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A Primer on Anger

     When will-power/inner strength is sensed and manipulated by emotion, from the very center of the body, and meditated from the lower vital centers of the body, it acts with the destructive power of a storm, and the savagery of a beast. Anger is considered the most potent catalyst to this kind of power. Anger becomes rage, when channeled through the "vital gate" in the center of the body, and can unleash absolutely unstoppable potency throughout the body. Add the exquisite control of a fine intelligence standing watch over anger, and you have an aggression created from pure evil that can kill with precision, crush cartilage from afar, or physically and mentally obliterate an enemy from a great distance.

A Primer on the Weak

     The secrets of control, without violence, over the innocent, the ignorant, and "all inferiors."

Main Tenets:

1. All power comes from outside the weak: The weak have never been known to believe in themselves or in their ability to wield power.
2. The face of authority: The weak live as if in a dream. All their thoughts, actions, and urges are governed by the face and the voice that controls this dream, the face and voice they have learned to obey, the face and voice of Authority.
3. The law of fear: A consequence of the first two tenets is that the weak live in fear. The mere suggestion of violence from one in authority is enough to inspire their obedience. How can one who doesn't believe in his own powers stand against the power of another? It is impossible.
4. The weak do not understand will-power/inner strength: Will-power/inner strength is the ultimate means to gain authority over the weak. The weak do not understand it. The weak do not believe in themselves and in the power of the will or the strength contained inside, therefore how can they understand or use it? So, it is that the weak are at the mercy of those who know and use the power of the will. The proper use of inner strength can inspire awe and obedience in the weak. It is said that anyone who knows how to use will-power and inner strength can set himself up as a King anywhere on the world where only he knows the potency of will-power. Anyone could do this. But only the few chose to.

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