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Ironf> dunno
bowleg> scientology.
AgentJ> Hum det det de de...hua hua.
Ironf> really? Hmm
Ironf> I wouldn't have thought him to be a follower.
bowleg> Well, he's well into OT3.
AgentJ> who?
Ironf> So he has been there quite a while now then?
Ironf> I've wondered why George hasn't been doing any new stuff lately.
Ironf> Any word on when he plans to go back to films?
Ironf> I mean Travolta and Cruise still do lots of films, so I'm sure he could.
Ironf> Know much about Scientology, Agent J?
AgentJ> not a thing.
Ironf> Interested?
AgentJ> Except that L. Ron Hubbard used to write sci-fi, and he saw that religion paid better... }B-D
Ironf> So you know nothing about it, yet you still want to slam Hubbard. That's interesting.
AgentJ> The }B-D is a smiley face, indicating a joke.
AgentJ> Actually, the person who said that originally was JMS, the guy who created Babylon 5.
AgentJ> JMS has lots of opinions.
Ironf> As well one should. Still shouldn't you find out a little more about a relig. before joking about it?
AgentJ> I've tried, and everybody I've asked about scientology have only made jokes about making money.
Ironf> Well you have come to the right place tonight. bowleg is away right now cooking up a little something to eat, so I'll be your tour guide.
AgentJ> mmm. food.
Ironf> Many people write us off as profiteers, but almost all relig. need some monetary backing.
AgentJ> well, people living in today's society needs money.
Ironf> Have you went to the offical scientology web site? Once ther, you can take a FREE personality test that will help you on the road to understanding you a little better.
AgentJ> I've seen it.
Ironf> I warn you though, it's a bit lengthy.
Ironf> Have you taken it yet?
AgentJ> I didn't have time when I found it on the web.
Ironf> After I took it, they were able to find the most problematic areas in my life and help me with them.
Ironf> Oh please take it one day. It doesn't need to be done all in one sitting.
Ironf> That's one thing wrong with it is that it is long, but to get the right specifics, you need a lot of questions answered.
AgentJ> still, what IS scientology (other than a religion)? What its basic belief?
Ironf> It's belief is that the mind plays a much more important part than what people believe.
AgentJ> more important part than what?
Ironf> Their are 'things', for lack of a better word, that we are all bogged down with that cause our bodies to become ill and such hold us back from full potiential.
AgentJ> would "things" be in an emotional context?
Ironf> The spirit and the mind are almost interchangable. Most used to call it psychosymatic illnesses, but it reaches much further than that.
Ironf> Emotional and spiritual.
Ironf> What we do as you progress through the 'training' is to reach a state of clear where there is no reactive mind, or 'left-overs' from previous expierences, to cloud thought, judgement, and basically life
Ironf> Once you reach clear, your memory inproves, as does IQ usually, and life just seems better because you are able to more fully enjoy it.
Ironf> Sometimes it is just hard to explain 1-on-1.
AgentJ> okay, then I did know more about scientology than I first thought. I heard about these ideas from other places before.
Ironf> Also through our training, we have gotten millions off of drugs, even prescription drugs were no longer need to most once they reached clear. It just goes to show you how much of our ills are caused by left-over baggage.
Ironf> Some folks, John Travolta has said this has happened to him, have claimed that after being clear, they were able to lay upon hands and help others when they are in pain or sick.
AgentJ> I broke my arm back in November. The doctor gave me a prescription for some kind of pain killer, but I didn't buy it. I thought, "no, I don't need this" and I didn't. I would also concentrate my thoughts a few minutes ever day imagining my arm healing. Can't say it healed faster, but I didn't need any painkillers for it.
Ironf> Another point I need to make is that you need not abandon your current religion. We have many that still practice their other religions as well as Scientology.
Ironf> Yes, see you very well may be closer to a state of clear than most are.
Ironf> There is a book you can pick up at most major bookstores. "What is Scientology" This should help you if you were to want to look further into it.
Ironf> I'm sure there is a local organization near you that would also be glad to help you.
AgentJ> About a year and a half ago I realized that I was not happy. So I asked myself why am I not happy? And I answered because I'm not doing what I want to do. I told my supervisor that I was unhappy at work and I knew my performance was suffering because of the way I felt. So she fired me. But after leaving there and starting to do what I wanted to do, I was far happier. Only thing though, I'm running out of money. That doesn't make me unhappy, but it seems to trouble my mom a lot.
Ironf> It always seems that money and happiness don't want to exist together very much, doesn't it?
AgentJ> I never found it so. I was never bothered about money, but my mother was, and so she pressured me into needing it.
AgentJ> Like when I finished school, mom wanted me to find a 9 to 5 job. it was very important that I put my monetary needs first before I pursued my writing and stuff. but that made me unhappy doing that.
Ironf> Glad to see that you are on a road to make yourself happier. Parents are like hat, but sometimes only the person knows what is best for them. That's one thing about the orgs that you can visit, there is always someone there to talk to and to listen.
Ironf> One of our major concerns are the mental illness rate in the world. So many people want to throw drugs at the problems when that isn't needed.
AgentJ> so you're a MSTy as well as a scientologist?
Ironf> Sure am.
AgentJ> when did you start watching the show?
Ironf> Except for the occasional Scientology joke, but that is to be expected.
Ironf> Well I was a late comer to the party. I started with the last Comedy Central season.
AgentJ> Well, the scientology commercials don't help. They look quite goofy.
Ironf> I sent some leaflets and pamphlets to Best Brains hoping that they would find them interesting.
Ironf> But you do remember them, don't you?
AgentJ> I remember changing the channel quickly.
AgentJ> "Man is just a BRAIN! A BRAAAAAAAIN!!!"
Ironf> Anyways, I have started collecting the tapes and I am getting more and more each week. There are a surprising number of people that like MST3K and are Scientologist.
Ironf> I was always fond of the earlier 30 infomercial ones myself.
AgentJ> I guess I took offense to the commercials because I don't see people as animals (but then I don't see animals as "animals" so to speak) and all that.
AgentJ> There are a surprising number of people who like Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and MST3K. Coincidence?! heheh. }B-D
Ironf> You shouldn't take offense to the commercials, we don't believe man is just an animal. You should have seen the entire commercial.
Ironf> We beleive that all parts, mind, body, and spirit work together to form a being.
AgentJ> aren't infomercials so attractive? I mean, you change to a channel to see one of these on, and it's not a commercial, it's a PROGRAM. So whatever they're selling, it's interesting. Like QVC. It's not just selling you something, it's entertaining you to sell you something. I think I know what Joel Hodgson means about shopping channels.
Ironf> That was a barb at those scientist and Psychs that think that.
AgentJ> I took offense to the scientologist commercials because it seemed that it was saying that if you weren't into scientology, you then believed that man was just an animal. And that's not true, either.
Ironf> Well that's why we put the guy in a lab coat, but i guess we could have made our point a little clearer.
Ironf> I never have cared much for the Mike guy. From the tapes I have traded, I prefer Joel alot more, but the show is till uproarously funny.
AgentJ> You started watching during the last CC season, and you like Joel better?
Ironf> Yeah, Mike just doesn't click with me. The bots are what kept me coming back.
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AgentJ> No wonder the "Joel vs. Mike" debate never goes away. Even the new people like Joel.
Plumm> l0ads
AgentJ> hi
Ironf> Hello Plumm
Ironf> Who do you like better?
AgentJ> I've been a fan of Joel Hodgson's work since 1992.
AgentJ> Unfortunately, Mr. Hodgson is not a fan of me.
Ironf> really, how so?
Plumm> yo
AgentJ> Ever hear of the fan web site AgentJ's Workshop?
Plumm> i was brushing my teeth when I logged on
Plumm> so, what's up?
Ironf> Nope, I usually just hit the Sat. news
AgentJ> scientology, joel vs. mike, stuff.
AgentJ> Well, I have this fan web site called AgentJ's Workshop. Then Joel told me to take it down.
Ironf> Why for?
Ironf> That's kinda harsh of him.
Ironf> Were there bad remarks about him?
AgentJ> Well, as he might say, "It's really complicated." Joel took offense at my site, more specifically, stuff on my site that had to do about him and his work.
AgentJ> I had a little fan newsletter called GADGETS that had snippets from magazine articles and interviews. It showed how his career got started, the things that influenced him to make MST.
Ironf> So this was a totaly praising web site, yet he still asked you to take it down? Wierd.
AgentJ> It had some letters from fans saying how Joel had inspired them, how they appreciated having those articles to learn more about him, how my site helped them see Joel as a person and not a celebrity.
AgentJ> Yep, you got it.
AgentJ> Now, go read http://*****.***/~*******/********.****
* Plumm has read that page.
AgentJ> Plumm: recently? (like since February 20)
Plumm> oh, no. new stuff?
AgentJ> yeah.
AgentJ> unless you checked it ON February 20, then no.
AgentJ> Hum det det de de...hua hua.
Plumm> ah.
Plumm> wow, yer own e-stalker. fun
AgentJ> So, new episode coming up on Saturday. Oh, and the chat on Thursday.
Ironf> Wow he basically said you were stalking him, huh
AgentJ> I missed the last one. Forgot to log in.
AgentJ> Ironf yeah, I guess.
AgentJ> Well, as Plumm knows, I'm absolutely obsessed. Right, Plumm?
Plumm> i meant the stalker you picked on deep blurting,
Ironf> Some people don't handle stardom that well. Maybe he cracked a little and you were caught in the crossfire.
Plumm> I remember when fRiNgE had one of those.
AgentJ> Yeah, somebody told me it was Ortega.
AgentJ> Joel has more than this stardom handling problem.
Ironf> Really.
AgentJ> Hum det det de de...hua hua.
Plumm> Ortega?
AgentJ> fRiNgE had a stalker? I've had a lot of them, actually.
Plumm> yeah. he had someone imitating him on irc and ratm
AgentJ> You don't read Deep Blurting? Ortega was a handle for this guy who was typically rude and would pretend to be other people.
Plumm> no, I don't.
Plumm> ratmm is enough for me to "handle."
AgentJ> everybody was trying to get rid of him.
Plumm> "handle" = look for the few readable things.
Plumm> I trust web-based message boards even less.
Ironf> Someone may need to send Joel some Scientology pamphlets. Our courses help people hand their stardom, which is why so many stars are Scientologist.
AgentJ> I don't read ratmm. it isn't easy because we only get 30% or less of the usenet posts.
Ironf> I usually read through dejanews.
Ironf> that way I get them all
AgentJ> I don't think Joel would take to the ideology of scientology. maybe start him out with "how to deal with highly sensitive people" first.
Ironf> I will have to tell others who have better contacts than I to maybe talk to him about it.
AgentJ> sometimes I read through Super Zippo, but once I posted from there, and it never reached DejaNews, and Super Zippo gets 99% of all Usenet posts. apparently.
Plumm> Ironf, you and your wacky comm lines
Ironf> I don't post because of all the junk mail I get afterwards.
AgentJ> I wonder why Joel does NOT feel stalked by the 1000s of other MST fan pages out there....
AgentJ> I get junk mail because of my tons of web pages, so I don't mind 'cause I use a shell account to read my mail.
AgentJ> da junk never hits my hard drive.
AgentJ> hello?
Ironf> sorry reading my mail
Ironf> But anyway, take a good look at that book i told ya about and at the offical website, and then make up your own mind. Don't just believe what is out there.
* AgentJ checks her mail.
Plumm> on that note, I'm going to bed
Plumm> beast out
*** Plumm has quit IRC ((signed off))
Ironf> That going to bed thing sounds really nice. I think I will do so too.
Ironf> Nice chatting with you.
AgentJ> bye

It's a wonder HGI has never gotten a CEASE AND DESIST letter yet.