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HG-ULTRA is a top secret project to study the psychological reactions of test subjects placed in disorienting situations. These sessions, despite incidental sadism, are solely information-gathering sessions to help HomeGame operatives conduct psychological operations against expansion-minded enemy servers bent n the destruction of the scifi.com motherland. These documents are partially declassified by order of the Joint Select Committee on Intelligence and made availble pursuant to FOIA regulations.

HGU-76011-451 The DORN Incident
HGU-95331-301 BulkRose
HGU-22101-441 And His Wife
HGU-12014-612 General Michael
HGU-97662-076 Kubrick Follows Through
HGU-83266-117 Citizen Pacey
HGU-42012-220 Pony Maroney
HGU-52321-901 Abo-Ultra??
HGU-41219-981 Frankly My Dear
HGU-52666-733 LRon in da Huzzouse!
HGU-41297-638 Ohhhhh Marrry...
HGU-71333-510 We Can't Drive, TomServo55
HGU-32845-640 The Blair HG Project: Night One
HGU-32158-467 The Blair HG Project: Night Two
HGU-19675-548 The Blair HG Project: Night Three
HGU-81102-911 Bobby's Online Romance
HGU-12684-682 How *Not* To Argue
HGU-68438-439 CEASE!
HGU-15684-628 The Magical Land of Bubba

Created as an off-shoot program from HG-ULTRA, HG-SMARTASS works to ferret out moles and other subversives working with HG projects by simulating an insurrection against "The Man" and tracing loyalties. Deemed successful, the program was officially discontinued in the late 1990's. However, rumors persist that the operation continues unofficially to this day.

HGSMA-10221-658 We Fought the Law
HGSMA-56755-598 And We Won

HG-ULTRA'S are often lost for years, then finally uncovered through some arcane ritual that we need not delve into at this time. Until then, enjoy these classics.

HGU-59280-035 NAM! The One And Only. Accept No Substitutes.
HGU-65531-831 HG-ULTRA Works Blue (NOTE: Contains adult situations, adult language, and nudity. Enjoy)
HGU-13681-617 That LRon Was A Bad Mutha...

Unclassified Secrets to HG-ULTRA: A brief primer issued to HG-ULTRA operatives on the psychological basis of the program.

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