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Just who is the enigma known only as Pony Johnson? Will the world ever be able to crack such a sultry and sordid cover-up? Let's watch!

*** Pony (Pony@lab06.burlco.lib.nj.us) has joined #MST-HomeGame
Pony> hi ppl
Ironf> yes good hello
*** THX-1138 (RodVailwood@iras-1-88.ucdavis.edu) has joined #mst-homegame
THX-1138> Pony Johnson!
Pony> i gotta go ppl bye
*** Pony has quit IRC ((signed off))
*** Pony (Pony@lab06.burlco.lib.nj.us) has joined #MST-HomeGame
Ironf> umm, yeah?
Pony> what whos Pony Johnson?
Pony> who said Pony Johnson?
Ironf> You have twice
Pony> other than me
THX-1138> You're Pony Johnson!
Ironf> that other guy
Pony> no im not
Pony> i hate it when ppl tease me
THX-1138> You don't have to do that "it's not me" act again.
THX-1138> Yeah, yeah, we fell for it last time, Pony.
Pony> your sooo not funny
Pony> i dont know who your talking about
THX-1138> good one Mr. Johnson.
Pony> this is sooooo not funny
THX-1138> So, you see Mr. Lewis?
Pony> i dont know who u r talking about
Ironf> I'd think that if you weren't Pony Johnson, you would have left now and kept defending yourself
THX-1138> Pony! Quit playing like that.
Ironf> I do think that the Johnson doth protest too much.
*** krankor (poppo@armory-us1007.javanet.com) has joined #MST-Homegame
Pony> for your info im 14 and female and i have friends to prove it
Plumm> Pony Johnson!
THX-1138> Why do you always have to do that "I'm not Pony Johnson" act?
Ironf> welcome Krankor, how may we help you?
Pony> im not Pony Johnson and i wish to fight for my name thats y im defending it
krankor> um...
THX-1138> You want to talk about not funny, look at that "I'm not Pony Johnson" act.
Pony> its not an act
THX-1138> You keep doing it to death.
Ironf> sure it's not
THX-1138> Pony, you told us last time it was ana act.
Ironf> Krankor, you know that it's Pony Johnson, don't you
Pony> im not Pony Johnson i m a 14 almost 15 year old female from new jersey
THX-1138> That you like to say you're not Pony johnson so the cops don't get you.
Ironf> JeffIrok, can we be of service somehow?
krankor> no comment
Pony> krankor dont believe them
THX-1138> Pony Johnson's always playing games. Never serious.
Pony> i wish to keep my name clear that is why i fight for it
THX-1138> I bet that's why those detectives are after you.
krankor> Who's Pony Johnson?
THX-1138> Yes, well admit your Pony Johnson (again) and we'll just get on with it.
THX-1138> Pony is Pony johnson
Ironf> Jeff, plumm is the one that organized the write in last time. He, and HG Industries plan to start up the protest again soon
Ironf> durn
Plumm> THX, is there a new episode of Pony Johnson On The Streets tonight?
Pony> that sounds like a good show i awta go on it and prove im a girl
Pony> i came to help out with the mst3k thing and i get this
THX-1138> No, it's been pre-empted.
krankor> i'm so confused
THX-1138> Hey, we welcome your help saving MST
Pony> so dont bug me about that junk
Ironf> As I said, the actual movememt hasn't started yet, except by a few people that are more than a bit premature
Pony> i just wanna help
THX-1138> We just ask that you stop playing these "I'm not Pony" games so we can get to business.
Pony> well its true im not Pony Johnson
THX-1138> Well, if you sign up for the Save MST Survival Guide, you get a form letter that you only need to sign and send in, a bumper sticker, and an arm band.
THX-1138> See, there you go again, with the games.
Pony> how can i sign up?
THX-1138> First, we need your real name.
Pony> y?
THX-1138> Well, how can we send you the kit if we don't have the necessary information?
Pony> its Diane
THX-1138> Oh, see. Now you're really playing games.
Pony> this is sooo not right
Pony> i wish to help and i get trash talked
THX-1138> Hey, we want you to help.
THX-1138> But you need to be honest with us, Pony Johnson.
Pony> i wish to extend a helping hand and i get this
THX-1138> We know it's you, and we know about your games.
THX-1138> Just admit it, and we'll move on with the business at hand.
Pony> there r no "games"
Pony> its the truth
Pony> i will not admit to a lie
Ironf> I don't know why you must continue to play your little game Mister Johnson
THX-1138> From last time you came in here - PonyJohnson is Pony@lab06.burlco.lib.nj.us * Kromagg Assasin
Pony> ha
Pony> got ya
THX-1138> Okay, now will you admit it?
Pony> how long ago was this
Pony> ?
THX-1138> A few hours ago.
Pony> i wasnt even here a few hours ago i have logging in records to prove
THX-1138> Sure you do. And your name isn't Pony Johnson.
Pony> thanx for agreeing with me
Ironf> Yeah, but Pony Johnson always forged his logs too
THX-1138> See, you're Pony Johnson. Admit it and we can get to the important business of saving MST.
THX-1138> You're holding us back with these games.
Pony> there is a two hour time limit here so how could it be a few hours ago when i was eating a hosgie less then an hour ago
Pony> hoagie
Ironf> you probably work for scifi, don't you mister Johnson?
Pony> nope
Pony> i dont have a job until this summer at a day camp
THX-1138> Well, you were on here strutting around as Pony Johnson.
Pony> and im not mister johnson
THX-1138> you played these games then, and now you're playing them now.
Pony> i havent been here long
krankor> so long
THX-1138> So now you're saying some other Pony signed on a few hours ago? Riiiiight.
*** krankor has quit IRC ((signed off))
Pony> maybe i wouldnt know
Ironf> That's awfully coincidental
Pony> im goin somewhere else to get my info
Pony> u ppl r just too rude
*** Pony has quit IRC ((signed off))
Ironf> cough cough ray-tard cough cough
THX-1138> I mean how many Pony's come here on line to begin with? Then within a few hours? Then to have the twoPonys play the same "I'm not Pony Johnson" game.
Ironf> Who is Pony Johnson anyway?
THX-1138> Some case from Homicide.

I knew some people that played in the Pony league of baseball.