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If you haven't already, I suggest you read the Nolly episode first. It was what started this entire thing. As always, enjoy.

*** AD Shred (AD has joined #MST-HomeGame
AD Shred> Funny you should bring up GK...
Jamie> why? will he be chatting here at, AD Shred?
Jamie> Will he be selling phone cards?
* Ironf crosses fingers
AD Shred> No, just as he's not doing any movies ith Chase Masterson.
Ironf> Did she finally get to talk to him about it?
THX-1138EB> Dammit!
AD Shred> I'm really surprised at how you acted during Chase's chat.
THX-1138EB> Yes, we weren't "Chase, say my name!"
Ironf> How so?
AD Shred> Oh, come on...the GK stuff is your personal in-joke
AD Shred> Chase's chat was not the time or the place for it.
Ironf> It was a free chat and she didn't 'have' to answer anything she didn't want to.
Ironf> She asked for it to be unmoderated herself.
AD Shred> I thought you'd have a modicum of respect, if not for Chase than for the other chatters.
THX-1138EB> Other chatters?
AD Shred> It was inappropriate. However childish the "say my name" people were, at least they were sincere and somewhat on-topic.
Ironf> Say my name is so on topic for a Star Trek chat.
THX-1138EB> Honestly, how many of all the comments made by the "other chatters" were "on-topic"
THX-1138EB> "Chase, can I send you my script?"
AD Shred> And then the "Gimpy" thing, know, Gimpy is an actual person and just because someone once bugged you while looking for him/her doesn't mean you should make that handle the butt of your running jokes.
AD Shred> Chase was sincere in her interest in reading scripts.
AD Shred> She was flattered that fans got a thrill by seeing her type their name or say hi to them.
Jamie> We weren't trying to step on any toes.
AD Shred> I was just really shocked that you'd treat a guest on server in such a disrespectful way.
Jamie> I hoped Chase would get a kick out of the GK/Trek rumors. GK=funny, after all
*** BillBear ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138EB> Well, in the words of Wombat, "she's a nut" then.
Jamie> hey bill.
BillBear> Well, there's a regular party goin on.
Jamie> AD Shred thinks we dissed chase.
THX-1138EB> I asked her about her mentos.
AD Shred> I think you dissed her, the other chatters and me, frankly, by coming to a celeb chat and using the celeb as target for your in-joke darts. A joke everyone gets is fine; an in-joke is done at someone's expense.
THX-1138EB> And her little action figure
BillBear> Well, I wasn't there, but I'm having trouble imagining what you could have said that would be more annoying than "say my name! say my name!"
Jamie> "target"?
Ironf> How was someone harmed? What expense was paid?
AD Shred> who was amused? and whose time was wasted, whose efforts to keep up with unmoderated chatting was interfered?
Ironf> Would she have mentioned any of it if she didn't fancy too?
AD Shred> Maybe you've never been on the other side of one of these things, but from where I sat, what you did was disrespectful in the extreme.
THX-1138EB> Time wasted? Time that could have been devoted to something like "Hello Cisco"
THX-1138EB> And then having Cisco go off after the chat about how she said his name over and over again.
Ironf> And from where I sit, I am sure that you are in the extreme minority on that fact.
Ironf> And I have been on the other end of these things to tell the truth.
AD Shred> Obviously, it meant a good deal to Sisko -- maybe Sisko is 12, maybe Sisko doesn't get out much. Regardless, your comments weren't made in a legitimate attempt to inquire nor to amuse Chase or the other chatters. You did what you did to amuse yourselves. That's how it looked from here.
Ironf> It meant a good deal to me that she mentioned GK.
Ironf> What is the difference in asking her to say my name, and asking her to say GK's name. None.
AD Shred> So you feel your intentions and Sisko's were pretty much the same?
BillBear> Well, this is fascinating and all, but I only wandered in out of bordeom while waiting for a database to finish rebuilding. This frankly looks slightly less interesting than database repair. Keep up the good work.
*** BillBear has quit IRC ((signed off))
THX-1138EB> Actually, Chase could have been amused by the mention of GK
Ironf> Yes I do.
Ironf> I wanted to hear her mention George Kennedy. He wanted to hear her mention 'Sisko'.
THX-1138EB> Bill seemed amused by GK at the gist chat..."I am indeed George Kennedy."
AD Shred> And what does it mean to you that she mentioned GK? (Did she, btw? I can't recall what she replied to you)
Jamie> AD Shred, she did.
Ironf> I happen to admire GK and like for him to get all the word of mouth that the man deserves.
Jamie> one of the two questions i wasted all that space with was whether it was true that GK was taking over the role of Dax from Terry Farrell. She said she'd have to ask George.
AD Shred> Jamie, that's because she's a nice person and genuinely tries to answer even the oddest of questions.
Ironf> I'm sure that if she had found it disrepectfull, she wouldn't have said a word about it and skipped it.
Ironf> Did she say that she wasn't amused by it?
Ironf> Did anyone ask her?
AD Shred> At the first GK reference, she turned to me and asked "what is this supposed to mean?"
Ironf> And you said?
AD Shred> I told her to just ignore it, but she took a stab at it anyway, I guess.
AD Shred> she didn't seem particularly amused.
THX-1138EB> Was she upset over it?
Ironf> So, she would 'take a stab at it' even though she found it to be disrepectful. hmmm.......ok
Jamie> I didn't even realize there was more than one gk question.
AD Shred> she was frantically trying to keep up and didn't have time to be upset
Ironf> So she later said she was upset at it after the fact.
* Jamie returns to his work.
AD Shred> she seemed to think you were just some loon and left it at that.
AD Shred> I knew better, which is why I found it disrespectful.
Jamie> let me know when the conversation turns to that bizarre shatner chat
Ironf> So you are just assuming that she thought it was disrepectful and non-amusing.
AD Shred> I'm telling you that I found it out of place and disrespectful to her.
Ironf> I found all the "Say my name"s disrepectfull to her, so who the hell an I to say anything. It's her chat.
THX-1138EB> And how do we know that "say my name" thing wasn't some in-joke for that person?
AD Shred> She bent over backwards to type everyone's name.
Ironf> Not an issue
AD Shred> I don't know those people. Of course, if the chat were moderated neither your question nor theirs would've gotten through.
Ironf> That's right
* Ironf yells Bingo.
Ironf> She said she wanted it unmoderated. She knew what to expect.
Ironf> Neither would the "Say my names" gotten through.
AD Shred> No she didn't - she specifically said it was her first time unmoderated.
AD Shred> She'd been working at the convention for 6 hours, had 2 more hours still to work, but wanted to go unmoderated to give the fans as much access to her as possible.
Ironf> [ChaseMasterson> moderator, can we go unmoderated so anybody can talk?
Ironf> [Moderator> Sure. If you like the chaos!
Ironf> [ChaseMasterson> love it.
Ironf> "love it"
AD Shred> Keep reading the logs, she specifically says it.
Ironf> If she didn't know what to expect, and the moderator says it will be chaos, why would she say 'love it'
AD Shred> Maybe she digs chaos in general.
AD Shred> She signed hundreds of autographs from really appreciative fans, which was sort of chaotic.
*** Spencer ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
Ironf> Thus, she would 'dig' the generally non-sequintor questions that she got from us, and not the usual 'trekkie' questions.
THX-1138EB> She could have gone Moderated at any time if she felt unmoderated was too much
AD Shred> Chaos and random aren't the same thing.
Ironf> Ummm yeah they basically are.
Spencer> hi :)
Ironf> This just seems to be some type of power trip sorta thing that has been happening all over this server recently.
AD Shred> non-sequitors are not specifically chaotic; chaos needn't be off-topic
wombat> i think "chaos" here refers the amount of questions...whereas your "random" questions were rather pointed.
Ironf> Both GK question specifically mentioned Star Trek, while 'say my name' specifically doesn not.
Ironf> I think 'chaos' means anything goes.
wombat> no...
Ironf> as in no filtering
wombat> chaos here meant that it would be unorderly...
AD Shred> If anyone had started spamming or cursing, the moderator would've kicked them (and may have, for all I know).
wombat> yeah...but they didn't, did they? you've all got logs, right?
Ironf> I remember someone spamming Kirk Kirk Kirk over and over and over again, yet he remained earlier on, and nice jab Wombat, learn that from Gimpy.
THX-1138EB> I remember a Kirk Sucks somewhere
wombat> what? about the logs?
wombat> you've been quoting them all night...
Ironf> That seemed to be a rather backhanded question. So yes.
Ironf> Umm Try twice.
Ironf> Besides the 'say my name' peoples
AD Shred> I think my main point is that I would appreciate it if those who have special status on our server can leave the childish stuff to others and either ask legitimate questions or no questions at all.
wombat> or keep it in your own room?
wombat> at least?
Ironf> I'm sure you have some access to the logs. Just because I can use them to back my point doesn't mean that you need to get snotty with us.
wombat> i'm not trying to be snotty...your point was just unfounded...that's all.
Ironf> Snotty would be the word for it indeed.
Ironf> So are you saying that I have special status AD Shred?
AD Shred> In a manner of speaking.
Ironf> Either I do or I don't. I don't see how it could be 'in a manner of speaking'.
AD Shred> Special is a spectrum.
Ironf> I thought everyone on the server was equal. Are some more equal than others?
wombat> now you're being snotty
Ironf> No, I am being literal.
Ironf> Just the facts, please.
* Jamie hands out Kleenex to anyone who wants some.
wombat> "are some more equal than others?"
AD Shred> you're a known users who is a regular participant in an ongoing scheduled event. thus, you're not just any user, anonymous and transient.
wombat> that's not literal. that's rhetoric.
Ironf> That's right. Are they?
AD Shred> of course everyone isn't equal on the server. some are channel ops, some are server ops, some are special invited guests, some are flooders and some are just plain ordinary chatters.
wombat> some people have "privileges", and are expected to behave in an "exemplary" fashion.
Ironf> Wombat, what privileges do I have?
AD Shred> go somewhere else and act like an idiot, fine. But I know you and on this server you're going to be held to a higher standard.
wombat> aren't you a "licenced" channel op for this room?
Ironf> I reserve the right to act like any other idiot on this server.
wombat> if you think they're all idiots...why are you here?
Ironf> No I am not. That's why many a time you had to change the topic for me.
Ironf> I said like any other idiot. I didn't say all people on the server are idiots.
wombat>'re certainly a fixture. many's the time i've come in and you're here and basically "dead to the world".
Ironf> I have decieded to act exactly like Ispep.
Ironf> I usually sit in here while doing other internet activities and when one of my friends comes in, I chat with them.
THX-1138EB> Wow, all this because of 6-7 harmless lines from a 1000+ line chat.
Ironf> If i don't care to chat with whomever pops in, I don't. I don't feel disrepected if they ask me gobbledygook either.
* THX-1138EB goes to get something to drink.
AD Shred> So here's the situation: the server ops feel you acted inappropriately. You weren't alone in doing so, but you're an active part of our little online "community" and thus you're held to a higher standard.
AD Shred> We'd like to ask you to live up to that standard, in so far as auditorium events and other non-HG events go.
Ironf> Is Alucard held to a higher standard?
AD Shred> Alucard is the village idiot and treated as such.
AD Shred> Do you aspire to his job?
Ironf> Who are you to tell me that I can't?
*** THX-1138 ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
AD Shred> I'm asking you not to.
Ironf> The Alucard persona could be an entire put on.
AD Shred> This conversation isn't about Alucard.
wombat> i, for one, don't mind alucard
Ironf> I never said I minded him either. He's the HG mascot.
AD Shred> I tolerate him and occasionally pat him on the head nicely.
*** THX-1138EB has quit IRC ((signed off))
AD Shred> But let's leave him out of this.
Ironf> You brought up the 'server community'. I chose one of the community.
Jamie> I feed him Beggin' Strips sometimes.
* Spencer quietly leaves the room so as not to get hurt
Jamie> he actually thinks they're bacon!!!
*** Spencer has quit IRC ((signed off))
Ironf> It seems a part of the community felt it was ok to nuke and use a certain bot to kick people. Why can't I be held to that standard?
wombat> what about Becky?
Jamie> what about scarecrow's brain?
wombat> never met him
Ironf> What about the standard's of that little girl?
Jamie> sorry, womabt. non sequituring again.
THX-1138> Wow, I honestley never knew I was joining a "community" when I decided to sign up for the home game.
AD Shred> You're right. You don't have to do anything. I'm just telling you how one server admin feels about your behavior. Personally, I felt that the "say my name" people were needy and manipulative while the GK questions were meanspirited, disingenuous (you didn't REALLY think GK was working with Chase) and manipulative.
Ironf> You know what they say about one person's opinion.
THX-1138> Meanspirited?
AD Shred> Thus, while I'm not fans of either, I find yours more disrespectful, doubly so because I know you and have hung out with you.
AD Shred> inside jokes are always designed to keep others outside. when brought up in a public forum, where the butt of the joke is acting sincerely, that seems meanspirited to me.
Ironf> You only know the aspect of my persona that I put through here. In the end, I find this all rather petty.
wombat> so stop being petty?
Ironf> I'm not the one that came in here and brought it up Wombat.
Jamie> AD Shred, ms. masterson was never at any the pint the butt of any joke on our part. on my part, anyway. i can't speak for anyone else.
wombat> i didn't bring anything up
Ironf> Did I say you did?
Jamie> point
Ironf> Yes, the greatest joke the devil ever played was getting someone to say George Kennedy.
wombat> joke for you... i still don't get it.
THX-1138> So you're saying all in-jokes are bad then?
AD Shred> Since the group of you expect me to stand up for your rights on this server, I found it disappointing that you would act that way in an #auditorium event.
Ironf> So when MST3K mentions something from an earlier ep, they are meanspirited since not everyone will understand that.
AD Shred> In-jokes, when kept within the in-group, helps group camraderie and bonding and are fine
Ironf> No, we expect you to make everyone on this server fight fairly.
wombat> now you're being rhetorical again..
AD Shred> In-jokes, when told to or around those who are "out," ain't.
Ironf> No, we are presenting an example.
wombat> okay. an earlier episode of what?
AD Shred> An episode with only references to earlier episodes would be openly hostile to new fans, I think. They do a good job of striking a balance, gradually bringing new members into the fold while rewarding long-time members with choice quips.
Ironf> So would a balance be 6 lines of injokes compaired to 1000 lines of new type stuff?
AD Shred> Don't go comparing yourselves to BBI.
Ironf> Once again, an example. I could mention many other shows.
AD Shred> Moreover, episodic television operates on a different paradigm.
AD Shred> If Torgo was in a host segment in the MST:TM, it would've confused many.
AD Shred> The odd Torgo joke here or there, though, is pretty innoccuous in a movie in which many jokes naturally go over some people's heads.
AD Shred> This chat wasn't episodic and it wasn't refering to anything anyone else could POSSIBLY have known about.
Ironf> Jamie and Thx and I all knew about it, thus anyone could have POSSIBLY known about it.
THX-1138> Just like Joel saying, "hey, they're stealing Mike's keyboard..." which was a total in joke to the MST staff.
AD Shred> Yes, and how many of those do they do over a 9 year run?
THX-1138> We don't know cause they are in jokes
Ironf> Complete in-jokes? Probably more than 6 lines out of a 1000.
AD Shred> vs. three GK comments in one chat with a beleagured but game celeb.
wombat> jokes on the mst3k show are obviously got that one and you follow the show...perhaps the people here to talk to chase don't watch mst3k? and don't care to?
THX-1138> I only got that one because they said what it meant in their book
Ironf> Perhaps I don't know Sisko and don't care to see his name typed by Chase.
THX-1138> I still don't know why there is a spot for "Brice's" phone number on the calendar
THX-1138> For all I know, it's an in joke.
wombat> it seems to me that you're all just blindly following george kennedy for some reason i (and probably most people) don't get...and probably never will...
Ironf> And I never knew what the "Dale's hands" thing was, until I asked someone that did know.
Ironf> I seems to me that they were all blindly following the celeb for some reason. I don't see the difference.
AD Shred> Please don't make my talent work for you.
Ironf> I personally didn't know who she was till about 5 mins before she started the chat
dungarees> She who?
Ironf> We are having a big bru-ha-ha about our conduct during the Chase Masterson chat, pants
AD Shred> (by "my talent," I don't mean the talent that I possess, if any. I mean the actors, etc. who come to our website to chat with fans, of course)
dungarees> OH...who is Chase Masterson, though?
AD Shred>
dungarees> Meant to ask that earlier.
Ironf> AD Shred were you oped during the chat?
AD Shred> oh, hi dungarees. yeah, we're in the middle of a confab on chat ethics.
AD Shred> No, I wasn't even at a keyboard.
Ironf> But you were able to see and talk with people who were.
dungarees> Ethics schmethics. I say everybody gets naked and dives in.
AD Shred> I was able to look at the monitor over Chase's shoulder. That's it.
Ironf> If you found my questions so 'insulting', why not ask them to kick me then.
AD Shred> I wasn't near anyone who had ops and had no opportunity to reach a computer myself.
Ironf> Say there AD Shred. You listen to Howard Stern?
AD Shred> seldom. And I don't wish to emulate his style.
Jamie> Stern keeps it real.
* dungarees chalks up a point for AD Shred
AD Shred> I'm not a fan of what his people do at other people's press conferences, if that was where you were going...
AD Shred> but more to the point, online chats (especially when unmoderated) aren't press conferences.
THX-1138> I still say 6/1000+ lines which she didn't have to answer isn't something to worry about. If we had flooded her with the same "in-joke" question, I could see the problem.
Ironf> I was just going to mention that private parts in on HBO
Ironf> And it's free weekend, so.....
AD Shred> Ah.
AD Shred> Well, enjoy.
Ironf> It's a fine movie.
AD Shred> I've got to go to bed anyway - plane to catch tomorrow.
wombat> bye all
AD Shred> 'night wombat.
Ironf> If this will end the whole she-bang, I hereby promise to only attend further chats and say "Say my name"
dungarees> Wombat, I have to say, you tell it like it is.
AD Shred> The shebang is ending anyway as I've really got to get some sleep.
*** wombat ( has left #MST-HomeGame
Ironf> But next time there is an unmoderated chat, please post the 'secret' rules so that all may follow them.
AD Shred> The secret rules are and always will be: those who should know better should know better.
Ironf> Monkey see monkey do. IB Monkey.
AD Shred> And perhaps UR Weasel sometimes, too.
Ironf> Now, were you just insulted an belittled by the IB line, cause it happens to be an in-joke.
AD Shred> (or was that UR Baboon? I can't keep my Cartoon Network shows straight)
dungarees> Don't let him fool you. It's not an in-joke, cause I don't get it.
THX-1138> That's cause you weren't here Dung
Ironf> Dungarees is a hard bastard anyway. Don't let her sweet talk you.
AD Shred> There's a difference between an obscure reference and an in-joke. The ref I at least have the chance of getting. But the in-joke is told, in part, because I have no chance of getting.
dungarees> You're keeping things from me! You're all cheating on me, aren't you? It's Kristina, isn't it?
* THX-1138 thinks Dung is offended by Iron's joke
AD Shred> Ooops, I said I was done, so now I'm done. Please use my 6 hours of sleep to create more in-jokes.
THX-1138> I thought you were Kristina dung.
Ironf> You can't be done till you leave.
Ironf> We can't miss ya till you leave either.
AD Shred> quite right, just getting to that.
AD Shred> good night, all...
*** AD Shred (AD has left #MST-HomeGame

Once again, the MAN tries to destroy what he doesn't understand