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Some people have had the displeasure or growing up without a sense of humor. To these pathetic few, there is no joy. Won't you please donate a few of your brain cells that are devoted to the decoding and understanding of humor? I'm sure if we all pitch in just a few apiece, we can help those less fortunate than ourselves.

*** Topic is 'Now Showing: Scanners: The Showdown, Sci-Fi. Or not. St. Peter and the Reaper give Siskel 2 Thumbs Up.'
*** CitizenNancy ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
CitizenNancy> oh come on whats with making fun of gene siskels death??siskel.jpg - 5.59 K
Ironf> People on this server take things way too seriously
CitizenNancy> thats really tacky
Ironf> get over it
CitizenNancy> well when you die i'll remember to make fun of you too
Ironf> I would like it that way
Balthayzr> I'll be sure to notify you when any of us die, Nancy.
Ironf> Actually I plan on cremating myself and using the ash as an ingrediant in a dish for my family and friends. Just like Michael Dorn said he was gonna do when he had that chat in here.
CitizenNancy> sheesh, i was gonna come and hang out but to make fun of someone dying, that is really haertless.
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Later at another time, in another channel

*** CitizenNancy (ButterPark@ has joined #MST-HomeGame
Ironf> Can we help you?
CitizenNancy> who, me?
Ironf> yes, you
CitizenNancy> i dont think so
THX-1138> Well, thanks for stopping by then.
CitizenNancy> am i like intruding or something? cause i'll like leave if i am
Ironf> Were you dropping in for something in particular?
Ironf> No we were just wondering if you needed something?
Ironf> Just being helpful.
CitizenNancy> i dont need anything, just thought i would see if anyone was here
CitizenNancy> a little birdie told me that people in here werent taking mst3ks cancellation seriously
THX-1138> It's not really cancelled.
Plumm> It's called "keeping your powder dry."
Plumm> look in to it
THX-1138> Did you ever write to SFC and get a response about its cancellation?genedeath.jpg - 10.89 K
Ironf> I'll be one to bet I know where that birdie roosts at.
CitizenNancy> it was in the news
THX-1138> And you believe everything in the news?
CitizenNancy> anything that isnt tabloid trash, yes
THX-1138> My friend works at Sci Fi and he said the Brains are pulling a stunt, like Art Bell did.
CitizenNancy> well your friend is a moron
CitizenNancy> isnt this the same place where that topic thing about gene siskel? two thumbs up for his death? now that was tacky
THX-1138> Riiiiiight. Well, he works at Sci Fi in the Programming department so he should know these things.
Ironf> Citizen, have you talked personally to anyone that works at Scifi, or at BBI?
CitizenNancy> your friend isnt a good source
CitizenNancy> he isnt privy to what really goes on there
THX-1138> It's part of Sci Fi's "upgrade to version 2.0"
CitizenNancy> no its not
THX-1138> Yes, and you would be privy?
Ironf> So our friends aren't a good source, but your friends are?
CitizenNancy> you are all just in denial
THX-1138> How do you know my friend isn't directly working for the new VP of production?
CitizenNancy> how would your friend know anything? maybe they told him something else to keep him looking for the truth
THX-1138> And by the way, Gene Siskel couldn't have pulled off a better death. 5 out of 5 stars if you prefer.
CitizenNancy> that is really tacky
CitizenNancy> a man died!
Plumm> Yeah, THX
Ironf> Tacky is a subjective term
Plumm> Film reviews (good ones) have a four star system
THX-1138> Yeah, sure. You watch a little too much X-Files if you're buying into conspiracies to hide "the truth"
Plumm> restaurant dining and hotels rely on the five star system.
CitizenNancy> i cannot believe you make fun of a mans death that way
THX-1138> Thousands of men die a day...women too.
Plumm> PLus, Siskel had a false start and all. I only give his death **1/2
CitizenNancy> you are all heartless!
Ironf> Nancy, it's called dealing with death with humor. Look it up
THX-1138> Well, we're not the one's who are saying MST is dead.
Plumm> That's not true. Our hearts only half two and a half chambers, though.
CitizenNancy> except for tom, who dont know what we;re talking about
CitizenNancy> you do not mock his death, that is not dealing with death with humor
Ironf> sure it is.
CitizenNancy> no it isnt
Ironf> yup
CitizenNancy> no it isnt
THX-1138> He died as he lied, with a thumb up his ass.
Ironf> certainly is
CitizenNancy> the man left a wife and a family
THX-1138> He left them with no support.
THX-1138> He's a bastard.
CitizenNancy> shut up
CitizenNancy> you dont know a goddamned thing about him
THX-1138> Do you love Siskel?
CitizenNancy> its not the point about whether you liekd him or not. even people who wouldnt have liked him would not have mocked his death like you have
Ironf> We haven't mocked.
THX-1138> Well, that's a shame.
Ironf> Mocking would be wishing it was done a different way.
CitizenNancy> rating his death, that is so cold and tacky
THX-1138> Like if I said, it would have been cool if the Statue of Liberty's thumb fell off and landed on him.
CitizenNancy> oh shut up
Plumm> Okay, maybe that would get the elusive fifth star
Ironf> I hear his tombstone is a giant thumb up
Ironf> That's very cool.
CitizenNancy> well you would all get a half a star from me
CitizenNancy> the lot of ya
*** CitizenNancy (ButterPark@ has left #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138> Yeah! We get a part of a star!
Ironf> "not bad..."
*** CitizenNancy (ButterPark@ has joined #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138> I think Ebert killed Siskel so he could keep his thumb in a jar.
CitizenNancy> siskel had a cancerous brain tumor. he had it operated on last year but he never really completely recovered.
Ironf> They say Ebert was getting pissed that Siskel was getting all the attention from the operation, so he had him offed
CitizenNancy> he didnt
THX-1138> Well, it was all for the better. When he gave Armageddon a thumbs up, it was time for him to go.
CitizenNancy> actually they gave it thumbs down
Ironf> Oh, so know you know Ebert and his motives.
CitizenNancy> if anything ebert would have gotten lots of attention
CitizenNancy> two weeks before his death siskel annoucned he was taking a six month leave of absense so he can recover
Ironf> Ebert is a slippery one. The government has been onto him for years. If you watch his reviews, he often slips in single frames of subliminal information
CitizenNancy> i watch siskel and ebert every week
Ironf> not anymore you won't
CitizenNancy> there is no subliminal information
Ironf> the idea of subliminal is that you don't know about it
THX-1138> That's because it's subliminal.
CitizenNancy> no i watch it cause i want to know the review of a certain moviue
THX-1138> I watched it after Siskel had his operation to see him slur.
THX-1138> To me, funnier than that "The Other Sister" movie.
CitizenNancy> you are just a jerk
THX-1138> Jerk. I heard that's what they found Ebert doing to Siskel's thumb at the funeral. Again, trying to get it for his collection.
CitizenNancy> no hes not!!!!!
Ironf> "The Other Sister" is hella funny THX
Ironf> four fingers up
CitizenNancy> thats it
* CitizenNancy slaps Ironf around a bit with a large sheep
THX-1138> "The Other Sister" is hillarious.
THX-1138> I love the commercials.
THX-1138> Who knew Hollywood could make such a funny film.
* CitizenNancy slaps THX-1138 around a bit with a large sheep
*** CitizenNancy (ButterPark@ has left #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138> I bet Brain Tumor Siskel would have given it a thumbs up

Then the following occurs a few days later in another chat channel.

*** CitizenNancy ( has joined #forevermst3k
THX-1138> May we be of assistance?
CitizenNancy> uh no
CitizenNancy> just curious of the topic
THX-1138> What specifically?
THX-1138> Is it the "stop" part? Or perhaps the "instead?"
*** Plumm ( has joined #forevermst3k
CitizenNancy> no, the url
THX-1138> What about it?
Ironf> ahh forgot the www. in the front
CitizenNancy> i could get the url by coming in here
THX-1138> Well, that's no problem Ironf. the www usually is understood these days.
Ironf> one hopes, but if you use that visit url function in mirc, I don't think it'll go through
CitizenNancy> i wish i could encourage more mst3k viewership in my town, except for a big problem
Ironf> you live in the high desert?
CitizenNancy> we dont get sci fi in my town
THX-1138> you can get it on satellite
CitizenNancy> but the next town over has it but we have diff cable companies
CitizenNancy> thats how i do geet it thx, a friend with a dish.
THX-1138> MAybe you should have the whole town get it
CitizenNancy> theres nothing i can do about that
THX-1138> Organize a city wide viewing.
CitizenNancy> like i said i cant do that
THX-1138> WHy not?
THX-1138> Ask the local school if you can use the gym to show an episode for the whole city.
CitizenNancy> we're a very small town
THX-1138> Even better.
THX-1138> Should be easy to get every together.
CitizenNancy> not really
THX-1138> Remember, you need to make sure as many people see the show so the ratings go up.
CitizenNancy> i said no!
CitizenNancy> i cant do that!
THX-1138> If you put an ad in the paper, or handed out flyers, people would show up.
Ironf> If you really loved Gene, you would.
CitizenNancy> ok what do fuck does "gene" have to do with this?
Ironf> Why the language?
CitizenNancy> will you leave me alone?
Ironf> This is a family server.
THX-1138> What? You don't want to save MST?
CitizenNancy> this may be a famuily channel why did you bring a dead man into this discussion?
Ironf> Gene Hammond is the co-producer. You don't want him to keep his job?
CitizenNancy> why didnt you say gene hammond? i had no idea who you meant!
THX-1138> Damn. And you start swearing at us when you don't know what we are talking about?
CitizenNancy> like i said, there isnt a thing i can do about it, ok?
THX-1138> Okay, just give up. I'm sure they show will appreciate it.
Ironf> I think you need to apologize for such language.
THX-1138> I'm sure it's perfectly okay to complain about the cancellation of MST, but not to do anything to save it.
CitizenNancy> im sorry for the language
CitizenNancy> do you see me complaining?
THX-1138> Oh, so you don't care if it goes off the air?
CitizenNancy> i'll miss it, i'
CitizenNancy> ll miss it lot.
Ironf> I hear Sampo and et all have given the 1001 ep a thumbs up. Seems the bots have a flashback and Mike gets caught in it's waves. That's how he meets Joel.
THX-1138> And the orgy begins
Ironf> aheh
CitizenNancy> orgy?
THX-1138> And you know, I'm gald they give it a thumbs up, because they're opinions mean so much to me.
THX-1138> Perhaps they can stick their thumbs up their asses next time.
CitizenNancy> oy
Ironf> Is that a Jewish remark, because I don't take kindly to it.
CitizenNancy> i didnt say it to be offense
Ironf> you need to watch your words because things can be taken many different ways
CitizenNancy> there are 6,400 people in my town, many of them too young to watch the show a lot of them too old to care and the rest have either never seen it or didnt like if they had seen it. like i said theres nothing i can do, i know noone else who watches the show.
Plumm> Do you know the mayor?
CitizenNancy> we dont have a mayor
THX-1138> Maybe you should move.
CitizenNancy> we have a town manager
Plumm> Maybe you ccan get him to proclaim MST day and give the Brains a key to the city
Ironf> you should have him manage to get everyone to watch MST
Plumm> the town manager then. sounds like you know him pretty well.
Plumm> actually, we should start a movement to try and get every city and town to declare MST days
CitizenNancy> small towns have a manager, big towns have a mayor
CitizenNancy> besides, he has more important things to do right now.
Ironf> Like run coke for Bill Clinton
CitizenNancy> nope
Ironf> prostitutes for foreign dignataries?
CitizenNancy> no
THX-1138> Sex for Guns?
CitizenNancy> no
THX-1138> Sex for sex?
CitizenNancy> we cant even organize a rinky dinky high school reunion, what makes you think people will turn out in droves to watch a tv show? no offense
THX-1138> If it's free, they will come.
CitizenNancy> town meetings are free, and a handful show up there
THX-1138> Good, that's a start.
THX-1138> A handful can snowball
Ironf> towm meetings aren't usually entertaining
CitizenNancy> besides, id have to get copyright permission to show it in a big crowd
THX-1138> Not really.
THX-1138> The MST Convention showed episodes to the crowd and they don't have rights to the movies anymore
CitizenNancy> id have to get permission if we had a local tv station run it
Ironf> I'm sure time shift laws would allow it
THX-1138> Yes, but don't go to the local TV station
THX-1138> If you do it yourself, it's fine.
CitizenNancy> we have a local tv station here
THX-1138> Do they show porn?
CitizenNancy> like the type best brains came from
CitizenNancy> no
CitizenNancy> they show like town meetings and local events and stuff
CitizenNancy> once in a while they will show homemade movies
CitizenNancy> im sorta inspired now
THX-1138> Then show it.
Ironf> please mention us in your press releases
THX-1138> If 50 new people see it, that makes a difference.
THX-1138> And try and raise money for the ad campaign.
CitizenNancy> press release?
THX-1138> You know the thing you give to the press.
CitizenNancy> i know, i mean why would i do a press release?
Ironf> well the people need to find out you are showing it don't they. They all aren't psychic
Ironf> Or are they?
CitizenNancy> they have print ads on the tv screen. sort of a moving bulletin board
CitizenNancy> i dont know if i will even do this
CitizenNancy> it took us years to even get fox in our town you know :P
CitizenNancy> it wouldnt even work, id have to be a member of the station and mine expired years ago. you cant anything on tv and not be a member. im not making up excuses by the way
Ironf> go through another member
CitizenNancy> no one was talking i thought id become the room pariah or something
CitizenNancy> how come you arent encouraging other people in here to do it
CitizenNancy> dont we have to be one of those neilson people to make a ratings differance?
Ironf> not always
CitizenNancy> i thought you had to be
Ironf> They do things a bit differently than they did a few years ago. Progress
CitizenNancy> eh ok
THX-1138> If you want, you can knock on everyone's door to see if they are a Neilsen family to make sure
CitizenNancy> ok i talked to my source at the station
*** DarkMaiden ( has joined #forevermst3k
CitizenNancy> id have to have permission from the producer
Ironf> fire off an e-mail
CitizenNancy> to whom?
* CitizenNancy also says dont mind her, shes trolling ebay for dawsons creek stuff
Ironf> barb, she'll ask Jim
CitizenNancy> say i dont know he email
CitizenNancy> which i dont
THX-1138> I heard Dawson's Creek was a haven for pedophiles
Ironf> check satnews
CitizenNancy> you've heard which means youve never seen the show
THX-1138> I don't watch it because I hear peodphiles love it
CitizenNancy> if pedophiles watched walker would you watch it?
THX-1138> No. I don't watch Walker Texas Ranger to begin with. I definitely won't watch it if peds watch it
CitizenNancy> are you certain peodphiles watch dawson creek?
THX-1138> No I am not a pedophile and I don't watch Dawson's Creek
CitizenNancy> so youre not a pedo, but how do you know pedophiles watch dawsons creek?
Ironf> brb
DarkMaiden> hmmm got quiet in here
THX-1138> Discussions of the how Dawson's Creek is loved by pedophiles will do that.
CitizenNancy> theres no proof pedophiles watch dawsons creek
DarkMaiden> Dawson Creek? never saw it
DarkMaiden> what is it about?
THX-1138> I haven't seen it either.
CitizenNancy> coming of age thing, but most of the teens are played by people 20 or younger
DarkMaiden> and so ppl 20 and over dont watch it right?
THX-1138> Basically your usual TV crap.
CitizenNancy> ok, you havent seen it but you thikn its crap?
CitizenNancy> its just me but i try not to judge a show till ive seen it at least once
THX-1138> Sure sounds like it.
Ironf> I can tell a turd from smell alone, I don't neccessarily need to see it.
THX-1138> I'm sure I've seen it as a different show. Sounds very derivative.
CitizenNancy> ally mcbeal, now thats crap
THX-1138> That ripped of Dream On.
THX-1138> But you're just changing the subject now.
CitizenNancy> no im not
THX-1138> Dawson's = 90210 + Saved by the Bell + monkey fecal matter.
DarkMaiden> hehe
CitizenNancy> whatever
THX-1138> Then it's true.
CitizenNancy> meaning i stopped caring two minutes ago what you think
THX-1138> How many posters of James Van der beak do you have?
CitizenNancy> actually dawsons not my fave character
THX-1138> As many as you have of the Backstreet Boyz?
CitizenNancy> no bsb posters
THX-1138> Oh, you like the girls on the show.
CitizenNancy> i like pacey
THX-1138> Ah, the fat one.
CitizenNancy> no, the tall one
THX-1138> Well, he's pudgy.
CitizenNancy> hes not pudgy
CitizenNancy> hes 6'2
THX-1138> Much like the Pillsbury Dough boy, or Stay-Puft Marshmallow man
CitizenNancy> no hes not you moron
THX-1138> I've seen him on TV Guide, he's a lot larger than the Van der beak guy
CitizenNancy> besides, dawsons creek poster would get in the way of my other fave
THX-1138> N Sync?
CitizenNancy> hes taller than van der beek. not wider
CitizenNancy> not an n sync fan
THX-1138> He's taller cause he wears highteners.
CitizenNancy> hes 6'2
THX-1138> And he looks thinner because he has a girdle.
Ironf> I bet you're a Jive Aces fan.

THX-1138> I read that in Teen Beat.
CitizenNancy> youre a jerk you know that?
CitizenNancy> whats jive aces?
Ironf> hip new band
CitizenNancy> ive never heard of it
THX-1138> I'm a jerk because I think Pacey is fat and Dawson's Creek is money crap?
THX-1138> monkey
CitizenNancy> why do you say pacey is fat?
CitizenNancy> when that is not the case?
THX-1138> I saw a photo of him. He's the pudgy sidekick. He can't look better than the "hero"
Ironf> THX is such a poser.
CitizenNancy> im not gonna tell you who i actually do like, love even, but youd find a way to rip into him too
DarkMaiden> LOL
THX-1138> We all know you love KC and Jojo.
CitizenNancy> nope
DarkMaiden> ewwww
DarkMaiden> I like Frankie Bones
CitizenNancy> one of the Friends
THX-1138> The gay one?
DarkMaiden> no hes a DJ he spins techno
CitizenNancy> theres no gay one
THX-1138> Yes there is.
CitizenNancy> no there isnt
DarkMaiden> I have never watched friends either
THX-1138> The one who starred in that monkey movie, Ed is homo.
DarkMaiden> hehe
CitizenNancy> leblanc is getting married
THX-1138> It's a Hollywood marriage
Ironf> to a man
CitizenNancy> to someone named melissa with two kids
THX-1138> See, she already has kids.
Ironf> Mel
THX-1138> That way he can be gay.
Ironf> a man
CitizenNancy> kids from a previous marriage you dope
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
DarkMaiden> what wrong with already having kids THX??
CitizenNancy> and you have no proof he is
THX-1138> I know that. That way they can get married and he doesn't have to have kids with her because he's gay.
THX-1138> They already have kids so it will look like he's not really gay.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
DarkMaiden> Hey your not ansering me
Ironf> He just did.
THX-1138> If she already had kids, then she is "used"
CitizenNancy> no she isnt
THX-1138> Yeah she is.
CitizenNancy> besides leblanc isnt the one i like anywa
CitizenNancy> y
DarkMaiden> Oh thanks THX
DarkMaiden> I appreiciate that
DarkMaiden> >:(
THX-1138> All I am saying is that if her husband didn't die, but they got a divorce, she's used.
THX-1138> If not, then it's okay.
CitizenNancy> darkmaiden, how are you offended by what thx said? im just asking. i dont want to be the only one mad at him
DarkMaiden> I am a single mother
CitizenNancy> i understand
THX-1138> But you're not "used" are you?
DarkMaiden> Its nor easy to raise your kid by yourself
DarkMaiden> I have a child and Im not married so am I?
CitizenNancy> youre not used if you have a kid
THX-1138> Did you get a divorce?
DarkMaiden> no I was never married
CitizenNancy> it doesnt matter if she got a divorce or not, shes not used nor is this girl thats marrying "joey"
DarkMaiden> I was engaged
THX-1138> Then you're not technically "used"
DarkMaiden> thank you I think the technically still bothers me though
THX-1138> Although it's quite disturbing that you had a bastard child.
CitizenNancy> id ignore thx, hes just using a big attitude to hide he doesnt know squat
CitizenNancy> thx, you crossed the lien tehre dude
THX-1138> I know quite a bit, Miss Dawson's Creek
CitizenNancy> im not dawsons no 1 fan.
THX-1138> Crossed what line? That's the truth, right?
CitizenNancy> no it isnt
CitizenNancy> i think you owe her an apology
THX-1138> How do you apologize over the truth?
DarkMaiden> I was engaged THX and he told me to get an abbortion
CitizenNancy> her son is not a bastard child cause the father decided he wanted no part of the mother or it
DarkMaiden> I refused and we didnt get married
THX-1138> And the point being?
DarkMaiden> he has never even seen my child
DarkMaiden> well the bastard child its not his or my fault
Plumm> "bastard" isn't a pejorative term unless you want it to be.
THX-1138> Good. But it seems that Nancy doesn't understand the meaning of bastard
CitizenNancy> i do
CitizenNancy> i was wondering the same about you thx
CitizenNancy> you seem to know so much about whats right and wrong.
THX-1138> What is your definition of "bastard?"
Plumm> well you two enjoy yourselves
CitizenNancy> my definition of bastard? :thx looks in the mirror
Plumm> good night
*** Plumm has quit IRC ((signed off))
THX-1138> That's soooo funny. Shows you don't know the definition
CitizenNancy> it shows im looking at it
THX-1138> Tell me what it is then?
THX-1138> We can't have people running around with the wrong idea of what a bastard is
CitizenNancy> why dont you tell me? we'll compare and contrast
THX-1138> See, you have nooooo idea what it means.
CitizenNancy> i know what it means
THX-1138> I used it because I know what it means. You're the one who's challenging my use of it, so it's up to you to defend your challenge.
DarkMaiden> a child with out a father
THX-1138> Noooo. That's impossible.
DarkMaiden> you know what I mean THX
DarkMaiden> ;)
THX-1138> Does Nancy though?
THX-1138> I don't think she does.
THX-1138> She seems quite uneducated, as though she spends too much time watching Dawson's Creek
DarkMaiden> dont be so literal
CitizenNancy> i've only seen about a month of dawsons creek - four episodes
THX-1138> I want to make sure she understands. We can't have her running around with the wrong idea of a bastard. That causes problems.
THX-1138> Yes, don't change the topic to cover your illiteracy.
CitizenNancy> i dont hve the wrong idea of a bastard
THX-1138> Then tell us what your definition is
THX-1138> And why I am wrong
CitizenNancy> what you were wrong in saying is that a woman is used when they have a kid.
THX-1138> Noooo, you said I should apologize for being wrong because I said Maiden had a bastard child.
CitizenNancy> and that matt leblanc is gay cause he is marrying a woman with kids
Ironf> actually he didn't say that he was gay BECAUSE he was marrying her.
THX-1138> Look, Nancy. Just to do my part and help the idiot youth of America, I will tell you a "bastard" is a child born out of wedlock. Since Maiden did not get married and was not married when her child was born, by definition he is a bastard.
THX-1138> Since I was using the strictist denotation and not the words connotative sense, I was correct. You are in error and should apologize to me for implying that I was wrong.
CitizenNancy> i never implied you were wrong
THX-1138> Yes you did. By saying I should apologize.
CitizenNancy> ok im sorry
THX-1138> An apology implies someone was in error.
THX-1138> Sorry for what?
CitizenNancy> you know what i mean
CitizenNancy> THX-1138> See, she already has kids.
CitizenNancy> Ironf> Mel
CitizenNancy> THX-1138> That way he can be gay.
THX-1138> Yes, she has kids and that means he can continue his gay lifestyle.
THX-1138> It's called a "beard"
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
DarkMaiden> a cover
THX-1138> And you know this how?
THX-1138> Did you sleep with him?
CitizenNancy> he is not gay, there is now proof that you can show me that tells he is gay
THX-1138> So you'r closed minded.
THX-1138> Are you homophobic?
THX-1138> Do you deny the homosexual lifestyle?
CitizenNancy> im not homophobic
THX-1138> Gay people have every right to live in our society.
CitizenNancy> what i DO hate is people going around pointing out people who are not gay
DarkMaiden> THX are you homophobic?
THX-1138> You must be homophobic because you said there is no proof I can show that will tell you he is gay. You're strong denial of accepting his homosexuality shows you are homophobic.
THX-1138> No. I'm not homophobic.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
CitizenNancy> what tells you he is gay? eh? nothing?
THX-1138> I am not homophobic and I have a gay friend who said he had a "relation" with him.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay, your friend is a liar
THX-1138> Suuure. Just blame my friend. Your denial displays your homophobicness
CitizenNancy> he isnt gay
THX-1138> Riiight. I totally believe you because you live in a small, town far away from Hollywood.
DarkMaiden> hehe
CitizenNancy> its a fact that hes not gay
THX-1138> you're clearly in the center of Hollywood gossip and fact.
THX-1138> Then he's at least bu-sexual.
THX-1138> bi
CitizenNancy> hes not bi sexual
THX-1138> Again, I totally believe you because you have a direct line to his house.
CitizenNancy> why do you keep insisting im wrong?
THX-1138> Why do you keep insisting I'm wrong
THX-1138> ?
CitizenNancy> cause you are
THX-1138> You haven't given me any proof.
CitizenNancy> he is marrying melissa mcknight
CitizenNancy> she is a model
THX-1138> So?
THX-1138> Oh, so she's a trophy wife to show even more that he's not gay.
CitizenNancy> they are totally in love with each other. he got her this amazing engagement ring
CitizenNancy> hes not gay!
THX-1138> Again, that could be something their publicists arranged.
THX-1138> They're are in love? And you know this how?
CitizenNancy> no its now
CitizenNancy> I saw them together.
THX-1138> He's an actor, you don't think he can act like he's in love?
CitizenNancy> he is not gay you bloody moron
THX-1138> That's what you keep saying. You have no evidence though to prove otherwise.
CitizenNancy> you have no evidence either
THX-1138> My friend is my evidence.
CitizenNancy> he could be lying
THX-1138> Also LeBlanks actions back up what my friend says
CitizenNancy> whats that supposed to mean?
THX-1138> Yes, he;s lying that slept with LeBlank. That's great.
CitizenNancy> you cant neven spell right
THX-1138> My friend tells me he is gay, and everything LeBlank has done shows me he is gay.
THX-1138> "neven"
THX-1138> "cant"
CitizenNancy> teh name is LeBlanc
THX-1138> who cares. He's a loser anyway.
THX-1138> Good move with Ed there loser.
THX-1138> "A movie with a baseball playing monkey?! That's a genius script!"
CitizenNancy> you still havent told me what "everythink leblank has done shows me he is gay" means
Ironf> That's really mean. Calling that a movie insults all other movies.
THX-1138> His fake wife who already comes with kids (it's like buying a furnished home).
CitizenNancy> no its not
CitizenNancy> she had two kids from another wedding
DarkMaiden> lol
CitizenNancy> marriage
THX-1138> Exactly.
THX-1138> She had kids already so he doesn't have to have sex with a woman and make his own.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay, when will you admit you're wrong?
THX-1138> When you admit you're wrong.
Ironf> THX I think you should apologize....for calling Ed a "movie"
CitizenNancy> i didnt liek ed either
THX-1138> And we know that you are totally capable of being wrong, as you were when you didn't know the correct definition of bastard.
THX-1138> Ed was a movie. It wasn't a film.
CitizenNancy> i know the correct definition of bastard
THX-1138> No you didn't.
DarkMaiden> here we go again
THX-1138> You apologized which shows you were wrong.
CitizenNancy> no, im said im sorry, you took it to mean i was wrong
Ironf> Didn't either Siskel or Ebert actually give it a thumb up or something?
THX-1138> You don't apologize unless you are wrong.
DarkMaiden> lets drop the bastard subject ppl
CitizenNancy> they gave it thumbs down, way down
THX-1138> Siskel probably gave it a thumbs up.
THX-1138> He likes thosetype of movies.
CitizenNancy> they really gave a bad review on it
CitizenNancy> it was on their top ten worst for that year.
THX-1138> That probably turned LeBlank gay.
CitizenNancy> no it didnt
CitizenNancy> you know why?
CitizenNancy> cause hes not gay
THX-1138> you're right. He was probably gay to begin with
CitizenNancy> will you stop this bologna?? hes not gay
THX-1138> you just keep telling yourself that
Ironf> I hear he likes the rear.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay! its the truth!!!!
THX-1138> Maybe the magic faries will cure him.
CitizenNancy> youre just doing this to make me mad
CitizenNancy> you didnt even spell fairies right
DarkMaiden> ****Sprinkle*** (faire dust)
CitizenNancy> so it means you dont believe a word your saying
THX-1138> No, if I wanted to make you mad I'd say Ross and Chandler were caught in a bathroom having butt sex.
THX-1138> But that's something for the tabloids.
CitizenNancy> oh no, chandler has monica to do that with now
THX-1138> You're right. I'm sure Ross will have to find someone else.
CitizenNancy> besides, what if i told you my name isnt nancy
THX-1138> It's Bill isn't it?
THX-1138> You like to pretend you are a little girl on the internet
Ironf> I have it on good authoritah that thx-1138 isn't his name.
CitizenNancy> its melissas actually
CitizenNancy> kidding
CitizenNancy> you think im a little girl?
THX-1138> Melissas. That's a screwed up name.
THX-1138> Yes, Miss Dawson's Creek
CitizenNancy> dont call me dawsons creek
CitizenNancy> im actually 22 years old
THX-1138> Then you're sad.
CitizenNancy> acutally theres nothing better on at that hour
CitizenNancy> im not a "obsessed fan"
THX-1138> Maybe you should read a book during that hour.
THX-1138> I find watching a dog chew its leg off better at that hour.
CitizenNancy> whatever, thts your thing, you watching your dog chew his leg off thinking, boy ik wish matt leblanc was gay, then we can get it on!
THX-1138> So you're homophobic? Making gay jokes.
THX-1138> That's disgusting.
CitizenNancy> im not homophobic
CitizenNancy> and leblanc is not gay
THX-1138> You made a gay joke.
CitizenNancy> no i didnt make a joke
THX-1138> You just did.
CitizenNancy> no i didnt
CitizenNancy> i was hoping to insult you
THX-1138> And by doing so, you make a joke of the gay lifestyle.
THX-1138> You imply being gay is bad.
CitizenNancy> no i am not
CitizenNancy> implying that you are wrong accusing a straight man of being gay
THX-1138> You said that to insult me. And the only insulting thing that could insult me if I weren't a homophobe like you is the part about me wanting to get it on with LeBlank.
CitizenNancy> i am not a homophobe
THX-1138> You made the joke.
CitizenNancy> i didnt make a joke
THX-1138> "boy ik wish matt leblanc was gay, then we can get it on!"
THX-1138> That's supposed to insult me?
CitizenNancy> you have yet to say what you mean by "everything LeBlank has done shows me he is gay."
THX-1138> It would insult someone who doesn't want to be associated with gay people, a homophobe.
THX-1138> His fake wife.
CitizenNancy> it is not a fake wife
THX-1138> How do you know?
CitizenNancy> im not a fake wife
THX-1138> No, you're a homophobe
CitizenNancy> im not a homophobe
DarkMaiden> going to bed guys goodnight
CitizenNancy> leblanc is not gay, you hve no proof
THX-1138> Just tell yourself that.
THX-1138> My friend is my proof.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
*** DarkMaiden has quit IRC ((signed off))
CitizenNancy> friends tell each other stories all the time, how many of them are true?
THX-1138> Sure. You just think that.
CitizenNancy> i want to meet your friend
THX-1138> Okay, go to LA.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
THX-1138> His name is Jonah Falcon.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
THX-1138> You can think that and you'll be wrong. But that's okay because you are used to being wrong.
CitizenNancy> i am not wrong, and he is not gay
THX-1138> You just keep saying that.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
THX-1138> Keep on saying it.
CitizenNancy> would you be any different if melissa was childless?
THX-1138> Yes.
THX-1138> Because then it would be less obvious he was gay.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay just cause he has found a lovely woman who has kids from another marriage!!!!!!!!
THX-1138> Riiiight.
THX-1138> I mean you can believe whatever you want.
CitizenNancy> it has nothing to do with that
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
THX-1138> Again, believe what you want.
THX-1138> I mean people thought the earth was flat.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
THX-1138> And the earth is the center of the solar system
CitizenNancy> he is not gay :(
THX-1138> If you say so...but Josh Jackson is totally homo.
CitizenNancy> hes not gay either
CitizenNancy> but you know what?
CitizenNancy> i dont care what you think anymore
THX-1138> He's not exclusively gay. He just likes to give oral sex to men
CitizenNancy> cause youre just a tiny tiny man with no life, who prefers to pick on other people who ultimatley mean nothing to him
THX-1138> Yes, and if that's true, LeBlank is gay.
CitizenNancy> leblanc is not gay
THX-1138> Then that means that statement you made about me is not true.
CitizenNancy> besides your putrid claim about fake wives and a "Friend" you have no proof
THX-1138> Neither do you.
CitizenNancy> ok, if i agree youre not a tiny tiny man, you will admit that leblanc is not gay
THX-1138> Yes, you must admit that I am a huge, powerful, omnipotent man a fabulous jet-setting Fortune 500 lifestyle who is in the know of everything and is incapable of error.
CitizenNancy> ok you aream a huge, powerful, omnipotent man a fabulous jet-setting Fortune 500 lifestyle who is in the know of everything and is incapable of error. now will you admit that matt leblanc is not gay?
THX-1138> No, no, no. I am a huge powerful, omnipotent man with a fabulous jet-setting Fortune 500 lifestyle who is in the know of everything and is incapable of error.
CitizenNancy> hey, how do you keep a moron in suspense?
Ironf> We'll tell you tomorrow
THX-1138> Name her Nancy Boardman
CitizenNancy> thats not my name
THX-1138> And LeBlank is gay.
Ironf> He didn't say it was
CitizenNancy> i just put that there cause its so droll and believable
CitizenNancy> my name is actually melissa
THX-1138> Yes, and LeBlank is gay.
CitizenNancy> melissa mcknight
Ironf> of the clan McKnight
THX-1138> Yes, and LeBlank is gay.
CitizenNancy> and id appreciate you not badmouthing my fiancee' anymore
THX-1138> I'm not badmouthing him. I telling the truth.
THX-1138> I hear he badmouths other guys though.
CitizenNancy> its a lie
Ironf> So you're the beard?
CitizenNancy> im not the beard
Ironf> but you admit that there is one finally.
CitizenNancy> he happens to love me very much, and he loves my children.
THX-1138> Are you afraid of catching "gay diseases"
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
THX-1138> But he likes guys.
CitizenNancy> he doesnt like guys, not in that way
THX-1138> Not in what way? The best friend way? That means he likes them as lovers then.
CitizenNancy> my friend nancy called me and i came over. i cannot believe there is a man saying the love of my life is a homosexual
CitizenNancy> i said "not in that way" meaning he does not favor men lovers over female lovers
THX-1138> I will believe you are melissa mcknight if you believe LeBlank is gay.
CitizenNancy> he is not gay
THX-1138> And you're not Melissa McKnight.
CitizenNancy> why are you doing this to nancy? she is ready to commit suicide over this
THX-1138> Good.
THX-1138> We can do with one less homophobe
CitizenNancy> i cant believe you said taht
CitizenNancy> I'm not a homophobe!!
THX-1138> But you don't like gay peopke
CitizenNancy> a homophobe hates gays
CitizenNancy> i dont hate gays
THX-1138> So you love them?
CitizenNancy> but you are wrong in saying matt leblanc is gay
THX-1138> No, he is gay. My friend had a relationship with him
CitizenNancy> and your friend is not here
CitizenNancy> how convienant
Ironf> Niether is Gay Joey.
CitizenNancy> HES NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!
Ironf> afk
*** THX-1138 changes topic to ''Stop sending letters! Watch instead. Matt LeBlanc is so homo.'
THX-1138> He's bi-sexual then
CitizenNancy> hes not gay or bisexual
CitizenNancy> why are you doing this to me?
THX-1138> I'm not doing anything
CitizenNancy> yes you are!!!
THX-1138> What?
CitizenNancy> lying! then lying about lying and oh so many damn lies!!
THX-1138> What am I doing to you?
THX-1138> You say I'm lying. But you could be lying too.
CitizenNancy> i am not lying
CitizenNancy> i am telling the truth
CitizenNancy> matthew leblanc is not gay
THX-1138> Oh, look who's here. Matt LeBlanc.
THX-1138> Hello.
THX-1138> I hear you are fans.
CitizenNancy> im not believing you for a second
CitizenNancy> matt leblanc was at the screen actor guild awards tonight.
THX-1138> That's not my Missy. She's here with me.
THX-1138> I went to the SAG awards and came back.
CitizenNancy> he went to the after party
THX-1138> I'm here at my friend's house now.
CitizenNancy> you know nothing
THX-1138> The after party was boring.
THX-1138> So you guys like my work?
CitizenNancy> stop it!
THX-1138> I like to meet my fans.
CitizenNancy> leblanc doesnt have irc
THX-1138> I do have it. But I am at my friend's house using his.
CitizenNancy> stop it!
THX-1138> MAtt, they don't believe me when I tell them you had relations with Jonah.
THX-1138> Oh, it's true. Jonah is cool.
CitizenNancy> THX will you stop talking to yourself? its pathetic
THX-1138> I'm not talking to myself Mellisa McKnight.
THX-1138> It's Melissa actually.
THX-1138> Sorry, Matt.
THX-1138> but she likes to be called Missy.
CitizenNancy> stop it!!!
THX-1138> It's cool because I like to say, Hey Missy, come over here.
THX-1138> It sounds funny.
THX-1138> Tell them about Jonah, Matt.
THX-1138> Um, okay. I met Jonah at a gay nightclub called the Man Hole.
THX-1138> We hit it off after a few minutes.
THX-1138> And we talked and had drinks. Then we went back to my place.
THX-1138> I don't want to go into detail.
THX-1138> It's okay, you don't have too.
CitizenNancy> cause there is no detail
CitizenNancy> only if you are matt, then what award did you and perry present at the SAG awards?
THX-1138> I don't want to go into detail because it's not appropriate. We shared an intimate moment together.
THX-1138> I don't think that should be broadcast.
THX-1138> How would you like it if I asked you for all the details of your sex life?
Ironf> Ok, back. I just got off the other phone with Jm J. Bullock and he says that LeBlank is gay and he knows cause they used to do each other when Matt had the day off from shooting.
THX-1138> Oh you talked to Jim?
THX-1138> Tell him I say hi next time.
CitizenNancy> stop it!!!!!
Ironf> yes, He's quite the chatterbox.
THX-1138> Maybe ha can stop over for dinner.
CitizenNancy> stop please
Ironf> Sounded like he has his mouth kinda full already,
Ironf> if you know what I mean.
CitizenNancy> stop
THX-1138> Well, I haven't seen him in a long time.
THX-1138> I'd like to see how he is doing.
CitizenNancy> Rod Vailwood
THX-1138> Yeah, that's my friend.
THX-1138> You want something, Nancy?
Ironf> Ahhh Georgie Carlin comedy hour on HBO2
CitizenNancy> Rod Vailwood
THX-1138> Yes?
CitizenNancy> i know where you live
CitizenNancy> and i know your friend
Ironf> And I know Matt LeBlank is gay.
CitizenNancy> no you dont
THX-1138> I'm not really gay.
THX-1138> I'm more bi-sexual.
CitizenNancy> you are not leblanc
THX-1138> yes I am. Don't tell me who I am.
THX-1138> What kind of fan are you?
CitizenNancy> if you are leblanc tell me what award you handed out on the screen actors guild awards
THX-1138> My friend tells me you were pretending to be my wife.
CitizenNancy> if you are leblanc tell me what award you handed out on the screen actors guild awards
THX-1138> I just read what's on the teleprompter.
THX-1138> Dramatic Actos
THX-1138> r
Ironf> Here's a hint, Matt's not all that smart.
THX-1138> Heeeey.
CitizenNancy> stop it!
THX-1138> Who are you to say that?
CitizenNancy> what award did you give out
Ironf> this is actually Jm J. Bullock
THX-1138> I told you I read what's on the promptor. Dramatic Actor
Ironf> bend over
*** borgy ( has joined #forevermst3k
THX-1138> That's not you Jim.
borgy> hi
CitizenNancy> ha! your wrong
THX-1138> If that's you Jim, where did we spend the night?
CitizenNancy> they handed out best dramatic ACTRESS
Ironf> Locked like lovers on the fire escape.
THX-1138> I don't know. I just read what's on the prompt.
THX-1138> And the award is called "The Actor"
CitizenNancy> borgy, you have walked into the "Matt leblanc is/is not gay" argument
THX-1138> If you worked in Hollywood, you would know.
CitizenNancy> i know he isnt gay
CitizenNancy> i know its called the "actor" but the catergory was for best actress in a drama
THX-1138> SAG award is called "The Actor" I gave out the Best Dramatic Actor.
borgy> who are you talking about a actor?
CitizenNancy> actress - in a tv drama
THX-1138> No, it's the Best Female Actor in a drama.
THX-1138> You're obviously not in the biz.
CitizenNancy> it was not female actor - actress
CitizenNancy> borgy - thx thinks matt leblanc -joey on friends - is gay
Please notice that CitizenNancy = PaceysGirl. I know we did.

*** PaceysGirl ( has joined #forevermst3k
THX-1138> I heard PAcey on Dawson's Creek was fat.
PaceysGirl> actually pacey is the nickname for my boyfriend.
THX-1138> Is he fat too?
THX-1138> Does he wear a girdle?
PaceysGirl> the names got nothing to do with the show
THX-1138> Yes, but does he use a girdle?
PaceysGirl> he just paces alot, so i said "Hey pacey, stop it or youwill wear a rut in the floor"
THX-1138> Why does he pace? Is he worried about his waistline?
PaceysGirl> no he paces when he thinks
THX-1138> Thinking about his waistline?
PaceysGirl> no
THX-1138> About what?
PaceysGirl> why should i tell you?
THX-1138> You don't have to. I'll just keep believing he thinks about his waistline
PaceysGirl> what does his waistline have to do with anything?
THX-1138> I don't know. You seem to be worried about it though.
PaceysGirl> actually you are. you keep asking about it
PaceysGirl> he weighs 98 pounds
THX-1138> Well I mentioned his waistline, but you seem preoccupied with his waistline as it is.
THX-1138> PaceysGirl> what does his waistline have to do with anything?
THX-1138> Seems like you don't want to bring it up because it shames you or something
PaceysGirl> you brought it up first
THX-1138> I know I did, but your reply seems to indicate you are preoccupied with it.
PaceysGirl> im not
PaceysGirl> can we drop it?
THX-1138> 98 pounds? Is he anorexic? Ally McBeal weighs more.
PaceysGirl> i said that so you can lay off of him
THX-1138> He's like a toothpick.
PaceysGirl> i lied ok?
THX-1138> Because you are ashamed of his weight?
PaceysGirl> no so you would leave him alone
THX-1138> Because it's easy to make fun of him?
PaceysGirl> leave him alone
THX-1138> I'm not touching him
THX-1138> I'm just saying you have a problem with his weight.
PaceysGirl> i dont have aproblem with his weight!
THX-1138> Then why did you lie to me about his real weight?
THX-1138> Because you are ashamed.
PaceysGirl> FUCK YOU
THX-1138> Hey now.
*** PaceysGirl ( has left #forevermst3k
THX-1138> There's no need for that
Ironf> heh
THX-1138> What is wrong with people?
THX-1138> I ask a simple question...
*** THX-3000 ( has joined #forevermst3k
Ironf> So is he still fat?
THX-1138> Oooo, that is so witty.
THX-3000> whos far?
THX-3000> fat
Ironf> figure it out.
THX-3000> figure what out? im not the only srneter on the chat line tonight
THX-1138> Sure then.
Ironf> same dialup. Tell the boyfriend to put down the pie.
THX-3000> my boyfriend is not fat
THX-3000> # Appears as REBECCA
THX-1138> Where's ARMONDO!
Ironf> and get off mschat too.
*** Pacey Is HUGE ( has joined #forevermst3k
THX-1138> Hey look it's PAcey!
*** THX-3000 ( has left #forevermst3k
Ironf> could have registered mirc, but the boyfriend bought ice cream with the money
*** THX-1138 sets mode: +o THX-1138
Ironf> I really liked
Ironf> Ironf> same dialup. Tell the boyfriend to put down the pie.
Ironf> THX-3000> my boyfriend is not fat
THX-1138> 0/~Put down the pie
THX-1138> And pick up the phone
*** THX-3000 ( has joined #forevermst3k
Ironf> Did he run out of ice cream and you had to run and get more?
*** THX-1138 changes topic to 'Stop sending letters! Watch instead. Pacey is HUUUUGE!'
THX-3000> why are you so cruel?
Pacey Is HUGE> Hey babe.
Ironf> like a planetoid.
THX-1138> He's got his own gravity field
* THX-3000 cries
Pacey Is HUGE> I'm gonna get more pork fat. Want any? No? Okay. bbl.
*** Pacey Is HUGE has quit IRC ((signed off))
Ironf> If you cried gravy, he'd be with you forever.
THX-3000> why are you so mean?
THX-1138> We're not being mean.
THX-3000> yes you are
THX-1138> You just won't tell us why you lied about his weight.
THX-3000> i lied so you would change the subject
Ironf> Is he house-ridden?
THX-1138> Why don't you want us talking about his weight?
THX-3000> because its none of your business
THX-1138> Honestly, is he fat?
THX-3000> no
THX-1138> Then why do you care?
Ironf> I bet he wears tight anime shirts though.
THX-3000> why do YOU care?
THX-1138> I mean if he was actually fat and we made fun of him, I could see why you might be upset.
THX-1138> But if he's not some huge gravy hog, then you have nothing to be mad about.
THX-3000> I care when someone is making fun of someone else they have never met
THX-1138> You are so noble.
THX-1138> Yet you swore at me.
THX-3000> thank you
Ironf> Have you ever met thx-1138?
THX-3000> i was mad
Ironf> You make fun of him with your nick.
THX-3000> no but you might remember my sister
THX-3000> actually someone took my nick so i had to do something
THX-1138> And that's why I keep saying your boy friend is a big ole sloth with gravy for blood and BBQ sauce for sweat.
Ironf> mmmhmmm
THX-1138> I was mad you swore at me
THX-3000> you might recall citizennancy, she as so upset at something you said to her. she cried herself to sleep
THX-1138> What did we say?
THX-3000> something about matt leblanc being gay.
THX-1138> Oh, he is.
THX-1138> He's still here.
THX-1138> I'll put him on the other computer.
Ironf> Maybe it was the smell from your boyfriend's folds. I hear fat folk stink cause they can't wash or wipe properly
THX-3000> i dont buy it either
*** Matt ( has joined #forevermst3k
Matt> Hi.
THX-3000> what is your prooblem? does making other people hurt make you fee good?
THX-1138> I have a good fee.
Ironf> Our fee's are high
THX-3000> does making other people feel like crap make you feel good?
Matt> Please tell your sister to not cry. It's not her fault that I am a bi-sexual. I just like being able to have a choice between both sexes.
THX-1138> Marginally, yes.
THX-3000> youre not gay, youre not even the real matt leblanc
Ironf> cause the real LeBlank is totally gay.
THX-3000> you cant even spell his name right
Matt> That hurts me. Really it does. I don't like to publically say I am gay because of responses like that.
Ironf> no, that's the correct spelling. He is, as the French say, Le Blank.
THX-1138> Look, now he's upset.
THX-1138> He might have to cry to sleep
Matt> You don't even know me
Matt> I can't believe even my fans don't accept my sexuality. I would expect at least them to understand me and be behind me in my decision.
Ironf> Do you have to smother pacey down with lard to get him through small doorframes?
Matt> Who is Pacey?
Ironf> THX-3000 suppossed boyfriend.
Ironf> He's a bit thick in the middle.
Matt> Nevermind. THX-1138 just told me who he is.
Matt> Just because he has a weight problem doesn't mean he's not a good person deep inside under all those rolls of folded flesh and artery clogging lard.
Ironf> Pacey is probably eating another pound of bacon, that's all
*** THX-3000 has quit IRC ((signed off))
*** THX-3000 ( has joined #forevermst3k
Matt> Not you again
THX-3000> yes me again
Matt> Are you still being closed minded to my sexual preferences?
THX-3000> youre not the real matt
Ironf> Did you get pacey up off the toilet finally. I bet he can create quite the air tight seal.
Matt> lol. That's good Ironf.
Matt> What's your address so I can get you writing some of our episodes.
THX-3000> pacey is not overweight
THX-3000> matt leblanc is not gay
THX-3000> lets get that straight right now
Ironf> I'll private message that, but get one thing straight. I'm straight.
Matt> He's just large for an elephant
THX-3000> hes not fat
Matt> And I'm bi. I don't hate people for their sexual preferences.
THX-3000> you are not gay
THX-3000> and you are not matt leblanc
THX-3000> you are not bi either
Matt> first you deny my sexuality now you deny my identity.
Matt> You are a great fan.
THX-3000> you are not the real matt
Ironf> Why are you so defensive of other people's choices?
THX-3000> you have the same address as thx-1138
Matt> Yeah, whatever, babe.
THX-3000> you are not the real thing
Matt> That's because I'm at his house. He's my friend
THX-3000> he is not your friend
THX-3000> you are the same person
THX-1138> Really?
Ironf> Just because you are wasting away your life with porky the pig doesn't mean Matt can't take a high hard one up the poop shute.
THX-3000> my guy is not porky the pig
Matt> You can't tell me who my friend is and isn't.
THX-3000> you are not the real thing
Matt> Whatever.
Matt> I'll be sure to say THX-3000 is a wimp when I go on Leno next time.
Ironf> Heck, i'd bet that after jumbo, you thought twice or more about going les.
THX-3000> if you are matt, then what did you say when when you were at the SAG awards
THX-1138> I bet when you have sex, you need to do all the work since PAcey just sits there.
THX-3000> im definately straight
Matt> I read the teleprompter.
THX-3000> pacey is not his real name you jerk
Matt> I don't memorize the garbage they give us.
THX-3000> what did the teleprompter say?
Matt> I don't know. Why would I memorize a one shot deal?
Ironf> It said, please don't feed the pacey.
THX-3000> youre a phoney and a liar
THX-1138> PAcey's real name is Phateus McAss.
Ironf> you should make a sign like the little fat boy on the pj's wears "Please Don't Feed"
THX-3000> "Pacey" real name is Matthew
THX-3000> he is not overweight
Matt> Okay. When I go on leno, thx-3000 will be a "loser on the inernet"
THX-3000> youre not due on leno anytime soon, even if you were him
THX-1138> Matthew Havabigass.
Ironf> He's not overweight, for a small car.
THX-3000> hes not overweight
Ironf> for a small car
Ironf> Maybe a Metro or Colt.
Matt> I said when I go on leno. And I can make an appearance anytime I want.
THX-3000> no wonder my sister wanted to kill herself, after being here, id off myself and all of you with me
Matt> Your sister didn't want me to be gay.
Matt> She was a homophobe.
THX-3000> you are not gay
THX-3000> you are not matt leblanc
Matt> How can you tell me what I am?
THX-3000> you are not matt leblanc
THX-1138> And you aren't Nancy's sister
Ironf> she wanted to kill herself because pacey sat on her and crushed her legs.
Matt> I am Matt. Believe me or not.
Matt> If you don't believe me, you will lose out on chatting with a real celebrity and become friends.
Matt> That's what you want though.
THX-3000> you are not the real thing
THX-3000> i know, i met a guy once who claimed he was charlie sheen
Matt> Okay. Fine. Then we won't be friends
Matt> Charlie Sheen is cool. We shared some of the same women.
Ironf> Now Charlie is a man's man. He buy's whores for all his friends
THX-1138> Didn't you also share Andy Dick's girlfriend?
Matt> Yeah, Barbara. She was nice.
THX-3000> ok iof your matt , whats the name of melissas two children?
Matt> She's my beard.
Ironf> beard kid 1, beard kid 2
THX-3000> liar
Matt> And she goes by Missy.
*** THX-3000 has quit IRC ((signed off))
Ironf> there goes a sad, sad, lonely, little girl.
THX-1138> Off to have fantasies of Matt

Website that has a story on Matt being Gay

*** MistyChick ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138> How's PAcey the whale?
Ironf> I bet he really loves his butter.
Ironf> Does he live in the middle of Butter Park, near the Chocolate Falls?
Ironf> He's a refuge from Dairy Queen land, you know.
Ironf> Like Marlon Brando.
THX-1138> He likes to oil up the queer Matt LeBlank.
Ironf> Like Marlon Brando.
Ironf> He likes to put crisco on a salami, use it on Matt, then eat it. It's a win/win situation.
MistyChick> I'm sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about.
Ironf> Sure you don't. I guess Pacey ate all of your short term memory.
MistyChick> Who is this Pacey?
Ironf> You vasty LARGE boyfriend.
MistyChick> I don't know what you're talking about
Ironf> but of course you don't
THX-1138> Plumm, I think your AP article link is broken
Ironf> Maybe he finally left you to join Matt in a gay circle jerk. Well he couldn't leave you cause he's house-ridden, so you had to leave.
THX-1138> When Pacey dies, will he buried in a piano?
* MistyChick slaps Ironf around a bit with a large sheep
Ironf> Hey, what was sampo's quote on our ad again?
* MistyChick slaps THX-1138 around a bit with a large sheep
* MistyChick slaps THX-1138 around a bit with a large sheep
* MistyChick slaps THX-1138 around a bit with a large sheep
* MistyChick slaps THX-1138 around a bit with a large sheep
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Please no more. Please.