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*** Now talking in #mst-homegame
*** Topic is 'Up Next: Don't Bother to Knock, Midnight Eastern, Thur/Fri, AMC. And the Countdown to Game #300 and beyond begins.'
Q> eep - nite tracy
Witch> nice to meet you Bryan!
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Q> hey Wesley
Witch> hope i see you some time in show biss.!
WesleyS> Hey Q.
Witch> hi Wesley
BryanL> If you're ever in Burbank, look me up.
WesleyS> Show biss?
Witch> you na5re in burbank!!!!
Trademark> Heya Wesley...
Witch> wow
Witch> i am in studio city!
Witch> prety close!
WesleyS> Dear God. It's that Witch person. You get over your Heather crush yet?
BryanL> I thought you were in Europe?
WesleyS> Yo TM.
Witch> no i am born in europe i live in CA
BryanL> Oh, THAT Studio City. No, sorry. I'm in Burbank, AZ. It's just west of Tucson. I thought you meant Studio City, Wyoming.
Witch> oh no
Witch> i am in studio city CA
Witch> but cool
BryanL> Got it. That's a hub, there.
Witch> i ma going to arizona this summer!
WesleyS> Shocking. My UPN has two women in a shower together, one teaching the other how to shower.
Trademark> Hmm.
BryanL> Bring lots of moist towelettes. Arizona's really messy in August.
Jeb> witch, didn't you see Josh leave?
Jeb> he had to go to a party at Hef's.
Witch> ok thanx Bryan
Trademark> Ooh. Witch should look up Mellie.
Jeb> he's gone for the night.
Witch> yea i saw him but what did he say!?
Witch> oh ok
WesleyS> Who's at Hef's?
Jeb> that blair witch guy, Wesley.
Jeb> he was here earlier.
Witch> ED was here?
Jeb> witch, he said he was leaving. and then he left.
WesleyS> What a queer.
Jeb> no, Josh.
Witch> oh yea
Jeb> remember?
Trademark> Concentwate!
Witch> right sorry
Witch> yea
Witch> yes
Witch> josh i spoke to him
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WesleyS> Josh from BWP? He's an idiot. I've met him
Witch> Wesley why doi you think that?
Trademark> Ed is in channel #BlairWitch, going by the name of DemonSin.
WesleyS> He's a moron. My sister went to school with him and he flunked all his classes.
Witch> NO that isn't ED he dosen't like being around allot of people!
Trademark> Trust me on this. I'm crapping you negative.
Witch> lol well look where he is now! Wesley he is a success!
Trademark> He'll deny it of course.
WesleyS> One movie is a success?
WesleyS> He didn't even do anything. He just acted.
Witch> i'll be righ back!
Witch> ok people?
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Trademark> I told you he'd deny it...
MFlavin> Oh....Ed's always IN the Blair Witch in spirit.
WesleyS> Don't yell at me idiot.
Jeb> maybe he left. or maybe he's trying to stay anonymous tonight.
Witch> Sorry Wesley!
Witch> sorry
Trademark> Oops. I see he's changed his name. It's Guh now.
Trademark> My mistake... Ed is Guh.
Witch> ok good
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Trademark> But don't tell him I told you...
Witch> ok
Witch> ok
MFlavin> Hi, Jay.
Witch> Sorry Wesley!
Jay> Hello, This is my first Scifi Chat. (Wow, I might as well hang a camera around my neck and call me tourist.)
Witch> hi Jay
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Witch> HI guh
Jay> hi
Guh> Trade, don't blow my cover anymore, ok?
Jay> hi Witch
Guh> Thanks.
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WesleyS> What are you looking for in a scifi chat Jay?
Jay> I am curious what the MST-HomeGame is. I am a fan of MST. Just curious I guess.
Trademark> Whoa... who leaked?
Witch> sorry jay that wasn't suposed to go to you
MFlavin> If the answer is hot, steamy porn, then you're in the right place!
MFlavin> :)
MFlavin> Just kidding.
Witch> Sorry Wesley for yelling
WesleyS> Yes, this is the Christina Aguilara fan chat.
Jay> Oh, I'm not clicking on the name right., Hi Witch.
MFlavin> No.
MFlavin> Explain to the man what we are here, my children.
MFlavin> We are a cult.
MFlavin> We worship the almighty sun-god Ra.
Witch> So how are you Jeb?
Jay> WHoever asked me the earlier question, I am MST fan from the ComCen days and was curious about MST home game.
WesleyS> We plan on drinking Kool Aid when MST ends.
MFlavin> OK.
MFlavin> Basically, Homegame is what you would expect.
MFlavin> We pick a movie, and make fun of it.
MFlavin> Check the topic for tonight's movie.
WesleyS> From the ComCen days? Then you obviouslly know Jeb.
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* Guh kicks Trademark.
Trademark> ?
MFlavin> ComCen= Communist Central Control
Jay> Jeb, Please refresh my memory
Witch> are you saing that to me Wesley?
Jeb> goddam chiComs
MFlavin> chicoms?
WesleyS> Jeb single handedly saved MST.
Witch> Hi Guh!
Guh> Hi.
Jeb> jack perkins and I
Trademark> Hmmm...
MFlavin> They held a strip-a-thon to save the show.
Jay> Maybe I'm not the fan I thought I was. How did Jeb save MST?
MFlavin> With his magic powers.
MFlavin> :)
WesleyS> Don't you read PEople magazine?
Jay> People Magazine, No I don't. Not that I don't appreciate it's content on the occasional hair appointment.
WesleyS> They explain how he saves MST single handedly.
MFlavin> Every year, they have an issue devoted to Jeb.
Jeb> painstakingly documented
MFlavin> Professor J. Jeb.
Trademark> Jeb is a god.
MFlavin> HE saved MST, AND he killed Mr. Boddy!
Guh> L8er all...
Jay> Can I get a short synopsis from you? You don't want to leave me haning, you tease.
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Witch> Soo
Witch> Wesley are you still mad at me?
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Trademark> Hey Nancy.
Nancy> hey tm
MFlavin> Heyo.
Witch> Hi Nancy!!
Trademark> Pix!
Nancy> hi everyone
Jeb> evening
Jay> Thats "Haning, you tease"
Witch> Hi Nancy!
WesleyS> Jeb made the original Save MST webpage and got thousands of hits to organize the first fan campaign
Jeb> i saw them.
Witch> Nancy, How did the chat go last night in had to go!
Nancy> it was fine, witch.
Witch> hwta about Watler
Nancy> what about him?
Jay> Thanks WesleyS for the info. I'll probably see you guys Sunday. I need to check some email an such.
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Witch> What hapened to Watler?
Nancy> q!!!!!!!
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Witch> did he explode?
MFlavin> Heyo, Q.
Q> hey mflavin
Trademark> BTW all: Ed is going under the name Guh and he is hanging out in #BlairWitch trying not to be noticed. Hah!
Witch> Nancy how was Watler acting when i left last night!!
Nancy> he was his usual self
Witch> Was he reud?
Witch> still?
Nancy> is he ever not?
Trademark> He was Freud, actually.
Witch> lol:)
MFlavin> Reud rage.
Witch> Johsh said that he is not usually like this!
Q> well if Walter's gonna be freud i wanna be jung. forever jung.
Nancy> heh
Trademark> And me, getting more Adler every year...
Witch> i'll be right back!
Witch> ok?
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Jeb> no

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Witch> sorry hi again!
Witch> hi Nance!
Nancy> witch, we're playing a game now. we don't chat during games.
Witch> can i play!
Trademark> No.
Witch> can i play?
Trademark> No.
Witch> whay not trade mark?
Nancy> turn on AMC and riff the movie.
Witch> why cant i play trademark?
Witch> ok i'll be back!
Witch> ok
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Witch> HI again every one!
Witch> hi Nancy!!!
Witch> hi Trademark
Witch> Are there any directors in here eccept me?
Witch> Are there any directors in here?
Nancy> witch, we're in the middle of a game. either participate or be quiet.
MFlavin> I'm ignoring witch.
Witch> ok i'll play!
Witch> *oh look a cow!! move your car away Jeb*
Witch> *my toilet just broke and i am drowning in the water
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