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Scene Five

Chapter Two: The Road Rises

Scene One: At Senor Rudy's
MG-GM> OK, to pick up where we were...
MG-GM> A party had broken up at Ingrid's on Wednesday the 23rd, and she'd told us we are requested to go to Vegas.
MG-GM> On the 24th, Thursday, at 5 or 5:30, we are to meet at Rudy's for some food.
MG-GM> So, we're there. A quick capsule description for Sam, Erica?
MG-GM> OK, Mellie crashed.
Gemma> Urk. You didn't save that?
MG-GM> Um, I could go get it.
jack> Guh?
Gemma> Because I don't have it. I'm on this heathen machine.
MG-GM> Ah, just rephrase it! No big deal.
MG-GM> You know it better than any of us. :)
Gemma> Why must you make me think when I"m high on cold medicine and pain killers? WHY?
MG-GM> You've gotta stop dosing before the game, Mellie. :)
Gemma> Ahem. Seņor Rudy's is a busy little Mexican restaurant with a casual atmosphere and a simple decore -- aside from a few token 'Mexican' things slapped on the walls, a giant mural on one wall of women in a corn field, and various ads for the restaurant's specials.
Gemma> (How's that?)
MG-GM> (Perfect.
MG-GM> OK. You all settle at one of the tables.
Gemma> (And I need to dose. That whole "breathing" thing I enjoy so much. :) )
MG-GM> Ingrid looks expectant for all of you to sit down.
James> k.
* Gemma sits down across from Ingrid
* jack sits once all the ladies are seated.
* James was probably the 1st one down
Ingrid> Thanks for coming, all of you.
MG-GM> (btw, for a real-world analog to Rudy's, go to
Ingrid> I already ordered us some snacks since I know Jack has another engagement soon.
MG-GM> (go on, Julia :) )
Ingrid> So, I'll get right to the point. I received another message from Lady Sharon, the Baroness.
Ingrid> She has asked that we meet the retired Eshu gambler Knack and convince him to play for the Duchy of the Firebird.
Ingrid> He lives near the Grand Canyon in this world, just off a trod in the Dreaming.
Ingrid> We are to make the entire trip in the Dreaming, starting from the Freehold tomorrow.
MG-GM> (Tonight)
Ingrid> (really? I thought it was tomorrow. Sorry.)
James> "convince?" like diplomatically, or "convince" like in take by force if necissary?
MG-GM> (nope,. tomorrow you're right :) )
jack> (better not be tonight, Jack has a hot date)
Ingrid> Hmm. Good question, James. Lady Sharon didn't specify. I'd like to try diplomacy first, however.
jack> It's the honorable thing to do.
MG-GM> (We will meet with the Countess/Baroness tomorrow morning before we leave, btw)
Ingrid> Word from the Lady is that he hasn't played in nine years.
Ingrid> This should be an interesting challenge, I think.
James> Furkin bastards probably out of practice, what makes him such a catch?
Gemma> He must be great at cheating.
Ingrid> That's a question probably best asked of Sharon.
James> Maybe he's proud he gave up gambling, like shaking a heroin habit, ya know? What is our incentive to make this guy who might not want to play play?
MG-GM> A frizzy haired, plump girl comes by and drops off a huge bowl of nachos.
MG-GM> She pinches Gemma in the arm and waves.
* Gemma grins at the girl and says hello
James> nice! nachos!
* James digs in
MG-GM> "Hey, girl. Looks like you exchanged one big guy for an even bigger one." She leers at Jack.
* jack looks at the nachos mournfully, as if he hasn't got much appetite.
Ingrid> For us? We have been promised a treasure of the Kingdom by the baroness.
Ingrid> (um, pretend I said that after she left.)
MG-GM> (sure :) )
James> what treasure of the kingdom?I don't want some Ongepotchket piece of shit
* jack looks a little embarrased by that crack.
* Ingrid nibbles on a cheese-covered chip.
Ingrid> Another good question to ask her, James.
MG-GM> The frizzy-haired girl floats back to the counter.
* Ingrid frowns.
James> uh, maybe you should do that, you know how furking sucessful I am with the aristocracy
jack> I'll bet . . .
Gemma> I'm sure it's something stupid and abstract. Like a rock that says "power" that they bought at one of those nature-y stores at the mall.
MG-GM> (heh)
* Gemma rolls her eyes and toys with a napkin
Ingrid> Maybe it's a case of "Blue!", Gemma.
James> maybe it's a steam powered suit of chimerical armor that could make a Knocker the size of a dragon!
* James is wistful at the thought
Ingrid> Anyway, are you in it only for the treasure?
Gemma> But most likely a book with really crappy illuminations.
MG-GM> (good to see you guys aren't getting your hopes up :) )
jack> Of course not, lady.
James> hey, Gem, hows your head?
Gemma> Of course, chick.
Ingrid> I never expected you were, Jack.
* Ingrid smiles
James> dross... damn straight
* Gemma gives James a small smile
* jack grins a bit.
Ingrid> Well, at least we all know where are priorities are.
Gemma> Oh, it's fine, James. thanks.
James> if your sure... you were pretty gone.
MG-GM> (anything else to share, Ingrid, or shall we fast-forward to tomorrow morning at the freehold?)
Ingrid> So, shall we meet tomorrow at the Freehold and find out more?
Gemma> It would seem so... I woke up face-down in the family bible in the study.
* jack gets that "moment of truth" look.
James> yeah, to talk to the bitch and find out what her motive are and how well shes gonna pay us
Gemma> Still, thanks for the ride home.
MG-GM> All right, excellent.
* James slaps himself
MG-GM> By the way, if you need it, that wondrous meal at Rudy's gives you back one point of Temp Glamour.
James> shit I almost said sumpthin nice again
Ingrid> Jack? Are you in?
jack> Of course.
jack> Just thinking ahead to tonight...
Ingrid> Ah.
Ingrid> Gemma?
Gemma> Hmm?
* Gemma looks up
Gemma> Oh.
Ingrid> Are you in as well?
Gemma> Um, yeah. Sure.

Scene Two: An Audience Chamber of the Freehold
MG-GM> OK, forward to tomorrow morning, Fri. Feb. 25.
MG-GM> (Everyone needs to get the day off work :) )
James> (could I pull an all-nighter the night before so as not to have problems now or in the future?)
MG-GM> (Sam, the email I sent will detail the date with Chartreuse)
jack> ('kay)
Ingrid> (Is there anything more involved to that then saying I got the day off?)
MG-GM> (James: yes, but certain rolls will be at -1 dice)
jack> (Jack probably has a lot of sick time saved up.)
MG-GM> (Sounds about right)
MG-GM> OK, at the freehold in the morning. It's the first time any of you have been there in the morning.
jack> (Is Jack a li'l slow this morning, Mike? :) )
MG-GM> It's glorious, the desert sun rising in the east, and you all are let into the mission by the enchanted security guard.
MG-GM> (Jack is just fine, unless you count movie popcorn as having a detrimental effect :) )
James> (brb)
jack> (Ah well.)
MG-GM> Inside, you are ushered into the inner chambers of Lady Sharon ap Fiona, the Countess of Old Pueblo.
* Gemma furtively eyes Jack
* jack bows very respectfully to the Countess.
MG-GM> Her chambers are picked out in crimson draperies, and sitting in the corner of her room is a creepy little girl, with jet black hair in pigtails, sitting in a calico dress, playing with a dead rat. She squeaks back and forth on a rocking chair and smiles creepily at you.
MG-GM> She whispers, "The Mistress will be with you shortly." She smiles again, even more weird than before.
James> (maybe she'd get along with jared)
jack> (okay, disregard that last action)
MG-GM> She'll enter soon enough, Jack.
Gemma> (brb)
* Ingrid eyes the sluagh, feigning indifference.
MG-GM> When she does, you see her unearthly beauty. She is wearing glorious crimson robes, trimmed in ermine fur, and flecked with gold accents.
MG-GM> Her long, deep, crimson hair tumbles down her back in a swirl of waves.
MG-GM> (In her mortal seeming, she seems to be a mousy-haired redhead in a sweatshirt and jeans)
Ingrid> (*snortle*)
MG-GM> But here, her fae mien is supreme, and you all seem to... oddly... bow to her.
MG-GM> She is in full regalia, with the scepter and crown of her reign present.
MG-GM> "This is thy oathcircle, Artemisia?"
Ingrid> In a manner of speaking, yes, my Lady.
MG-GM> "Very well," as the Countess fluidly turns to face Rolando (Jack).
* jack bows again.
*** Ingrid is now known as Artemisia
*** James is now known as Aranth
*** jack is now known as Rolando
MG-GM> "Ah, the faithful troll. You come in high regard by Sir Douglass." She inspects his armor and eyes the sword on his back.
Aranth> not like dougs regard means anything... furkin deserter
Rolando> You do me honor, my Lady.
Rolando> (what's the term of address for a countess anyway?)
* Aranth mutters
MG-GM> She almost, *almost* crouches to talk to Aranth. "You are Aranth, are you not? Sir Douglass has said your skills proved invaluable in finding the young scion of House Ailil."
*** Gemma is now known as Solangia
Aranth> yeah... doug talkes a good game. but he can't play worth a damn.
MG-GM> "And you," she says, looking at the cat, "you must be Solangia. Very well, let us discuss your journey!"
MG-GM> "You will be traveling through a trod, a path through the Near Dreaming, to the Barony of the Golden Wheel, otherwise known as Las Vegas."
MG-GM> "This is in order to both pick up Knack, the famous gambler, and present yourselves as true emissaries of the Duchy."
MG-GM> "This map," she says, holding out an ancient piece of parchment, glowing with Glamour, "will show you the way."
MG-GM> "A couple of words of warning on Dreaming travel," she says in a hush.
MG-GM> "First, any damage you take in the Dreaming is REAL. If you fall down a cliff, and tumble to your death, you die. Body and soul."
MG-GM> "Second, do NOT deviate from the trod for any reason. Doing so could put you in the Far Dreaming... or worse."
MG-GM> "However, there are some wonderful aspects to the Dreaming. For instance, Banality washes away as true Glamour infuses your soul."
Aranth> (far dreaming?)
MG-GM> (Aranth's never heard these terms before)
Aranth> (k)
MG-GM> "You will travel through geography slightly similar to our own. The Dreaming is a desert, so food and water will be provided for you. The journey should take about a week in Dreaming time. But you should pop out in Vegas about 8 hours after you left."
MG-GM> (The Dreaming in this Duchy is a desert, I should say.)
Rolando> (gotcha)
MG-GM> "Knack dwells in a cottage by the Grand Chasm, the Dreaming's Grand Canyon, which is full of evil spirits. Do not go into it for any reason."
Aranth> and if he's not there, or doesnt want to come?
MG-GM> "You will be met at the end of the trod by Baron Nicolas' personal guard, who will take you to the Excalibur hotel, where the Baron's freehold is."
MG-GM> The Countess looks at Aranth. "If he refuses, one of you must represent the Duchy in the poker tournament."
Rolando> (Excalibur...of course...)
MG-GM> (heh)
MG-GM> "Are you ready, then? For the grandest journey of your lives so far?"
Aranth> And Why would we do that for you?
MG-GM> She says, "You will."
Rolando> Ready and willing to serve, my Lady.
Solangia> Will we?
* Solangia raises an eyebrow
MG-GM> Aranth, Solangia, make Willpower rolls, Diff. 9
Aranth> ! d 2 9
DiceWell> ! is not a valid number Aranth.
MG-GM> it's !dice.
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 2d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 1 success.
Aranth> !dice 2 9
* DiceWell 2 10
MG-GM> Solangia?
Solangia> (go see your msg box)
MG-GM> (i did)
MG-GM> (just one moment, my players)
Solangia> !dice 2 9
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 2d10 at difficulty 9. S/He gets 2 successes.
* DiceWell 9 10
Rolando> (dang)
MG-GM> Aranth and Solangia both, while they try to resist valiantly, cannot stop themselves from accepting this edict from Lady Sharon in this setting.
Artemisia> (it fits Solangia, though. :)
MG-GM> She has absolute power, it seems, over both of you, here.
Aranth> furk
* Solangia mutters darkly, and her tail bristles
* Rolando looks a bit smug at the Unseelies' discomfort.
MG-GM> "Very well. Go through there," she points at an ivory door at the back of the chamber, "and my valet will equip you."
* Aranth ears peark up
Aranth> did she say equip? do we get stuff?
Scene Three: The Ivory Room
MG-GM> Beyond the ivory door is a room done in shades of gold and ivory, a very 18th century, Dangerous Liasions kind of chamber. The valet, a boggan, has chimerical bottles of water and small wrapped packets of food for all of you, including a deerskin backpack, sized to each of you.
MG-GM> Also are a small array of weapons: a short sword, a dagger, and a weird throwing circlet.
MG-GM> (One for each of the unarmed members of the party!)
* Artemisia examines the circlet.
MG-GM> It's carved from steel, (obviously not cold iron), and has swirly curves all around its circumference.
Artemisia> How does this wrok, I wonder?
Aranth> (what are the rolls for each weapon?)
MG-GM> It's sharp on the edge, and looks like it might be able to do some damage when thrown.
* Solangia looks at the dagger
MG-GM> (I wish I could tell you, gamer :) )
MG-GM> The dagger is black, with a series of tiny green and blue gems set into the hilt. It hums, slightly, when approached.
Aranth> (pblth =P how can I effectivly minmax if I don't know which ones use my strength and which ones use my dex?!)
MG-GM> The short sword is stout, and squarish, and oddly heavy for its size.
MG-GM> (hah)
MG-GM> It has Norse runes down its length. (sword)
MG-GM> Who's picking what?
Artemisia> I'd like this circlet. It's beautiful for such a deadly weapon.
Aranth> throwing circle
Aranth> oh furk, beat me too it
Solangia> I'll take the dagger.
* Aranth picks up the sword and swings it a little
MG-GM> (by the way, in their mortal seeming, the circlet is a frisbee, the dagger is a mechanical pencil, and the short sword is a broken hockey stick)
Aranth> (how hard is this for him?)
Artemisia> Aranth, a sword does suit you.
Solangia> (har!)
MG-GM> (Aranth's not really used to it, but he could get the hang of it)
Artemisia> (I got a frisbeeee! :D)
Rolando> Are you sure you can handle that, good Nocker?
MG-GM> (Especially with swordsmen now in the party :) )
Aranth> nope... got no furkin clue.
Rolando> Hmmm...perhaps I could give a few pointers...
MG-GM> The valet points to a glowing door in the right wall of the Ivory Room. Beyond it, you can see a redder-than-red, Technicolor, desert landscape.
Aranth> anything that makes me better than the pisher at a party trying to hit the furkin pinata blindfolded would be nice
Artemisia> Who has the map?
MG-GM> Weird trees with twisting limbs sit on the horizon, as a red-orange sun sits high in the sky
MG-GM> Artemisia, you have the map.
Artemisia> all right.
Rolando> For all our sakes, I hope you can beat that, Aranth...
MG-GM> Stepping through?
Rolando> And here I thought we'd be driving to Vegas...
* Rolando steps through
MG-GM> Nope. All mythical journeys happen on foot. :)
Aranth> i hope there doesn't come a time when I have too. I furking build things, I don't fight.
* Artemisia walks through the door boldly.
Scene Four: On the Road
MG-GM> As you step through, you notice that a white-silvery path is outlined for you, in front of you. It leads to the north all the way to the horizon. It glows in the desert sand.
MG-GM> This is the silver path of the trod.
* Aranth spits and curses a little and walks through
MG-GM> As long as you follow it, you shall be safe.
* Solangia follows Aranth
MG-GM> By the way, in the Dreaming, *everyone* is in their fae mien.
Rolando> Well, shall we be off?
Artemisia> Let's!
MG-GM> May I have an idea of who's marching in front, in back, etc?
MG-GM> (brb, i need water)
Rolando> (I'll take point, Mike. :) )
* Aranth takes one step off the boundary of the road... testing how seriouse this rule is, beyond that, left middle.
MG-GM> (I figured :) )
Artemisia> I have the map, perhaps I should be in front.
Aranth> nope sister. Navigators dont fly
Artemisia> With Rolando watching our backs?
MG-GM> Aranth takes a short step off the silver path, and nothing noticeable happens.
Aranth> another? etc, for about 10 ft
Artemisia> All right then, Aranth.
MG-GM> Again, with each step, you notice nothing noticeable happen.
Rolando> Stick close to me...Aranth, stop it!
MG-GM> (scientist to the bitter end)
Aranth> what... i don't want to be furking clingign to a path athat may or may not be doing what it may or may not be supposed to do
Artemisia> Just can't wait to break those rules, Aranth?
Rolando> We have the Countess' assurance...
Solangia> Yeah, I'm sure that's worth a lot.
Aranth> furk the countess. I want to see for my self
* Rolando glares at Solagia.
Artemisia> I doubt she would lead us astray on a mission of her request, Solangia.
MG-GM> Shall we be off?
Solangia> Riiiight. Just like Douglass was *so* helpful on our previous quest. Yes. I sure do trust the nobility.
MG-GM> (I love the RP, btw, guys)
* Aranth goes with the party 3-5 feet off the path at all times that it is possible
* Rolando strides off once he's sure Artemisia is close behind.
Artemisia> How nice then that the nobility's trust in you is so well-placed, Pooka.
Aranth> oh yeah... we so love dougie
MG-GM> Very well, Aranth.
Solangia> Never trust someone who has power by mere birth.
MG-GM> OK, great. The first day in the desert goes pretty much without incident. Anyone with Temp. Banality may remove it all.
* Artemisia brings up the rear, keeping an eye on Pooka and Nocker.
Aranth> so its been another day?
MG-GM> You notice after you've walked about 10 miles or so, a huge black mountain has risen from the horizon behind you. Apparently, that's what Tucson looks like in the Dreaming.
Artemisia> In the Dreaming, yes.
MG-GM> Yes, the "sun" in the Dreaming has fallen and risen once now.
MG-GM> So, it's the second day.
MG-GM> In the middle of your march on the second day, you see a bridge over a blue-purple river coming up. Two trolls stand before it, with a small gate blocking the bridge.
* Aranth sneers a little
MG-GM> They bear coats of arms on their shields, a golden phoenix on an orange field.
Rolando> Must be the border guards?
Aranth> "no one passes this bridge by me, unless he answeres my questions three"
MG-GM> "Stand and declare your travel, if you wish to enter the County of the Valley of the Sun!" The right troll bellows.
* Rolando shoots Aranth a look.
Aranth> or "trip trap trip trap, went the billy goats gruff"
Artemisia> Aranth, shut up.
Aranth> Oh man, but I'm just going to the meadow to make my self fat!
* Solangia smirks
Rolando> Shall I declare our purpose, Lady Artemisia?
Artemisia> Please do, Rolando.
Artemisia> But leave out Knack.
MG-GM> The right troll steps forward a couple of steps to meet Rolando.
Rolando> Well met, Guardsman.
MG-GM> Well met, fellow borne of the Earth. What is your purpose here?
Rolando> We are in the service of the Lady Sharon ap Fiona, Countess of Old Pueblo, on an embassy to the Barony of the Golden Wheel.
* Aranth mummbles "we seek the holy grail"
Rolando> We travel in peace.
* Artemisia shoots Aranth a brief stern glance.
MG-GM> The troll nods. "Very well, but the Countess' sister, Duchess Rachael, demands a toll of Glamour from all those who pass."
* Rolando glances at Artemisia.
MG-GM> The troll holds up a small crystal container. "You and your companions may deposit your Glamour in here."
* Solangia whispers to Aranth, "We do their bidding, yet they tax us for our effort. Lovely, no?"
MG-GM> "Or, if you have 10 crowns of the realm, you may use that as well."
MG-GM> He expectantly waits for Rolando to give some Glamour.
Artemisia> Glamour or crowns for a public trod?
MG-GM> (does Art say that?)
* Aranth whispers back 'ain't it great to know capitalism is alive and thriving in the dreaming... "
* Rolando takes his cue from Art.
* Rolando just looks at the troll.
* Aranth whispers again
MG-GM> The troll bows and says, "My lady, this is not a public trod. It begins in the County of Old Pueblo, continues through our County, thence into the County of the Great Chasm, and finally into the Barony of the Golden Wheel."
MG-GM> "Her Highness Duchess Rachael reserves the right to assess tolls. I'm sorry."
Aranth> If I can get that furkin countess outside her domain I'll piss her off so bad she'll have no glamor left
Aranth> bitch. furking bossy bitch.
MG-GM> (it's one point of Temp. Glamour, folks)
Rolando> (no biggy?)
MG-GM> (not really.)
Rolando> We may as well avoid a quarrel, Lady.
* Solangia plonks a point of glamour in the container
* Artemisia does as well.
* Rolando does the same.
MG-GM> Solangia walks up, and infuses the little crystal thingy with glowing energy.
MG-GM> Puffing her tail, she moves onto the bridge.
MG-GM> The sidhe and troll do as well.
MG-GM> (sans tail-puffing :) )
MG-GM> The two trolls eye Aranth.
Rolando> (natch)
Aranth> (do we need to touch it to infuse?)
MG-GM> Nope.
* Solangia calls back to Aranth, "C'mon, you might as well. Or else these two will have a fit."
* Solangia gestures towards Artemisia and Rolando
Aranth> ah bloody furking hell
* Aranth conforms begrudgingly to society
MG-GM> As Aranth walks by the trolls, there's a rumbling like that of a thunderstorm, low and vibrating... or, perhaps, that of an earthquake.
MG-GM> Turns out it's just the trolls grumbling.
* Rolando looks back at that.
Rolando> Believe me, he has the same affect on everyone, good fellow...
Rolando> (affect=effect)
MG-GM> The troll nods at Rolando, as if he understands. You walk over the bridge, and into the Duchess' county.
Aranth> if aranth had a tail he'd bristle it
Solangia> You can always bristle mine.
MG-GM> The Duchess' county is indeed a huge valley. Towering cliffs and mesas runs north and south, creating an east-west valley.
MG-GM> The trod heads right up into the mountains.
Aranth> oooo... sounds like more fun your way.
MG-GM> It takes a whole rest of the day to even get to the foothills.
* Artemisia sips at her delicious chimerical water

Scene Five: Desperados
MG-GM> Third day: You start the climb into these majestic mountains. Early that morning, you see what appears for all the world to be a flying saucer hovering in the western sky.
Solangia> Don't enjoy it too much, Artie-old-girl. I'm sure in reality it's just CAP water, rich with lead and assorted sediments.
MG-GM> It gleams in the desert sun, bright and shiny, and zips along an unseen trajectory, blinking out of existence in a heartbeat.
Artemisia> Ah, but this isn't reality. It's much better.
MG-GM> In all, this "close encounter" probably lasts 30 to 45 seconds.
Artemisia> In reality, you don't get to see such wonders as flying saucers!
MG-GM> You continue on into the mountains. Unless someone has something to do after this sighting?
Solangia> (Yes. Send the film of the ufos to Fox)
Aranth> Was it steam powered?
MG-GM> (heh)
MG-GM> Steam powered? Nope.
MG-GM> Not that you could see.
Aranth> jus checkin... it coulda been his bretherin.
Artemisia> (intuition?)
MG-GM> All right. You crest the mountain range, and stand overlooking a vast desert plateau. There are more trees here, scrub brush, mostly.
MG-GM> Sure, give me a Wits + Intuition, Diff. 8
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 4d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 3 successes.
Artemisia> !dice 4 8
* DiceWell 10 8 4 9
Artemisia> (I like this Dice Bot. :)
MG-GM> I do too. :)
MG-GM> While wandering through the scrublands (on the fourth day) you sight three figures, each riding a grand horse.
* Solangia gasps at the sight
Rolando> (Headed our way?)
MG-GM> Two of them, their faces are obscured by shadows cast by huge cowboy hats. The third, much shorter, wears a sombrero.
MG-GM> (Yes)
Solangia> Well! So there is transportation in this seeming! Yet we weren't provided with any.
Artemisia> Off the trod?
MG-GM> On the trod, it seems.
* Solangia twitches her tail, annoyed
MG-GM> They get closer.
Aranth> Hail good--
* Aranth cracks up laughingh
Aranth> aw hell I can't be friendly and keep a straight face
Aranth> sombody else do it
* Artemisia glares at Aranth and stands firmly on the trod, facing the riders.
MG-GM> They get even closer. Their faces are now visible. The two cowboy hat wearing individuals have slack grey skin, wrinkled and scarred, and huge yellow tusks.
Solangia> Hey, Aranth, I bet we could steal their horses.
* Rolando gives the open-handed gesture of greeting.
MG-GM> At their sides, are huge and impressively deadly looking crossbows, which they raise to you.
MG-GM> The sombrero dude stays back about 100 feet.
Rolando> Okay, forget the polite greeting then...
MG-GM> "Stand and deliver," one of the tusked cowboys snarls.
* Solangia puts her hands on her hips and stares defiantly at them
MG-GM> The other greedily eyes Rolando's stuff.
MG-GM> They are currently about 80 feet from you.
Aranth> furk off
* Rolando draws his greatsword.
Rolando> You like this sword, then?
* Artemisia slides out her circlet.
MG-GM> The left tusked dude raises a shaggy eyebrow, "Oh really, little nocker? I think you'll regret that little remark. Have at you!"
MG-GM> OK, Initiative! Wits + Alertness, everyone, difficulty 4.
Aranth> who you calling little you furking ugly piece of shit!
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 4d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 4 successes.
Rolando> !dice 4 4
* DiceWell 4 7 9 10
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 2 successes.
Aranth> !dice 5 4
* DiceWell 10 2 3 6 2
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 3d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 1 success.
Solangia> !dice 3 4
* DiceWell 1 6 9
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 5d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 3 successes.
Artemisia> !dice 5 4
* DiceWell 1 8 7 4 10
MG-GM> OK, Solangia, what will you do?
MG-GM> You must declare first, since your initiative was crappy :)
MG-GM> (our first combat!!!)
Solangia> (declare ... as in draw out my dagger or something?)
MG-GM> Yep, exactly.
* Solangia draws her dagger
MG-GM> All right. Aranth, you're next.
MG-GM> What are you going to do?
Aranth> I'm going to shout some of my best insults at them and dodge.
MG-GM> Very well. :) Art?
MG-GM> Artemisia?
MG-GM> What are you going to do?
Artemisia> (hold a second)
MG-GM> (sure)
MG-GM> OK, finally, Rolando?
* Rolando charges the nearest cowboy, yelling a fearsome troll warcry.
MG-GM> All right. Make a Manipulation + Intimidation roll, Diff. 7, Rolando?
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 2d10 at difficulty 7. S/He botches the roll.
Rolando> !dice 2 7
* DiceWell 4 1
MG-GM> And let me roll some attacks here, both coming at the big pincushion... er, I mean, troll. :)
Rolando> (bugger)
MG-GM> They snicker at your warcry, and plug you with crossbow bolts.
MG-GM> One plinks off your armor, the other penetrates. Soak roll, please?
MG-GM> Stamina, Diff. 6.
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 4d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
Rolando> !dice 4 6
* DiceWell 8 1 6 8
* Artemisia oddly examines her manicure as this is happening.
MG-GM> You successfully soak that second crossbow bolt. Just a flesh wound.
Rolando> Har!
MG-GM> OK, Ingrid, Charisma + 2 dice, Diff. 8
MG-GM> (I've got the WP down, don't worry)
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 8. S/He gets 3 successes.
Artemisia> !dice 6 8
* DiceWell 9 8 10 7 3 6
MG-GM> One of the redcaps simply drops his crossbow to the side and bows, reversing his horse's progress and clearing a path on the trod for you. The other redcap is REALLY pissed at him.
MG-GM> "Damn you, falling for that sidhe's mindfuck tricks!"
MG-GM> Aranth dodges, and Solangia has her little dagger out. Gonna use it, Solangia?
Aranth> Furkin Shtunks....
Solangia> (Uhh.. sure. Wait. No. I'll dodge.)
MG-GM> OK, cool. As you do this, fire erupts from the sky and falls on Aranth. Wanna make a Dex + Dodge roll?
Solangia> (difficulty?)
MG-GM> Just for Aranth. It's a 6.
Solangia> (oh)
MG-GM> Aranth?
MG-GM> And Rolando, crap, I forgot to let you go.
MG-GM> Duh.
MG-GM> Dex + Melee, Rolando, Diff. 6.
MG-GM> (I hope we didn't lose Mandy)
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
Rolando> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell 1 7 10 3 5
Aranth> I'm back
Aranth> almost crashed
MG-GM> That's a hit! Now, Strength + 6 for the greatsword
MG-GM> Diff. 6
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
Aranth> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell 4 5 5 9 4
Rolando> (Str +1 in the Dreaming, yeah?)
MG-GM> Right!
Rolando> (That's 11)
MG-GM> Aranth takes one level of damage from the hellfire.
MG-GM> Go for it, Rol. :)
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 11d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
Rolando> !dice 11 6
* DiceWell 3 9 3 4 1 6 7 2 10 1 4
MG-GM> Wow. Just two.
Aranth> Argh! Figgerfurbingurbinburbibmurbinmitzermurbin!
Rolando> (blast!)
MG-GM> The un-Sovereigned redcap soaks quite well.
MG-GM> OK, next round! Wits + Alertness again!
Artemisia> diff?
MG-GM> Dioff 4
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 4d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 2 successes.
Rolando> !dice 4 4
* DiceWell 8 10 4 1
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 5d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 2 successes.
Artemisia> !dice 5 4
* DiceWell 1 3 6 8 9
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 5d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 3 successes.
Aranth> !dice 5 4
* DiceWell 2 10 10 8 2
MG-GM> Sol?
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 3d10 at difficulty 4. S/He gets 3 successes.
Solangia> !dice 3 4
* DiceWell 4 7 4
Artemisia> (is the other still Sovereigned in round two?)
MG-GM> (yes)
Artemisia> (excellent)
MG-GM> OK, Rol and Art, declare actions.
* Rolando whips 5' of gleaming chimerical steel at the Redcap's vital bits.
* Artemisia examine her manicure yet again
MG-GM> Yow.
MG-GM> OK, Aranth and Sol?
Rolando> (I swung mah sword at 'im.)
* Solangia tries to stay out of Rolando's (and the redcap's) way
Aranth> (I can split my dice pool, right?)
MG-GM> The one-unaffected redcap is taking out a short sword to use on Rol.
MG-GM> (yes, Mandy)
MG-GM> I'll call that a dodge, then, Solangia. :)
MG-GM> The sombrero dude is sitting back smoking a cee-gar.
* Aranth runs around the unaffected redcap and attacks him while engaged with Rol... and I'll doge
MG-GM> Cool!
MG-GM> OK, Aranth, go ahead and attack!
MG-GM> Dex + Melee and Dex + Dodge are the same? 5?
MG-GM> The redcap misses Rolando, btw.
Aranth> yup... so 3 & 2
MG-GM> 3 on the attack?
Rolando> Ha!
Aranth> yup
Aranth> piff?
MG-GM> Go for it. Diff. 6
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
Aranth> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell 4 6 6
MG-GM> That's a hit! Str + 2, Diff. 6!
* DiceWell Aranth rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 1 success.
Aranth> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell 3 5 6
MG-GM> The redcap soaks that slice from the ssquat sword of Aranth.
MG-GM> Solangia dodges. Good thing too, because this round, a bunch of pebbles and rocks rise fro mthe ground and swirl around her, pelting her.
MG-GM> Solangia, Dex + Dodge, Difficulty 6.
* DiceWell Solangia rolls 3d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 2 successes.
Solangia> !dice 3 6
* DiceWell 9 2 10
MG-GM> Solangia uses her cat-like grace to dive to ground, covering her face. She's fine.
MG-GM> OK, Artemisia, Rolando.
MG-GM> Artemisia, your Diff. is 9, this time. Charisma + 2 dice.
MG-GM> Rolando, Dex + Melee.
* DiceWell Artemisia rolls 6d10 at difficulty 9. S/He fails the roll!
Artemisia> !dice 6 9
* DiceWell 10 1 7 6 2 6
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 5d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 3 successes.
Rolando> !dice 5 6
* DiceWell 10 10 2 2 6
MG-GM> OK, no botch, so the redcap is simply unaffected by the cantrip this time.
MG-GM> OK, Rol, apply the damage. Str + 1 + 6.
MG-GM> Whoof.
* DiceWell Rolando rolls 11d10 at difficulty 6. S/He gets 4 successes.
Rolando> !dice 11 6
MG-GM> OK. That's more like it.
* DiceWell 10 3 6 5 6 7 2 3 5 3 5
MG-GM> Took the bot forever to get that out! :)
Rolando> (heh)
MG-GM> Ah, you dish out a healthy blow to the midsection of the redcap, his blood staining the red sand of the Dreaming.
MG-GM> He drops from his horse, falls to his side.
MG-GM> "No more," he rasps, "no more. I surrender."
Rolando> It's a good sword, isn't it, you varlet?
MG-GM> You can see the sombrero kid beating cheeks.
Solangia> (beating cheeks?)
MG-GM> (running away on his donkey) :)
Rolando> (?)
* Artemisia smiles admiringly at Rolando.
Artemisia> Well done!
MG-GM> "Take it, take my partner and my ill-gotten booty."
* Rolando accepts the Redcap's surrender, at swordpoint.
MG-GM> The partner is still letting you by. :)
MG-GM> The sombrero kid disappears into the sunset. :)
Artemisia> (We get booty too? :D)
MG-GM> Booty. That's what it is.
Artemisia> (All right! He.)
MG-GM> There are two heavy crossbows here, and about 32 crossbow bolts.
Rolando> (Professor, what's another word for pirate treasure?)
MG-GM> (Heh, gotcha, Sam.)
Aranth> ooooo...
* Rolando checks out one of the crossbows.
MG-GM> They both carry 54 gold crowns of the Duchy of the Firebird.
MG-GM> Solid construction, chimerical (of course).
MG-GM> They also seem to have a collection of teeth of wild animals in one pouch.
Rolando> Hmm...I think I'll keep you.
Aranth> I got the other one then.
MG-GM> (I think we'll stop here, yes?)
Rolando> (k)
MG-GM> It's 11:30, and we can get to Knack's, and then, to Vegas, next time!
Artemisia> Yes. Although it's been way fun. :)