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Wombat> What exactly is the topic of discussion here? They were discussing scientology in that other channel.
BillChecher> Do you not believe in the inherent truth of scientology, wombat?
Wombat> Scientology? I hear they kill people. Why would the Sci-Fi channel recruit for Scvientology?
BillChecher> Scientology is the only real truth wombat. It is the truth that will set you free.
nicklby> it is the only way to complete spiritual freedom, Wombat.
Capper-n-LS> ha! Atheism is the only reality. All religion is myth. All cults are evil mind-control and brainwashing. This is LS's view, not necesarily CD's.
nicklby> I see we've touched a sore spot
BillChecher> You're not "clear", are you?
nicklby> So you're the supreme arbiter of reality, eh?
Nokturne> I prefer to stick to ambivalence, those 'ism's and 'ology's are just plain silly.
Wombat> What? What about Wicca?
Capper-n-LS> talk to Capper about that one. I don't believe in that either
BillChecher> It's a nice place to visit, wouldn't want to live there.
Capper-n-LS> "clear"???
Wombat> I find the worship of nature very relaxing.
Wombat> "nice place to visit..."
BillChecher> You're not clear. I can tell.
nicklby> "clear" is one of the levels on the Bridge to total freedom
nicklby> it signifies your state of being "clear" of engrams
Wombat> What the hell are you talking about?
BillChecher> I'm mostly clear. Except for this little speck I'm not comfortable talking about.
nicklby> clears have perfect memory and total recall of all incidences on their past time-track
nicklby> incidents, rather.
Capper-n-LS> I read the bible and its a work of fiction. God does not exist. Here and now is the only reality, there is no hereafter.
Nokturne> In that case, I'm pretty much opaque and happily so.
BillChecher> Of course there is. In fact, I think I'm having a sammich hereafter I'm done.
nicklby> LRH said... "The man on the cross... there was no christ..."
Capper-n-LS> hehe
Wombat> Of course there is no hereafter. We are of Nature and we return to nature.
Wombat> Is this a religious channel,too?
BillChecher> No, wombat. What is your problem?
Wombat> I thought I would find other people of Wiccan here.
Capper-n-LS> the religion of Star Trek, maybe...
Wombat> Being #The MagicShop and all....
Nokturne> The only worship I'm practicing is Divine Worship.
* Nokturne smirks.
nicklby> I guess pointed ears are more valid than total freedom.
BillChecher> We don't truck with your satan-worshiping ways here, Wombat.
Capper-n-LS> Wicca is nothing to do with Satan
BillChecher> Satan wants you to believe that.
Wombat> What? I worship the Goddess, not your Christian ideas good or evil!
nicklby> Wiccans are deluded treehugging saps.
Capper-n-LS> Only people who believe in God believe in Satan. 2 sides of the same coin.
Wombat> Thank you, capper.
nicklby> My coins show only dead presidents.
Capper-n-LS> According to Capper, Wicca is for wimps. not true withcraft. But I could be misquoting him
nicklby> God and Satan are constructs of the mind implanted during the R6 incident 75 million years ago
BillChecher> Well, naturally, but that's beside the point.
Wombat> What? R6? Is that some kind of conspiracy Area 51 crap?
BillChecher> You can't handle the truth, wombat!
nicklby> Yeah, it's right to left of hangar 18, mr wiccan, magick "lite"
BillChecher> Why don't you go light a candle or something and wait for your inevitable descent into hell?
Wombat> Of course it's true Witchcraft! It just doesn't follow that black magic garbage the media is flooded with!
BillChecher> Oh, so it's racist too?
nicklby> the only true keys to the doorway of spiritual understanding are encoded within "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health".
Capper-n-LS> there is white magic
nicklby> what about yellow magic? green magic? all shades of delusion.
BillChecher> There is only one true power.
BillChecher> And that is the power of the thetans.
Wombat> The Wiccan Faith I follow is involved with the magic one can coax from Nature.
Capper-n-LS> Dianetics is brainwashing for the weak-willed
Nokturne> That's not magic, that's sap.
BillChecher> Power can not be coaxed. It must be ripped from the still breathing throats of its possesor.
Wombat> Oh, nice.
nicklby> LRH said "Always attack, never defend"
Capper-n-LS> power can be created from nature.
BillChecher> You mean like a hydroelectric power plant?
nicklby> Then why is the church of scientology the fast-growing new religious movement in the world, with over 8 million members and hundred of churchs worldwide?
Wombat> You know, speaking of Star Trek, the ideas of Wiccan are the basis of the Force. Magic from nature.
nicklby> hundreds, rather
BillChecher> George Lucas is a communist.
BillChecher> Did you know he funnels money to the cubans?
nicklby> Communism? My friend, you've been at the e-meter too long.
Capper-n-LS> there are a lot of easily brainwashed idiots out there, ripe for scientology to exploit
BillChecher> Exactly. That's why we need scientology to protect them.
Wombat> I don't care if he is or not. He was a great poster-child for us for awhile.
Capper-n-LS> its the same with any cult
nicklby> What a bigot.
nicklby> I guess we're not good enough for you. Just like the jews under the nazi regime.
BillChecher> People have suffered for such closed-mindedness.
Nokturne> Even religion is trendy.. It's a sad state.
nicklby> Or african-americans being harrassed by the KKK.
Capper-n-LS> all wars are caused by either racism, religion or territory. whos a bigot? I like all people, just not institutions of cults
BillChecher> Nebraska certainly isn't very happy.
nicklby> Your bigotry makes me nauseous.
Wombat> Wow, this took a weird turn.
Capper-n-LS> your scientology makes me laugh
nicklby> of course, you get to define what's a cult
Wombat> So, this channel isn't about Wicca, then?
nicklby> anything that deviates from your narrow construct of reality is invalid.
Capper-n-LS> 2Capper Deluxe>12 l ron himself said it was a marketing excersize
BillChecher> I don't feel well either. I have a bad infection on my toe.
nicklby> great philosophy there, pal.
nicklby> That's a lie spread by the media and you know it.
BillChecher> Abandon your false gods, Wombat!
Capper-n-LS> yep, scientology is based on a marketing scam by a 2nd rate author, who KNEW it was a scam when he created it!
nicklby> L ron was dead serious, the greatest humanitarian and innovator of this century.
BillChecher> It's oozing quite a bit too. I should probably stop picking at it.
Wombat> False Gods?
Nokturne> Nokturne go to #hell
*** Nokturne ( has left #themagicshop
Wombat> Hell? What's that?
BillChecher> Yes. Your false nature gods that were overthrown by the thetans thousands of years ago.
nicklby> A myth propagated by deluded fools.
Capper-n-LS> hell is a place you go to ONLY if you believe in it!
Divine> Heh heh... snicker
Wombat> What? I mean, the channel!
Divine> Or if you spend too much time listening to this debate...
BillChecher> you don't think your immortal soul is important?
nicklby> bigotry, pure and simple. Just like the german government.
nicklby> open your eyes and go to, it will provide the answers that you seak.
BillChecher> Just like in Bosnia.
nicklby> seek
Capper-n-LS> So, nicklby, I take it you think all cults are right, if u r not a bigot. You believe in all the others too? even the Waco lot?
nicklby> oh, what a logical argument, there.
Capper-n-LS> poor deluded fool
BillChecher> I put a bid in on the waco lot, but I lost.
BillChecher> I thought I could buy up the site and turn it into a museum.
nicklby> I'm not to say who's right and who's wrong, and neither are you.
nicklby> Freedom of religion is a much valued right, you know.
BillChecher> We all know what's right in our hearts and we must work to make others know the truth that we see.
nicklby> If you want to believe that Yogi Berra is Jesus, that's fine by me.
Capper-n-LS> yeah. We are all entitled to our opinions, granted. I just don't like religions that GIVE poeple their opinions rather than let themn form them
nicklby> However, Scientology works for ME and for millions of others.
nicklby> ok, name 3 religions that let you form your own opinions.
Capper-n-LS> None do! except atheism and agnosticism!!!!
nicklby> If you're unhappy with the current crop of religions, invent your own.
Wombat> Sorry, my cat was into my herb garden and I had to get her out.
Capper-n-LS> only the weak require a god
nicklby> So atheism and agnosticism are religions?
BillChecher> Cat's are evil servants of the dark lord.
nicklby> what are you smoking, Capper?
nicklby> Are you on drugs, now?
nicklby> I bet you're for drug slavery.
nicklby> You want people on drugs.
Capper-n-LS> when youre uder 5 years old, your paretns are gods. then you grow up, and some people can't cope without an all-powerful overserr.
nicklby> You don't want scientology helping people to get off drugs.
nicklby> it sickens you to see others doing better than you, doesn't it?
Capper-n-LS> its not capper, its LS, and no, drug-free thank you. I like my brain. it works fine the way it is.
BillChecher> So what exactly is in your "herb" garden, wombat? I bet the cops would be interested to know.
Wombat> Oh, cats are not. they're just beings of Nature, like all of us.
BillChecher> They have no soul.
Wombat> Herbs. Natural Remedies.
nicklby> Scientology does a world of good, our literacy campaigns have taught millions of children to read, narconon continues to help addicts kick the habit.
nicklby> And this is what you oppose.
nicklby> and needle with your hateful bigotry.
BillChecher> All these people have no soul.
Wombat> Is the whole server like this? Recruitment for Scientology?
Capper-n-LS> and brainwashed people out of their money and individuality, like all cults do
BillChecher> Why do you fear it, Wombat? Does the truth scare you?
nicklby> have you had a bad experience with a cult as a child?
Capper-n-LS> no.
nicklby> dropped on your head by an obscure christian cult or something?
BillChecher> Perhaps you were sacrificed once?
Wombat> Truth? Only Nature and the Goddess are Truth.
nicklby> why do you insist on being the only source of truth and official arbiter of reality?
nicklby> scientology works.
BillChecher> Your goddess was cast down by the high Thetan and now serves him as a slave.
nicklby> it helps people to get off drugs.
nicklby> you like drugs.
nicklby> you must.
nicklby> if you oppose scientology, something is wrong.
Wombat> Oh, for.....I heard things liike this about you people.
Capper-n-LS> I've always been too intelligent to believe any of it. But I've had arguments with Mormons and Jehova's witnesse at my door, telling me Iron Maiden follow satan and all rock music is the music of the devil. Tell me they're not brainwashed?
nicklby> Who's to say, you?
BillChecher> Not all rock music. Amy Grant is very good.
nicklby> You're the smart one, I guess.
nicklby> Gee, we're all deluded.
Capper-n-LS> I don't take drugs. I get by on life just fine. don't be stupid.
BillChecher> Your goddess services the thetans day and night.
nicklby> Well, how can you be against an organization that gets thousands off drugs?
Wombat> We all come from Nature. Does it not follow that we should worship her?
Capper-n-LS> but if people want to take drugs thats fine, so long as they don't wreck anyone elses life.
nicklby> I've talked to hundred myself at my local org...
nicklby> people who's lives were nothing...
nicklby> depressed...
nicklby> addicted
Capper-n-LS> and then some soft drugs are harmless. Cannabis never hurt anyone.
nicklby> now empowered with the spiritual know-how to actually GET somewhere in life...
nicklby> you see! you're PRO DRUGS!
nicklby> I knew it.
BillChecher> I believe in nature. I also believe in this chair, but I don't worship it.
nicklby> You had to be, judging from your hate of scientology
Wombat> Addicted to Scientology? Polluted by a false religion?
nicklby> your irrational bigotry strikes again.
Capper-n-LS> precisely. depressed addicted sad people, ripe for brainwashing and then the scientologists go "aha! another victim!"
nicklby> oh, yes. They're such a victim when they're off drugs and leading productive lives.
BillChecher> Yours is the fals religion, wombat. The halls of the thetans are filled with the moans and cries of your goddess day and night.
Capper-n-LS> nicklby, u r very f**ked up
nicklby> I guess you'd prefer them being addicts.
Capper-n-LS> you are more extreme than any of us could hope to be.
Wombat> Oh, for goodness sake. You have no idea, do you?
Capper-n-LS> people can kick drugs without the crutch of religion.
Capper-n-LS> religion is a crutch for the weak willed who are too scared to believe in THEMSELVES
BillChecher> You will know the truth one day, wombat. When you face the thetans before your fallen god and watch your future end.
nicklby> and scientology allows you to do this with our communications courses.
nicklby> "What is Scientology" explains all these views and more.
nicklby> it's a bestseller, as is "A New Slant on Life"
nicklby> you're probably a drug addict who resents the thousands of happy, empowered scientologists who have broken the chains of drug abuse
Wombat> Nature IS the Goddess! She gives us food and shelter! Not L. Ron, not Jehovah, and certainly not this.....devil you go on about!!
BillChecher> Gaea is a painted whore.
Capper-n-LS> believe in yourself. like youreslf. be happy with who you are, and life can go your own way,
Divine> Hey, isn't that a song or something...? :)
BillChecher> Your faith in this impotent power will doom you, wombat. Don't worship the dead. Follow the living!
Capper-n-LS> so, are all scientologists ex-drug-addicts with f**ked brains?
*** mgrasso ( has joined #themagicshop
nicklby> No, only the critics are, apparently.
Capper-n-LS> welcome to a major argument, mgrasso
nicklby> Your hysterical negativity and bigotry is veru telling.
nicklby> very.
mgrasso> ok, deal me in
Wombat> Nature is dead? Tell that to the Winter Spirits.
nicklby> you're obviously a slave to drugs.
BillChecher> No, I have chosen to continue my exploration into hallicination as a search for greater truth.
Capper-n-LS> nicklby, I vlue my brain, thats why i don't do drugs. whats your excuse for the drug of religion?
BillChecher> Do you hear your winter spirits? They are long dead, fool.
Divine> Quick, get out whilst you still can... Run, run...
Capper-n-LS> should I kick the scientologist? votes please!
nicklby> You mentioned drugs being ok. YOU ARE LYING. You resent the fact of the thousands of scientologists who are no longer addicted.
mgrasso> oh, religion, *there's* a new topic :)
Wombat> Of course they are. I hear L. Ron still gets around pretty good, too ;)
mgrasso> j/k
nicklby> you hate the fact that these so-called "cult members" are valued members of society who are GETTING SOMEWHERE.
BillChecher> L Ron was elevated to the final state of clear. Capper-n-LS> I don't take drugs, fool! I just believe people have the right to choose how to kill themselves slowly. even you.
BillChecher> HE now exists outside the body.
nicklby> as opposed to you, living a lonely life in your mother's basement smoking who knows what.
nicklby> spreading hate and filth on the internet.
nicklby> You're no better than a member of the KKK
Wombat> Right! OUtside the body! As a force of NATURE!
Capper-n-LS> Actually, I live in my own house.
nicklby> your "hi-tech" style of bigotry does not make it any cleaner.
BillChecher> You've watched too much Captain Planet, wombat.
Wombat> Captain who?
Capper-n-LS> nicklby, you are getting a bit bigotted there!
nicklby> Oh, suddenly I'm the bigot?
nicklby> Who's the one insulting the members of all religions?
nicklby> who's the one proclaiming only himself to be right.
Capper-n-LS> you're definitely not open to reasoned argument are you? A sign of severe brainwashing
nicklby> his name is Capper-n-LS
BillChecher> A false-religion show promoted by you and your satan-worhipping kind.
nicklby> You like drugs, don't you?
nicklby> PROZAC! It's a KILLER!
BillChecher> Psychiatry kills.
Capper-n-LS> 2Capper Deluxe>12 religion breeds biggotry and impuning all is NOT biggoted it's handing down the same to all
Wombat> We do not worship ANY Christain gods! Or Buddhist, or Islam!
Capper-n-LS> I've never even taken prozac
nicklby> Psychs are SCUM that have the highest incident of rape in any proffession.
BillChecher> And that is why you are doomed, fool.
Wombat> Doomed to what?
nicklby> what a ridiculous statement, Capper! Religion breeds bigotry? I wasn't putting down ANY religion.
Capper-n-LS> people can be religious if they want. Its just cults that BRAINWASH people that I dislike. And it does happen. Have you never wathced the documentarys about poeple who finally escpae from the cults?
nicklby> This little Hitler here, WAS!
BillChecher> Doomed to server your Thetan masters like your strumpet goddess!
nicklby> Lies spread by the media for financial gain.
nicklby> I don't deny that some religions might be unhealthy.
nicklby> but your intimations that the church of scientology is a "cult" OFFENDS me!
Capper-n-LS> 3 of my best friend are born-again-christians, and I've NEVER mocked them, beacause they made a free choice as an adult to believe.
BillChecher> We are not even a religion. We are a way of life.
BillChecher> A way of living.
nicklby> You're nothing more than a weak little bully who needs to feel better by putting down the sincerely-held beliefs of others.
Wombat> Oh, of course. Lisa Marie Presley looked real happy as a Scientologist when she checked into that hospital for dehydration!!
nicklby> And what, I didn't make a free choice?
nicklby> Some guy put me in a bag and kidnapped me?
Capper-n-LS> no idea. you sound too extreme to be true
nicklby> I wasn't brainwashed.
Capper-n-LS> you would say that
BillChecher> Some spirits are not strong enough to withstand the purification.
nicklby> You appear to have been.
nicklby> BY DRUGS.
nicklby> Like prozac.
nicklby> IT's A KILLER!
BillChecher> It turns the mind.
Wombat> Or the starvation, beatings, brainwashing...
BillChecher> All necessary!
Capper-n-LS> never touched prozac. or speed, or anything like that. I'm happy with who I am, I don't need drugs or religion
BillChecher> Anything is justified in the pursuit of purification!
nicklby> The Introspection Rundown and the purification rundown are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN!
nicklby> They are excellent treatments that can purify the body of drugs.
BillChecher> Some of my greatest visions of truth have been during extended hours of purification.
Wombat> I'm still waiting for Mr. Capper to explain how I'm not a "true witch."
Capper-n-LS> what if you haven't taken drugs, do they beat you anyway?
nicklby> beat you? you think a peaceful religion BEATS it's members?
BillChecher> If you're lucky.
nicklby> what kinda weird conspiracy theory trip are you on?
BillChecher> Souless minion.
nicklby> do you think people are out to get you?
nicklby> get off the drugs, Capper.
Capper-n-LS> 2Capper Deluxe>12 wombat, go to Bleys page on the webring, she has links to both Wicca and Witchcraft wchich will let you see the difference
BillChecher> Because they might be if you keep offending us!
Capper-n-LS> never been on them ,unlike you nick
Wombat> Bleys.....Is that Grandmother Spider?
Capper-n-LS> whay are you obsessed with drugs? most people don't need them unlike you must have.
nicklby> Wicca is a ridiculous invention of Gerald Gardner cribbed from Aleister Crowley. Watered down by the new age and presented in easy to swallow gel caps.
BillChecher> What about you, mgrasso? Do you see the truth?
nicklby> oh, suddenly I'm the drug addict! You're the one that was saying drugs were ok and not harmful.
BillChecher> The new age was brought about by dark forces seeking to overturn our society.
nicklby> I'm totally against them, polluting substances have NO USEFUL APPLICATION!
Capper-n-LS> 2Capper Deluxe>12 i never pronouncedwikkaas myt religeon i'n a witch
mgrasso> yes. through the blinding light of god, prima causa, the prime mover and lumen universalis
nicklby> Except to provide "kicks" for depraved types like yourself.
Capper-n-LS> no fool, i said drugs were harmful - just people can kill themsaelves slowly how they want. can't you read?
Capper-n-LS> yopu are a really stupid f*8kwit if you can't remember what wsa said 5 minutea ago
BillChecher> Not all us scientologists are as orthodox as nicklby. Some of us in the new faith believe that truth is found through visions.
Wombat> My goodness. there's no need for cursing!
Nokturne> I think I'm drowning in hypocrisy.
BillChecher> Your weak goddess spirit can't take it, wombat?
*** Nokturne has quit IRC ((signed off))
nicklby> You're a hateful bigot who doesn't want people off drugs! No more!
Capper-n-LS> BC, I don't mind non-brainwashed scientologists. just brainwashed ones like nicklby
nicklby> scientology helps MILLIONS!
Capper-n-LS> to be non-individuals.
nicklby> bullshit, you called them all brainwashed dupes, capper.
nicklby> Scroll up and read your own hateful spew.
Wombat> No, Scientology has helped ITSELF to millions!
Capper-n-LS> $$$millions$$$
nicklby> so? Jealous?
mgrasso> so when are you all going to take jesus christ as your own personal savior?
nicklby> Jealous that I belong to the fastest growing church in the world?
Wombat> Of what? Material things?
BillChecher> The money we gather from our own helps us build our great machine!
nicklby> it must frighten you.
Capper-n-LS> yeah, but then if I meet someone reasonable in their arguments, I'm able to change my opinions based on the new info. unlike you, who can never change again.
nicklby> Scares you! All those thousands getting off drugs.
nicklby> ruins your business, doesn't it!
Wombat> Nature gives me all I need. Well, that and my store.
nicklby> You probably have a vested interest!
nicklby> You're either a drug dealer or a psych prescribing PROZAC!
BillChecher> You're store! You're new age satanist store?
Capper-n-LS> bolox. I'm glad they do. but they DONT need scientology to do it! are you OBSESSED with drugs?
nicklby> PROZAC, it's a KILLER!
Wombat> It's a Wiccan store, yes!
Capper-n-LS> poeple can get off drugs without Scientology. Millions do, you know!
BillChecher> Your polluting children with your dead gods.
Wombat> We don't have gods! Only Nature, who is our Goddess!!
nicklby> but you HATE the millions that get off of them WITH scientology, don't you? A valid method that works!!
mgrasso> yes, through putting their faith in a higher power, namely jesus christ and the holy spirit amen
Wombat> Jesus? The carpenter's son?
BillChecher> A fallen goddess! Servicing the pleasure of the high thetans in their bedchambers day and night!
Wombat> Another false god.
mgrasso> wombat: Jesus is the Son of God!
Capper-n-LS> if they hadn't f***ed their brains with drugs, they wouldn't turn to Scientology to get off the drugs. I'm sure their are scientologist who are NOT ex drug-addicts
Wombat> Of course he is.
nicklby> Bill, what kind of scientology is that? That's not valid LRH tech, is it!
You must be a squirreling freezoner...
BillChecher> I have embraced the new faith, nicklby! We have gone beyond clear into the new zone!
mgrasso> i have no time for you people. one day we will mount another crusade to rid the earth of your godless kind.
nicklby> Yes, I was never a drug addict. I just worked as a volunteer in several rehab clinics and have seen the HORROR and DESPAIR drugs can cause...
BillChecher> LRH was only the beginning. The first tentative steps on the path. nicklby> children on heroin...
nicklby> formely happy people with minds blown on cocaine...
nicklby> and adults with PROZAC! KILLER! STEALER OF LIVES!
*** Wombat ( has left #TheMagicShop
BillChecher> Your narrow-minded orthodoxy and fundementalist interpretations of LRH will keep you from ever attaining true clear, nicklby.
nicklby> I'm OT3. Bill. How about you? Still a pre-clear, eh?
BillChecher> I am clear-red, nicklby. With each vision in the purif tank, I grow closer to clear-green.
nicklby> Bill, what's your real name? What's your hat? I'm going to have to report you to ethics.
nicklby> the OSA needs to know about your bastardization of LRH tech
BillChecher> You can't suppress the new faith! The true scientology will be born anew from the ashes of the old!
nicklby> you're probably a copyright terrorist stealing and altering LRH's work!
Capper-n-LS> BC, congrats! You are definitely not brainwashed. I revise my opinion. Only some scientologists are brainwashed fools like nicklby
*** Gken ( has joined #TheMagicShop
Gken> Hello?
nicklby> whatever, mr drug addict. Keep having your fun with those street drugs.
BillChecher> We in the new faith have found that by using LSD during the purif ritual, we can leapfrog to entirely new states of clear that even LRH did not know existed.
nicklby> You're a suppressive person! A criminal drug-crusader!
Gken> Guys, are we having the usual Sunday Morning chat? I don't see the channel formed.
BillChecher> He died before he could progress further, but we carry on his work!
nicklby> Bill, your mind is blown on drugs.
nicklby> Oh Hi, Gk...
BillChecher> You're afraid, nicklby. You're afraid of the change and progress of our faith.
nicklby> I just found out that Bill is squirreling tech
Gken> Hey, nick. What's up?
nicklby> Bill is advocating mixing drugs with tech
Gken> Bill? Going above his level?
BillChecher> You want scientology to remain fixed in stone, never progressing and learning.
Gken> Is this true?
nicklby> The tech set down by Source shall not be altered.
BillChecher> You're rules were not LRH's rules!!
nicklby> there is a foundation for further work...
* Capper-n-LS :*** Listers Socks wonders what he has started...
nicklby> but you can't just destroy the spiritual "house" he's built
BillChecher> LRH believed as we do! That the truth evolved through continual study!
Gken> Oh, now wait. We have certain formallities that must be followed!
BillChecher> Your formallities have held the church back too long. We of the new faith will wait no longer.
nicklby> Bill, keep taking acid and you'll soon believe that you ARE Lrh.
Gken> Oh, good morning Capper-n-LS. Are you interested in Scientology?
nicklby> why are we surrounded by drug addicts? Dirty minds interested only in kicks and spurning spiritual progress...
Gken> Hmmmmm. I sometimes can feel the spirit of L. Ron talking to me.
BillChecher> Part of me is LRH, nicklby. We have encountered his energies in the clear-zone. EVery time we venture deeper we absorb more and more of him into ourselves.
Capper-n-LS> 2Capper Deluxe>12 gken no thank you i am happy with my religion and so long as you are not as brainwashed as nicklby i wil happily chat with you about any religion or aspect of that religion
nicklby> Bill, you're a fucking loony is what you are.
nicklby> no one can presume to BE SOURCE! You can't just claim to be Hubbard!
BillChecher> I have seen shadows of his face as I sit in the purif tank, the sweat dripping through my eyes as the LSD lifts my consciousness into the beyond-clear.
nicklby> The eight dynamic is SOURCE! Source is L Ron Hubbard! Source is no Bill!
Gken> Brainwashed? I have worked with nicklby on audits for many years! I don't believe he is brainwashed.
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BillChecher> I simply cannot sit idly by when orthodoxers ridicule the new faith. nicklby2> I apologize for my profanity.
nicklby2> I was merely enraged.
nicklby2> Besides, show of hands, who here is a child?
Capper-n-LS> appology accepted
Capper-n-LS> thats no excuse
Gken> All this talk of drugs and freeing the spirit thru chemical means....disgusting!
nicklby2> That's what got me so angry.
BillChecher> If you will refrain from ridiculing the new faith, I have no objection to you.
nicklby2> And we're all adults, anyway.
Gken> Hey, nick. Bill's at it again, I see.
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Capper-n-LS> no matter how incensed, f**k is not hard to type, instead of swearing.
nicklby2> why this f**k?
nicklby2> who is that fooling?
Capper-n-LS> and i have childern here
nicklby2> Do we need to sugarcoat and sweeten our words?
BillChecher> You orthos are simply jealous that *our* students attain clear years earlier than yours do.
Capper-n-LS> for kids yes
nicklby2> your students are what, 5? 6? COS has over 8 million.
Gken> Really? Would they be interested in our line of Children's Coloring Books? They're free!
BillChecher> We are a small but growing order. Just like L Ron and his followers were long ago.
nicklby2> There is always a place for children in scientology.
Capper-n-LS> do u advocate that children of early school age tell their parrents to F**k offf in shopping centres ?
Gken> You are a small order of people going against everything we've been taught!
nicklby2> My daughter was raised in the church and she is now a proud member of the Sea Org.
Capper-n-LS> i see that everyweek and i also see parent hitting their children for no reason
nicklby2> she certainly didn't fear simple words.
nicklby2> of course, our advanced comm tech is at work.
Capper-n-LS> these are non acceptable to me or my family
BillChecher> We are a proud order of new thinkers embracing the teachings of the past along with the lessons of the future.
Gken> And I was there at her final Auditing. lovely child.
BillChecher> I also have known nicklby's daughter, and I agree she is one of the most pure thinkers I have met.
Capper-n-LS> Listers Socks> children should not be brainwashed in religion. Leave them alone until they are old enough to think for themselves, THEN if you must, introduce them to your beliefs.
BillChecher> A real prodify.
BillChecher> prodigy, I mean.
Gken> Scientology is about following the Laws layed out by L. Ron, not playing about with dangerous chemicals and calling it "research!!"
BillChecher> Nicklby has every right to be proud.
nicklby2> final auditing? She has a long career ahead of her as an auditor! She's recently been given Auditor class XIV certification!
nicklby2> It was a proud day in our household
Gken> I meant Final level as a child. I misspoke.
Capper-n-LS> 2Capper Deluxe>12 my children are free to make their own religious choices i have given thm a kiorran and a bible ( the worlds 2 main religious treatises) and they are free to choose their own path
BillChecher> I may disagree with him on matters of faith, but I honor his success with imprinting onto youth.
Gken> Why not a copy of Dianetics?
Capper-n-LS> if they ask for my advice i will give it but only if asked
nicklby2> And mine was simply handed a copy of "Dianetics"
nicklby2> she knew what was good for her.
nicklby2> She is one of the elite now, in charge of "clearing the planet".
Capper-n-LS> Listers Socks> but what else did you hand them did you hand them a bible and let them chhose? or did you stack the deck?
Gken> She does us proud, Nick.
BillChecher> She has spoken to me on a few occasions about the new faith as well.
nicklby2> She signed her billion-year contract and is instrumental in saving the planet.
nicklby2> Bill, you lie!
nicklby2> You attempt to discredit her.
nicklby2> She would laugh in your face.
BillChecher> She is stubborn, like her father. But she respects our desire to explore.
nicklby2> Besides, I edit her email before she reads it to filter out lying scum like yourself.
Gken> She is Pure! She would not dabble in your drugs, and I object to you impuning her like that!!!!!!
BillChecher> I have visited her in the Sea Org.
Capper-n-LS> jewdeism and christianity use the bible and the hindus buddisyts etc have the korann that covers a vast magority of the world religions
Gken> LIAR!!
Capper-n-LS> Listers Socks> aha! freedom of choice = editing email? noty brainwashing then?
BillChecher> She does not participate in our study of course. We have merely discussed it as matters of doctrine.
nicklby2> nice spelling. Perhaps you can use a course in word-clearing
Gken> She would not disgrace her Father like that!!!
nicklby2> A parent has the right to remain vigilant, Socks.
BillChecher> As I said, she does not participate. She is merely aware of our studies.
nicklby2> I am being protective, as most parent's are.
Capper-n-LS> spelling goes when u type too fast sometimes.
Gken> Brainwashing? Oh, not that old bugaboo again.....
Capper-n-LS> Give her a bible then
nicklby2> Of course, being a drug addict, concepts like "responsibility" mean nothing to you.
Capper-n-LS> I dare you, let her read the Koran & the bible
nicklby2> she has read the bible and laughed at it.
nicklby2> "the man on the cross... there was no christ"
BillChecher> Some parts of deuteronomy are pretty funny.
Gken> I've read the Bible. It's abviously based on the story of Xenu.
nicklby2> !
nicklby2> Gken!
BillChecher> There is much to be learned from Xenu's tragic story.
nicklby2> why are you talking about that!
Capper-n-LS> nicklby yes the jews say the same but is thier fith any less valid ?
nicklby2> You've made a slip
nicklby2> Gken, please...
Capper-n-LS> faith even
nicklby2> don't EVER bring it up in a public forum
Gken> My emotions are getting the best of me. I apologize.
nicklby2> those are secrets privy only to OT3 and above
BillChecher> Nicklby is right of course. It was foolish to mention...the one...others are not yet ready.
nicklby2> I think that indicates your general downstat nature. Perhaps you need to report to ethics or be runb through a sec check?
Capper-n-LS> what is this desention amoung the ranks?
nicklby2> nothing that you would understand, Capper.
nicklby2> if you knew, you would become ill.
BillChecher> All true faiths have differing opinions. US of the new faith are much like the jesuits of the catholics.
Gken> And what about you, Capper? You say we should give our kids a choice, did you give yours one? Is dianetics included in the choice of books.
Capper-n-LS> Listers Socks> nicklby, u have just defined scientology as a cult! A religion is open , no secrets, a cult is closed, with secrets hidden from outsiders.
nicklby2> you haven't passed "the wall of fire"
Gken> You have not prepared.
BillChecher> There is knowledge that is damaging to the unclear mind.
nicklby2> a gradual dissemination of the knowledge does not a cult make.
nicklby2> it can harm those not ready for it through intensive auditing
Capper-n-LS> yes it does. if it is done in certain ways.
BillChecher> I have worked with one who mistakenly read the texts above his level. His mind is terribly broken.
nicklby2> see!
Capper-n-LS> His mind was broken to start with then. Words alone cannot break your mind.
nicklby2> you squirrel tech at work, Bill!
BillChecher> We in the new faith have experimented with reading the high texts to certain apes and monkeys. The results in virtually all cases was violent rage.
nicklby2> proof that the freezone is something that is a bastardized FAILURE
nicklby2> Bill, were you on LSD at the time?
Gken> You're playing with fire, Bill!!
Capper-n-LS> If I was a monkey in a cage, I'd be angry too
BillChecher> The only exception was in certain orangutans.
nicklby2> it can harm those not ready for it through intensive auditing
Capper-n-LS> this is becoming very sad and introverted now.
Gken> Sad?
Capper-n-LS> I'm off to find some sane people, in the real world. See ya later!
BillChecher> They were not in cages, though you show your bigotry by claiming so. We visited them in their natural habitat and read the words through loudspeakers.
Gken> Would you like me to send you some literature, Capper?
Capper-n-LS> does it cost?
Gken> I could E-mail it. It's free!
BillChecher> The freezone was a failure, but we in the new faith learned from the mistakes of our brethren.
nicklby2> Capper, stop taking the drugs. You too, Bill.
Capper-n-LS> BC, if you shout at a monkey through a loadspeaker, it won't care what u say it'sll be annoyed!
nicklby2> PROZAC!
nicklby2> IT'S A KILLER!
BillChecher> That is what some say, but we believed that the truth would pierce their animal minds like arrows of pure thought.
nicklby2> Thousands off of drugs! YOU HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT! SP! SP!
Gken> Like drugs would, Bill?
BillChecher> The orangutans, however, seemed to understand.
nicklby2> Criminal suppressive person copyright terrorist!

(KICKED for the last time)