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  Day 2: He's talking to me again!

Day 2, aka Saturday, got started bright and early with Erin Gray sitting alone and forlorn at her autograph tabel with stacks of glossy 8"x11" reproductions of her Dynamite cover. The action soon moved to the Satellite News Broomstick Panel Chattaqua.

There, keen MSTies inquired of Chris Cornell and Brian Earhardt what all the Brains had been up to since the Satellite News flyers had been printed the previous evening. HGN correspondents asked about Satellite News' involvement in a string of murders and Crow's "Big gold cock" on next week's Skilletface In the City on HBO, but no straight answers were forthcoming.

Meanwhile, "RenegadeRenee" volunteered for the first-ever live action HG-ULTRA (look for the .mpg soon). The thrilling talk of Darth Maul/Sailor Moon slashfics made its way down to the main room where Jason "Exoticon was a giant fuckfest, really" Carter was holding court. During Carter's talk, your HGN correspondents one by one peeled off from Renegade to get fueled up on vodka, Crown Royal, amaretto sour, and Sam Adams, all so we could question the Brains (others may have just been fueling up for a vomiting jag) and slap some asses. HGN asked pointed questions about Kevin Murphy's drinking habits and George Kennedy's ass (video and audio will eventually be available).

Soon after, the Brains were lusting after our bowling shirts and Homegame broke up into smaller units for food and more booze. And more booze. And then more booze. Soon it was time for the masquerade, which HGN celebrated by dressing up for and watching as people in much weaker costumes pranced about on stage between stand-up bits from some senile bit player from Dr. Who. Clive and Jen went as Lara Croft and Generic Warrior Princess, Lamberti and Cathy as Pokemon's Team Rocket, Plumm as Dieter (whose spidermonkey had died and been replaced by Jonah the Lemur that penetrates himself just because he can), and THX, who went as "obnoxious drunk" and stayed in character all night because he's a character actor. . . as the parties began!

Fueled by two separate large booze runs, the Homegame began partying in EvilJen's suite, but the action (and several boxes of booze) soon merged with the RATMM-based fais-do-do in Suite Singman, where RenegadeRenee made a valiant return, scaring THX under an endtable and checking newsgroups until Connie "accidentally" yanked the phone cord from the wall. As the party slowly migrated to Joe Benkis' suite, the Lamberts shed their Team Rocket regalia as THX donned more of his "obnoxious drunk" costume and began offering his thoughts on people's foibles and Chevy Novas. Soon, the whole par-tay was at Suite Benkis and soon after that started moving back to Casa Corley, though the cool kids stayed in Benkisville for a while as the shindig was too large to stay contained in one place. Eventually, the roving rave reconsolidated into one entity in the EvilSuite and as the night went on folks MADE THEIR MOVE and left until . . . it was past 5 a.m. and all over.

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