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*** brain (eturnal@man7.kih.net) has joined #MST-HomeGame
gelwob> the anti-iron?
*** brain (eturnal@man7.kih.net) has left #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138EB> The kih battle
Ironf> wierd
*** brain (eturnal@man7.kih.net) has joined #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138EB> Brain
Ironf> of all the irc servers in all the world, you had to join into mine.
THX-1138EB> Brain, can you take Ironf, your kih.net borther?
gelwob> how we hate you.
brain> Excuse me but what is the secret to changing your nick on this server?
THX-1138EB> Kick his ass Sea bass!
gelwob> you must pay homage to alucard to change your nick.
THX-1138EB> You must pay homage to IronF and ElRonblkcrow.jpg - 8.45 K
gelwob> Ellrrrrooooon
Ironf> type "/join *" where * is the new nick you want.
gelwob> duuuuuuuude
gelwob> elllroooon
brain> I'm not irc illiterate.....just this server will not let me change my nich
brain> um, nick i mean
THX-1138EB> Who is the better kih.net user? IronF or Brain? You decide
gelwob> this server doesn't like you and hates you.
Ironf> Do you want to appear as Armondo?
THX-1138EB> What do you want to change your nick to?
brain> Gee, you can just feel the love in here!
gelwob> I love you like a brother.
Ironf> Love gravy.
Ironf> 100% of that sentence was donated to Princess Di's favorite charities. thank you and good night
THX-1138EB> Love is fleeting.
*** brain (eturnal@man7.kih.net) has left #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138EB> He didn't spell "eturnal" right.
gelwob> kih.net loser!
Ironf> I rule supreme!
*** blkrose (eturnal@man7.kih.net) has joined #MST-HomeGame
gelwob> that brain guy, what a load.
* blkrose slaps gelwob with an old diaper full of extricated chile burritos!
THX-1138EB> You didn't spell "eturnal" right
blkrose> no shit brain dead!
THX-1138EB> Don't yell at me, I'm not the one who spelled it wrong.
blkrose> Perhaps not...but you are a person who doesn't even have a nick!
* Ironf gets Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Black Samson to doubleteam blkrose HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
gelwob> thus you're a second class citizen.
THX-1138EB> You also didn't spell "blk" right.
gelwob> hey blkrose, are you a big fan of the iron eagle films?
Ironf> You REALLY are from kentucky aren't you?
THX-1138EB> Bulkrose, are you a florist by chance?
Ironf> no, I just call long distance for internet access.
gelwob> when I call 1-800-FLOWERS are you the guy I talk to?
blkrose> Then you REALLY do belong in Kentucky!!!
THX-1138EB> Do you wear an apron?
Ironf> Are you an ex-football player?
blkrose> Who says i'm a guy?
*** Meater (nothing@acronet90.acronet.net) has joined #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138EB> Meater said you were a guy.
Meater> wha?
Meater> I am.
THX-1138EB> You have a brother named Tom?
Meater> hi.
Meater> do I?
THX-1138EB> I don't know? Do you?
Meater> no.
THX-1138EB> Then why did you bring him up. Sheesh.
Ironf> That's right, who did. Women can play football too, or do you think that they can't.
Meater> uh, nevermind.
THX-1138EB> Meater, meet Bulkrose, our resident florist.
Meater> hello Bulkrose
blkrose> thx, thats Blk....as in black!
gelwob> Bulkrose can get decent prices on flowers.
THX-1138EB> Uh, Blk could be bulk.
Meater> as in hello then.
Ironf> why not put blackrose then?
Ironf> He buys them in bulk, thus the name
THX-1138EB> Someone "eturnal" should be more clear.
gelwob> I think you're just too ashamed to admit it means "Bulk". There's NOTHING wrong with buying in quantity.
blkrose> because there is already about 1000000000000000000000000000000000 BlackRose 's out there!
gelwob> that should tell you something.
THX-1138EB> Yeah, buying in bulk and being a member of those wholesale places is nothing to be ashamed of.
Ironf> I don't see any here, so appearently you really want it to be bulkrose and are just conning yourself.
gelwob> I mean, I go to Price Costco all the time to buy blank tapes.
THX-1138EB> I have never run across another BlackRose.
Meater> I have.
gelwob> I don't know why you have this fear of being labeled BulkRose.
gelwob> it's something natural that we all do or are at least aware of.
Ironf> Everyone wants to ge the best deal for their money. It's just right. Don't be ashamed.
THX-1138EB> Buying in bulk is sensible. I buy condoms in bulk for all my women.
Meater> geez, sounds almost you`re talking about masterbation!
Meater> like
blkrose> thx, you pimp?
THX-1138EB> You intersted?
Ironf> odd, seems that you of all people wouldn't spell masturbation wrong.
blkrose> get a spell checker!
Meater> ok, who wants to be a "Ho"?
Meater> funny Ironf
THX-1138EB> Bulkrose, being a florist doesn't pay much or something?
gelwob> so tell us about your nickname, "Meater".
Meater> I`m a butcher`s apprentice.
THX-1138EB> Do you buy in bulk too?
Meater> no, I slice in bulk!
Meater> ha
* blkrose says "1. Lam-er (noun) : a person who is lame. example of a lamer: Ironf :)
gelwob> what's your favorate part of a chicken?
Meater> dunno.
Meater> the ouside?
THX-1138EB> At least you are not afraid to admit you buy/slice in bulk like others here.
gelwob> Hmm, where did you get that definition? Lamer isn't a part of the english language, it's a term used by people who don't go out too often.
Meater> Lame-o is more common....
gelwob> at least he isn't ashamed of his bulk purchases.
Meater> I rarely buy in bulk.
gelwob> Yes, I'll definetly approve of "Lame-O". "Lamer" is just pathetic geekspeak.
THX-1138EB> "Lam-er". Would it be pronounced "La-mer"
Ironf> I watch blaxploitation films in bulk. There I've said it and I am not ashamed.
THX-1138EB> Lam-er would be pronounced "lamb-er"
Ironf> baaaahhh
blkrose> there is no b in lamer!
THX-1138EB> Whereas la-mer would be pronounced "lay-mer"
Meater> yeah. that`s the ticket.
Ironf> phonetics can be your friend.
THX-1138EB> Bulkrose, were you busy during Valentine's Day?
Meater> so can the mighty woodchuck.
gelwob> so Bulkrose, do you actually say :"lamer" in "real life"? Do you go around calling people "lamers"?
blkrose> would you prefer twink?
THX-1138EB> Cause it's pretty lame to be calling people in the real world lamers.
gelwob> are you a k00l d00d or something, Bulkrose?
blkrose> No, I unlike some people know how to seperate the real world and the irc
THX-1138EB> Does working around flowers help with that?
gelwob> Spoken like a true Bulkrose.
Ironf> When times get tough, do you take a side job at Mr. Bulkies?
gelwob> So Bulkrose is just an elaborate fantasy of yours? You're really NOT a florist or anything?
THX-1138EB> Cause I know lots of old-folk homes offer flower arranging as an excellent way of passing time and stress management.
Meater> I dunno, flowers seem to make me incredibly tense!
THX-1138EB> You probably don't know how to handle them properly. Ask a pro like bulkrose how to.
Meater> just the sight of them, freaks me out.
Meater> reminds me of funerals.
THX-1138EB> Get Bulkrose's e-mail addy and work things out.
Ironf> Do you sell through the web? I need to order some flowers and I was gonna go ahead and place my order now while I am thinking about it.
blkrose> whats the matter with funerals???
gelwob> besides the fact that it's a sort of ghoulish to display a corpse?
Meater> well, the aspect of DEATH for one thing...
Ironf> eturnal@kih.net for all your floral needs
THX-1138EB> Bulkrose, do you sell a lot of flowers to mourning family members?
gelwob> funerals are a big part of bulkrose's business.
Meater> well, all the power to him then!
Ironf> That and mother's day
THX-1138EB> I'll have to add eturnal@kih.net to my addy book.
THX-1138EB> Should I ever need some flowers
Meater> ok, I`m out of here. More sleep. Less Talk.
THX-1138EB> Bye Ted
Meater> bye.
*** Meater has quit IRC ((signed off))
Ironf> glad to meat ya
gelwob> there goes a sensible man unashamed of bulk.
Ironf> see it's a pun
*** DimensionMaster (DimensionMaster@fwr.student.umr.edu) has joined #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138EB> So, Bulkrose, do you often sell flowers to scientologists?
gelwob> ah, the dimension master. You have a nasty habit of surviving.
DimensionMaster> Why do you say that?
gelwob> you know.
DimensionMaster> I do???
THX-1138EB> Are you master of your dimension?
DimensionMaster> Unfortunately, I am DimensionMaster in name only, for I am not really the master of ANY dimensions...
blkrose> so, thx are you a noise reduction system?
THX-1138EB> DM, meet BulkRose, our florist. If you ever need flowers, send e-mail to eturnal@kih.net
DimensionMaster> Will do...
THX-1138EB> No. Why would you want to reduce noise?
DimensionMaster> Let me get that down...
blkrose> chill out on the address
Ironf> 10% discount if you mention the word "funeral"
THX-1138EB> Bulkrose can even make those little ASCII flowers appear.
gelwob> bulkrose LOVES funerals.
DimensionMaster> OOOOOH....
THX-1138EB> Do it Bulkrose.
THX-1138EB> work that floral magic.
DimensionMaster> Anyway, I was just seeing if I could get this to work.
THX-1138EB> @>------
THX-1138EB> Do it!
gelwob> so eturnal@kih.net... make sure you get the spelling right.
gelwob> you've certainly mastered this dimension.
THX-1138EB> Yes, you have FR
DimensionMaster> So, are you supposed to be talking about a certain MST topic, or something?
DimensionMaster> Or did you stop that....
gelwob> would you feel more comfortable if we constrained our dialogue to a certain MST topic?
THX-1138EB> We were talking about one, but Bulkrose showed up and offered up some free flowers.
gelwob> like the credits for example?
THX-1138EB> And who can resist free flowers
blkrose> there are not enough brain cells in here!
DimensionMaster> HEY NOW...
THX-1138EB> Thanks Bulkrose for bringing the average down
THX-1138EB> DimensionMaster does his best to raise the average, and you just tear it down.
blkrose> I didn't, you can't get lower then zero
Ironf> Ever wonder?
gelwob> ah the sharp cutting wit of Bulkrose. Will you call someone a "lamer" again?
THX-1138EB> Actually, you can't even get zero.
DimensionMaster> Alright now... I am not some brainless dunderhead looking for cheap laughs...
gelwob> do you prefer moderately priced laughs?
THX-1138EB> I prefer to get my laughs in bulk
DimensionMaster> Yes, at least higher quality laughs.
THX-1138EB> So, you do not feel Bulkrose's IQ quips are humorous?
DimensionMaster> Nah, not assholes in here. I know what assholes are. They haven't reached that level, BELIEVE ME...
THX-1138EB> You should have seen the people who were in here before. Bunch of scientologists.
DimensionMaster> You go to enough dimensions, you find out what true assholes are....
Ironf> Bulkrose didn't get his IQ quips at a respectible bulk store so he got bad quality quips. Please don't make the same mistake.
gelwob> bulkrose said he was a scientologist earlier.
DimensionMaster> I know that sounds familiar. What does that refer to?
THX-1138EB> Damn scientologists discussing the dangers of Sartre and Camus. That's just disgusting.
THX-1138EB> One of them even claimed Dadaism wasn't a visual medium.
DimensionMaster> That what???
THX-1138EB> And can you believe they said Andy Warhol was NOT fabulous! The nerve!
gelwob> I was furious when they put down his glamorousness.
DimensionMaster> Well, everyone, I better go. It is very late here where I am. I need to get some sleep. See ya later!
THX-1138EB> Although Bulkrose, being the sell-out it is probably would sell flowers to them anyway despite their rude remarks.
Ironf> don't forget to jot down eturnal@kih.net for your floral needs, and please feel free to post that to usenet. he can use the bis.
DimensionMaster> Oh, ok. I'll see what I can do....
blkrose> ironf, I know where you live!
DimensionMaster> Bye all!!!
blkrose> also, just so you know, all is logged!
gelwob> enjoy!
Ironf> so? logs can be forged, duh
THX-1138EB> Oh no. Logged. The fear.
gelwob> How terrifying, bulkrose.
Ironf> Just so you know, all is being read.
gelwob> Will you complain to the church of scientology about us?
*** DimensionMaster has quit IRC ((signed off))
blkrose> yup, and logs can get you disconnected from your provider!
gelwob> were the bullies in #mst-homegame being MEAN to you?bosblk.jpg - 10.78 K
THX-1138EB> For doing what? You came here.
* gelwob cracks up
THX-1138EB> You provided the info.
* Ironf dares him to try turning in just logs to get someone disconnected.
blkrose> I was not the one to put it on usenet...a violation of federal law!
Ironf> Won't happen, not enough evidence
THX-1138EB> Neither did we.
gelwob> violation of federal law? umm, for what, exactly?
THX-1138EB> And it doesn't matter, since you don't know who we are.
blkrose> thx, I do know who he is!
THX-1138EB> That's his problem.
gelwob> in fact, I'm standing right outside your window as I type this.
blkrose> and being a sys op for kih helps also!
Ironf> Like I care. Please turn them in, please do so they can laugh at you.
gelwob> uh huh.
THX-1138EB> I thought you sold flowers.
gelwob> you lied to us!
THX-1138EB> Did you misrepresent yourself?
blkrose> nope, I never said anything
THX-1138EB> Exactly.
THX-1138EB> You didn't deny anything.
gelwob> So um, could you... in your own words... describe exactly what heinous violation of your privacy we commited and why our ISP would be interested?
gelwob> feel free to pepper your speech with the word "lamer"
THX-1138EB> Aside from the fact they would be interested in a good laugh of course.
Ironf> Or Lamerz for that extras special punch
Ironf> and please don't skimp on the ascii flowers
THX-1138EB> The flowers would be a nice touch and most appreciated.
gelwob> another question. Why exactly are you lingering?
gelwob> have you lost your freedom of choice?
blkrose> ironf, the next time you log on and get a "Invalid password" error msg....think real hard as to what could be causing it!
* gelwob cracks up
THX-1138EB> Did you injure yourself in a floral arrangement accident?
THX-1138EB> Did you log that threat Ironf?
Ironf> Ohh boy. Ohh geez please help me. Oh my dear lord
blkrose> that was not a threat.....simply a tech tip!
THX-1138EB> Cause then you can complain about how the employees carry out personal vendettas. That would look good.
Ironf> And yes, I believe I shall send an email to abuse to report it.
gelwob> again, please explain why you think ironf will be "disconnected"
gelwob> you know, a little pixie is telling me that bulkrose isn't actually a sysop.
Ironf> Since you work for them, can you please hell me when Hopkins county will be getting some 56k modems installed?
Ironf> I'm tired of just 33.6
THX-1138EB> I thought we already established Bulkrose is a florist
Ironf> maybe he just does the ascii stuff.
Ironf> Let me guess, you don't work in the right area to know about the modem situation.
THX-1138EB> Or you don't work.
blkrose> i'm a sysop you moron...what would I care about upgrades in your location
gelwob> as a "sysop" what are your duties at kih?
gelwob> and is it acceptable to insult your "customers"? don't you have some work to do?
THX-1138> Where do I pick up my roses once I order them?
THX-1138> My, what insulting employees.
Ironf> So are you heavily involved in kih, or just small stuff?
THX-1138> Are you Sysop of the coffee machine?
Ironf> Do you bring to donuts to work?
THX-1138> And the flowers
Ironf> Do you work from home, or go to the office?
Ironf> Did you run out to a bulk store, Bulkrose?
THX-1138> Are you bulking up?
THX-1138> Being a florist, do you find that a rose is a rose?
Ironf> If you are pricked, do you bleed?
THX-1138> I wonder if bulkrose is busy doing something else with its hands that it can't type at the moment.
*** blkrose (eturnal@man7.kih.net) has left #MST-HomeGame
*** MrJones (MrJones@man7.kih.net) has joined #MST-HomeGame
gelwob> hmm.
gelwob> Geewhiz.
Ironf> Back again?
gelwob> do you need to deliver a subpoena?
Ironf> I'm jonesing for some flowers
MrJones> Excuse me?
THX-1138> I thought Jones made the sound effects, not sold the flowers
gelwob> yes, you're clearly NOT brain OR bulkrose. I fully believe you are the unrelated MrJones.
THX-1138> 100% not them, right?
Ironf> You are their lawyer, aren't you?
MrJones> Who?
THX-1138> Brillaint sysop.
gelwob> OK folks, get ready to giggle.
gelwob> http://members.tripod.com/~eturnal/index.html
THX-1138> Have you returned to throw more racial slurs at us?
gelwob> http://members.tripod.com/~eturnal/index.html
gelwob> http://members.tripod.com/~eturnal/index.html
Ironf> geez why not at kih?
Ironf> Oh Lord Blkrose
* Ironf bows
gelwob> I had no idea we were in the presence of royalty.
gelwob> oh boy! poetry!
MrJones> thats my friends page....we share a connection at college
gelwob> So blkrose=Michael Allcock? Kind of an unlikely name.
THX-1138> Allcock all the time
Ironf> "Greetings Traveler! Please excuse the mess.
Ironf> Sometimes I get so into my studies I forget to clean up the place."
Ironf> Blkrose clears off a big cushiony chair for you to sit in. Then returns to his table.
Ironf> You see smoke coming from one of the many beakers on the table.
Ironf> "Just let me finish adding these elements together and then we can talk"
Ironf> You see a blue solution turn green as he pours the liquids together.
Ironf> Blkrose then comes out from around his lab table.
Ironf> He takes off his apron and takes a seat in front of you.
gelwob> college. Gee, I thought the good lord was an allpowerful sysop.
MrJones> he is
gelwob> She sits on the shore
gelwob> Tears of blood flow evermore
gelwob> She sets her petals adrift
gelwob> The solitary chalice of her blood so painfully wept
gelwob> The rough seas set it to endless drift
gelwob> Tongues of fire from the water do rise
gelwob> So too they engulf the fruit of her eyes
gelwob> Blood of red, petals of white
gelwob> Fire burns not a rose in the night
gelwob> She gives her sins to the seas again
gelwob> So true she hopes for forgiveness
gelwob> Peace and love come not from above
gelwob> Her pain seems so endless.
gelwob> touching.
Ironf> why don't you put your page on kih then, mighty sysop
THX-1138> He's the coffee machine sysop/florist.
MrJones> not my page
THX-1138> I cried.
gelwob> The Dungeon
gelwob> A few words about modern vampirism
Ironf> That says alot
gelwob> ohboy! blkrose as "The Crow"
THX-1138> Actually, I laughed
THX-1138> So exactly what did you mean by "you share a connection" with Allcock?
gelwob> boy, goths are soooo hip.
gelwob> hooboy. Thanks for the laughs.
Ironf> The Auditorium
Ironf> Bodine Productions Info
Ironf> As in Jethro?
THX-1138> The requirements are simple. The page has to be 50 to 75k TOPS and has to have a castle type background as its bassis (just so it fits in). Thats it!
THX-1138> The rest is up to you...after all, it is YOU that we want to showcase! :)
gelwob> The modern American vampire is alive and flourishing.
gelwob> With media coverage, movies, role-playing games, books, and talk
gelwob> shows the creatures of the night are further assuring their
gelwob> placement in immortality. However, it seems we shall fall prey
gelwob> to the same injustice which has always been so, few will go past
gelwob> the veil of glamour, horror, and lore to the waiting arms of
gelwob> reality.
gelwob> A vampire rides the bus next to you, shops at the same
gelwob> grocery you shop, and maybe even is a friend of yours. This race
gelwob> of people move among everyday life, not stealing through the
gelwob> alley ways with midnight on their side. I cannot tell you what
gelwob> makes the symptoms which denote the condition. Why some humans
gelwob> can manipulate energy and feel others pain and pleasure, while
gelwob> others can and do not.
THX-1138> That's funny stuff. Slay me.
* gelwob wipes tears from eyes
THX-1138> I think I'll watch some "Bad Blood" tomorrow.
gelwob> Their are those who are secure with their reality. Who bond
gelwob> by a ritual exchange of life's blood with their chosen mate. A
gelwob> joining which quenches some buried primitive urge for such a
gelwob> pristine and complete closeness with another. Those who feel and
gelwob> accept the constant ebb and flow of an aura which must have sustanance.
gelwob> Those who learn to control, and live.
Ironf> I am running a 4,000 watt PA system that can rock your socks off. I will not bore you with details about my equiptment.
Ironf> Too late
THX-1138> Ooo, the Armoury is on Geocities.
gelwob> v
gelwob> IV. Vampires like to hurt other people.
gelwob> Quite the contrary...most vampires are very loving creatures.
gelwob> Vampiric emotions seem to be a bit more acute than most other
gelwob> peoples. Most vampires are empaths, meaning they pick up on other
gelwob> peoples emotions quite easily.
gelwob> This is all so fabulous. Glamorous, even.
THX-1138> "Blkrose is major Medievil fan. These images of little boys are some of his favorites!"
gelwob> bwahahaahah! he's into "magick"
MrJones> Black Rose would like to thank you for loading all the adds and sending him credits
THX-1138> IE? That means for example. Seeing as there are only 2 "versions" of MST, you can't use IE.
gelwob> sure, if he really needs the nickel.
gelwob> no problem.
gelwob> it's well worth the hysterical laughter.
Ironf> I'm not seeing any adds on my side, I think you links may be screwed up.
THX-1138> Qualonia. They make those cool phones.
Ironf> Don't you love people that talk about themselves in the third person?
Ironf> Ironf knows he does.
gelwob> !?!?!
*** Sonicore (523@dial-41.r3.scmcnr.infoave.net) has joined #MST-HomeGame
Sonicore> good day all
THX-1138> Hi
gelwob> Morning.
Ironf> Do you hope to grow up like Patrick Swayze, bulkrose?
THX-1138> Say hello to MrJones (formerly the florist named Bulkrose)
Sonicore> beautiful one aint' it
gelwob> I'd be wary of Mrjones/bulkrose. He's been hurling insults at us for hours and being pretty mean.
gelwob> evidently he's trying to get ironf kicked of his ISP for some imagined offense.
Sonicore> good day MrJones
[Sonicore SOUND]
gelwob> and if you have any questions on "candle magick" or "modern day vampires", don't hesitate to ask MrJones.
Sonicore> :)
MrJones> You people as paranoid asy act?
Ironf> However, if you would like to purchase some flowers, please email eturnal@kih.net
Sonicore> ok....batgirl.jpg - 4.08 K
MrJones> un, you i mean
Ironf> tell 'em Mr. Jones sent ya.
Sonicore> us, or them
Sonicore> ;)
[Sonicore SOUND]
[Sonicore SOUND]
Sonicore> lol
Sonicore> noone is hearing these are they......?
THX-1138> I live in Kentucky with my husband,
Ironf> you do know that only people with that sound can hear it. Which would mean mainly just you.
THX-1138> confidant, and brother of the soul
THX-1138> Incest is best
*** xenu (elron@tr-tc-ppp3.monmouth.com) has joined #mst-homegame
Ironf> The closer the kin, the deeper in.
Sonicore> sorry.... my appoligies to all.
xenu> so MrJones, please tell us more about "candle magick"
Sonicore> good day Xen
Sonicore> don't get it THX
xenu> Are you managing to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram that often?
Sonicore> ?
*** MrJones2 (eturnal@man7.kih.net) has joined #MST-HomeGame
Ironf> Are you a master of your pentagram?
xenu> xenu> so MrJones, please tell us more about "candle magick"
THX-1138> In time,you will. All of man kind will know Xenu. Patience.
xenu> xenu> Are you managing to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram that often?
Sonicore> there's a notherone
*** gelwob has quit IRC ((signed off))
Sonicore> 666?
Sonicore> i'll be gone...
MrJones2> thx, your not the only one that can clone!
*** mgrasso (mgrasso@p6.tc2.metro.MA.tiac.com) has joined #mst-homegame
*** blkrose (GC10000E@mad14.kih.net) has joined #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138> Uh, who said anything about me cloning, MrJones?
MrJones2> I did
Ironf> Wow, i guess they aren't the same person.
MrJones2> You people are fucked up!
THX-1138> You, much like your alias Bulkrose, have no idea what you are talking about
*** MrJones2 (eturnal@man7.kih.net) has left #MST-HomeGame
Sonicore> I am comfused....
*** Sonicore (523@dial-41.r3.scmcnr.infoave.net) has left #MST-HomeGame