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In the same fine fashion that brought you the Arthur C. Clarke/Whore parable, we bring delights of the end times of one Stanley Kubrick. It was during the making of 2001 that the Kubrick/Clarke deal was struck. Stan kept his end and it won't be too long before we see if Clarke desides to keep his. Here's to good endings!

Ironf> so, Krubrick.
cynic99> every which way but loose
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THX-1138> I heard he died in bed with a whore.
SirBongAlot> Hello folks.
Ironf> It's the truth.
SirBongAlot> Who died in bed with a whore?
THX-1138> Arthur C. Clarke
Ironf> He always had whores, so that's why it's "Natural causes"
cynic99> did you guys see Dirty wORD?
cynic99> HMM
SirBongAlot> Are you sure?.....I think he
cynic99> i mean dirty work
SirBongAlot> is still alive...
cynic99> with norm macdonald
SirBongAlot> So, whats new tonite?
THX-1138> Stanley Kubrick died in bed with a whore.
cynic99> did the whore die?
THX-1138> No.
SirBongAlot> Man, dont desecrate the memory of the greatest director of all time, okay?
Ironf> Arthur C Clark is planning on getting a whore to be in his bed when he dies,
SirBongAlot> I think that story is BS.
THX-1138> I'm not. I wasn't that one who died in bed with a whore.
Ironf> just so he can go the same way as Kubrick
Ironf> It was thier last wishes I heard.
THX-1138> It's was part of the pact they made during 2001.
cynic99> hmm.. i think i'd rather go out in a combine
cynic99> thats the way to go
SirBongAlot> Who told you this story, THX?
SirBongAlot> Any proof?
THX-1138> It's in the news.
SirBongAlot> BS.
THX-1138> Kubrick died.
Ironf> It was on BBC America
SirBongAlot> I know that
THX-1138> Yeah, and he had a whore in the bed.
SirBongAlot> He didnt die with a whore, though.
cynic99> yes.. my local newspaper usually has 'whore' in it a lot
SirBongAlot> Whatever....
Ironf> The report was right before Ruby Wax
THX-1138> Apparently that "Eyes Wide Shut" movie really screwed him up.
cynic99> local man buys whore for leaf blowing project
SirBongAlot> WHys that?
THX-1138> The movie's about whore and the seedy underbelly of society. I guess working on it for so long pushed him too far.
Ironf> In it, Cruise and Kidman end up in the world of the whore and whore-like.
SirBongAlot> Are you guys in Britain right now?
cynic99> hehe...
THX-1138> You have to expect that working on a movie for a year +.
cynic99> they charge hourly rates for phone line use don't they??? in britanica?
Ironf> yes we saw it on the tellie while sitting in our flats
Ironf> on BBC2
SirBongAlot> And they call US rednecks......
THX-1138> There's free internet service in the UK
cynic99> we call it 'britainica'
Ironf> no, that's Southern US people. Just plain US folks are yanks
SirBongAlot> I guess i'll have to see the report myself before i'll beleive it....
Ironf> do a search for Kubrick and Whore
THX-1138> Nick Cage said he almost lost it after only a few months of filming on 8mm.
SirBongAlot> I have been to 3 different news groups this evening, and i havent heard anything about any whore.
cynic99> 8mm... i heard that movie was horrible
Ironf> use some booliean
THX-1138> I don't think they really want to put the whore part on the front page.
SirBongAlot> I heard that was a good movie...8MM that is.
Ironf> Usenet isn't the best place in the world for your "news":
cynic99> if movie
ok then movie = sucks
THX-1138> It's buried in the earlier articles. The later ones don't mention it.
SirBongAlot> If Kubrick did indeed die with a whore in bed when he died, trust me, the American media would be on it like white on rice.
cynic99> stupid rice
cynic99> always hogging the rice
THX-1138> No they wouldn't. He was a respected director. They don't want to do that to him.
SirBongAlot> Must work on my syntax.
THX-1138> It's like how they didn't mention Kurosawa and the geisha girl.
SirBongAlot> Hey THX, Clinton was respected to, but they still broke the Lewinsy scandal, didnt they???
cynic99> Sipcowitz
THX-1138> No, Clinton isn't respected.
SirBongAlot> He was.
cynic99> don't blame me, i voted for kodos
THX-1138> He's also not an old man.
THX-1138> No one respects Clinton.
Ironf> I know I never had, till I found out about getting hummers while on the phone to other country's leaders
Ironf> That's power.
THX-1138> Of course they'll cover a sex story with a young man, but not with a 80+ year old.
cynic99> what about that nicole person.. big tits.. old guy
cynic99> they talked about that
SirBongAlot> THX, news is news.
cynic99> so much i remember it in great deal
THX-1138> No news is controlled.
SirBongAlot> To the AMerican media, EVERYTHING is fair game.
cynic99> except boring stuff
SirBongAlot> This would have been the first thing they mentioned about Kubricks death.
THX-1138> Besides, breaking a story about Clinton and sex would be a bigger ratings boost than Kubirck dying with a whore. There's no controvery with that, the man is dead and can't defend himself.
cynic99> was it a whore or a maid?
SirBongAlot> Why would the American media cover up Kubrick with a whore when he died?
THX-1138> Why would they want to mention it?
Ironf> Plus most joe six-packs don't know who Kubrick is.
cynic99> why do you guys call soccer football?
THX-1138> No one want to hear about an old man with a whore.
SirBongAlot> Because it would be news.
THX-1138> Only news to people who know who he is.
SirBongAlot> THX, you mystify me.
cynic99> is kubrick english? or from america?
Ironf> He's a torrie
THX-1138> So you care about old men and their whoring ways? How disgusting is that?
cynic99> enough about me
SirBongAlot> So, your telling me that the American media is actively covering up this fact, some kind of conspiracy?
THX-1138> No, they aren't covering it up. They just aren't emphasizing it in reports
THX-1138> You think the media tells you everything in a story?
SirBongAlot> But, they will cover henry hydes affair that happened 30 years ago, is that correct?
THX-1138> Cause Henry Hyde attacked Clinton for his scandal. It's a hypocracy issue.
SirBongAlot> I dont beleive the media tells me everything thx, but something like this would be covered here, trust me.
THX-1138> Kubrick didn't do anything. If it were Polansky, they might have mentioned the whore.
SirBongAlot> Okay, THX. How did you hear of it?
Ironf> but only if it were an underaged whore
THX-1138> You yourself said he was a respected director. Mentioning the whore whould desecrate the great man.
cynic99> man.. kubrick was HOT
THX-1138> It was in the news
SirBongAlot> THX, theres a difference between respected, and honored.
Ironf> When Woody Allen dies with an underage whore, it'll be mentioned, but if she's of age, it won't be
SirBongAlot> What news, THX?
cynic99> uhh
cynic99> is this conversation going somewhere?
SirBongAlot> Tell me where, and i'll tune in???
cynic99> or are we all just fond of typing whore?
THX-1138> No one is going to bring up Kubricks death with a whore because it's not news. Who cares? Kubricks death isn't even "top billing" news.
SirBongAlot> Well, you heard it somewhere?
THX-1138> It was on the World News Now e-mail list.
SirBongAlot> Obviously somebody thought it was news.
cynic99> 'In later news, Kubrick to star in broadway production of 'Annie' later this fall'
SirBongAlot> World news now? Sounds like a tabloid?
THX-1138> Yes, someone thought it was best to release all available info in the earlier article. But the newer articles don't mention the whore bit out of respect for his family.
THX-1138> Uh, no it's not a tabloid.
Ironf> no you're thinking of the Weekly World News
SirBongAlot> Okay, THX, okay.
Ironf> World News Now is the ABC overnight show
SirBongAlot> Well, i'll be watching every news show i can to see....
THX-1138> Look at JFK and Monroe. No one actually said they were whoring together. Sure, people implied it and such, but there was never an outright article that he was whoring her.
SirBongAlot> But, if ABC covered it, it would be everywhere by now.
THX-1138> What's covered on the e-mail list doesn't necessarily mean it is covered everywhere.
SirBongAlot> THX, i can produce thousands of articles and books about JFK and Monroes affairs.
Ironf> no, ABC didn't, the fan run e-mail list did.
THX-1138> The group has the benefit of receiving the raw news articles. When it appears on tV, it could be edited.
SirBongAlot> But, anyway, you win. Let's talk about something else.
THX-1138> And also, Monroe wasn't really a whore, like the one with Kubrick.
SirBongAlot> Thats true. Your the one that said it, not i.
Plumm> yo THX, Bongy.
SirBongAlot> Lets change the subject.
SirBongAlot> New subject:Best Kubrick film?
THX-1138> 2001 Whores.
SirBongAlot> LOL
Ironf> Full Metal Jimmy-Jacket
SirBongAlot> Full Metal Whore
THX-1138> "Ass Open Wide"
SirBongAlot> heh
THX-1138> Oh wait, that hasn't come out yet.
Ironf> Spartanus
SirBongAlot> I don't think that movie will live up to its billing.
SirBongAlot> Sparticus is on tonite.
SirBongAlot> He did make the most controversial movie of the 60's.
Ironf> sorry, I usually don't watch a lot of gay movies.
cynic99> heh
SirBongAlot> It does seem to be a gay flick.
Plumm> The Shimmying
SirBongAlot> Lolita
SirBongAlot> I forgot he made the shining.
Ironf> He was so old, he did too.

Whores Wide Open looks to be his best work.