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So, the third and final day of the Gateway convention. As with any wrap-up day, people started leaving early, either trying to make the 11am check out or eager to leave the dank Henry VIII “hotel.” Thanks to lots of late night partying and drinking, this task of “waking up” was made more difficult. Of course, since there weren't too many activities and events scheduled for the day, at least of interest to us, waking up five minutes to 11am was no problem.

After checking out and wandering around, HomeGamers and other MST fans started to claim their seats early for the day's BigNads panel by sitting in on the sparsely filled Pratchett chat. MST fans thrilled to the exciting tales as told by the tiny, fey sounding British man. They laughed at his few die-hard fans that were laughing at everything that fell out of his mouth, whether it was about how rich he was, or the story about how someone named an extinct turtle after him. Let us tell you, that turtle story was FUN-NY! Whew, we almost split wide open from laughter over that jovial yarn. Words couldn't describe how hilarious it was. It was funnier than NBC's Olympic “Triplecast” coverage. Seriously, that story has to be one of the foundations of universal comedy. We'd wager that if you went to Comedy University, the turtle anecdote would be one of the most important and carefully guarded comedy pieces. God only knows how it leaped into his brain.

Anyway, as more MST fans came into the room, Pratchett got a clue and left early. Since a majority of people had already left, the audience of today's MST panel wasn't as entertaining, ergo the panel itself was less entertaining. Sure, Kevin Murphy ran around with the microphone like some talk show host on METH, but it wasn't the same, especially since there was the potential of his ass getting slapped to test firmness and for comparison to George Kennedy's.

Sure, there were little incidents where people almost ran into DARK LOVE stalkers and shuttle drivers got angry at kooky Californians and swearing battles ensued, but it was all fun, as any sci-fi convention should be. In the end, everyone returned home safely and more-or-less mentally sound to live another regretful day and to prepare themselves for the fuckfest that is Exoticon.

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