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BryanL> Do you do those violent porn cartoons, Witch? Like in Spike and Mike's Twisted Festival?
Witch> Hey josh are you realy josh!
deueltl> Are you kidding, his girlfriend is animated!
Witch> i know heather and Eduards
JoshL> Where do you know Heather and Eduardo from?
Witch> yestarday and some time else!
Witch> so how are you Josh?
JoshL> Where did you meet them?
Witch> here
JoshL> I feel like i'm dead.
Witch> lol why too mutch work
BryanL> You should come on Hollywood Squares sometime, Josh. I could get you upper left corner.
JoshL> yes. we have lots of promotional work.
BryanL> We'll tell Jim Varney to go shoot up for a week.
JoshL> Seriously? That would be cool BryanL. I love that show and Whoopi.
Witch> yea mee to i had to animate a seen to day 10 times because it didn't look good
JoshL> Jim Varney is good friend with my dad.
JoshL> Is that what you do? Animate things, Witch?
Witch> yea i am an animator/director
JoshL> That's great. The world needs more people working in the movie industry.
JoshL> What do you draw?
BryanL> I read in USA Today that by 2010, over 25% of Americans will work in the movie industry, either directly or indirectly.
Witch> characters and more characters i allso do clay animation
JoshL> I hope so! There's a lot of money in the movie industry and we all need a piece of that hot money pie.
BryanL> I need to get my ass out of this syndicated TV ghetto. Fast.
JoshL> Were you inspired to work with clay after watching Ghost? Whoopi is in that movie and she's great in everything! Have you seen Juimpin Jack Flash?
BryanL> Jumpin' Jack Flash moved me in ways I didn't think a movie could. Underappreciated masterpiece.
Jeb> BryanL, I'm still trying to develop projects.
JoshL> TV's not that bad. I hear Eduardo and Dan are making a tv show about the Blair Witch. They said it'll follow the witch from town to town as she helps people.
Jeb> Ever since Josh and the guys slipped through my fingers at Sundance . . .
Jeb> not that I'm bitter.
JoshL> How much did you offer again?
BryanL> Yeah, and I told you, once you get the funding lined up, I'm there. Until then, it's Whoopi and Friends. But I may have a two-week trial stint on Judge Judy lined up, so cross your fingers.
Witch> hey Josh are Ed and HEather going to come tonight?
BryanL> Heh. "Trial Stint". I didn't even plan that. I crack myself up sometimes.
Witch> nice to meet you josh!
JoshL> I'm so glad they brought back Hollywood Squares. I hope they bring back Card Sharks and High Rollers.
Jeb> I'll try to divert money from my boozeandwhores budget, Bryan. We'll get rich!
JoshL> I don't know Witch. They do whatever they want.
Witch> oh ok thanx
JoshL> Last I heard, Ed and Heather were going to the Bahamas. I'm surprised they were in here last night.
deueltl> Cut the three martini lunch down to one, it saves so much.
BryanL> Actually, there's a Card Sharks in early development. The sets are built, but Joe Piscopo is holding out for $20K per episode to host.
JoshL> Joe Piscipo is such a money hungry whore.
BryanL> I mean, Whoopi's only getting 25 for Squares, and she's producing, too. And Piscopo's no Goldberg. He's no Goldberg, even.
Witch> well nice meeting you Josh
JoshL> I'd like to get him in the forest with the Blair Witch.
Witch> are you Josh
JoshL> Yes, nice to talk to you Witch.
BryanL> That'd show him. Pay him back for "Red Heat".
JoshL> I hope I'm Josh. I'm wearing his underwear. :-)
Witch> lol
Witch> ok it is you
Witch> :)
Witch> i am 16
JoshL> Red Heat was garbage. Jeb, did you greenlight that?
Witch> and mi name is Alex
BryanL> I thought your name was Witch?
deueltl> 16, what a shocker!
BryanL> Short for Alexandra, then?
Witch> yea what is strange about that
JoshL> 16 and you're animating! That's amazing. Like I said, more people need to get into the industry because there aren't enough people right now.
Witch> the guy that makes family guy is 3 years older than me
JoshL> That's great. Whata talent.
Witch> yea well i am still in high school
BryanL> Seth McFarlane's actually 40. It came out yesterday in the trades. It's another big scandal like that Felicity chick.
Witch> yea i know
Witch> i am luky
JoshL> High school stunk. I wish I got my GED instead and went right into acting.
Witch> and hapy
Witch> hehehe yea lol :)
Witch> hey the trailor is on
JoshL> High school doesn't helpyou with anything, especially with movies.
Witch> i gues
JoshL> Lots of writers in Hollywood never even graduated from high school.
Jeb> sorry, I was afk.
BryanL> Seriously. You think the guys behind American Pie went to high school? Please.
Witch> well i still whant to go to coledge!
Jeb> yeah, i gave the green light for Red Heat.
Jeb> that and "Real men"
BryanL> You shoulda given the red light to Green Heat. Hah!
deueltl> So, the children of this country should all quit school and go into film.
JoshL> College is even more useless. I can't believe I spent $80,000 to get a degree in theater.
Jeb> I must've sunk 100 large into this MBA.
JoshL> American Pie was okay. It's no Blair Witch, but Aly Hannigan is in it and she's good in anything, or nothing at all. Haha. I crack myself up sometimes.
Witch> well yea they only waste your money adn don't teach you anything coledge dosen't mean anything but the people like it if you have bean to coledge so they highere! you
JoshL> An MBA and you greenlighted Red Heat
Jeb> I ran the numbers! Schwarzenegger! Belushi! it all made sense at the time.
deueltl> Spelling is *so* unimportant.
JoshL> If you want to go into movie, you're best education is to live and experience life, not stay couped up in school.
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Q> um - hello?
JoshL> I really wish I didn't go to school.
BryanL> Hey, babe.
Q> whassup all
Witch> well yea i guess if i am succesfull in high school i might just start my own studio! and animate
BryanL> Discussing film, mostly.
Trademark> Jesus Christ. Witch, you are one hell of a good typist for a five-year-old!
JoshL> That's the best thing to do. Start your company like Eduardo and Dan did. They make bank now. They've got plenty of coin to live large.
Witch> no i am realy sleepy and my spelling is crapy sorry about that! but thanx i am 16
Trademark> 16? Sorry to hear that. But how are the "treatments" going?
JoshL> Another good thing to get into is music. Like actually being in a band or directing music videos. That's a lot of money.
Witch> yea you are right JOshs
Trademark> Oh, good. Let's get a few more George Kennedy virgins in here...
Witch> Trademark what is your problem with me?
BryanL> George Kennedy is not a virgin, mister.
JoshL> I hope I get to work with George Kennedy.
Q> josh, witch, have we met?
JoshL> Have we?
Witch> lol
Trademark> Witch: I have this aversion to the dark side.
Witch> hi q
Q> hey witchipoo. got any good spells for cursing a selfish relative?
Witch> oh ok well dont show it to me sorry realy calm right now
Witch> i whant to ceep my patiense
Trademark> Whoa. I'm going to need a ruling on that phrase.
Witch> lol Q no :)
Q> bugger
JoshL> Hey, BryanL, can I get my people in contact with yours for the Hollywood Squares stuff?
Q> the hollywood squares are the collective antichrist, i am convinced
BryanL> Yeah. We'll see what we can put together. Taping starts up again in October.
JoshL> Cool. Can I say what show I want to be on? I want to be in the squares with some big stars
Witch> Josh my real name is Alex just whant you to know i am not tring to push it :)
JoshL> Okay then Alex.
Witch> shure
Trademark> least, that's what it says on the sedative bottle.
BryanL> They're all big stars this season, actually. First season's ratings were so huge. We're picking up all the stragglers who won't do Roseanne's show now that NBC's dropped her.
JoshL> Anyone know if that adult film producer from last week is coming in here?
Witch> Trademark do you dislike me?
Witch> who Josh?
Trademark> I have IRC-related Tourette's...
BryanL> Trademark's parents were killed by animators, Witch. You'll have to cut him some slack, I'm afraid.
JoshL> Sweet. What about Card Sharks? You think they might get a different host aside from Piscopo? I really want to do something with that.
Witch> lol
deueltl> Twas tragic.
Witch> animators are not crazzy
Q> dear sweet mother of zeus, piscopo's working??
JoshL> There was an adult film producer in here last week. I think his name was Walter. He wanted me to do a movie for him and I looked at the script. It looks solid.
BryanL> They want Piscopo, 'cause they think he's got a real Card Sharks vibe about him. He'll cave. He always does.
Jeb> if you call hollywood squares working.
Jeb> no offense, bryan
Q> i guess there's an angel for each of us after all
Jeb> cool, Josh.
Q> do you have to get naked?
Jeb> is that the Blair Snatch Project? Or something else?
JoshL> No, it's a sequel to this really popular adult film called Analconda.
Witch> OH yea Watler was here last nigh insulting me, ED, AND HEATHER! JOSh!
JoshL> I haven't heard of Blair Snatch. Who's doing that? I might get in touch with them.
Witch> he was here
Trademark> Torgo.
BryanL> Walter did Analconda? The lighting in that was really impressive. Truffaulty, even.
JoshL> Insulting them? Are you sure? He might have been asking them to be inthe movie.
Q> true faulty?
JoshL> Yeah. I saw the original Analconda and fell in love with it. I'm really honored that I can work on the follow up.
Witch> well ask Jeb he knows more i wasn't listening to Watler that mutch
Trademark> Yes, it's a game show.
Trademark> Marbles.
JoshL> And yes Q, I'd definitely have to get naked.
BryanL> I hope they come up with a better name than "Analconda II", though. They're better than that.
Q> hey, go for it, i say
JoshL> I was told that's the working title.
BryanL> Needs s subtitle, though. "Analconda 2: Ride The Snake". That'd work.
Trademark> Slither.
JoshL> I'll pass that on to Walter.
Witch> Josh ask Jeb about Watler i wasn't really paing to him last nigh.
JoshL> Jeb, have you worked with Walter?
Trademark> That dirty Russian...
Witch> but he was pissed about something
BryanL> Are you sure he was pissed, Witch? He's a Buddhist. They don't get angry.
JoshL> It was probably a fake Walter. He seemed nice when I met him last week.
Trademark> Watler: The Mad Monk.
*** Witch has quit IRC ((signed off))

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JoshL> Yeah, that's crazy insider info.
Witch> sorry about that i just got didsconected!
JoshL> Thinking about it, Walter could be mad at Heather though. She turned him down for Analconda 2.
BryanL> Well, to be fair, if the script I've read is current, there's at least 2 DVDA scenes, and I don't think Heather's ready for that.
Witch> did any one see "EYES WIDE SHUT" i heard it had good camera but it didn't get selekted
JoshL> Heather always was a light weight.
Witch> Heather is a really nice person!!!!!
Trademark> I went, but followed the dictum, so missed the whole thing.
Witch> oh
BryanL> She's nice, and cool, but no way is she ready for DVDA. It takes years to prepare.
JoshL> Damn, my girlfriend is here. Gotta go off to a party at the Playboy mansion. Catch you all later and don't let the Blair Witch get you! ;)