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Chapter Two: Investigations

Scene One: Outside the Freehold (continued)
MG-GM> Chapter 2 of Story One.
MG-GM> Where we left off last time:
MG-GM> Sir Douglass had just given us a mission, to find the noble Unseelie child who was abducted by her mortal mother.
MG-GM> We got some rudimentary information, contained in the email I sent you.
MG-GM> We now have several options for finding information on the whereabouts of the boy and his mother.
MG-GM> We *do* have the mortal father's address in Tucson.
MG-GM> So, discuss amongst yourselves... the best course of action?
James> we should talk to him.
Ingrid> It's a good place to start.
MG-GM> Douglass agrees.
MG-GM> In what guise do we speak to him?
MG-GM> "We are not mortal police, after all."
Ingrid> Perhaps I could do a news story on the kidnapping.
James> hmmm... private detectives? no, to cleche' members of a milk carton type agency?
MG-GM> Douglass nods. "A prudent plan. Now to concoct excuses for the rest of us to accompany you."
MG-GM> Ingrid: will you bring your cameraman?
James> I could ::maybe:: work a furkin camera, I could atleast make it look like I can
Ingrid> Yes, this would make a very heart-wrenching appeal in video, I think.
MG-GM> Ingrid: give me an Intelligence + Journalism roll, difficulty 5.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 7 8 9 8 4.
Ingrid> 5 d10
MG-GM> 4 successes!
MG-GM> Ingrid comes up with a plan very quickly. Danny Beltran, her usual cameraman, will shoot the film. James can act as sound man. Gemma can come along as Ingrid's "producer."
MG-GM> Douglass will hang back during the interview.
James> we're all gonna have to be sure to ask the right questions, on camera and off.
MG-GM> Douglass nods in agreement.
Ingrid> I'll need to get the approval of my real producer to do the stroy if I'm using Danny
James> it'll be a cinch.. lost pisher, distraught daddy... a real tear jerker
MG-GM> Well, remember, it's the middle of the night right now, so we have to wait till the next morning to do anything anyway. Perhaps the four of us should exchange phone numbers and meet somewhere tomorrow.
MG-GM> (Ingrid, we'll do the RP of you talking to your producer in private msg)
MG-GM> Is everyone OK with this plan?
Ingrid> All right.
MG-GM> (OK, I'm just going to move on to tomorrow morning, Feb. 3, if there are no objections.)
James> If you call, nobody'll ever find me... and I'll never get incontact with you. we
James> 've all got email, yes?
MG-GM> Douglass looks at all of you, and says, "Yes, I do, anyway."
Ingrid> I do, yes.
MG-GM> Does Gemma have anything to add to the plan?
Gemma> Sadly, Gemma does not.
James> (pitty)
MG-GM> Heh. OK. Let's fast fwd to tomorrow morning.
MG-GM> James and Gemma will go to their jobs tomorrow, and leave early?
James> yeah.
James> which shouldn't be a problem becaus James never leaves early

Scene Two: Senor Rudy's
Ingrid> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (6 d10) and gets 3 5 2 3 1 1.
James> (ouch.. those are not happy roles)
MG-GM> At work, you all get an email from
MG-GM> (Go ahead, Julia, write it here :) )
* Ingrid emails everyone with the bad news. Her producer shot down the story.
James> figures... give a furbinburgen gerbinsmerbin somerope, and they'll hang themselves
Ingrid> So it's either go over her head or come up with another plan.
Ingrid> Shall we all meet for lunch to discuss it?
James> I could eat.
MG-GM> OK, people sending back emails? Gemma, give me a Wits + Area Knowledge roll.
MG-GM> diff. 6
Ingrid> (area knowledge *snort*)
MG-GM> For a good place to suggest. :)
MG-GM> So, to suggest a good place to eat, Wits + Area Knowledge, diff. 6.
MG-GM> Gemma takes about 20 minutes to send an email back.
MG-GM> Where should we eat? (Wits + Area Knowledge, diff. 6)
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 7 6 8 7 7.
Gemma> 5 d10
MG-GM> Awesome!
James> hurrah! sucess!
Ingrid> woohoo!
MG-GM> Gemma, tell 'em the best place in Tucson to eat.
Gemma> I know of a great Mexican restaurant called Senor Rudy's. Let's go there.
James> i could eat.
MG-GM> OK. With the address suitably dispersed among you, the four of you converge on Senor Rudy's.
MG-GM> At around 1 pm.
James> alright...about our "little problem" with the producer, I say we furk her and go through with it! the biznatch wouldn't know a good story if it bit her
MG-GM> Let Gemma describe the place, quickly.
Gemma> It's basically a big square, made of red bricks -- but you hardly see the bricks because the owner has plastered almost every inch of space with posters of the specials, pictures of the food, etc.
Gemma> Inside, one wall is covered with a huge mural of rural Mexican women preparing food and harvesting corn. A long counter is opposite of it, and at the end is a plump woman with a large mass of fizzy hair waiting to take your order.
James> I'll have the heartburn and craps special
MG-GM> (hah. sorry, just had to laugh)
* Ingrid glances at James and say "I'll just have a salad."
MG-GM> Douglass orders something with beef in it.
MG-GM> By the way, in his mortal seeming, several times during your lunch, Douglass answers a cell phone and gives cryptic orders into the phone.
MG-GM> (You were saying, James?)
James> I think we should give it a shot, if we can get our hands on a camera we can Pose as crew
MG-GM> Douglass says strongly, "That's up to Ingrid. It's her job."
Ingrid> I could also ask Danny if he'd be willing to go over our producer's head.
* James occasionally eyes peoples food, asking things like "are you gonna finish that?" (damn skinny guys)
James> but if the story ain't gonna air why the furk do we need a real camera man?
* Gemma subtlely pulls her flautas out of James' reach
MG-GM> We do need a real camera, though.
Ingrid> Maybe he'll loan us his camera.
James> besides, he could get in the way, or ask too many questions
* Ingrid gladly hands over the onions and cucmbers in her salad.
Gemma> How do we even know he'll agree to the rather vulgar intrusion of a news story?
James> you know... news studios generally have alot of cameras... aka more than one
MG-GM> We don't. He's already been through the police asking him questions.
MG-GM> Stealing a camera is again endangering Ingrid's job, Douglass says.
James> don't make it a news story, make it an interview... alla babwa waltwers
Ingrid> Although it gives a lot more exposure to his plight. Lots of people would see this story.
Ingrid> The more eyes looking for the child, the better.
MG-GM> It might be something to encourage him to talk to the media.
Gemma> How about a pre-interview?
MG-GM> Interesting idea.
MG-GM> Sans cameras.
James> exactly... but it isn't going on the air, specially if things went as poorly as you insinuated
James> (to ingrid)
Ingrid> Hmmm. Unorthodox for me, but it might work, Gemma.
Ingrid> At least it doesn't endanger my job.
MG-GM> But the camera gives us instant credibility, is the thing. Of course, Mr. Teague's probably seen you on TV, Ingrid.
James> ahh.. "fame"
* James sneers alittle
Ingrid> I could always use the truth. Tell him I'd like to do the story but I'd have to sell it to my producer.
MG-GM> Douglass thinks, and says, "Yes, that's just the tack to take."
MG-GM> You two will need some sort of cover story still.
MG-GM> (James and Gemma)
James> who the furk ever tells the truth?! you've gotta be crazy!! ::infinitly mocking::
James> intern
James> ('s)
Ingrid> The truth has an elegance to it I'd hardly expect you to see.
MG-GM> The frizzy-haired girl from behind the counter brings James' Mountain Dew over to the table. "Hi," she says, smiling deviously.
* Ingrid rolls her eyes.
* Gemma smirks a little
MG-GM> (By the way, the food here is incredible; everybody's meals just filling and warm and overall delicious. There's something about this place, the charm of it, the simple home-spun beauty. You all feel an infusion of Glamour, but since you're all filled up, you don't gain any.
James> ummm... hey. James takes his dew and sips
MG-GM> "Welcome to Senor Rudy's," she says to all of you, but mostly James.
MG-GM> "Hey Gemma," she says. "Who are all these people?"
Gemma> Sally, this is James, Douglass, and Ingrid you might have seen somewhere. Perhaps.
James> (hey mike, how old does she look? is she cute?)
MG-GM> "Yeah!" Sally says ebulliently, "You're on Channel 4."
MG-GM> (ask mellie, mandy :) )
MG-GM> (erica, sorry. :) )
* Ingrid smiles politely
James> (well, what's she look like, maybe james'll try and be suave)
MG-GM> "Come to do a review of this place? I hope the word 'ramshackle' isn't going to be used." Sally grumbles.
* Gemma laughs
Gemma> (hm... kind of plain, but there's something goofy about her that seems cute somehow. She looks like she might be in her mid-20s)
MG-GM> James, Perception + Empathy, diff. 6
Ingrid> I'm not the Channel 4 Food Guy, but I'd give our place a good rating regardless. My salad was delicious!
Ingrid> (your place)
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 7 2 9 8 6 10.
James> 6 d10
MG-GM> James: it's very obvious she's flirting with you.
James> (that's it, he's gonna make a play)
James> So... what's your story cutie?
MG-GM> Having left the rest of the party ignored and is kinda crouching, talking toyou. She's gotta get back to the counter, but you can try a Charisma + Seduction roll, Diff. 5
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (1 d10) and gets 3.
James> 1 d10
James> damn.
MG-GM> James' onion breath from Ingrid's salad makes her say, "Um, I have to get back to the counter."
MG-GM> (*smirk*)
James> lol
Ingrid> (snortle)
* Gemma tries to hide smirk
MG-GM> Ladies' man!!!
James> oh yeah baby, raise-the-roof
MG-GM> Well, then, Douglass says after taking another cell phone call, shall we visit Mr. Teague?
MG-GM> The rest of you are OK to take the afternoon off your regular jobs?
James> we'll need some little yellow note pads, to look official
James> I donno mike... am I?
MG-GM> Ingrid can get all the yellow pads she wants.
Ingrid> I'd like to hear any questions you all would like me to ask, also.
Ingrid> Yellow pads I can get away with.
Gemma> Maybe we should stick a little card that says "Scoop" into your hat brim, James.
* Ingrid smiles
Gemma> If you had a hat.
MG-GM> James: you work irregular hours, like all programmers. Being gone for an afternoon will make things seem like you're off getting a few hours sleep.
James> bite me Naar
MG-GM> Gemma: you may have to talk to "boss man."
Gemma> I have a feeling that he'll be okay with it.
MG-GM> Questions we should ask. Douglass thinks... "We need to ask him for a picture of the mother and child."
MG-GM> "We should also ask if the mother had acted in such a way before. Does she have a criminal record, for instance."
James> we should find out if his wife had any contacts, friends, family, dealers, to whom she'd go
Gemma> Or "Did she watch a lot of Lifetime movies?"
MG-GM> (hah!)
James> hahahaha!
* Ingrid scribbles these down furiously
MG-GM> Including the Lifetime one? :)
Ingrid> Perhaps not that one. :)
James> did his wife use the computer often? any sn or alieses that she might still try to use?
James> he should discribe the boys relationship with the mother
Ingrid> For that matter, does the boy use the computer?
MG-GM> These are all good questions.
MG-GM> Perhaps we should move to the man's house, the DM suggests, because we have 15 minutes of game time left. :)
James> do they own any timeshares vacation homes cottages? anywhere they used to visit frequently? anywhere she always wanted to go?
MG-GM> Oh, quite good.
James> (fair enough, oh wise and powerful oz)
Gemma> Any family or friends out of state?
Ingrid> Let's head out. We'll take the news van I just happen to have driven over.
James> hehehe... smooth
Gemma> The one with your face plastered on the side?
James> ha!
MG-GM> You all pile in the news van, except Douglass. He rides his motorcycle, which in the Dreaming is a brilliant blue-grey stallion.
Ingrid> The very one, yes. How sweet of you to have noticed.
MG-GM> She's part of the News 4 Action Team!
Ingrid> How Forbes-ian of him.
James> we won't be conspicuous at all in that!
MG-GM> Douglass is hanging back a couple blocks.
MG-GM> In case something goes wrong.
Ingrid> But Mr. Teague will at least know we're legit.
MG-GM> Yes, true.
Gemma> Right. Because nothing says legit like a van with decals.
James> yeah, I could be legit too if I bougt a van and spraypainted my face tot he side =)
* Gemma looks at a van in the next lane with a Calvin-pissing-on-a-chevy logo stuck on its window
MG-GM> Ingrid, you're going to need some good Drive rolls to maneuever that house... Dexterity + Drive, diff. 7.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (3 d10) and gets 10 8 8.
Ingrid> 3 d10
Ingrid> piece of cake.
MG-GM> Well then. The ten-minute drive from Rudy's to Mr. Teague's home is uneventful.

Scene Three: The Teague Household
James> wow.. .that's it for dice? maybe I should drive from now on
MG-GM> The three of you pile out of the van and knock on the Teagues' front door.
Ingrid> If you can keep from getting us all killed, I'm all for it, James.
James> =) cool... so in the future, I drive.
* Ingrid re-applies her lipstick.
MG-GM> It's a tract home, painted a hideous lime green.
James> knock ms. superdiva
MG-GM> Ingrid: Appearance + Style, diff. 5
Ingrid> Perhaps I should drive the company van though James, being liable and all.
Ingrid> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 1 9 9 6 7.
James> but the star ought not to drive! she may break a nail!
MG-GM> 3 successes.
MG-GM> Ingrid knocks on the door.
MG-GM> A man comes to the door. He's wearing a tattered robe, and has three-to four days' of growth on his chin. He smiles sort of stupidly at you as you stand in the open doorway.
* Ingrid shoots a brief glare in James's direction, then re-assumes her pleasant smile.
Ingrid> "Mr. Teague? Hello, I'm Ingrid Kane from Channel 4 News. Have I come at a bad time?"
MG-GM> (one moment please)
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (4 d10) and gets 3 10 5 2.
Ingrid> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 4 6 7 3 9.
Gemma> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 10 9 4 6 7 7.
James> 6 d10
MG-GM> Ingrid and Gemma notice something a little off about this man. His gaze sort of hovers above all your heads.
MG-GM> James, however, knows right away, and whispers to Ingrid: "He's enchanted."
* Ingrid loks at him closely and asks "Mister Teague? Are you all right?"
MG-GM> (A quick reminder: a mortal is enchanted by a fae when given a "token": a ribbon, a coin, a piece of food infused with Glamour.)
MG-GM> "You are beautiful," he smiles. "Your face, your ears! I thought I'd never see my dreams again!" He seems delusional.
* James wistles
Ingrid> Perhaps you should sit down, Mr. Teague. Let's get you inside.
MG-GM> "And look! A cat! And a clown! Oh, where's my boy gone?" He's *way* out of it. He obviously hasn't seen reality in a few days.
James> this guy is mishegoss
James> (thats nocker for nuts)
MG-GM> Ingrid: You can use Charisma + Persuasion *or* Appearance (which is 5 because he sees you as you are) + Persuasion, your choice.
MG-GM> Diff. 5
MG-GM> (mellie, are you there? *gulp*)
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (7 d10) and gets 2 3 1 1 8 7 6.
Ingrid> 7 d10
MG-GM> gah!
Ingrid> gah
MG-GM> Just one success.
Gemma> (yup)
MG-GM> Which is enough to ease him carefully into his easy chair.
MG-GM> He sits there, and you see all around him are pictures of the boy; a black-haired, squinty-eyed, slightly evil looking child.
MG-GM> "You know, he left me many gifts... the way he left me at night when I'd get home from work."
MG-GM> "Thank goodness. I love feeling like this."
MG-GM> All, make Intelligence + Enigmas rolls, Diff. 8.
MG-GM> Everyone.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (3 d10) and gets 1 8 10.
Ingrid> 3 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (3 d10) and gets 7 4 7.
James> 3 d10
DiceWell> is not a valid number Gemma.
Gemma> 4 d 10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (4 d10) and gets 4 2 4 3.
Gemma> 4 d10
Ingrid> (this is creepy)
MG-GM> Ingrid thinks for a while... another roll, please, Ingrid, Intelligence + Investigation, diff. 8 again.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 7 1 6 5 10.
Ingrid> 5 d10
MG-GM> A fleeting theory, and it's gone again.
MG-GM> "I so wish you could bring him back to me... queen, cat, clown. Bring him back, I won't be able to last forever."
James> poor sod
MG-GM> He closes his eyes, slowly, breathing deeply in and out, smiling to himself in his easy chair, entertained by sights and sounds apparently he can only see.
James> ::oops! wrong slang!::
MG-GM> (heh, that works!)
* Gemma stifles the urge to cross herself
MG-GM> He's totally ignoring your presence now.
James> (would anything about inchantment, eg. being away from the enchanter, indicate behavior like this?)
MG-GM> This living room opens into a kitchen, and there are two bedrooms and a bathroom in the back of the house.
Ingrid> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (4 d10) and gets 1 4 2 2.
MG-GM> Ingrid: what was thatroll for?
MG-GM> James: I already had you do the Kenning roll, sorry.
Ingrid> Sorry, mistake.
MG-GM> That's all right.
James> damn.
Ingrid> good thing, too.
MG-GM> You all have to wonder what this guy was like during the police interview.
James> lets poke around a little
James> do they have a computer?
Ingrid> Good idea, James.
MG-GM> No, James.
MG-GM> Who's going where?
Ingrid> What does he do for a living?
Gemma> I'll poke around his bedroom.
James> kitchen
Ingrid> I'll take the bathroom
MG-GM> You never found out. But give me a Wits + Investigation roll, Ingrid, diff. 9.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (6 d10) and gets 5 1 6 6 10 2.
Ingrid> 6 d10
MG-GM> Gemma heads into whose bedroom, the boy's or the father's?
MG-GM> never mind, Ingrid. :)
James> (I'm looking for an adress book in particular)
Gemma> The father's.
James> or numbers on speed dial for the phone
MG-GM> Everyone, make Intelligence + Investigation rolls, diff. 7
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 6 2 5 3 8.
Ingrid> 5 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (3 d10) and gets 1 2 6.
James> 3 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (3 d10) and gets 5 1 8.
Gemma> 3 d10
MG-GM> James: you get numbers for pizza delivery, "Mom," and "Helen" on the phone.
James> what was the wifes name?
MG-GM> Ingrid finds something while searching the bathroom, the father's electric razor is missing from its stand.
MG-GM> Barbara.
MG-GM> Gemma rummages around the dad's bedroom and finds some items of female clothing lying on the floor of the closet.
MG-GM> When Ingrid and Gemma return to the living room, you see James futzing around with the phone, pressing numbers.
Gemma> What about the boy's room?
MG-GM> Gemma heads into the boy's room.
Gemma> (do I roll again?)
MG-GM> Yes. Int + Investigation, Diff. 6
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (3 d10) and gets 1 2 4.
Gemma> 3 d10
MG-GM> Ingrid, what are you doing now?
Ingrid> Looking around the living room.
MG-GM> Ingrid: one more Int + Inv roll, Diff. 9
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (5 d10) and gets 1 6 4 6 8.
Ingrid> 5 d10
MG-GM> As Ingrid searches, James walks back over to Richard Teague.
MG-GM> Ingrid hears James ask him, "Who's Helen?"
MG-GM> He doesn't respond.
MG-GM> (Wow. this is complicated. :) )
MG-GM> How are we for time, btw?
MG-GM> It's quarter-past 11 ET.
Ingrid> I'm fine. No work tomorrow for me.
James> I'm good...
MG-GM> excellent.
Gemma> And I'm mountain time. ::smug::
MG-GM> OK, what and where from here, Changelings?
James> james frowns... If only I'd brought my lap-top (which in the future he will bring everywhere)
MG-GM> brb, getting some water.
MG-GM> Heh. Yeah, James, but your real hacking stuff is at your apartment, away from prying eyes.
Gemma> Is there, um, any way we could search Mr Teague?
MG-GM> So you won't be able to hack from anywhere except your apt.
MG-GM> Gemma goes over to search Mr. Teague.
Gemma> Eep!
MG-GM> Dex + Stealth, diff. 6
MG-GM> (she's a cat!)
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 10 10 2 6 3.
Gemma> 5 d10
James> still... Some internet acces is better than note... I feel so cut-off! I think I'm going through withdrawal
MG-GM> Gemma digs into his robe's pockets, for a little while...
Ingrid> Would you like to play with this remote control, James?
MG-GM> Ingrid hands the remote to James, noticing chocolate fingerprints all over it.
James> Furkin gerbuin smige... you think your so furkin smart. i bet you couldn't hack your way out of a furkin wet paper bag!
Ingrid> It has shiny buttons.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 1 3 8 10 4.
Gemma> 5 d10
Ingrid> Looks like someone likes their Hershey bars.
James> so does your dress... I'd much rather play with those
MG-GM> (in-a-prop-riate!)
James> lol
MG-GM> (James is so furkin cool)
* Ingrid ignores James
James> (why thank you)
Gemma> Guys, take a look at this.
* James smiles... point-James
* Gemma shows James and Ingrid the photo she fished out of Teague's pocket
MG-GM> It's a photo of the boy and his mother, probably taken about 4 years ago, out in a desert with a shining blue lake behind them.
MG-GM> Ingrid, James... Per + Kenning.
MG-GM> Diff. 6.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (4 d10) and gets 5 2 9 1.
Ingrid> 4 d10
MG-GM> nothing.
MG-GM> James?
James> oh, sorry
MG-GM> It's ok.
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 3 10 2 3 2 1.
James> 6 d10
MG-GM> nothing.
MG-GM> Even though *you* both can't, Gemma says, "There's Glamour in this photo. Although it just might be from emotional attachment."
James> hmm... any like, you know, location and date on the back?
Ingrid> where was it taken? Anyone recognize that lake?
MG-GM> no, and no. :)
James> is it a big lake?
MG-GM> Gemma, Int + area knowledge, Diff. 10.
MG-GM> Yes, very big.
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (5 d10) and gets 5 4 1 1 6.
Gemma> 5 d10
James> in the desert? there can't be many of those.
MG-GM> Gemma just stares blankly, and says nowhere like that around Tucson.
MG-GM> (you guys are rolling sucky :) )
Ingrid> Wonder if this was taken back at his mother's place.
James> or at a vacation home
Ingrid> (I blame DiceWell)
Gemma> Wasn't he from New Mexico originally? Are there any lakes there?
MG-GM> yes, and you don't know, respectively.
James> (DiceWell just doesn't have the smae karma as real dice)
Gemma> Could it be one of the lakes near Phoenix?
MG-GM> Gemma been to Phoenix before?
Gemma> Yes, I have.
MG-GM> Could be. Not sure though.
Ingrid> We're striking out here, you guys.
Gemma> Could we go somewhere with net access, like James' place and look up pictures of the lakes in that area?
MG-GM> We should go to James', definitely.
Gemma> Maybe we could see if they match the background we see in this picture.
MG-GM> Then after that scene, we can end the Chapter.
MG-GM> A good place to end. :)
Ingrid> I'll drive us back to our respective cars, then.
James> my place would be great, but looking for lakes in the south-west?! that seems a little far flung
James> sorry...that "seems really furkin crazy"
MG-GM> OK, so, Ingrid drives the van back to Rudy's, and from there, it's off to James' apartment.

Scene Four: James' Apartment
MG-GM> James, describe your place :)
* Ingrid is still being nagged by the thought of Teague's missing razor.
Ingrid> on the drive over, I mean.
James> You park in the rear and decend the steep steps to the front porch
James> the place looks over all rundown
James> he unlocks the door to the building and leads you guys up to the second floor
Ingrid> (Is Doulass with us?)
James> he then opens the door to b12, and you enter into a disgusting rat hole
Ingrid> Wow, James, who's your decorator?
James> it is dark, but you can hear the happy humming of computers and can see the glow from 3 or four moniters.
MG-GM> (BTW, Douglass is with you again)
James> he flicks on a light which dimmly lights the room from above... there are dust bunnies and cobwebs all around
James> he flops down on his couch/slash bed and starts typing franticly at the computer infront of him.
James> "make yourselves at furkin home," he says
MG-GM> All right James, what are we starting with?
MG-GM> A simple web search for Southwestern lakes?
James> "there may be some left over pizza and a ciderjack or two in the fridge if you want."
* Ingrid shudders discreetly
* MG-GM plays the Odd Couple theme
James> sure... although he's pretty furking sure there must be thousands... any conjecture on size, to narrow the parameters>
James> ?
MG-GM> OK, James, roll Intelligence + Computers, diff. 5
James> 7 d10
James> huh?
Ingrid> weird!
James> 7 d10
MG-GM> DiceWell is down. hold on.
*** DiceWell has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** DiceWell ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
James> 7 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (7 d10) and gets 4 4 7 10 7 5 7.
James> yeah baby, that right bi-ache
MG-GM> OK, five successes. In about ten minutes, James gets a couple list of *huge* lakes in the desert.
James> how many?
MG-GM> Including Lake Mead, Lake Havasu, and a few others, primarily in Nevada and Arizona.
MG-GM> Probably about six.
MG-GM> I don't have a list prepared, but you have them all now.
MG-GM> OK, what's next?
James> alright, how about people with the mothers maiden name or the fathers last name in those areas?
MG-GM> Another simple web search?
James> sure
MG-GM> Same roll, then.
James> 7 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (7 d10) and gets 4 9 1 2 2 6 9.
MG-GM> This takes longer, about 30 minutes.
MG-GM> And the results aren't encouraging.
MG-GM> Nothing.
MG-GM> OK, anything else on the regular web before you start hacking?
MG-GM> (Sorry you non-techies have nothing to do here!)
James> damn. how about resorts or cabin compexes before it gets hard?
MG-GM> All six of those lakes had some sorts of resorts and such around them.
MG-GM> From the original search.
MG-GM> Any input from the others is welcome. :)
James> alright... any way to check regular patronage, or would that require hacking now?
Ingrid> How about a search on the boy's name?
MG-GM> how do you mean? tracking credit cards?
MG-GM> Web search on the boy's name comes up with nothing.
Ingrid> Longshot, sure, but I'm desperate. Damn.
James> no, or atleast not yet, just trying to see if the hotels have "guest lists"
MG-GM> Not online.
MG-GM> And certainly not hackable.
James> james will roll up his sleves... time to get down and dirty
Ingrid> DMV search for her car?
MG-GM> All right. DMV search first, james?
Gemma> (brb)
MG-GM> (ok mel)
James> sure why not, but I doubt that they'll have her furking current location
MG-GM> All right. Here we go. Intelligence + Computer Hacking, Diff. 8
James> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 7 7 7 9 1 4.
James> ouch... nada
MG-GM> DMV is locked out. But at least it's not a botch. :)
James> thats true
MG-GM> Next step? That was the Arizona DMV, right?
James> lets get whatever I can on the mother... specifically her ss# & creditcard#
MG-GM> All right. Same roll, Diff. 7.
James> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 7 9 2 5 1 2.
MG-GM> Gov't systems are a little easier to hack. :)
James> lol
Ingrid> heh
MG-GM> One success. You get a New Mexico address for her. Now roll for the credit card info, Diff. 9.
James> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 1 10 1 7 2 6.
James> ouch!
MG-GM> That's a botch.
James> ::ABORT ABORT::
MG-GM> I was just going to say, you can use WP for an automatic success.
MG-GM> Would you like to use one to avoid the botch?
MG-GM> Remember, you only have two points.
James> hmm.. yeah, thats beter than geting caught and sent to jail...
MG-GM> All right. You manage to bail before a trace from a credit card router.
Ingrid> (do points carry through the entire campaign?)
MG-GM> Yes, kinda. You get Glamour and Willpower back in different ways, though.
Ingrid> okay, cool. Thanks
MG-GM> Anything else, James?
James> yeah, can I get a fix on the adress? Is it near a lake?
MG-GM> Gemma? Ingrid?
MG-GM> Yeah, sure, you look it up on a map website and it's nowhere near water.
MG-GM> It's in Santa Fe.
* Gemma looks up from the stain on the rug that held her interest
Ingrid> I'm about tapped. I can't get the image of that poor man out of my head.
MG-GM> (heh)
MG-GM> Do you want to go back there, Ingrid?
James> well guys (James opens up some porn he had booked marked... kinky shit) any ideas?
Ingrid> There's something nagging at me. He looked so... haunted.
MG-GM> Douglass says, "The boy has been taken somewhere. And I find it unlikely she would go to her place of residence. Therefore, going to New Mexico is out of the question."
* Gemma glances at the screen, then quicklylooks away, blushing brightly
MG-GM> "I would like to know if the father knows anything. But he is so deeply enchanted that nothing of reality will touch him."
James> ha! I never would have figured you for a nice nellie!
Ingrid> I want to make sure he's okay more than anything. Maybe we should have called "Helen", whoever she is, to take care of him.
James> maybe we should call "mom" to take care of him
MG-GM> Douglass suggests, "Perhaps you and I could go back there, Ingrid."
Gemma> We didn't exactly have "Spurting Hot Enema Action" links at the convent, James.
Ingrid> It would put my mind at ease, Douglass. Thank you.
MG-GM> (mandy, if you need to leave, we can do the very last part without you)
James> naw... I'm in for the long hall tonight
MG-GM> (leave james here with his sick porn)
MG-GM> (oh, ok, cool. :) )
James> Geezus furkin christ!!! a nun? ha!
* Gemma bites her lip
MG-GM> Douglass sighs, "Very well. Let us go back there and see if any new revelation awaits us."
Ingrid> Oh, now *that* is rich.
Ingrid> Let's get out of here.
Gemma> Yes, please.
MG-GM> Douglass looks at Gemma with a strange sort of newfound respect, as we go out to our vehicles.
MG-GM> It's about 5:30 pm now.
James> gah! now I'm offended!
* Gemma avoids making eye contact with anyone
James> (I wan't even looking at the really nasty porn)

Scene Five: The Teague Household
MG-GM> Another 30 minutes through rush hour traffic, and we are back at Teague's.
MG-GM> Sitting on the front steps is a tiny black dragon with butterfly wings.
MG-GM> It speaks in a squeaky voice, "None shall pass."
Ingrid> (hee hee)
MG-GM> It's only about nine inches tall.
James> you gonna protect the pishers daddy for him?
Ingrid> On whose authority, dragon?
James> the kids, I'll bet.
MG-GM> "On the authority of the Unseelie Court, of House Ailil, and of my liege, Taliesin ap Ailil!"
MG-GM> The dragon peers at Gemma closely. "Shifter, you invaded my castellum."
MG-GM> "I challenge you to a duel of honor."
Ingrid> So that's what the kids are calling it these days.
MG-GM> (Hey! That sounds like Gemma's line!)
Ingrid> (she's rubbing off. :)
Gemma> A duel, Dragon? And what would your weapon be? A toothpick?
* James laughs heartilly!
MG-GM> The dragon laughs squeakily, trying to sound menacing. "My weapons, feline? My claws, my awesome bite, and my flame breath!"
MG-GM> A tiny wisp of smoke escapes from one flared dragon-nostril.
Ingrid> Pretty even match there, dragon.
James> tisk. be nice to the animate chimera!
MG-GM> Douglass views the whole situation with bemused laughter.
MG-GM> One of the few times you've heard him laugh, actually.
Gemma> Very cute, Dragonlette.
MG-GM> But it soon turns serious when the little guy collapses on the front steps.
MG-GM> He plunges face-down and rolls down the steps.
James> gah! is it okay????
MG-GM> One.. two... three.
MG-GM> James, gimme Perception + Kenning, Diff. 6.
MG-GM> Reroll 10s, because it's your speciality.
James> 6 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (6 d10) and gets 9 5 3 10 3 10.
MG-GM> Oh, wow.
James> 2 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for James (2 d10) and gets 9 2.
Ingrid> well well
MG-GM> The creature is *dangerously* low on Glamour, James says.
James> (how can we fix that, poor lil thing?)
MG-GM> Give it some of your Glamour.
Ingrid> What happened to it? It was so fierce just a moment ago!
MG-GM> Ingrid: Per + enigmas, diff. 8
James> how does one get glamour back?
Ingrid> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Ingrid (4 d10) and gets 2 6 7 1.
MG-GM> Lots of ways. Ravaging, sleeping in a freehold, being around creativity, etc.
Ingrid> bleh.
MG-GM> Who's going to give it the kiss of life here?
James> okay, I'll give it a point
MG-GM> James dips down and mercifully cradles the black dragonlet.
MG-GM> The dragon raises its head weakly.
MG-GM> "My master... so far from here." It whispers, coughing.
James> (this is the first sign of compassion or any other relatively nice emotion you've seen out of James)
* Ingrid is deeply touched by this scene
MG-GM> It's still in rough shape.
James> (does it need more?)
MG-GM> James: if you're willing to give it, yes.
Ingrid> I'll give a point as well
James> okay, sombody step up! he needs help!
Gemma> I'll give a point.
MG-GM> Ingrid touches its forehead, whispering to it an ancient Sidhe lullaby.
MG-GM> It smiles a bit, and nuzzles the back of Ingrid's hand.
Ingrid> aw :)
* James smiles the first genuine smile you've seen out of him
MG-GM> Gemma?
Gemma> (Oh! Do I roll to give him a point?
MG-GM> Nope! Just dump it on him.
Ingrid> heh
MG-GM> As Gemma comes over, administers the Glamour, the beastie bites at her hand!
MG-GM> 4 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for MG-GM (4 d10) and gets 3 8 9 9.
MG-GM> 2 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for MG-GM (2 d10) and gets 8 5.
MG-GM> Gemma, roll your Stamina, Diff. 6.
Gemma> 2 d10
* DiceWell throws the bones for Gemma (2 d10) and gets 8 8.
MG-GM> The bite is only a chimerical flesh wound, and you absorb it easily, and the dragonlet smiles deviously at Gemma.
MG-GM> "I bet I would've won too. My name's Aoife." It bows its little draconian head.
Ingrid> It seems as though this little guy has a problem with Gemma. Curious.
MG-GM> "And I'm not a guy! I'm a lady! A lady warrior!" Aoife squeaks.
Gemma> Delusional little thing, isn't he?
Gemma> Oh, *she*.
* Gemma rubs her hand and mutters
Ingrid> Hello Aoife. My name is Ingrid. My apologies.
MG-GM> The creature, now infused with Glamour from your proximity, speaks garrulously.
James> and whom sent you madam warrior?
Ingrid> And what is your issue with our friend here?
MG-GM> "Well, my master has been taken from here, by that Autumn bitch. I couldn't even approach her, so thick was the stench of Banality on her. I knew when he left, he wouldn't be coming back."
MG-GM> "The cat invaded my castle. She knows what I mean."
Ingrid> Do you know where she took him?
MG-GM> The dragon leers at Gemma.
Gemma> Just be glad I left it standing, dragonlet.
* James sighs
James> play nice children
MG-GM> "My guess? Out at Lake Havasu. She'd often take him there when she and the Glamour-addicted wreck there were still together."
Ingrid> You mean the father? He seems enchanted even now!
MG-GM> "Poor mundane." Aoife (oi-fuh) tsks at the thought of Mr. Teague inside. "Couldn't handle the Glamour."
Ingrid> How can this be so?
MG-GM> "See, the boy would "put him away" during the evening, so he could visit court."
MG-GM> "Heh. Put him away as if he was just another toy. I liked that. Then the poor man got addicted to enchantment."
Ingrid> But the boy's been gone for days! Yet the man is still enchanted.
MG-GM> "It happens with some mortals. They can't handle what they see."
MG-GM> "Each time, it took less and less Glamour to enchant him."
MG-GM> "Soon, the boy could leave him with a simple token for weeks."
Ingrid> Ah, I see. The poor, sad man.
MG-GM> "My guess is, the boy's father had some Kinain blood."
James> damn.. poor bastard. Addiction is a bitch
MG-GM> "He was susceptible. So, do we leave as soon as possible?"
Gemma> Yes, of course.
Ingrid> Leave? For where?
MG-GM> "Lake Havasu, of course!"
James> how long will you be okay for, Aoife
MG-GM> "I just *know* that young master Taliesin has to be there!"
James> ?
MG-GM> "As long as I am among you, I will be infused with wonderful Glamour!"
Gemma> Ah, wonderful.
* Ingrid snickers
MG-GM> "Although the Glamour of the lady and the knight are saccharine-sweet. Bleh."
Ingrid> hey!
MG-GM> "Two Seelie, two Unseelie. Only in Arizona." The dragonlet chuckles.
* Gemma chuckles
James> ah... so you're gonna come with? hmm... some decent company.
James> =)
MG-GM> "I have to come with. I have no choice. I can remain here, and become Undone, or quest with you, and retrieve my master."
MG-GM> "Besides, do you have *any* idea what the Duke of the Setting Sun would do if one of the heirs to the throne went missing in a Seelie Duchy?"
MG-GM> "You people," Aoife says accusingly, "were supposed to keep an eye on the boy! Hmph."
Ingrid> Heir to the throne, hmm?
James> woh!
James> we had nothing to do with the people
James> who were suposedly watching the boy
MG-GM> Douglass raises his voice. "Dragon, do not try to start a war. Greater beings than you have tried, and failed."
James> we're just supposed to compensate for their furk ups
MG-GM> "You know that our land and yours have a solid peace."
MG-GM> You see Douglass' hand rest on his sword-hilt.
MG-GM> (btw, Duchy of the Setting Sun is New Mexico, it's an Unseelie Duchy).
James> easy there, killer
MG-GM> The dragon flutters into the air, "Fair enough, good sir Knight. Hmph. Two oathbreakers among you too. How do they select their heroes at Rogelio's court, by lots?"
* James smirks
* Gemma fidgets
MG-GM> Good place to stop, then?
Ingrid> I see there are no secrets kept with you, dragonlet.
MG-GM> "Secrets? If there are, noble lady, they are everyone's for the taking."
* James laughs
Ingrid> yes, this seems like a good place to stop.
James> ditto
MG-GM> Excellent.
Gemma> Indeed