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Chapter One: Pranksgiving

Scene One: Gemma and James
Gemma> BUt anyway. Um. Okay. So into character we go?
mgrasso> We do. Let us. Etc.
Gemma> Okay. So... James? Outside? About to ring the bell? Aleady did? Go nuts.
mgrasso> Yeah, you don't need me to set that scene.
mgrasso> :)
James> first- his response to the e-mail:
mgrasso> Oh! Yeah.
mgrasso> My mistake.
mgrasso> *too much stuff*
James> even worse than the dreaded "we've got to talk" the fatal, "you've got to listen" Gulp... see ya babe.
James> /me rings your doorbell that night
James> (Grrrr... it starts)
mgrasso> (Sorry, Mandy.)
James> (no problem)
* Gemma answers the door. She looks calm, even serene. Oddly, she's dressed in a pale blue bouse and a long, dark-blue skirt. Her hair is pulled back with a wide, dark blue headband, and she wears a large silver crucifix on a silver chain.
Gemma> James! Come in. In fact, just follow me.
James> sure...
* Gemma turns and heads down the hall
James> James follows her
mgrasso> James, Perception roll, diff. 4.
* Gemma gets to a door, opens it, and walks in. James recognizes it as the little living room the two had been in the first time he visited her house.
James> !dice 2 4
* DiceWell James rolls 2d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 5 4
Gemma> Have a seat. Can I get you anything?
James> naw, I'm fine for now
Gemma> Good.
* Gemma sits down on the couch and smiles at James
Gemma> Still uneasy?
Gemma> You look a little... I don't know.
James> yeah- why are you dressed like that?
* Gemma glances down as though she forgot what she was wearing
Gemma> Oh.
Gemma> It's what I wanted to talk to you about, actually.
*** Retrieving #Changeling-Tucson info...
*** mgrasso sets mode: +i
Gemma> Sit down. It makes me nervous when you're hovering like that.
James> he sits
Gemma> As you can probably tell, I'm going back to Mexico to the Sisters. I'm needed there. I had a purpose. Here?
* Gemma shrugs
Gemma> I'm adrift.
James> you can't cut it as a nun.
James> James looks at her coldly
Gemma> You never knew me as a nun. How can you even say that?
James> the way you talk, the way you act- the way you think... that's not nun stuff- I mean, fuck it- you're a pooka
Gemma> That's not all I am.
James> you couldn't cut it before
* Gemma looks down for a moment, then sighs
James> I mean, you fucking know the torcher procedures concerning eye removal
Gemma> You didn't know me then. You don't really know me now, actually. So I'd appreciate it if you'd stop guessing at this.
Gemma> There's a procedure towards eye removal? That's news to me. Tell me, how do *you* know this?
James> i saw what you did to that chimera
Gemma> That was a reaction! I was overcome with ... with such hate.
James> nuns don't feel hate-it's a sin
Gemma> Hate is not a sin.
James> do unto others... love thy neighbor
James> etc etc etc ad infinitum
James> I hope the dogma is banal enough for you
Gemma> And I forgot that. I'm forgetting a lot of things.
James> because you're not a nun
Gemma> There is nothing banal about God or believing in his faith.
James> no- the church is banal
Gemma> I feel good when I'm in church. When I take the host, I feel more alive than when I'm anywhere else. How can that be banal?
Gemma> Nothing has ever felt like that. Not before I discovered this ridiculous pooka thing and not since.
James> any thing that rejects people based on their personal beliefs is banal.
* Gemma rolls her eyes
Gemma> Well, believe what you must. I'm not trying to convert you. I'm just trying to tell you how I feel.
James> The church "damns me to hell" as a Jew- the curch says reincarnation is the belief of pagans and heritics- how do you explain the recycled soul inside your body in your little dogmatic rules?
* Gemma 's serene expression begins to look a little strained
Gemma> I can't explain a lot of things.
Gemma> I can't explain this whole Dreaming . I can't explain why it is I feel so drawn to the sisterhood. I can't explain why I'm even drawn to you, for that matter.
James> lost- confused- you are so lucky to be what you are- but you want to reject it, and hide behind the mask of what you used to be
James> James looks hurt- choked up for a minute
James> I don't want to lose you.
* Gemma reaches over and takes James' hand
James> he shakes her off
James> don't
* Gemma folds her hands in her lap
Gemma> I'm sorry.
Gemma> But you can't lose what you never had.
James> I thought we were finally geting somewhere
*** Retrieving #Changeling-Tucson info...
*** mgrasso sets mode: +p
Gemma> I still feel like I barely know you. I don't see you as much as I want. So maybe I'm clingy or unreasonable because of that.
Gemma> Or.. I don't know... I don't have the experience for this.
James> I told you I take a whole week off- remember that? we could go away somewhere, boston, anywhere.
James> !dice 2 9
* DiceWell James rolls 2d10 at difficulty 9. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 5 7
Gemma> A trip together? For a week?
James> yes. Ever been to cape cod?
* Gemma shakes her head
Gemma> No.
Gemma> Um. Just you and .. I guess you'd... ah.
James> I'll take you there- If you'll just give me a chance...
* Gemma 's cheeks turn bright pink
Gemma> I don't know.
James> my parents have a little cottage- we don't even have to share a room if you don't want to...
* Gemma smiles a little
Gemma> I feel 12.
James> All I'm asking for is a chance... we can talk- and go antique shoping, swim in the ocean.
James> i could tell you about the place if you want.
Gemma> Yeah, what's it like?
James> It used to be my grandparents, but since they died- It became mom and dads. It's on a little street a block away from the ocean called hidden acres
James> the house has a sprawling yard, and a big old tree with a tireswing, and if you get up early enough, ytou can see rabbits ont he lawn
James> there is an out door shower
James> a screen porch
James> 3 bedrooms, and it's all very quaint, and cozy, and homey
James> I spent every summer there when I was a kid
Gemma> It sounds so peaceful.
James> a great place for a king and I type session (James hums getting to know you)
* Gemma smiles, then looks serious
Gemma> James?
James> yes.
* Gemma stands up
Gemma> I need to .. I'll be right back.
Gemma> Just wait here.
James> sure.
Gemma> Thanks.
* Gemma walks out
mgrasso> James looks up and notices Cupid up on top of the armoire. He's got his little plushy paw over his little stitch mouth. He appears to be miming laughing.
James> hey there fella- what's so funny?
mgrasso> Cupid just points his paw at you.
James> me?! why?
mgrasso> Cupid mimes two hands locked in prayer and mews softly as if he's praying.
James> yeah, I don't really think so.
mgrasso> Cupid settles in behind an old bottle of liqueur and goes back to sleep.
* Gemma comes back. This time she's wearing a sleeveless royal blue tunic trimmed in a gold Indian-style paisly print on the bottom hem, a pair of black capri pants, and instead of her sensible shoes, she's barefoot. Her hair is loose. She looks a bit sheepish.
Gemma> I had to change... I felt kind of warm.
mgrasso> (Heh, what's James wearing? FEMMY RPG)
Gemma> (no wonder jess likes it, mike :D)
mgrasso> (But he's playing so butch!)
Gemma> (which makes it so much the better)
mgrasso> (Anyway...)
James> Kakis cargos, White tee black neck, obscure writing "I'll combat you with my mighty lemon" black over buttondown tee, with gray thin lines, vertical... actually looks decent
* Gemma scoops up Cupid, sits back down, then plops him in her lap
James> hair may or may not have been combed
Gemma> He wasn't bugging you, was he?
James> he was laughing at me...
James> James smiles
James> he seems to think I'm pathetic
James> maybe he's right (joking tone)
mgrasso> Cupid just nuzzles against Gemma's bosom.
James> now normally, I'd say, lucky guy- but since I'm trying to win you over, I'll keep that to myself
Gemma> Oh, well. I'd laugh at you, too. Trying to coax some frigid virgin from the nunnery and into your... Why the do you even want me around? Now that I think about it.
mgrasso> The doorbell rings.
* Gemma smiles down at Cupid and mouths something. It looks like, "Good boy."
Gemma> Oh, oh, crap.
James> one sec!
James> James grabs Gemma and kisses her passionatly-
James> thats why
mgrasso> (whoa!)
* Gemma looks a bit surprised. Cupid looks a bit squished.
Gemma> Oh. Well, I guess that could be -- ROSALVA!
mgrasso> Cupid unrumples his little nose and folding his arms.
mgrasso> A short dark-skinned woman with with short black hair appears from the dining room. She's wearing a semi-formal black uniform with a white apron.
mgrasso> She bustles to the door to answer it.
James> Rosalva?
Gemma> Maid.
James> You have a MAID?
Gemma> Someone has to do the housework.
* Gemma looks baffled at James' reaction

Scene Two: Arrivals
mgrasso> Rosalva answers the door and the person at the door is a man, with long, slack, lank black hair, and a pronounced double chin. He wears round glasses and a Smiths "Meat is Murder" T-shirt that looks about 15 years old. In his fae mien, his jowls seem to have bones of their own. He's pale, and his face looks even sadder, if that's possible. He's carrying a brown paper bag.
Gemma> No one here has time to do it. Or enjoys it.
mgrasso> "Hi, Gemma." he says in a sad, droning voice. "Sorry I'm early."
James> you're not supposed to enjoy it
* Gemma puts Cupid down and bounds over to the new arrival
Gemma> Hey! It's okay.
mgrasso> "Here. Here's some wine." He fairly shoves the brown bag at Gemma.
James> who's chuckles the clown? classy too.
James> James extends his hand
mgrasso> The newcomer looks past Gemma at James. "Hi."
* Gemma takes the bag with a grin
mgrasso> "Kevin." He shakes James' hand.
James> James
mgrasso> "Nocker, huh?"
* Gemma gives the bag to Rosalva and says something to her in Spanish
James> jah.
Gemma> Can I get you anything, Kevin?
James> so I'll sitt here and swear and break things, and you can tell me secrets of the night, while gemma pusts ruppies in our drinks
mgrasso> Kevin walks in, tromping dirt on his Doc Martens, and sits on the couch. "No, Gemma, I'm fine for now. Oh, wait, do you have any vinegar? I'll have a glass of that."
Gemma> Sure. Not a problem.
mgrasso> He sits, crouched over. "I hate Highsummer."
mgrasso> He says this to James.
* Gemma says something to Rosalva, who turns away, presumably to fetch Kevin some vinegar
Gemma> Why? I *love* Highsummer.
* Gemma sits down on the couch with her feet tucked beneath her
James> I wish it was colder. I miss the ocean breeze.
James> why do you hate it?
mgrasso> "Yeah, that's it exactly. I hate the heat. I feel like I'm made of wax."
James> I take it you're not origionally from around here?
mgrasso> "No. I'm from Minneapolis, in fact."
mgrasso> The doorbell rings again.
mgrasso> Rosalva drops off a glass of vinegar and bustles toward the door again.
James> I'm from boston
mgrasso> "Ah, that's cool." Kevin says. "Bullet LaVolta, Throwing Muses, the Dambuilders."
*** Julia ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
Gemma> Nice reminiscing, gramps.
*** Julia is now known as Ingrid
mgrasso> Kevin glares at Gemma.
* Gemma smiles at Kevin
mgrasso> A short dark-skinned woman with with short black hair answers the door, Ingrid. She's wearing a semi-formal black uniform with a white apron.
mgrasso> (Gemma, can you describe the entry?)
Gemma> Kevin, I got the *coolest* Backstreet Boys bootleg for you. It's from Japan and it's amazing how well they perform because they sound *just* like on the album. It's in my room if you want to come get it later...
mgrasso> Kevin just looks silently at Gemma. He seems almost used to this, it seems.
Gemma> The entryway is short and wide, with wooden floors and thick walls painted in a deep yellowish-cream. There are three arches: The one straight ahead leads to a long hallway; the one to the left leads to what looks like a dining room, and the one to the right leads to a large living room.
mgrasso> All right. Ingrid walks in. What's she wearing?
Gemma> (just me describing the entry way for INgrid, Mandy)
Ingrid> Ingrid has chosen to forgo her customary little black dress, opting instead fot a long flowing summery slipdress. On her dainty feet she wears sandals that strap all the way up her calves.
* Gemma looks Ingrid up and down
* Ingrid looks Gemma up and down too.
mgrasso> Ingrid sees James, and the maid, and Gemma, and this dude in the Smiths T-shirt.
Gemma> No cleavage. Well, that's to be expected. Ingrid, meet Kevin. Kevin, this is that snob I've told you nothing about.
mgrasso> Gemma's wearing a sleeveless royal blue tunic trimmed in a gold Indian-style paisly print on the bottom hem, a pair of black capri pants, and instead of her sensible shoes, she's barefoot. Her hair is loose.
mgrasso> James goes to the kitchen for a drink.
Ingrid> Hello Kevin. A pleasure to meet you.
mgrasso> Ingrid, Appearance + Fame, diff. 7.
mgrasso> "Hi." He waves weakly.
Ingrid> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 3 6 9 7 8
mgrasso> A moment of recognition seems to cross his face, but he says nothing about it.
mgrasso> The doorbell rings. Again. :)
Gemma> Sit down, Ingrid.
mgrasso> Rosalva the maid rushes to the door again.
* Ingrid looks around to find a seat.
mgrasso> There's a seat on the couch next to Kevin.
* Ingrid sits on the edge of the couch, near Kevin.
mgrasso> James comes back from the kitchen, with a drink.
mgrasso> (What did James get? :) )
James> scotch and water- I guess he just doesn't feel comfortable capitolizing on the maid
mgrasso> The man at the door is wearing a polo shirt and Dockers. He's about average height, with black hair. He's a little chubby, and it makes him look younger than he is.
Gemma> James, Rosalva could have gotten that for you.
mgrasso> "Hello there, Gemma!" The man at the door waves.
James> it's okay- I don't mind
Gemma> But it's her job -- Hey, Andrew.
* Gemma stands up and gives Andrew a hug and a peck on the cheek
James> hiya Ingrid- how's it hanging?
Gemma> Andrew, this is Kevin, and I think you remember that blonde chick. Inga or whatever.
mgrasso> "Thanks." Andrew blushes visibly. "I have some beer and stuff out in the car. Mind giving me a hand with it?"
James> James raises his eyebrow in the direction of the man at the door
mgrasso> Andrew waves perfunctorily to Ingrid and Kevin.
* Ingrid smiles, "Hey James."
Gemma> Oh, and James. I don't believe you've met James.
* Gemma looks over her shoulder at James
mgrasso> Andrew nods to James. "Hi there."
* Gemma puts her hand on Andrew's elbow. "Let me give you a hand with your stuff."
James> James grunts noncommitedly
mgrasso> Andrew looks relieved, and leads Gemma out of the house.
James> But Gemma- Rosalva could do that!
James> james says kiddingly
*** Gemma ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
mgrasso> Gemma leaves without a word.

Scene Three: On the Street
Gemma> So. :)
mgrasso> Andrew takes you outside to his car... a nice SUV.
mgrasso> He pops open the back. "So, who's that tall geek?"
* Gemma takes quick little steps to the car -- she is barefoot, after all, and the pavement is barely starting to cool down to "a little hot" from the day's heat
Gemma> That's James.
mgrasso> "James... should that name sound familiar to me?"
Gemma> Should it?
* Gemma eyes the stuff in the back, obviously looking for the lightest thing to grab
mgrasso> He starts to unload the back, taking the beer, leaving you with chips and such.
Gemma> I guess not. He's just some guy I met. We went on a date once, sort of, and now he's anxious to get into my pants.
* Gemma grabs what's left
mgrasso> Andrew coughs all of a sudden. "What?"
Gemma> You've known me the longest, Andrew-dear. Think I should let him in?
mgrasso> Suddenly, peeling down your street you see a red convertible sportscar.
mgrasso> There's two women in the front seat.
* Gemma glances at the car
mgrasso> Wait, that's not two women. Well, the one driving is a woman, and she's breathtakingly beautiful. Long blonde hair, chiseled looks, tanned. But that woman in the passenger side... hey, that's Chet!
Gemma> Oh, my god.
* Gemma bursts out laughing
Gemma> Andrew, you're in for a treat tonight, you little question-dodger.
*** Chet ( has joined #outside
Chet> Chet is walking, rather elegantly on one inch red spike-heeled shoes. He's wearing a red-sequined gown, split high up the thigh to reveal his stubby shaved legs. A mousy and tousled blonde wig is perched precariously on the top of his head. Wisps of his real hair escape from beneath the wig. He's wearing dark eye shadow and bright red lipstick that smears off of his lips and onto his face here and there. He also sports a diamond bracelet and necklace combo.
mgrasso> The woman driving the Ferrari gets out and walks over to hold Chet's hand.
* Chet takes her hand.
* Gemma raises her eyebrows
Chet> Good evening Gemma...
* Chet turns a fuull 360.
Chet> Like it?
Gemma> My god.
Gemma> You're gorgeous.
Chet> It's *just* for you.
mgrasso> Andrew, the man standing next to Gemma near a SUV, takes all this in without blinking an eye.
Chet> Well thank you. I thought you might appreciate it.
* Gemma slaps her bag on top of Andrew's pile of stuff and goes over to inspect the guy in drag
Gemma> Chet, you sexy man.
mgrasso> Andrew hobbles to the front door.
Gemma> Andrew!
Chet> So, how've you been. You told me all about this shindig and I wanted to come prepared.
Gemma> Wait, you have to meet -- hey, who's -- is this your sister?
* Gemma checks out the woman
Chet> No, she's just a friend. I met her on my long journey back to Tucson a couple of months back.
mgrasso> The woman giggles. "Hi, I'm Melinda!"
Gemma> I bet it was a nice ride.
mgrasso> (hah!)
* Gemma gives the woman a big grin and holds out her hand
Gemma> Hi, I'm Gemma.
Chet> Most enjoyable...if a bit long.
mgrasso> Melinda shakes it.
Gemma> I bet it wasn't as long as you thought it was, Chet.
* Gemma winks at Melinda
Chet> So, you like it then?
Gemma> It's a good look for you.
Gemma> So, is Melinda my present, or did you forget this was my birthday?
Chet> Well thanks. I *was* a bit nervous, but I guess you're a real OK gal.
*** John ( has joined #outside
mgrasso> Melinda just kinda looks at Chet, and Gemma, and back to Chet again. "I think it's cute. I think *he's* cute."
* Gemma says very seriously, "Oh, I think so too. You're *very* lucky."
* John rides up on a Harley hog. He is dressed in a oil-stained leather jacket and black t-shirt, and looks distinctly uncomfortable.
Chet> Hey, who could resist these legs?
Gemma> Not me --
* Gemma stops and goes over to the new arrival
* Chet turns to talk to Melinda
Gemma> Hi.
mgrasso> (Btw, John, we're all standing outside, near a green SUV and a red '98 Ferrari)
John> Uh...hi.
mgrasso> (There's a human female here, standing near Chet)
* John casts a quick, sidelong glance at the human female.
* Gemma whispers to John
* Chet laughs and puts a hand on Melinda's arm.
* Gemma looks over her shoulder at the woman
mgrasso> Chet, care to take your date up to the house?
* Chet wlaks over to Gemma and John
Gemma> Chet, Melinda! Why don't you guys go in?
Chet> Really? I thought you might want to be there for my grand entrance.
Chet> And to introduce me to the other guests...
Gemma> Oh, fine. John?
John> Uh...yeah.
Gemma> Care to come with us?
Chet> Of course...
* John shifts from foot to foot.
John> Yeah.
* Chet takes Melinda's hand again.
Chet> Lead the way.
* Gemma steps ahead of the little group and leads the way into her house. There's a definite little swish in her hips.
* Chet and Melinda follow her in.
* John slowly follows the others.

Scene Four: Back Inside
James> anybody know the *deal* with this Anrew fella?
James> andrew even
mgrasso> Kevin says, "Not me," sounding more like Eeyore every time he speaks.
Ingrid> He's a friend of Gemma's, as far as I know.
James> (there is this great song about eyore, I heard it on ers...)
James> yeah me too- why is he hear on highsummer?
Ingrid> You're asking me about Gemma's motivation?
* Ingrid laughs.
mgrasso> Kevin says, "Well, the mortals are supposed to be taken for a ride on Highsummer. Hmph. Stupid traditions."
James> can ingred turn his head into a Jackass?
mgrasso> Kevin actually laughs at this.
Ingrid> Sorry, James. Not within my power. Besides, he seems nice enough.
James> not even the way you can make me look like the pizza man- I mean the resemblance is already there
Ingrid> Ah, but I have to *want* to do it.
James> well- I can maybe make you want to do it... we'll see- how much wine did you bring kevin?
* Ingrid smiles again. "Sorry, James."
mgrasso> Kevin says, "Only a little. And I let it breathe before I brought it. For a few days."
James> oh- only a *little* like the bottom of the bottle.
mgrasso> "Well, I like my wine a little spoiled, you see."
James> why not buy redwine vinegar?
mgrasso> "Because this stuff is better."
James> definatly take your word for it
Ingrid> Speaking of wine...
mgrasso> Andrew comes in carrying two cases of beer topped with two big grocery bags full of chips.
* Ingrid looks around the room.
mgrasso> Rosalva stops by Ingrid, "What can I get for you, ma'am?"
Ingrid> Oh, thank you! I'd love a glass of white wine if you have any.
mgrasso> She bustles off to the kitchen immediately.
mgrasso> Kevin says, "So... you're on TV, right?" to Ingrid.
* Ingrid turns to Kevin.
Ingrid> Yes, on the news."
James> i try to catch her show all the time- one night, she had a huge piece of broccoli in her teeth, it was great
mgrasso> "Huh." He goes back to his vinegar.
mgrasso> You guys both can tell Kevin's not exactly the life of the party. :)
mgrasso> Andrew comes out of the kitchen, grasping a can of beer.
Ingrid> So James, anything exciting going on in your life lately?
*** Gemma ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
*** John ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
James> um- i cracked a glitch that was giving us problems at work... (James smiles menacingly) If you want to hear about it:
*** mgrasso changes topic to 'Gemma's party! NPCs include Rosalva (the maid), Andrew (human friend of Gemma's) Kevin (sluagh in Smiths T-shirt), and Melinda (Chet's date)'
James> James starts to ramble off all sorts of obscure jargon
* Ingrid nods politely.
*** Chet ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
mgrasso> All those people walk in, and a human female, who's tall, long-legged, and wearing a white blouse and mini-skirt. She's basically dressed like a model.
mgrasso> Kevin is a jowly sluagh with long black hair, wearing a Smiths "Meat is Murder" T-shirt.
James> you ingrid?
Ingrid> Oh look, more people are here.
mgrasso> Andrew is wearing a polo shirt and dockers, and is currently drinking a beer by himself in the corner of the room.
* Ingrid sounds relieved.
Gemma> Hey, look what I found, guys.
* Gemma nods towards Chet, then John
* Chet follows Gemma in.
* John nods uncertainly.
Chet> Hey there, Ingrid.
Gemma> Doesn't Chet look lovely?
mgrasso> Melinda, Chet's date, walks in, holding Chet's hand.
Chet> Yes. Don't I?
* John looks around for something to drink.
James> simply dashing-
* Chet turns around - a full 360.
* Ingrid looks Chet up and down.
Ingrid> Oh yes, quite stunning.
Chet> Thanks...
James> speaking of which, chet my dear, it's been so long since you cooked for me- I mean we got together
Gemma> John, can I get you something?
mgrasso> Andrew sees John wandering around, and hands John a brew.
mgrasso> Rosalva is putting out the appetizers, Gemma... care to describe them? :)
Chet> Well, it's a standing invitation, James. You just stop by, any time.
James> but do I get waffles and smiley eggs?
* Ingrid takes a big sip of the wine which has somehow gotten into her hand.
Chet> If I have the batter and eggs? Sure...
mgrasso> Rosalva brought that, Ingrid. :)
James> see you tommorow morning- i'll bring whatever you need.
Ingrid> Thank you, Rosalva.
Chet> Cool. A new dining room chair would be nice...
mgrasso> Rosalva nods curtly and goes back to preparing the appetizer platters.
James> define "new"
Chet> Ha! No, seriously, just bring yourself, dude. Breakfast is normally around 10:30
mgrasso> (Tonight's a Monday, btw)
James> I'll take an early lunch.
* Chet looks around for Gemma.
Chet> Where'd your girlfriend get to?
mgrasso> Gemma is consulting with Rosalva about the food.
James> hmmm... wasn't my turn to watch her... I think it was Kevins turn, but he dosn't do much
Gemma> Rosalva puts out platters of appetizers of hearty Mexican fare: miniature version of chimichangas, chips, salsa, guacamole, corn tortillas stuffed with chicken, and quesadilla slices overstuffed with cheese or beef and cheese.
* Chet approaches Gemma and whispers to her.
mgrasso> Melinda starts talking to Kevin (there, that takes care of two NPCs)
Chet> (ha)
* Gemma smirks at Chet
Ingrid> Yes, Gemma sure seems to know just who to invite to ensure a lively party.
* Ingrid looks at Kevin, then John.
Ingrid> I'm surprised to see you here, John. How have you been?
James> yeah, you, Kevin... who's that fella?
mgrasso> John's over in the corner talking to Andrew.
mgrasso> John: describe yourself for James?
* Gemma slips a CD into the slim-line wall-mounted cd player in the back of the room. A few seconds later, you can hear the soft strains of a Gregorian chant
mgrasso> John's just come back from the kitchen and he's clutching two Sam Adams.
mgrasso> (I'll hold so John can describe himself)
mgrasso> (Guess Sam's not showing tonight. :-( )
* John is a six foot tall, extremely wide and muscular troll wearing an oil-stained black leather jacket, black t-shirt, and oil-stained blue jeans. He looks like he's just come from the auto shop, which he has, but he has also washed his hair and pinned it back in a pony tail. He's fascinatingly ugly, just this side of grotesque.
James> James tilts his head at ingrid and says in the best "valley girl" style he can muster: and she picks the ever so best party music too
mgrasso> (Fae mien too, James)
mgrasso> (John, rather. Jeez, these J's.)
John> (um...refresh my memory on that again?)
mgrasso> (You're a troll. :) )
John> (sorry, folks, I've forgotten a lot of what I was told at the time)
mgrasso> (It's okay!)
mgrasso> Andrew pulls Gemma into the kitchen.
* John looks, as a human, troll-like, with two large bony protrusions on my forehead. His seeming, as a human, has slipped.
* John looks like a pug-ugly troll, shorter and wider than normal.
John> (I'm done)
mgrasso> (cool. Excellent job, Jess)
* Chet turns and walks over to Ingrid, stopping to pat Melinda on the arm on the way there.
mgrasso> (Have you checked out all the character descriptions?)
John> (hippie wear, sleeveless blue tunic, etc?)
* Ingrid smiles at James. "Yes, Gemma really is cutting edge, isn't she?"
James> yea
John> (gotcha, thanks)
mgrasso> Melinda hangs on Chet's every word.
* Chet motions for Melinda to come join us.
mgrasso> "Would you mix me a drink, babe?" Melinda says. "I'd love a whiskey sour."
James> James walks over to john "I don't like you"
Chet> Sure thing...where'd that Gemma get to?
* John is caught in mid-swig. "Er...sorry?"
James> not really- Just wanted to see what you'd say- Name's James-
John> Oh. I'm John.
* John looks from side to side, clearly wondering where the next prank is coming from.
* Chet cracks open the kitchen door and peeks in.
James> now fot the real small talk- you work with cars?
* John slowly nods. "Yeah...?"
* Ingrid leans back into the couch, thrilled to be among this exciting group.
mgrasso> (Imagine if Jack was here! Heh!)
James> just making small talk- I do a little car stuff my self, mostly on my old shitbox. I don't suppose you do body work?
Ingrid> (poor Jack if he was! :D)
* John furrows his brows. Finally, clearly deciding that you're serious, "Yeah, some, although I prefer engine repair. What sort of thing did you have in mind?"
* Ingrid wonders why she didn't bring a date, looks around, and remembers why.
* Ingrid wanders off to the kitchen.
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*** Grr is now known as James
mgrasso> (Sorry, Mandy!)

Scene Five: Kitchen One
Chet> Hey there...just looking for the drinks.
mgrasso> Andrew and Gemma turn to see Chet.
* Gemma looks a little annoyed
mgrasso> There's a kitchen table piled with booze... beer, wine, and liquor.
Chet> Got any whiskey in here?
* Chet heads to the liquor.
Gemma> On the table.
Chet> Thanks...and a shaker?
Gemma> Um... I don't know.
* Chet digs around for a proper shaker.
Gemma> Why don't you try my father's study?
mgrasso> (I think papi has some old 60s barware in the kitchen cabinet -- or his study, Gemma. Your parents wanted to be proper hosts before you were born. Hipsters! :D)
Chet> Hell...I can just use two two just forget I'm here.
Gemma> Just go to the study. Go out this door, down the hall, to the left, then all the way down. It's the last door on your right.
Gemma> He's got a wet bar type thing in there. It's built into the wall cabinent.
Chet> Okey doke...
Gemma> It's unlocked. I broke it years ago.
* Chet heads out of the room in the direction indicated...
Gemma> (and now they're aging hipsters, mike :D )
mgrasso> (heh)
*** Ingrid ( has joined #kitchen
mgrasso> Andrew goes back to furtively talking to Gemma.
mgrasso> (Chet, leave)
mgrasso> Ingrid walks in.
*** Chet ( has left #kitchen
* Gemma mutters, "Fuck."
Ingrid> Thrilling party, Gemma. Is there any more wine?
Gemma> Need something, Ingrid?
Gemma> Go ask Rosalva. She can get it from Papi's stash.
Gemma> Which isn't in this kitchen.
* Gemma looks meaningfully at the door
Ingrid> Are you going to stay in here all night? I've been to more exciting funerals than this.
Gemma> What? Kevin's not rich enough for your tastes?
mgrasso> Gemma and Andrew are in here. Sorry.
Gemma> He owns his own business. But you're right. What's a mere tradesman compared to a nice politician?
Ingrid> Sorry, Gem. I prefer men with a pulse.
* Ingrid looks at Andrew.
* Gemma leans against Andrew
Gemma> You weren't going to find any here.
mgrasso> Andrew laughs while he's drinking his beer. "You know, Gemma, you get funnier the more I drink!"
Gemma> Admit it. You're just cranky that this wasn't the contact-fest I said it'd be.
* Gemma looks at Andrew
Gemma> Slow down, hon.
* Gemma tries to take the beer from Andrew
Ingrid> Forget contact-fest. I'd be happy if it were a *party.*
Gemma> Then try going out to where the people are.
Gemma> Or leave. I don't care.
Ingrid> Anyway, I'm off to find wine. Have fun, you two.
* Ingrid rolls her eyes and leaves.
Gemma> Go drag John out to a motel.
* Gemma watches Ingrid leave
*** Ingrid ( has left #kitchen

Scene Six: Living Room, Interrupted
James> issokay
James> come with me, I'll show you
* John drains his beer. "Okay."
mgrasso> You guys can stay in this channel. You guys go outside of Gemma's house, and out onto the street.
mgrasso> (Describe the vehicle, James?)
James> James walks out tothe street where his car is parked
James> ain't she a beaut?
James> you come face to face with a 1988 lincoln towncar
James> grey, rusty, chiped paint,
James> the most noticable feature, however is that the nose is crashed in
James> mangled to what would be assumably undrivable
* John cocks his head and examines it with a professional eye.
mgrasso> John, give me a Perception + Repair roll, diff. 5
James> "she probably needs some engine work too, won't run on a fix-it for ever" he knocks on the hood
John> (repair? you mean Mehanic?)
mgrasso> Yep. sorry.
*** Ingrid ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
John> !dice 7 5
* DiceWell John rolls 7d10 at difficulty 5. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 1 2 2 8 2 2 2
Ingrid> Has anyone seen Rosalva?
John> (damn you, Dicey! damn you to Hell!)
mgrasso> (John and James are outside)
* Ingrid looks around.
mgrasso> Kevin says, "She's over there." She's fussing with the food, which no one has touched.
* Ingrid wanders over that way.
mgrasso> Ingrid walks over to Rosalva.
* John scratches his head. "Sorry, pal, but I'd have to take her into the shop to see what I could do with her."
John> Might be cheaper in the long run just to buy a new one.
John> What hit it, anyhow?
James> Ingrids car- James smiles- long story
* John looks at Ingrid.
James> you should have seen *her* car... sure don't make cars like this one anymore
John> An 88 Lincoln? I can find one for you in a junkheap, easy.
James> I still think I'd rather fix it, I'd miss her if I junked her... we have an understanding... Your a car guy, I hope this doesn't sound crazy to you...
John> Naw, I gotcha.
John> It's gonna run ya, though.
James> although parts... I think 88 is a little late for O.N.S. though
James> eh, I'll just pamper my car for a while instead of registering for another porn site on line and buying a new toy...
John> It's the body work that's gonna cost ya. Parts ain't nuthin' compared to labor.
* John sort of freezes at the mention of a porn site. "Uh...right..."
* Ingrid wanders over to the buffet, surprised to find it untouched, what with James there and all.
* Ingrid helps herself to a few carrots and a miniscule dot of veggie dip.
James> alright -I'll get your shop specs, and bring it buy latter... you know- there's food inside
John> Thanks. I'm...uh...not hungry....
mgrasso> Heh, James is like the dog in the cartoon who gets led bythe smell of food :)
James> whatever- James heads back inside
* Ingrid wanders over to sit in a chair across from Kevin and Melinda.
Ingrid> Where's Chet?
James> !dice 9 8
* DiceWell James rolls 9d10 at difficulty 8. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 5 1 5 4 2 4 2 2 1
* John follows James back inside.
James> James vehmently attacks the food
mgrasso> Ingrid's sitting on the couch with a plastic plate and utensils. Melinda is talking to Kevin very intently now.
* John somewhat reluctantly nibbles on one of the chimichangas.
James> James wanders off to go find gemma
*** Chet ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
* Chet emerges from the kitchen with a cocktail glass and a shaker.
mgrasso> "She's in the kitchen, James," Kevin says.
Chet> James, need a drink?
James> dunno- do I?
Chet> I don't know, but I'm mixing some mean whisky sours...
mgrasso> (James: #kitchen if you want it)
mgrasso> Melinda says, "Chet, make one for meee!"
James> If you're making, i'm drinking... I'd be insane to passup your skills.
* Chet coughs loudly and starts backing in through the door.
* Chet goes back into the kitchen.
*** Chet ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
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*** Chet ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
* Chet changes his mind halfway and walks over to Melinda. "Screw it."

Scene Seven: Kitchen Two
Gemma> God.
Gemma> That woman.
* Gemma gently takes the beer from Andrew
mgrasso> "C
mgrasso> "C'mon, Gemma!"
Gemma> You shouldn't drink these. I hate the way they taste.
mgrasso> He hiccuped. :)
Gemma> (ha! uh-huh. :) )
* Gemma puts the beer down on the counter, brushing up against Andrew as she does so
Gemma> Now, where were we?
* Gemma stays a little too close to Andrew, her bosom just barely brushing against his chest
mgrasso> Andrew slips his arm around Gemma's waist.
mgrasso> "I dunno, you tell me."
Gemma> So you have some initiative after all. I was beginning to wonder...
mgrasso> His beer breath is testament to his new-found courage.
Gemma> (eeew! thanks, Mike)
mgrasso> Heh. :)
Gemma> (now I'm cackling to o much to concentrate)
* Gemma jerks her head back a little, then smiles
mgrasso> Andrew says, "I want to go back to the living room. okay? I'm hungry."
Gemma> No!
mgrasso> "Wha?"
Gemma> I...
Gemma> I, um...
*** Chet ( has joined #kitchen
* Gemma grabs Andrew's face and kisses him
mgrasso> Chet comes back with a shaker.
Chet> What's up...
Chet> oops
mgrasso> (Classic)
* Chet heads to the liquor.
Chet> Don't mind me...
mgrasso> Andrew looks totally enfeebled after that kiss.
* Chet gets the whisky and ice and starts shaking a whisky sour.
* Chet whistles softly to himself.
* Gemma glances at Chet and sighs a little.
mgrasso> Andrew says, "C'mon, Gemma, let's get back out there and MINGLE!" He nearly screams this last word.
Chet> ?me glances back at them over his shoulder.
Chet> Drink anyone?
* Gemma mutters, "Fuck it," then gives Andrew another kiss. Longer, this time, and definitely more passionate.
* Chet turns back around looking for a glass.
*** DiceWell ( has joined #kitchen
Chet> ! dice 7 6
Chet> !dice 7 6
* DiceWell Chet rolls 7d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 5 1 4 3 5 9 9
Chet> !dice 7 8
* DiceWell Chet rolls 7d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 7 3 5 5 10 1 5
mgrasso> Andrew seems to spin for a moment after the second kiss.
mgrasso> He then supports himself on the table and says, "Gemma? Is that you?" very quietly.
Gemma> Of course it is, amor.
* Gemma pets Andrew's arm
Chet> Well, thanks for the floor show folks. I'm outta here.
* Chet takes the shaker and a glass into the living room.
Gemma> Are you drunk already, Andrew?
*** Chet ( has left #kitchen
mgrasso> "You... " he reaches out to touch your ears.
Gemma> Me.
* Gemma grins like a Chesire cat
Gemma> Let's go back out, shall we?
Gemma> I've been away from my guests for too long.
mgrasso> "Um... I don't know. I'm scared. Why was that guy Chet so short?"
Gemma> Who cares? Let's go back out.
*** James ( has joined #kitchen
* Gemma takes Andrew's hand
Gemma> Come on!
James> James walks into the kitchen
mgrasso> James walks into the kitchen. Gemma and Andrew are in there and Andrew is wandering around, obviously dazed.
* Gemma looks over to James
Gemma> Think you can help me get Booze Boy back out there?
mgrasso> Andrew looks at James. "What in God's name happened to you?"
mgrasso> "You're all... I don't understand!"
Gemma> Andrew!
Gemma> I *told* you not to drink so much.
James> uh oh Gemma- he's :: he waves his hands infront of his face mystically::
Gemma> What? Drunk?
James> don't seem so...
Gemma> What?
mgrasso> "Gemma, I don't feel so good. Will you let me lie down?"
James> James pulls out his chimerical crossbow and aims it at him-
mgrasso> "Aaaaaaaugh!" Andrew screams and runs out of the room.
Gemma> James!
James> James puts it away
* Gemma runs after Andrew
James> I just wanted to make sure
mgrasso> Gemma, leave.
* Gemma stops at the door
* Gemma shakes her head and leaves
*** Gemma ( has left #kitchen
James> Tisk tisk tisk...
James> she should have known better than to bring a *friend* to a fae party
mgrasso> Heh. But that's what Highsummer's all about!
James> Not if she's gonna flip out whn we mess with him... :)
James> I'll go back in the living room
mgrasso> Okay. :)
*** James ( has left #kitchen
*** Gemma ( has joined #kitchen
Gemma> !dice 5 8
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 1 8 1 9 8
mgrasso> WP?
Gemma> yup
mgrasso> Okay, you're able to lead him back into the living room.
mgrasso> Let's go. :)
Gemma> main channel?
mgrasso> Yep.
*** Gemma ( has left #kitchen Session Close: Thu Jul 27 23:38:32 2000

Scene Eight: Back in the Living Room
mgrasso> "You have enough in there for me, Chet?" Melinda crosses her legs as he sits near Kevin.
Chet> Sure thing.
mgrasso> You hear a scream from the kitchen.
* Chet hands Melinda the glass and pours a drink from the shaker.
Chet> Anyone else want a drink? I'm headed back that way...
Ingrid> Jesus!
* Chet heads back to the kitchen.
mgrasso> A male scream, yet quite girly. :)
* Ingrid turns toward the kitchen.
Chet> Don't worry everyone...
Ingrid> What was that?
* John looks around, curious.
Chet> Ingrid? Freshen your drink?
mgrasso> Rosalva and Melinda jumped a little at that.
* Ingrid is already heading for the kitchen.
Chet> Last call for alcohol!
* Chet mutters "Why must everything be a soap opera with these people..."
*** James ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
James> Guess what everybody
Chet> Hey James...was that you screaming like a woman or someone else?
mgrasso> You all see James has his chimerical crossbow at his belt.
Ingrid> What's going on, James?
James> andy's be-dazzled
Chet> And...
James> And I think Gemmas mad at me
James> He smiles sheepishly
Ingrid> Who screamed?
Chet> Cool, dude.
* Chet pats James on the shoulder.
James> Andy...
Chet> Want a drink now?
Ingrid> Is he all right?
James> yeah... dude!
Chet> Grab a glass...
James> he's fine
James> James grabs a glass.
* Chet pours the rest of the shaker into his glass.
James> has anyone offered the maid a drink, or any food? I don't know if she speaks english
James> James takes a sip
Chet> Well, I've got to go mix some more...
Ingrid> She does. Go ahead, James.
James> Hey, Rosalva- can I offer you a drink?
John> (Alicia say "Hi," btw)
*** Gemma ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
mgrasso> Gemma escorts Andrew back to the living room.
mgrasso> (hi alicia!)
Ingrid> (hi Alicia! :)
* Gemma leads Andrew to the nearest open chair and has him sit
mgrasso> Andrew's eyes are jacked open wide, he's staring at everyone, but especially Ingrid.
Gemma> Rosalva! Soda por Andrew, por favor.
Ingrid> Oh, Gemma. How sweet of you to join us.
Gemma> (hi, alicia!)
mgrasso> James: rosalva ignored your offer of a drink.
mgrasso> Rosalva scampers off for a soda.
Chet> (hi)
Gemma> I bet it is. Did Kevin take over the music yet? One cd of my stuff is usualyl about all he can take before he snaps...
James> James shakes his head in a "it just aint right" fassion
mgrasso> Kevin says, "I have my music in my car. Do you want me to get it?"
Gemma> Please, Kevin.
Chet> Why bother, son. I have some right here in my bag.
mgrasso> "All right. I'll be right back." Kevin leaves the room.
Gemma> Is there anything you don't have in your sack, Chet?
Chet> That's a personal question...
Ingrid> I don't think he has a meth lab in there.
James> "Ingrid" James stage whispers "I think andy has a crush on you"
Chet> !dice 7 5
* DiceWell Chet rolls 7d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 6 successes.
* DiceWell 5 9 10 10 8 4 10
* Gemma goes over to James
Gemma> Have they behaved?
mgrasso> Andrew is still staring widely at Ingrid, not saying a word.
* Gemma nods towards the group
* Ingrid looks at Andy, then carefully at Gemma, suspicious.
James> yeah- behaved like a bunch of dead bodies in a morgue...
Gemma> It figures.
mgrasso> Kevin comes back to the door, which he left ajar, with a collection of about 12 or 14 CDs in his hands.
mgrasso> He walks over to Chet and consults with him.
Chet> You people have this wonderful way of bringing any party to a screeching halt. Don't you?
* Chet confers with Kevin.
Gemma> God, you're all so picky. I still want my present, Chet!
* Gemma gets on her tip-toes and whispers to James
Chet> Stop talking about me, woman.
* Chet whispers to Ingrid.
* Gemma looks over at Chet
Gemma> And you stop talking about me, woman.
James> !dice 5 5
* DiceWell James rolls 5d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 8 10 10 4 4
* Ingrid looks quizzically at Gemma.
Gemma> Not you, mensita. The other woman. Chetina.
Chet> James...did you finish that drink already?
Chet> Ah...
James> James looks at Gemma..
Chet> Sorry, i can see how we're easy to confuse...
* Ingrid looks at Chet and says, "Oh. I see."
* Gemma looks back at James
James> he kisses her on the forhead
James> James shakes his head
mgrasso> Kevin goes over to the CD player and puts in some My Bloody Valentine.
Ingrid> !dice 3 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 3d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 1 9 9
Chet> Ingrid, heard from Jack lately?
* Gemma smiles at James
James> he chuckles a little, and whispers to Gemma
Ingrid> No, Chet. Not in six weeks or so.
Ingrid> I figure he's been busy with work.
Chet> !dice 7 8
* DiceWell Chet rolls 7d10 at difficulty 8. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 1 6 6 3 8 5 1
Chet> Ah, well. I miss the big lug.
* Gemma bursts out laughing
mgrasso> *ring*
mgrasso> *ring*
mgrasso> Phone's ringing.
mgrasso> *ring*
Gemma> Oh, damn.
* Gemma runs to answer it
mgrasso> Gemma runs away from her private convo with James and picksup the cordless on the coffee table.
Gemma> Hello?
Gemma> Yeah. Why?
Gemma> Oh. Um. How can I help you?
mgrasso> The room goes quiet in that way when someone is on the phone at a party. :)
Gemma> W-well, she... are you sure?
Gemma> I mean, she might have taken a little vacation. she doesn't owe you guys explanations, after all.
Ingrid> !dice 5 4
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 5 3 6 4 7
Gemma> Right. Sure she does.
* John turns to look at Gemma.
Gemma> Okay, okay. Just ... calm down.
James> James shakes his head
James> I hope it's not another missing kid
Gemma> Um... God.
Gemma> Okay. Okay... is there any sign of what happened? Broken things?
Chet> What is it with you and kids. YOu said that before our last "excursion", too.
Gemma> Ay, mija. Lock up the house.
* Chet listens carefully.
Gemma> Okay, I want you to cancel everyone's appointments. If they ask why, say that repairs came up. Then if any of the federales come by, give them half of what's in her drawer. Only half, do you understand? I'll be down there in the morning.
Chet> See...she keeps her valuables in *her* underwear drawer, too.
* Ingrid raises an eyebrow at Gemma.
Gemma> Don't worry, mija.
James> well- We had to save this one kid frome some lake witch, and from his mom who loved him and givehim back to his loopy dad- and this other kid ranaway at the museum when his dad was rhapsodyed and then there was this guy- long story
mgrasso> Kevin looks at all the assembled eavesdroppers with envy.
Gemma> We'll find out what happened. I'm sure it's nothing. Now go do as I said and keep everything locked and shut, okay?
Gemma> If anything else happens, call me right away.
Chet> Hey, anything less downbeat in that CD collection?
Gemma> Okay... bye, Katrina. Take care.
* Gemma hangs up the phone
mgrasso> Kevin says, "Hmm, the Bob Mould's peppy."
James> everything okay Gem?
* Gemma slowly puts the phone back on the coffee table
Gemma> Um, yeah. Sure.
Gemma> I guess. A friend of mine is missing. She probably just left without telling her roommates.
Gemma> That was one of her roommates, actually.
Ingrid> Did I hear you mention Federales?
Gemma> She lives in Nogales.
Gemma> So I'm going down there tomorrow morning to check things out. I'm sure it's nothing. If anything, she'll turn up there.
Gemma> You guys should come with... You can bloat up on e-coli tacos while I visit her place.
Ingrid> Oh, I'd like nothing better!
James> what time tommorow morning? I want to help- but, work...
* John slowly nods at Gemma.
* Gemma grimaces
Gemma> Work. Right. I know.
Chet> Hey, as long as I can catch a ride, I'm cool for tomorrow.
Ingrid> Well, I actually have some vacation time I could use if you really need the company, Gemma.
James> James looks pained
John> I've got room on the back of my Harley.
James> Don't any of you have any responsibilities?
John> I own my shop.
Gemma> Some of us just know how to prioritize, James.
Ingrid> Or get paid vacation.
James> don't be like that- do you want me to be able to take the week?
Chet> And, well, you know...
Gemma> You could take so much more than that... You just don't try.
James> oh god gemma- what is that supposed to mean?
Chet> You probably should get back to work. Your skin is starting to turn a healthy shade...too much time out of the fluorescent lights...
* Ingrid smirks at Chet.
James> you know- I'm not some person who hates or resents my job- I love what I do.
Gemma> The corner of Gemma's mouth twitches a little
Gemma> Oh, I know. You love your job.
Chet> Look. Just go to work. We'll call you if we require any assistance in the swearing department.
James> It's part of what I am- I can't not work.
Gemma> Go or don't go. I don't care. But...
James> but?
Chet> !dice 7 7
* DiceWell Chet rolls 7d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 8 3 10 7 10 3 4
* Gemma looks around
* Gemma 's gaze lands on Ingrid
Gemma> But ... well. I guess it doesn't matter.
James> what?
Chet> Man...either take the day off or don't. Don't you have a laptop or something?
Ingrid> !dice 5 8
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 6 7 8 4 1
James> two- but I can't do what I do on a lap top- why the attitude- what does everyone have against my job?
Gemma> I need to get something.
* Gemma leaves the room
Chet> Nothing...I'm just telling you, man. "Follow your bliss".
Ingrid> I don't think anyone has anything against your job, James.
*** Gemma ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
Ingrid> Gemma asked for your help and you can't do it. That's all there is to it.
Ingrid> Unpleasant, sure.
Chet> If you can't go, don't go. But don't let it tear you up. Just make a call and stick to it.
Ingrid> But work is work. I know what it's like.
Ingrid> And that's enough advice from me.
* Ingrid finishes off her wine in one gulp.
James> nothing is that easy when it comes to Gemma
Ingrid> And now, if you all would excuse me, I have another engagement this evening.
Ingrid> Chet, if you need a ride, call me in the morning.
Chet> Well...if only Gemma were here, she would have a witty rejoinder to that comment...
Chet> I most certainly will. Thank you much.
Ingrid> John, James, good to see you again.
Chet> Good night INgird.
Ingrid> And nice to meet you, Kevin and Melinda.
John> G'night, Ingrid.
Ingrid> And Andrew.... nice to see you again too.
mgrasso> Melinda waves, looks like she's tired.
* Ingrid smiles.
mgrasso> Andrew has been in stupid awe this whole time.
Chet> I'll be back, I'm going to check on Gemma.
James> James sits down on the couch
Ingrid> Please tell her good-bye for me, and tell her I had a lovely time.
* Ingrid chuckles and heads for the front door.
James> yeah... he waves absently
mgrasso> Leave, chet, ingrid.
*** Chet ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
*** Ingrid ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
mgrasso> We're just about done tonight.
mgrasso> Unless you mechanical men have anything to discuss.
John> (nah. I'm beginning to fade)
mgrasso> Okay then. We can end here.
James> where is everybody else?
mgrasso> Chet left the room, following Gemma. Ingrid left for good.

Scene Nine: Back Hallway
*** Gemma ( has joined #hallway
*** Chet ( has joined #hallway
Chet> What's going on?
mgrasso> Gemma's skulking in the hall between the kitchen and the bedrooms.
Gemma> Nothing.
mgrasso> (make this quick, guys, I gotta goto bed)
Gemma> Can't I throw a fit now and then?
Chet> Yes...but why?
Gemma> He's just so ... argh.
Gemma> He's so in love with work.
Chet> Well, you know computer geeks. They love their jobs. You're going to have to accept that.
Gemma> Why?
Chet> At least you can probably make him buy you expensive jewelry with his enormous salary.
mgrasso> Guys, I have to cut you short. We have to end.
Chet> OK..
Gemma> I don't understand him at all. He asked me for a week, I'm asking him for a day.
Chet> (Should we head back to the main room or stay here?)
mgrasso> main room to say goodbye
*** Gemma ( has left #hallway
*** Gemma ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
*** Chet ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
James> I'll follow them, and see whats up
*** Ingrid ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
mgrasso> Well, that's it for tonight!
mgrasso> I just wanted everyone to come back and say goodbye. :)
John> Okay--good show, Mike! When's the next one?
mgrasso> For real. :)
Ingrid> thanks :)
Ingrid> That was fun!
mgrasso> Next Thursday... maybe we can get Jack to tag along!
Chet> (Great game throw a pretty mean party Gemma)
John> Great!
John> See y'all then1
Gemma> heh
John> !
mgrasso> I enjoyed it! It was hackle-rasiningly difficult to coordinate, but fun!