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my-crow-soft> you know who else is hot ? (was hot) mary tyler moore..
TheCambot> For real.
Ironf> She still thinks she is. She's always trying to show her body on shows.
my-crow-soft> really ?
TheCambot> To think Dick van Dyke dared to sleep in a separate bed.
my-crow-soft> i remember she did an appearance on late show..
Ironf> Yes, she's had a lot of work done on her too.
TheCambot> She looks awful now.
THX-1138> Yeah. All the geriatriphiles go crazy for it. They crap in their Depends each time
TheCambot> She was better in black and white.
Balthayzr> Diabetes will do that to you.
my-crow-soft> well i like when she was in the mary tyler moore show, the earl episodes..
my-crow-soft> those were the best...
TheCambot> Yep.
TheCambot> See previous comment:
TheCambot> > To think Dick van Dyke dared to sleep in a separate bed.
my-crow-soft> at that time it was common
TheCambot> Yeah, but still...
TheCambot> What an opportunity...
TheCambot> It kills me each time.
my-crow-soft> maybe he thought girls have cooties...
TheCambot> I wouldn't care if she had cooties or not.
Balthayzr> It really wasn't too common at the time. TV Censors demanded it.
TheCambot> I know, Mr. Factual.
my-crow-soft> hm.. still.. wouldn't it be great to see some horizontal rhmba on the show ?
Balthayzr> Just pointing it out to Crow.
TheCambot> Ever see the Happy Days where they pushed the beds together?
TheCambot> Maybe in the Dick Van Dyke Show bloopers reel.
TheCambot> No. I might not be aliove if I had.
TheCambot> They could do that?
my-crow-soft> yea,
* my-crow-soft taped his mouth shut, why the hell no one knows..
TheCambot> So she said she had an orgy huh?
TheCambot> Wow.
my-crow-soft> yea it was cool..
my-crow-soft> ted goes " whoo.. in a shimmering manner
TheCambot> She didn't look as good then, though.
TheCambot> So it wouldn't have done much for me.
my-crow-soft> no it she looked good than
my-crow-soft> she had a really really right blouse on...
TheCambot> Not as good.
TheCambot> Ah.
TheCambot> Ever see the episode where she didn't have anything on? Oh, no, wait, that was on my internal TV.
my-crow-soft> yea.. and my internal pc porn
TheCambot> It comes on after old SNL repeats.
my-crow-soft> i aughta get to sleep i think ...
TheCambot> No.
*** my-crow-soft has quit IRC ((signed off))
TheCambot> Sleep is bad.
TheCambot> It's overrated.
TheCambot> http://www.pbs-print.com/billmurray
TheCambot> \Huh? Where'd that come from?
Balthayzr> Crow gets exausted when he speaks for more than 5 minutes.
TheCambot> Oh, it was my automatic shameless-plug function. Gosh, that scared me.
Ironf> especially about Mary Tyler Moore porn
TheCambot> He went to go get out his Dick Van Dyke Show video collection, is what he did.
TheCambot> I wish I had that collection.
TheCambot> Ya know...why is none of this on Nick At Nite anymore?
Ironf> But, who can blame him. I watch her blue movie every other night it seems
TheCambot> They took off everything good.
TheCambot> Blue movie?
THX-1138> And they replaced it with better things
Ironf> yeah way back when she was breaking in the biz. Most all celebs had to do them it seems
Balthayzr> I hear it's coming out on DVD, so you won't have to buy a new copy every 6 months.
TheCambot> And TV land...don't get me started.
Ironf> well actually VCD, cause dvd would be too public a display
TheCambot> Blue movie? As in, like....wow.....give it to me.
THX-1138> And they replaced it with better things-----I'll tear you up.
TheCambot> Like what?
Balthayzr> Wasn't it a take-off on her first starring role, called D*cks and Dykes?
Ironf> look around on the alt.video.tape-trading group. It's pretty common.
Ironf> That's not the name on mine. It's not very good actually
TheCambot> How old is she in it?
THX-1138> I don't watch Nick at Nite or TVLand. It's all crap, but it's been better crap lately, from what I've seen as I flip channels.
TheCambot> You're WRONG!
Balthayzr> They probably re-named it when she bacame a star, like that porn Stallone was in.
Ironf> Kinda like Stallones crappy one. Buffy and ---- party. Can't remember his name
TheCambot> They took off Get Smart.
THX-1138> Thank god.
Ironf> She looks to be around 24-25 or so. I'm not good with ages.
TheCambot> I'm gonna kill you.
Balthayzr> She was about 22 when she did Van Dyke, wasn't she?
THX-1138> That show was incredibly annoying.
Ironf> I'll be glad when they get The Blue Knight back on
TheCambot> But I mean, does she look good in it?
THX-1138> Yes!
THX-1138> Blue Knight would easily save that channel.
Plumm> are y'all talking about those MTM stag reels?
TheCambot> Ever watch When Things Were Rotten?
TheCambot> Yeah.
Balthayzr> Yes, Blue Knight. Easily the best Cop Show there ever was.
TheCambot> No....mannix was.
TheCambot> Go mannix!
Ironf> Mannix couldn't pull up the fly of The Blue Knight
TheCambot> If Mannix and Mitchell had a fight...
Balthayzr> I'm sorry, I have to disagree. Blue Knight rocked the house.
THX-1138> Ugh. All Mannix did was run around. Blue Knight was real. It was gritty.
Balthayzr> Blue Knight told stories from the street.
Plumm> Mannix. Exactly how many episodes was Tab NOT strung out on coke?
TheCambot> Great. Can we talk about MTM porn again now?
THX-1138> Not all this Hollywood run around garbage like Mannix. It had that real psychological element.
Plumm> GK was drug-free.
TheCambot> Mannix. Is. The. Man.
Balthayzr> Of course.
Plumm> Are you obsessed with Mary Tyler Moore porn or something?
Balthayzr> GK being drug-free, I mean.
TheCambot> I never knew it existed.
TheCambot> l\
*** TheCambot has quit IRC ((signed off))
Balthayzr> She only did the one, Cambot. I'm suprised you've never heard of it.
Ironf> Even Barb Striesand had one
Plumm> I still can't believe she was caught on film with Rob Reiner.
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TheCambot> Bugger and blast.
Ironf> *** TheCambot has quit IRC ((signed off))
Balthayzr> She only did the one, Cambot. I'm suprised you've never heard of it.
Ironf> Even Barb Striesand had one
Plumm> I still can't believe she was caught on film with Rob Reiner.
Plumm> I still can't believe she was caught on film with Rob Reiner.
TheCambot> Miss anything?
Ironf> that's what ya missed
Plumm> I mean, he was like, what 16 then?
Plumm> Or was it younger, Ironf?
THX-1138> Too bad it wasn't a snuff film.
TheCambot> Thanks.
Balthayzr> Reiner? Think so. Didn't he have some goofy porn name in that?
TheCambot> Who was caught with RR? MTM or Streisand.
Ironf> Oh he was underage all right
TheCambot> Rob Reiner did porn?
TheCambot> You learn things everyday.
Ironf> well it wasn't porn when he made it
TheCambot> Hmmm?
Ironf> that wasn't the idea behind it. It was a personal film, like the Pam Anderson/Tommy Lee thing
TheCambot> Ohhhhh.
TheCambot> But with who?
Ironf> Reiner/Moore
TheCambot> Oh.
TheCambot> I'll take that, too.
Balthayzr> When it got released, they guy who released it changed the names to try to avoid a lawsuit.
TheCambot> Lemme put it on my list of things to have.
Ironf> She's quite the dirty whore in bed, and that's a good thing
* TheCambot puts it on his list of things to have.
TheCambot> You'd think she would be, the way she acts lately.
Balthayzr> Yes, that scene with her, Reiner, and the Cheez-Wiz? Very naughty.
TheCambot> Augh!
TheCambot> So this is two videos now?
Ironf> no, it's all the same one
TheCambot> Oh.
Balthayzr> You'd better enjoy tongue action if you watch that part....
Ironf> unless there is one out there I'm not familiar with
TheCambot> So they made a video, and a guy put it along with more MTM nude things?
Balthayzr> See, the entire porn movie is Reiner filming a "party" at his house.
Ironf> yeah basically
TheCambot> So, it's not just MTM?
Ironf> But with different names and all
Balthayzr> Nope.
TheCambot> What're their names? Porn names are such fun...
Ironf> party=coke fueled orgy
Balthayzr> Reiner isn't in a lot of it, except for the part where he hands the camera to Phil Silvers for the scene he has with Barbara..
TheCambot> Streisand
TheCambot> ?
Balthayzr> Yep.
Balthayzr> The Cheez-Wiz part i was telling you about.
Ironf> I take it you're not very old, having never heard of this before
TheCambot> So it's just, like, a video tape with lots of naughty sixties celebrities, including MTM?
TheCambot> No, I just don't get out. At all.
TheCambot> Ever.
Ironf> no, just a few different scenes
Ironf> afk for a bit
TheCambot> And yet no lawsuit whatsoever?
Balthayzr> It's a video, transferred from film (obviously ;) ) of Reiner filming a big orgy at his house. It runs about 65 minutes...
TheCambot> Okay.
Balthayzr> No one wanted to sue, and admit they were "in the film"...
TheCambot> Ah. Actually, that does strike something.
Balthayzr> Also afraid any lawsuit would just spread word of it around more.
Balthayzr> It's one of those "underground" tapes, now, like the one of the Go-Gos having sex with their roadies.
TheCambot> So DVD wasn't there?
Ironf> no, the DVD thing is wrong. It's been confused with VCD
TheCambot> You can't abbreviate that without confusion. Dick van Dyke.
TheCambot> That's what I meant.
Ironf> VCD is a bootleg made in China
Balthayzr> What, Van Dyke? He wasn't into that type of scene.
Ironf> It'll play on any computer and in DVD players
Balthayzr> Rose Marie was in it, though. She was a party monster, that one.
TheCambot> Yeah, it was kind of a joke. I shouldn't joke much.
Ironf> She put away a lot of nose candy back then I hear
Balthayzr> That's why her voice got so rough.
Ironf> Makes sense
Ironf> Most people did it back then, but not 9-10 grams a day
Balthayzr> There's the one scene of her in that video of her servicing 5 guys at once. Amazing.
TheCambot> Five. Wow.
Balthayzr> You can tell by her eyes at that point that she's coked out of her head.
Ironf> Well she likes the shaft, can't fault her for that
Balthayzr> The film quality's not bad, for the time period. Reiner must have had access to some primo gear back then.
TheCambot> So MTM coked? She looked like such a nice girl.
Balthayzr> Yea, Rose Marie supposedly got her going on it.
TheCambot> Ah.
Plumm> really?
TheCambot> Did she get her going with Cheez Wiz too?
Plumm> I thought mtmt didn't start doing coke until after they canceled her variety show in the 70s
Balthayzr> Not in this, no.
TheCambot> 'Nother joke.
Balthayzr> She laid off of it after Van Dyke got cancelled.
Ironf> I hear he was crazy over his homemade stuff like Whats-his-name from Hogan's Heros
Balthayzr> Couldn't afford it, with no regular gig.
Balthayzr> Bob Crane?
Ironf> yeah old freaky Crane
Balthayzr> I'm really suprised he wasn't in this, concidering the time period.
Balthayzr> But, like you said, he liked "home grown" fun.
* TheCambot jumps.
TheCambot> That helped.
Balthayzr> Crane died making one of his little "fun fests". Shame, really.
Ironf> Tripod to the back of the skull will do that

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