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*** Witch (Witch@ has joined #MST-HomeGame
JackChick> Wiccan in the hizzzouse
Witch> hello? are the directors of the blair witch here i heard that theynhave a final chat tonight?
JackChick> Yes, they were going to stop by here later
Jeb> JackChick is one of them.
Jeb> the other one left.
JackChick> Shhh.
JackChick> Ah, crap.
Jeb> sorry dude.
WalterRalz> You blew his cover.
Jeb> i forgot you were incognito.
Witch> Jack Chick is it realy one of you?
JackChick> Dammit.
Christy2> What if Jack Chick was one of us?
Witch> oh i am inspiared from your movie
JackChick> Please don't tell anyone, like these goof balls did.
Jeb> just ask him a quick question or two is you must.
Jeb> but don't tie him up or tell anyone else on the server
Witch> ok
Jeb> their chat is officially over
JackChick> you guys are assholes. You can't keep a damn secret.
Witch> jack chick are you HEather?
JackChick> No.
JackChick> She left.
Witch> then who are you?
Witch> michael?
JackChick> Row the boat ashore
Jeb> alleluia
Witch> you are?
Witch> oh please be telling the truth!!
Witch> please!!
WalterRalz> HeatherD was in here earlier
JackChick> Just so you know, Heather did not direct
Witch> Oh ok well who are you?
JackChick> Eduardo.
Witch> who is edwardo?
JackChick> Sanchez. The co-director/writer
Witch> Please be telling the truth!!!! please!!!???
Witch> Are you?
JackChick> Wrote/directed it with Daniel Myrick
Jeb> she's gone. it's true. sorry.
JackChick> Do you have a question?
Witch> Well is any of the other acotrs in hear?
JackChick> Maybe. What's the question?
Witch> well i whanted to asck is the movie based on a true insidend?
JackChick> It's not. We made it up in film class.
Witch> oh....ok
JackChick> Frankly, we're surprised people are that scared since it's so fake.
WalterRalz> This wasn't an actor's chat, just a director's chat. Sorry
Witch> well are you really the co director???? please be telling the truth!!!!
Nancy> the idea started about 5 years ago, but only just got made now.
JackChick> I am Eduardo Sanchez.
Jeb> You killed his father.
Witch> Are you realy!!!
Jeb> prepare to die
WalterRalz> How many times does the man have to tell you the same thing?
Witch> ~sigh~ this smells fishy!
JackChick> Why would I be lying? Aside from not wanting to be bothered by a lot of people
JackChick> Yes, it's fishy, like all the dead fish in the river.
Witch> well i cant trust any on because many people have said that and they lied!!
Nancy> who has said it?
Jeb> dead fish are scary.
JackChick> Who said that? I want to meet them?
WalterRalz> Well whatever he tells you you won't believe, so why keep asking?
Witch> well like normal caht people....Idon't know? normal people!!!
Nancy> eduardo, is sandra sanchez who was also in the movie related to you in some way?
Jeb> eduaurdo, you need to trademark your name, like leo dicaprio
JackChick> Heh, that'd be cool.
Witch> Ok i beleve now!!!
JackChick> Maybe with the new money I can buy a trademark
Nancy> you didn't answer my question.
Witch> wow i'll stay here untill my lap top dosent run out of batteries well not for ever!!
Witch> what?
JackChick> What question?
Witch> what
Nancy> is sandra sanchez related to you? she was also in the movie.
Witch> Wait are you tlking about BLAIR WITCH?
JackChick> Of course she is. It's a low budget movie. I have to let family be in it
Jeb> jack, i'm sorry i said anything. didn't mean to attract all the fanboys.
Nancy> that's true i suppose.
JackChick> It's okay Jeb. As long as it's only a few people. I couldn't stand the 400+ person chat.
Nancy> yeah, that would be pretty rough.
JackChick> When you only have $30000, you need to use all the free people you can.
Nancy> yeah. i didn't think about that.
Nancy> how did you find the actors you used?
Witch> Hey Are any Actors in here?
Christy2> Why didn't you ever show the witch?
JackChick> Why do you ask?
Jeb> did you pimp out your sister after the credit cards maxed out?
JackChick> Because we didn't have money to make a good looking witch.
JackChick> We didn't want a fakey witch.
Christy2> Hmmm. I see.
JackChick> Yeah, I pimped my sister. Are you a ray-tard?
Nancy> it's hard when your budget is so small.
Christy2> Jamie, don't piss off the talent.
Witch> Well not showing the witch leves the movie in to more suspense!!!
Nancy> i agree.
JackChick> Also, it's more scary if you don't see the actual witch and it's all in your imagination
Jeb> I'm just a bitter studio exec threatened by the new filmmaking technology and paradigms.
Christy2> I can see that.
JackChick> Sure Jeb.
WalterRalz> Plus it's CHEAP.
Christy2> Well, don't piss off my talent with meaningless questions and in-jokes.
Jeb> Plus, I always pimp out the talent.
JackChick> That's why you'll never make a good movie.
Jeb> it's standard at the big studios.
Witch> Hey did the Actors say they were going to come back any other time , and when? (last question about actors)
Jeb> charlie sheen keeps beating up all my leading ladies.
Jeb> this production is hemmoraghing money.
JackChick> They could come back later. No one really knows.
Nancy> jamie, shut up and let the real star talk.
Jeb> but you go on with your success, JackChick.
JackChick> They're lost in the forest.
WalterRalz> What's next on your plate, Jack.
* Jeb cries himself to sleep in a pit of vomit.
JackChick> We might make a prequel
JackChick> And we're working on a tv show
Nancy> eduardo, was there any chemistry between you and heather? i heard a rumour that you two were in a relationship.
Witch> yea thats what i just heard on the news!!!! yuo are the real co director!!!
Witch> ok cool am relieved!
JackChick> I'll just say things tend to happen when you're alone with a woman in the forest. ;)
JackChick> Haha.
Nancy> heh. i understand.
Witch> hey i'll be right back!!! i whon't tell any one!!!
*** Witch has quit IRC ((signed off))
WalterRalz> hahahahahaa
JackChick> Daniel wants to make it a sequel with flashbacks...
Nancy> hahaha!
Jeb> sorry, i was entertaining myself
JackChick> He's telling someone
Nancy> probably
Christy2> god!
Christy2> that's hysterical.
WalterRalz> This could rival the DORN ultra if she brings people back
Christy2> oh yeah.
Nancy> yep
Nancy> one of you guys should be an actor
* JackChick turns on flood protect to prevent fingahs
Jeb> crap, and I was going to go to sleep.
WalterRalz> I have a particular spot for DORN, since I was DORN
Christy2> I need to get the WWBBD? song off repeat.
JackChick> And you could be an actor
* Jeb kills the stupid SP 'interpretations'
JackChick> MAybe I should leave and then come back when witch shows up again.
*** Witch (Witch@ has joined #MST-HomeGame
Witch> ......ok....
WalterRalz> Wow, now that's news
Jeb> did you go tell more people?
JackChick> You asked for it
Witch> no !!!!
Witch> trust me on that!!!
*** BlairHD (heather@ has joined #mst-homegame
Witch> i didn't
BlairHD> Hi everyone.
WalterRalz> Back again?
BlairHD> Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
Witch> Heather?
JackChick> Hey.
BlairHD> yes?
Nancy> wow. this is so cool.
Witch> hi HEATHER!!
BlairHD> Hi!
JackChick> Any more questions?
BlairHD> Hey Ed.
JackChick> How's it going?
WalterRalz> How deep in the woods did you go for most of the shots?
Nancy> heather, i really loved when you did that whole appology thing. that was really good acting.
JackChick> you won't believe it. Probably no more than 100 feet from the main roads and houses.
BlairHD> thanks, Nancy. I really dug deep for that one.
BlairHD> I imagined my dog dying.
JackChick> That was total improv too.
WalterRalz> Jack told us you were a good lay Heather. Is that true?
Witch> Yea yuo acted the best heather!
Nancy> did you have any trouble with getting lost when you were in the woods?
BlairHD> I really don't appreciate what you're insinuating, Walter.
JackChick> Hey now. I never said that.
BlairHD> no, we had global positioning equipment
WalterRalz> Oh she was a bad one then?
Jeb> See if I ever tell you about Jack and I's private conversations again, Walter.
Nancy> oh, that's cool.
Jeb> unless you get more booze for this washed-out exec.
Witch> Sorry
BlairHD> excuse me Walter. I think you really need to be careful.
Nancy> don't mind Walter, heather. he's just kidding.
BlairHD> It was supposed to be some teeth and hair.
Witch> oh
JackChick> The GPS stuff was rented from Elron's Camp Supplies.
Jeb> Walter, please no fixed channel abuse
Nancy> i think that since you can't see exactly what it was that it made it even more creepy.
WalterRalz> How much did the effects budget run, because I'm guessing right aroun a buck 45
Witch> Wow i am the only 16 year old person in hear!!
JackChick> That guy was nice. He gave it to us for free until we could pay him back
BlairHD> it kind of looked like a tongue, but it was really the gum, as well.
Nancy> oh. that makes more sense.
JackChick> No. We spent about $1200 on FX.
WalterRalz> You were robbed.
JackChick> Maybe you've never made a movie.
Nancy> Walter, give it a rest. we don't care that you didn't like the movie.
Witch> Hey Jack did you use any lighting?
WalterRalz> I did an indie that had tons of effects for under a grand
Nancy> bullshit
JackChick> We had lighting on the handhelds.
JackChick> And then we used some lights for the interviews
Witch> ok thanx
WalterRalz> El Intoxico, premiered to a standing O at the National Ontor Film Fest.
BlairHD> we used all the equipment a real film student would use for filming a documentry.
JackChick> We saved a lot since we didn't have to buy/rent a steadicam
WalterRalz> or talent
Witch> Hey what is the presequal going to be about?
Nancy> i had a friend who got a little motion-sickness because of the jerky camera work, but it made the overall effect better.
JackChick> Maybe Walter needs to go camping in the woods.
BlairHD> It is going to be about the Blair Witch's beginings.
WalterRalz> It's about Jar Jar and Qui Gon
Witch> lol
BlairHD> How she was really just a feminist wicca woman horribly wronged by the puritan society of the day.
JackChick> Daniel wants it to be a sequel with flashbacks about the other Blair Witch stories
Nancy> Walter, take your pathetic fanboy whining elsewhere.
Nancy> there were so many witches killed in that whole area during that time. it was really sad.
BlairHD> well, Daniel is wrong.
JackChick> Walter is bitter he didn't make a good movie.
WalterRalz> Your just upset because you got scared at the movie and now are shown a fool.
Jeb> even I don't want to sign him to my studio
Witch> Hey do you think sequals destroy the original?
Nancy> did star wars ep 1?
Nancy> not in my opinion.
BlairHD> I think the sequal will just help add to the mystique.
JackChick> Well, we want to be careful with it. We're stil ltalking to Artisan about the exact story so it lives up to BWP.
Witch> ok...
WalterRalz> I heard you got Cher to play the witch in the next one. True?
Nancy> yeah, it'll be hard to top what you've already done.
BlairHD> We don't want to give into the whole "hollywood sell out" scheme.
BlairHD> Walter, that's not very funny.
Witch> Is it going to be another documantery film or actuall film?
JackChick> Yeah, Cher is in the next movie as your mom.
JackChick> Walter, what's your problem?
BlairHD> I really think it'd be best to do a real film.
BlairHD> or at least have some flashbacks.
Witch> oh..ok
BlairHD> but, I'm just an actress, I don't have much say so.
Nancy> now that you'll have enough of a budget to do something more hi-tech.
Witch> well i am 16 and i have crazy ideas but...
JackChick> Not really. We still want to keep it true to the low budget
BlairHD> I think we should really go for a dark melodrama with the true story of the Blair Witch.
Witch> Yea that'll be good
BlairHD> Really delve deep into her personal motivations. I also think she should be an ancestor of my character.
JackChick> An E! True Hollywood Story, like what Josh kept joking about?
WalterRalz> How hokey.
BlairHD> ha, Josh can bite me.
Jeb> you just want a bigger role
Nancy> that's a good idea, heather.
BlairHD> Thank you, Nancy.
* JackChick writes a script behind Heather's back
Witch> Are you going to show the person that was being controled by the witch beating the kids? is the sequal going to be in the old ages?
BlairHD> I'll let Ed answer this one.
JackChick> We haven't really gotten treatments written up. We just have general plot ideas.
Jeb> did the Blair Witch kill Jon benet?
JackChick> Yes.
Nancy> jeez, Jeb.
Witch> ok....
JackChick> Jon Benet is the Blair Witch :)
BlairHD> yeesh. that's not very funny.
BlairHD> Men.
Jeb> heh heh.
JackChick> You'll most likely see the guy in the prequels though
Jeb> you kid directors are so cheeky.
WalterRalz> I heard on E! that you were thinking of trying to patch the Blair Witch thing into Roenoak. True?
BlairHD> I think that'd be a great idea.
JackChick> I heard the lost colony was on a milk carton
BlairHD> the whole mystery of the Roanoke disappearance.
WalterRalz> That's a big milk carton.
JackChick> Croatoan...
BlairHD> Hmm, I don't think Ed is taking things seriously. :-)
Witch> is it going ot take plase in the forest again or an old town vilige where they burn the witches?
Witch> Who is ED
BlairHD> probably both locations.
WalterRalz> JackChick is a psuedo for Eduardo
Nancy> eduardo, witch.
BlairHD> right guys?
JackChick> Actually, that's part of the backstory that Dan and I got together. Croatoan plays into the origianl Blair Witch myth
BlairHD> that's what I heard, at least.
Witch> oh ok sorry for asking
BlairHD> Ed?
JackChick> Heather?
JackChick> I think you're re-living your camera breakdown scene.
BlairHD> I can't pull all the weight here.
JackChick> What?
Witch> Hey heather was josh realy down there at the ending or was the witch mimiking his voise?
BlairHD> Shouldn't you be answering more questions?
JackChick> I was busy typing something. Did I miss a question?
BlairHD> being the all mighty director and all!
BlairHD> Josh was down there. that's why Mike was in the corner. he couldn't watch while the witch killed Josh.
JackChick> Or was he? Hehehe.
Witch> what about you you got hit by the witch?
BlairHD> no, Mike was hit by the witch.....I was running down the stairs to come find him.
BlairHD> the witch picked up his camera, made him stand in the corner, and then ....
BlairHD> well, you be the judge.
JackChick> The witch didn't pick up the camera, that was me!
Witch> well how come the film camera fell on the ground
Nancy> one of the frequent questions is whether it was actually a spirit, or if it was really josh who went crazy who killed them. what do you say about that?
Witch> the one you were careing?
JackChick> I say it's what ever you believe. I can't gove all the secrets away.
BlairHD> I was carrying the video camera, not the black and white 8mm.
WalterRalz> It was all the violent videogames he played that caused it.
Witch> ~sorry~
JackChick> I want people to talk about this movie for years to come. They won't do that if I give you the answers. :)
Witch> yea whant hapened to you
Witch> you whent in the corner too (sorry for these stupid questins)
BlairHD> well, that's part you don't have to guess.
BlairHD> it's the mystery! :-)
Witch> :)----ok
JackChick> We actually filmed what happens, but we decided not to show it. It's on the DVD that we'll make.
Nancy> that's neat. what else will be on the dvd?
JackChick> 6 hours of extra footage and the Sci Fi documentary.
WalterRalz> Wow 6 hours of people wandering in the woods. Joy.
BlairHD> it includes the scene where Mike kicks the map into the river.
JackChick> I need to make some money to pay for film school. Hehe.
Nancy> shut up, Walter. i think we all know by now that you didn't like the movie. next you'll start talking about your dick again. give it a rest.
Nancy> like you'll ever need to worry about money again, eduardo
WalterRalz> I'll have you know that I'm a stout 13.5 baybee. You couldn't handle it all.
JackChick> We only got a million dollars.
Nancy> do you really need to point that out all the time, Walter?
BlairHD> please, can we stick to the subject at hand?
Witch> Hmmm.....i didn't understand what was going on when you guis were going "put on some jeans put on some jeans!" and the tent was rateling?
JackChick> ONE MEEEELYON DOLLARS. Sorry, I had to do that.
JackChick> They were doing something in the tent, Alex.
WalterRalz> Well you were in here last week asking for some masturbation .avis so I'm sure you like to think about it often Nancy.
BlairHD> well, we were being attacked.
JackChick> Jesus. What are you people talking about? Go to another room with that shit.
Nancy> i think you're starting to project your problems on me, Walter.
WalterRalz> I'm just giving the ladies what they ask for Jack. You know how it is.
Witch> ~oh ok~
Nancy> i'm sorry, eduardo. this jerk just gets to me sometimes.
Witch> I'll just liten~
JackChick> Walter, what's your problem? YOu want me to get the Blair Witch on your ass?
BlairHD> don't make my ghost haunt you.
Nancy> thinks he's god's gift to women just because he has a dick 13.5 inches long. wanker.
Witch> wow lol
WalterRalz> I don't go that way, but I'll get on her ass double time.
Witch> !!
JackChick> 13.5 inches? Well, let's give the man the floor then
Witch> what the
WalterRalz> Smack that thigh and make her say "Who's your daddy."
BlairHD> ha, I'd like to measure that.
Nancy> don't. he's a bitter aspiring film-maker.
Witch> i have never heard a conversation like this between actors!! lol
BlairHD> ah, Nancy, that makes sense. He seems very bitter.
WalterRalz> Boogie Nights was MY story and they stole it from me.
Nancy> he doesn't like anything that people like. wants to be all different.
JackChick> Hah! I know the guy who made Boogie Nights. You're an idiot.
BlairHD> Wait, didn't I hear about you on Howard Stern?
WalterRalz> He didn't know the real pain of growing up with a huge wang.
Witch> lol
WalterRalz> Yes I was on there once with Howie Mandel.
Witch> this is greate!!
WalterRalz> You take pleasure in my pain?
JackChick> Poor baby. @>--,--'---
Jeb> didn't you try to sodomize howie mandel on live radio?
Nancy> Jeb, do you have to get so graphic?
Witch> soo...Heather do you guis usually talk like this between each other?
WalterRalz> No, I just asked if he wanted to touch it to make sure it was soft.
Nancy> gross, Walter!
Nancy> you're gonna chase off the movie stars!
WalterRalz> Hey, I'm still 8 inches soft. Interested?
JackChick> dude, that was gay.
Witch> Heather hello?
BlairHD> yes, witch?
Witch> ok
Witch> ok
WalterRalz> Witch, are you interested in hearing about these poseurs or my magnificent manhood?
Witch> So do ou guis usually talk about stuff like this around actors!!!
JackChick> I bet it's the Blair Witch Server
Nancy> you missed Walter talking about his 13.5 inch dick again. loser.
BlairHD> any more questions?
JackChick> Walter, no one cares about your stick.
WalterRalz> Let's let Witch answer that
Christy2> go back to your freakin' porn career, Walter.
JackChick> Why don't you leave?
Nancy> Walter, give the kid a break.
Witch> answer what?
* Jeb brushes his teeth.
WalterRalz> Witch, are you interested in hearing about these poseurs or my magnificent manhood?
BlairHD> I really don't think that's appropriate.
JackChick> Don't answer him Alex.
Nancy> don't worry about him, witch.
Witch> Walter are you drunk?
WalterRalz> No, not yet.
JackChick> Walter is jealous.
Nancy> he's just upset because he's not the centre of attention because we have REAL stars here.
JackChick> Walter, maybe you should try Scientology.
WalterRalz> I'll take you to space mountian baby.
WalterRalz> I'll make you stay up all night, and stay a little longer. WOOOOOoooo.
Witch> who is Nancy?
JackChick> Damn, what a freak.
Nancy> i am Nancy.
Witch> Are you an actor/
Nancy> no, i just found out about these guys when i came in a little while ago.
Witch> oh ok
JackChick> "Are you a God, Ray?"
WalterRalz> She was coming to see me and they were here too.
Nancy> it's so cool that they're actually here talking to us.
Witch> ..........:) jolly!
JackChick> Yeah. I could be sleeping right now. :)
JackChick> Any more questions from the gallery?
BlairHD> hmmm.
WalterRalz> Jack-o, I heard that you specifically picked those three for actors because they were all lovers and you know they would work well together.
JackChick> Not lovers that I know of. Were you Heather?
BlairHD> No, Mike is cute, but we never did anything.
Witch> hey are you guis ,HEATER,MICHAEL,JOSH and directors going to chat here more some time or when ever?
JackChick> There wan't much time on the set for loving with all the method-filming
BlairHD> depends if sci-fi will let us.
Witch> oh would you guis whant to?
WalterRalz> Did you often hit them to make them cry?
JackChick> No.
BlairHD> I don't know about Ed, but I would and Mike said he'd like to do it sometime.
JackChick> We never touched them
WalterRalz> Not even...down there?
Witch> oh cool
JackChick> Mike just wants all the attnetion
BlairHD> You're just jealous of Mike.
Witch> Would you ever send out e-mail adresses? heather?
BlairHD> admit it.
JackChick> Remember when Mike was saying he was going to bang all those chicks when he became famous?
BlairHD> After seeing what has happened to other people, no, I won't. Just for sanity's sake.
WalterRalz> Jack, you ran the auditions from a "casting couch" right? wink wink
Jeb> you people have weak connections.
Witch> ok just asking?
JackChick> You're an idiot.
Jeb> but I must be off.
JackChick> Walter, you need help.
BlairHD> Walter, maybe you should take some time and learn some film technique.
*** Jeb has quit IRC ((signed off))
Witch> lol
Witch> this is greate!
WalterRalz> Can it babe, he already said he tagged and bagged you.
JackChick> Walter, would you like to be in the next BW movie so we can kill you?
BlairHD> You're a sad, sad man, Walter.
WalterRalz> Can I be called The Blair Wang.
BlairHD> Get a life, poseur.
Witch> heather how often do you come here?
JackChick> you can be called the idiot who gets killed for real because a tree fell on him
BlairHD> this is my first time, I might not come back because of guys like this.
Witch> do you like coming to these chat rooms?
BlairHD> It's really disconcerting.
Nancy> don't worry heather, he's not always this bad.
WalterRalz> For the starwars permiere, I was the only one with a real "live" lightsaber, if ya know what I mean.
Witch> me? i am not doing anithing!
BlairHD> No, I'm talking about Walter.
BlairHD> He's really bothering me.
Witch> oh
BlairHD> I'm really disgusted by his attitude.
Witch> can i tri to stop him?
Nancy> please do your best
JackChick> Hey, Walter, you need to jump off a building and land on a bike with no seat.
BlairHD> Next time, I will just use a moderator.
WalterRalz> What's this then?
BlairHD> Do you really have 13.5? See me after the chat if so.
BlairHD> You wish, Walter, you wish.
Nancy> yeah right, Walter. you SO faked that.
BlairHD> I never said such a thing. Besides, I'm engaged.
WalterRalz> I just copy/paste it baybee
JackChick> Heather! You slut! ;)
Witch> Walter i think you are just tiered and need some sleep!!
BlairHD> Oh, don't start with me, Eduardo.
BlairHD> It's that time of the month, and I'm not in the mood for it.
WalterRalz> Dude, she was all over me in msg.
BlairHD> Maybe if I wasn't surrounded by incompetent FOOLS, I wouldn't have these problems.
JackChick> Too bad you weren't PMSing when the witch came to get you. Heh.
BlairHD> Ha ha ha, Ed. ha ha ha.
Nancy> like anyone believes a word you say, Walter.
WalterRalz> Look
BlairHD> I have no gag reflex. I can take it ALL.
JackChick> Walter, have you tried religion?
BlairHD> You are dreaming, Walter. Scientology could probably cure you of this.
WalterRalz> and
BlairHD> I swallow. yummy yummy yummy right in my tummy
Nancy> i hear they've got a FREE personality test.
JackChick> Scientology kicks ass
Nancy> eduardo, have you talked to any other actors about being in the next movie?
JackChick> Ooo a question!
JackChick> We were looking into George Kennedy to play an old cop
Nancy> that's cool. i like him.
BlairHD> I am looking forward to working with George Kennedy, or GK as we call him in the biz.
JackChick> And a cool method actor named Tiny Lister as an escaped slave who gets killed by the Witch
Nancy> any others? or is it still to early to say?
WalterRalz> He was trying to get me to play JJ Holmes in the next one, but I said no because of his pissy nature
JackChick> We're just actor dreaming right now.
Witch> .....silense.....
BlairHD> You're a fool, Walter.
Nancy> Walter, why don't you go in the other room and jack off or something, and leave us alone!
WalterRalz> You can't handle all of it babes, even both at the same time
JackChick> We also want William H. Macy from Fargo and Mystery Men to have a role, but we haven't talked to his agent
Witch> I gave you the map Walter!!!
Witch> I gave you the map Walter!!!
Nancy> witch and i actually want to hear what these guys have to say.
WalterRalz> I'm big enough that I can sit here and get my jerk on in the other room
Witch> I gave you the map Walter!!!
Witch> I gave you the map Walter!!!
Nancy> you're such a prick. no pun intended.
BlairHD> Walter, if you love your penis so much, why don't you marry it?
Witch> lol to HD
JackChick> Have you ever heard of Steve Buscemi? Dan wants him sooo bad to be in the TVshow.
* Walter slaps witch with 8 inches of limp tubesteak.
Nancy> grrrrreat.
BlairHD> Steve Buscemi would be great in the TV show.
Nancy> at least crow's visits are getting blissfully short.
BlairHD> all of our naysayers are eating crow, ha ha ha.
JackChick> I keep telling Dan he doesn't do tv, but he keeps saying, "He'll do this tv show!"
JackChick> Dan gets a little nuts.
Witch> hey who is the operator of this room?
WalterRalz> Jeb was
Nancy> i am now
Witch> ohh
BlairHD> he tries too hard.
Witch> Nancy you can kick Watler off if you tipe in /kick Walter
WalterRalz> Watler left
Nancy> i can't, because that would be abuse of a fixed channel. we've gotten in trouble for that before.
Witch> ohhh nuts
WalterRalz> Speaking of nuts
WalterRalz> Marky Mark was a terrible me.
Witch> Walter shut up!!!
Nancy> ed, does the blair witch only attack in that particular woods?
Witch> shut up!!
Witch> shut up!!!
Witch> i can't take it any more i came her to chat!!
JackChick> The Witch can leave the woods every 60 years.
BlairHD> And go find new prey.
Nancy> really. that could provide for an interesting plot.
JackChick> Dan was joking that we should bring her to Vietnam during the war.
Nancy> NAM!
JackChick> NAM?!
Nancy> somehow i'm not sure that would be appropriate.
JackChick> Hey, how do you know about that joke?
WalterRalz> Don't joke about NAM, it's not funny.
JackChick> Dan gets nuts.
BlairHD> was Dan here before?
JackChick> A few days ago.
Nancy> sure it is, Walter. all those legless vets sittin around on their carts. fucking hilarious.
JackChick> He's at some Hollywood party at the Weinstein's. Didn't you get your invite?
WalterRalz> I was in NAM so punks like you can wear your big pants and lip gloss.
JackChick> NAM idiot.
Witch> oh here go again................
Nancy> NAM was a joke. we should never have been there.
Nancy> i bet you weren't even there either.
WalterRalz> I killed 20 gooks one time when they swarmed me. I had to choke out the last three because I ran outta bullets.
BlairHD> were you in Nam with your big penis?
JackChick> Gooks? Nice language.
Nancy> bullshit. you are so full of it.
WalterRalz> Yeah. That was the one time a large cock cost me. It was 10 dollah for sucky sucky
BlairHD> how many different personalites do you have, Walter.
Nancy> do you have to be so crude, Walter?
WalterRalz> Just one. I've leaved a full life.
Witch> Watler did you know that you are dieng avery time you live?
Nancy> there's a lady here. i would appreciate it if you watched your language, Walter.
Witch> it true
Witch> so live quicly!
WalterRalz> Viet girls can handle it all. Not like these bitchy ones here
BlairHD> I really don't appreciate your attitude at all, Walter.
JackChick> Walter, you need to die.
WalterRalz> You're just mad because I didn't agree to give you the high hard one.
BlairHD> I don't care about you or your penis.
Nancy> if you keep talking like that, you're going to chase off the stars, and then witch and i will be pissed.
Witch> I'll get him pissing in the corner don't worry!
WalterRalz> You into watersports Witch?
Witch> yea!!!!
Witch> no shut up man!!!
JackChick> Walter, maybe you should come over here so I can beat you.
WalterRalz> I've been in yellow land, now so can you.
Witch> yuo cucko!? ore something?
WalterRalz> Jack, I'll let you beat me. Are you a Japanese bottom?
Nancy> he's just a loser with no life.
Witch> Watler go in the corner !
JackChick> Walter, you're a sick fuck.
Witch> i am the Witch here!!
WalterRalz> Witch, when's the last time you got a little, huh
Witch> Watler yea i do like chocolate!!!
WalterRalz> I'm not black, but I still taste sweet baybee
BlairHD> Walter, you should be kinder to your fellow man.
Witch> yea man don't you like chocolate!!!
Witch> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......
WalterRalz> Do you like it straight from the tap?
Nancy> witch, he's just messing with your head.
Witch> no but i like horses they are funn!!
WalterRalz> I'm hung like a horse. I'm fun too.
WalterRalz> neeeehaw.
Nancy> jesus, Walter. get a life.
Witch> aspesialy the ones that could pick apples form bushes and trees form apples!!
JackChick> Walter, what's your damage?
Witch> i hope i didn't brain your damadge Watler!!
WalterRalz> I'm hung like a baby, 13.5 long and 5 pounds.
Nancy> like we really want to hear that!
BlairHD> Walter, you really need to get a grip.
Witch> yea man don't look down!
WalterRalz> you didn't complain last night in cyber Nancy.
Nancy> in your dreams, asshole.
WalterRalz> I've got pics if anyone wants to see them
BlairHD> Go climb back into the whole you came out of.
Witch> Walter Waltovitch master ov stupidity!
WalterRalz> Witch, have you ever tasted a man? It's mmm-mmm-good.
Witch> Walter you are an aksident!
Witch> what ever man
WalterRalz> How old are you, 11?
Witch> go look at the stars !
BlairHD> Walter, maybe you should just go to bed.
WalterRalz> Seriously, 11, 12?
Nancy> Walter, we've got these stars here, and all you can talk about is your stupid schlong. give it a rest.
Witch> 16
Witch> i am 16
WalterRalz> Then you've been down before, right?
Nancy> Walter, that is so unnessecary.
JackChick> Damn, what are you talking about? Shit. You talk like that around your mom too?
Witch> yea i have been down to mi basement and i am not sceard like you are!
BlairHD> Go stand in the corner Walter.
WalterRalz> I'm long, and I'm strong. I once damaged a woman's uterus with a bad thrust.
Nancy> jesus! we did not need to know that!
BlairHD> You kiss your mother with that mouth?
Witch> Walter let me ask you something
Witch> ummm....
JackChick> I bet he does a lot more with his mom
WalterRalz> Will you answer my questions?
JackChick> YEs.
JackChick> Ask one.
Witch> Watler whe are waisting valuble time of your life and you can't get it back!!
Nancy> he takes pleasure in offending people, witch.
WalterRalz> I'm not wasting it, I'm just looking for a little lovin'
Nancy> you're looking in the wrong place
Witch> oh ok well
WalterRalz> I had to dump my girlfriend and now jerking isn't enough anymore.
BlairHD> Well, you're not getting any from me.
Witch> we still aer!
Witch> Watler how old are ?you
WalterRalz> 24
Witch> let me ask you a ritle!
WalterRalz> You interested in an older man?
JackChick> This is too sick even for me, the guy who directed Blair Witch. I'm outta here. Walter you fucking freak.
*** JackChick has quit IRC ((signed off))
Nancy> now look what you've done Walter!
Nancy> you've chased off eduardo!
Witch> you have a coffe can a perfect round coffy can with a handle, whitch side is the handle on?
Witch> i am asking Watler
WalterRalz> Cans don't have handles, only cups do.
Witch> no it is on the out side!
WalterRalz> Would you care to handle me?
Nancy> give it a rest Walter, or you're gonna chase heather off too.
BlairHD> Yuck, Walter.
Witch> not untill you step out of this room
Witch> out side
Witch> ...hint hint!!
WalterRalz> Witch, do you look like any cartoon characters in particular?
*** WesleyS (BetonBlack@ has joined #mst-homegame
Nancy> heya Wesley
WesleyS> Hey all
WalterRalz> yo yo word up
Nancy> you just missed one of the directors of blair witch project.
Witch> Oh HEATHER HERE IS MY E_MAIL if you leave adn i don't get to talk to you nothing personall i am not Watler!!!
WesleyS> In here?!
Nancy> yep
WesleyS> When was this?
WalterRalz> Witch would you like some of my photos at that address?
Nancy> heather's still here, but won't be for long if Walter keeps acting like a 'tard.
WesleyS> Heather died.
Witch> surre then i'll send you a virrus!!
Nancy> in the movie yes, but this is the actress.
WalterRalz> Will it be a orally transmitted one?
WesleyS> Actress? That thing was real though.
Nancy> nope, i'm afraid not.
Witch> Heather?
Witch> hello?
WesleyS> You have got to be shitting me!
Nancy> she may be having server problems again, witch.
Nancy> i'm not kidding, Wesley
WalterRalz> She's got her mouth full at the moment.
Nancy> shut up, Walter.
WesleyS> I thought those three people died and the director came and made interviews.
Witch> Watler you kfuckin shit you made Heather gooo you son of a bitch !
WalterRalz> Now now ladies, there's enough for everyone
Witch> go fuck your selfe Watler!!!
WalterRalz> If I keep it semi-hard, I can do that
Witch> Heather??
Nancy> witch, watch your mouth.
BlairHD> This is disgusting me.
Witch> sorry!!
Witch> sorry!
Witch> sorry!!
BlairHD> and yet, I'm fascinated.
Nancy> what, by this loser?
WalterRalz> I knew you would be. You don't get to see this much meat on one man every day.
Nancy> believe me heather, i could satisfy you much better than he ever could.
WesleyS> That can't be heather. Heather died.
Witch> heather i am at i'd be so reewarded if you sent me something just saing hello or something!!
Nancy> thx, it was just a movie, stupid!
BlairHD> Nancy, I bet you could.
WalterRalz> Can I send you love letters? I bet you look like Betty Rubble.
WesleyS> I guess that's cool then. I was feeling weird getting all hot for a dead chick.
BlairHD> I will try and get to it, witch.
BlairHD> I'm not dead, Wesley. It was just a movie.
Witch> ok thank you so mutch!!!
WesleyS> That's cool. You were hot!
WesleyS> You know this right?
Nancy> you can say that again.
BlairHD> Well, I try to do my best at any job I'm in.
BlairHD> I appreciate the flattery from my fans. As long as it is polite and unrude.
Nancy> i'm always polite
WalterRalz> Didn't you used to work at a peepshow on I-95 about three years ago?
WesleyS> You ever pleasure yourself while you were alone in the forest?
Witch> Heather are you going to be here at the same room again if you come back any time else?
Nancy> Wesley! Walter! am i the only one with any manners here?!?
WesleyS> I'm just asking. I'm curious, nothing wrong with that
WesleyS> Heather, you gonna do any nude scenes in future movies?
Witch> hey me too but i am sorry about mi language!!
WesleyS> I'd like to check out your titanic orbs of jiggly fun flesh.
BlairHD> I will be back, but I will be around here.
Witch> in this room?
BlairHD> I appreciate you and Nancy's honest questions.
BlairHD> yes.
BlairHD> Wesley - Please, don't be another Walter.
Witch> the same name BlairHD
Witch> ?
Nancy> there are other people who come here who would appreciate that too, heather.
WesleyS> Seriously heather. Will you star in my movie? It's called Bare Bitch Project.
BlairHD> yes, BlairHD.
WalterRalz> You didn't answer the peepshow question
BlairHD> Sorry, I don't need to do porn.
Witch> ok cool thanx!!!!
BlairHD> And I have never been in a peep show.
WesleyS> Can I get an autograph?
WalterRalz> Ever seen one?
Witch> you are an insparation to me Heather!!!
Witch> man you are a rockin actress!!
WalterRalz> Actually in all honesty, I'd love to get an autograph, you've been a good sport about it all.
WesleyS> Heather, will you say my name?
WesleyS> Could you sign my dick?
WalterRalz> That was my request too.
Nancy> you bloody wanker, Wesley. show some respect.
WesleyS> I'm kidding.
WalterRalz> you can spell your entire name, plus middle name too.
WalterRalz> twice.
WalterRalz> in big block lettering.
BlairHD> well, I'll be happy to send you an autograph...but that's it.
Nancy> Walter, is that all you can ever talk about?
BlairHD> Wesley....please be nice.
WesleyS> Can I have a lock of hair? Or some panties?
BlairHD> I appreciate your comments, Witch.
BlairHD> No, Wesley, you can't.
WalterRalz> It just keeps coming up. I need no viagra
Nancy> ick. we don't need to hear that.
BlairHD> feel free to visit my website at It'll be up in a few weeks.
WesleyS> Were you really crying in those scenes?
WalterRalz> Hey, I remember where I saw you before!! You were in Anal-conda! You were Beth!!
Witch> Well ok i have to go now so it has ben greate talking to you!!!!! HEATHER GREATE TALKING TO YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS!!! AND NANCY NICE MEETING YOU!!!!!!
Witch> bye!!!
Witch> good night
Nancy> good night.
Witch> see you tomorow Heather if posible!?
WesleyS> Hey Heather, would you take it up the ass?
BlairHD> Good night, witch!
BlairHD> Probably soon, witch. :-)
WesleyS> Can I bone you hard heather?
BlairHD> Wesley, behave yourself.
BlairHD> That's not something I can handle.
Witch> my real name is ALEX
WalterRalz> Ever had two guys at once?
WalterRalz> It's insane!
Witch> I AM ALEX
BlairHD> no problem, Alex!
Nancy> you guys never stop.
Witch> ok cool good night!!!
BlairHD> I have never had two guys at once. Please stop.
WesleyS> Do you swallow?
*** Witch has quit IRC ((signed off))