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In the mercurial summer of 2000, a group of HGNews staffers made the trek to St. Louis to yell at the "Timmy Big Hands" group and mock junkyard bot builders.
Bone up on your blaxploitation history with this special HGN report.
This HGNews feature hosted by Ed McMahon tracked the amount of money BBI made during their MST3K E-Bay auction.
Also known as "A Gentleman's Guide To On-line Stalking, this HGNews limited series educational article written by Thayer Preece has helped hundreds of people find their PERFECT MATE on the Internet. It was also edited by resident control freak, Jamie Plummer.
Remember way back when the "millennium" was coming? Remember when the everyone kept making lists? Well, we made our own lists in this HGNews feature.
From out Mystery Science Theater 3000: HomeGame sister site, the "Spotlight" feature focused on the performers of HomeGame movies and favorite HomeGame personalities.
Don't you hate it when you want to get an opinion on something, but all you can find are biased reviews about movies, video games, music, and other crap? Sure, we all do, and that's why HGI superstar, Bryan Lambert created the Vomitorium. Using the famous HGNews honesty that you're familiar with, it gave you the honest reviews that you were looking for, because we weren't afraid to piss people off and burn bridges before we crossed them!
"Echelon" was HGNews' attempted move into the world of politics. It was destined to fail from the beginning due to the powerful influences of the shadow government, who didn't want the truth released to the sleeping public. Also, it wasn't funny.

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