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Here is the setup. Chase Masterson had a chat. She went unmoderated again. Now remember, she was the co-host of a sci-fi entertainment show, which has interivews. Also remember that the movie "Small Soldiers" is about toys, with advanced computer chips, that come to life, plus it has lots of CGI. I asked her the following question:

With the rave reviews that the movie "Small Soldiers" is getting, do you think that you will do any interviews with the stars behind the voices, especially George Kennedy.

I then had the following private conversation. Enjoy

nolly> oh, man, you really should know better..
Ironf> huh?
nolly> you know we're hyper-sensative about that GK crap from last time.
Ironf> How so? I asked a valid question.
nolly> if that's your idea of a valid question, maybe we need to rethink the whole #MST-HomeGame thing.
Ironf> Well then, maybe you should. I think asking a host of a sci-fi entertainment show if they plan any interviews with the people behind the voices of a new sci-fi movie to be quite valid.
nolly> please tell whoever is running HomeGame to e-mail shred, I need to talk to them.
Ironf> Actually I host the web site and am web master, so go right ahead and talk to me.
Ironf> and Shred hasn't been in for a game in a really long time
nolly> fixed channels are granted on our server in order to encourage community building activities.
nolly> you'll notice there aren't many
Ironf> yes and this is related to the auditorium chat in what way?
nolly> When we proposed an online HG to the MSTies on the newsgroups, it was in the hopes of just that sort of community building.
nolly> And although I haven't been around at all lately, my general sense is that HG is a very closed commmunity,
nolly> catering to its insiders and shunning outsiders.
Ironf> Yes I have a listserve type thing with about 25 people or so that I mail notices of the new games that are upcoming
nolly> right, but they're all pretty much the same in-group. how many people have come online to join as newbies
nolly> and become a part of the group?
nolly> My guess is a very low percentage.
Ironf> around 6 or so in the last 3 months I would say
nolly> well, I'll have to check that out for myself.
nolly> when I stopped coming (the riffs were great but the attitude stank), it seemed that the main point of many regulars
Ironf> I still fail to see how this is related to a valid question asked in a different chat channel
nolly> was to chase newbies away
nolly> so here's the connection:
Ironf> And when was that?
nolly> if you're not helping build a community outside your clicque and you come to public chats to indulge in your GK fetish
Ironf> I've been around since about game 25 or so, and I don't remember a nolly. Did you use a different handle?
nolly> then you're actively working AGAINST the reason HG was made a fixed channel to begin with.
nolly> I'm not nolly, I'm shred - I just switched places with him when he went to be moderator.
nolly> so, if this is what I can expect from #MST-HG, maybe we need to get rid of the fixed channel.
nolly> I realize that's not much of a threat - you don't really need us per se, and can easily pack your game up and take it on the road
nolly> any chat server would do
Ironf> We have stated once before that we were happy to move to a different server and you asked us not too
nolly> well, I'm away this weekend but maybe next weekend I'll try to log on and explain what I'm seeing to the HGers
nolly> and get their opinions.
nolly> perhaps it is time to part company, I'm not sure.
nolly> anyone on the HG list is welcome to e-mail me.
Ironf> If you would like, I can do a mailing to get a consensous of the others and how they feel about it too
Ironf> Since you are still on the mailing list, feel free to use it to communicate with the others on it
nolly> send it to me first if you can - I might ask you to include a paragraph from me (with whatever commentary you wish to add after it, of course)
Ironf> And what kind of jab is that suppossed to be. I'll let you speak however you feel like with the others
nolly> Oh, I know - I'm just saying that if you want to open it to discussion, people are going to wonder why so it might help upfront to outline some of the things I've mentioned here.
Ironf> I've just sent you the list of people on the HG mailing list. Feel free to send your comments through first so people can see what you have to say without it going through another person
nolly> fair enough. I receive the HG e-mails, so I guess I had that list all along.
Ironf> ayup
nolly> If you recall, BTW, I stopped coming to HG after the last Chase Masterson chat.
Ironf> Well I don't particularlly, but if you say so. I think you may have come in once and sat and looked at people, but that was about it.
nolly> well, I'll try to get the e-mail out this weekend or early next week...let's see what the group thinks.
Ironf> sounds fine then

Wonder how much Scifi pays