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Enjoy this section on Hollywood entertainment news. Enjoy reading Pinwiz's take on the vast amount of Industry crap that fills the pages of "Variety" and "The Hollywood Reporter." Also, pay attention to its recommendations, like to watch excellent programming such as "Action" and "Sports Night" so they don't get cancelled.
Ever want to see the world from the perspective of an aspiring 20-something gay actor living in Chicago? Then this Matt "Pinwiz" Elcock article is what you want to check out. Read about the nightclub scene, marching bands, television, and anything else that strikes his fancy.
So you like to play games? Then this section, hosted by Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, is where you want to go. Every month, these two come up with a genius game or activity that's sure to keep you occupied like a cat with a ball of yarn. And remember, only play a game if you know you're gonna win.
Not written by bi-sexual Liz Smith, but rather you, the readers, this section offers up a message board where you can post any and all the gossip you've heard around town. Spill the beans on who's gay in Hollywood, what Peter Dragon's next secret movie will be, or what HomeGamers are sleeping with what blow-up dolls or homeless people.
Planning a trip to some stuffy university, conference, or party? How about a trip to Compton or any other gangsta populated ghetto? Then you need to hit this section each week, because you'll find the words of the week helpful in impressing your friends and increasing your word power. Plus you don't want to disappoint Gangsta Elron, host of "Gang Slang."
You want more news? Then Bryan Lambert's "TMC Newsbreak" is your PERFECT MATE. Read the news THEY don't want you to know about, and then have a long laugh at the expense of others.
Wondering what movie to see this week? Then check out this section where you can get a review of selected movie...trailers, which in turn provides a review of the movie itself.
Think living in Oklahoma makes you jaded and affects your point of view on life? You're probably right, but you can make sure by checking out EvilJen's "Refined Musings." You're sure to enjoy her perspectives on things ranging from Mike Nesmith to sci-fi conventions.
"Schizotrichia" is Balthayzr E. Kelley's answer to Larry King's mind numbing "USA Today" article. Each week, delve into the world of a troubled mind as "Schizotrichia" serves as society's alarm clock, waking everyone and bringing them back to harsh reality! Continue at your own risk!
Are you looking for a job? Are you looking to buy something? Or are you looking to hire or sell something? Then this isn't the place to go. Enjoy our satirical look at your traditional wanted ads! See the jobs and items that you're sure not to see in your local classified ads section!
Peer into our basement of old articles and failed experiments in comedy. Please don't feed the man in the giant glass jar that looks like Mr. Belevedere.

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