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Scene Two
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Scene Four
Scene Five
Scene Six
Scene Seven

Chapter One: Two Roads

Scene One: Messages (Seelie, morning of April 9, Los Angeles)
mgrasso> In fact, Ingrid, when you check your cell, you have a message from work. Your producer.
*** Julia is now known as Ingrid
*** Bill is now known as Roger
*** Joe is now known as Chet
Chet> Wait... How are we getting back to Tucson?
Ingrid> Well, good thing we were headed back. I apparently have to be at work later.
Roger> I have to take my car, and someone needs to drive the van back
Chet> Who's driving? What vehicle?
Ingrid> Probably covering another tortilla story.
* Ingrid sighs.
Chet> Are you sure it's not a cat in the tree this time?
Ingrid> I hope not. I can't bear the cat stories.
Chet> Seriously, though. Does anyone have the keys to the van that James rented?
* Roger leads you to a small appartment building near downtown, and upstairs to his apartment.
mgrasso> James left them in the room. You guys got them.
Ingrid> Anyway, I'll drive the van if we can find the keys. If not, we can let it rot here for all I care.
Chet> Well that's the question, I guess. Do we return the van for him or not?
Roger> I just have to get a few things before we all head out.
Ingrid> Would serve him right.
Roger> The 2 room apartment is small, but not cluttered in the least. The walls are all the same white paint, and there is almost no furniture. The living room contains a small desk with a laptop on it (covered in dust). There is a single beat up easy chair, and a 26" TV with a Rent-a-Center sticker on it. The bedroom shows similar spartan living and the small kitchn doesn't even have the fridge plugged in. Roger packs up a few bags and is ready to go.
Chet> Or else I could use a van for the band. I hear you're good at "fixing" stuff like that, Roger.
* Chet looks around the apartment.
Ingrid> Well, since we're going back anyway and we already have it, I guess it wouldn't kill us to return it.
Ingrid> Wow, nice spare look you have going here, Roger.
Roger> I can't let you do that now, not after we're pissed at james for stealing another car.
Chet> But see, the only person who gets hurt this way is James.
Roger> It was never a permanent place, mostly I stayed at the freehold
Chet> Oh well, that van kind of smells like pee anyway.
Chet> Lets roll if everyone's ready.
Ingrid> So we're leaving the van?
Roger> Screw it, let him deal with the renatl company
Roger> I have space in my car.
Roger> Yeah leave it
Chet> Wait.
Ingrid> I won't argue with justice.
Chet> We should probably return it anyway. Otherwise, he'll just screw with their computers to make it look like he did return it.
Ingrid> Well then, maybe Chet *should* have it...
Ingrid> Although two wrongs, etc. etc.
Chet> Let's drive it back to Tucson. What we do with it from there depends on how mad we are at James, I guess.
Ingrid> Fine with me. How about you, Roger?
Roger> Fine, I just hope that thing can keep up.
Roger> Let's go
Ingrid> Yes, let's.
* Chet heads out of Roger's apartment.
* Ingrid follows.
Chet> (Shall we figure out driving arrangements?)
Ingrid> I'll drive the van.
mgrasso> (Please do while I take care of the reservoir dogs there in the next window)
Chet> I call shotgun.
Chet> With whoever wants me.
Roger> Well thats that, what highway are we taking
Roger> which shotgun
Ingrid> Our station van is remarkably similar, except for the cat pee.
mgrasso> I-10 all the way to Phoenix and then into Tucson.
Ingrid> Ingrid will drive Chet, if he's interested.
Chet> Sure. I'll never refuse a ride from a pretty lady.
mgrasso> (Heh)
* Ingrid mock-curtseys.
Ingrid> Well, shall we, gentlemen?
* Chet climbs in the passenger seat and starts going through the glovebox.
Roger> We shall
* Ingrid starts up the engine. "Who's leading?"
Roger> I'll get us out of this city, you can get us into Tuscon
Roger> Oh wait, give me your cell number
Roger> Just in case we get seperated
Chet> Do you care if I smoke in the van, Ingrid?
Ingrid> Great. After you, then. Cell number is
something something>
Roger> Excellent
Ingrid> Care, not at all! It's not like it's my van.
Chet> Sweet.
Roger> ("Road Trip")
Chet> How long is the drive
Roger> (BRB)
mgrasso> About 6 hours as the crow flies.
mgrasso> Hold on one sec, folks.
Ingrid> And then work, ugh.
Chet> What time do you have to be to work?
Ingrid> I'd better call Judith and let her know it'll be a while before I'm there.
Ingrid> We'll find out.
Chet> Are you going to make it to dinner tonight?
mgrasso> Wanna call her at about Phoenix, Julia? Or earlier in the trip?
Ingrid> Oh, absolutely. I'd be a fool to miss it.
Ingrid> How about on my cell phone?
mgrasso> Sure!
mgrasso> Just wanted to see what time of day you wanted to call her.
Roger> What time is it now
Ingrid> About half an hour after I get her message.
mgrasso> So, right as you're leaving L.A., then.
Roger> Or better yet, what time will we reach Tuscon
mgrasso> We'll reach Tucson at about 3 pm.
Ingrid> Yes, about the time we get to free freeway.
mgrasso> Cool.

Scene Two: Flight (Unseelie, midnight to early morning, April 9, Los Angeles to Tucson)
James> I left off last time with a bunk for willow whisper
mgrasso> Yes, for what purpose? And guys, do you have your Glam/Banality/WP totals?
Gemma> Not without my character sheet. :\
mgrasso> Ah. I can go back and recalculate them for you.
Gemma> Did I use any WP? I know you gave, like, 7 Banality in Leno's garage.
mgrasso> I think it was 8.
James> that's what I had.
mgrasso> Yeah, say 8.
Gemma> 8? Okay... yikes.
mgrasso> Heh, that's what Mandy said.
Gemma> I know my Glamour's not too hot.
James> 8? did I say 8? I meant 2
mgrasso> Heh.
mgrasso> Just waiting on James.
James> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell James rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 2 3 8 2 4 5
mgrasso> Hmm.
James> :P
* James coos softly to the car in car baby talk, not expecting much of an answer.
mgrasso> "Uh. Pain. Need... to rest. Need... to land."
* James turns to Gemma
mgrasso> (that's the car.)
mgrasso> So you guys are swooping through the L.A. sky, and need to find somewhere to get the car back on the ground so it can be a normal car for a while and heal up.
James> yes!
* James searches for a private place to land
mgrasso> James manages to find a witness-free spot to get the car back down to earth.
mgrasso> In its mortal seeming, James, the car is in awesome shape. Buffed and waxed, body work impeccable, it looks like it should be in a showroom. You'll need gas, though. And the lead additive.
mgrasso> So you guys can step into a gas station and get said supplies before driving home to Tucson in the cool desert air.
James> you did good- rest, we'll take it easy...
* James goes looking for a gas station
James> does it have enough gas to drive around looking for one?
mgrasso> Oh sure, you can land near one and then roll up. :)
mgrasso> James is driving all night back to Tucson, I take it?
James> yes
mgrasso> Gemma, you sleep?
Gemma> Yup.
mgrasso> Top down, James? :)
* James turns to Gemma after filling up the car and asks her- so? wadda ya think?
James> hells yeah
* Gemma looks the car over. "It's, uh, very nice."
mgrasso> Heh, I'll let Gemma respond at the Mobil station.
* James looks at her sideways- I expected better than that! come on- "it's a real piece of shit!" anything!
* Gemma shrugs a bit
Gemma> Amor, I'm feelign the best I've ever felt. Now I just want to go to confession or something.
James> oh, my poor darling- fucking of course- I feel it too, but I'm riding such a high. You sleep, I'll drive, you can tell me how awful my car is later.
* Gemma nods
Gemma> As you wish. You know I always defer to you.
mgrasso> (*snort*)
* Gemma manages to smile a little
* James grinns back.
James> and murmmers: fucking a, I got my car.
mgrasso> Okay, so, back to town. It's a smoooooooooth ride back to Tucson through the starry desert night (it really is starry out there between L.A. and Phoenix, right?) From Tucson to Phoenix is... built up, Erica? Suburby? I'm not sure.
James> *my car*
Gemma> (Oh, yes. starry between LA and Phoenix; from Tucson to Phoenix, starry as well.)
mgrasso> (I wasn't sure if city lights screwed that up)
mgrasso> Regardless, the sun comes up right outside of Phoenix, and James gets to drive with the morning sun bathing his bright red car in light. During the night, some of granpa's "extras" have actually reappeared!
Gemma> (I'm sure it sucks in Phoenix, but once you get past Casa Grande, it's gorgeous. I've made the drive dozens of times.)
mgrasso> The weird multi-colored bulbs, the knobs, the rest of the chimerical accoutrements are making their way back to existence.
mgrasso> Riding into Tucson proper, where is our first stop?
James> home?
mgrasso> (James, I'm going to rule that you left the van keys with the note, okay?)
James> fine
mgrasso> (Just to make things easier)
mgrasso> (attack of conscience and whatnot)

Scene Three: A New Mission (Seelie, morning to afternoon of April 9, Los Angeles to Tucson)
mgrasso> Ingrid: you get her voice mail at work and on her cell.
Ingrid> I'll leave a message on both, let her know I'll be at the station around 3:30
mgrasso> All righty.
mgrasso> Ingrid: your cell bleeps at about 2:30, outside of Phoenix.
mgrasso> (Chet, do the thing you wanted to do.)
* Ingrid answers it. "Ingrid Kane."
* Chet climbs over and into the backseat.
* Chet removes his bong from his luggage and begins loading it.
Roger> (This is no fair I'm in the other car)
mgrasso> (Sorry Bill.)
Ingrid> Not bad for having been driving for five hours. Sorry I missed you earlier.
* Ingrid is speaking into the phone, btw.
* Chet pulls out his Zippo and lets 'Bob' work his magic on the bong.
* Chet takes a giant hit from the bong.
* Ingrid checks out Chet and his bong in the rearview mirror.
* Chet offers the bong to Ingrid in the front seat while still holding his breath.
* Ingrid looks startled.
Ingrid> The mission??
Ingrid> A field spot? What's happened?
* Chet cracks the window and exhales, rolls the window up, and takes another hit.
* Ingrid hold her hand up, focused on her phone call.
Ingrid> Oh, no. It's so beautiful, I can't believe someone would do that...
Ingrid> How about if I go straight there?
Chet> !dice 6 5
* DiceWell Chet rolls 6d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 2 7 4 5 4 8
* Chet takes one last hit and starts to put the bong away.
Ingrid> All right, perfect. Thanks for calling again, Judith. That mission holds a special place in my heart.
* Chet pulls out an empty water bottle from under the seat and pours the bong water in and closes the top.
* Chet climbs back into the front seat.
* Ingrid is visibly upset at the news she's received.
mgrasso> Hold up all.
* Chet rubs his eyes and pulss some Visine out of his bag.
mgrasso> Okay, we're good to go.
* Roger calls Ingrids cell phone.
Ingrid> (Do I have Roger's cell phone number?)
mgrasso> (No.)
Ingrid> (hah! nevermind. :)
* Chet puts a coupls of drops in each eye.
mgrasso> (Heh)
* Ingrid answers again, preoccupied. "Ingrid Kane."
Roger> "It's me, I'm gonna pull onto the shoulder so you can pass me, since we're almost there."
Chet> This is no good.
Ingrid> "All right. And there's a slight change of plans, I need to tell you."
Roger> "Whats up?"
* Roger pulls to the side.
Ingrid> My editor called, and the Mission at San Xavier del Bac - our freehold - has been vandalized.
Roger> "What!"
* Ingrid slows down as Roger pulls in behind her, then speeds back up.
Chet> Are you going to work?
Ingrid> I'm meeting my cameraman there.
Roger> "How the hell could someone do that? don't they have guards in this kingdom?
Ingrid> And frankly guys, I'd appreciate both of your company.
* Ingrid looks at Chet.
Roger> "Absolutely"
* Chet looks at Ingrid.
Chet> Me?
* Ingrid nods.
* Chet pulls out a Camel Light and lights it up.
Chet> Can I change the radio, first?
Ingrid> Uh, sure. Feel free.
Chet> Awesome.
* Chet fiddles with the radio.
Chet> So what happened to the mission?
Ingrid> Anyway, Roger, it's not far.
Roger> "Who is your Potentate?"
Ingrid> You mean Count Rogelio?
Chet> What?
Roger> "Yes, such a thing as this is hard to believe."
* Chet looks up, realizes Ingrid is still on the phone, and goes back to the radio.
mgrasso> (heh, phone-personal conversation breakdown)
Ingrid> (I'll put phonespeak in quotes)
mgrasso> (it's cool)
Chet> (It won't help your half-baked Boggan friend even if you do.)
Roger> Allright, lead the way, I'm right behind you."
Ingrid> "All right. Thanks, Roger."
Roger> (only half, I'm disappointed)
Roger> "Click"
* Ingrid hangs up the phone.
* Chet settles on NPR and starts drawing in his composition book.
Ingrid> So Chet, the freehold was vandalized.
Chet> Yeah. I know.
Chet> What's the damage?
Ingrid> Some graffiti, gates taken off their hinges and paint-splattered.
Chet> That's it?
Ingrid> People are very upset. They even cancelled Mass.
* Chet keeps drawing while he's talking...
Ingrid> It sounded pretty serious.
Chet> I guess I just expected - I don't know...more.
Ingrid> It would have to be, I think, for them to cancel Mass.
* Chet pulls out a charcoal pencil to do the shading over his ink sketches.
Chet> This isn't cool.
Ingrid> What do you mean?
Chet> Look.
* Ingrid glances over at Chet.
* Chet shows two sketches in his composition book.
* Ingrid looks more closely, keeping an eye on the road.
Chet> The first sketch is a picture of a lanky man and a cat-woman standing in front of the burning remains of the freehold.
Chet> The second sketch is the same two figures riding away from the smoldering ruins of the freehold on a dragon.
* Ingrid frowns very deeply.
Ingrid> Chet, what is that all about?
Chet> I don't know for sure what it means.
Chet> It's just something that came to me back there.
Ingrid> I don't like the look of those at all.
Chet> Yeah. Me neither.
mgrasso> (when you guys are ready, I'd like to continue.)
Ingrid> (Okay, fine)
Chet> (Go ahead)

Scene Four: Moving Day (Unseelie, morning to afternoon of April 9, Tucson)
James> Gemma, are we going to mexico forever or for now?
mgrasso> So, where's home again, Erica? What part of town?
Gemma> I don't know. It could be forever.
Gemma> West side; same side as our pal Rudy's.
mgrasso> Excellente.
mgrasso> So, is it home first? Or Rudy's for breakfast? Or was Gemma serious about church? :)
James> I'm just wondering If I should just not go to work anymore, or if I should tell them I have to go to boston because gran died.
James> and I need to put Gramps computers into storage somewhere so I can come back and get them
Gemma> It's terrible luck to say a close relative died.
Gemma> But if you think that's best...
Gemma> !dice 2 8
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 2d10 at difficulty 8. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 7 2
James> I don't know if I want to work at microsoft anyway.
Gemma> !dice 2 9
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 2d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9 2
Gemma> Who would?
mgrasso> (Mandy: did I tell you about that Microsoft thing over email or chat?)
mgrasso> I can't remember.
James> I probably couldn't set foot inside the building, the banality would be so bad.
James> chat
mgrasso> (Cool, thanks. I want to check on what I said.)
Gemma> Listen, let's just *quickly* pack up whatever it is you think you need, do whatever you have to do to keep your grandfather's computers safe for the time being, and then get the hell out of this country.
* Gemma looks a bit nervous
Gemma> You can call work from across the border or something.
* James smiles at her warmly.
James> alright babe, alright
James> where are we going to go in mexico?
Gemma> I have family in Hermosillo.
* James calls as he starts searching online for self storage places
mgrasso> We're home now?
James> I thought we were
mgrasso> (Just making sure)
mgrasso> (No, that's fine)
James> (what day is it?)
mgrasso> (It's Sunday, April 9, 2001, around 8 am)
James> I hope there is someplace that is open on Sunday
mgrasso> James: you should be able to find a 24/7 facility.
Gemma> (Atlas, on Miracle Mile, iirc)
Gemma> (Um, not thatI used to drive past it every day or anything.)
mgrasso> (Woo! Where's miracle mile on my map? It's important.) :)
James> alright Gemma, You keep packing, I can only fit one of these big bastards in my car at a time, I'm going to have to take a few trips.
Gemma> (It's on the west side of central Tucson, near the freeway, about a 5 minute drive from the speedway area that our little cottage is at)
mgrasso> (Cool beans!)
Gemma> Aye, aye, cap'n.
James> make sure you take some sexy lingere
mgrasso> So, how long should it take to do this... hmm, let's say, with the combination of packing and transportation, about 4 hours? Till about noon or 12:30 pm?
mgrasso> James, you checking your email before this, right?
James> yeah
mgrasso> Okay, along with all sorts of other crap, there is an email from work, dated early Sunday morning (like 1 am). It's from the Prez of Company X Gaming.
mgrasso> "To everyone:
mgrasso> "As I'm sure you've heard, in an effort to help stop operating losses while saving jobs, we've taken an offer from Microsoft Corp. to work for their entertainment division.
mgrasso> "It's been a real fun couple of years, and we've made some great product. I hope we've also helped make some dreams come true.
mgrasso> "There's a general staff meeting Monday at 9 am. All staff must attend. The new COO will be present to talk about the new direction
mgrasso> "Thanks,
mgrasso> That's it.
* James shakes his head
James> this sucks ass...
Gemma> Forget 'em, mijo. Quit. We'll think of something else.
James> I won't work in fast food all my life.
Gemma> You'll find a better job, or I'll marry you off to an heiress or something.
James> sure
James> that was such a great company.
* Gemma smoothes James' hair
Gemma> Things change, though.
Gemma> Sometimes for the worse for now, but in the long run, it will always be better.
James> alright, happy thoughts- I have you, I have my car, my computers... Alright
* James smiles again
Gemma> Right! Are we ready?
James> good philosophy
James> right.
mgrasso> A few issues... is there any other errand we need to do before you all leave?
mgrasso> James: what of the Lincoln?
James> we should get matching tatoos before we leave.
mgrasso> Gemma: family notification?
Gemma> Mike: Other than trying to get ahold of Laura while James is moving his computers, no. I'll wait until we've crossed the border. She wants out of the states ASAP.
mgrasso> Fair enough.
mgrasso> (You going through Nogales when you go, correct?)
James> Mike: James will leave it on the side of the road with the keys in it and a sign that says "free to a good home"
mgrasso> (hah!)
Gemma> (That would be the most direct)
mgrasso> (Is that the way you want to go?)
Gemma> (it's fastest; the other way is through Agua Pierta, which would add an hour to the drive time, so 1:45 to the 45 min it takes to Nogales... I'd say yes. James?)
mgrasso> Gemma's the expert in local geog.
James> sure
Gemma> (then, yes. Through Nogie. :) )
mgrasso> And like I said, any other loose ends that need to be tied up?
James> sould we call our landlord?
Gemma> I'd say once we're across the border. We're paid for this month, so it's not like we need to worry about a late rent check.
James> sure.
Gemma> IN fact, we'll call him tomorrow, okay? Monday. Business day. Business men love doing business on a business day.
James> yes.
James> lets hit the road then.
Gemma> Yes. Don't speed!
mgrasso> (hold up a sec folks)
James> okay- no getting arrested... got it.
James> customs is easy here right?
Gemma> Oh, yes.
mgrasso> Will you guys drive past the freehold on the way out of town?
James> (okay)
Gemma> No.
Gemma> The freehold is out of the way of I-19.
Gemma> They veer off in two different directions. \ ..../
- like that.
mgrasso> I thought you'd want to give them the finger or something like that. :)
Gemma> Um, no. No taunting the nobles when we're trying to escape one we just pissed off. Even if she is rather minor. ::snobby:: :D
James> rather
mgrasso> Well, we're all set? Into the car and onto I-19?
Gemma> Indeed.
mgrasso> Very well.
Gemma> Driving sensibly.
mgrasso> Of course.
James> gulp... all set.
James> quite sensibly... like a nun
Gemma> And remember, customs is a snap getting in. It's getting out that can sometimes be a pain. :D

Scene Five: Confirmation (Seelie, afternoon of April 9, San Xavier)
mgrasso> Approaching San Xavier on the lonely desert road which leads southwest of town, the first thing you notice is two huge pillars of smoke rising from the vicinity of the freehold. When you get closer, you can see the mortal mission, its alabaster beauty radiant in the midday sun... but the freehold, pennants, towers, and all... is completely gone.
mgrasso> There's nothing left except these omnipresent pillars of smoke.
mgrasso> In the parking area of the mission are several vehicles, including a KVOA news van.
* Ingrid gasps.
Ingrid> Oh no, oh not the freehold...
Chet> Well this is certainly not something one would hope for.
* Ingrid pulls in next to the KVOA van.
* Roger parks behind Ingrid.
mgrasso> Danny Beltran is there, Ingrid, prepping the cameras and sound setup. A man in Roman Catholic garb is there.
Roger> Holy shit.
mgrasso> Dust and dirt is kicked up as you both pull up.
* Ingrid turns off the van, gets out, and just stares open-mouthed at the destruction.
Chet> It was a lot nicer than this last time I was here, Roger.
mgrasso> "Hey Ingrid," Danny says. "Sorry to interrupt your vacation." Danny's mortal obliviousness of the state of the freehold while standing next to the devastation is a weird juxtaposition.
Roger> Yes, I can imagine.
mgrasso> "You all right Ingrid?" Danny looks at Chet and Roger.
* Ingrid shakes her head, trying to clear th awful overlay of a ruined freehold.
Chet> Sorry - I know I should be more... I don't know. Upset, I guess.
* Roger gawks at the site and slowly starts walking forward.
Ingrid> I'm sorry, Danny. It was a long ride, and I just can't believe someone would do this..."
* Ingrid looks back at the scene.
Chet> Well can someone tell us what happened?
mgrasso> "Oh, this sort of stuff happens a lot, but rarely right before Sunday. At least that's what Father Claudio says." Danny points to the priest.
* Chet scans the people.
Chet> Can we get a better look?
Ingrid> I think we should do an on-camera interview with the Father, if he'll consent.
* Chet starts walking towards the mission.
* Ingrid looks over at Father Claudio.
Ingrid> But I'd like to look around the scene a little, first.
* Ingrid blinks quickly a couple times, looking back at the pillars of chimerical smoke.
mgrasso> The smoke is coming, literally, from nowhere. The destruction of the freehold was TOTAL.
mgrasso> It's as if the smoke is a vivid, animate metaphor for what happened.
* Roger suddenly becomes overwhelmed by the image and runs off behind a tree to retch.
mgrasso> By the way, it's Palm Sunday. The parishioners, about 30 of them, all Mexican, are standing in the parking lot with their palm fronds, looking around, waiting for the word that they can go inside and worship.
Chet> !dice 5 7
* DiceWell Chet rolls 5d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 4 6 10 5 7
Chet> !dice 7 8
* DiceWell Chet rolls 7d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 4 2 3 9 2 4 2
* Roger walks over to chet and Ingrid after a few moments.
* Ingrid sighs deeply, wondering what happened to the fae of the freehold.
Chet> Can you finish up your story so we can get out of here?
Chet> Or do you have more work?
Ingrid> Yeah, I think that's a good idea. I can't be here too long.
mgrasso> (There are more parishioners arriving for the Mass, but when they get to the dusty parking lot, deacons come to them and explain in Spanish that the police are investigating the vandalism.
Ingrid> Let me interview the Father.
* Roger pulls a hip flask from his pocket and takes a few long swallows before putting it back.
mgrasso> Father Claudio comes up to Ingrid, and speaks in Spanish.
mgrasso> "Ms. Kane, it's nice to meet you."
* Ingrid tries to answer in Spanish.
mgrasso> (Charisma + Linguistics, diff. 6)
Ingrid> "It is my pleasure, Father. Although I wish it were under better circumstances."
Ingrid> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 5 5 10 4 3 1
Ingrid> damnyou, dicey!
* Chet pulls Roger aside and shows him the same sketches he showed Ingrid in the car.
mgrasso> ["Yes. We came this morning at 5:30 and found the damage. We called the police and they asked us to forgo Mass today. I've been trying as best I can here in the parking lot. It is Palm Sunday, of course. Who could do such a thing?"
Roger> Where did these come from.
Roger> ?
mgrasso> Everyone, give me a Perception + Alertness roll, diff. 7
Ingrid> I don't know, sir. Did anyone see anything at all?
Ingrid> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 10 8 3 1 5 8
Roger> !Dice 4 7
* DiceWell Roger rolls 4d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 8 5 4 2
Chet> !dice 4 7
* DiceWell Chet rolls 4d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 5 7 4 6
Roger> Chet you drew these, How did you know?
Chet> Sometimes I see stuff.
Chet> Mostly when I'm smoking.
* Chet emphasizes the word "smoking".
mgrasso> Ingrid's attention is diverted when she sees a bright red '57 T-bird driving down the road towards the mission.
Roger> What sort of credance would you give these...visions, and yes I can smell it.
mgrasso> Chet and Roger see it a bit later than Ingrid.
Chet> Well, just take a look over your shoulder.
* Chet points at the car.
Roger> Well fuck.
* Ingrid stares at it as it approaches, looking grim.
* Chet laughs.
* Roger jogs over to Ingrid.
mgrasso> The priest looks over at Roger's cursing.
* Chet walks slowly to take his place behind Ingrid.
* Roger whispers to Ingrid "do what you need to do we have to deal with this, they can wait for now."
Ingrid> It's been a long day for us, Father, what with betrayal and destruction and all.
* Chet walks towards the road and the approaching car.
* Ingrid whispers back "Who can wait? You're confusing me."
* Roger whispers "Gemma and James, you need to lose the mortals, so we can all talk, do what you have to do."
* Ingrid turns to Danny. "What did Judith tell you we needed? I need to get it done. It appears I have some other business to take care of.
mgrasso> "That's all, Ingrid. Thank you father." Danny takes over for the obviously distracted Ingrid.
Ingrid> Yes, Father. Thank you, and I'm very sorry.
mgrasso> everyone hold.
mgrasso> The car has stopped. It's difficult to see who's driving and in the passenger seat, but it looks like there's two people i nthe car.
mgrasso> Everyone, Perception + Kenning, diff. 7
mgrasso> The car is about 80 yards up the road from the parking lot.
Ingrid> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 5 3 5 9 3 7
Chet> !dice 7 7
* DiceWell Chet rolls 7d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 9 8 7 6 4 7 3
mgrasso> One of the people is getting out of the car.
Roger> !Dice 3 7
* DiceWell Roger rolls 3d10 at difficulty 7. S/He fails the roll!
* DiceWell 5 6 5
mgrasso> She is an elderly woman, about 65 years of age. She's also fae! She appears to be an eshu.
* Chet walks towards the old woman.
* Roger follows chet.
mgrasso> Ingrid?
* Ingrid turns to Danny. "Thanks, Danny. I need to go."
mgrasso> The woman, who was in the passenger side, is standing by the side of the car.
* Ingrid turns and runs after Chet and Roger.
* Roger stops before the woman.

Scene Six: Diversion (Unseelie, afternoon of April 8, Tucson to San Xavier)
mgrasso> As you drive south, and begin to get outside of town and into the desert, you can see smoke rising in large pillars from the vicinity of the San Xavier mission some 5 miles to the west. (Did I do good geographically, Erica? :) )
Gemma> (heh, yes)
Gemma> Real smoke, or chimerical?
James> what the fuck is that?
mgrasso> Now, since there's not fleets of fire engines converging on the scene, it's obviously chimerical smoke.
Gemma> Maybe they're burning garbage again...
* Gemma studies the smoke
Gemma> That, my love, is *not* our problem.
Gemma> Eyes forward. On the road.
James> Shit!
James> what do you think?
* Gemma looks straight ahead
Gemma> I think they're burning commoners at the stake.
Gemma> Who knows. Do you really care?
James> But we can't just let it burn.
James> It's our job to protect the glamour as much as theres.
James> theirs
Gemma> Oh, please. Where was that mentality when Lady Assholemisia and her new pet ass-kisser were forbidding you from taking this car?
James> it was saving my car.
Gemma> Glamour is Glamour, no matter what form it takes.
James> We wouldn't be puling art out of a burning building, or chet for that mater
James> we'd be saving a fountain of glamour
* Gemma looks down at her hands
Gemma> They have no use for us.
* James 's resolve hardens
Gemma> We'd help them, and then what? We'd... oh, hell.
James> maybe they don't, but I need to know what is happening
* Gemma slowly nods
Gemma> Okay. Curiosity over sense. Why not?
James> (mike, how is the car doing?)
mgrasso> (The car's still recovering. Bits and pieces of granpa design are reappearing slowly)
mgrasso> (More Glamour would help, though)
James> (like at the free hold...)
mgrasso> (Well, you can't really park the car and fuel up, but yeah, essentially.)
James> let's just check it out- if they have it under controle, I'll hit the smoke screen button and we'll dissapear.
mgrasso> (Spy Hunter!)
mgrasso> (::plays synth Peter Gunn theme::)
Gemma> Yes, yes, whatever. Fine.
mgrasso> Okay, I'm actually going to have to have you guys hold for a moment while I move the action along.
mgrasso> If that's all right.
James> sorry!
mgrasso> (Another ten minutes, tops, guys.)
mgrasso> All right, so to get to San Xavier, you'll need to drive back into town and take the side road down there?
Gemma> There is ... let me think... I know there's an exit near the fairgrounds that's a seldom used road that winds back there, but I can't remember how far down it is.
mgrasso> You want to use that more direct route?
Gemma> Sure.
mgrasso> It's Palm Sunday.
Gemma> !!!
mgrasso> I know.
Gemma> (lol! Oh, this should be interesting.)
mgrasso> Give me a sec guys.
James> brb!
mgrasso> I'm typing descs.
mgrasso> All right guys, here we go.
James> back
mgrasso> Approaching San Xavier on the lonely desert road which leads southwest of town, the first thing you notice is two huge pillars of smoke rising from the vicinity of the freehold. When you get closer, you can see the mortal mission, its alabaster beauty radiant in the midday sun... but the freehold, pennants, towers, and all... is completely gone.
James> holy shit.
James> are there any angry looking mobs or dragons or anything?
mgrasso> Nothing else of fae or chimerical origin is anywhere near the mission, except those two pillars of smoke.
Gemma> Well... It looks like God had his say on *that* bit of unholiness...
Gemma> What a pity.
Gemma> Oh, well. Let's get back on the road.
* Gemma looks a little too blase as she turns away from the remains of the freehold
mgrasso> As you get closer, you can see a large crowd of people outside the mission, apparently parishioners. Also you can see the KVOA news van, as well as Roger's car and the rental van.
James> oh fuck.
James> oh fuck.
* Gemma grabs James arm and tries to drag him back
James> maybe you're right, we should get back on the road
* James looks pale
* Gemma nods
Gemma> Please.
Gemma> I don't ... I mean, I'd love to be here, but not now.
mgrasso> So, you guys are driving down towards the mission.
Gemma> (Oh, I thought we were already there?)
James> (oops.)
mgrasso> (Yeah, I figured you were on the road when you saw this. It's okay. You're in the car.)
Gemma> (Oh. Then I doubt we're getting off... heh)
James> I-
* James stares at the smoke in horror
James> what do you think happened here?
mgrasso> (Do you want to pull into the parking lot, James?)
James> Is there anywhere to pull over before the mission? to avoid being noticed?
James> we could walk down
mgrasso> James: Wits + Alertness, diff. 6
James> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell James rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 9 10 7 1 6
mgrasso> You can see Ingrid's blonde hair in the sunlight. She's interviewing a priest in long white robes.
mgrasso> She turns to look at you after asking the priest a question. Her hair flips through the air, seemingly in slow-motion.
Gemma> Okay. I'll give it a try.
mgrasso> I need to check what ability governs that. It's something + Fae.
Gemma> (sorry, that was a /msg)
mgrasso> You know that with metamorphosis, he's going to notice, right?
Gemma> As long as they don't.
mgrasso> Oops!
mgrasso> Okay, cool.
James> fuck- Gemma, I think she saw us.
Gemma> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Gemma rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 4 8 5 10 2
Gemma> So what if she did?
Gemma> What is she going to do, drop her precious mic and come running after us?
James> I doubt she'd care that much about either of us... but I had hoped we could go unnoticed.
mgrasso> everyone hold.
mgrasso> James: have you stopped your forward progress to the parking lot?
mgrasso> It appears Ingrid has conferred with her cameraman and is rejoining Roger and Chet as you slow down. They are stnading in the parking lot.
James> yes... we are no longer heading towards said parking lot
mgrasso> You have stopped.
* Gemma immediately gets out of the car
Gemma> Hey, old fart, get out. Follow me.
Gemma> And try to hobble.
James> what? where?
* James pulls to side and parks
mgrasso> The two of you see Chet walking towards you.
mgrasso> Roger is following.
* Gemma suddenly looks like an old woman -- and old eshu woman, in fact. James finds he looks like an old eshu man.
mgrasso> Are you guys wearing tacky tourist clothes?
Gemma> No, just sensible old people clothing.
mgrasso> Okay, cool.
Gemma> Light sweater, nice blouse, slacks. James is wearing a light blue long-sleeved shirt and dark brown slacks.
mgrasso> James, getting out of the car?
James> yes
* James hobbles over to Gemma and squeezes her hand.
Gemma> Carl, we have company.

Scene Seven: Connections
mgrasso> The driver now is out of the car. He's also in his 60s, and is also eshu! In their mortal seeming, they wear conservative clothing: a light sweater, white blouse and slacks for the man and slacks, and a blue long-sleeved shirt for the man.
mgrasso> In their fae mien, the man wears long blue robes and the woman a long-sleeved blouse, vest, and long skirt.
* Chet stops and lets Ingrid approach the people and takes his place behind her.
mgrasso> The woman looks to you with a very concerned look.
* Roger stands beside Ingrid.
mgrasso> The both of them remain silent.
* Ingrid gazes back at her intently.
* Chet looks from Ingrid to the couple and back again.
Ingrid> I don't believe we've met. I'm Ingrid Kane.
mgrasso> The woman looks back and forth, from the group to the freehold back to the group, looking slightly shaken.
Ingrid> It's... I know, it's unspeakable.
Roger> What can we do for you.
Roger> ?
mgrasso> The woman extends her hand to Ingrid. "I'm Rhonda, and this is..."
mgrasso> The man speaks up, "Carl."
mgrasso> The woman's voice breaks.
mgrasso> "Don't look dear. Don't look." The man says back to her, comforting her.
* Ingrid takes her hand and pats it a few times.
mgrasso> "I'm so sorry, I'm so..." The woman breaks down.
mgrasso> The man puts a tender arm around her.
Ingrid> Do either of you have any idea how this might have happened?
Ingrid> Who could have done this?
mgrasso> Carl says, "We just got into town... hoping it would be better than... than home."
Ingrid> Home? What do you mean?
Ingrid> We just arrived from LA, ourselves.
mgrasso> (What are Roger and Chet doing?)
Ingrid> We came straight here.
* Chet is listening to the conversation, silent.
Roger> (Listening, and examining the car, subltly)
mgrasso> "We came from the Kingdom of Apples," Carl replies. "It's terrible."
mgrasso> Rhonda nods.
mgrasso> Rhonda says, "We thought there might be a chance that..." with that, her shoulders slump.
mgrasso> Carl says somberly, "Maybe it's true, maybe there is no place left."
Ingrid> The Kingdom of Apples? No place left? It can't be true...
Chet> No place left?
Chet> Do you know what they're talking about Ingrid?
Ingrid> Where are all the fae?
Ingrid> What's going on!
* Roger races to his car to grab his cell phone to call the costume shop.
mgrasso> (???)
* Ingrid makes two fists and takes a deep breath, then lets it go.
Chet> Ingrid, can I borrow your cel phone?
Ingrid> Sure, Chett.
* Ingrid hands it to him.
mgrasso> The woman says softly to Chet and Ingrid's questions... "If it's like the Kingdom of Apples, I'd say dead."
* Chet accepts the cel phone, dials, and takes a few steps away.
Ingrid> Dead.. all of them? How can that be!
Ingrid> This can't really be happening!
mgrasso> Carl says, "Shh, Rhonda. Shh. Maybe here, some managed... maybe. We can only pray."
mgrasso> Rhonda says, "I want to leave, Carl. I'm too old for this. My soul can't take this anymore."
Chet> ( I DISBELIEVE! [/D&D] )
* Ingrid half-leans, half-falls against the car.
* Chet takes a step towards Ingrid, trying to offer assistance and talk on the phone at the same time.
mgrasso> Carl says, "I know, darling. me too."
mgrasso> Rhonda says, as Ingrid leans against the T-bird, "Dear! Be careful! That's not ours!"
Ingrid> What do you mean? Whose is it?
* Ingrid 's eyes suddenly narrow.
* Chet takes a step away as he redials the phone.
* Roger walks back to the group as he talks on the phone.
* Chet walks further away.
Ingrid> dice 6 7
Ingrid> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 4 successes.
* DiceWell 3 7 8 7 3 8
mgrasso> Rhonda says, "We were asked to care for it by a young pair. Nasty young woman, but her friend seemed nice enough."
mgrasso> "They told us about the freehold and said we could get what we needed here."
Ingrid> And what is it you needed?
mgrasso> Rhonda looks to her companion and adds bitterly, "I knew we shouldn't have believed them when they said it was safe here, Carl."
Chet> This is no good.
Ingrid> Where did they go?
* Chet is off the ohone and pacing in a circle.
Ingrid> What's the matter, Chet?
Roger> I have just spoken to the Barony of Holly, It is still safe there and they have been warned. If you wish, they have allowed me to send you there.
Ingrid> I can't leave Tucson!
Roger> Not you. Them.
mgrasso> Rhonda says, "Please, we need to go. I can't handle being here anymore."
Roger> Thats fine.
Ingrid> I'm sorry, I'm very upset.
* Ingrid stares at the old man.
* Chet opens his composition book and writes, "Ted Alvarez"/
mgrasso> Rhonda: "Carl? If it's all right with you? I don't think we'll be getting any peace here."
Chet> I need to go home.
Ingrid> Carl, where is it you were from, again? You look familiar for some reason.
mgrasso> "All right my dear, all right." Carl says.
Roger> Carl, Rhonda, I am from the Barony of Holly. they will help you and have opened the doors for you.
Roger> If you wish to take refuge there.
Ingrid> Do I know you?
mgrasso> slow down, all.
* Chet starts walking east, down the road.
mgrasso> Carl says, "The Kingdom of Apples, Vermont, specifically. Have you been there?"
mgrasso> Rhonda says, "We're sorry. We'll be taking our leave now. But we'll stop by here tomorrow morning if you'd like to talk further."
* Chet is still walking away from the mission.
Ingrid> !dice 6 7
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 6d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 3 6 4 8 7 3
Roger> !Dice 4 6
* DiceWell Roger rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 1 7 2 8
* Ingrid begins to walk around the car, admiring it.
Roger> Where are you two going to go from here.
Ingrid> This is quite the troublesome car you've found. How does it drive?
mgrasso> "The Holly?" Carl says, distracted. "West. Further west still."
Roger> Yes, do that
* Ingrid is getting closer to Carl.
mgrasso> Rhonda says wearily, "Tomorrow morning, say around 8. Be here if you'd like to talk further. But for now, I need my insulin and some rest. I'm so sorry about what happened here."
mgrasso> Rhonda says, "Carl, my love, let's go." She squeezes her hand and makes her way for the passenger door.
Roger> Where are you going to go tonight.
mgrasso> (we need to wrap up soon)
Roger> (ok hold your horses)
mgrasso> Rhonda, now inside the car, calls, "Carl! Let's go, please."
* Ingrid walks over to Carl and looks into his face closely.
mgrasso> "Oh, we'll find something, I'm sure," Carl says to Roger.
Ingrid> I don't think you're telling me everything, Carl.
mgrasso> Rhonda says to the others, "Be here tomorrow morning. I'm sorry we can't be of more help now."
Ingrid> Why should we trust you?
Roger> !Dice 4 5
* DiceWell Roger rolls 4d10 at difficulty 5. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 1 7 10 7
mgrasso> Carl shrugs. "People just have to trust each other in times like these."
Roger> Yes, they do, thats why you should stay with us
mgrasso> Rhonda says, "Be here or not. It's up to you. We'll be here regardless of whether or not you'll be."
Roger> we will take you to our place
Ingrid> Actually, would you be kind enough to give us a ride somewhere?
mgrasso> Carl is at the door of the car.
Roger> Roger steps infront of the door and opens the back door for carl.
Roger> I know this car doesn't belong to you,
Roger> And I know whose car it is and who actually owns it.
mgrasso> Rhonda says testily, "Didn't we tell you as much? Now get out, please."
Roger> You must understand that we are all agitated about the destruction of a freehold, and that..
* Chet turns around suddenly and starts walking back to Ingrid and Roger.
Roger> we must keep safe any fae we encounter
* Ingrid watches Roger handle Carl.
mgrasso> Rhonda says to Roger, "Then *you* should have respect for your elders and leave us be! I cannot..."
mgrasso> She begins to cry.
mgrasso> Carl says angrily, "Please! Don't you see what you've done?"
Chet> !dice 7 7
* DiceWell Chet rolls 7d10 at difficulty 7. S/He gets 3 successes.
* DiceWell 3 4 9 7 10 3 3
* Chet approaches Roger.
mgrasso> Rhonda says, between harder tears, "Please, I just need to go back to our room and get my medication. We don't need your escort or your help. We're old, we're not stupid."
Roger> We only wish the best for your wife and yourself, your safety at such a difficult time is our utmost concern
mgrasso> Carl gets in the car.
mgrasso> Rhonda is softly sobbing in her hands.
Roger> (front seat or back
Roger> )
mgrasso> front passanger
mgrasso> Rhonda shakenly pleads, "Please, Carl, take me away from here."
Roger> !Dice 8 6
* DiceWell Roger rolls 8d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 6 successes.
* DiceWell 8 4 6 8 9 6 5 10
Roger> (Yes dicey)
mgrasso> Carl says to Roger, "She needs to go take her insulin. Please. Why would you accost an old woman? We're going, dear, we're going."
* Roger tosses the keys to his mustang to ingrid
Roger> Follow us, leave the van and grab chet.
mgrasso> Carl fumbles looks for his keys.
Roger> we will get her meds and you can lead us to your place
Ingrid> If her insulin is so important, why don't you have it with you? You said you just came from the Kingdom of Apples.
Roger> Don't look I've got the keys
mgrasso> everyone hold
Ingrid> !dice 6 6
* DiceWell Ingrid rolls 6d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
* DiceWell 9 5 3 4 3 4
Chet> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell Chet rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 7 2 7 9 1
mgrasso> Chet stares hard at the two old folks, and their skins melt off of them, leaving a bewildered-looking Gemma and James.
Chet> Yeah. I thought so.
mgrasso> And that's where we stop!
Chet> Now can someone take me home.
Ingrid> You... you fuckers.
mgrasso> (Yes we can.)