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MASTER thespian THX-1138 takes you into the wonderful world of online romance with the help of Bobbyfrommarion.
NOTE: Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

bobby.jpg bobbyfrommarion> are you a male or female
THYR-1138> female
bobbyfrommarion> are you single
THYR-1138> Yes.
bobbyfrommarion> how old are you
THYR-1138> 21
bobbyfrommarion> geat i am 22
THYR-1138> That's old.
bobbyfrommarion> where do you live at
THYR-1138> California
bobbyfrommarion> i live in indiana
THYR-1138> Is it nice there?
bobbyfrommarion> yes
THYR-1138> What do you do for fun there?
bobbyfrommarion> well we have the state fair and etc..
THYR-1138> doesn't sound too fun
bobbyfrommarion> what do you do for fun
THYR-1138> It depends how drunk I get
bobbyfrommarion> me too
THYR-1138> What's the wildest thing you did while drunk?
bobbyfrommarion> lost my virginity
THYR-1138> I didn't need to get drunk to do that.
bobbyfrommarion> do you want to be friends
THYR-1138> I don't know. How old were you when you lost your viginity?
bobbyfrommarion> 20
bobbyfrommarion> i was 20 when i lost my virginiy
THYR-1138> That's old isn't it?
bobbyfrommarion> not really
THYR-1138> Were you saving yourself?
THYR-1138> And was it someone you loved?
bobbyfrommarion> are you saving yourself
bobbyfrommarion> it was but we broke up thay.jpg
THYR-1138> That's too bad.
THYR-1138> I'm definitely not saving myself. I've had sex with lots of guys
bobbyfrommarion> would you like to have an online romance beautiful
THYR-1138> I don't know
THYR-1138> I barely know you
bobbyfrommarion> how come
bobbyfrommarion> do you want my e-mail address
THYR-1138> I just met you.
bobbyfrommarion> would you like it
THYR-1138> I don't know. I guess
bobbyfrommarion> okay it is e-mail me when you get this okay
THYR-1138> Okay.
THYR-1138> What is an online romance like?
bobbyfrommarion> well you go with someoe online and stay with that person until you meet them
THYR-1138> What happens after you meet them?
bobbyfrommarion> you start a relationship wth that person
THYR-1138> What if he's ugly like a dog?
bobbyfrommarion> you would still go out with them
THYR-1138> But his ugly like a dog? I only like my men hot and built like gods.
bobbyfrommarion> do you like your men with long hair and beards and tall
THYR-1138> I like tall guys a lot.
THYR-1138> Do you have muscles?
bobbyfrommarion> do you like long hair on them
THYR-1138> It depends if they have muscles.
THYR-1138> But I like to run my hands through long hair
bobbyfrommarion> well i have long hair and i am tall and i have a goatie
THYR-1138> ooh, they tickle when you kiss, i bet
bobbyfrommarion> yes they do describe yourself a little bit
THYR-1138> i'm about 5'9", and 120 lbs, with long curly brown hair
THYR-1138> I have a nice face to boot.
bobbyfrommarion> the perfect mate for me
THYR-1138> Mate?
bobbyfrommarion> the perfect woman for me
THYR-1138> Do you have a picture?
THYR-1138> And why am I your perfect woman?
bobbyfrommarion> i wish i can send yo one
THYR-1138> So do i
bobbyfrommarion> your the woman i have been looking for
THYR-1138> You been looking a long time?
bobbyfrommarion> for about a year
THYR-1138> Why is it so hard?
bobbyfrommarion> because of what happened between me and my ex
THYR-1138> What was that?
bobbyfrommarion> girlfriend
THYR-1138> What happened though?
bobbyfrommarion> she was domineering all the time pushing
bobbyfrommarion> you dont sound like that
THYR-1138> well i like for the guy to be in control when i'm in a relationship
bobbyfrommarion> that is me
THYR-1138> What would you do if we were in a realtionship?
bobbyfrommarion> Well I would work and the money I bring hme would be ours not just mine
THYR-1138> Would you buy me jewelry from tifany's and hello kitty toys? I luuuuuuuv hello kitty
bobbyfrommarion> yes I would
THYR-1138> I luuuuuv that in a man
bobbyfrommarion> plus I would also cook for you too
THYR-1138> Would you cook fancy food? I luuuuuv fancy food
THYR-1138> I luuuuv food with MSG
bobbyfrommarion> yes i would
THYR-1138> Do you watch the food network? I luuuv Iron Chef
bobbyfrommarion> yes
THYR-1138> Do you like Iron Chef?
bobbyfrommarion> i watch the food ch once in a while
THYR-1138> What about hello kitty? Who's your favorite?
bobbyfrommarion> ive never heard of hello kitty but i would buy them for you along with a diamond ring
THYR-1138> But what would you want in return?
bobbyfrommarion> a loving woman
THYR-1138> That's reasonable
bobbyfrommarion> so are you ready to start an online romance
THYR-1138> sure
bobbyfrommarion> i will be faithful to you always
THYR-1138> Email me at
THYR-1138> When do we meet?
bobbyfrommarion> would you like me to send you a plane ticket where you live
THYR-1138> ISn't that too soon?
bobbyfrommarion> what chat room do you want to keep meeting in
THYR-1138> deep13
bobbyfrommarion> is that on
THYR-1138> Yes.
bobbyfrommarion> i am just asking because i am on webtv
THYR-1138> Yes, it's here on scifi
bobbyfrommarion> are you on webtv
THYR-1138> No.
bobbyfrommarion> e-mail e so i can reply okay
THYR-1138> I will.
THYR-1138> how long should we date online before meeting?
bobbyfrommarion> i dont know you pick
THYR-1138> I like to get to know my men. I'm not a slut. how about a couple of weeks
bobbyfrommarion> would 10 months be allright
THYR-1138> Yes.
bobbyfrommarion> that would be allright
THYR-1138> good.
bobbyfrommarion> 10 months it is
THYR-1138> Jsut email me when to meet in deep13
bobbyfrommarion> okay that will be our dating plac
THYR-1138> Okay, I'll talk to you then
bobbyfrommarion> e-mail me back rght now so i can reply
THYR-1138> I will later. I'm tired.
THYR-1138> I just got home from playing in an orchestra.
bobbyfrommarion> can i tell you i love you right now
* THYR-1138 blusheshellokitty.jpg
THYR-1138> You're so sweet
bobbyfrommarion> you play in an orchestra
THYR-1138> Yes.
bobbyfrommarion> i just wanted to say i love you
THYR-1138> That's good
THYR-1138> I want all the luuuv I can get.
bobbyfrommarion> if we do get together and get married how does a family sound
THYR-1138> How big a family?
bobbyfrommarion> a boy and a girl
THYR-1138> What would we name them?
bobbyfrommarion> josh and victoria
THYR-1138> Why those names?
bobbyfrommarion> what would youname are kids sweetheart
THYR-1138> I like Marie and Billy.
bobbyfrommarion> those are good names sweetheart
THYR-1138> But what about if I want more kids?
bobbyfrommarion> then thats what you will get honey
THYR-1138> Good, it's all about me
bobbyfrommarion> anything to make my woman happy
THYR-1138> What else would you do to make me hpapy?
bobbyfrommarion> i would provide a good home for my woman support her and whats mine is hers
THYR-1138> What do you do now?
THYR-1138> Do you work?
bobbyfrommarion> yes i work in food services and i live in a 2 bedroom apartment that i share with a roommate
THYR-1138> I have a room mate too
THYR-1138> Do you ever have sex with your roommate? I love to do that with mine
THYR-1138> Do you?
THYR-1138> Fine! don't talk to me! I thought you luuuuuuved me

Sadly, Bobby's mom told him to get off line and shave his beard so he could go to work flipping burgers and burning the fries at Burger King. Online romance is so hard these days.

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