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Arthur C. Clarke is thought by many to be the greatest science fiction writer of our time. However, every man no matter how great has his secrets. For instance, did you know the motion picture crapfest Deep Impact was based on one of Clarke's books. That's right, it seems hosting Arthur C. Clarke's World of Mysteries just isn't enough for the man. Here's a quick peak at some other things you may not have known about Mr. Clarke.

General-Michael> Have u ever heard of Arthur C. Clarke
General-Michael> ?
Ironf> He's dead isn't he?
General-Michael> No
THX-1138> Yeah, he made the Clarke candy bar
General-Michael> Read anything he wrote?
Ironf> Didn't they find him dead in his bedroom with a whore?
General-Michael> No. He is too old to play with whores
Ironf> I think you have your people confused.
THX-1138> Old whores don't care
General-Michael> Well it seems that you are now interested in serious SCI-FI...
General-Michael> Not I meantclarke.jpg
General-Michael> NOW=NOT
Ironf> No, I'm not now interested
Ironf> hey, I was just pointing out the fact that he was found dead with a whore is all. Get a grip.
THX-1138> I read this great Sci fi story about whores that suck your life essence.
THX-1138> It was by some Ellison guy.
THX-1138> Vampire Whores. Great story.
General-Michael> Yeah Harlan Ellison
Ironf> Yeah he was behind that great Star Trek ep.
THX-1138> Or was it Whoring Vamps. Something like that.
General-Michael> Have u read 2001?
Ironf> No, I doubt I have read 2001 different books.
General-Michael> Seen the film?
THX-1138> Deathrace 2001 is an awesome book2001dr.jpg
General-Michael> Damn. U don't have a clue what I am talking about. Huh?
THX-1138> Yeah, I saw the movie. Stallone was crappy as Moonwatcher
THX-1138> I find books with years in the title are pretty good.
General-Michael> for example?
THX-1138> 69 French Ticklers was awesome.
THX-1138> '69
THX-1138> 1985 was cool too
*** General-Michael has quit IRC ((signed off))