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Walter. Walter. Walter. Walter?

EddieG> Have you done any work that is out on tape that we can rent?
Joyce> On tape? If you're old enough, you can check out Anal-conda.
Baron> sounds like something explicit
EddieG> Ughh old enough. You were in an adult film?
captjup> I just upgraded my drive to 1.66 gig and I am currently re-installing all my programs. (Including wav's)
sanguine> a real working actress
Egon> Porn? Cool!
Joyce> We prefer to call it explicit sexual films.
Joyce> But that was the only one i did. They pay quite a bit.
EddieG> Did you enjoy it?
Joyce> it's just a job. There's like no emotion in it.
bowleg> would you consider a double peneration scene with Ron Jeremy and George Kennedy?
Joyce> Have you seen that Boogie Nights film?
Egon> I heard that was based on the life of some guy named Jonah something....
EddieG> What role did you play in anal-conda
Joyce> The part that was played by that wurher girl in Anaconda.
Baron> whats going on in anal conda? is it a horror movie?
Baron> ībout a snake?
bowleg> Leonard Maltin called it the most analrific film of 1997.
Joyce> If you saw the movie Anaconda, it's the same basic thing since we had to go into a "jungle" on an expedition.
EddieG> I'm guessing the budget wasn't all that big on effects.
EddieG> Were there any "big name" stars in it?
EddieG> I find this fascinating. I have never talked to a porn star before.
sanguine> so she did some porn...lots of folk started there
Joyce> Stallone.
Egon> Joan Crawford.
sanguine> it's a tough business to crack
bowleg> Why, the director of "PuppetMaster III: Toulon's Revenge" started in porn.
Baron> Iīm not interestedin porn, but u are talking ībout this stuff
EddieG> Still it is not everyday that you get to talk to someone that has been in the biz
bowleg> admit it, you're interested in hearing complete strangers discuss anal sex.
EddieG> Back to the adult thing. Did you use a fake snake, or something more lively?
Joyce> It was a fake green snake.
Joyce> But there was another snake if you understand my meaning.
bowleg> so, tell us more exciting tidbits from the filming of "Analconda"
Egon> Was Jonah "The 13 inch" NYC in it?
bowleg> Did you know that there is porn on the internet?
Baron> what the hell are u talking ībout, Iīm not old enogh for this stuff
EddieG> Joyce have you heard of a Emily Mills. She goes by the name Debbie Lottapuss. She is a local girl I once dated that went to LA and porn.
Egon> People like Joyce are disgusting, peddling their flesh on the net! Gov't needs to protect the kids!
EddieG> Hey she just did a movie, not net stuff. Leave her alone.
EddieG> Joyce can you describe yourself to us?
Egon> She looks like a porn star! Heroin tracks, bruises, you know!
Egon> So, Joyce, what other violations of God's law have you gotten paid for?
bowleg> worshipped any false gods recently?
Egon> Everytime I walk into a video or a book store, all i see is people violating the Word of God for money. It's disgusting!
Egon> I can believe that a filthy young lady such as yourself has no room in her heart for the Lord!
Baron> are u a preacher Egon?
EddieG> Don't let them get in your way of making quality adult films Joyce. Everyone must make their own choices.
Egon> Do you doubt the word of God, sanguine?
sanguine> don't know...never seen it
Egon> You won't become famous, Ms. Joyce. You'll die of God's Scourge, AIDS, before you're 30th birthday!
Walter> oh this IS pleasant
Egon> It has happened to most of the porn stars.
Walter> and you keep track of them ...why...egon?
Joyce> I told you I'm not doing porns anymore. I think forcing your opions on others will get you killed faster.
Egon> Because it backs up my facts! AIDS is punishment for the fornicator!
Walter> sits for hours watching these evil films just to curse them
Baron> sure egon, are u smoking?
Egon> Smoking? My body is a temple, sir, and I sully it not with tobacco or alcohol.
EddieG> Speaking of snake, how long did it take for you to get you part in analconda?
Joyce> Not long. I gave them a tape of my performance in "Les Bians."
Joyce> You guys seem very interested in Analconda.
captjup> Not me, Joyce
Egon> It's simple, Joyce. Just turn to God.
Joyce> I'd rather turn to scientology.
Egon> Scientology! Those upsurers of God's word?
Joyce> I don't believe in it, I'd just rather turn to scientology than the stuff egon is talking aobut.
EddieG> You shut up fuckers. You don't know me. Don't accuse me if you don't know me.
Baron> donīt call me a fucker,I did`nt say anything
Egon> I Make Love, if that's what you're so crudly refering to.
Baron> I prefare too make love, gringo
Egon> What next? Going to start exchanging Bestiality pictures? I'm sure the good people at scifi.com will love that!
EddieG> I have often thought about doing adult themed films. Do you have any pointers Joyce for breaking into the biz?
Baron> Let the womens talk
Egon> Let the harlots talk, you mean.
Joyce> Yes, make an amateur home video of yourself.
Baron> take it easy man
EddieG> I have plenty of those. i have a small collection of amature stuff of me and others.
Egon> What, take it easy? I believe in calling a spade a spade, and a harlot a harlot.
Baron> thats ok egon, but relax
Walter> a spade's a spade
Baron> I just can say it again: take it easy, thats simple, isnt it?
EddieG> Where is the most money to be made? Straight, gay, bi, or other?
bowleg> what's "other"?
Egon> Swell. The porn actress is just fine, but a God-fearing man is called all sorts of names.
Joyce> The more you can do, the more money you'll make.
bowleg> the more plastic novelties you can take in, the more you'll make.
Joyce> Nasal, aural, oral sex. Any kind will do.
EddieG> I have a couple of vids of each. Would it help o make a short compilation tape? Could you e-mail me privatly later and give me a couple of director's names?
Egon> I didn't say you did. I'm just pointing out the difference between the greeting Joyce got, and the one I'm getting once I stopped lurking!
Baron> Ok, I didnīt mean to upset u anyhow
Baron> it is indeed, Iīm german spoken, and if u watch a movie over there they say it all the tim
bowleg> germans call people gringos?
EddieG> I think I would be pretty good in my videos because see I am double jointed and I can orally satisfy myself. I see that as a bonus for the movies.
Egon> I'm sure the sci-fi people would be very pleased to hear about a porn channel on their server.
EddieG> Seig Hiel?
Baron> OK, lets keep english
Baron> EddiG. Sieg not seig
EddieG> Sorry.
bowleg> always nice to have a nazi with good spelling skills.
Baron> dont blame the wrong people
EddieG> Anyway, I had no complaints about using my joints to my advantage on either sex, so I think I could become a major star.
Joyce> That's good Eddie. You're very talented then.
EddieG> It really turns people on when I can enter them analy and bend under and do oral to them at the same time. The wonders of double jointedness.
Egon> I just never believed that people could just sit and talk about porn all night. It's almost hypnotic.
Egon> This would be a great medium to spread the word of God, and instead you all are playing "Ask the Porno Star"!
Joyce> Eddie, do you do that with just the girls? Or do you do that to the guys and animals?
EddieG> Lets just say I am an equal opportunity pleaser.
Baron> easy, just take it easy
Baron> anytime at any place, but ot in, just out
EddieG> I mean some of the stuff out there on tape is just garbage. I know I can do better than most of it.
Egon> Oh, come on. Surely someone besides me is offended by all this "inserting" talk!
EddieG> The best thing is I have built my endurance up to do multiple takes if neccessary.
Joyce> Eddie, if you really think you can do better, follow your dreams you beefcake.
Walter> you'd need to with a talent like that
EddieG> Joyce can you hook me up with a good agent in the adult industry?
Egon> If you want AIDS so bad, Eddie, why not just go find a dirty needle?
Walter> Because sex is more fun
EddieG> Well I could give you a couple of private shows. :)
Egon> I mean, love is pure, people! Why do you insist on dirtying it up with multiple partners and those sex toy things??
Egon> I think I should e-mail the people who run this server and tell them just what kind of a channel this is!
Fractal> I agree with egon.
captjup> That would be a mistake.
Fractal> about the "sex things"
Egon> Thank you, Fractal. Nice to see a friend in Jesus here.
Walter> it doesn't...this is a remarkable conversation
cShane> i agree egon
bowleg> Joyce, you were the one who brought anal insertion into the conversation.
Walter> no rules about it except that you don't force it on the unwlling
Walter> and we were here first
Egon> So, two friends in Jesus. It makes the stay here worthwhile if I can save at least one soul!
Egon> It's probably all the porn trading Joyce and her friends are doing.
Joyce> I'm not doing porn anymore. I guess you're too closed minded to accept that.
Fractal> come on egon, are you that offended by that?
captjup> If Egon was offended, Egon would have left by now.
Fractal> I don't have a problem with porn, I just said that I don't need it
Egon> I'm sure she just did one and stopped. That's why she's dragging Eddie into it.
EddieG> Joyce think over my offer. It is not often you meet a double jointed man.
captjup> Mighty true.
Joyce> Eddie, you should be careful what you do with that double jointed stuff. You might break your back accidentally.
bowleg3> you might blind yourself.
bowleg3> or pull a groin muscle.
bowleg3> or suddenly turn german.
Egon> I heard this room was for discussing IBM vs. MACs, not this porno stuff.
EddieG> Ohh i can pull a groin muscle just fine. Is that an acceptance joyce?
Walter> now why is Eddie the king of Anal insertion?
bowleg3> so Eddie, Walter doubts your anal insertion skills and expertise.
EddieG> I can do plenty of stuff given the opportunity
Egon> Jesus is my personal Lord and Savior.
Joyce> Does he talk to you often?
Egon> We talk every day. You should try it sometime and stop your life of sin.
Walter> do you talk to elvis too, Egon?
captjup> Oh, come now.
bowleg3> egon, do you sometimes hear voices in your head commanding you to kill?
Egon> Yeah, Walter, I talk to Elvis. What's the matter, Jesus less interesting than Dog sex?
cShane> alright everyone get off Egon case!
cShane> please!
Walter> tell him to keep his dogma to himself, or carry it somewhere where people want to hear it
captjup> I know better routes...
bowleg3> maybe cShane belongs in #faceUpEgon'sRectum
cShane> bow i will kick u off the server if u wish!
am I going to steal your lunch money or something?
Egon> Joyce, do you like communicable diseases?
Joyce> No, that's why I stopped doing porns.
DAnder6321> hi
bowleg3> !pornlist
DAnder6321> i'll be in my lab if anyone needs to see me
cShane> it won't work!!
cShane> and i'll crush u !!!
Egon> Let's try a different approach. How many here will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior?
cShane> *** Flood Detect: (TEXT) Recieved from (Egon) (bcm@114.chicago-13.il.dial-access.att.n et)
cShane> LOSER
cShane> i know u don't
cShane> version told me
GK> does version often talk to you?
cShane> yes it does

(ends in repeated ping flooding by young k00l d00d cShane)


Walter> One girlfriend was willing only if I tried it too
Joyce> Tried what?
Walter> anal sex
Walter> she seemd to really like it...and I gotta say, it didn't bother me much
Walter> so how'd you do it? for the movie?
Joyce> I did nothing. The guy did all the work. How he did it, I don't know. Of course, we have to get enemas before hand.
Walter> I mean it's tough to do if you don't like it
Joyce> The enemas are important since the guys don't have the condoms.
Walter> yeah...I can imagine
Walter> Well, it was pretty tidy when we did it...an I did wear a condom
Walter> did it hurt?
Joyce> At first, but they apply some gel with pain killers so it doesn't hurt.
Walter> took a lot of lube for me...but the sensation was..good..
Walter> wouldn't have continued if it hurt a lot
Walter> learned that the first time a tried to do it to a girl back in high school
Walter> hurts on both ends
Walter> but she was determined to try it, and we finally got the lube thing down
Walter> didn't wear a condom the times with her...but it was the late 70's - we didn't know about AIDS yet
Joyce> It takes time, but when you have "pros" on the set, things go faster.
Walter> not gonna heap you with guilt over what you've done...I've probably done worse, and I didn't do it for a job
v Walter> Was Bombshell made for Sci Fi, or was it an independent production that Sci Fi bought?
Joyce> It was independent from what I gather. Sci Fi bought it after they shopped it around.
Walter> given that they are touted as being the source of Sci Fi, a lot of their productions are pretty pedestrian
Walter> we should stay in touch
Walter> well, not if it's a bother
Walter> Interested in a retainer as consultant on porn production?
Walter> Thought i might give it a try
Walter> from the production end
Joyce> I'm honestly not into that stuff anymore.
Walter> wasn't thinking of dragging you into it...just thought I might quiz you on some tips...and wouldn't want to ask for free
Walter> may i write you
Walter> not a stalker
Walter> if it bothers you, i will stop


Walter> can you really do that?
EddieG> Yeah. I don't know if I am really double jointed or not, but after working on it for a while, I can do it anytime now.
Walter> or are you just so well hung you can reach with out bending
EddieG> I think it is a little of both. Erect I am about 8-10 inches, so that doesn't hurt.
Walter> not bad... ( Not bad?!!!! One man does not comment on another's penis size in that way!)
Walter> always wanted to be able to try it from the tap
Walter> well, that's an amazing talent - ever make it to SF, lemme know...would love to witness that
EddieG> I wouldn't care to put on a show. Are you bi or what anyhow? Not that it really matters. I just like to show off I guess.
Walter> bi yes...and sorry...just sounds amazing
EddieG> It is an experience to say the least.
Walter> well...I won't bug you...but it was amazing to meet someone who could do that...
EddieG> You are not bugging me in the least. I enjoy telling about it. Can you do any ugh, tricks, iguess is what to call it.
Walter> nope...just particularly sensual
EddieG> Do you usually pitch or recieve. I am a pitcher myself.
Walter> bit of both
EddieG> I had a girl once that liked really kinky stuff. She liked to get animals in on the act. It was different.
Walter> I can imagine
Walter> Did you recieve?
EddieG> Yes. We did a mini-train. I was in her and the dog was on me. Let me tell you the knot on the dog's prick is somehting else to feel.
Walter> had to wait till he finished for the dismount?
EddieG> Yeah. They get that knot in there and you are locked together until he is done.
Walter> cool
EddieG> I would do it again I guess. He certainly tasted different than anyone else i have ever been with before.
Walter> hell...never tried it with a real penis yet
EddieG> What oral?
EddieG> Do you have a web site?
Walter> www.dnai.com/~jefs/
EddieG> Well you should put some picks up and stuff. Show yourself off and you can find someone out there to take care of you.
Walter> naw...
EddieG> Maybe we will run into each other on here again.
Walter> control...and it did rub her clit
Walter> and seemed a fair trade...she let me do her ass as well
EddieG> Well how did you like it?
Walter> loved it
EddieG> word of advice on the animals, make sure they know you well. Don't just go to the pound and pick one up.
Walter> gonna take care of that yourself?
Walter> typing and sucking?
EddieG> nope just a hand job
Walter> I can try
Walter> or did you mean in my ass?
EddieG> either or. I don't care as long as I get my release
Walter> mmmwanna lick it...
EddieG> sounds good, sounds good
Walter> then slide the crown between my lips
Walter> tasting the precum that ooozes from it
Walter> feeling it on my tongue...on the roof of my mouth
Walter> feeling your hands stroking my head
EddieG> hold on a min
Walter> okay...holding
("EddieG" says: I honestly think I am going to go throw up.)

Ick. Get me out of here!