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  Day 2: He's talking to me again!

To ensure maximum audio and video quality, we have encoded these Real Video files for a maximum bandwidth setting of a corporate LAN. To take advantage of this, the files should be played from your hard drive, which means we did not make the files streaming so they must be downloaded to your computer.

Mike Nelson gets hugged at the panel (1.8MB)

The following files combined make up the entire 55 minute MST3K panel from Saturday, as filmed by Billy "Janet Reno" Cardwell. The files are ~6 minutes each.

MST3K Panel 1: (7.3MB)
      The panel is introduced, junkyard bots are brought onto stage,
      and Mike talks about the Janus model.
MST3K Panel 2: (7.0MB)
      Talking about "X-Men," homemade MSTs, and Murphy on
      getting drunk.
MST3K Panel 3: (7.0MB)
      Pehl's Pearl laugh, Mike gets a hug, cashing a BigHands check,
      and Jimmy Stewart is an asshole.
MST3K Panel 4: (7.8MB)
      Mike on "MI2," Mike's book, "Battlefield Earth," and Joe Don Baker.
MST3K Panel 5: (7.4MB)
      "Futurama" appearances, the last Sci-Fi promo, Slim Fast Murphy,
      Jim Carrey, and the writing process with bongs.
MST3K Panel 6: (7.1MB)
      Writing for Joel and Mike, Mary Jo's stand up, Mike does Torgo,
      Pearl's doppelganger.
MST3K Panel 7: (8.5MB)
      Murphy sings and they talk about the worst movie.
MST3K Panel 8: (7.4MB)
      Talking in theaters, what Bill is up to, and what Patrick is up to.
MST3K Panel 9: (4.0MB)
      George Kennedy's ass, puppet museums, "Kill A Guy" strategy
      guides, and the conclusion.

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