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bowleg> You wouldn't know, since you weren't in Vietnam.
Ironf> Vietnam, a war for losers.
bowleg> and don't you start your shit about nam, Ironf.
JohnLennon> if it makes you feel better, I'm just a 15 yr old girl pretending to be dead
MarcSinger> If that doesn't tell you something, I dunno what does.
Ironf> Ohh I got your Nam in my pants and it's waiting for you to invade.
bowleg> you disrespectful little bastard.
bowleg> I fought for my country, what did you do?
bowleg> nothing but play video games.
MarcSinger> Lighten up. Ironf played video games about The 'Nam.
bowleg> you wouldn't last a second in Nam.
Ironf> Yeah I didn't have to fight no crappy war for no reason.
bowleg> I'd like to add you to my human ear collection, you selfish little bitch.
Ironf> I do what I want when I want.
*** Security ( has joined
Ironf> No draft to make me.
bowleg> you 90s kids with your music and your garbage.
bowleg> I hate it.
JohnLennon> what garbage?
Ironf> See here comes security to hold you back old man.
bowleg> you're going to need the help, Ironf.
Ironf> Yeah I know why his hand is so strong.
Ironf> Help? I need no one else's help ya Geezer.
bowleg> you wouldn't talk like that if you went to hell and back killing gooks on the way.
JohnLennon> I wonder...
bowleg> John, what do you think about Nam?
Ironf> Yeah I do my killin on the streets.
JohnLennon> I do not have enough information to make a proper assessment at this time
bowleg> oh, so you're a "gangster" of sorts? Do you imagine yourself a tough guy?
Ironf> I don't imagine nothin.
JohnLennon> so, THX, you a StarWars fan obviously>
bowleg> THX is only a GK fan
MarcSinger> Wasn't GK a platoon leader in the Nam?
THX-1138EB> I am? I always thought I was a fan of George Kennedy and of really loud sound systems that melted your brains.
Ironf> George Kenndy was a puss and cried during Nam.
MarcSinger> GK experimented with brain melting back when he was hanging with Timmy Leary.
bowleg> how dare you insult GK?
MarcSinger> INFIDEL!
THX-1138EB> Of course, I have been known to watch Star Wars.
bowleg> Mocking nam and insulting GK, you obnoxious creep.
Ironf> I heard he was a satan worshipping Scientologist.
Ironf> Go figure.
bowleg> he does NOT worship satan at all.
*** MarcSinger changes topic to "George Kennedy Salon: "GK in 'Nam: Changing Times, Changing George."
bowleg> And what do you have against scientology?
Ironf> That's right, he is Satan.
bowleg> Security, kindly escort this man out of the building.
bowleg> He comes here night after night, and insults me.
Ironf> Hello security are you there.
Security> Yes.
bowleg> GK: "A Big Kid from New York"
JohnLennon> yeah
Ironf> Yeah see even security know that the "Nam" as you old geezers like to call it was a farce.
bowleg> farce!?!? I shed my own blood and shed plenty of gook-bastard blood.
bowleg> Kennedy also wrote: "The most treasured moments of my life were spent -- however briefly -- with all of you. My spirit will indeed be with you, even if my aching bones won't."
Ironf> You probably drank most of that blood didn't you?
JohnLennon> maybe that's why you're so...agitated
bowleg> I think anyone pretending to be a beatle is no more than a liar
MarcSinger> Ironf, get your head out of your ASS.
bowleg> you are deluded, and probably think Nam was just stupid.
JohnLennon> I'm not pretending to be a beatle, I said I was pretending to be dead, slight difference
JohnLennon> who, me?
Ironf> If you know what is good Oldy, you will just sit there and be quite or I will bring some Nam to ya.
bowleg> you bastard.
bowleg> And yes, John. You are a liar and a cheat.
bowleg> You're the kind of person that is causing problems for our country.
JohnLennon> I really don't think you know anything about me
*** Security has quit IRC ((signed off))
bowleg> I know everything about you through your stupid name and idolization of dead jerks claiming to stand for "peace"
bowleg> Peace!
* bowleg spits
bowleg> He wouldn't last a second in nam.
Ironf> You wouldn't last a second in a real city either.
JohnLennon> bowleg, you know what I think, I think somewhere deep down inside you're really sweet
MarcSinger> I bet the closest he got to 'Nam was when he was playing house with the Dali Lama.
MarcSinger> Men laying with beasts. It's a fucking disgrace.
bowleg> Of course I'm sweet, but not to peaceloving jerkoffs like you and Ironf.
bowleg> I'm sweet to my country.
MarcSinger> bowleg would be his country's bitch, he loves it so much.
Ironf> I didn't say I was peaceloving. I am all out for a good street war.
MarcSinger> It would have to ask really nice, of course.
* JohnLennon raises an eyebrow and smiles
MarcSinger> And treat him well.
bowleg> you think that's funny?
bowleg> show of hands, who thinks that's funny?
Ironf> Bowleg is bitch. Nuff said.
bowleg> 'cause I sure don't.
bowleg> oh, now I'M the bitch, huh?
MarcSinger> Uncle Sam treats his bitches right. He reserves his venom for communists and peaceniks.
bowleg> damn right he treats us "bitches" right.
THX-1138EB> You gotta love those vets on street corners who beg for money.
MarcSinger> Those aren't real vets.
JohnLennon> I think that if bowleg is a female dog someone should call the national inquierer...
bowleg> fuck you, Star Wars asshole. Go fly your Xwing in fantasyland and let me fight your wars for you.
MarcSinger> Those are pot-smoking veteranarians is what they are.
MarcSinger> Goddam animal-lovers.
Ironf> Yeah after sucking at the blue weiner, he gets a little pension and that's it.
bowleg> some of us have JOBS, Ironf. More than I can say for you.
Ironf> See THX is probably from the street and know what's goin down. Right holmes?
THX-1138EB> Yeah. So shut yo mouth you puck ass bitch.
bowleg> THX is a pansy concerned only with star wars action figures
MarcSinger> THX, Do you love God, apple pie, Uncle Sam, War, George Kennedy and Scientology?
bowleg> he likes to play with his "light saber"
Ironf> Those action figures see more action that you ever will.
MarcSinger> Or are you some dop-fiend animal lover dead peacenik Beatle?
THX-1138EB> I like that Apple Pie Song.
Ironf> Give me Snoop Dog any day.
bowleg> you wouldn't say those things to my face.
THX-1138EB> With the Chevy and the levy...
bowleg> hah! rap music. the music of loser peace-fucking scum like yourselves.
Ironf> I'll come to ya house and bust donw the door.
JohnLennon> this conversation's level of intelect is beginning to kill brain cells, so gentleman, and lady, I think I will make my leave

Ironf> I got your NAM spook right over here.
Ironf> MST3kCommander any relation to Commander USA?
MST3kCommander> No
bowleg> Ironf is a disrespectful bastard insulting nam vets
bowleg> I'm disgusted
Ironf> All I said is that I like kicking them off of thier little carts when i see them on the corners.
bowleg> No regard for what his elders accomplished.
Ironf> They are nothing other than punk ass bitches that need to be slapped around a little more.
bowleg> If it weren't for brave US soldiers, you'd be speaking russians
Ironf> Commander you weren't in any war were you?
MST3kCommander> Only in Space
bowleg> Do you think that's funny, MST3kCommander? He's putting down our accomplishments and deriding the heroic actions of our brave men
MST3kCommander> HE IS?
Ironf> I keep my turf free for all my gang. Ain't no bitch comming in and taking it.
MST3kCommander> Why That....
bowleg> all you are is a scared little coward who would piss his pants if he had to go to Nam.
Ironf> Vets deserved getting thier asses handed to then for butting in where they didn't belong.
Ironf> I go to "NAM" every day out on the streets hustling up some dough. Don't try to tell be about NAM.
Ironf> I'll pop a cap in ya and send you home to mommy.
MST3kCommander> You would Known NAM if if you go hot on by the head from it
MST3kCommander> WOOPS
Ironf> Ohh I hope I get HOT on the head.
bowleg> MST, you aren't making any sense at all.
Ironf> Were you shot in the head?
MST3kCommander> Just trying to type fast
bowleg> I'll shoot you in the head you slimy little goddamn traitor
Ironf> You couldn't take me gramps. I would snipe you from a hundred yards.
Ironf> You old Bastards.
THX-1138> You wouldn't know which way to point the gun.
Ironf> Up your ass would do it I would guess.
THX-1138> You'd like that you commie fag.
Ironf> I would make you suck the gun off first and then you would get its hot lead spunk when I decieded you were done.
Ironf> Then I would send my boys to your wives and take care of them.
bowleg> the only spunk you know about is the spunk that you wipe from your pinups of Joey Lawrence
Ironf> Ain't nothin but a "G" thang.
Ironf> Only pin-up is the one up your ass.
THX-1138> You like the ass thing, don't cha faggot. Yeah, all you commies are the same.
bowleg> commies and homosexuals go hand in hand.
Ironf> I see the commander shut up really fast. He knows who is running this ship.
MST3kCommander> People People. We know there are differences. But we can work it out .Man ypeople died.Many people lost friends and family. The way we are talking. Weare about ready for another war. Would you like itto knowmthat there would be another war where you are in and might get yor head blown off or see someome elses. So I ask of allof you please make Peaceor many willDie Thank You.
bowleg> they are dragging this country down.
Ironf> While Vets go dick in ass.
bowleg> touching speach, Commander. Peace? Are you some kind of pot-smoking lazy college student with no concept of reality?
Ironf> I'll drag you down and pistol whip you into coma, bitch.
MST3kCommander> DEFINATLY NO Pot Smoking
MST3kCommander> Nothing of that kind even
bowleg> the only reality I know about is the reality of a bleeding gook
MST3kCommander> I am a 9th Grader
Ironf> To scared I would say.
bowleg> but you're lazy, huh?
THX-1138> Peace? There is no such thing. There can never be peace.
MST3kCommander> from MAssachusetts
bowleg> Well, that explains it. 9th graders know nothing about the realities of war or peace. You're brainwashed by liberal teachers and the idiot box.
THX-1138> Especially with people like IronF around who take their freedom for granted.
Ironf> (9th grader in Mass. Yeah he really knows a lot. I'm down here in South Central gang banging over turf and he is talking about peace.
bowleg> I would be very happy choking the life out of you, Ironf.
THX-1138> Fighting for your freedom in war makes you respect your freedom.
bowleg> isn't that the truth.
Ironf> Try it old man and I will split your head like a I split a chick I like.
MST3kCommander> Oh Well ifwhat I said you don'tbelive. Then MAY THIS EARTH DESTROY ITSELF!
bowleg> and what the hell is a "G thang" anyway?
Ironf> I guess you felt funny when yur old lady did the splits and one of my rings fell out.
*** MST3kCommander ( has left