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The following HG-ULTRA scenario was a case study of the effect the UKUSA agreement and attendant ECHELON operations has had on Ozo-American relations. ULTRA operatives successfully gathered information on Austrailian attitudes toward indigenous peoples. They also implanted a Nixon complex which can be activated at a future date, probably as part of OPERATION REVERSE-FLUSH. Also, that kid in New Mexico with the Oedipal problems totally wigged out.

*** Me-f-21 (Me-f-21@ has joined #mst-homegame
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MrBooze> Ah! A bear!
*** nosferatu (dogpound@ppp174.usr232.pioneeris.net) has joined #MST-HomeGame
nosferatu> Hello nosferatu
grizzlybear> bears don't stink!
grizzlybear> at least not this bear
*** Ironf sets mode: +o Ironf
*** nosferatu (dogpound@ppp174.usr232.pioneeris.net) has left #MST-HomeGame
grizzlybear> hello! somebody want to talk to a real bear?
Plumm> nope
Ironf> hmm methinks the vamp has some previous kick experience
dungarees> We're all full up on bears
grizzlybear> i don't wanna talk to you either!
MrBooze> Bah!
Ironf> Mr. Booze is actually a drunken bear
grizzlybear> how many bears have been on?
MrBooze> four.
Ironf> It'ssss truuuueeeeeee!!!!
Me-f-21> Grizzlybear m/f?
grizzlybear> m
grizzlybear> 23
MrBooze> This chat room is located in the american northwest. There are no grizzlies here anymore.
Me-f-21> Where are you all from?
grizzlybear> new mexico
grizzlybear> that's new mexico u.s.a
Me-f-21> Cool
Plumm> I am from old mexico.
Ironf> South Central beatch
Plumm> Anyone for some gringo tacos?
grizzlybear> i'm not one of those!
Me-f-21> how about a plain meat pie????? The food of Aussies....
MrBooze> I am from Mexico Classic.
grizzlybear> you must be wasted!
Ironf> Aussies, a bunch of crooks.
*** ISN (ISN@du57.inow.com) has joined #MST-HomeGame
Me-f-21> I am not
MrBooze> Dungarees is from ancient mexico. She's cutting out someone's heart as we speak!
Ironf> All Aussies are crooks
grizzlybear> oh my god i just peed on myself!
ISN> hello all
grizzlybear> ooops!
MrBooze> You're no bear! You're some kind of lorus!
dungarees> I'm totally off hearts. Spleens is where it's at
Me-f-21> Im sweet and innocent .......Not a crook
grizzlybear> believe me i am a bear!
Plumm> You're some kind of incontinent hamster in a bear suit!
Plumm> LIAR!!! LIAR!!!!
*** ISN has quit IRC ((signed off))
Plumm> URINE!!! IT'S A KILLER!!!!
Ironf> Australia was founded by criminals, so you must be one.
grizzlybear> it won't stop!
Me-f-21> Ah but my mum isnt Australian
grizzlybear> i'm not a criminal either so you must be gay!
Ironf> Doesn't matter.
MrBooze> Dan Lungren...please whatever deities are listening, please don't let dan lungren be my next governor.
Ironf> Criminal bears, what is the world coming to?
grizzlybear> yeah I was in that coca-cola commercial
grizzlybear> lol
Plumm> who's he up against, Bear?
Plumm> he sounds horrible.
MrBooze> Unknown as yet. One of three loser democrats as yet to be determined.
grizzlybear> i can be nice!
Ironf> Umm Grizzlies aren't white.
grizzlybear> duh!
Ironf> Pepsi was the one with the grizzlies.
grizzlybear> i'm a great blackbear!
Me-f-21> I think bears are cute except for Koalas which arent even bears but all well
Ironf> Coke had the polar bears
grizzlybear> Me-f-12 your so sweet!
Me-f-21> See sweet not crook
Ironf> You would think that a thieving bear is cute.
grizzlybear> thank you!
grizzlybear> Ironf what's with you?
Ironf> Can we get some security in here?
Ironf> I just don't like crooks like the Aussies.
Me-f-21> You dont need secruity...
dungarees> I like crooks like the Aussies.
Ironf> The Germans, now there is a fine, law abiding people.
Me-f-21> IM half Welsh
Me-f-21> Doesnt that count for something
Ironf> WELSH, god lord!
grizzlybear> you're the sweet scent of rose on a cool summer morning!
Ironf> The Welsh are even more crooked than the aussies, if that is possible.
MrBooze> They're even more evil than Bruce Willis.
Me-f-21> You call Aussies crooks .....look at the state that America is in.....
grizzlybear> Me-f-21 what did you think of that?
Ironf> That's cause he is only 1/4 Welsh, Booze
MrBooze> America isn't in a state. It's on a continent. There are states in America though.
Me-f-21> About what sorry......This is my first time in here going a bit fast
Ironf> America is 50 states, not just in a state.
* grizzlybear hands Me-f-21 a rose to brighten her life!
Me-f-21> Australia is a state continet and an Island ......
Ironf> Geez learn about a place before you try to put it down.
MrBooze> Plus, we're going to annex Canada any day now, string all the French Communists up by their feet, and pelt them with rocks and old cheese.
grizzlybear> About
grizzlybear> you're the sweet scent of rose on a cool summer morning!
Me-f-21> Grizzly you are very sweet
Ironf> And a bit off to boot.
grizzlybear> hehe i'm kinda shy!
grizzlybear> j/k
Me-f-21> I would never have guessed
Ironf> you rode the small school bus, didn't you?
grizzlybear> where are you from?
MrBooze> Say, Rees, SBC, who recently bought Pac Bell, is putting in a bid to buy Ameritech now.
Me-f-21> Who?
grizzlybear> you?
* MrBooze cracks up
MrBooze> Good one, Ironf.
Me-f-21> Im from Western Australia
Ironf> land of the crooked
MrBooze> You guys tear down that wall yet?
grizzlybear> cool!
Me-f-21> What wall?
Ironf> [paul hogan>That's not a wall...this is a wall [/paul hogan>
grizzlybear> i'm in the states, southwestern new mexico!
MrBooze> There's an undeveloped lot in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco that's being put up for sale. Should go for an easy 12 million if anyone is interested.
MrBooze> You know, the great wall of Australia.
Ironf> but is Michael Keaton still living there?
MrBooze> You can see it from outer space, I'm told.
grizzlybear> lay off dillweed!
grizzlybear> treat her like you would your mother!
Me-f-21> Australia is a beautiful place....Clean air Clean Ocean LESS people
MrBooze> Bloody abos!
grizzlybear> my sister wants to go there!
grizzlybear> abos?
Me-f-21> What is wrong with Aboriginals???????????????????
grizzlybear> nothing!
* MrBooze cracks up at San Jose mayoral candidates blathering about being pro-choice, as if the San Jose mayor gets to settle the abortion issue.
grizzlybear> they're people like us!
Ironf> brb
MrBooze> They're the only non-criminals in australia.
grizzlybear> i respect all people!
grizzlybear> the're cool people too!
Me-f-21> Grizzly tell her to come if she can it's a great place
grizzlybear> i will!
Plumm> does san jose have a libertarian candidate?
MrBooze> I hear that there really are no aborignals, and that australians just draw lots every week to decide who has to paint themselves and dress up for the tourists.
MrBooze> Not that I've noticed. The mayoral race doesn't seem too partisan. I don't recall the mention of the party of any of the candidates.
Plumm> they put people up in a lot of CA races.
MrBooze> They're all basically the same person. They all claim to have the same goals, positions, plans. I'm gonna vote for my cat.
*** Me-f-21 has quit IRC ((signed off))
grizzlybear> You fucking people had to be all tough and mocho you asshole MrB.
MrBooze> I've got my mocho workin.
grizzlybear> fuck U
MrBooze> Ah, yes, the old Alma Mater
*** MrBooze sets mode: +o MrBooze
grizzlybear> MrBooze go jerk off!
*** grizzlybear was kicked by MrBooze ( kicked me a bar, when I was only three)
* MrBooze doesn't take requests
MrBooze> How adorable. He keeps sending "FUCK YOU!!!!!!" over and over again.
Ironf> [grizzlybear> Can you warn MrB to be nice or kick him off! PLEASE!

G'day, mate.