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*** Qualonia ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
Ironf> Good Morning Bulkrose
Balthayzr> How do Vampires with underbites eat?
Qualonia> I am not BLACK rose...if you can read, I am Qualonia....
Balthayzr> Oh, of course. I'm fooled completly.
Ironf> Yet you still spell eternal completly wrong.
Qualonia> Since you read the web page...and I know you did...I am his wife...I just thought I'd come in and see what all the fuss was about.
Balthayzr> And use his "I live forever in your dreams" line.
Qualonia> Yeah, it was meant that way...just something differentbulkcry.jpg - 16.25 K
Qualonia> I don't change the setting on IRC.
Ironf> The fuss doesn't start till tommorrow.
Balthayzr> Of course.
Ironf> I have to go out today and get all our fuss in bulk.
Ironf> It's cheaper that way.
* Qualonia shrugs
Qualonia> Makes no difference if you believe or not...
Ironf> Oh I believe in buying in bulk. Saves a great deal of money
Balthayzr> Oh, I believe. Children of the Night should always buy in bulk.
Ironf> Children of the Night, why wonderful bulk purchases they make.
Qualonia> If I may ask a question....why is it so funny to you that someone posts an opinionitive essay on vampirism...and some tips on candle magic...They were my sections of the page..and I find a lot of people hold interest on the topics.
Ironf> I certainly never said they were funny. I posted the information up so that those who were here could be exposed to the knowledge as well.
Balthayzr> To quote Scully "Because vampires don't exist?"
Qualonia> That's cool, Ironf. And Balth, so they don' opinion doesn't affect may read it and move on and be no worse off for it. I'd only ask that you respect my opinion may differ from yours.
Balthayzr> Why does it matter to you if we agree with you or not?
Qualonia> It doesn't...I would never ask that you did...I just wish respect for my opinion..and I shall give respect to yours.
Qualonia> I don't wish to be made fun of because of my views...we are all diverse..It's what makes it interesting. :)
Ironf> I refuse to believe that people get so worked up over IRC. That's almost as insane as believing in candle mag....oh.
Gandalf> Balthayzr I havent found it yet...could you give the adress where you download that ,I need that program makers names....
Balthayzr> Fine. My opinionis that, if you truly believe that you are a vampire, you need professional help.
Qualonia> That's your opinion...and you're intitled to it.
Balthayzr> So, Qualonia, do me a favor? Tell your hubby to please watch his language when he's here? His language was rather salty last time.
Balthayzr> He even called the owner of the server, who was here visiting, a lying a**hole.
Qualonia> Well....maybe his language was offensive....but he was lied on. Besides, the op told him to say whatever he wanted.
Qualonia> He was treated rather snotty here...for no apparent reason, y'know.
Balthayzr> No, he said that foul language was "tolerated". Big difference.
Qualonia> Balth, I was reading over Black's shoulder...I saw your op say F**k
Balthayzr> He also said that foul language was a sign of a "small mind".
Qualonia> that's his opinion....
Ironf> How is Mr Jones doing, BTW?
Qualonia> Y'know...if you guys would just leave Black be when he's here...he wounldn't use such language..and you might find he's a nice guy.
Qualonia> He's fine.
Balthayzr> So, you think making the owner of the server angry is a good idea? I was just offering a suggestion.
Ironf> I refuse to beleive that someone who threatens me "A nice guy"
Qualonia> Well...Ironf....You were quite rude to him. And he wouldn't have normally threatened you...and it really wasn't a threat..we just didn't want to get email spammed to death.
Ironf> I was rude. How so.
Qualonia> Balth, no, that's probably not good.....but if that's what it takes to express yourself and get to enjoy a free space that other's do..then maybe it's necessary.
Qualonia> guys tortured him from his just set up a little "Pick on Bulkrose" would you have felt?
Ironf> I had to go through the march of fire before i was a regualar, as did most others.
Balthayzr> Qualonia, a bit of advice? It's IRC. Don't take it so seriously.
Ironf> And I hardly think he had to do such to get "free space" No one can censor someone on here. We can't magically block the signal from his keyboard to the screen.
Ironf> Want to say something, type it out
Qualonia> I know Balth...I've been on IRC for years..and I've learned that lesson. But we are still humans even if we're on IRC...and someone's first impression of this shouldn't be that way.
Balthayzr> I mean, this is a channel devoted to making fun of bad movies. A guy comes in, claiming to be a vampire (or vampire-like). What do you think is going to happen?
Qualonia> He DID NOT claim that.....they read it from the web page....MY article on the web page.
Ironf> Especially when the third sentence out is "no shit brain dead!"
Balthayzr> So, you're the vampire?
Ironf> or how about "You people are fucked up!"
Balthayzr> Or just an expert on Vampires.
Qualonia> I didn't say that....I like to play Vampire: The Masquerade...and I do think there is something to be said for energy manipulation...but as far as Dracula goes...I am in no way similiar.
Ironf> Or "You are a lying asshole"
Ironf> I still don't understand where the last one came from.
Qualonia> Well....those statements were after provocation...and besides...someone told the op that he flooded with ascii roses....
Balthayzr> It's difficult to have an intelligent argument on beliefs when one of the participents lowers himself to third-grade gutter talk to get his point accross.
Qualonia> You guys were joking that he should put some up...yet one of you told that he did.
Qualonia> third grader?
Balthayzr> The cursing and insults.
Balthayzr> Not you. The rose.
Ironf> No one told the op that he flooded with roses.
Qualonia> Well...then the op lied
Qualonia> Because I personally saw say it in the msg window.
Balthayzr> Got a name to go with that accusation?
Qualonia> saw him say it that is
Qualonia> Nope....just the shred said someone did.
Qualonia> that...arghhh!
Ironf> Shred is the op, and even Shred said I would feel a bit more towards your plight if you said something funny instead of just using profanity
Qualonia> Look over my typo's...please
Balthayzr> No typo-pouncing here.
Qualonia> Right....but can't you understand, Ironf....he wasn't exactly in the mood to be funny.
Ironf> Don't come to a chat room where the main purpose is to be funny if you aren't in the mood to be funny
Ironf> That's like going to a baseball game when you aren't in the mood to see baseball
Qualonia> I don't know...this is kinda pointless.....but, you guys should just be a little more friendly to new people least give them a chance.
Qualonia> Well..true...he was in the mood when he came...but then the same old stuff from the night before started.
Balthayzr> 10 million channels on 10 thousand servers, and you're worried about our opinion?
Ironf> Actually he came and sat in the room for about 10 mins. Sure if you just sit there we are gonna pick on ya. It's fight or flight. Join in or run.
Qualonia> NOt really..It's just that we enjoy MST3K a lot....and the scifi channel....We'd like to be able to come here and play along....this is bad PR for them though
Qualonia> He was getting used to how it worked, Iron..what's wrong with hanging to get the feel for a place....sheesh
Balthayzr> It's actually a way to get a reaction out of someone who may be too shy to talk.
Ironf> This is in no way "offical" We made this channel ourselves. We chose the movies, we set the times.
Qualonia> By insulting them...and telling other people when they come in that they can get flowers by contacting our email...and to post it to use net groups?????? C'mon
Balthayzr> What net groups was it posted to?
Ironf> I guess that is a lot worse than him telling me "Don't you have a sister to fuck?"
Balthayzr> Hey, that's right. I remember him saying that.
Qualonia> Well...that was after he was really frustrated....The fact is....obvioulsy he offended you, only after he, himself was offended...can't you all just move past that and treat each other like human beings....If you'll cut out the Bulkrose jokes...then I'll bet he won't tell you to fuck your sister.
Ironf> there is a difference. Bulkrose is funny, telling someone to fuck their sister isn't
Balthayzr> So, telling jokes based on a mutation of an internet name is a good basis to insult someone with a disgusting suggestion?
Qualonia> Well.....that again, is a matter of opinion...No, Balth, but frustration makes one say lot's of things.
Balthayzr> Besides, I asked a question. What usenet groups was this phony "bulk flowers" advertisement posted to, so we may issue cancels?
Ironf> creating an entire life around a name is funny. Pretending to be a sysop and threatening to disconnect a person isn't
Qualonia> Who said he was pretending?
Qualonia> Unless he's lying to me as well.....he is a kih sysop. :)
Ironf> If you expect me to beleive that a sysop of KIH would keep their homepage on Tripod instead of KIH, you must really be a vampire.
Balthayzr> So, for a personal argument, he would cut ironf's feed? That's *not* an abuse of power, at all.
Qualonia> Tripod gives more space....and we started our homepage when we were on a different provider...before we moved into this area.
Qualonia> Balth..what he said was he'd report it that his email was being kicked around...and offered to people.
Balthayzr> Once again I ask, what pages were these phony ads posted to?
Balthayzr> Or usenet groups were these ads posted to, sorry.
Qualonia> They were not actually posted as far as we know...but the suggestion was given..that's when he spoke up about it.
Ironf> No he said ">blkrose> ironf, the next time you log on and get a "Invalid password" error msg....think real hard as to what could be causing it!"
Balthayzr> Sounds like a threat.
* Qualonia grins
Ironf> Oh a plane almost fell on my house today, but it didn't. Think I could get the pilot's license yanked?
Qualonia> Could be taken as a suggestion?
Qualonia> Ironf...he was just telling that maybe you'd stop...
Balthayzr> "I suggest you lose your password"?
Qualonia> Balth...what?
Balthayzr> You said "could be taken as a suggestion" Perhaps I misread. What was a suggestion?
Qualonia> Ironf..and don't joke about that...didn't one just crash out in Western, KY?
Ironf> nope
Qualonia> I was joking...a suggestion to think hard about the problem if it happens...
Ironf> not that I have heard.
Qualonia> Ironf..yeah, I saw on CNN that a B2 Bomber crashed out there somewhere.
Ironf> OK then, My tv almost when wacked and fried my retinas, but it didn't. Can I sue the maker. No, I can't
Qualonia> I'm sorry....I'
Qualonia> I'M was a B1
Balthayzr> And, of course, it would be a coincedence, your hubby being a "sysop" and all.
Qualonia> No, but it's a violation to post someone's email like that....he was just trying to prevent it...
Balthayzr> And, how did he get this super-secret e-mail address?
Ironf> Please explain how it is a violation. He has it out for public display on the web-page
Qualonia> It's not secret....but he got it from a /who on the nick.....
Qualonia> Exactly..but, if you personally post it as a "business" listing...or have it done so, it is a violation.
Ironf> You page even says "please drop a line to..."
Balthayzr> So, you cannot post an e-mail address freely availably thru a web-page and a whois.
Qualonia> Yeah, but it doesn't say "Click here for all your floral needs" :)
Qualonia> Nope..not on a false pretense, Balth
Ironf> The thing is, I didn't. Hmm I was thinking about robbing a bank, but I didn't. Can the police get me for that. Well duhhh no.
Qualonia> Our provider sees that as an spam..or cause spam
Qualonia>, but he didn't report you was just a preventive measure.
Balthayzr> But, it is alright to threaten a man's connectivity and tell him to commit an illegal act with his sister?
Qualonia> I don't understand why you're so bent out of shape...he didn't report you to kih.
Qualonia> I've never said Blkrose was a saint in all this.....
Balthayzr> And don't tell me that a sysop saying "watch out for your connectivity" isn't a veiled threat.
Ironf> The same reason you are so bent out of shape over me not posting it to usenet
Qualonia> Balth....but, he also told him prior to that that he would report him to kih...not just disconnect him on his own...that wouldn't be right at all...and would be illegal...and get him fired on top of that....
Qualonia> Ironf..I'm not...I just wish you guys could put it all behind you...and go from here.
Balthayzr> Oh, of course. He would *never* do it on his own. His behavior is surely beyond reproach.
Ironf> No he said don't wonder if you suddenly get a password failure
Qualonia> He wouldn't Balth...see, you don't know him...and you're judging on other's words...
Balthayzr> We put it behind us? Who came here whining about how we treated her husband??
Qualonia> I did not!
Qualonia> I asked about the stuff said on the webpage!
Ironf> And yes appearently you are bent out of shape because that has been 75% of your argument so far.
Balthayzr> What did you say to us when we greeted you as blkrose?
Qualonia> That if you could read my nick...I am not.
Qualonia> And that if you read the page...then you'd know I'm his wife.
Balthayzr> We teased you a bit about being blkrose, and you went off on how shabily your hubby was treated here. You broached the subject, not us.
Qualonia> I don't wanna argue....and I sure don't want to whine....
Qualonia> I guess I was a little defensive....I didn't want to be toasted.
Ironf> I think you can see that we have been more than fair in giving you equal time to voice your opinion.
Qualonia> Has it made any difference?
Balthayzr> And, at the risk of being a smarty, you handle yourself in an argument better than hubby does.
Qualonia> That's because I wasn't personally insulted...and there's only 2 of you. :)
Ironf> Not really, but as you can see, we are more than open to listening to someone, when they talk instead of sitting, sulking, and cursing.
Balthayzr> Why? What in the 9 hells does it matter what we think of you? We don't own the internet. We don't own this server. We aren't stopping you from doing anything.
Qualonia> did stop someone from enjoying this channel....but I suppose that's your choice.
Balthayzr> Let me give you a small piece of advice: Someone disagrees with you? So what? Earth still turns. What a boring world this would be if we all agreed!!
Qualonia> I said the same to you earlier Balthayzr....I totally agree...but, still, we must respect others.
Balthayzr> And as far as enjoying the channel, all he had to do was /ignore his detractors...
Qualonia> That was everyone in the channel
Balthayzr> Others must earn repsect. You don't get it with foul language and threats.
Ironf> That's when you venture out and form your own channel.
Qualonia> Who wants to really earn respect from people who are harrassing you....sheesh.
Ironf> If you don't want to listent to the people in a channel, leave. Don't sit there with it so it just keeps eating away at you.
Qualonia> Well, this has been interesting...but I'm off to go and enjoy myself.....elsewhere
Balthayzr> Harrassing? Like, returning the next night to a channel you were teased out of and starting an argument?
Balthayzr> Hubby's guilty of that.
Qualonia> Yeah, but on the same token...if you didn't like his language and stuff you could have left....and he came to talk to the op and such.
Balthayzr> Oh, I should leave *MY* home channel because mr. rose is a potty-mouth?
Ironf> That's right. It didn't bother me enought to leave. I also didn't say anything to the op about it either.
Qualonia> If you think he should leave because he's being harrassed..then I'd have to say yes.
Balthayzr> Mr. Rose said the ops said he could say and do what he wanted. Do we not have the same freedoms?
Ironf> I'm saying if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.
Qualonia> Yep, you do.
Ironf> Well we did and said as we wanted then.
Qualonia> All members in this have, and had, the freedom to do what they goes both ways.
Balthayzr> So, if Mr. Rose thinks we're ignorant idiots, and we continue to support his opinions with our actions, what's the simplest solution?
Qualonia> yeah, you did, Ironf...but it wasn't nice, and it bothered someone to the point where they felt it necessary to insult you...think about that.
Balthayzr> Either 1) Stay and fight or 2) Avoid us.
Qualonia> Kill you?
Qualonia> No
Qualonia> 1.
Balthayzr> That's nice.
Qualonia> I was joking! :)
Qualonia> I think there's a double standard at work here.
Balthayzr> So, stay and fight. Not go crying when he stays and fights, and gets spanked for it.
Qualonia> Who got spanked?
Ironf> Please explaing the souble standard.
Ironf> Double
Balthayzr> Really? I see it. We can't say anything to him, but he claims he can do or say what he wants. Sounds like one to me.
Qualonia> just seems that you think he should have left...yet you have every right to stay...and you can insult him in ways...but he crosses the line when he gives it back...
Ironf> I never said he crossed the line. I wasn't the one who spoke to the opQualdevil.jpg - 14.40 K
Balthayzr> Threats and potty-mouth statements are crossing the line.
Ironf> I don't care what he did while in here. once I got tired of it, i would have /ignored him.
Qualonia> The fact of the matter is.....he would have been happy to chat in peace here...he didn't start threats and potty-mouth....he reacted with that.
Balthayzr> You seem to be intelligent. Can't hubby argue without the "Nyah nyah" mentality?
Qualonia> reacts with childish means...when bullies are making childish fun of them perhaps.
Balthayzr> Please. Examples of threats and potty-mouth statements pointed to Mr. Rose first.
Qualonia> I never said threats and stuff were given to him first......but rude comments and such were.
Qualonia> I assure you, my husband is a very intelligent person...
Ironf> When he returned the next day and there was an actual game ongoing, did we last out and "attack" as soon as he entered the room?
Qualonia> Yes!
Balthayzr> You said he didn't start threats and potty-mouth.....Did you mean "he didn't start *with* threats and potty mouth?"
Ironf> Would you like me to ddc you a log of the night?
Qualonia> Balth..yes, that's what I meant...sorry
Balthayzr> Alright.
Qualonia> We have them, Ironf.....I remember the Bulk jokes starting rather quickly that night...
Balthayzr> So, what would have been the mature thing to do when faced with the same thing that got him so mad the other night?
Qualonia> As I said earlier...he idled here while he talked to the op.
Ironf> *** Progg ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
Ironf> Mira Furlan and St. John the Evangelist.
Ironf> Quake and quangaroos!
Ironf> Johnny Rotten and Sharie Lewis!
Ironf> are you the infant of progg?
Ironf> and Beck!
Ironf> Emil Sitka and Charles Nelson Reilly! Siouxie and the Banshees!
Ironf> Cher and.....well, everybody.
Ironf> *** Elroy-L has quit IRC ((signed off))
Ironf> LL Cool J!
Ironf> Howard Stern and David mamet
Ironf> Benny Goodman.
Ironf> *** Progg has quit IRC ((signed off))
Ironf> * dungarees drools at Original Pancake House Commercia
Ironf> The cast of "Malcolm and Eddie"!
Ironf> Lamb Chop!
Ironf> Joe Bob Briggs!
Ironf> MC Clitorectomy and James Clavell!
Ironf> John Wayne and John Cleese.
Ironf> Huggybear and Hacksaw Jim Duggan HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Ironf> those were straight from the log. i didn't see a singe bulk comment
Qualonia> Well...I just remember that the same thing happened as it did when I came on tonight....telling him that Progg was Bulkrose...and besides...the channel was scrolling quickly.
Balthayzr> Uh huh.
Balthayzr> So, it's a bad thing to recognize someone under a different name than what he usually uses?
Qualonia> And then there were "buy in bulk" comments...and stuff....
Balthayzr> Pure evil, I assure you.
Qualonia> Did you ever think that maybe he changed it so that you wouldn't make fun of him...and let him be?
Balthayzr> And, what was the point? What do we have that hubby wants so bad?
Qualonia> wouldn't be a crime if it were someone else....lot's of people share accounts with other family members.
Qualonia> Nothing...he just wanted to get along here...and have some fun...and, regardless of the reasons, Ironf, gelwob, and THX kept him from that.....
Ironf> Well I have counted down over a hundred lines and not a single: bulk, buy in bulk, flowers in bulk, etc. comment to be found
Balthayzr> never said it was. Just pointing out that the IP address match someone else. I can see where this would drive someone to the top of a tower with a high-powered rifle.
Qualonia> Ironf...then somethings wrong with your scripts
Balthayzr> That seems to follow a pattern. Something's wrong with anything that doesn't match your view of things. Scripts, opinions....
Qualonia> It's NOT that big of a deal with him...or me...I just came in here to see what it was like...and somehow (perhaps my fault) we got on this topic.....
Ironf> Would you care to ddc me your logs then.
Qualonia> Balth..that's not true.....I TOLD YOU that I would value and accept your opinions...and I can't help if my memories don't match his logs...forget it.
Balthayzr> Is mr. Rose aware of what goes on in this room? Was he aware the first time he showed up?
Ironf> we use the logs to make pages of the Homegames and I wouldn't want to use an incorrect log to make the page.
Qualonia> Nope
Balthayzr> He wasn't aware?
Qualonia> the first time you logged onto this server you knew what this channel was for?
Ironf> Yes I actually did.
Balthayzr> Yep. Read the instructions posted on-line.
Ironf> Feel free to go to
Qualonia> Oh, well, we didn't...We got the addy from a dominion newsletter....and Blk logged on to check it out...because I'm excited about chatting with Margaret Weiss on Tuesday...that's what started it all...
Balthayzr> If he didn't, how did he know that razzing people wasn't the idea of the channel? How did he know this was a "fun" spot?
Qualonia> er...Thursday that is
Qualonia> says logically, one would figure it has something to do with the show....
Balthayzr> There's a channel called #ArmaggedonCabCo. Should it have something to do with taxis?
Ironf> I can assure you they aren't talking about salads in #baconbits
Qualonia> there's no show called that either on SciFi...and since you mention it...that's a great channel...really nice people
* Qualonia looks innocent "They don't?"
Balthayzr> Let's say that, yes, this does have something to do with MST3k. What do they do on the show?
Qualonia> I know what they do....Logically, he figured it was something like that...he came on to see....there was a movie in the topic that night....
Qualonia> Anyway..I"m tired of debating it....
Balthayzr> I don't mean to be insulting. I'm making a point. What do they do on the show.
Ironf> lets take it a step further. They say stuff like, Mitchell is a big drunk. Not Mitchell, don't you have a sister to fuck.
Balthayzr> They make fun of things on the show, don't they?
Qualonia> Yeah...well....they probably don't always harrass the bejezus out of people should list that as a rule of coming here.
Ironf> Mitchell, you are a lying asshole isn't a line I expect to hear pop out of Tommy Servo's mouth anytime soon.
Qualonia> I dunno...Tom is rather racey sometimes.
Ironf> You know exactly what I mean.
* Qualonia knows
Balthayzr> Thus, making fun of things is the point of the show. Thus enlightened, let's take it a step further. What did we/they do to you hubby first time he came here?
Balthayzr> They made fun of him, didn't they?
Qualonia> But, it's not a one in a million thing to hear stuff like that on-line.
Ironf> They made enough fun of Joe Don Baker that they say Joe Don said he would like to get them in a alley.
Ironf> I personally have never been told to fuck my sisten, for the record, I son't have one.
Qualonia> Yeah, well...I persoanlly think it's diffenent to make fun of a movie, or to make fun of someone in person.
Qualonia> personally even
Balthayzr> Why? People in a movie can't defend themselves. People can.
Qualonia> Obviously not here...unless they use proper language and follow some preset list of defense rules
Ironf> should be worse to make fun of people in a movie. Kinda like making fun of the handicapped
Qualonia> I don't think you should make fun of the handicapped...
Ironf> Language is the only way to express yourself on here. If you expect people to listen and understand, you should raise yourself higher than a 5th grader on the playground
Balthayzr> Yea, no swearing is a rule they don't have anywhere else in the world. "Don't you have a sister to fuck" is yelled out all the time in British Parlament.
Ironf> I'm using it as a point
Ironf> I heard the Queen Mum say it herself once.
Qualonia> Well....language is something we all use, and in different ways....if you don't wanna say or type fuck...don't...if you do..more power to you. I fail to see what the big deal is..and it seems to me you act like 5th graders who think they're going to hell because little Timmy said shit in front of them.
Balthayzr> And, of course, we should post "No threatening a persons connectivity" somewhere.
Qualonia> Did you guys give Shred this I said earlier..I saw him type Fuck.
Ironf> No you are mistaken. We complained to no one. Blkrose did.
Qualonia> Maybe..and add "Don't post someone's email to people who come on as a business" too
Qualonia> Well..his cursing seems to be the biggest thing you're arguing to me about.
Balthayzr> When you own a server, you can swear on it all you like. Besides, if I remember right, the context he said it in was teasing your husband about his swearing.
Qualonia> Who cares about context....he said it
Qualonia> Someone asked him if you could swear on here...he said "Fuck yeah"
Ironf> Yes that is humor. Kinda goes around in here.
Qualonia> I guess I'll just have to get a it or something.....
Balthayzr> It's the context that matters. Swearing while making an intelligent point is one thing. Being a potty-mouth because the other kids won't play nice is another.
Qualonia>, it's not the's how you use 'em...better post that too.
Ironf> If your husband had said can we swear and shred saif, "Don't you have a sister to fuck?" that totally different
Balthayzr> Want us to show you how to chew food, also?
Qualonia> But..if he had some idea you did fuck your sister...and you were happy about it..the comment would have been fine?
Balthayzr> This is a public place. Swearing in a public place is bad manners.
Qualonia> Freedom of speech is a given...and it's bad manners to make fun of people too....
Balthayzr> Speaking of, have you been mail-bombed? People threatening to sue if they don't get their flowers?
Qualonia> Not yet
Qualonia> We went over that already
Ironf> No you can say what you want, but you can't use my soapbox to shout from is the point I am trying to make.
Balthayzr> If he's a sysop, surely he can set up a mail-filter.
Qualonia> Why should we have too?
Qualonia> *your* soapbox...I'm confused
Balthayzr> Isn't that one of your points? that we/they were trying to mailbomb you? If you can set up a mailbox filter, why get upset? Especially since it's an address anyone could get from a /whois or looking up your web page.
Qualonia> Nope..not my point at all...I never mentioned mail bomb....
Ironf> I was using that as a point. You say everyone has freedom of speech. Well on a street corner yes, on the server owned by Sci-Fi network, no.
Qualonia> ..but if I get one I'll think long and hard about it.
Qualonia> According to Shred you do.
Balthayzr> You said earlier that we were "encouraging people to mail-bomb and spam " you.
Qualonia> I thought Shred owned it...not SciFi?
Qualonia> I never said mail-bomb
Balthayzr> "email spammed to death" sounds like the definition of a mail-bomb to me.
Ironf> No, sci-fi ownes it.
Qualonia> Nope...different...
Qualonia> did he piss off the owner then?
Qualonia> a mail bomb is like a virus type thing...spam is junk mail
Ironf> I didn't say he did.
Qualonia> Balth did
Ironf> A mail bomb is just 100's and 100's of pieces of mail.
Qualonia> Didn't you, Balth?
Qualonia> it's not...not only
Balthayzr> BZZZZZZZZ!!!!!! Wrong!! A mail-bomb is an incredibly large amount of mail, so much it almost paralyzes you email box.
Qualonia> WEll...that might be a type...but TRUST ME! there are others!
Ironf> Kinda like stuffing a mail box with so much mail it 'explodes'
Balthayzr> I know.
Ironf> Thus mailbomb
Ironf> onyl way you can get a virus is to download something and run it.
Balthayzr> His language annoyed the owner, thus the reason for the swearing back at him.
Ironf> only
Qualonia> The owner? I'm still confused.Bulksquat.jpg - 16.94 K
Ironf> not owner, op
Balthayzr> We call shred "the owner".
Ironf> he helped up set up the channel
Ironf> helped us
Balthayzr> He's the main op of the server, it seems.
Ironf> He and wombat.
Qualonia> He didn't swear until your "owner" told him he could say whatever he wanted.
Balthayzr> Sorry, second wrong answer.
Ironf> So the first day he was here, he didn't swear?
Qualonia> I don't know...
Ironf> There was no op here the first day, as I recall.
Balthayzr> I got a "lying a**hole message before the conversation with shred took place.
Qualonia> No you didn't...they had been talking in msg!
Balthayzr> He/msged almost everyone with that!
Ironf> Ok I got "Don't you have a sister to fuck." the first day before he knew Shred from Adam. Does that count?
Balthayzr> Oh, I see! The first thing he did when he logged on was to /msg shred, who he didn't know was the op, and ask "can I swear?"
Qualonia> He knew he was an op...and was a more detailed conversation, but basically
Balthayzr> What brought up the question about swearing was.......his swearing.
Qualonia> Well..I'm wasting all our time....
Ironf> Yes, I finally believe you are.
Balthayzr> Fine. Point taken. We're jerks. Happy? Feel Fufilled?
Qualonia> I never said that.....I just think you need to look at yourselves as well.
Ironf> We must just agree to disagree.
Balthayzr> Oh, I see. Since *I* was the one who asked about the swearing, I'm wrong???
Qualonia> If you stop harrassing....he'll stop's that simple
Qualonia> Then we'll all be big happy family. :)
Balthayzr> He swore. I asked asked shred if swearing was a bad thing. That brought out shred's salty reply about it.
Qualonia> True....
Ironf> There is only so many times I can go over the same information in a different manner. I'm spent.
Qualonia> Me too Ironf....Could we try being civil...and putting the past in it's place?
Balthayzr> So, what brought up the question of his swearing was.......his swearing!!!
Qualonia> Guess so.
Qualonia> But....the policy of the channel was discussed in msg...and he was told anything went.
Balthayzr> Why would I ask shred about his swearing if he wasn't swearing yet?
Qualonia> So.....
Qualonia> Could we try being civil...and putting the past in it's place?
Balthayzr> "Anything went" including razzing people?
Qualonia> Unfortunately..yes
Qualonia> It's it should be...but enoughs enough
Balthayzr> Have we razzed you?
Ironf> Shred is pretty much nothing more than a figurehead. He helped set the channel up and we run it. We chose the flix, we set the times, we make the pages. he shows up every once in a while and games along with us.
Qualonia> "the owner" is a figurehead...wierd
Balthayzr> We already said "the owner" was just an expression.
Qualonia> Once more.......
Qualonia> Could we try being civil...and putting the past in it's place?
Ironf> So what he ultimatly found out is that it was perfectly ok for us to razz him, yet we are still in the wrong and such.
Ironf> I think we have been more than civil
Balthayzr> We're civil to people who talk and fight intelligently.
Qualonia> I just thinks it's wrong to make someone uncomfortable and keep on going.....How will you treat him if he comes here again?
Balthayzr> Not threats. Not disgusting suggestions.
Qualonia> Nope...he nor I want those things...nor harrassment
Ironf> Pretty much the same I imagine, that is untill we tire, or he leaves or fights back on the same level, not on the gutteral level.
Balthayzr> Yea, I could see how much he didn't want them....
Ironf> I came here and was razzed, I fought back with my wits and now I am a regualr.
Qualonia> Balth...why is it so hard for you to accept it as a reaction to what was going on....
Balthayzr> Ironf reads a line from a publically displayed web page, with no comment, and hubby goes balistic.
Qualonia> And if you can call him names...why can't he say fuck if he wants too...
Ironf> I didn't say he couldn't. He is the one that ran and told mommy.
Balthayzr> Because it's not an acceptable reaction. Des he threaten people in real life?
Qualonia> You were making fun..and you know it...trying to get a reaction Ironf
Ironf> Have I once said that I wasn't razzing him?
Ironf> I wholeheartly agree that we were giving him the once over.
Qualonia> No, but you seem to think he should have accepted that as praise for the page or something
Balthayzr> Does hubby make disgusting suggestions to people who don't treat him right? Did he say those things the last time Santa didn't bring himn
Balthayzr> what he wanted?
Ironf> No I said he should leave or adapt.
Qualonia> Yeah, as a matter of fact...but I think it was more "Go fuck Rudolph up the ass"
Balthayzr> Nice.
Qualonia> You asked for it!
Ironf> When your daughter is playing and making fun of you, do you tell her to go fuck the bedpost?
Qualonia> Naw..she's cuter than you.
Qualonia> I mean, think we'd talk to our daughter the way we'd talk to rude people on IRC...c'mon
Ironf> answer the question instead of sidestepping it.
Qualonia> My answer
Ironf> I shall brb, sorry but this can't wait.
Qualonia> He ran away...
*** Balthayzr ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
Qualonia> He's back!
Balthayzr> Whew. got disconnected.
Balthayzr> *That* doesn't happen often....
* Qualonia looks all innocent "I didn't do it"
Qualonia> shells are usually pretty stable
Balthayzr> Some.
Balthayzr> Hey, ironf, you there?
Balthayzr> Uh, oh, looks like he might have gotten dropped, too....
Qualonia> He said he would brb.*
Ironf> Well are we done here? Everyone satisfied or as satisfied as they are going to get?
Qualonia> Yeah, I am...I just hope that you guys will drop it..and that blk will too....
Qualonia> I think you guys wouldn't be so bad if you weren't trying so hard to be...
*** Qualonia ( has left #MST-HomeGame
Ironf> Ahh go eat something
Balthayzr> And the horse she rode in on!!
Balthayzr> And, if you can't log on........too bad.
Ironf> Boo hooo hooo, they were mean to me mommy. Make it stop, make it stop.