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Dear wholesome Scarlet. What can one say. Is this just a case of someone trying to out ULTRA the HG-ULTRA? Or is it truly a sad case of a woman that has had the short end of the stick handed to her most of her adult life? Is there a way that one can find out? No. Do we neccessarily want to find out? No. Will this be funny? Yes.

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Ironf> I just wanted to share this with the group. It's targeted at parents
Ironf> mostly.Now a lot of what I have to say you already know.
Balthayzr> It's another anti-scientology rant, isn't it?
Ironf> How did you guess
Balthayzr> People are so biased.
Ironf> They want to poison the minds of the young before they can learn the truth
Balthayzr> We've never hurt anyone, but people still post crap like that to the newsgroups.
Balthayzr> Hello, Scarlet. Would you like to take the FREE personality test at
Ironf> It's FREE
Balthayzr> No Obligation.
scarlet> no thank you, i'm not into religion
Ironf> This isn't a religion, it's a new slant on life
scarlet> i have my own slant on life
Balthayzr> New Lease on Life, you mean.
scarlet> ok so i have my own lease on life
Balthayzr> But, you could be so much more, with Scientology.
Ironf> But the test is FREE
scarlet> i'm all i need to be right now, i don't need to be anything more
Balthayzr> It's not good to be so close-minded. You miss so much in life.
scarlet> i'm not close minded, in fact i'm just the opposite
Ironf> How can you make such a decision without all the facts?
Balthayzr> You must be cl;osed-minded if you won't even take the FREE, no Obligation test.
Ironf> It's FREE
Balthayzr> We only send information to people who ask for it.
scarlet> no, i'm open to everything, but i have my own beliefs, i don't need any one else's
Ironf> Have you read up on Scientology?
Balthayzr> But, all beliefs were "somebody elses" at one time. Why not "ours"?
scarlet> because there are certain things i believe and then there are things not worth believing
Ironf> Have you read up on Scientology?
Balthayzr> Not worth believing? Like what, if I may ask?
Ironf> Your beliefs could match our own.
scarlet> i did a long time ago
Ironf> How long? Scientology is an ever evolving thing.
scarlet> i don't remeber
scarlet> but i know i do believe in not forcing your beliefs on someone else
Balthayzr> How can you close your mind to the Glory that is L. Ron?
Balthayzr> Forcing? Who?
scarlet> i'm just saying
Balthayzr> Are you suggesting we're trying to force something on you?
scarlet> no
scarlet> let's just say i don't follow what someone else says
Balthayzr> Just because we would really like to have you take the FREE rest at
Balthayzr> test, that is.
scarlet> ever heard of edgar cayce
Ironf> Well everyone has to start somewhere with getting their information. Only an informed opinion is the one to make
Balthayzr> But, Laws are something "someone else says". Do you not obey Laws?
Ironf> The guy that said he would predict the future?
scarlet> not really
scarlet> yes that guy
Balthayzr> You do not obey The Law? You go around, murdering people and stealing?
scarlet> i didn't say that now did i
Balthayzr> You said you don't "really" obey The Law.
scarlet> yeah, there are some laws i don't obey and some i do
Balthayzr> Scientology could help you with these Sociopathic tendancies.
scarlet> i'm not sociopathic
Ironf> We have helped many get off of drugs and we could help you too
Balthayzr> So, you claim to obey some Law. Are not these Laws written by others?
scarlet> i don't murder people and i don't steal, you can't sit here and tell me you obey evey law
Balthayzr> Thus, you do "follow" some things others write.
Balthayzr> Of course we obey every Law. Every Law handed down by the Church.
scarlet> i'm an atheist
Balthayzr> It has helped us in many ways.
scarlet> i don't believe there is one almighty being
Ironf> We believe in no "God" as it were. We believe that man is a spiritual being all on his own
Ironf> Have you ever been on Prozac Scarlet?
Balthayzr> Was it something you could explain?
scarlet> i read it about 5 years ago, i just didn't like it
Balthayzr> Did something in the book specifically turn you off, or did nothing "connect"?
scarlet> no, it's just not my kind of thing
Balthayzr> And, did you do any other research? Or, was that it?
scarlet> that was it, but it was enuff for me
Balthayzr> The site goes into much more depth than the book. And, it has the FREE test.
scarlet> i rather read edgar cayce than l ron
scarlet> you sure are "Pushing" that free test
Balthayzr> The reason that the book held no interest to you could be an emotional or personality problem. The FREE test could pinpoint it for you.
scarlet> i don't have an emotional or personality problem
Ironf> Are you a licensed Psychologist?
Balthayzr> Of course you don't. That's what we all said, at first.
scarlet> no
Ironf> Then you are in no position to make that opinion
Balthayzr> I was a skeptic at first. After I took the FREE test, I was almost reduced to tears.
Ironf> the FREE test was made by Psychologist that know what to look for and what treatments work best
Balthayzr> It was like a curtain was ripped away from my eyes.
Balthayzr> I swore on that day that I would help others with their problems.
Balthayzr> Thus, I "push" the FREE test.
scarlet> then you obviously had a serious problem with yourself
Balthayzr> Not anymore. The Church has helped me move beyond it.
Balthayzr> They help thousands every year. Won't you let us help you?
scarlet> I stay away from churches as much as possible
Ironf> Scarlet, I was a pow in NAM for 8 years. After I got back, I woke up in cold sweats every night. Also my hands had been basically destroyed while I was there through torture. After taking the FREE test and getting the help that Scientology offers.
Balthayzr> Why? Afraid of what you might find out about yourself? No reason to be ashamed. You're among friends, here.
Ironf> I am now emotionally fixed and my hands are getting better everday
Ironf> everyday
Balthayzr> Look how nicely he types. he couldn't even control his fingers a year ago.
Balthayzr> Someone else had to feed him.
scarlet> i'm in perfect health, i have no problems with myself in fact i love my life and situation i'm in
Balthayzr> He was trapped in a V.A. hospital, with nothing to look forward to except reruns on TV.
Ironf> They had tortured me because they thought that every American they caught had some vital war secrect that they needed to know. Do you know what it feels like to have your finger nails ripped out and bamboo shoots shoved up in their place?
scarlet> no but do you know what it feels like when it feels as if someone is beating on your head with a hammer?
Balthayzr> I, too, thought that my life was peachy. The FREE test showed me how wrong I was.
Ironf> Through the proper healing techniques, I was
Ironf> whoops
Ironf> that was wierd
Balthayzr> Don't let it get to you.
Balthayzr> Work thru it, Ironf.
Ironf> Actually yes i do sort of. They didn't use a hammer persay, but they beat us in the head repeatedly
Balthayzr> His control still isn't as fine as it was. Forgive him.
Balthayzr> An odd question, scarlet. Were you an abused child? Did your parents do that to you?
Balthayzr> We've worked with many people whose problems could be traced back to family problems.
scarlet> i do know what that feels like and i got over it myself without drugs, i used to suffer from chronic migranes
scarlet> no religion or church helped me either, and i have no family problems
Balthayzr> Really? What cured you of these headaches?
Ironf> You may have tapped into the natural healing power that L. Ron speaks of.
Balthayzr> Ironf knows well of that.
scarlet> no, i used a natural substances to get rid of them, i only use natural substances
Balthayzr> Natural healing Power.
scarlet> no, a natural substance, you know like herbs and such
Ironf> We use no substances at all except that power locked inside all of us
Balthayzr> The next step up from what you've discovered.
scarlet> well, i only use the natural substances that you grow
Balthayzr> Imagine a headache coming on. Now, imagine ordering the headache away, without drugs, natural or otherwise.
Balthayzr> We learn such techniques in the Church. So can you.
scarlet> I stay away from churches
Balthayzr> Ironf forced his tortured fingers to work. No drugs helped him. No "natural remedies" helped him.
Ironf> These aren't really Churches as in giant gothic buildings. These are more of learning organizations. Or Orgs as many of us call them.
scarlet> No good has come of churches in the past, what makes you think this one is any different?
Balthayzr> No services, per se.
scarlet> Orgs, whatever you want to call it, it is still the same
Balthayzr> No good? Ask the thousands Scientology has helped about "No Good".
Balthayzr> Ask the crippled who walk. Ask the blind who see.
Balthayzr> Ask the drug user who is now a productive member of Society.
Ironf> It's all in black and white at, plus a FREE personality test
scarlet> ok and if you could ask the people of the middle ages what good Christianity did for them what do you think they would say or better yet the indians
Balthayzr> Ask the Lost who have now found their Way.
Balthayzr> I don't recall asking about Christianity.
scarlet> however you want to put it it's all the same
Balthayzr> I thought you claimed not to be closed-minded. That sounds closed-minded to me. Shame, really.
scarlet> i'm just using christianity as an example
Ironf> We have harmed no Natice Americans, we harm no one.
scarlet> i'm not saying you have
Balthayzr> Yes, the Indians. I'm sure the Aztecs loved Human Sacrifice much more than those evil weekly services.
Ironf> Well then it's hardly a goos example then, is it?
Ironf> good
scarlet> they were happy with what they were doing until someone tried to changed their beliefs then all hell broke loose
Balthayzr> Yes, I'm sure the screaming victims, their still-beating hearts ripped from their chests, were having a blast. The screams must have been screams of ecstasy.
Balthayzr> How could I have been so stupid?
scarlet> but they did it because it was what they believed in but when someone tried to change their beliefs and they didn't want to convert all hell broke loose
Balthayzr> Well, I assure you, if that's somehow your cup of tea, we wouldn't dream of interfering.
scarlet> i told you i don't murder people because i believe it's morally wrong, not because someone else says it is
Balthayzr> Yes, we've heard the old "Religion as cause of All Problems" argument before.
Ironf> So you don't believe in helping others?
scarlet> not really, i believe you can only help yourself
Ironf> That's exactly what Scientology teaches you!
Balthayzr> How completly selfish. Sounds like we found the personality problem you claimed not to have.
Balthayzr> Help Yourself, then you can help others.
Ironf> With their help, you find out what you need to do in order to help your self
scarlet> i don't believe in helping others, because when i did help others i was screwed over, so now i only look out for myself and my family
Balthayzr> Your claims of Atheism are based in your Self-Reliance. You've already taken the first Step.
Balthayzr> And that's the most important one.
Ironf> you don't think I felt "screwed over" when I was sitting in that POW camp for 8 long years?
scarlet> and how do you think i felt when i had a twelve gauge shotgun held to my head by a crack head?
scarlet> or when my house was robbed by the people i tried to help?
Ironf> Probably the same as when I had an m-16 next to mine
scarlet> or how about when my car was shot up and my truck set on fire?
Balthayzr> Sounds like a few bad experiences soured you for life. I can feel the Negative vibes from here.
scarlet> all by the people i tried to help
scarlet> that's why i don't help any one any more
Balthayzr> I, too, have had people violently reject my help. I've had my house firebombed by people who hated religion.
Balthayzr> People who insisted I was poisoning their children's minds.
Ironf> How do you think I felt when the gooks would play a game where I had to hold a heavy bucket and once I dropped it, it was attached to a rope and pulley so one of my best friends died? You think i'm pleased of that outcome?!
Ironf> They laughed and laughed thier little gook laughs, but I've worked through all that now and I'm a better person
scarlet> how about having your own brother die, or better yet i've lost many good friends myself
Balthayzr> Yes, people should never help each other. We should just lock ourselves away, safe in our little houses, and let the chips fall where they may!
Ironf> My sister died on the streets while I was away fighting for this great country. She was out prostituting herself to feed my family because my father had left and i was away at war.
scarlet> i don't lock myself away in my house
Ironf> I didn't even get to attend her funeral for L Ron's sake!
Balthayzr> Such a shame. Closed Mind, Closed Heart. I cry for you.
scarlet> i didn't get to attend my brother's or my grandmothers or my grandfathers
Ironf> At least you got to go to the funeral or at least know about it instead of having it pop up on you
Balthayzr> "Hi, welcome home! Oh, your sister died. Pimp beat her to death."
scarlet> they did just pop up on me except my brothers
Balthayzr> Yes, that's much better.
scarlet> well my hubby just got up for work, nice talking to you
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I shall never go ULTRA again.