The Boogie Report

December 20, 2000

What I've Learned From Queer As Folk

So, that's what happened to Hal Sparks! Yes, the American version of Queer as Folk is alive and kicking. Four episodes and 33 dildos later, it is off to a good start.

Babylon is accurate, except that there is no way that a Backroom would exist in a place like that. And if it did, the place would be shut down. Or if the place wasn't shut down, then the space would be filled with Trolls. Then again, I don't do Backrooms so I could be very wrong.

Either way, there are a few things that I've learned so far. And, I pass them on to you.

- Pittsburgh is a pretty place. It's almost like it's Toronto.

- I can't wait for my first meeting in a Board Room, or one of my friend's first GHB coma.

- I am not Brian. There are slight aspects of him in my personality, but I'm much more an amalgamation of Michael, Ted, and Emmett.

- Sure, you can cut out all the Doctor Who references. We won't mind.

- Four episodes = marathon. Right...

- I'm going to the wrong clubs. Why can't Circuit have a Blow Job Room?

- Scrabble tile drugs make you act funy.

- Beware your 33rd birthday.

- Tell your friends that you are in love with them. It'll only prevent trouble in the future.

- Apparently, KY is still used. Whatever.

- Know was a "bris" is.

There's more, but I'll let you find out for yourself. That is, until Oz starts up in January and all hell breaks loose. Luke Perry as a Televangelist? Yikes!

Pinwiz - Hey, at least I use bathroom stalls for their original purpose.