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Michael Dorn Makes A Surprise Appearance At The HG

IM Weasel Theme
MDorn> Am I early folks?
andre5> I always hated you, you know.
THX-1138EB> But that IM Weasel is great stuff.Dorntoon.jpg - 33.06 K
MDorn> Are we going to go moderated for the Q&A? And your opinion is your opinion young man.
andre5> If you like broken toes, you'll love IM Weasel
Ironf> I R Baboon!
andre5> so. what's it like being such a Dorn?
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andre5> "grabby"
dungarees> I'm going out for a bit. I'll be back
MDorn> I was starting to wonder when more people would come here to talk to me.
* MDorn starts to cry.
* dungarees shuns MDorn
Ironf> Gonna cry little baby?
* andre5 breaks Dorn's toes with a ball peen hammer
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mgrasso> grabby, have you seen gimpy?
grabby> no not toninght
MDorn> I after the show, I did a few commercials and there you go. I now do the IM Weasel voice.
THX-1138EB> That IMWeasel is pure genius. Will George Kennedy be making a guest appearance on that show?
MDorn> We are in talks for him to appear as IB Man. Cross your fingers.
THX-1138EB> How fabulous.
MDorn> We just have to work around the man's other commitments.
THX-1138EB> And what about the rumors that IM Weasel is some type of front for the Church of Scientology?
MDorn> I am not a liberty to discuss that here. Are we sure there aren't any Star Trek questions for anyone?
MDorn> From I mean
grabby> later
THX-1138EB> Apparently not. So, what's it like having a turtle glued to your forehead.
grabby> later
MDorn> It gets fun at times.
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andre5> "grabby"
Ironf> It's from up your way, leg. Maybe you two could met one day.
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andre5> I can only dream.
Lactra> Hi room
andre5> Evening, lactate.
MDorn> I after the show, I did a few commercials and there you go. I now do the IM Weasel voice.
mgrasso> dirty dozen... all rightay
THX-1138EB> YEs, we know.
mgrasso> "i bet you're a big lee marvin fan. me too! i love that guy..."
Ironf> We need to go moderated since we have quite a few folks in here, don't we?
THX-1138EB> Dorn, are you or have you ever been a member of the communist party?
andre5> Well, seeing how Dorn isn't very interesting...
MDorn> No sir, I haven't
andre5> Dorn, what about the allegations that you're Gary Busey's cocaine dealer?
MDorn> I resent the fact that my name has been linked to that rumor.
andre5> I resent your voiceovers.
MDorn> Now please questions only about IM Weasel or Star Trek please.
Lactra> Dorn, do you miss the star-trek work?
andre5> He things about it constantly, I'm sure. He missed Frakes
andre5> ' gentle embrace
MDorn> Well we have an upcoming movie. I play a part in it, but it mainly focuses on Picard.
andre5> thinks, rather
andre5> Tell me more about your upcoming sitcom on ABC
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Lactra> It will be great to see you in it I am shure
THX-1138EB> Will there be any improper sexual relations in IM Weasel? Or were those story lines thrown out?
MDorn> I like the cartoon because it is a different kind of work. No 3 hour long make-up jobs
MDorn> We sometimes get a little saucy on the IM Weasel voiceovers, but they are all cut out. If you have an insider friend, out could get a cut of the outtakes.
THX-1138EB> Cause there's nothing funnier than inter-species sex between cartoon characters. That's gold.
Ironf> It's FUN!
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William> Hello everyone..
Lactra> Hi Will
Kahless> What room will Mr. Dorn be in during the chat? In the Auditorium?
THX-1138EB> Do you have any adult films planned in the future? I hear Shatner directed one.
MDorn> Hello and welcome.
William> Did I hear right, Mr. Dorn is going to be on tonight?
andre5> Mr Dorn, have you thought about your own tv series?
MDorn> Yes the main chat shoul be in the auditotium, unless I get more comfortable here.
THX-1138EB> By all means Mr Dorn, strectch out. Relax, have a beer, a line of coke.
MDorn> Yes I have pitched a few ideas to the powers that be. They didn't really seem to repond to them that well, but I have plenty of work right now, so it's not that important.
William> Hello, Mr Dorn..
Lactra> I am shure he has it called "To Kill Andre"
MDorn> Hello there sir.
William> If I am correct, do you have a T-33 aircraft?
MDorn> I have flown one, but I haven't purchased one yet. I have basically had one on 'loaner', for lack of a better word.
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William> Well, I collect models and I have one myself..
THX-1138EB> How about the deactivated atomic bomb you own? You willing to part with it?
THX-1138EB> I also hear you have a wonderful piece of art by a young Pertawst. Will you part with that?
MDorn> That is the center piece of my WWII collection, so I doubt I would be willing to part with it anytime soon.
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mikej> is the movie starting
Ironf> Soon very soon.
William> My wife was asking, how long did it take to learn the Klingon Language?
mikej> oh,well i dont think i can play
MDorn> Well I didn't actually have to 'learn' the language. I got fed the lines before each scene.
andre5> I practice Klingon every day and I don't think I know as much about Klingon as you do.
William> She said ah cool..
mikej> soneones watching a video in the room with the tv
MDorn> There is actually a game you can buy where you can learn the language. It's the Star Trek: Klingon cd game
MDorn> But I really don't know much more about it than that.
Lactra> How long did it take you to get into the Klingon costume for the show?
andre5> I heard it takes a full 20 hours.
MDorn> Around 3-4 hours of make-up, with touch ups all during the say.
Lactra> now thats a days workDornboy.jpg - 19.00 K
MDorn> I got so that I would wear it on the way home and scare people on the freeway.
William> Mr. Dorn, I have been a ST fan since I was 6 years old. In Montgomery, I finally met George Takei and he was a good fellow. I like to ask if you are going to pay a visit to Alabama. If so, I will send you some CHilton County Peaches..
andre5> why did they pick you for Worf? Was it because you gave Rodenberry a blow job? Sorry if I'm offending you.
Lactra> Luv it
Kahless> Is everyone in this room at the the grand slam convention?
shipswench> No
MDorn> Well first thing first. i auditioned for the part.
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mikej> is that movie on
Venkman> Dr. V is in the house!
MDorn> And i'm sorry but with the filming for the new picture and the voice-over work, I doubt i'll be getting to Alabama any time soon. Sorry
mgrasso> this channel is for chatting with michael dorn, not for some "game" or "movie"
andre5> Well, I've always been a great fan of yours, Mr Dorn. When will you be visiting New Jersey?
William> Thats ok.
Ironf> Well he kinda took over, didn't he grasso
mikej> what its for the mst3k homegame
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MDorn> Actually, I have a summer home up near Jersey.
THX-1138EB> Mr Dorn, I'd like to say HI!
mgrasso> anyone who does not want to talk to mr. dorn please leave now
mikej> whos he
MDorn> Hello to you kind sir
mgrasso> we don't need you eating up bandwidth
Kahless> Oh I almost forgot. Hello Mr. Dorn.
Venkman> Oh, hi.
* THX-1138EB can't believe he just said HI to the wonderful Mr. Dorn.
KevinL> Hello, Mr. Dorn.
MDorn> Hello All.
THX-1138EB> Mr. Dorn, IM Weasel? When does it hit the big screen?
mikej> ironf who is mdorn
William> How was it like to play in the role of a State Trooper of CHiPs.
Venkman> Chips?
Ironf> Star Trek guy
MDorn> Well we are in negotiations about that. It's still a bit too unknown to be a big hitdornman.jpg - 4.94 K
Venkman> where?
* Venkman skipped luch
shipswench> Are you planning to do any conventions on the East Coast. I am new to SF and am a big fan of yours
mikej> whod he play
MDorn> Like I said. i have a bit too much work right now for conventions THEN LATER THAT SAME NIGHT
MDorn> Hello all.
BillBear> Michael!
THX-1138EB> Oh Mr. Dorn! It's such an honor!
William> Good Evening..
dungarees> Mr. Dorn!
MDorn> Thank you all for welcoming me back.
BillBear> WORF!
bowlegged> Please tell us about your latest project with Willem Dafoe.
THX-1138EB> HAve I told you I love IM Weasel?
BillBear> Mr Dorn! I have a question!
dungarees> Mr. Dorn, there have been some skeptics suggesting that this is a hoax. Can you give us some indication that this is really you?
MDorn> Well first off, I will be in a new horror movie with Dafoe as the evil villian, but I am held to tight secrecy right now.
bowlegged> I have it on good authority that Dorn is actually Marc Summers.
BillBear> In episode #212, Worf uses the Klingon word "Qo-tloka" which is a north Klingoni slang term. Yet, in episode #331, he refers to Riker as a "Tal-Koha" which is clearly a Southern Klingoni term. What's up with that?
THX-1138EB> I thought you were in a new movie with George Kennedy?
MDorn> That's ok BillBear, I didn't write the scripting, so you need to speak with Michael Ocuda about that.
* THX-1138EB changes topic to DORN HERE! NOW! RIGHT! YES!
BillBear> I mean, are the writers idiots or something?
dungarees> LOL, BillBear! Good call! {:->
*** bowlegged sets mode: +o bowlegged
*** bowlegged changes topic to "MICHAEL DORN CELEBRITY CHAT now in progress"
MDorn> George Kennedy is someone we are trying to get on IM Weasel right now, not in a movie deal.
BillBear> Also, why does Alexander have tonga-class forehead ridges when Worf's ridges are clearly Kla-hotan?
dungarees> BillBear is such a fan boy.
THX-1138EB> Please Mr. Dorn accept our apologies for those others behavior.
MDorn> Once again BillBear, I didn't do much of the 'Klingon' things. Scripting and Make-up had to do with that. Sorry.
William> Mr. Dorn, when I told you about visiting Alabama, I still like to give some peaches.
bowlegged> Michael, can you tell me what the proper Klingon term for "alucard" is?
THX-1138EB> Peaches? Is that some kind of sexual thing?
dungarees> Mr. Dorn, if that IS your real name, do you read any of the erotic fan fiction newsgroups? If so, how do you feel about being so prominently featured?
bowlegged> I'd like to give Mr Dorn a tampon, a jar of maggots, and some gopher sweat.
MDorn> Ahhh yes I remember you William. Please donate them to a food bank in my honor instead.
BillBear> Okay. Well, what was it like making "Timemaster"?
William> Thanks.
bowlegged> What are your fondest memories of Death Ship 2?
MDorn> Dungarees, any publicity is good. Hehehe
dungarees> !!!!
BillBear> Would you consider coming back to do another "Gabriel Knight"?
MDorn> BillBear, Timemaster was fun. I liked the part of the Chairman.
dungarees> ANY publicity? Even the sub/dom Whorf/Data story?
bowlegged> Mr Dorn, what do you suggest I should do to treat my presumably broken toe?
MDorn> Bowlegged, George Kennedy was great fun on that movie. That is the main reason I want to get him on IM Weasel.
BillBear> How much did you learn while playing Jimmy on Days of Our Lives that lead to the development of the Worf character?
bowlegged> I think he would be great as IB Man.
BillBear> When you played Officer Jebediah Turner on Chips, did you ever punch Erik Estrada in the mouth?
MDorn> Actually BillBear, I learned more as Officer Jebediah Turner .
MDorn> Ahaha I see you are a great follower of my career.
BillBear> Yes, I loved you in Demon Seed.
MDorn> Bowlegged, i would see a doctor about that toe.
bowlegged> will do. I trust you more than that dungarees quack.
BillBear> Was it strange to play the same character on both Demon Seed and Rocky II?
MDorn> Actually the Demon Seed was a bit part, but we all must start somewhere.
MDorn> Bit parts are what good actors are made of in the beginning. they are our building blocks.
BillBear> Is it true that you were blackmailed into appearing in "Amanda & The Alien"?
THX-1138EB> Dorn, did you know if you replace the D in your name with the M, it becomes Morn. Is that coincidence?
MDorn> According to my lawyer, I'm not allowed to discuss that BillBear.
BillBear> Tell us about Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys. Do you think the feature-film version will ever happen?
bowlegged> You've got a lot to gain-with Remedy.
MDorn> THX, actually I helped to come up with that character, so they used a morph of my name for his. Good eye!
BillBear> Beer, bow. They keep me well-supplied with beer.
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William> I like to ask you this. SOmeone told me you use to be a football player. Is that true?
bowlegged> So venture forth and learn more about
bowlegged> Remedy and the opportunities waiting for
bowlegged> you.
MDorn> I played a little ball.
THX-1138EB> Mr. Dorn, since Terry has decided not to renew her contract, how will that affect your marriage to her?
MDorn> Almost every male plays some football in Texas. I think it's required. heh.
BillBear> Michael, filming of Star Trek IX is sheduled to begin this month. Meanwhile, Ultima IX has suffered continued delays. What do you have to say about rumors that Paramount is sabotaging the Ultima IX project to keep it from being the first "IX" episode in a series before Star Trek?
MDorn> Ahaha that is just the conspiricy people at it again BillBear.
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bowlegged> didn't Police Academy reach IX?
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Ironf> No, it just felt like it
THX-1138EB> Mr. Dorn, since Terry has decided not to renew her contract, how will that affect your marriage to her?
BillBear> Have you and Gates McFadden ever "done it"? She really is a man, isn't she?
MDorn> I would rather discuss only Star Trek, IM Weasel, and other media type questions please.
William> Mr. Dorn, if there was a movie of Wonder Woman, would you think that Terry Farrel will star in the leading role. Because there was some controversy about it.
MDorn> I'm sure you can understand.
THX-1138EB> And did you really walk in on Troi and Yar having a love fest in a trailer?
MDorn> William. I think she would make a great Wonder Woman, but as I understand it, that project is dead.
MDorn> There was talk of bringing it back as a tv series.
THX-1138EB> How close are you all on the set? Is it true about the drug problems with Ciroc Lofton?
William> Ah.... (Crying)..
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* BillBear 's cat just opened a child-proof cupboard
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MDorn> I would rather not discuss the private lives of other members of the cast. They have a right to their privacy.
THX-1138EB> Okay then. What about your drinking problems?
William> WAY TO SAY IT Mr. Dorn..
William> I believe in privacy myself..
MDorn> I don't think being addicted to Pepsi is all that bad, THX. Haha
THX-1138EB> Oh. You are a tricky one.
THX-1138EB> Ya boozer.
bowlegged> I don't believe in any privacy.
fleagle> Mr. Dorn, do you ski?
bowlegged> you're a drunk.
MDorn> I have tried it a bit fleagle.
BillBear> How hard was it to get the part for that Neutrogena commercial?
bowlegged> If Gary Busey offered you some cocaine would you accept?
MDorn> They came to me because of my 'commanding voice'. (Thier words)
BillBear> Is it true that you were the only black boy in your home town of Luling, Texas?
MDorn> No it isn't BillBear.
THX-1138EB> Hey, have their ever been any accidents when you fight with the batleths?
bowlegged> are you friends with Sinbad, Mr Dorn?
Firefly> How do you like doing the voice-over work for Cartoon Network?
BillBear> How many times have you been pulled over by LA cops just for being black?
MDorn> They aren't actually sharp, so at most, we would end up brusing one another.
MDorn> I love the IM Weasel work. It's an interesting field.
MDorn> No, I don't know Sinbad. Sorry.
BillBear> Mr Dorn, you share a birthday with Dalton Trumbo and Dick Butkus. Any comments?
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THX-1138EB> Mr Dorn, do you think OJ was guilty?
JohnL8000> Mr. Dorn, do you like playing a Worf on Star Trek?
MDorn> BillBear, I don't believe I have ever been pulled over just for 'being black'.
William> I like to ask this, do you do any modeling (like putting together planes, etc).
William> In your spare time..
*** Sci-FiGal ( has left #MST-HomeGame
Firefly> Are you a fan of science fiction other than Star Trek?
MDorn> Worf was a great role. I really got to do quite a bit of acting with that role.
MDorn> I don't have the patients to do small scale modeling. Haha
THX-1138EB> was? Are you not renewing your contract?
fleagle> Mr. Dorn, what is a T-33?
MDorn> I can't really discuss contract negotiations right at this moment.
MDorn> It's a trainer jet, one of the first fleagle
BillBear> You also share a birthday with Donny Osmond, John Malkovich, Beau Bridges, Deacon Jones, Judi Dench, Morton Downey Jr, Buck Henry, Dick Van Patten, Red Foxx, Kirk Douglass, Tip O-Niell, Broderick Crawford, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, and Emmet Kelly. What is your deal?
fleagle> Single or double-seater?
William> Mr. Dorn, if I may.. It is a 2 seater version of an F-80 Shooting Star..
MDorn> I guess December 9th is just a good day for celebs.
bowlegged> You may certainly not! How dare you insult the intelligence of Mr Dorn!
fleagle> Great, now all I have to do is look up an F-80.
THX-1138EB> It's a freaking plane!
William> Sorry..
THX-1138EB> You want the damn blueprints or something?
MDorn> That's ok bowlegged. Sometimes fans get a little excited. There are always someone in these chat's that like to 'test' me to see if it is really me or not.
THX-1138EB> Was Gene really the hard bastard people say he was.
JohnL8000> Mr. Dorn, are they in the process of making another Star Trek?
MDorn> He sometimes was a tricky one to call.
William> Mr. Dorn, I am a Dj at a local radio station. I had a phone call from Clint Black and I asked him who he married to make sure.
BillBear> Filming starts this month, JohnL8000. Where have you been?
MDorn> Yes we are about ready to start the principal photography of the next installment.
bowlegged> Mr Dorn, is it true that Jonathan Frakes wanders around the set nude waving his penis around?
JohnL8000> I just got in, sorry
MDorn> It focuses mainly on the Picard character more than anything.
MDorn> That is an awul thing to say!
MDorn> awful
BillBear> Mr Dorn, on the day of your birth, Bob Bumpas died in an airplane crash. Do you think you might be the soul of Bob Bumpas reincarnated?
William> Bowlegged, sick..
MDorn> I'm afraid I don't know how Bob Bumpas is, BillBear.
BillBear> Sure you don't.
BillBear> Okay, then. What is your opinion on the white house "sex scandal"?
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THX-1138EB> What about the grabbing people's breasts? Is that true?
MDorn> who i mean. it's late, so please forgive the typing mistakes.
William> I understand..
*** Rubicant ( has left #MST-HomeGame
fleagle> Mr. Dorn, are you a regular fan of MST?
bowlegged> Dorn, I hear you like little boys. Is this true?
BillBear> There's an amazing interpersonal drama being played out on TNT right now, btw.
MDorn> I believe that the prez did something wrong and he has to deal with it. I don't really get into politics that much, so....
bowlegged> My friend Earl told me that you like to molest children, so I wanted your rebuttal to this theory.
Firefly> Mr. Dorn, if you were given the chance, would you work in other science fiction? And if so, would you want to be in alien makeup or out of it?
BillBear> Is it true that you met Monica Lewinski once at a white house party and she asked to see your "pain stick"?
MDorn> Yes I enjoy MST3K on a regular basis.
bowlegged> I enjoy having sexual relations with a paper mache bust of your head I made.
MDorn> I like alot of sci-fi. the make-up really doesn't bother me that much, so either way would be good.
BillBear> If Walter Koenig was to die in a mysterious accident, would you consider taking over the role of Bester on Babylon 5?
bowlegged> Mr Dorn, would you ever consider doing an all-nude version of My Fair Lady?
MDorn> I don't think I could be half as good as he is in that role.
* Firefly notes that Babylon 5 wrapped shooting on March 20.
BillBear> Still, if I were to...I mean, if he were to have an unfortunate accident, you'd take the role right?
MDorn> Bowlegged, actually yes I would. I love that story.
Firefly> Or would you take the role of one of the renegade telepaths?
William> Mr. Dorn, I like to say that my wife is in a lawsuit for discrimination. She is legally blind and a college graduate. She is in a process of taking it to court. Would you like to say something to my wife?
bowlegged> I would say, "Women never amount to much in business, so just give it up and bake pies"
THX-1138EB> Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.Dornworf.jpg - 4.81 K
MDorn> To tell the truth, I don't care for Bab5 that much, so no I wouldn't. Most of that is a rip off of Deep Space 9.
MDorn> William, tell her to "KEEP SEARCHING!"
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THX-1138EB> The truth is out there?
MDorn> Bowlegged, are you just trying to get me angry or what?
BillBear> There's a naked wet man standing in front of an oscillating fan on TNT. Any comment, Mr Dorn?
THX-1138EB> Bowlegged is a jerk.
William> She said thanks.. It is the Americans with Disiabilities Act that is being violated against her..
William> But she said thanks.
MDorn> BillBear, do not fear nakedness, we all come into this world that way.
BillBear> Hey, I'm not afraid of broccoli either but I don't go around showing it to everyone.
bowlegged> Mr Dorn, what are your thoughts on Scientology?
MDorn> Scientology is a fine religion. My good friend John Travolta has talked to me about it and I am off to see an Org later next week.
BillBear> Don't go!
BillBear> Scientology is a lie!
bowlegged> Scientology is a fine religion!
bowlegged> he said so.
BillBear> They will make you gain weight and star in films with Nicholas Cage!
MDorn> I am just so glad to be able to talk to all my fans this way. I like these little interpersonal chats instead of the giant moderated ones, since I get to answer more of your questions personally.
THX-1138EB> Will you mention my name on the show?
bowlegged> well, we certainly appreciate your taking the time to do this what with your busy film and scientology schedule.
spencar> With respect Mr. Dorn, what do you do ?
* Ryuuen wonders what Klingon is for 'roomful of dorks'
MDorn> I doubt I could work that name in and not get in trouble with Lucas, if you know what I mean.
BillBear> Yeah, what is your deal?
THX-1138EB> Are you scared of Lucas?
BillBear> You're working with George Lucas now?
bowlegged> Lucas is a big femme.
MDorn> Just the legal implications.
*** Ryuuen was kicked by bowlegged (do not disrespect the dorks!)
MDorn> Spencar, I am an actor.
BillBear> MDorn, is it true that you are producing a musical version of The Elephant Man for an off-Broadway run?
*** JohnL8000 has quit IRC ((signed off))
spencar> This I a sure, but since I lost my daughter last year I have lost touch..Sorry
MDorn> I am working on a musical version. Wow how did you find out?
MDorn> Spencar, sorry to hear it. I was Worf on Star Trek: The Next Gen. if that helps you any.
William> Mr. Dorn, With kind words, what religion are you? I am a baptist..
*** SirDude has quit IRC ((signed off))
BillBear> I have friends in the New York gay scene who keep me updated on all upcoming musicals.
THX-1138EB> Satanist?
MDorn> You know. I haven't really affiliated myself with a specific religion throughout my life, but I am leaning towards Scientology after I got to learn about it. I would check into it too if I were you William.
spencar> Sorry man, I love that show and You do the part well :)
dungarees> You know what, though, Mr. Dorn? TNG really does suck. And Kirk really is better than Picard.
*** JohnL8000 ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
MDorn> I was just happy to have a steady job for 7 years. Hahaha
* BillBear prefers Lost in Space. The original series of course.
*** Julie ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
William> How did it feel working with the old crew on ST6?
*** THX-1138 ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
BillBear> Mr Dorn, while you're in New York producing Elephant! Ask around for Jonah. He's a big friend of mine, if you know what I mean.
MDorn> Shatner is quite the crack-up.
THX-1138> Mr. Dorn, what is your favorite place to vacation?
MDorn> When not around on camera, he would actually take off his hair piece and let others wear it.
BillBear> Is it true that it takes an hour more for makeup to get Shatners toupee on than it does for your entire Klingon headpiece?
MDorn> Will do, BillBear.
Firefly> Does Walter Koenig talk in his Chekov accent even when off camera?
bowlegged> Mr Dorn, did Shatner ever run around shouting about "evil jews" and attempted to give you an enema? My friend Bryan told me that he did that to him.
MDorn> BillBear, you would be surprised how long Shatner sets in that make-up chair.
*** THX-1138EB has quit IRC ((signed off))
BillBear> Mr Dorn, if you could be any vestigial organ of the human body, which one would you be?
bowlegged> I heard that Shatner was one of the most blatant white supremacists in hollywood, so how do you deal with him?
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MDorn> Walter doesn't have that thick an accent in real life. He exaggerates it for film.
Firefly> I know, I've seen his commericals on the Comedy channel. I just want to know if he jokes around and uses it. :)
*** JohnL8000 ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
MDorn> I don't like to speak ill will towards others. Shatner was always a good friend while I was with him.
THX-1138> What's your favorite movie Mr. Dorn?
MDorn> That I have been in, or fav ever?
THX-1138> Ever!
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MDorn> hmm that is a hard one. I have quite a few.
BillBear> Mr Dorn, if you ever meet James Cameron, would you give him a big head butt for me?
bowlegged> I always loved your work in Death Ship 2.
THX-1138> And can you say my real name on the show. I know Tom Servo's name is on it.
bowlegged> Yeah, could you stuff rolls of quarters down his throat while screaming "WOOOHOOOOO", Mr Dorn?
MDorn> Will do BillBear. Ahahaha
BillBear> Seriously though, if you could be any specied of carrion-eating beetle, which one would you be?
MDorn> THX, I dunno if we could work it in, but i'll give it a try.
*** DavidHess ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
MDorn> Back to the movie question, Theodore Rex is a good one with Whoopie.
Orion91> What movie question?
THX-1138> Cool! George Kaiser! Remeber it well! I'll be watching with bated breath!
William> Mr. Dorn, the Klingon cusine "Gagh". What is it really when the actors eat it?
MDorn> As for more recent, Forrest Warrior is a great one with Chuck Norris.
MDorn> What some of my favorite movies are, orion01.Dornlink.jpg - 16.75 K
bowlegged> I heard it's actually pig phglem mixed with bac-os.
Orion91> Ahh.
BillBear> What's your position on artificial turf?
THX-1138> Have you seen that movie The Saint Mr. Dorn?
spencar> Had hte op to see Chuck in Friaco in 73 Full PKA Tourney..He was great
MDorn> But one of my alltime favs is one that can only be seen around Christmas time. I encourage you all to see "The Hobo's Christmas"
bowlegged> spencar, please translate.
BillBear> Mr Dorn, Remedy Corporation is always on the lookout for outstanding self-started willing to take center stage in the high-tech industry. Would you consider a position in our sales force?
Orion91> What's that about?
MDorn> Yes I have THX, and astroturf is fine with me, but grass is better.
THX-1138> It was cool.
MDorn> If I never get another acting job, I'll look you up, BillBear.
spencar> Seen Chuck Norris in Full Contact Competition in San Francisco
* BillBear has seen more than his share of full-contact in San Francisco.
THX-1138> Chuck Norris is a pussy.
*** sp4 ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
bowlegged> Chuck Norris is no Michael Dorn, that's for sure.
BillBear> Speaking of San Francisco, Mr Dorn, is it true that your father was one of the last men incarcerated on Alcatraz?
spencar> You should not have any trouble getting another acting job.You do well in the craft
BillBear> You were in The Craft, Michael?
Firefly> What was the opening party of the STar Trek experience thing in Vegas like?
MDorn> I am not ashamed to admit it, he was there, but he served his time.
BillBear> Did you ever visit "The Rock" yourself?
MDorn> No, BillBear, I wasn't.
MDorn> Crowded Firefly, crowded.
*** Ivan ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
MDorn> Yes I have been to the 'Rock'. Not a pleasent place.
BillBear> Now that you're a multi-millionare, have you ever considered buying Alcatraz, then kidnapping all the prison guards who tormented your father and forcing them to endure cruel punishing torment in revenge for your father's pain? If so, could I help?
MDorn> That would be a good movie, but no BillBear, i haven't. You are free to do what you want though. Hahaha
BillBear> Thanks, Michael!
THX-1138> Are you gonna guest appear on X-Files now that it is moving to LA?
BillBear> My cat's breath smells like cat food. Any comment?
MDorn> Cats'll do that.
spencar> I wish they would do a movie on the book Battle Field Earth by Hubbard..I think you would be great in that one Mr. Dorn
William> Did you play in any Soap Operas?
Firefly> Do you believe in life beyond our world or even our solar system?
MDorn> X-Files is a fantastic show. There are talks of me doing some alien work on it, but nothing solid right yet.
bowlegged> Battlefield Earth? Travolta is producing that.
BillBear> Mr Dorn, have you ever weighed yourself, then eaten an entire beef log, then weighed yourself again?
spencar> Youre kidding..I hope it goes
*** dungarees has quit IRC ((signed off))
MDorn> I was in 'Days of our lives" William in the mid 80's
Ivan> I saw an interview on TV with you and Mirina Sirtis once and you made a comment on her looking like another famous actress. Would you be willing to tell me who?
William> My wife asks what character you played?
*** Orion91 has quit IRC ((signed off))
sp4> anyone ask if you are leaving the show yet? are you
THX-1138> She looks like that whore Ursula Andress with black hair
MDorn> I played Jimmy. Look for me! ahahah I got to do about two years on there.
BillBear> If you could be any Tibetan freedom fighter, which one would you be and why?
MDorn> I do so many interviews Ivan, i honestly don't remember. Sorry.
Ivan> Would ir have been Madeline Stowe by any chance? =0)
William> What do youthink about Days of Our Lives now since Kristen claimly passed away?
MDorn> I would like to be Richard Gere Billbear. ahahah
BillBear> Good answer, Michael.
MDorn> I actually don't watch tv all that much during the day.
William> Understand...
*** Kerri (Kerri@ has joined #MST-HomeGame
*** Kevin91 ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138> Do you watch the Playboy channel?
THX-1138> How bout the Spice?
THX-1138> Or the Adam and Eve?
JohnL8000> Mr. Dorn, Why did they have your hair short for Worf in one or two seasons of Star Trek?
Ivan> Are you embarrassed by CHiPs reruns?
MDorn> I must be honest, yes I do watch some pornography. It's one of my vices.
*** BryanL ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
MDorn> I think my work has improved since, but embarrassed, no.
bowlegged> Mdorn, I always hated your pathetically wooden performance as Worf. You're a feeble, weak little man.
THX-1138> Would you ever consider dressing in drag for a role?
spencar> Nothing wrong with that, it's healthy
MDorn> Yes I would do that if the role called for it THX.
MDorn> Bowlegged, that is your opinion.
BryanL> Would you consider doing it just, you know, around the house?
bowlegged> no, it is the truth.
bowlegged> I think we can all come to terms with your lack of talent.
bowlegged> Lay off the porn, MDorn. Enough of those Fillipino hermaphrodite videos.
MDorn> Usually around the house, I wear nothing.
bowlegged> Stop spanking the superbeast.
Ivan> Are you attracted to Marina Sirtis, you seemed a little flirty with each other in interviews?
THX-1138> Do you have a credit card? If so, prove it by telling me the numbers on it.
BillBear> Except your klingon headgear, right?
Kevin91> What are you talking about bowlegged?
MDorn> I like to let it all hang out, so to say.
MDorn> Ahahah nice try THX.
Kevin91> Dorn did a great job with Worf!
BillBear> Dorn's a good cop!
William> Mr. Dorn, my wife asked since Worf married Dax, will there be children in the future series?
fleagle> Mr. Dorn, are you familiar with InfoSpace. They have no contact for you as a celebrity. Is that your choice?
bowlegged> Let's face it, we're just kissing up to him because he's here. He's a notalent.
Kevin91> I'm not kissin' up...
bowlegged> Look at him. Stupid alien makeup.
Kevin91> He did a kick@$$ job
MDorn> Ivan, the truth is, i have had many an intiment night with Marina.
BillBear> Come on, Bow, it's not Michael's fault they rejected that DS9 script you sent in.
sp4> dax is leaving, what will happen to worf
Kevin91> Seemed pretty realistic to me...
JohnL8000> Mr. Dorn, why was your freaking hair short on the role of Worf for a season?dorn.jpg - 4.94 K
bowlegged> That's the best he'll be able to achieve. Worf is the pinnacle of his career.
spencar> You know what they say, if you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all
Ivan> Should we kiss up to you bowlegged, I heard youre REALLY talented. =0) hehe
MDorn> that is up to the writers William.
THX-1138> They can't have kids! Dax is going to die!
Kevin91> Yeah, bowlegged.
sp4> bringk back the moderator
Kevin91> How many tv shows have you been on?
Kevin91> How many movies?
bowlegged> Yes, you should. My work sells in fine galleries the world over, as opposed to pathetic pasty knobs such as yourselves buying Dorn action figures.
BillBear> You're such a load, bowlegged.
Kevin91> Give it a rest bow
bowlegged> Fine, jerk off all over yourselves in the presence of the holy "Michael Dorn"
Kevin91> Whatever...
BryanL> So, MDorn, is Suzie Plakson as hot as the entire universe thinks she is?
sp4> shesh
bowlegged> By all means, bend over and let Dorn ream you with his sizeable "talent", as you claim Mr Kevin
Kevin91> Anyway, back to Mr. Dorn...
spencar> Only on the net
Kevin91> (ignoring bowlegged)
bowlegged> you ignore the truth!
bowlegged> you ignore GOD'S WORD!
Kevin91> *yawn...
MDorn> I don't have the actual numbers in front of me, but about 7 or so different tv shows, and about 12 or so movies.
bowlegged> God is the only answer, and you turn to porn and Michael Dorn.
BillBear> Mr Dorn, Shaft or Black Samson?
bowlegged> How pathetic.
Firefly> Where do you want to be buried?
bowlegged> Michael Dorn, Michael Dorn. Give it a rest.
MDorn> I've got to go with Black Samson.
BillBear> YES!
BillBear> Black Samson is the MAN!
Kevin91> You give it a rest, bowlegged
*** KevinL ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
bowlegged> No one is interested in your career, Mr Dorn. Go back to selling collector's plates.
bowlegged> let's face it, you were never talented at all.
MDorn> I plan on being cremated and my family will use me as seasoning in a giant meal, that way I will always be a part of then.
bowlegged> You belong working at Sony Theatres selling soda and popcorn.
THX-1138> Mr. dorn, would you ever star in another Roots series with LeVar?
MDorn> I know it may sound kooky, but it's the truth.
Kevin91> Original
BillBear> I have to give you credit where it's due, Michael, at least you haven't ended up hosting lame "mysteries of the unexplained" shows on UPN.
BryanL> Mr. Dorn, is it true you decided to adopt the Method technique for the role of I.R. Baboon?
Ivan> What are some of the other shows youve done besides the Star Trek series, CHiPs, and the soap opera?
MDorn> I play IM Weasel, actually, but baboons are ok too.
BryanL> Right. Weasel. It's Jonathan Frakes who's the baboon, right?
bowlegged> you're a scientologist shill, Dorn. And an enemy of god-fearing americans with your fantastic talk of "spaceships" and "aliens". I think you should really be reading the bibke.
bowlegged> bible.
bowlegged> Enough of this worship of Roddenberry, you really should be worshipping JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD
BillBear> It wouldn't hurt you to read the bibke either, for what it's worth.
Kevin91> Bowlegged, learn how to spell for crying out loud
bowlegged> fuck off, Bear. Go back to scavenging for nuts and berries.
Ivan> cant the op kick that fool out?
Kevin91> hehe
William> Mr. Dorn, I like to say it is an honor to chat with you and it was fun. I like for you to keep up the good work and I hope in the future you can come to Alabama someday. If you ever pass around Clanton, AL, look me up. Take care & God Bless You..
MDorn> Why don't you leave the channel if you don't like me, bowlegged?
JohnL8000> shut up bowlegged you freak!
bowlegged> because I want everyone to know the truth about you!
sp4> clanton im from montgomery
Kevin91> Get out of here bow!!!
Ivan> hes telling us the truth
bowlegged> I want everyone to know that Michael Dorn is a fraud and isn't fit for such ridiculous fan adulation!
Ivan> now go away
BillBear> You set this whole chat up, didn't you, Bow? Just so you could harrass Mr Dorn?
BryanL> Now, wait a second. I'm a big Dorn fan, but Bowlegged's just exercising his First Amendment rights, and I'll be damned if I let those be trampled on, Worf or no friggin Worf.
THX-1138> Bowlegged, do you have fantasies about Mr. Dorn?
Kevin91> (hehe)
BillBear> What lies did you tell Mr Dorn's agent to get him to come to this chat?
MDorn> I'm sorry for that language everyone. I really am sorry.
spencar> well bow I ran a little finger on ya and would send you an email in a few
MDorn> I have a bit of a temper and he set me off.
*** dungarees ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
dungarees> Kreike
JohnL8000> thats ok MDorn!
Kevin91> No prob Mr. Dorn
spencar> Thats OK it jerks like that who make it bad for all
Kevin91> Hey, it's your first amendment right...
bowlegged> forsaking god and worshipping stupid Klingers!
sp4> if a good bot was here the language wouldn't
spencar> Care to cast the frst stone bow
Ivan> maybe is he could hear your Worf voice he would fear you. =0)
bowlegged> Who cares if this guy plays Klingers on TV!!!
BillBear> I'm sorry about this, Mr Dorn. I hope you won't avoid other sci-fi chats in the future because of this.
Kevin91> Bowlegged, why don't you shove it
bowlegged> No one cares.
JohnL8000> what church do you goto bowlegged?
bowlegged> Dorn is a lie, an untalented whore sucking at the teat of hell.
sp4> shows wat having a modorator is good for
bowlegged> I don't need to get into a religious devate with anyone.
Kevin91> You wich,bow
JohnL8000> what christian talks like that
Kevin91> Hehe
William> Someone get bowlegged off the line...Please...
Kevin91> Yeah, really
Firefly> bowlegged is the only one with channel ops.
bowlegged> I just want you all to know that you're going to SUFFER for all this KLINGER nonsense!
bowlegged> lies about aliens!
dungarees> Not possible, William, since he's our op.
bowlegged> lies about space!
Julie> Dorn, if it's really you, why are you here this late at night when yo're not scheduled and not in the auditorium?
bowlegged> I've had enough of it.
JohnL8000> bowlegged get out of here
*** You were kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
* Julie is a synic and thinks bowlegged set this all up just to get a cheap thrill.
BillBear> Oh, man...
*** Julie was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
*** spencar was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
*** William was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
*** sp4 was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
*** Kevin91 was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
*** Kerri was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
*** JohnL8000 was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
*** Ivan was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
*** fleagle was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
*** Firefly was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
bowlegged> Kevin91> You're GAY!!!
bowlegged> Kevin91> YOU SUCK!!!
bowlegged> Kevin91> Why did you kick Michael Dorn?
bowlegged> Kevin91> Why did you kick Michael Dorn?
bowlegged> Kevin91> Why did you kick Michael Dorn?
bowlegged> Kevin91> If you were really Cristian, you wouldn't have done that
bowlegged> Kevin91> Fuck you, man...You're not worth it
*** Kevin91 ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
bowlegged> Kevin91, my friend!
Kevin91> Why did you kick him?
BillBear> Kick who?
bowlegged> Kick who?
Kevin91> MDorn...
Kevin91> And that list of other people...
bowlegged> What are you babbling about? What "MDORN"
bowlegged> ?
Kevin91> Me, and about 4 others.
BillBear> They chose poorly.
Aurora> me too
BryanL> We're just waiting for "Nighthawks" to start.
KevinL> And me. Oh, wait, not me.
bowlegged> Yes. There was no Michael Dorn. Shame on you.
BillBear> Yeah, and this Dorn guy just waltzes in and tries to take over our chat room.
Kevin91> *sigh*
Aurora> your an ass bowlegged
BillBear> Just because he's a hollywood big-shot.
BillBear> We have rights too!
bowlegged> thank you, dearie.
THX-1138> Why didn't he go to the auditorium?
Kevin91> Yeah, but you could have showed him a little more respect
BillBear> Dammit, Kevin91, this is not your personal war!
*** DJ ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
THX-1138> He had to ocme in here cause people were here!
Kevin91> You should have asked him that
bowlegged> Ontor Pertawst bows down... to no man.
BryanL> Hey, Mr. DJ, I thought you said we had a deal?
Ironf> I'll tell Dorn to make his chat in another room next time. I doubt he will ever come back here though.
Kevin91> Should have asked him to go to auditorium
BryanL> Yeah, all the big chats here are held in the auditorium.
BillBear> My cat didn't like him. I showed him a picture of Mdorn and he went pooty.
THX-1138> Just because no one showed up for his chat in the Auditorium, he had to barge in here!
Aurora> Yep, but there will always be some asshole like bowlegged around
Kevin91> hehe
bowlegged> thank Dobbs for that.
Ironf> In his e-mail, he said he wanted to get in a more personal chat with his fans, that's why it wasn't in the auditorium.
BryanL> Man, I can't believe he and Sirtis slept together, though. That was cool.
bowlegged> Wherever fun is being had, bowleg is there to dismantle it.
KevinL> Yeah, bow. You ruined it for the rest of us. Um, well, again, not me.
THX-1138> Well, he can make his own room!
THX-1138> This is OUR room!
BryanL> Only God can make a room. And L. Ron Hubbard.
THX-1138> Just because hew's on IM Weasel doesn't give him a right to just come in here!
bowlegged> Aurora> Yep, but there will always be some asshole like bowlegged around
Ironf> You should hear the tales i have from the man's own mouth bry.
* bowlegged spits out sodie pop
BillBear> Oh, yeah? What about the rights of this little chatroom?
BryanL> What about his being on Gargoyles. Does that give him the right?
KevinL> That's Keith David, not Michael Dorn, Bryan.
KevinL> Michael Dorn was in Star Wars.
Ironf> I'm pretty sure the spot on Captain Simian and the Space monkeys does though, Bry
BryanL> Dorn was Coldstone, pudfucker. And your pants suck.
bowlegged> Michael Dorn was in Chariots of Fire.
BillBear> He also played buckwheat in the little rascals, though few people know that.
*** Jordun ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
Me> who started this room?
Me> so what makes you think it YOUR room then?
BillBear> Cause my mom said it was.
Ironf> well he does have ops here, so.........
BryanL> I got this room for my birthday.
KevinL> Cause it sure as hell ain't Michael frickin' Dorn's room.
bowlegged> my grandmother sewed this chatroom for me.
Jordun> This room got me for its birthday.
BillBear> I discovered and ancient prophecy which claims this room for me and my people.
Ironf> What makes you think it is not his room, Me?
DJ> is your e-mail ?
Aurora> you are all a bunch of idiots
Ironf> But they are here and micheal dorn isn't
Me> he said it was his, i was just asking a question, do you have a real answer?
Ironf> It must be his room if he has the power of ops.
bowlegged> this is what happens when you fuck a stranger up the ass, Me.
Jordun> hhehe
*** Raven01 ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
Ironf> Am I an idiot since I was the one that got Dorn to drop back in?
*** Jordun ( has left #MST-HomeGame
bowlegged> DJ> Nope, But I will send you a test msg on my service. I own an ISP Company in KY
bowlegged> bulky?
* Ironf sends apoligetic letter to Dorn.
BillBear> I think it's time for the non-believers to be exiled.
BryanL> Look. This Dorn thing's just ripping us apart from the inside. Can we just put it aside and make fun of Nighthawks for old times sake? For the children?
Ironf> Dorn says he won't be on this server again as long as people like Bowlegged are here. Sorry everyone.
Me> you shouldnt apologize Iron, bowleeged should be
Aurora> who is ugly?
*** Raven01 ( has left #MST-HomeGame
Ironf> bowlegged has his e-mail address, he can do what he wants with it.
BillBear> People that don't recycle, Aurora.
bowlegged> Guys, how many times can we explain it... THERE WAS NO MICHAEL DORN. The real Dorn was found alive and of normal size thousands of miles away.
bowlegged> So, take your Dorn-fancying butts and go knit or something.
Aurora> well, i guess i must not be ugly....thanks for clearning that up for me bear
*** DJ has quit IRC ((signed off))
KevinL> Not ugly, just named after an Oldsmobile.
Ironf> I would give his e-mail address out, but he asked me not to do that.
Aurora> haha, your wit astounds me
KevinL> I think Congress should look into Internet Dornography.
*** Me has quit IRC ((signed off))
*** Kevin91 was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
*** Aurora was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
*** Me ( has joined #MST-HomeGame
**** Me was kicked by bowlegged (bowlegged)
BryanL> I can't believe, even after you TOLD them, that they still didn't believe it.
bowlegged> So, these guys still refuse to believe it was a joke.
BillBear> I'm hoping there are letters going right now to Sci-Fi management claiming that someone kicked Michael Dorn from a chat room.