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Chapter Six: Babes in Toyland

Scene One: Lego Forest
mgrasso> All right. It is with a heavy heart that you all leave Grimsley's Inn.
Solangia> (And a heavy wrist. :D)
mgrasso> But now, you are no longer lost in the forest. You have Mr. Zee's guidebook, and it has a path right through the Lost and Forgotten Toys to a field of the plant you're looking for.
mgrasso> As is standard, the forest is thick and the canopy keeps out the Dreaming's sun. But as you get closer to the zone marked off on Zee's map, you see that the occasional tree pops up with a plastic, artificial appearance, their fronds perfectly geometrical.
Rolando> Creepy...
mgrasso> I would imagine the first one of these you come across, you might want to examine.
Artemisia> Yes, I'd like a look.
mgrasso> What will you examine, the leaves, bark, or roots?
Artemisia> I'll strt at the roots and work up.
Aranth> i would like to look as well
Kirby> I'd like to check out the leaves of a couple of the trees.
mgrasso> OK, Art, Aranth, give me a Wits + Investigation roll, difficulty 7.
mgrasso> Kirby, you examine the leaves and see, as I said, that they are solid sheets of a plastic-like substance.
Aranth> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 3 3 3 1 7
mgrasso> They are inflexible and the five large fronds on the tree seem identical.
Artemisia> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 1 2 10 1 2 1
Artemisia> gah
mgrasso> Aranth and Artemisia finish examining the roots.
Aranth> time to buy new dice.
Kirby> Well, what are they you guys?
Aranth> roots, I think
Rolando> You don't say...
Artemisia> I couldn't tell, Kirby. You're the plant expert here, maybe you should take a look.
Kirby> OK, let me take a peek at the root system...
Solangia> It doesn't look like something he could smoke, Art. I doubt he knows anything of it.
mgrasso> Kirby, same roll.
Kirby> !dice 2 7
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 2d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 3 8
Aranth> /me pats sols butt gently- be nice.
* Solangia pouts at Aranth.
Solangia> Why?
mgrasso> Kirby: the root system seems exceedingly delicate.
Aranth> no reason- just an excuse to pat your ass.
Kirby> OK...what about the bark of the tree?
Solangia> You don't need an excuse with me.
mgrasso> Kirby: the bark of the tree has vertical grooves in it. They are perfectly equidistant, and run from the top to the bottom of the tree.
Rolando> It seems fairly harmless. Maybe we should keep movng
Rolando> (moving.)
Kirby> !dice 8 6
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 8d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 10 1 7 3 7 3 8 5
Aranth> (no! I want to keep Movng!)
Rolando> (:P)
Kirby> Well, it seems pretty fact, these kind of look like legos...
Aranth> (:))
Kirby> Aranth. could you build us a lego car from one of these? We might get there a lot faster...
Aranth> do they come apart?
mgrasso> Aranth: you want to examine this tree?
Aranth> /me looks at the tree apraisingly.
Aranth> yes.
Aranth> (damn furking thing.)
mgrasso> Aranth takes a closer look at the tree. Bending down, he grabs at the roots and sees the tree detach from the ground with four small round tabs!
Artemisia> Lego trees!
* Artemisia smiles
Rolando> I'll be damned...
Aranth> i bet these would look pretty furking sweet in your garden kirby
Rolando> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 2 3 9 10
Kirby> Eh, they probably wouldn't grow back home...
* Rolando spins around to the right. "What was that?!"
Kirby> See anything that looks like seeds?
Artemisia> What?
Rolando> Who's there?
mgrasso> You all can hear a mechanical "click."
mgrasso> Then, two. Three.
* Solangia 's tail bristles
* Artemisia looks around quickly
Rolando> !dice 5 4
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 5d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 5 2 8 5 1
Rolando> Get behind me!
* Rolando draws his sword.
* Artemisia jumps behind Rolando
mgrasso> There's movement in the forest, Rolando turns to the right to face whatever it might be coming at you.
* Solangia steps behind Rolando
mgrasso> You can all see human forms making their way toward you. There are six of them.
Rolando> Keep your heads down. They've got the drop on us.
mgrasso> (one second please)
Aranth> aranth thinks for a minute- what human-looking toys click?
Solangia> Toy soldiers?
Rolando> They're GUNS!
Artemisia> They have guns?
Solangia> Or they *are* guns?
Aranth> are we talking cold furking led- or cork and pop capsuls?
mgrasso> There are five men and one woman. They all are wearing military-style accoutrements and carrying rifles.
Rolando> Have.
mgrasso> One of the men has a mustache and wears a red and blue football shirt underneath his flak jacket. He also totes a heavy weapon on his back.
mgrasso> They are pointing their guns at you, and their leader, who wears a black beret, says, "Drop your weapons."
Rolando> Why should we do that?
mgrasso> "We have you surrounded. And covered with superior firepower." He looks askance at Rolando's sword. He and his fellows stand about 20 feet away from Rolando.
mgrasso> The woman standing next to the black beret says, "Probably failed genetic experiments. We should take them back to HQ."
Kirby> !dice 4 8
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 4d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 4 2 1 10
Rolando> I don't think so...
mgrasso> The other soldiers are scanning the woods around them, probably for more like you.
Rolando> I think we'll be continuing on our way, actually.
mgrasso> The woman speaks again, "We can get the docs to help them, Dash."
mgrasso> The black beret considers this, and hears Rol's statement, and says, "You can't go that way. It's enemy territory. They'd eat you alive."
Rolando> Well, we have no option. We're on a quest.
mgrasso> "A quest?" snorts the mustachioed heavy weapons guy. You can see his football shirt has the number "14" on it.
Aranth> who's "the enemy"? you were just treating us like we are- I think you're all confused.
mgrasso> "We were on patrol. We're close to enemy HQ, and so we had to keep on our toes." Black beret says, "I don't think you're any threat to us, though."
Kirby> Who are these guys Rolondo?
Rolando> Well, if I had to guess...
Rolando> ... G. I. Joes or something. They seem to think they're real soldiers. (Quietly)
Kirby> (whispers) Well, who's the enemy here?
Aranth> barbie and ken- the gulf war version? or howabout those creepy guys from that movie- toysoldiers.
Rolando> Other toys, maybe?
* Rolando sheathes his sword.
Aranth> anybody see that flick?
Rolando> (to the soldiers) Maybe you can help us.
mgrasso> The woman walks towards Rolando. "We could actually use your help," she says.
Rolando> Mm, well, what assistance can I offer?
mgrasso> "Honestly, our numbers are depleted. We're low on ammo and we need to flush out the enemy out of their HQ, about five miles away in the forest."
Rolando> What is the nature of this enemy?
Aranth> the soldiers were the bad guys even though they were marketed as the good guys and the toys they fought were supposed to be barbarians but they just wanted to go home.
mgrasso> Black beret glares at the woman as she offers the alliance, but eventually, he says, "You don't seem like you know anything about what's going on here. We could use the support."
Artemisia> What exactly *is* going on here, if I may be so bold as to ask?
Rolando> If we aid you, will you assist us in the completion of our quest?
Aranth> does this seem like a "*bad* idea" to anyone else?
mgrasso> The woman and black beret (who obviously seem the leaders) nod to each other, and the woman says, "We'll do what we can to help you, yes."
Aranth> who is your enemy?!
Solangia> Guys, maybe we should leave these confused little GIs to their war games, hmm?
Artemisia> I would like to know more about who these people are and what they are fighting before I agree to help them.
Aranth> Aranth seems a tad exhasperated at the sketchy situation
mgrasso> The guy with the mustache in back says, "Jeez. Cobra, of course."
Solangia> I bet they don't even have trail mix, much less seeds.
Solangia> Cobra?
* Solangia laughs
Rolando> Hm. Of course.
Kirby> So, we're going to have to infiltrate COBRA command?
mgrasso> "Yeah, you know," mustached-guy continues, "the international terrorist organization dedicated to taking over the world?"
Solangia> I'd rather go storming around with He-Man. Let's go find him.
mgrasso> (hah!)
Aranth> Jesus furking christ- baring all but the badguy can't win let's just go? next thing you know we'll be batteling decepticons.
Kirby> Can you assign us cool Code Names?
Rolando> (hah, Kirby!)
mgrasso> Black beret says, "You're probationary. Give 'em sidearms, Recondo." A guy at the back with a handlebar mustache passes out pistols.
Solangia> We can do that when we get home, Kirby. I swear. We'll dress up with bad fake stubble and pop guns and call you Corporal Cookie.
mgrasso> There's three. Maybe we should give them to our best shots?
Artemisia> And these pistols are for shooting whom, exactly?
Solangia> Ourselves, Art.
mgrasso> The woman says, "At Cobras, of course."
Aranth> you should pay closer attention- there's going to be a test at the end of all of this
Solangia> And then a public service announcement.
Rolando> (quietly, to Kirby) This all seems a bit delusional...
Solangia> Don't stab your friends with shrimp forks, kids.
Kirby> Well...yes of course it is. These are GI JOEs...of course they're looking for COBRA. What else are they going to do, play tea party?
Artemisia> I thought the point here was to get through Toyland. Is this how we're going to do it?
Solangia> Kirby: They might have. We never did see their off-time.
Kirby> Well, we can either help them or not. Those are our two choices here...
Rolando> (to the Joes) Which way is the, um, the Cobra base?
Aranth> Aranth shakes his head
Aranth> I could have swarn we were just getting some seeds so kirby could smoke up and be happy- shows me to furking go help someone in the dreaming- all that you payed for and more! batteries not included
Solangia> Let's ... not. They're nuts and we're seedless.
mgrasso> "North. The way you were walking when we intercepted you," black beret says.
Artemisia> On our way? That semes to have worked itself out then.
Rolando> (to the Oathcirc) Guys, we're headed that way anyway. Probably have to meet the Cobras one way or another. Couldn't hurt to have an "armed" escort.
Kirby> My thoughts exactly, Rolondo.
Artemisia> Sounds reasonable, Rolando. I agree.
Solangia> Okay. Then onward, Crusty Soldiers.
Kirby> Who wants a gun?
Aranth> I don't know- i think it's more dangerous to walk into their *base* with a small handful of the dire *foe*
Rolando> Did you ever watch the cartoon, Aranth?
mgrasso> Marching with the Joes is tough. They require stealth and a nine-foot blue armored troll doesn't exactly inspire feelings of being quiet as mice.
Kirby> These COBRAs aren't exactly "crack shots" from what I remember...
Artemisia> Perhaps we should follow behind them a small ways.
Solangia> And they shot blue laser bullets. What's your poitn?
Solangia> My god. Artemisia had a good idea. Let's use it while it lasts.
mgrasso> After a few miles of marching, Black beret whispers to you, "This is where the Cobra patrols begin. I think we'd better be careful from here on out."
mgrasso> I need everyone to make Wits + Alertness rolls, diff. 7
Solangia> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 5 1 8 9 3
Kirby> ! dice 2 7
Artemisia> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 4 6 9 3 1
Kirby> !dice 2 7
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 2d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 7 8
Aranth> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 2 3 5 2 2
Rolando> !dice 4 7
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 4d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 7 2 1 8
mgrasso> Who has the guns, btw?
Aranth> ME!
Rolando> me.
Aranth> (can we buy new dice?)
mgrasso> (heh, no)
Aranth> (these have bad karma today)
Artemisia> I have one too.
mgrasso> OK, Art, Rol, and Aranth.

Scene Two: Terror-Drome
mgrasso> You eventually come to the edge of a clearing in the forest (which, by the way, has become increasingly peppered with plastic trees, the Joes don't even seem to notice). In that clearing, you can see a MASSIVE base.
Aranth> on hinges so the front opens up?
* Rolando whistles softly.
mgrasso> It's round, by the look of it, and probably about a football field in diameter. It has a blue dome in the center, and huge gun embankments pointed in all directions.
Solangia> This doesn't look like a very good plant nursery.
mgrasso> There are a few blue-uniform-clad soldiers milling about outside the bottom floor of the base which, yes, does appear to have large doors for providing entry for vehicles.
Rolando> Wonderful.
Rolando> (whispering to Joes) You're not seriously proposing to assault that thing?
mgrasso> Black beret says, "OK, here's the plan. Bazooka will take out the guns. Jaye and I will lead the first infiltration team. We'll take the big copper guy with us. You'll stay here with Recondo and his men and provide cover fire."
Kirby> With what? My fingers?
mgrasso> "Are any of you," Lady Jaye says, "experts in infiltration or security systems?"
Solangia> Ha! How about this for a plan: You Joes go gallivanting into your delusion and the rest of us continue on our merry way.
* Rolando tosses Kirby his plastic gun.
Rolando> I have some knowledge in security systems, but I'm a little rusty.
mgrasso> "All right, but you're already in the infiltration team. Does anyone else want to tag along?"
Kirby> Why don't you go, Aranth...aren't you good with that computer junk?
Artemisia> No, thank you. If we must be here for this, far away is where I'd like to be.
Solangia> Art and I could always distract the troops.
Aranth> only if they can plug me into a terminal
* Solangia makes like she's going to grab Art's top
Solangia> Let's see how busty you are, girl.
Kirby> Well, can you? Plug him into a terminal? Are the security systems computer based?
Artemisia> Why Sol, I didn't know you cared.
* Artemisia steps aside.
mgrasso> Black beret looks dumbly at Jaye. "Uh, Jaye?"
Solangia> More than you could ever know, Art.
mgrasso> Lady Jaye says, "Yes, we certainly could use a computer expert in there. To shut down the defenses."
Aranth> aranth sighs helplessly- madness is madness- I've already come this far
mgrasso> All right. Aranth, Rolando, let's go to channel #mission.
Kirby> Don't you need a gun if you want to provide "cover", Sol?
Solangia> I was thinking more along the lines of an uncovered -- er, undercover distraction.
Solangia> So off with that top, Kirby. The men are waiting.
mgrasso> "Bazooka, synchronize your watch. Give us five minutes."
Kirby> Yes, but we want to distract *their* troops, not ours.
Aranth> kiss good luck cutie?
Artemisia> Hmm. What's our distraction?
Solangia> Kirby! Kiss Aranth for luck, man.
Aranth> aranth grrs at sol- and grabs her for a quick kiss
Solangia> Ahh.. I love it when you growl first.
Aranth> aranth growels again
* Solangia giggles a little
Kirby> Would it be easier to infiltrate the place if you had some kind of disguises?
mgrasso> When you're done and ready to join the team, Aranth and Rol, leave this room.
Solangia> Go play soldier!
mgrasso> "Disguise?"
mgrasso> Black beret says, "We may not have to shoot our way in."
Kirby> Yeah... disguise yourselves as COBRA guys...or even better, as COBRA commander....
Aranth> aranth puts on his dark glasses- voila
mgrasso> "How do you propose to do that?" black beret says.
Solangia> Or even better, as COBRA-approved hookers.
Aranth> didn't you ever see wizard of oz?
Kirby> Well, we may be able to provide you *temporary* disguises....
mgrasso> "That's all we'll need."
Kirby> How long will you need?
mgrasso> "A few minutes, ten tops."
Kirby> Anone got a marker...a pen?
mgrasso> Lady Jaye pulls one out of her pack.
Kirby> All right...everyone who's going in...step up...
* Kirby pulls the cap off the marker.
* Rolando steps up, looking a bit doubtful.
Aranth> um- special agent K, what are you doing?
Kirby> Providing *disguises*....
Solangia> Uh-huh.
Kirby> Down here Rol...I need to see your forehead.
* Solangia rubs her chin
Rolando> Okay...
mgrasso> Hold on guys *sigh*
* Artemisia moves to help Kirby with the disguises.
* Kirby whispers to Artemisia.
mgrasso> Kirby and Artemisia begin to collaborate on the "disguises."
* Kirby finishes whispering and approaches Rolondo.
* Kirby pulls out the marker and writes COBRA in real big letters across his forehead.
Kirby> Anyone else?
Solangia> Oh. Yeah. Brilliant disguise, Kirby.
mgrasso> Black beret says to Bazooka, "When the power goes out, hit the guns."
mgrasso> Lady Jaye looks at Kirby with some real disbelief. "I'm sorry, what are you doing?"
mgrasso> Someone's going to have to convince the Joes.
Kirby> Trust'll get right in.
mgrasso> Kirby: Manipulation + Empathy, diff. 8
Kirby> !dice 8 8
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 8d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 5 successes.
* DiceWell 10 10 9 3 4 3 9 10
Rolando> (DANG...)
Kirby> !dice 3 8
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 3d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 3 2 2
mgrasso> Kirby takes Lady Jaye aside and just oozes charm all over her.
mgrasso> Engendering trust is Kirby's middle name, and before long, Jaye looks like a dork with "COBRA" on her forehead.
mgrasso> Black beret lines up for it as well.
mgrasso> Aranth?
Aranth> do me baby.
* Kirby continues writing COBRA across the foreheads of every Joe in line.
mgrasso> All right, Artemisia. Do your magic.
Kirby> Want to be cobra commander, Aranth?
mgrasso> It's just the four of them, Kirby: Rol, Aranth, Jaye, and beret.
mgrasso> Kirby: they have to be uniform.
Kirby> OK...
Artemisia> !dice 6 4
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 6 2 5 3 4 8
* Kirby caps the marker.
mgrasso> Basically, you're painting them blue and giving them illusionary helmets.
* Kirby hands it back to Lady Jaye.
Kirby> Thank you madam...
mgrasso> All right you guys.
mgrasso> You can walk towards the guards now.
Rolando> Here goes..
mgrasso> And we're off to #mission. Sol, Art, Kirby, stay here. With guns. :)
*** Rolando ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
Solangia> Good luck, Joes. Try not to do anything the children might find questionable.
*** Aranth ( has left #Changeling-Tucson
* Solangia mock-salutes them as they wander off

Scene Three: Infiltration
mgrasso> OK. You can't see the results of the cantrip, but evidentally the cobras can.
Rolando> phew.
mgrasso> Because as the four of you approach, they salute you and say, "Anything out on patrol?"
* Rolando looks to Beret and Jaye for a cue.
mgrasso> "No sir. Heading in to be relieved."
mgrasso> Beret tries to fool 'em.
mgrasso> !dice 4 7
* DiceWell mgrasso rolls 4d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 5 9 7 1
mgrasso> The sargeant looks you over dubiously, but eventually gives the signal for the door to the complex to be opened.
mgrasso> You walk inside.
mgrasso> Now, keep in mind, anyone else who sees you in here is going to see you as you are.
mgrasso> The cantrip only worked on one group of people.
Rolando> Erg.
mgrasso> So, a Wits + Stealth roll is in order. Diff. 6.
mgrasso> Both of you.
Rolando> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 2 10 7
Aranth> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 8 8 7 8 4
mgrasso> You duck into a convenient room. VERY convenient, because there's a huge computer bank in here. The computer has no screen, but lots of random flashing lights and buttons.
* Rolando watches the door.
mgrasso> Aranth: you've seen nothing like it every before.
mgrasso> ever before.
Aranth> aranth tilts his head sideways like a confused bird
Aranth> what the furk is this?
Aranth> can I make a roll of some sort?
mgrasso> "Pretty standard," Jaye says.
mgrasso> Yeah, Wits + Enigmas, diff. 8.
Rolando> (yeah, for a 15 year old cartoon)
mgrasso> (hah!)
Aranth> !dice 5 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 1 10 6 2 4
mgrasso> Aranth puzzles over it for a few minutes. (WP?)
Aranth> yeah
mgrasso> You need a few more minutes. Same roll.
Aranth> !dice 5 8
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He botches the roll.
* DiceWell 7 6 3 6 1
Aranth> fuck
mgrasso> Any WP left?
Rolando> Want me to break it?
Aranth> one point- I'll spend it
mgrasso> Black beret laughs for the first time. "Might as well resort to monkeywrenching." Unless Aranth wants to try Wits + Enig, diff. 9 this time.
Aranth> !dice 5 9
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 8 2 5 5 9
Aranth> gah
mgrasso> That'll do it! You've figured out what flashing sequence does what. Now to shut them down without security taking notice. Int + Computer Hacking, diff. 6
Aranth> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 7 6 5 9 3 10
Aranth> that's what I'm talking about baby
mgrasso> Well, jeez, that was easy. The lights in the room go down. No alarm, no nothing.
Rolando> Well done Aranth.
* Rolando brandishes his sword.
Aranth> aranth looks at rolando for a moment- that's about all I'm good for
Rolando> Now for the fun part.
mgrasso> You hear explosions outside.
Aranth> fun part? Rol- someday I'm going to invent you a brain to go in that big furking blue head of yours
* Rolando just grins.
mgrasso> Jaye says, "All right, let's get to the command center."
Rolando> Lead the way, milady.
Aranth> this has been your dream since you were a kid- one of the joes- fighting the badguys- hasn't it rolando?
mgrasso> The door shhhhhs open.
mgrasso> Rolando, you can see two Cobras running down the hallway towards you.
Rolando> Here they come!
mgrasso> Wits + alertness, 4 you guys.
Rolando> !dice 4 4
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 4d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 7 9 10 5
Aranth> !dice 5 4
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 1 7 6 9 4
Rolando> (Aw yeah)
mgrasso> Aranth?
Aranth> I'm going to aim and fire at the bastards.
mgrasso> Rolando?
Rolando> I'm going to charge them when they get close enough and try not to get shot by Aranth...
mgrasso> Go ahead, Rolando.
mgrasso> Sword?
Rolando> Why, certainly.
mgrasso> Go for it. Split your die pool to hit them both?
Rolando> Yeah. 5 and 6 I think.
mgrasso> No, Dex + Melee pool.
mgrasso> How would you split that?
Rolando> 'kay, 3 and 3. Diff 6 for the greatsword?
mgrasso> Yep, go for it.
Rolando> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9 1 8
mgrasso> Hit.
Rolando> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 2 2 10
mgrasso> Hit. :)
mgrasso> You swing the greatsword quite quickly, hitting them on the helmet with the heavy blade.
mgrasso> Damage, 11 on each. :)
Rolando> diff 6?
mgrasso> Yep.
Rolando> !dice 11 6
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 11d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 7 successes.
* DiceWell 2 9 7 4 6 10 7 8 7 1 9
Rolando> !dice 11 6
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 11d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 6 2 10 1 1 1 10 9 9 2 6
mgrasso> You knock the one on the left out. The one on the right is dazed.
mgrasso> Go ahead Aranth.
Aranth> What's my diff?
mgrasso> Dex + Firearms, 6.
Aranth> !dice 8 6
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 8d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 7 2 1 6 7 3 3 8
mgrasso> All right! Add those successes to 5 damage.
mgrasso> So, 8.
Aranth> (thanks, I'm slow)
Aranth> is the diff 6?
mgrasso> Yes.
Aranth> !dice 8 6
mgrasso> Try again. -> [DiceWell] PING
Aranth> !dice 8 6
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 8d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 6 successes.
* DiceWell 8 5 5 9 9 10 9 7
Aranth> =)
Rolando> Nice.
mgrasso> Oh! Well, you manage to blast him square in the chest. Lady Jaye and Flint look at you.
mgrasso> "You're not supposed to kill them!"
mgrasso> "It... it doesn't work that way!"
mgrasso> They look around, almost paranoid.
Aranth> I'm not trying to.
mgrasso> (You're an Unseelie fae in a Seelie cartoon) :)
Rolando> Wait a minute! Then they're following the
Aranth> *what* doesn't work that way? your furking game?
Rolando> (sorry) the "no death" rule from the cartoon!
mgrasso> They look at Aranth and say, "Let's get out of here, quick."
Rolando> That sounds good. Let's go.
Aranth> wait- did we do what we came here to do?
mgrasso> You guys investigate the rest of the complex. All the Cobras are captured. (Well, with the exception of one :) )
Rolando> (Ouch.)
mgrasso> You guys pop out the front door of the complex.

Scene Four: Assault
* Kirby approaches Artemeisia with an outstretched hand.
Kirby> Great job there, Artemisia.
Artemisia> Great idea, Kirby.
* Artemisia takes Kirby's hand.
* Kirby shakes Artemisia's hand.
Solangia> Kirby, damn it. You're so not a gentleman.
Solangia> You should only take her hand by the fingertips. Then kiss the air above it -- but not the hand itself.
Kirby> Damn...sorry. Perhaps you can school me in courtly protocol some day.
* Artemisia smiles at the absurdity of this exchange.
* Solangia shrugs
Kirby> So. I guess we just sit here and wait for the lights to go out, then.
Solangia> I guess so.
* Solangia sits down
* Solangia pats the ground next to her
Solangia> Sit by me, Kirby.
Kirby> Will someone tell me when our 5 minutes are up here?
Solangia> Are we waitign five minutes, or for darkness?
mgrasso> Bazooka is aiming his rocket launcher. "We're waiting for the lights and power to go down."
Solangia> Ah.
* Kirby sits on the ground directly across from Solangia.
* Artemisia leans against a tree.
Kirby> So...what is it with you two?
Solangia> What two?
* Solangia glances at Art, then Bazooka
Kirby> You two, Sol.
Solangia> There's just one Sol, Kirby.
Kirby> Yes...I was referring to you and your boyfriend.
Solangia> Can you really call him my boyfriend?
Solangia> I mean, we only slept together once. And it wasn't even that great.
* Artemisia pretends like she's not avidly listening.
Kirby> Well. I'll file that information away for later. He sure seems to *think* he's your boyfriend.
Solangia> He does, doesn't he?
Solangia> I wonder why that is?
mgrasso> The lights in the Terror-Drome go out.
* Kirby faces the Terror-Drome, still seated.
mgrasso> You hear a *hiss*, and Bazooka lets a rocket fly at the right weapon platform. It blows up, the Cobra trooper on it flying off towards the ground.
mgrasso> Same thing, left side.
* Kirby aims my pistol...hoping to provide "cover" should it be needed.
mgrasso> Recondo says, "Come on, let's go people!"
mgrasso> All right, all you gun-nuts... give me Dex + firearms rolls, diff. 6
Solangia> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 6 2 6
mgrasso> As blue and red beams shoot back and forth from the woods to the base.
Artemisia> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 2 9 2 10
Kirby> !dice 2 6
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 2d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 10 10
Kirby> (HA!)
mgrasso> Wow! Crack shots all around!
mgrasso> You guys do the typical G.I. Joe cartoon shooting, which somehow manages to disable the Cobra troops without killingthem. Explosions abound. :)
Kirby> So...why is it that he thinks that he's your boyfriend?
Kirby> Any idea?
mgrasso> (Are you asking as we're shooting? :) )
Kirby> sure
Kirby> (sure)
* Solangia pauses in her shooting to give Kirby a strange look
mgrasso> Heh. Stylish. :)
Solangia> Why are you so interested, boggan?
* Artemisia shoots Kirby an odd look also.
Kirby> know us Boggan's...just nosy.
mgrasso> Another batch of Firearms rolls, soldiers. :)
Kirby> He and I had a long talk and now I wanted to get your side of the story.
Solangia> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
Kirby> !dice 2 6
* DiceWell 6 4 6
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 2d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 6 8
Artemisia> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 1 4 6 5
Artemisia> aw.
Solangia> Oh? And just what was his side of the story?
mgrasso> Artemisia this time misses, but Sol and kirby provide adequate blue laser fire.
Kirby> Artemisia, the key is to do less thinking and more blasting...just like in the cartoon.
Kirby> Well, now that wouldn't be fair of me to tell until I've heard your side of the story.
Kirby> He seems to think the two of you have a relationship, or something *like* a relationship.
mgrasso> As you guys socialize like true fae, it appears that much of the base is now under Joe control.
Solangia> There's not much to my side, dear.
Artemisia> Maybe if I talked as much as you two I'd aim better, hmm?
Kirby> (shouts) You all just tell me when to stop blasting!
Kirby> Yes...that's the idea.
mgrasso> There's not much left to blast at.
Kirby> So, basically, your side is that there *is* no realationship. You're both free agents, eh?
Solangia> Oh, there's a relationship.
Solangia> He's married to his work. It's a very happy marriage and I'd hate to be the homewrecker.
Kirby> Hmmmm....
mgrasso> Sitting in the lovely grass as the smoke and smell of burning metal wafts through the lego forest... :)
Solangia> Besides, I'm in love with Art.
* Solangia winks at her
* Artemisia stretches and lies down on the grass.
Artemisia> And why wouldn't you be?
* Artemisia smiles at Solangia.
* Solangia grins back
Kirby> Yes...why *wouldn't* you be?
Solangia> Ever tried a girl, Art?
Artemisia> That was a rhetorical question, Kirby.
Artemisia> Have you, Sol?
Kirby> Really?
Solangia> I've tried a lot of things, Art.
* Solangia lays down next to Art and says in a low voice, "But I've never tried you."
mgrasso> It's gotten to the point (at the end of the episode) where they've tied up all the Cobras and the Joes are relaxing, enjoying their victory.
Artemisia> Forgot me on your checklist there, Sol?
mgrasso> Flint, Lady Jaye, Aranth, and Rolando pop out of the Terror-Drome.
Solangia> How could I ever forget you, Art?
* Solangia smirks and sits up
* Kirby asks one of the Joes for a holster for his gun.
* Artemisia smirks too, easing up off the grass.

Scene Five: Resolution
*** Rolando ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
mgrasso> Heh, anything's possible during the cutaway!
Rolando> Everybody okay?
mgrasso> All the Cobras, as I was saying, have been tied up.
Kirby> We're just fine...sit down and enjoy the show.
Artemisia> Fine! We had a shott-'em-up.
*** mgrasso sets mode: +o Rolando
Artemisia> shoot.
Solangia> Some of us did better shooting than others.
Rolando> Aranth took down a really messed-up computer.
* Kirby whispers to Solangia...
Artemisia> wonderful!
Solangia> Where is he?
* Solangia peeks behind Rolando
Artemisia> We saw the lights go. Quite impressive.
* Rolando looks around.
mgrasso> Hold on, guys.
Rolando> Where's Aranth?
*** Aranth ( has joined #Changeling-Tucson
Aranth> alright
Solangia> Yes, Rolando, where the hell is -- oh.
mgrasso> While Aranth is trying to get back, I'll let you know that Flint comes over to you after the conquest and asks you where you're looking to go.
* Solangia hops to her feet
Aranth> hey!
Aranth> aranth smiles, then he pouts
Aranth> they yelled at me because I killed one
* Solangia goes over to Aranth
Kirby> You should've watched more GI JOE, the Joes never kill anyone.
Rolando> I think Kirby can explain our mission best, Flint.
Solangia> Say. I've never been with a murderer. Care to wander behind the lego trees, Aranth?
Kirby> Well,'s this map we've got.
* Kirby displays the guidebook.
Aranth> aranth grabs her hand eagerly and pulls her off
mgrasso> "I can tell you that the only place of note I've reconnoitered around here is a weird stone circle about a couple miles that way." Flint points to the east.
Solangia> Be gentle! It's my first time with a killer.
Kirby> That's the only place you can point us?
mgrasso> "Yep." Helicopters are diving out of the clouds, with U.S. Army markings. "Ah, here's our ride. You folks did an excellent job."
Aranth> aranth twirls his firearm- and I didn't even have to pull out the big guns...
Rolando> Any chance of a lift?
Solangia> Yeah, Aranth. Any chance of a lift?
mgrasso> "Sorry, we can't take you where we're going." Flint and Jaye hold on to the landing struts of the 'copter.
Rolando> Well, good luck to you, then.
Aranth> you have *no* idea. . .
Kirby> Hey, can I keep that marker? It might come in handy...
Solangia> Why don't you give me one?
Solangia> An idea, I mean...
mgrasso> They're out of here.
Artemisia> Wow, some help.
mgrasso> Well, what do you folks say... off to the stone circle?
Kirby> Well...I guess we head east...
mgrasso> Excellent.
Aranth> mmm... I'd love to...
Artemisia> Let's go then.
mgrasso> As you walk to the east, Kirby begins to notice the occasional plant, specifically, the ones he's looking for.
Rolando> I didn't even get a chance to say "Yo Joe!"
Kirby> Excellent...
mgrasso> (heh)
mgrasso> Kirby, give me a Dex + Crafts roll, diff. 4
Kirby> !dice 6 4
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 6d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 8 7 7 3 9 2
mgrasso> Kirby begins to harvest both seeds and leaves.
* Rolando keeps an eye out for any more surprise toy visitors.

Scene Six: Bonding at the Stone Circle
mgrasso> There's a clearing up ahead.
* Kirby finishes filling his bag.
Kirby> Well, to the clearing folks?
mgrasso> As you walk into the clearing, you can see the stones that Flint was talking about. Two things, though: they're not in a circle (they're more in a four-by-four grid, standing about 10 feet tall) and they're not really stones (they're actually huge dominoes planted into the earthwork here!)
Aranth> why? you going to get us high tonight?
Kirby> Dunno...
Kirby> I guess it depends...
Solangia> ON what?
Kirby> On you.
Solangia> Me?
Aranth> curiousity killed the cat...
mgrasso> They are arranged like so, standing up in the earth:
* Artemisia looks around at the dominoes.
Solangia> If you knew me a bit better, Aranth, you'd love my curiosity.
Kirby> hmmm.....
mgrasso> (Everyone have the graphic?)
Aranth> I'm just waiting for the chance for us to get a little bit of privacy kitty cat.
Rolando> Think there's any meaning to this arrangement, Kirby?
Aranth> can I make a cryptography role to see if there is any meaning?
mgrasso> Aranth: sure, Int + Crypto, diff. 10.
Artemisia> How about an enigmas roll?
mgrasso> Art: Int + Eingmas, diff. 8
Artemisia> !dice 4 8
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 4d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 3 6 7 2
Aranth> !dice 5 10
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 10. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 2 4 10 8 6
Solangia> Could I try an enigmas?
mgrasso> Aranth: you see a couple of patterns, mostly math-based, but nothing of much use.
mgrasso> Solangia, same as Art.
Solangia> !dice 5 8
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 5d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 4 7 7 5 7
Kirby> Anyone figure out what these things mean?
* Solangia touches a domino, as though that would help
Aranth> I don't know- these dominoes bug me though
Kirby> Well? Anyone?
Artemisia> Nothing here.
Aranth> the numbers are printed differently on different blocks
Rolando> Don't ask me, I'm just the troll with a sword.
Solangia> Why don't you give it a go, Kirbs?
Kirby> Oh...I will.
Solangia> Yes, we know, Rol.
Kirby> Let me find something here, first.
Rolando> Hey, Aranth is right... some of these aren't regular domino patterns...
* Kirby fiddles around in his bag.
mgrasso> (10 more minutes, tops, guys)
Artemisia> Some of them look more like braille marks than dominoes.
Aranth> my brail is a little rusty
Artemisia> Mine too.
Solangia> Yeah, they do.
* Solangia sighs
* Kirby produces an intricately carved object from his bag. It looks like a 3 and a half foot tall dragon, ornately carve in exquisite deatail.
Kirby> Hold on...
Solangia> What's that?
* Solangia goes over to take a closer peek at Kirby's dragon
* Kirby fiddles with the dragon. Blowing in through it's mouth, he looks like he's giving it nouth-to-nouth.
* Kirby wipes off the mouth and fiddles around some more by the feet.
Kirby> Care to take a look, Sol?
Solangia> Sure.
Solangia> Pass it here, son.
* Kirby tilts the dragon towards Solangia, affording her a better view.
Kirby> No...not yet...
* Solangia gives the dragon a tentative poke
Solangia> Why not?
Solangia> What is this? Will it help you figure out the dominos?
Kirby> In the dim light, it looks alive. You can almost *see* the scales shifting.
mgrasso> (It is near dusk, sorry)
* Kirby gets some of the leaves from his bag and begins placing them into the side of the dragon.
* Solangia looks fascinated by the dragon
Solangia> Aranth, come look at this thing.
* Artemisia watches Kirby closely.
Aranth> aranth squats down close to solangia and kiby and his dragon-pipe
* Kirby snaps his fingers. A flame floats out of his pocket and down towards the feet of the dragon, alighting gently on one talon.
* Solangia eyes the flame
Solangia> Nice.
* Artemisia sidles over for a better view.
* Kirby places his lips against the dragons mouth and inhlaes deeply...holding his breath.
* Kirby exhales after about 30 or 45 seconds....
Kirby> Anyone else?
* Solangia watches closely
* Kirby tilts the dragon outward toward the Oathcircle.
* Rolando glances at the others.
* Solangia licks her lips
Kirby> !dice 5 5
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 5d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 4 5 9 5 7
Solangia> That's... well.
Kirby> Sol?
Solangia> Me? Hm.
* Kirby stares off, lost in his thoughts...
* Artemisia watches Sol.
Solangia> I shouldn't.
* Solangia reaches for it anyway
Aranth> aranth covers his mouth with his hand and chants softly "do it do it do it..."
* Solangia gives Aranth an amused look
Solangia> You chant that a lot to me, don't you?
* Kirby takes another long drag....
Artemisia> So, we came all this way to get *high* together?
Artemisia> This is... weird.
* Kirby exhales again
Aranth> Aranth slides in closer and presses himself against her... any chance I get
Kirby> Well I don't know for sure *why* you came...but as long as you're here...
Rolando> I agree with Artemisia. This may not be the *time*...
* Kirby offers the dragon to Artemisia...
Kirby> You don't don't see.
Artemisia> No thank you, Kirby.
Artemisia> I don't see what?
Aranth> oh Rol- you're having morality issues you can't even understand right now
Solangia> Why don't you try it, Art?
Solangia> And you, Rol?
Rolando> No...I just don't enjoy toking up in the middle of hostile territory.
Artemisia> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 3 9 7 9 4 4
Rolando> Why don't we get the seeds out of here while we can?
Kirby> Well, I think I know the way out of here...if you're all sure you don't want to try...
Aranth> well...
Solangia> I want to try.
Artemisia> A way out of here? What are you talking about, Kirby?
Kirby> I mean if you're all in such a hurry to get home. It shouldn't take long to get there.
Aranth> normaly- downers arn't my prefered poison- but my will to resist is shot.
Aranth> (blew all my wp or the computer)
Kirby> Here you go Aranth...
* Kirby offers the dragon
Aranth> brb
Artemisia> Get there by smoking that? Is that what you're talking about?
mgrasso> (We're almost there)
mgrasso> (Sorry, folks!)
Aranth> (do sol first)
Artemisia> You must be high!
Kirby> to try?
Kirby> Exactly...
Solangia> I've only been saying as much, Kirby, you monster.
Kirby> You don't need to try it to get home, but it sure makes the ride smoother. And it did point the way...for me at least. If you try you'd understand.
* Kirby tils the mouth of the dragon to Sol.
* Solangia eyes it a bit apprehensively
* Rolando looks at Artemisia
Solangia> So .. what do I do? Just inhale?
Kirby> Just like smoking a cigarette...if you've ever done that.
Kirby> Just put your lips on the dragon's mouth and inhale. Try to hold it in.
Artemisia> Wait a minute. How do we know this is even safe?
Solangia> God, these instructions sound familiar.
Kirby> What do you mean, safe?
* Solangia puts her lips on the dragon's mouth and inhales
Aranth> I'm back
Artemisia> I guess we're about to find out.
Solangia> !dice 3 5
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 3d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 6 9 8
Kirby> I's as safe as anything else you do. Do you drink? HEck, this is probably even better for you than *that*.
Aranth> silly seelies...
Aranth> aranth reaches for the dragon
* Solangia slowly exhales
Aranth> this reminds me of college
Solangia> Hmm.
Kirby> Seriously...go ahead. It's not going to kill you.
Aranth> aranth takes a hit
* Solangia licks her lips
* Artemisia sidles over to whisper to Rolando
* Kirby retrieves the dragon and inhales from it again.
Solangia> What say you, Aranth?
Aranth> !dice 5 5
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 7 2 8 8 9
* Kirby slowly exhales...
* Kirby passes the dragon back to Solangia.
* Solangia takes another hit
Aranth> I say damn my car looks like shit- How long have we been in here?
Kirby> Just long enough, I'd say...
* Artemisia raises an eyebrow at Aranth.
Solangia> Art, you should really try this.
Solangia> You behave a little too well, I think.
* Artemisia glares at Solangia.
Kirby> doesn't blind you. It helps you *see*.
Aranth> aranth adopts the "stoner voice" and says to art "I see it with my mind man- with my *mind*..."
Rolando> Did you say your *car* Aranth?
Aranth> and then laughs
Aranth> sol- I know you're new at this- but you're supposed to pass the pipe
Solangia> Art, haven't you ever done something bad? I mean, *really* bad?
Aranth> (snigger)
Solangia> Oh!
* Solangia passes the pipe to Aranth
Kirby> Well it's a good thing that they're not going to even remember this tomorrow. They're acting like a couple of narcs...
Solangia> !dice 6 4
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 3 1 7 6 8 1
Solangia> One of them sort of *is* a narc, Kirby.
Aranth> remember that wine sharing method you tried to teach me sol?
Artemisia> Who hasn't done something bad, Sol?
Kirby> Yeah... I know. Good thing this stuff isn't illegal.
* Artemisia sighs.
Artemisia> All right, Kirby.
Solangia> It won't work with smoke, Aranth.
Aranth> aranth takes a hit, and then kisses sol, exhaling into her mouth.... oh yes it does, he says as she breaths it out
Kirby> OK, you two...pass it to the new girl.
Solangia> Ohhh yeah. It does.
Artemisia> Would you two get a room or something?
Solangia> We'd rather have you watch, Art.
* Kirby reclaims the dragon and passes it to Art.
Kirby> !dice 7 5
* DiceWell Kirby rolls 7d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 10 3 3 3 5 7 5
* Solangia slips her hand onto Aranth's inner thigh and gives it an affectionate squeeze
Solangia> Right, dear?
Artemisia> Those two aren't helping your case, Kirby.
Kirby> I know...but they're that way to begin with.
Aranth> aranth nuzzles solagnias neck- watch- privacy, who cares, as long as we can grop eachother wildly.
Kirby> It looks like someone's ready to go. Do you want to try or not?
Solangia> Not me.
Artemisia> I do. But tell me, what *is* this stuff?
* Solangia nibbles on Aranth's ear and asks him, "Can't we stay here a while?"
Kirby> It's called "Reverie". It's a chimerical plant that you can smoke, like tobacco. It help you *see*.
Artemisia> Is it addictive?
Kirby> Some of us have had, in the past, more trouble than others "seeing" into the dreaming. This plant helps you get connected, on a deeper level, with the Dreaming.
Artemisia> Any negative side-efects?
* Artemisia glances at Sol and Aranth.
Artemisia> Aside from acting like adolescents?
Kirby> Well...none that have been proven. To tell you the truth, I think that those two are using this as an excuse to act that way.
Aranth> Don't worry art- you won't be rubbing up against roll anymore than usual
Kirby> You don't see me acting like an idiot just because I smoked a little.
* Solangia looks over at Artemisia
Solangia> You sound bitter. It's not very attractive or noble.
Kirby> I've been smoking it for years and haven't noticed any side-effects. Like I said, it just helps increase my "sight" my vision into the Dreaming.
mgrasso> (We need to wrap up soon)
Aranth> aranth kisses sol and whispers sweet nothings into her ear.
Artemisia> All right. Here.
Kirby> So, care to try? We should go before our big copper buddy blows a gasket...
* Kirby passes the dragon to Artemisia.
* Artemisia takes the pipe fron Kirby, wipes off the mouth of the dragon delicately, and hits deeply.
Artemisia> !dice 4 5
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 4d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 6 3 7 3
Kirby> Wow...look at that. She looks like an old pro...
Aranth> anybody "see" anything about the dominos? they're still bugging me.
* Artemisia looks far away for a moment, then bends to hit the dragon again.
* Solangia lays back and kind of stares at some of the dominos in turn
Kirby> Wow...keep going sister!
* Kirby stands up and reclains the dragon.
Kirby> Well, I've got the seeds I need. We can continue this party later. Everyone ready to go home?
Artemisia> It's interesting, Rolando... I saw.. something.
Aranth> something?
Artemisia> A hill on fire?
* Solangia sits up
* Kirby walks over and around to the back of the domino stacks.
Aranth> um? and sol? kirby?
Solangia> Aranth?
Aranth> what did you see?
Solangia> Nothing so cool as a flaming hill.
Kirby> Well, here's what I saw. Everyone hang on...I don't know where we're going.
* Kirby topples the domino on the far right so that it crashes intot he one in front of it.
Solangia> Actually, I saw gas. I think it came from Rol, though, so....
* Artemisia looks at the dominoes as if suddenly remembering they're there.
mgrasso> Kirby: it's way too heavy to topple.
mgrasso> (This would be the one on the left on your screen)
Aranth> gas- like gasoline? like that could light a flaming hill maybe?
* Solangia rubs her eyes
Aranth> kirby? what did you see?
Kirby> Well, it's this damn domino....
mgrasso> You'd need some help.
Aranth> if you have to knock it over- ask rol.
Solangia> Like gasoline, yeah.
Rolando> If that's what needs doing.
* Rolando goes over to the domino and leans into it.
* Solangia mutters, "That's not what needs doing...."
mgrasso> Rolando pushes the domino over effortlessly. It hits the next one in order, the one that has the "X" pattern in it.
Kirby> Well...this domino needs to interact with the others in front of it somehow...
mgrasso> Then the "I", then the "T"
mgrasso> (down the left column)
mgrasso> E.....X.....I.....T
Rolando> (Oh...)
Aranth> hmmm- again- there are some perfectly good bushes over there?
mgrasso> When the "T" domino hits the ground, a portal opens. Behind it you can see a mundane gas station in a mountainous region.
Artemisia> That was an E! Exit!
Rolando> Everybody ready?
Artemisia> I think this is the way out, my friends.
Kirby> OK, lead the way, mountain-man.
mgrasso> You pop out of the Dreaming, mostly forgetting everything you did.
* Rolando steps through the portal first.
*** Rolando is now known as Jack
Aranth> but my car?
mgrasso> You are in the parking lot of the gas station. Green license plates read "COLORADO."
*** Artemisia is now known as Ingrid
Aranth> there are no mountains in wherever we were
*** Solangia is now known as Gemma
*** Aranth is now known as James
*** Kirby is now known as Chet
mgrasso> Last thing you remember, you defeated the fitness chimera in the abandoned mall.
Ingrid> I don't think we're in Kansas any more.
mgrasso> No one, it seems, noticed you materialize.
James> why are we in colorado and where the furk is my *car*?
James> what day is it?
Chet> Damn...this reminds me of that party a couple of years ago...disappear for days and wake up in Colorado...
mgrasso> You wanna call information on the payphone?
James> do they have newspapers?
Ingrid> Remind me not to come to your parties, Chet.
mgrasso> It looks like it's Greyhound all the way home. :)
Chet> Greyhound? Whatever happened to good old hitch-hiking?
Jack> Greyhound... crap, those seats are *tiny*.
mgrasso> When you find out the date, you find out it's exactly the same day and time which you left. :)
mgrasso> In fact, it's three hours earlier than you left.
* Gemma fumbles in her purse, pulls out her wallet, and eyes her credit cards
James> James clams down from the minor seisure he seemed to be having
* Jack checks his wallet, gun, and badge.
Gemma> Screw the bus.
Chet>'s like Star Trek. Be careful not to interact with your past selves...
mgrasso> Everything's there in order.
mgrasso> (What was it that Ford Prefect said? "Don't ring yourself up at home.")
Jack> (heh)
Ingrid> (hee hee!)
mgrasso> "Hello, Arthur Dent? This is Arthur Dent. Don't hang up." He hung up.
James> ohhh- lets call ingrids cell!
Chet> Can't someone conjure us up a ride?
Gemma> I wonder if there's an airport around here somewhere?
* Ingrid checks her peanut butter and fluff sandwich.
mgrasso> Well, we can hammer this out over email.
* Gemma snaps her wallet shut and puts it into her backpack
Gemma> (purse, whatever)
James> James looks at the sandwitch longingly- having already finished bot h of his
Gemma> (::continuity iss-yews::)
Jack> Mike I'll fill you in on my status over email too.
mgrasso> Heh. I'll dish out experience over email as well. I need to read the logs in detail.
mgrasso> Yes, Sam. We may change nights now.
Jack> That's Sam's status, not Jack's. :)
* Ingrid turns the sandwich over a couple times, then shoves it in James's direction.
James> James' entire face lights up, as he scarf the peanut butter and jelly