack rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
Jack> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell 2 7 1 6
Ingrid> So we're here to plant some seeds? Somehow that doesn't seem... enough.
Gemma> The seeds are probably horny chimera. Guess how you'll have to get them to germinate, Ingrid.
MG-GM> Well, find them first.
James> HA!!!
Ingrid> You seem to be much better at that than I, Gemma.
* Gemma gives Ingrid a genuine smile
Gemma> Finally. You get a gold star.
MG-GM> Chet still isn't back.
James> do you think he fell in?
Jack> I'll check.
* Jack goes halfway up the stairs.
James> how heroic...
Jack> Hey Chet! Everthing all right up there?
Chet> Be down in a sec!
Chet> Get anything you need from the fridge.
MG-GM> (gonna have to end here soon.)
* Chet comes back down the stairs and meets Jack.
Chet> Let's go join the others.
Chet> Are they in? What's your sense?
Jack> I think so.
Chet> Excellent. Well, I think we're ready to roll, then.
Jack> The fact that James and Gemma are still here speaks volumes.
Chet> Great.
MG-GM> Chet: so your plan was to see your friend tomorrow morning?
* Chet and Jack rejoin the group.
Chet> OK, everyone. Can I take it you'll all pitch in on the little horitculture project?
Chet> It should be a nice little vaca in the Dreaming. I just need Jack along for heavy lifting.
Jack> You've already got my pledge.
* Chet pats Jack on the back.
Chet> Everyone else?
* Gemma only now notices Chet
James> you're stuck with us- buy one, get three free
Ingrid> Of course.
MG-GM> Gemma and James were near the door in conversation. Ingrid's still on a couch.
Chet> Aw...come on. It'll be fun. A non-stop party.
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 4 successes.
Ingrid> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell 7 4 9 7 8
Chet> To Ingrid: Are these two always like this?
* Chet motions to Gemma and James.
Ingrid> Pretty much. You may get used to it after a while.
Chet> Probably not...
MG-GM> (Well, folks, I have a trip to NYC tomorrow.)