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October 14, 1999

This week, bizbuzz is brought to you by:
and Billy Cardwell.

Harvey Keitel is in negotiations to play Adam Sandler's demon dad in New Line Cinema's comedy "Little Nicky," which is slated to start shooting in November with Steven Brill at the helm. "Nicky" tells the story of a young demon (Sandler) who embarks on a journey from hell to New York City to find his runaway brother, now wreaking havoc on Earth. In a role yet to be cast, the runaway brother had left home after a fight with their father, Satan (Keitel), who refused to let him take over the family business. In order to get into this role, Keitel has been rumored to be practicing tossing molten hot liquid in the back of people's head.

Fox will team with filmmaker Renny Harlin on a half-hour weekly series that has been described as "The Blair Witch Project" meets "COPS." The network has ordered the put pilot "T.r.a.x.," a show developed by Harlin that centers on a special police division that investigates supernatural occurrences, the occult and black magic. "T.r.a.x.," which stands for "trace, research, analyze, exterminate," will be produced by Pearson Television International and Canada's Muse Entertainment. To keep with the spirit of BWP all stedi-cam rigs will be left in storage and extremly bad special effects will be used.

What Warner Bros. is calling "an exclusive series of short comic vignettes" starring Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell and Oliver Platt is being posted online at as part of a promotion for the upcoming feature Three to Tango, which features the three actors. The "vignettes" are apparently outtakes from the movie. "This has never been done before and we're all excited to catch each other in some really compromising moments," Damon Santostefano, the film's director, said in a statement released by Warner's on Thursday. One outtake that Perry faught to keep from surfacing is him being oral serviced in his dressing room by Friends co-star Matt Le Blank

Pop star Michael Jackson and his wife, Debbie Rowe Jackson, have agreed to divorce after nearly three years of marriage and two children, a spokesman for the couple said Friday.
The spokesman, New York publicist Howard Rubenstein, said divorce papers were filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court and that the couple had ``mutually agreed to end their marriage.''
In a statement, Rubenstein added, ``Michael and Debbie remain friends and they ask that the public respect their desire not to further comment or speculate upon the reasons for their decision.'' Yeah right, like THAT'LL happen. will debut a first-ever simultaneous primetime Internet Webcast to serve as a companion to a live episode of "The Drew Carey Show" on Nov. 17. The Web companion, dubbed "Drew-Cam," can be accessed from either, Warner Bros. online or The TV episode, which will be performed live from Warner Bros. studios, will feature an Internet-inspired story line: Drew is selected to have his own Web site as a new Internet marketing/sales experiment sponsored by his employer. As a result, Drew becomes a 24-hour-a-day pitchman for the department store a la "EDtv." Humanity will cry when a person connected to the webcam asks Drew to show his jugs and lick a nipple.

James Woods has been cast to star in the Showtime movie "Dirty Pictures." Woods will play the Cincinnati museum director whose controversial Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit nearly 10 years ago instigated a firestorm of opposition to public financing of the arts. Woods was chosen for the role because of his HUGE IQ and wang and he isn't easily embarrassed by seeing a bullwhip in a guy's ass.

Buena Vista Motion Picture Group is developing a feature film about a streetwise American private eye on assignment in Britain as a starring vehicle for comedian Eddie Griffin. Griffin, best known for his role as Eddie Sherman on UPN sitcom "Malcolm & Eddie," recently wrapped Disney comedy "Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo" opposite Rob Schneider. Expect a lawsuit to be filed by HGI should this "Streetwise African-American private eye" meet up with Gansta Jesus and get healed after a major shoot-out.

Holland Taylor, who won an Emmy for her role as the libidinous Judge Roberta Kittleson on the Practice, is complaining that ABC reedited her nude scene in last Sunday's episode. In an interview appearing in the New York Post, Taylor, who is 56, accused the network of cutting the scene because of her age. "It's one thing to show gorgeous Jimmy Smits from the nape of his back to his naked butt because he's a gorgeous young man," she said. "But if you see a woman over 40 who's in swell shape, people say, 'She could be my mother!'" And Oedipus proved you shouldn't *love* your mother

Universal Studios and America Online have concluded a deal calling for AOL to install kiosks at Universal's new Island of Adventure theme park in Orlando where visitors will be able to access AOL to send and receive e-mail and engage in "instant messaging" with others in the park and elsewhere, the Wall Street Journal reported today (Tuesday). If successful, AOL plans to install similar kiosks in other Universal locations in Orlando and Universal City, CA, the newspaper said. No longer will ray-tards need to know even basic computing skills to ask for Britney Spears and MJH nudes.

A feature film based on the life of David Kaczynski, the brother of convicted Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski is in the works at the Walt Disney Co. This is a tale of a brother who learns who his brother really is and attempts to save him, in the face of a horrific crime. Said Stephen: "David is an American hero. This guy did the right thing [by turning in his brother]. His story has the makings of a true Greek tragedy." Expect Jiminey Cricket to host "Snitch: The Reason Teddy Has a Shiv With Davy's Name on It"

A Fayette County principal was reprimanded by a state agency last week for hitting a student with a snowball.
A two-year investigation of Martha McClure, principal of the School for the Creative and Performing Arts, came to a close Friday when the state's Education Professional Standards Board dismissed all but one of the charges against her.
McClure received a written reprimand for striking a fourth-grade student with a snowball in March 1996. She must also attend leadership training.
McClure maintains the incident never happened.
The reprimand stems from complaints made by a group of parents and teachers to the standards board in May 1997, alleging that McClure violated several parts of Kentucky's code of ethics for educators.
In addition to the snowball incident, the complaint included accusations that McClure showed disrepect for and made malicious statements about students and staff, improperly shared confidential student information, used coercive means to manipulate the school council and misrepresented herself on her resume.
In her written response to the board, McClure denied the charges, saying they were attempts by a small group to remove her as principal.
Among the complaints recieved were that she was teaching the children to say "cola", "you all", and to hate white gravy.

Bizbuzz has received numerous complaints about it's spoiling of movies. No one's forcing you to read the spoilers. It's not like you're Edward Norton and Brad Pitt is holding a gun to your head like in the end of Fight Club, which is actually just Norton holding it himself because PITT ISN'T REAL.

BREAKING NEWS.....Willow and Oz break-up this season. It has something to do with a female werewolf named Veruca.

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