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It's always fun when someone from your region drops in and you can mock them with the stereotypes that you know are wrong, but funny, isn't it?

*** BubaTheMagicElf ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
BubaTheMagicElf> hey
Ironf> East Kentucky is where all the true hillbillies live, ya know.
BubaTheMagicElf> yea thats where i am from
Ironf> Up in the hills.
Ironf> I know, that's why we mentioned it
THX-1138> What about them city goats?
BubaTheMagicElf> just being proud
Ironf> There's no pride in being imbred.
Ironf> inbred, I mean
BubaTheMagicElf> kiss my ass and learn to spell
Ironf> learn to type with your extra fingers and you might have gotten that out before I corrected myself.
BubaTheMagicElf> where you from asshole
Ironf> Iran.
Ironf> And please don't curse.
BubaTheMagicElf> don't pi$$ me off
THX-1138> "Asshole?" Do all people living in the hills speak with such harsh language?
Ironf> Quoting the mighty Double J must make you proud.
BubaTheMagicElf> only when necissary
Ironf> Except he's from Tennesse and not dirty like hill folk from Kentucky.
THX-1138> When wht?
Ironf> you forgot the extra b in your name, Bubba.
BubaTheMagicElf> no it wouldn't fit
Ironf> Sure it wouldn't
BubaTheMagicElf> don't start again
Ironf> I'll just have to assume that all the time it takes you to respond, you must be cleaning that one good tooth you have.
BubaTheMagicElf> no i only have one hand
BubaTheMagicElf> lost the other up your mom
Ironf> Did a farm accident take the other, or just a birth defect cause by your mom and dad being siblings.
Ironf> Do you even know the meaning of siblings? I understand schools aren't all that good in Kentucky.
Ironf> It means brother and sister.
BubaTheMagicElf> lost it saveing a baby (my sister) from car accidnt
BubaTheMagicElf> best test scores in the nation
Ironf> HA!
Ironf> If by test scores you mean teen pregnancy.
THX-1138> "accidnt"s are bad.
BubaTheMagicElf> you don't know who you are messing with dickhead
Ironf> I heard that 48% of adults in Kentucky don't have teeth. Is that true?
Ironf> Oh wow, just who AM I messing with, filthmonger.
BubaTheMagicElf> Someone who shouldn't be pi$$ed off and leave it at that
Ironf> Do you plan on getting the posse after me. Maybe Rosco can help.
BubaTheMagicElf> i don't need a posse bitch
Ironf> It certainly takes a man to talk like this on a computer. You certainly have show me, for I will never again feel safe in my own home.
Ironf> We really should let you go because I bet your cows are feeling lonely around about now.
BubaTheMagicElf> you are just mad because your mom is a slut and you don't know your dad
Ironf> Actually my mother and father are both still happily married and aren't related, unlike yours, Cletus.
BubaTheMagicElf> you only have the balls to say this on the net
Ironf> Wow, it's really nice how you can take something I said earlier, then say it to me. WOW again I say. Almost as good as saying 'Back on ya'
BubaTheMagicElf> guess that is nt disagreeing with me huh
Ironf> No, it's simply saying that when you aren't all that intelligent, you must work with what is given you. Which in your case wasn't much, Clovis.
BubaTheMagicElf> i scored a 30 on my sat and have a 165 iq
Ironf> Please amaze us with some more of your homegrown wit.
THX-1138> 30 on your SAT! WOW!
Ironf> Sure you did. That's why you aren't able to come up with anything original and can't spell correctly.
BubaTheMagicElf> act sorry
THX-1138> You get 200 just for putting your name on it, yet you manage to get a 30!
Ironf> yes, the act. Quite the judge for all of humanity.
THX-1138> You're so smart you got the SAT and ACT confused.
Ironf> and forgot the decimal point on your IQ
BubaTheMagicElf> i see the problem you two were having a homo cyber sex un fest and i interupted sorry but i just don't go much for queers
THX-1138> Maybe he's getting IQ confused with something else.
Ironf> Is that why you feel such shame at night, once you get done with the other boys in town?
THX-1138> Yes, an "un fest."
Ironf> And you shouldn't be so homophobic. Learn some tolerance.
BubaTheMagicElf> fuck you faggots i guess thats a confession huh Ironf
Ironf> I said no cursing. Please play by the rules or I will be forced to take action
Ironf> Seems to me you are the one with all the homosexual refferences. Maybe there is something you need to learn about yourself.
BubaTheMagicElf> why can't your little virgin ears take it
THX-1138> Actually, I'm not a homosexual, but I am tolerant of their lifestyle because that's the enlighted intellectual I am.
Ironf> No, this is a family server and as such, there are rules to be followed. I didn't make the rules, but I will enforce them, Jethro.
THX-1138> I suppose you don't count sleeping with your father and brothers as homosexuality.
Ironf> I personally don't find the male ass as a sexual object, but if some other guy wants to, good for him.
BubaTheMagicElf> actually i am getting married to a beautiful female (which is something you have only seen in porn you stoe from your daddy) in less than 2 months
BubaTheMagicElf> thought you didn't like cursing punk
Ironf> I'll bet she's around 12, because that's how they do things in the hills in Kentucky.
Ironf> Ass is not a curse word, in and of itself. Especially when referring to the part of the body and not to a person.
THX-1138> A beautiful female what? Cow? Pig?
BubaTheMagicElf> thats where i draw the line you talk about her and i will do everything in my power to see that you die (and i mean that literally)
Ironf> You know how the 'good 'ole boys' are THX. Anything with four legs is game.
Ironf> Death threats aren't allowed here either, Billy Jack.
BubaTheMagicElf> actually i am getting married to a beautiful female
Ironf> And you have no power.
BubaTheMagicElf> ok you cock sucking holier than though mother fucker you have had it
*** BubaTheMagicElf ( has left #MST-HomeGame
Ironf> Aww I was gonna kick him.

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